Weve all been there. This creates the perfect opportunity for you because you know what struggles that you or your family member faced and you most likely have already thought about what would make the process easier. Kelsi explained that her college roommate attempted suicide and she got to see firsthand how devastating to consequences of depression was to her friend. Whether its collecting books or decorating craft butterflies for patients, Kendra insists that Healing Hearts has a place for everyone. You could read to children at schools, libraries, hospitals and public events. Henderson grew up around alcohol and domestic violence, being exposed to a plethora of negative experiences. Kryst's tragic death reminded me of my pageant experience and conversations with my . Are you ready to truly make a difference in the world with your pageant platform? A few of the organizations that you might volunteer with if you want to get involved in this area and meet other people who share your passion are Paws, Petsmart or your local animal shelter. For example, why not contact your local Mayor, city official or any other important public figure. Choosing a pageant platform is one of the most important decisions in the pageant candidacy process because it is a reflection of your personal interest and dedication to community service. (Recognize, Engage, Accept, Lead, Inspire, and Teach Youth), to bring awareness to service . If you decide not to embark upon having a pageant platform, youre limiting your reach as a contestant and are at risk for not having much to do as a titleholder. If during the competition you never have a chance to speak about your platform, the essay needs to cover every single thing about your platform so that the judges have a semblance of what you have stood for thus far in your pageant journey. Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst. Also learning to walk on a stage in heels without looking down and falling off stage is definitely a skill that . The sad news about Sunday's suicide, at age 30, of Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss USA, makes my heart ache. Supper Club Where everyone pays a small fee and brings a dish and their recipe and you share a meal together. In recent years, pageant platforms that promote the arts or art education in some form have become increasingly more popular. Photo: Facebook. Pageant Planet - that's right. Its a tremendous and freeing time to champion a cause related to female empowerment and any related topics. Get to know the people who you see everyday around town and listen to what they may be struggling with. These types of ideas requires a financial investment, but they can be relatively inexpensive to make or purchase online at sites like Amazon.com. Take this into consideration if you decide that not having a platform is your best option. She won her crown on a platform of supporting youth care and education in her native Philippines. child advocacy. Because, that would indicate that book was about the organization itself. During the three nights that she was hospitalized she had 80 well-wishers visit her, 100 some international newspapers covering her collapse, and thousands of emails from around the globe. She now has an additional opportunity to promote her social media platform, R.E.A.L.I.T.Y. And, you may find that you change your mind a few times about your platform. But, she found a very unique way to combine her passion for fashion with her personal drive in the business world, and empower women from her very individualized point of view. RAELYNN TERVEER, a Norfolk girl who recently was named America's Elegant Miss Nebraska Junior Preteen 2021-22, has modified the "I Can" Campaign she . This is not the time to enter in last minute additional information, as the judges will have already formed an opinion of your essay by now. Mental health has historically suffered from a lack of meaningful measurement, which is critical to driving better health outcomes. Photo: Philstar. Once you have the proper tone and diction down, your essay will write itself! Sarah Schulz. This might have to do with the fact that so many pageant contestants and titleholders are genuinely and remarkably talented people. Just recently, however, bullying has been recognized as a leading cause of concern . The coolest part of the Siegels story is that the Mrs. America Organization was so moved by their efforts, that Victorias Voice has now become one of the official charities of both the Mrs. America pageant, as well as its sister pageant, Miss For America. But, its nothing to get worked up about. During her year as Miss America, Teresa travelled an incredible 20,000 miles per month, educating and counseling students and young adults about eating disorders, a platform that she advocates for to this day. The reason that you think this is because you had dyslexia when you were a child, and you could not read well until your problem was diagnosed. The Miss Grand International pageant has a beautiful mission that goes far beyond beauty. Additionally, she spent time as a spokesperson and advocate for many other organizations and causes including the Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, Youth Service America, and the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. Pageant systems and their connection to medical charities, Miss America 2019 Nia Franklin. And, if your platform is not the kind of cause that they can get involved with and expand on at a national or international level, then they likely will not choose you as their queen. The answer to each question becomes a paragraph in your essay. It is also a martial art that teaches self-defense techniques, and that point was a major one for Nia, as she believes that women should have the skills to defend themselves. Are you good at public speaking, photography, baking, playing chess, doing research, dancing, teaching children, applying makeup, speaking another language, reading out loud, cleaning and organizing? You would not call it, The Red Cross.Why? From severe diseases like cancer and Aids to mental health related issues like depression or eating disorders, and even subjects like organ donation, if you have a sincere desire to serve those who are suffering, then this category may be a good match for you. Her involvement with her platform allowed her to partner with Prevent Child Abuse America and Child Help. Photo: PBS. Cleft repair surgery is simple, and the transformation is immediate. Start making appearances! She calls it, Healing Hearts, and its a platform that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others. The introduction to your essay should begin with an explanation of who you are and what your platform is. If you do have your sights set on being a titleholder at some point being a skilled communicator is a skill set that you will have to develop. This is especially effective if you have just won a new title. What classes have you really enjoyed when you were in school? Do you all have the same platform? Who is going to solve this? Now, the opportunity is in your hands to make that change! Alexis inspired the Autism community and demonstrated that there is hope for people on the spectrum to be able to attain whatever their dreams are. Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray visiting a child with a cleft lip. Choosing the right platform is about doing soul searching to figure out what you want to put your time and effort into. In recent years, several noteworthy titleholders have created dynamic and powerful platforms that not only won them a significant title, but brought a lot of public attention and support to their individual causes. In addition, she is passionate about womens empowerment and creating spaces where women can support each other and inspire the next generation to continue this path. Lily started a non-profit called, The Smize Foundation, which is a nonprofit corporation that connects high school students with local food banks to provide donations, volunteer opportunities and awareness of community outreach. You could also offer to make videos of pageant contestants practicing their walking and posing techniques. Shree was given 5 pageant awards that night, even though she spent the remainder of the week in the hospital. In our modern society, these issues are so prevalent that most everyone can say that they know someone who has struggled with one of these issues at one time or another. Lets find you the perfect platform! house for rent waldport oregon; is thanos a villain or anti hero; Toggle navigation. Depending on what your platform is and what your goals are with regard to it, you can communicate about it in other ways too. You would be surprised at how willing most people are to help you achieve your goals. ", Lauren says that her main objective is to remind all that have struggled and that are currently struggling with eating disorders that, "There is a beautiful life after recovery," and that individuals of any size can feel confident enough in their own skin to pursue any dream imaginable. Miss Dominican Republic 2015, Clarissa Molina. Mental health conditions . It was a brilliant marketing and public relations move, and the visual impact across social media was incredibly memorable. Even if your platform is about another cause that another contestant champions as well, it is all about how you speak about your platform and work towards ensuring that the issue that you want to be solved will one day be solved that can differentiate you from others. After all, it is a cause, mission or charity that you have a deeply personal stake in or a deep affinity for. Demi-Leight was inspired to launch Unbreakable after her own violent carjacking experience in June 2017. You need to see what the pageant's "definitions" are by looking at the performance of the top 5 contestants. How many people out there would love to hire you to help them clean and organize their home or office? Early detection can significantly increase a woman/man's survival rate. 5 O clock! So, first off, playing volleyball may or may not be a good money making idea, although, depending on your skill level, your experience and your desire, you may just make a pretty good volleyball coach. Youre going to be spending a lot of time with your platform, years perhaps. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Sometimes we know the general direction that we want to go in with our platform, but it just feels too big,or not specific enough.It doesnt click. 2. As a result, you felt like the whole world was opened for you. She designed and constructed a line of eveningwear out of clothing purchased from Goodwill. Some people know immediately what they want to do for their pageant platform, and others need to do some soul searching first. Youre on the right track, but you need to customize your concept. https://www.pageantplanet.com/article/5-pageant-platform-money-raising-ideas-that-are-guaranteed-to-work, 107 Pageant Platform Examples (& How to Choose THE One). But, that didnt stop this queen. Kendras main focus with Healing Hearts is to use literacy as one of the mechanisms to achieve her goal of touching others. Smile Train is an international childrens charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. It is absolutely possible to coast on through your pageant journey without having a platform, but you will have missed an opportunity to make a lasting impact in someones life. armed forces vacation club for veterans 082 825 4557; welsh keith brymer jones wife zapperstore.xyz@gmail.com Healthy self-esteem includes the internalized messages "I am good" and "I am enough.". The category of health and disease related platforms is probably the largest and most diverse of all of the platform categories. They might be able to connect you with someone who has an appearance opportunity for you or an event where you could volunteer and promote your platform, as well as your pageant system. Teresa did extensive research about eating disorders for her friend and discovered just how rampant it was across the nation. Once she arrives at the location, she then organizes all of the different service stations that people use once they show up. Miss USA 2014 and 1st Runner up to Miss Universe, Nia Sanchez says that she is probably the only Miss USA in history to spend more time out of her heels than in them, because she was always kicking off her shoes to give demonstrations in self-defense. around the country. Hard pageant questions range from current events, political, and environmental questions, to Miss and Teen interview questions. It does not have to be complicated. The subject of bullying has grown so big over recent years, that you cant watch a pageant these days without seeing at least one contestant that has adopted bullying in one form or another as her personal platform. Its an exciting time to explore volunteering in this area, and you will absolutely feel rewarded for your efforts, as you help other women achieve their own goals. The attention that Shree Saini received wasnt because she collapsed at a pageant. In January of 2018, she worked one-on-one with the state senator and was instrumental in seeing the very first house bill passed in the state of Massachusetts regarding eating disorder awareness. pageant platform mental health. The "Be the One" initiative began in the State of Tennessee as a suicide prevention campaign for co-workers. Every contestant out there needs to be doing mock interviews, yet so many girls dont do it because either they dont know what to do, they dont have anyone to ask them questions or they dont feel comfortable filming themselves. This number represents 17 out of every 10,000 people in the United States. Having a pageant platform is also the perfect way to increase your marketability to the judges to ensure that you stand out amongst the dozens of contestants. We cover other topics such as interview techniques, fashion, beauty and modeling. How a Pageant Changed a Life. Choose a full-length gown with a full skirt to keep little princess looking sweet and youthful. There is also a charity called, Career Gear. Or, you could clue into that intimate detail, which is the real thing that motivates you. Research all the local city and county websites to look for upcoming events, then call or email whoever is in charge and ask if you can help out or participate in any way. With so many causes out there, how does anyone choose just one pageant platform? And, then begin writing down every single person that you know that you think you could network with in some way. Her pageant platform was, Celebrating Diversity Through Cultural Competency, and her motto was, Celebrate diversity and adopt a mutt., Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri. A friend urged Ng to get the help she needed and it was through the transformative power of therapy that she found a new sense of purpose. Volunteering means that you are there to help in some way and get your hands dirty. Her platform is built upon the idea that "every individual should feel comfortable in their own skin. Photo American Bazaar Online. The overdose death rate from opioid (painkillers) drugs has increased a staggering 200 percent since 2000. Miss USA 2014 Nia Sanchez. Answer (1 of 3): Let me tell you the most important thing about pageant platforms: caring. Using proper punctuation when needed, ensuring that you are not using run-on sentences, and proper word usage can all help with your tone. Staying homegrown and realizing the problems that face your community is a great way to be an advocate to advance your cause and give your hometown someone to believe in. You have to really think about what your platform is, not where you volunteer or serve. You just have to care. Cheslies pageant platform had its early beginnings when she was still in college. But, you never know. When writing your conclusion, you want to make sure that you use a proper tone that makes it sound like you are concluding your essay. Life Clarity; Camera Confidence; Awards & Media; Blog . For instance, they decide that they should select a disease because they have a family member that suffers from that disease. And, as a survivor of the disease, she is committed to trying to raise awareness of the debilitating nature of eating disorders, and to spread the message to young girls that "Self-confidence is the single most important thing in the key to happiness. Is pageant prep feeling overwhelming to you? But, maybe there is an added motivation. Meet contestant #4 Tarnia Eugene from the cultural and dynamic community of Grand Bay! Another national titleholder that created a platform based on her own personal history, is Nia Sanchez. Shrees platform is all about heart health and emotional wellbeing, and she is an incredible volunteer, logging an astounding amount of volunteer hours, and earning numerous awards for giving her time to many organizations including the American Heart Association and The Hope Heart Institute. Meeya Francis, contestant number one in the 2023 Miss Dominica Pageant, explained why she chose the platform "Mental Health in Men," saying that her personal life experiences with the problem of. Or you could choose to bring about change in how certain medical conditions are treated. And, in 2019 she competed in the Miss America system and represented her native Florida as Miss Manatee River 2019. You want to be able to set yourself apart, and show that you are an individual.That way you can really personalize it in a way that makes it unique and attention getting. Miss Manatee River 2019 Rachel Barcellona. You could focus solely on dyslexia awareness and education, while still promoting literacy in general. You wont be able to raise money unless you are all in on your platform. Their mission is to empower individuals and families in the poorest communities to reach their fullest potential and enhanced sense of dignity through economic opportunities and the eradication of barriers including poverty, inequality, and violence. What we mean when we talk about drilling down your platform is that you may have a great platform concept, but you are feeling like its not quite right. Whats that? The vast media coverage and candid admissions of harassment and assault by countless celebrities has created an open environment to discuss issues that were off limits previously. Youve certainly noticed issues in your town and wondered, Who is going to get rid of this?