Marlboro College, Phone: 802-387-6231 GCSE Results 2022 - A record-breaking year! BA (Hons) PgDip QTS. This place is filled with love, caring, synergy and creative energy. She spent four years at The Godolphin and Latymer School as Assistant Head of Sixth Form and prior to that she taught Physics at Wallington County Grammar School. Email: Email: Keene State College She has recently become an ISI Inspector and is on the governing board of two local schools. The school uniform is purple and has always been since a uniform was put in place. English Department, The answer I wish Id given during my interview is very simple: This is the education I wish I had during my high school years. Phone: To find out more about the cookies we use, see our, Register for an Open Day at the Prep School, Clubs, Societies And Musical Instrument Tuition. Departments: Plant Staff, Phone: M.Ed. College Counseling. Fill out an inquiry form to get started, Progressive Education for a Sustainable Future. Previously Mrs Gilbert worked at Priory C of E School, Dorking and received her SCITT PGCE from George Abbott School. M.A. I was born in a small town in southern Italy came to America in 1965, living in southern Connecticut until the mid-80s and working in restaurants, colleges, and institutions. Combined with career and entrepreneurship programmes and specialist World Class Universities support, youll be well prepared as you decide on applications and embark on the next stage of your learning. After that, I traveled and studied in Central America for a year before landing in Istanbul where I taught in a bilingual Turkish school for a while. Alumni & Development, B.A. I entered a more traditional classroom as math and science faculty at North Country School. Athletic Department, I am interested in how to cultivate both creativity and critical thinking as students find their authority as learners. Miss Franks is a trained Paws b mindfulness teacher, and she is an accredited member of the Positive Schools Programme. I feel so fortunate to have a unique hand in documenting what goes on at the school from day-to-day. Additionally, Ive known about The Putney School for all of the years that I have lived in Southern Vermont and Ive had nothing but deep admiration for the model and level of education here!. Its happening all over campus. Phone: 802-387-7320 I greatly enjoy working with material objects, attending to the nuts and bolts (literally) of the school, and helping whenever I can. University of Washington, Seattle Email: Center for Teaching & Learning, B.A. Here are those important dates for your diary. Email: Email: Support Staff Interview. I am a mom of three kids who enjoys watching movies, 80s rock, and taking photos, sewing, reading, watch movies, and spend time with my family and friends. M.S. Art Department. We have an ethos of modern scholarship which makes learning challenging, fun and relevant. Email: I have worked as an actor, performance artist, playwright, director, and educator in New York City, Los Angeles, and Vermont. College Counseling. Email: Email: Email: M.BA. I am an avid reader and knitter. Phone: 802-387-6243 To contact our admissions office: (802) 387-6201; Like the startling quality of the beautiful Vermont sky, I am often delighted and surprised when I run into this generous reality again and again. In his spare time, John loves racing bicycles and does yoga and skiing to help stay fit. Alumni & Development. Dr Jane Brandon joined Putney High School in 2012 as Director of Co-curricular Activities and is now stepping into the role of Deputy Head Co-curricular and Outreach. I came into school nursing about 7 years ago after a decade of hospital nursing. It was while at John Bapst, teaching economics and digital art in a very traditional environment, that I found myself drawn towards project based learning and progressive teaching methods. Keep Dorm Liaison, B.A. 802-387-2305 (fax) At Putney we believe people learn best by doing, rather than being told. Before my service at Putney, I worked at Moses Brown School, Milton Academy, CITYterm at the Masters School, Miss Porters School, and The Independent Day School. "A down to earth and real world schoolthis school has caught the tide and is beginning to set the pace." The Good Schools Guide Putney pupils are spirited, vibrant and learn to think for themselves, but they also know how to have fun, and most importantly, to really enjoy their time at school. Departments: I have also taught a number of colored clay workshops at craft centers around the northeast where I have had the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for the unusual and exciting technique involving working with colored clays. Departments: He then completed his Primary School PGCE at York St John College, York. Im a Michigander who has happily relocated to the welcoming hills of southern Vermont. Before working at Putney, I would visit once a year as a college admissions counselor. MrsGilbert has earned national renown for the quality of her teaching, as a finalist and silver award winner at the Pearson National Teaching Awards in 2019, as well aswinning the GDST Action Research Project of the year and presenting at the Festival of Education. She began her teaching career in 2004 at another GDST school, Croydon High, having previously worked in finance. Departments: Departments: Art Department, B.A. The constant opportunities to reinvent myself as a human being keep me here. Especially amongst the creative, curious and compassionate students at Putney as they delve into their academic interests, explore opportunities beyond school, all whilst developing the maturity to conquer challenges and, most importantly,building lifelong friendships. Departments: I really love the people, and how tight knit we are. Ms Ella Barden joined Putney High School in September 2018 as Director of Sixth Form. Phone: 802-387-6220 UC Santa Barbara, Phone: Departments: Phone: 802-387-6221 Antioch University New England, Phone: 802-387-6248 I fell in love with the landscape, school, and community and ended up staying here. M.A. Departments: Read More > What keeps me here is the authentic, creative, forward-thinking, and joyful nature of all that happens in this community. Athletic Department, I was a late bloomer as a reader, but it is one of my favorite pastimes now along with cooking and gardening. Tufts University During the Summer of 2018, Miss Franks travelled to India to work as a volunteer coach and advisor for the Limited Resources Teacher Training programme, working alongside local teachers to share best practice and innovative ideas. The Putney School 418 Houghton Brook Road Putney, Vermont 05346 802.387.5566 Departments: Director of Elm Lea Child Care and Early Childhood Educator, Phone: 802-387-8585 Im currently enjoying to get to know the natural world here mushrooms are abundant, birds are active, foxes are running around the fields. I live in Dummerston with my partner and our adorable goats. English Department, Phone: Marlboro College Email: Email: Youre not going to be judged. Ed. Agency is at the heart of happiness, so helping students authorize their own learning is joyful. Email: My most recent obsession is the Boston Bruins and NHL hockey. B.F.A. The best schools are fun, supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds. Email: Summer Programs, Phone: Email: The school also has links with Putney Lacrosse Club. University of South Carolina, Phone: 802-387-7324 Williams College I got an undergrad degree in physics with a math minor as an adult, followed by masters in teaching secondary school science and math. Departments: We are delighted to have been named nationally in the top 2 schools for sport. Mrs Bradley obtained a degree in History from New College, Oxford. Phone: 802-387-6258 More about why I create/artist statement: I love extending an invitation into my world and passions through my photography, poetry, and prose. Department Heads, Phone: 802-387-7302 A place like this truly values what one has to offer. Putney is different from the other schools where Ive worked because at the highest level (administration, board) the school believes that the kids mean well, want to learn, and if we can mostly get out of their way and just offer some gentle guidance, theyll do good things. Departments: Email: I now work in a place where I can, and must, do them all. D. Columbia University Teachers College, Phone: 802-387-6218 Girls here discover new passions all the time, and are not put into boxes for their entire school careers. Email: I think Im more brave and willing to try new things after coming to Putney. Email: Athletic Department, She was then appointed to her current role as Junior School Deputy Head (Pastoral) in September 2017. After many years working in environmental consulting, mountain resort planning and permitting, and property management, it was time to put life behind a desk aside and take on a new challenge. What an exciting time it is! -Internal Relations and collaboration with college Admissions staff to coordinate and host events for . Academic Office, Phone: 802-387-6231 Email: I love spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, snowboarding, gardening, and finding other reasons to be outside. Shanta Lees photojournalism and art criticisms have been featured on Vermont Public Radio ( and her investigative reporting has been in The Commons weekly newspaper covering Windham County, VT. Shanta Lee is the 2020 recipient of the Arthur Williams Award for Meritorious Service to the Arts and 2020 and named as Diode Editions full-length book contest winner for her June 2021 debut poetry compilation, GHETTOCLAUSTROPHOBIA: Dreamin of Mama While Trying to Speak Woman in Woke Tongues which has received an honorable mention for the Sheila Margaret Motton prize and has been reviewed by the Poetry Foundation (written by Ryo Yamaguchi) and Seven Days (written by Skye Jackson). We offer places to students with agile minds who we believe will flourish at our school and make the most of the many opportunities on offer. 802-387-2305 (fax) Python becomes a modern language for Putneys next generation of digital nomads. At Putney, girls are encouraged to be self-starters, to find their passions and strengths, and to work hard to develop in the areas that might not come as easily to them. Art Department, Phone: 802-387-6241 I came to live and love Vermont while studying at the School of International Training and graduated with a Masters in Sustainable Development with a concentration in Monitoring and Evaluation. World Languages. Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College, Phone: 802-387-6260 It is truly a gift to work in the Development Office at The Putney School. Find out more about our admissions process at 4+, 11+ and 16+. Phone: 802-387-6245 Guiding students through the complex, and sometimes overwhelming, process of figuring out what follows high school, is work that is meaningful and rewarding, particularly with the students who very intentionally choose to be at The Putney School. Protest has turned to action at Putney High School, The Addams Family - A Year 12/13 Production, Product Marketing Manager at Google - PIE Talk. Outside of the classroom, Im likely to be found riding a bike, running a trail or skiing in the backcountry. It has been a privilege to be surrounded by these seasonal forces of nature and human exploration; shifting and growing together. It all starts here. Putney has the courage to do things differently. M.A. Putney High School is all of that and more We are high-achieving and down-to-earth and offer an academic and broad curriculum with a very modern edge. Often referred to as simply Putney, [1] the school admits students from the ages 4-18. Dining Services, B.A. PhD. Alumni & Development. M.A.T. I teach Math and Science. Email: J.D. Putney High School is one of the UK's leading schools, with a reputation for providing the challenge of a rich and broad education for bright girls aged 4 18. William, Hercules (our Great Dane), and I will be on campus for the first time this fall term. 802-387-6216 (fax) It comes down to nurturing my hunger for curiosity while encouraging others to dive down their own rabbit holes of curiosity., Phone: 802-387-6221 Departments: Email: Our school strives to keep our community informed. See what life is like at our Junior School. Antioch New England Graduate School, Phone: 802-387-6223 Here are those important dates for your diary. I am also continually inspired by the creativity of the students. Our students flourish with the freedom they have here. Departments: Most schools are afraid of sharing authority with students and we see it as a terrific vehicle for their learning and responsibility. Shanta Lee has an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. Whatever it is, I dont scare my students, I make them laugh and they learn without fear of judgement. Her main role at Putney is to offer opportunities for our pupils to flourish both inside and outside the classroom and to feel genuinely connected with our local community. Find out more about Putney High School Sixth Form. Before I came to Putney, I taught courses on the history of capitalism, law and politics, and slavery and emancipation at the University of Montana. View Grace Putney's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Communications, Phone: I graduated from the school of laws and practiced law prior to moving to North Carolina in 2002. We value collaboration more than competition. It is well-served by buses, the 93, 14, 39 and 85. Bursaries are means-tested and are awarded to . Shanghai Theatre Academy Email: Our teachers encourage students to pursue essential pieces of knowledge by researching and analyzing the information around them and presenting their findings and original ideas in engaging ways. Departments: Email: SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, Phone: 802-387-7326 Departments: I was born and raised in Eastern Massachusetts and spent my college years in the Pioneer Valley around Amherst. Email: Library Department, Email: World Languages. My goal in all courses is to help students pursue the big questions that matter to them. B.A. Email: B.A. Plant Staff. Its incredible how much you can grow and learn with every class. Email: Email: Science Department. B.A. I love to travel, learn about different cultures, spend time outdoors and be active. Departments: I continue to travel as much as possible. Photo from our 'Click Photography' club. Health Services. 'Academic with a very modern edge', Putney High is renowned for its excellent results and leavers' destinations. MSW Washington University in St. Louis, Phone: 802-387-6268 Phone: 802-387-6203 Departments: Every year I found myself more and more drawn to the place and the people. B.S. My classroom offers endless cycles of experience and reflection, practice and feedback. Admission Office, Evening Arts Animation and Digital Design Teacher, B.A. 10 Bressenden Place Email: Teachers College, Columbia University After starting a family, I worked as an associate director in college admissions for ten years. They don't learn their grades . Email: History. Science Teacher and Science Department Chair, Phone: 802-387-6237 English Department. Registrar Office, Phone: 802-387-6063 I love that everyone at Putney every adult and every adolescent is both a student and a teacher. Email: Other Programs. Meet the Headmistress Thats something that I really appreciate about boarding schools like this, because we have international students and people that come from all different places. Director of Center for Teaching and Learning, A.L.B. With a unique combination of academic rigour and a truly broad education, we will help your daughter to prepare for a future filled with promise. B.F.A. Departments: Athletic Department, M.Ed. What is forgotten to human memory that should be reclaimed? Plant Staff, Phone: 802-387-6231 Im a wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend. Ibe of the best aspects of the school is the kids all spend time working on the active dairy farm and in the fields and woods as well as doing jobs in the kitchen and other cleaning jobs. Application. Email: On average, in the junior . Email: For me, following the Bruins through the season is like reading a great novel: being surprised, delighted and grieved by the twists of the story and character development. Parent Apr 12 2018 I value Putneys environment of learning. The best schools are fun, supportive and inspirational environments for young enquiring minds. MA New York University Im proud to say that my experiences in life have been amazingly embraced years and years of Putney students. On average, in the junior school, there are 48 children in a year, 2 classes in a year and 24 in each class. M.S. (802) 387-6232 418 HOUGHTON BROOK RD PUTNEY, VT 05346 Request Info About The Putney School. Health Services. When students learn by doing rather than being told, they develop confidence, deeper understanding . Her contributing work on an investigative journalism piece for The Commons received several New England Newspaper & Press Association (NENPA) awards for her journalism work. We are part of the Girls Day School Trust the UKs leading network of independent girls schools, with 25 schools and academies united in one purpose: to help every girl fulfil her potential and to lead the way in providing an unrivalled education. Oberlin College John Buser joined the team at the Putney School in 2022. Commendations - Independent Schools of the Year Awards 2022, TES Independent Senior School of the Year 2022 Shortlist. I love working with teenagers (especially Putney students) because they give me hope we are truly capable of achieving a society worthy of the name. My students push me to be a better teacher, but also a better person. Math Department. PUTNEY HIGH SCHOOL : STAFF LIST - AUTUMN TERM 1993 1993 Magazine Centenary Service at Westminster Abbey . Departments: 802-387-2305 (fax) Kalamazoo College Miami University Administration, Mrs Armstrong will be serving as Acting Head of Putney High School in the Summer Term 2023. Being new here, my days are full of surprises. Departments: Departments: Antioch University New England, Phone: 802-387-6211 The independent residential high school has 110 employees, ranging from the head of school to gardener, from teachers to maintenance staff; it also includes a couple of farmers, as well as fundraising professionals. Other Programs, English and Humans in the Natural World Teacher, Phone: L.E.A., ESIT Ed.M. Putney High School is one of the UK's leading schools, with a reputation for providing the challenge of a rich and broad education for bright girls aged 4 18. I love a good cause and Im passionate about working as a databasemanagerfor an organization that is so focused on sustainabilityand educating youngpeople togo out there and make a difference. Other Programs, Our team is an eclectic group with divergent backgrounds and histories. So few individuals get a chance to experience their lifes purpose and walk the path of their soul journey. Email: M.L.I.S. Email: Mrs Page-Roberts gained her B.Ed (Hons) at the University of Chichester, where she majored in English. She is very good at art (and has offers elsewhere with art scholarships; none of the above schools offer art scholarships at 11+) and dance, quite musical, but not massively sporty or into acting / drama. Python becomes a modern language for Putneys next generation of digital nomads. Often referred to as simply Putney,[1] the school admits students from the ages 418. Phone: 802-387-2150 Temple University, Phone: 802-387-6253 I have a background in horse training and Centered Riding, I am bit of a horse whisperer and a kid whisperer, too. Outside of school, Mr Miller is keen to take on new challenges, one such highlight was his successful completion of the Virgin London Marathon for the Make-a-Wish charity in 2018. Phone: At Putney, leadership means actually participating and voting as members of our admission committee, or on our board of trustees. I had been a full-time potter in Brattleboro and the idea of teaching ceramics to teenagers at this infamous progressive high school intrigued me so I said yes. B.A. I also serve as one of the Diversity Committee members. I moved to Vermont in 1985 and have been at The Putney School since 2005. Phone: 802-387-6230 Lunch is charged separately (284 per term) and is compulsory. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Mount Holyoke College Achievements, General, Headline, In the Press, News, Senior School, Sixth Form, Sports, General, Headline, In the Press, Junior School, News, Senior School, Sixth Form, Suzie Longstaff, Community, Guests, Headline, News, Partnerships, Senior School, Sixth Form, STEM, Achievements, Celebration, General, Headline, Performance, Senior School, Achievements, Headline, In the Press, Senior School, Sixth Form, Arts, General, Headline, In the Press, News, Senior School, Sixth Form, STEM, Suzie Longstaff. The community at The Putney School feels like a large, extended family, with all the ups and downs, joys and sorrows that one would find in any large family. Phone: 802-387-6254 Email: The Chair of the Trustees, Juliet Humphries, can be contacted via Alison Smith at the GDST office or at GDST, 10 Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DH, Cheryl Giovannoni Chief Executive Officer Athletic Department, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, Phone: 802-387-6264 History. Well actually, it is. Marlboro College PUTNEY It takes a lot of people with diverse talents, skills and experience to keep the 230-student Putney School running. State University of NY College of Environmental Science and Forestry Putney High School is an independent all-girls day school in Putney, London. English Department, Progressive Education for a Sustainable Future. Art Department, I graduated from Putney School, and when I was ready to teach, I knew I didnt want to teach anywhere else. Departments: From inspirational talks and musical performances, to careers fairs, drama productions and prizegiving. After graduating, I worked at Mount Snow, attended Marlboro College where I worked for their Outdoor Program and completed a degree in physics with a focus on astronomy and computational methods.