A huge disappointment. Just a few concerns. The only thing is the workmanship on this sword could be better. A must have for anything from decoration, to randomly cutting stuff up, to preparing for the zombie apocalypse. To be frank, it looked much like a blade I would pull from the forge, so I was impressed. Excellent quality especially for the price. This sword's blade is very strong and thick. Seems fairly sharp though I have not really inspected it (got it right before class) and overall the quality is very good, the handle is somewhat short making it somewhat unbalanced but since the blade is so giant and thick I can let that one slide. Channel the legendary warriors of the Spartan 300, Heat tempered steel blade is 25 1/2" long. I was very impressed with this sword, the only thing that was bad about it was it's steel composition. Love it and thank you so much. Not a real strong sword. I unscrewed the bottom, took off the wrap, sanded the wood part a little (so I could turn the handle bottom piece one more turn to tighten it up a bit), shot clear silicone inside the wood handle so it wouldn't rattle and wrapped it with a Wilson tennis racket grip. I've used this for costumes, demonstrations, chopping freaking wood! Nearly more of a bludgeon than a sword. 141.38, 157.09 The only complaint I have is that the sword isn't full tang, but I suppose you can't expect that from a $30 sword. It's more like wielding an axe or bat than a sword, but if the zombies attack I think this would be the sword for the job. Great replica, awesome price, would give 10 stars and the companion scabbard is a must. Bought your to have a pair. I do recommend getting a large, heavy shield for your left, else you'll find one arm bigger than the other. My first reaction was just d**n. This thing is massive and super heavy im using it as a wall piece but this sword is just awesome to hold the handle was solid and the blade was just perfect. Got my sword and it is awesome. It is my belief that this sword can even make a god-king bleed. Good job Budk. my recanmendation is to BUY THIS PRODUCT I can't stress that enogh. Very impressive piece of steel. A must buy for any 300 fan. I purchased 2 of these and one is already broken and the other is very chipped. Great sword for the money! The picture cannot do any justice to the sword, it is amazing!!!! This one is heavy, looks like an rough iron sword from the time period, and matches the movie version very closely. Better buy it NOW or you WILL wish you had. I just got my 300 sword today and I must say the best sword ever bud k has made a lifelong customer. You CANT go wrong. Original Price 77.35 this sword is sick, especially when its in your hands! Came as advertised, and SHARP! Negative 5 stars if possible. Just like i wished it to be. The best thing it has going for it is the price. (40% off), Sale Price 169.96 It's matching leather scabbard is also sturdy and very well made. The only 'bad' thing is that the handle was extremely lose, and not just the leather wrap, I mean the 'handle' its self, its full tang, but the wood part was lose. yes it will cut through nails, flesh, bone and put a good chip in a solid hunk of steel or another sword for that matter. I also bought the scabbard for it which I also recommend/suggest. Still needs work. (10% off), Sale Price 221.00 Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. VERY loose. it is a good sword to use as i have on steel,NAILS as in the picture and wood up to four inches. It is heavy but just LOOKS cheap, other wise it rocks LOL. I bought this sword with much interest in the durability of the blade. This sword is top quality. sword is immaculate very real to the touch and the delivery is prompt! Original Price 125.00 All in all I would never recommend anyone to buy this unless to use it as a wall hanger or a movie prop because the blade is made of a cheap metal and the handle is basically leather and glue. Came dull and hard to sharpen and strap came off when swung around. Very good buy. A very neat product you will love. Great sword, but I wish a case with it would have been better. I've been making Damascus blade weapons for 30+ years, and I've got dozens of original swords from 1000s of years till WWl. The 23 inch blade features a black hard coating. Other then that i WILL be ordering another. At the end was a welded on bolt to hold the pommel on and there lay the problem of the main break. Editor's Note: Thank you for your comments. I would definitely recommend this sword. Awesome sword. they are beautiful. 169.24, 211.55 Looks good on the wall too :-). Turning off the personalized advertising setting wont stop you from seeing Etsy ads or impact Etsy's own personalization technologies, but it may make the ads you see less relevant or more repetitive. Well worth the money. Not only did the leather wrap come off after just playing with it for a few minutes, but then I noticed that the entire handle was coming loose. I highly recommend rebuilding the handle if you want to have fun. The blade is heavy and feels like it could do some real damage. Otherwise DO NOT BUY! I got for an axe and it will make a great demolition tool as well, put a razor sharp edge on it. Are all of these Spartan swords historical reproductions? Original Price 160.72 I had been on the fence on purchasing this sword for my collection but after seeing the video on the vblog I ordered it.Well worth the money!!!! Fully Tempered, High Carbon Steel, Battle Ready Sword. Display. Be prepared to use some heavy duty glue to keep it together. but that works great for me then the pommel, use about three drops in the pommel and on the end of tang and tada an awesomely FUNCTIONAL peice how ever do not leave it out in the rain..as my brother did and it will deveople rust quickly. Finally broke it against another sword. Original Price 248.93 It surprised me that it was so inexpensive because it looked to be an honest forged blade. LOL. I also believe that you get what you pay for and for the money (less than $30 because I had 10% off from a previous order) you can't beat this sword. The training tool is virtually unbreakable, remarkably sturdy and will take years and years of the abuse you dish out. It took a marble sized chunk of concrete with it though. Have to be rather strong to swing it around one handed. It's pretty heavy for its size but a great sword and I recommend buying it if you are thinking twice. 221.00, 260.00 The blade is not as detailed as shown with the pictures. I just got the sword and the tip of the sword already broke off. The Roman Spartan style handle is fiber filled ABS and covered in a soft texture TPR. This thing was sharp right out of the box,cut through milk jugs like butter! You almost have to use two hands to control it properly. 347.73, 579.55 Then the bottom of the handle started shifting in place. Did not include sheath but that's to be expected with the price. but it did have some problems. This thing will definitely take a lot of punishment. As advertised, it has a full tang, but it also has a bolt welded on to the end so that the rear portion of the guard can screw on. very poorly designed handle, I to have had to repair both the handle itself and the leather wrap. This is a real Blade, I File tested it and it is Hardened properly It is Heavy and Thick, It Came already Quite Sharp You Could cut a tree down with this. it feels and looks like it could break anything. It came with a nice edge and fairly sharp but needs my own touch yet. The handle a bit loose but i can fix that. I bought 300 of these for me and my 'personal guard'. I was surprised with how well it could cut through flesh, bone, animals, and even the shell of a turtoise. The weight alone makes it a must buy as one swing could easily disarm an opponent (literally as well). But besides the negative, it is a great sword and don't let my words effect you from buying it. Good workout..lol. Honshu Damascus Spartan Sword And Sheath - Damascus Blade, Grippy TPR Handle, Stainless Steel Guard - Length 23" $246.99 $214.98! Thank you BudK.. It was still able to cleave most of the way through the box it came in and it cut through a water bottle with no issue. So just put it on the wall and don't try tightening or loosening the handle since the nut floats freely , at least on mine. I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my brother. For only $50 you won't find a better Leonidas Spartan Sword. It is strong, looks good, and can easily split things (even a nail, like the catalog said). i was very pleased with this sword not one complaint. D&B Business Directory HOME / BUSINESS DIRECTORY . Actually very sharp still has oil on it from sharpening .. unless it's one of the name brands they sell I find alot on this site is dull like I said my musta samurai sword was super sharp off this site..as for non name brand this is good quality..probably 2 lbs ..I mean a baseball bat coulda broke that brick in the video guys do it with their heads to that cheap brick but this thing is sharp ..very..I'd say it's worth the price..deff buy the sheath you will need it. no problem, wrapped the INSUFFICIENT tang with nylon rope. Now if only true swords would make a life-sized model of the kings helmet or a spartan spear, I will never use another site again. Family had it for 9 centeries I think. Looks good though. It was in great condition and came quick! (15% off), Sale Price 96.43 Thank you. I was disappointed with this purchase. It was a fast order, and good packaging. It also is too long for and normal use. Great sword, great store! An awesome sword! Super happy I got it, its kinda heavy to. This sword was the dullest thing ever. Youll see ad results based on factors like relevancy, and the amount sellers pay per click. for function i want the same thing in a recreational piece as i'd need for actual self-def, which is to be easy to wield, same goes for all weapons for me the grip has to be right and balance/etc. Very impressed with this sword. Beautifully made and the only compliant I have is the faux leather on the handle but it's still a great buy! You will not, cannot be disappointed. Yes that's right. It came sharp and well crafted as promised.The handle is garbage. the sword is a bit heavy but i don't mind at all. Like many others have said, shipping is blazing fast!

"MOLON LABE! (35% off), Sale Price 217.41 Licensed, Battle Ready 300 Spartan Sword and Scabbard. !theres only two problems that i have(not major though)
1. per page. It tends to wobble when swinging this sword. The sword comes dull and is hard to sharpen, but its mass makes the swing good anyway. You can save an extra 10% with the SBG/Museum Replicas discount coupon code Save 10% off all orders at Museum Replicas with the Coupon Code: SBG2022 Click here for more information bringing the price down to just $130. It also did not come with any sheath whatsoever, which I thought it did after reading from a number of the reviewers. It'll take some modification to make hilt as sturdy as the blade proper. I recommend this sword to everyone, including first time buyers. this Item looks exactly like the one from the movie and I have seen the movie over 1,000 times. So far, it's the best piece in my collection. I redid the handle wrap first thing, shimmied the blade to get rid of a slight wobble. Sale Price 169.24 The detail of the paint is also not as good as in the pictures, especially at the cutting edge, where the shiny metal is exposed. Highly recommended! This is a really great sword. They come in many different types for art forms like Tameshigiri, Iaito, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and WEMA. I got it the day it shipped out. this was my second buy and its a wonderfull sword without any defects, love how it handles. I sharpened mine and it is "Spartan" ready. The look and feel of this weapon is great. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Really feels good in my arm, plus it holds a really good edge no matter what I put it through. Heavy, but not too heavy. This sword is quite heavy so if you have small hands like me, you may experience painful soft tissue damage if you swing it around with one hand, but it usually stops happening after a week or two. Sturdy and well made . Mine is fine as long as I just keep it hanging on the rack. I give 5 stars because you can't beat the deal. Just received this sword. Fast shipping and excellent service. That said, it's sharp enough to cut things out of the box. (15% off), Sale Price 177.10 The wrapped handle is contoured and surrounded by the distinctive extended guard and pommel. Very impressive sword, well worth the 30$ (It is discounted at the moment. This is an excellent sword, when it showed up at my house it wasn't that sharp, but it still slashed the heck out of the box it came in even BEFORE i sharpened it!! Here is your chance with the very weapon . great price, good looker it has a nice heavy blade, i tested the durability of the sword against a tree it took about 10 "wacks" then the handle shook a little bit loose, which brings me back to it being a good looker. They were used by the entire Ancient Greek infantry and had much influence throughout the ancient world. But all in all a great sword. Its heavy metal and comes semi sharp. But the GOOD: The blade is magnificent. I tried to split a simple pine 1*2 with it and the sword immediately snapped at the hand guard, falling to the floor, with the tip of the blade also shattering off. Killer Sword! Narrow at the shoulders and widening towards the tapered and curved tip. (20% off), Sale Price 202.26 Spartan Swords Real - Etsy Check out our spartan swords real selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Saw complaints anout your swords weight, they wouldn't have lived long around Greeks, Spartans, or Vikings. I ordered my sword Friday and got it on wednesday. However, I just do not have arm and shoulder strength for this sword. So I took off the leather and used red nylon for the grip, and used gorilla glue to fix the loose pommel. I don't understand the ignorance of buyers who think this sword is to have modern characteristics.I don't care how many swords you have bought in the past, if you want moderrn buy modern. Granted, I put this thing through hell, but the bottom of the handle guard came off, and soon after the bolt that holds the handle sheered off. We have currently held off wave after wave of Persian scum, and only a few of the swords have broken. Why do I see holes in some blades? The heat forged 26 inch sharpened blade is tempered from solid carbon steel and is almost of an inch thick. It "the blade" did once. once every 8 or nine days will be fine. I got one of these and I love it. Amazing. I don,t intend on using this for anything besides display so I couldn't be happier! I tested it on branches outside that needed trimming, and the hardest thing is the weight of this thing. Not in length but in weight width and appearance. Watched the demo and had to have it sharpened the h**l out of it now its even scarier!heavy and solid.chop up a car or cut down a tree. Heavy! You would be hard pressed to do better for the price. Don't miss out. Absolutely love this sword. i was expecting it to be, as i feel it is more of a showpiece anyway. Because you will. We are very happy with the look and feel of the sword. 5.0 out of 5 stars A real Spartan Sword minus the 7 year training required to own one. It's heavy, sharp, and the metal on the blade is neither too thin nor is it too thick. I'm very happy with it, even though it's a 1/4" thick and not 1/2" also the length of my sword is just under 33"Bad-ass Sword Thank you. Copys from your company. Looks just like the one from the movie "300". Grab battle ready or cosplay swords in amazing variety featuring Ninja swords, Samurai swords, Movie swords and so many others. 51.08, 170.25 But with that said, it is a very accurate replica. The only problem i had was when i opened in, the shine on the sword irritated me because the swords in the movie aren't very shiny, but then i remembered its the protected oil, so i just wiped it of and it is GORGEOUS! This sword is an amazing sword as a wall hanger. I love bud k. I've collected about a hundred swords and have many of the movie replicas. All in all, I'm gaining more respect for TrueSwords! This would be my go to piece.
A solid 1/2 inch thick carbon steel sword that has zombie and boggy man waiting for the next guy to pick on. Wow. Mostly full tang, except at the end where there's threaded rod for the nut. Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. I gave it a 3 because I like the store and the blade is nasty tough, its the handle, AGAIN that is the issue, and if the handle fails then the swing or thrust fails. I absolutely love it, the handle was slightly pulled up tho but I think eventually Im just going to retap it myself with genuine leather. B, E, A, UUUTIFUL sword! All and all, it's really cool conversation and collector piece I would highly recommend. I thought at first 30 bucks i get what i get, but i am totally impressed. I was amazed by the raw strength of this blade, having seen several "mock-ups", and purchased a pale imitator. Thanx hope this helps. All in all great sword for the price, great balance and impressive weight. But if you can sharpen it, its pretty cool. I have to start off by saying I was by far the most skeptical person in buying anything from this site. SPARTAN SWORDS A Variety of High-Quality, Heroic Spartan Swords At Unbelievable Prices. Its got a good weight and the tip is nice and solid. If I spent a couple of hours a day swinging this thing around, I would probably look like Leonidas before long. Original Price 120.00 It is a 1 handed sword so unless you are really strong or get a lot of practice do NOT swing this sword near anything that you want to keep, and be carefull where your legs are when you swing down. it came sharp and pre-oiled.
mine didnt match the picture, i got a darker handle wrap, and the blade is black, except where its sharpend, so that kinda matches, but it looks great and feels Very solid. It came sharpened. 4.5 a truly great piece. The 300 Sword of Sparta Spartan King Leonidas Sword. With the weight and cleaver geometry of this sword, you do not need a katana edge to destroy something with it. Here, at BUDK.com, we have quite a few Spartan swords that embody the power of this mighty tribe of warriors. Awesome blade for the price! I just ordered the sheath today and expect it very soon. Well Done, True Swords. The handle is big enough to get another hand on it to assist, if needed, in a big swing. This sword is absolutely amazing. These weapons weren't made for pansies. Purchase this with the intent to swing at trees or any solid objects and you'll probably have a sword in several pieces. Will be back for the sheath! This sword is more than worth the money. Got it fast ! Add To Cart. I definitely recommend this astonishing blade! Solid, full-tang and heavy. Be warned, it is larger, though not by a massive amount, then the ones in the movie, but because it is a display, i think it was a great idea to up the size a little. The bottom of the pommel that curves up, spins around freely with little effort so be cautious of this when defending. I love this sword! The guards are cheap and hollow. It is truly a sword of outstanding beauty and for the price I am astounded by the results of this purchase. You just can't go wrong, especially if you like 300. Overall though, nice blade for the price! If anything ever happens ill have this strapped on my back as a 2ndary or even 3rd weapon! My Spartan sword is Awesome! This is an exact replica of the sword carried by the famed King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Its thick, strong, sharp, and it just looks Bad a**!!! It's well built and will last for years , and has a good heavy swing. Original Price 166.68 I broke it after slicing a 2 liter mnt dew bottle on my 4th strike, but hey for the price you can always buy more :) its a good sword for display and fairly durbale depending on if you don't torture it ! It seems to be a bit loose but none the less adequate. Designed by Frank Miller, Creator of 300. Simply pop off the top plate on the handle, shim the inside of the wooden handle, use some liquid glue to fill the void and reattach the top but add a lock washer. I did exactly what they showed the people on their video on youtube! I bought this sword for use in role play. (10% off), Sale Price 112.51 Check out our real spartan sword selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. it has a look to it that makes it look as though it might've been made by a spartan soldier n could b used in battle! 102.00, 120.00 One hunk of metal with form that is both imposing And lethal. Keep in mind that I am a 250 pound power lifter who can bench well over 400 and this thing wears my arm out swinging it. It is overall a very nice sword, but I do have some complaints. Was a great purchase. It is also very sharp the handle is just fine and is sold as a rock unlike some other reviews. Much greater quantity than I expected for the price . If you want a quality sword to survive a zombie apocalypse with. The cost was great All around awesome experience for the money best deal ever it is everything and more. Favorite movie is 300. This blade is madness one of the best from budk that i have gotten :-). ", which is untrue. This is a replica of the swords used in the movie "300". I figured it would fall apart, but not as fast as it did. This is a beautiful sword and I am a great fan of BUDK. Unless you want a show sword and never touch it ever. ok guys, the grip and pommel are the only two flaws of this piece. It is shipped decently sharp, but if you feel the need to sharpen it I'm sure it would not be that difficult. The handle on this sword is pure junk. (25% off), Sale Price 51.08 The only problem with it is if you take off the wrapping then strike a thick piece of wood, the handle is victim to splitting. It is indeed an heavier yet sturdy blade. Its quite heavy and sharp, I recived it today and I am very pleased! To everyone that USES this as a real sword. The leather wrapping on the handle comes off really easily, so be prepared to re-glue it or replace it with something sturdier. My one peeve with any sword is wobble between the handle and the blade, which this thing had out of the box. I am a dealer of guns and cutlery. I saw this same sword in a shop for $62 so this is a great deal. The only thing I noticed I didn't like was the leather wrap on the handle, it doesn't stay in place for too long. I have not sharpened the sword however, it would really ruin someones day left unsharpened. It is my first proper sword (I've only had wall-hangers in the past) and I can honestly say I am impressed. 101.97, 169.96 (P.S. 220.51, 245.01 Everyone wants to handle it. Even through that, the blade did not bend or deform, but broke. Thanks again to budk and staff!! as for downsides, i found two. The blade is slightly sharp, but heavy enough to cut through most things you hit with this thing, and if it doesn't cut it, it will crush it. Sword blade is darker than in the picture *Remember description said black* (personally I like it)
Made in China as you could guess, but seems a pretty solid job; cant go wrong with Carbon Steel.
Weight is definitely there so, just be sure you've got the muscle if you intend to swing it.
Intimidating & cool looking fictional sword that came as it is was exactly described.
*Just remember no scabbard, so think of where to store/display ahead of time*
For the price, you're getting what you paid for and, happy to say, then-some. For the money. WHERES THE SHEATH???? With that said i still love this sword!! This replicas is great as advertised. Seriously if you want to build muscle this will put a lot of muscle on from swinging it. and this is definatly a sword that fits. I always try to buy swords that I can use, and this thing definatly counts. 112.51, 125.00 (10% off), Sale Price 161.50 The tang (yes it came apart) actually runs down into the handle which is not what i expected but gad that it doesor did rather.