The bamboo used for scaffolds, cement bags, broken blocks, wooden formworks, unused concrete, binding wires, broken tiles, roofing sheet, and nails is some of the waste materials gotten from construction sites. According to the UN Population Fund data, more people in the world live in urban than in rural settings since 2010. These survey findings informed policy discussions with senior U.S. and Nigerian policymakers, including Nigerian President Buhari and state governors. According to a source, the females were between the ages of 17 and 18. That this report is coming from a Nigerian saddens my heart. Also read: Lagos Nigeria Crime Rate and What is Lagos Nigeria Like. Nigeria is also one of the International Finance Corporations (IFC) fastest growing portfolios in the region. Possess the ability to recognize and address problems with the appropriate sense of urgency and mediation from onset to resolution. The daily massacres, kidnappings, bombings, and rape carried out by Boko Haram throughout the country are quite concerning. Again, lip service on the part of the government has proven to be one of the challenges in developing sustainable communities. It's estimated that approximately 700 million people still live on less than US$1.90 per day, a total of 1.3 billion people are multi-dimensionally poor, including a disproportionate number of women and people with disabilities and 80 percent of humanity lives on less than US$10 per day. One of the policy goals of sustainable development is the delivery of adequate housing for Countries in the global south. (Trading Economics 2018). International monitors witnessed widespread vote box theft in 2007, and while the situation improved in 2011, ballot-rigging remained widespread. The government should put in place policies that have already been developed, such as a gender policy that aspires to achieve gender equality. As a means of surviving, many unemployed adolescents have turned to internet frauds. This situation keeps them unsettled for some time, leaving them unemployed, homeless, desperate, and with no money to meet their daily needs. On the other hand, Property Developers are more profit-oriented. In their pursuit, they have damaged oil pipelines and abducted oil employees. Owing to the Nigerian civil war which began during this time, this plan was further implemented from 1969 . 1 0 obj While Nigeria offers U.S. firms export opportunities in many sectors, it can pose some daunting challenges including the high cost of doing business in Nigeria, the need to duplicate essential infrastructure, the threat of crime and associated need for security countermeasures, corruption, the lack of effective . <> This organization has filed a lawsuit against the government for control of money derived from the sale of crude oil produced in their territory. USIP helps governors and state peacebuilding institutions to establish inclusive, cooperative strategies that prevent and resolve violent conflicts; ensure that policies focus on citizens needs; stem the potential for all forms of violence; and allow communities to play meaningful roles in the transition process. Nigerias national elections later this month will have major implications not only for Nigeria, but for West Africa and the continent more broadly. Your email address will not be published. Minority Issues and the Creation of State | Week 10. A 2020 public opinion survey found new linkages between COVID-19, instability and conflict. UNDP is looking at both inequalities and poverty in order to leave no one behind, focusing on the dynamics of exiting poverty and of not falling back. The main objective of this study is to find out the problems affecting effective development of Ukehe . We work with one out of every three parliaments on the planet, help countries expand spaces for peoples participation, and improve how their institutions work, so that all people can aspire to a sustainable future with prosperity, peace, justice and security. With Nigeria's population growth continuing to outpace poverty reduction, the number of Nigerians living in extreme poverty is set to rise by 7.7 million between 2019 and 2024. 8. Keywords: Development planning, genial climate, public/private sector. Unemployment: In Nigeria, unemployment is spreading like a virus. Nigeria comprises of 36 different states with Abuja being the federal . - Insufficiency of financial resources. In 2020, 56.2 percent of the world population was urban. Infrastructure: Following other issues such as Boko Haram, infrastructure may appear to be a minor concern, but how can a country advance without a steady power supply? 200,000 students graduate from colleges each year, yet many struggles to find work and others resort to less-than-honorable ways of subsistence. - The Christian Science Monitors, Arab nations reach out to Syria for first time in a decade: Is this earthquake diplomacy? 3701. . It involves investment in creating green public spaces and improving urban planning and management in participatory and inclusive ways. Many Nigerian graduates did not acquire useful skills during their education. What are the problems of development in Nigeria. There is a lot of debate about the Northern agenda and the Southern agenda, but not much about the Nigerian agenda., Recommended: Causes, Effects and Solutions to Conflict in Africa. UNDP helps reduce these risks by supporting countries and communities to better manage conflicts, prepare for major shocks, recover in their aftermath, and integrate risk management into their development planning and investment decisions. The large influx of renters from rural areas to urban areas has had a significant . In 1921, the population of Nigeria was only 18.72 million (table 2.1). 2023 United Nations Development Programme,, According to the UN Population Fund . It was imported into Nigeria during the. Also see: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet. Even if you dont live in Nigeria, youve probably heard of Boko Harams kidnappings of hundreds of children, predominantly girls, from schools and communities in northern Nigeria in 2014. Between 2001 and 2006, just $50 million of the $240 million needed for road repairs was paid. What are the development issues in Nigeria? The power sector is crooked and mismanaged, and many personnel in the energy industry lack the necessary skills and training. 1. As common with most of the new states of Africa and Asia, no problem has more fiercely challenged political order in Nigeria than ethno-religious conflicts.10 This paper examines Nigeria's history and political weaknesses. Education in Nigeria is a major challenge. Being your own boss pays better than anything else. HIV/AIDS and the Economy: HIV/AIDS have become a major treat to economy. Political leaders have a history of engaging in corrupt practices. The problem of Internal Land Conflicts: Land ownership disputes have frequently caused conflicts among Nigerians. The Era of Fixed Medium-Term planning (1962 - 1985) This phase played host to 4 plans that were all a success, namely: The First National Development Plan (1962 - 1968) which provided for capital expenditure reaching 2.2 billion Naira. The burgeoning population has resulted in a slew of new issues, including environmental deterioration and traffic congestion in major cities. It is Nigerias most authoritative news media available on all platforms for the political, business, professional and diplomatic elite and broader middle classes while serving as the meeting point of new ideas, culture and technology for the aspirationals and millennials. Recommended: Causes, Effects and Solutions to Brain Drain in Nigeria. in rural area are part of the problem hindering agricultural development in Nigeria.. Investing in Human Capital and harnessing Nigerias demographic dividend. Roads are in disrepair due to corruption and misappropriation of public monies Only 67 percent of paved roads and 33 percent of unpaved roads were in good or fair condition in 2011, according to the World Bank. In Nigeria, election tampering is not uncommon. The national development plan of Nigeria should thoroughly take housing problems in the country into consideration and give provision of habitable accommodation to citizens its rightful place . Lack of expertise. Last published date: 2021-10-13. Nigerian Institute of Training and Development Prizes/Awards 1) Best MBA graduating student in Entrepreneurship - Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize 2) Best graduating student in Management (M.B.A . THE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS OF MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA. Adding a sustainability touch to facility management will significantly impact the quest to develop sustainable and viable communities. (2) Propose the prospects for enhancing growth of agricultural output. By implementing this Signature Solution, we focus on capacities to address root causes of conflict, reduce disaster risk, mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts, recover from crisis, and build sustainable peace. For instance, if a building has a solar panel installed, there would be times when the solar panels would function in the home, reducing the carbon footprint. Manpower utilization could be defined as "the existence of skilled and /or unskilled humans that . Problems in Nigeria and Solutions: Nigeria is Africas most populated country and the worlds sixth most populous country. 1. According to a report in 2014, female education has an important impact on the development of a stable, prosperous and healthy nation state resulting in active, productive and empowered citizens. SDN's work aims to create a more diverse economy in the Niger Delta, and focuses on: the digital economy. Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse federation of 36 autonomous states and the Federal Capital Territory. Boko Haram kidnapped roughly 276 Chibok schoolgirls on the night of the 14th and 15th of April in 2014. The bedrock of community development is sustainability. UNDP helps countries transition away from the use of finite fossil fuels and towards clean, renewable, affordable sources of energy. In one day, Nigeria can produce 2.5 million barrels of crude oil. The tone here is so negative! The sooner that people can get back to their homes, jobs, and schools, the sooner they can start thriving again. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta is a good example (MEND). One of the major problems which Nigeria is facing today is poor leadership. 3 0 obj Recommended: Effects of Unemployment On Individuals and the society. These buildings are sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions due to the vast amount of natural resources they consume and their waste. In Nigeria, successive government regimes have commenced numerous development commissions, agencies, and departments to foster development at local, regional, and national levels. Todays parents utilize their political clout or influence to affect their childrens education. Ambassador to Ukraine discusses war with college, community - The Rocky Mountain Collegian, Grand test for Indian diplomacy as American, Chinese and Russian ministers meet in Delhi - CNN, Can South Korea and Japan overcome their past and focus on the future? Around 258 million people live outside their countries of origin and 68.5 million are displaced. People cant prosper without reliable, safe, and affordable energy to power everything from lights to vehicles to factories to hospitals. development challenges of Nigeria and a national plan for prosperity (National Planning Commission, 2004). Insufficient funds or capital can limit farmers from acquiring large hectares of land in order to practice mechanised farming. Poverty. See Reasons. Diseased trees are cut down. The world today is heavily dependent on fossil energy, which can harm the environment. In Nigeria, there should be a notable level of development; but these efforts can be rendered futile or short-lived without a sustainability plan. Resource Management: Tensions frequently arise when it comes to the control of the countrys natural resources. The administration has also pledged an equitable transfer of wealth to the people, which should be implemented. <>/Metadata 409 0 R/ViewerPreferences 410 0 R>> j. 75 hydromet stations providing data for integrated catchment planning have been installed across the country, 2 stormwater master plans have been completed for Onitsha in Anambra State, Aba and Abakaliki in Ebonyi State, strengthening and streamlining the country's Environmental Impact Assessment process, Issuance of Nigerias second tranche of Sovereign Green Bond (for $42 million) after the first green bond, to finance climate change activities. According to the environmental and energy study institute, paying particular attention to the real estate, residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in the USA are responsible for 40 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. One of the most successful development plans in Nigeria is the Colonial Development and Welfare Plan which had a ten-year development and welfare plan for Nigeria. The political landscape is partly dominated by the ruling All Progressives Congress party (APC) which controls the executive arm of government and holds majority seats at both the Senate and House of Representatives in parliament, and majority of the States. The ruling elites have continued to palm-off and misappropriate the commonwealth at the expense of general well-being. I enjoy solving problems and learning new things. This is because in many countries of the global south housing is delivered more through private mechanisms, consequently this poses challenges to adequate housing delivery for most countries of the global south and the Nigeria populace. These tender plants are exposed to various viral diseases, which often lead to the death. Amid deepening distrust in government and institutions, Nigeria has significant work to do in improving national, state and local security and governance . All rights reserved. Problems hindering the economy development of Nigeria Naturally, when it comes to ethnicity, Nigerians are extremely sensitive, with tempers frequently flaring and occasionally resorting to violence. 1. This fund is being used as start-up capital for small businesses to generate income and improve their livelihood. This includes empowering women and girls and increasing their human capital and economic opportunities, increasing domestic revenue mobilization, and improving the quality of public expenditures and strengthening debt management. This frequently causes a sense of perceived unfairness by the government and its agents towards these communities. However, they also account for about 70 percent of global carbon emissions and over 60 percent of resource use. Mr question is that, all this solution youve have written down, have once ever secretly or openly impacted at least one of it to solve one part of the problems? The paper will be relevant to the development board and the national development planners. The present ruling administration is not fulfilling its promises, and officials are more concerned with stuffing their wallets than with properly governing. 1. - Intra-and inter-communal Disputes. | Find, read and cite all the research you . UNDP interventions help eradicate poverty, such as by creating decent jobs and livelihoods, providing social safety nets, boosting political participation, and ensuring access to services like water, energy, healthcare, credit, and productive assets. I admit that things are bad but not as bad as we are made to believe here! 5. Nigerias environmental and health standards are deplorable. Naturally, when it comes to ethnicity, Nigerians are extremely sensitive, with tempers frequently flaring and occasionally resorting to violence. They were pupils of Government Secondary School in Chibok, Nigerias Borno State. One of these solutions proffered is the usage of Low Carbon in the Economy. 2301 Constitution Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20037Tel: +1.202.457.1700, About Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Liberia, etc. In Nigeria, there is the epoch by epoch examination of regimes as it is found in Adamolekun (1986), or a taxonomy which utilizes constitutional order (Simbine & Oladeji, 2010; Suberu, 2009). Recent work includes: Since 2016, this working group has fostered relationships between citizens, policymakers and national and international figures to ensure that a diverse array of voices impact decision-making processes. We must all take a stance to expose corruption and tell the truth about issues that affect our environment. 7 Topics Inter Ethnic Rivalry and Issue of Secession | Week 11. Read "Problems and Prospects of Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria Port Harcourt Metropolis since 1914" by PhD Chukudi V. Izeogu available from Rakuten Kobo. In 2021, amid deepening public mistrust, the working group harnessed its collective experience and relationships to advance high-level dialogue between major civic groups working for peace across the country and the Nigerian government. General Elections to elect a new President, Federal and State Legislators and Governors are scheduled for February 2023. The preliminary census data for 1991 (although the 1991 census figure is still controversial) indicated a . Problems of Developing Countries - The answer to A WASSCE Past Question. NNF dialogues focus on strengthening community-security sector relationships and mitigating intercommunal, pastoralist-farmer and election-related violence. In spite of series of development strategies, put in place Nigeria is permanently hunted by the spectre of develop- by successive governments, and sometimes with good ment. 4 0 obj In 2019, the Network of Nigerian Facilitators (NNF) helped Kaduna and Plateau state peacebuilding institutions orchestrate a peace agreement to resolve a long-standing, cross-border violent conflict between Aten, Fulani and Takad communities in both states. %PDF-1.7 Corruption must be combated as a team effort. Between 2016 and 2021, over 30,000 Nigerian slum dwellers have been displaced. Economic development is constrained by inadequate infrastructure, electricity, incentives, and policies that promote . Similarly, developing sustainability-compliant buildings is a relatively new concept in Nigeria, and the risk associated with testing new waters might be responsible for the reluctance. Poor Leadership. Through USIPs ongoing Justice and Security Dialogue project, citizens at the local level collectively identify security challenges and organize dialogues that bring together internally displaced communities and police in Northeast Nigeria to develop practical and concrete solutions to address security concerns, build trust and foster accountability. Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari says he expects a credible election to choose his successor in just 10 weeks. 4 Topics . During their schooling, many Nigerian graduates did not learn practical skills. Poverty. A. Adeyinka, Department of Education, University of Ibadan Just as the physical and social development of the average child is beset with many problems, so the development of education in any given society is hampered by a variety of problems some of which If you have something that impacts the lives of the people in the community, it would positively impact the housing sector. It is a vital force because there is a very close relationship between economic development and political stability. In addition, the countrys GDP fell by -13.4 percent in the first quarter of 2018. Inequality: This is due to the governments and its agencies apparent favoring of people or regions belonging to one tribe over another. Northerners continue to be suspicious of their southern counterparts, and vice versa. A survey of over 100 small business owners revealed that the number one issue that Nigerian business owners have with their business is finding quality and highly trained staff . Some countries are disproportionately affected by shocks and stressors such as climate change, disasters, violent extremism, conflict, economic and financial volatility, epidemics, food insecurity and environmental degradation. What are the economic problems that Nigeria is facing, Also see: Countries with the best justice system in the world 2022. According to studies, the most effective approach to terrorism is effective security and dialogue with terrorists to tackle issues related to the source of terrorism, and the government must prioritize the benefits of the people. This paper, therefore, theoretically examines the issues and challenges of tourism development in Nigeria. % Females in Nigeria have a basic human right to be educated and this right has been recognized since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Achieving sustainable community development lies heavily on various projects carried out in the community. Conflict Resolution and Management | Week 12 . The countrys purchasing and selling situation are dire and depressing. 1. Cocoa is very labour-consuming culture. Nigerias multi-ethnic character has many advantages as well as disadvantages ethnicity issues in Nigeria. Ethnicity: Nigeria, Africas colossus, is the worlds most populated black country. Members of the Niger-Delta militants have reintroduced the use of weaponry in expressing their grievances. The above stated problems and lot more has affected the collection development in Nigeria public libraries, which has laded inadequate supply of library collection. These vague and two-line solutions proffered to the mountain of problems are insufficient to shed light on the way forward, they {solutions} seem better said than done! These relationships allow the working group to turn expert analysis into tangible, actionable policy advice. This is because corruption affects practically all Nigerians on a daily basis, not only crooked politicians. Many educational institutions are now founded and administered on political grounds in many states; entrance to universities, colleges, and polytechnics, particularly universities, is sometimes influenced by politicians rather than academic merit. The use of violence to combat violence is unlikely to succeed in eliminating terrorism since it will result in the deaths of many innocent people. Recommended: Best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence. The planning process should include a range of input from city residents and other stakeholders, such as civic institutions and the private sector. This is due to the fear of not getting profit returns. This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. It is not enough to have a development plan if it is not matched by the funding needed to implement it. The lack of job opportunities is at the core of the high poverty levels, regional inequality, and social and political unrest. Problems of rural development in Nigeria. A sustainable environment is free of pollution, safe, and has a reduced level of emission. Border settlement inside the country is still a work in progress. About. A credible, publicly accepted result and a peaceful transfer of power could help consolidate democracy in Africas most populous country following democratic setbacks in the region, notably seven coups in 26 months in the Sahel and West Africa. These include small but growing populations, limited resources, remoteness, susceptibility to natural disasters, vulnerability to external shocks, excessive dependence on international trade, and fragile environments. But regularly, these government strategies have failed due to poor integration of essential variables such as culture and or poorly coordinated community development activities. People stay in or fall back into poverty because of a range of factorswhere they live, their ethnicity, gender, a lack of opportunities, and others. In the first quarter of 2016, it fell by -13.98 percent. Resilience building is a transformative process of strengthening the capacity of people, communities, institutions, and countries to prevent, anticipate, absorb, respond to and recover from crises. They apply for employment but are not recruited due to a lack of qualifications. That the disease is not curable is more worrisome. The use of violence to combat violence is unlikely to succeed in eliminating terrorism since it will result in the deaths of many innocent people. After all, the food, shelter, clean air, education and opportunities of billions of people depend on getting this right. By Noah Ibrahim. The World Bank Group also supports increased engagement in the climate resilient agenda as well asNigerias responseto the COVID-19 pandemic and its post-recovery efforts. USIP brings together state governors, national policymakers and civic leaders to design and implement inclusive policies that mitigate violence and strengthen community-oriented security. Malpractices and a lack of preparation Test malpractices have been identified by education experts, with poor examination preparation by pupils being another setback in the educational system. Across the country, groups have emerged to compete for control of resources located on their land. Most developing countries are not politically stable, e.g., there are frequent changes in government, . Best businesses to start with N100k in Nigeria and be successful, Causes, Effects and Solutions to Brain Drain in Nigeria, Causes, Effects and Solutions to Conflict in Africa, Countries with the best justice system in the world 2022, Effects of Unemployment On Individuals and the society, Problems of the Nigerian educational system, How to buy land in Nigeria: Important documents you will need, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet, Best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence, Meaning And Characteristics/Features of Law, How To Sue a Company (Explained in Details), Features of the UK Constitution: 5 Essentials of The British Constitution, Can the Supreme Court Overrule/Overturn/Reverse Its own Decision? Education system: Students who attend tertiary education institutions are usually unemployed and depressed. These three development challenges often coexist within the same country, requiring tailored solutions that can adequately address specific deficits and barriers. State-society gap. 2. Economic growth is constrained by inadequate infrastructure, electricity, incentives, and policies that promote private sector development, and poor access to quality education. As the name implies, construction waste refers to waste generated from the construction, clearing, renovation, and demolition of buildings. Required fields are marked *. The country continues to face massive developmental challenges, including the need to reduce the dependency on oil and diversify the economy, address insufficient infrastructure, build strong and effective institutions, as well as address governance issues and public financial management systems. Enough emphasis cannot be placed on the role proper population census has to play in a good development plan. By 2030, the projected global population growth is expected to generate demand for 260 million new residential properties and 540 million square meters of office space in the worlds largest cities. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. c. All tribes and areas should be treated equally by the government. endobj The Oxford Economics Global Cities 2030 report also shows that Lagos will become Africas largest city by GDP and 114 in terms of the global ranking. The role of the construction industry in developing sustainable communities cannot be overemphasized as there is a need for the implementation of a 3R approach to waste management. The administration has also pledged an equitable transfer of wealth to the people, which should be implemented.