But don't get on here and preach that there really isn't a problem without the "numbers" to prove it when any idiot who looks at these boards more than once a week can see that there are a high number of owners that are experiencing them. 9660. Hes also seen a lot of problems with John Deeres 7930 and 6930 series tractors. 6068HF250 6.8 L Industrial Diesel Engine. The top-load oil filter provides quicker, easier oil filter changes. If I average out what I've spent over the last 20 years I'll bet my average for parts was less than $1000, and then I supplied my own labor. //please don't change app_id and pod disableTracking: true With regular maintenance, John Deere models are known to last a long time. Four large valves per cylinder sit in a flat cylinder head. I wouldn't hesitate to spend that kind of money on a machine that is in otherwise good shape, especially if I knew it well. Features. Therefore, always use the correct type of oil recommended by the company. To further reduce maintenance requirements, long life coolant/antifreeze with coolant conditioner is used as the factory fill on all 8030 Series wheel and track tractors. Plus, there are ways to troubleshoot problems. Plus, an intense vibration during operation seems to jar, loosen and potentially break or wear down moving parts, which leads to repairs. Glacial Rock Dust vs Azomite- Which One Should You Use? In addition, John Deere is known to change vendors frequently. }); This manual's coverage includes repair and basic diagnostic information for 9.0 L engines John Deere. In the event a repair is needed in long-term operation, the engine can easily be re-reconditioned to newspecifications. I am especially suspicios because EVERY engine maker takes heat with new engines, and now everyone statesthe EVERY tier 4 from EVERY supplieris junk- without ever even owning one. Top factory hp rating on the . Wet sleeved, flanged cylinder liners are made of compact graphite iron for greater strength and stiffness. Everyone at Deere is frustrated at Engine works, simply because every engine issue becomes the larger machine's issue. This arrangement provides greater airflow with less restriction both in and out of the combustion chamber, greatly improving economy and lowering exhaust emission levels. We're mandating all this BS that increases cost, reduces reliability, increases fuel consumption, and doesn't benefit the environment enough to even count. Features. For those of you who want to make it a color/loyalty issue,in the big industry race to meet emissions standards you would be hard pressed to find any company that has not had problems at onetime or another. You can solve them yourself. You walk into a dealer and ask the history of your tractor and it is hard to get them to print out the past repairs if it came from somewhere else. This greatly improves economy and lowers exhaust emission levels. According to CarLogos.com, John Deere tractors are among the best and most reliable. As a result, the EGR problems lead to engine overheating, decrease of the engine's lifetime, premature engine wear, improperly working throttle and even blocking. The findings reveal that the 6620 series transmission experiences clutch pack wear if the tractor is put to serious heavy work. Therefore, you need to replace the fuel filter and the tractors air filter to fix this issue. Have seen some guys fix as fail and have service truck following them half the season. Rumors has it that over 180 combine engines were replaced, together with tractors, sprayers, etc. Contact a Distributor. It's not luck if they're designed right and the cost of maintenance isn't very expensive. The mechanic also said he had never had so much trouble cleaning an old gasket off of a pan. I sold my 4420 jd combine a couple of years ago and the motor was running perfect at 2200 hours after over thirty years with nothing more than occasional oil and filter change. Were they not ready for release for the 2008 deadline. If it is low, you need to change the fuel in the tank. // There are settings you can pass to the SDK, please check documentation Other times, it is caused by a dirty fuel filter. However, some users reported their problems while driving a 12.5-liter engine. Azomite vs Dolomite Can They Be Interchanged? You should consult with a mechanic if you need to fix the PPC on your Deere. Crankshaft-driven, gear-type oil pump provides positive lubrication throughout the engine. Loose main bearing caps Check bearing clearance; replace bearings and bearing cap screws as required. But no matter how reliable a brand becomes in terms of its reputation among consumers, problems still arise. A dirty filter can lead to engine failures. - Section 06 details all specifications wear tolerances, torque values and contain the wiring diagrams. See below the detailed contents this component technical manual for John Deere engines. Specifications. The problem is caused by a faulty pump. On the other hand, if the air filter is not the case and you are still facing this issue, then the fuel type can be the reason that is causing this problem. I think all the new emissions standards are just another example of how determined this country is to commit economic suicide. (Answered). Bypass valve is integral to the canister. Farmers Weekly shows similar data. It is because if there is any blockage in them, then the tractors engine will stall. Key engine features such as the Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) and the 4-valve head provide the ability to bring on new levels of the rate of torque rise and fuel economy. 9.0L PowerTech Plus. Why Do I Keep Finding Peanut Shells in My Yard? I think this discussion only proves there has to be a neutral party to check the reliability of farm machinery. There are new performance characteristics of the 9.0 L engines that assure excellent performance in most any situation. If your engine has this problem, it is important to check the oil pressure and repair it as soon as possible to prevent further damage. There are several new designs in all of the 8030 Series tractors that have made a favorable impact fuel economy. John Deere engineering uses a precise procedure to measure engine only power levels. 4045CI550. Youll be surprised how much difference it makes. This manual's coverage includes repair and basic diagnostic information for 9.0 L engines John Deere. Back about 1990, we had a new 9600 and started corn shelling in early September, before most other people. To spend that much on a machine like this ! Our standard warranty not only covers OEM engines for up to 2 years/2,000 hours but also the JohnDeere parts and accessories added to a new engine by a JohnDeere engine distributor. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. How To Keep Petunias From Getting Leggy? I have a late model 9660 combine with a 9 liter engine. Your machine should have an exhaust valve as well as a gasket. I have a 9870 sets John Deere combine that has problem with header/feederhouse . This would not cause the oil leaking into the cooling system but rather head gasket failure at the fire ring . FarmerGrows.com is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee by means of advertising and linking to Amazon.com products. Best thing is to convert it into a side console, using a 6030 side console if you find one, or just start from a common 2520 side console and remake the console support specific to the 6030, or put 4430 remotes on the back of the tractor with a custom "drill and tapped" 1 inch thick plate that would hold both remotes. Chrysler had the same problem with some of the old Plymouth Furys back in the late 50s, but they had no sleeves,only soft blocks. It has and the water pump replaced and dealer annual inspection, fluids changed etc. The valve opens for continued lubrication should the filter plug or oil temperature is extremely cold. (Answered). It also protects John Deere components and accessories installed by an authorized service dealer. Final Tier 4 / Stage V Brochure. Volvo Penta engines will also make use of selective catalytic reduction to meet emission standards. Any Budget. According to reference.com, a notable number of John Deere tractor owners report transmission problems. This can result in fuel or oil leaks, leading to extensive and costly repairs. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. The 9.0 L engine uses a new camshaft system to provide the strength and durability required to operate the four valves in each cylinder. How to prevent John Deere 12.5 Liter Engine Problems. As you were browsing something about your browser made us think you were a bot. The cylinder head is made of a one-piece, heavy-duty special alloy gray iron casting. Could we all be on to something? 4 Possible Reasons, 13 Handy Tips To Keep Raccoons Out Of Corn, Black Edges On Tomato Leaves: Remedies and Cure, How To Get Rid of Stinging Nettles Permanently? The Art of Self Meditation: What Are the Benefits? Nope, this is a JOHN DEERE engine. Its the problem of "the denominator". That bright green and yellow is iconic in the tractor market. They are screwing you over big time. Same here. Roller followers vs.traditional flat follower lower the horsepower required to move the valve train components. To achieve the strength requirements the system has changed as follows. They talk about John Deere tier 4 engine not reliable. I assumed they would have the problem fixed but there have been more of them do it this year so I don't know what to make of that. So, all the possible ways to troubleshoot the John Deere 12.5-liter engine problems are given below. FYI. After some time the EGR system becomes covered with soot and carbon deposits from the exhaust gasses. Problem 2. Cost to me is nothing. Download for iOS. All said and done lawyers would be rich and the farmer left paying the bill AGAIN. However, installing new seals and tubes will cost a lot. Keep your equipment running long and strong with JohnDeere Connected Support remote monitoring and diagnostic services. These air-to-air aftercooled engines deliver constant power over a wide range of rpm with a power bulge above rated power and excellent torque characteristics. Oil pump is located below the crankshaft with a short pickup tube to the sump for fast pressurization at start-up. The John Deere, 12.5 Liter engine is reliable and long-lasting, but unfortunately, it has problems. }, Either way, I would not finish last 50 either. Not trying to be a smarta$$ just what i hear and read on the net. Bobcat 463 vs Bobcat S70 Which One Is Better? Every engine ever built blows up, and they blow up at a certain rates, that's what machines do. When the oil filter fails to work properly, the oil pump may need to be replaced. Your engine will need to be cleaned frequently to avoid a breakdown. 2023 epcatalogs.com John Deere 9.0L OEM Diesel Engines - Base Repair CTM400 PDF, Engines, repair manual, Free Online John Deere 9.0L OEM Diesel Engines - Base Repair CTM400 PDF Preview, John Deere Service Advisor 5.3.166 (replaces 5.2) 2022 Offline Agriculture & Turf Equipment Division, John Deere Service Advisor 5.3.166 (replaces 5.2) Offline 2022 Construction and Forestry Equipment, John Deere Diagnostic Kit EDL (Electronic Data Link V3)(Replaces EDL v2) Diagnostic Adapter, John Deere Parts ADVISOR January 2023 Offline, Caterpillar communication adapter III Kit PN 538-5051 (Replaces 466-6258) + CAT ET 2023A, JCB ServiceMaster 4 v23.2.1 02/2023 Diagnostic Software, JETI ForkLift ET (Jungheinrich Fork Lifts) 2023 v4.37 (upd. With high wear pkg, just not a lot of metal wear on augers etc. I know, it sucks to put that much into a machine. The only thing that is required on an annual basis for your cooling system is asimple test of coolant conditioner. I suggest you look for a good independent mechanic and pay him well. Regular inspection and seal replacement can help prevent many of these issues before they become more serious. Therefore, if this is the case, drain the fuel from the tank and fill it with the recommended one for your tractor. John Deere PowerAssist App. I can get 340 out of an 8520 if I pull it down far enough, but that doesn't make it a 340 PTO-hp tractor. 2400 hrs. However, like any engine, they are susceptible to problems if not properly maintained and cared for. They match the bowl-shaped combustion chamber that is part of the piston top. To purchase a catalog online, please add the product to your cart, fill in the contact form online. When it comes to John Deere Tractors, Farmers Weekly got together with a longtime John Deere expert and asked about the most common problems with John Deere tractors. Still, John Deere tractors are largely reputed for their reliability. The AERA Technical Committee offers the following information on cylinder head cracks for John Deere 9.0 & 13.5L diesel engines. I don't believe it is a operator/ maintenance problem at all. The exhaust filter is an important component of a John Deere tractor. Actually they don't use new engines there reman engines. It will also lead to lower horsepower and lower fuel efficiency. The reason behind this is the fact that they have a lower oil-change interval than other engines. Even with your experience, you really have to look at the statistics. Any used you unit you might trade into could well require similar amounts of work. If we don't have to go any deeper, seems like a no brainer to put the 10k plus maybe another 5k in general upkeep and run it for a couple more seasons instead of 100k for a 1200 hr S660??? Two days later, I would have put that setup against a 9770 today. Our company provides for sale original spare part catalogs, workshop manuals, diagnostic software for all models of engines, cars, trucks, buses, forklifts, tractors, harvesters, cranes, buldozers, generators, construction and agricultural machines, motorcycles. The 9.0 L engine uses a new camshaft system to provide the strength and durability required to operate the four valves in each cylinder. You could get really lucky and its just the EGR cooler, no guarantees on that though. Either way, I would not finish last 50 either. Best bet is to have dealer diagnose. There is a procedure for the EGR cooler, tested a couple in my time at the dealer. I wouldn't hesitate to spend that kind of money on a machine that is in otherwise good shape, especially if I knew it well. Most of the users of John Deere faced the leaking issue in the 112.5-liter engine. With John Deere, you get a choice of replacement and maintenance parts for all makes and ages of machines at any budget. Is this blown out of proportion like most things posted are? That oil should be changed after the first 100 hours of operation. Many custom harvesters lost engines this summer with very similar problems. Therefore, addressing the reason behind this problem is necessary, and all that you have to do is to inspect the following things. At that price they are stealing from you, do they think you have a nuclear reactor in there. In addition, the 6930 series is often subject to engine rebuild according to the Farmers Weekly interview. Final Tier 4 / Stage V Selection Guide. Oil spray nozzles are positioned on support ribs over main bearings to supply cooled and filtered oil to the pistons. Specifications. Again, if you need help with inspecting or servicing the fuel system on your John Deere 12.5 Liter engine, it is best to have a qualified mechanic inspecting and servicing it as needed. John Deere is easily one of the most well-known tractor brands. DON.T FORGET, CHANGING THE WATER PUMP IS ROUTINE MAINTENANCE!! After inspecting the oil level, you need to check the air filter. xrsZVIvdr]sCyNBz0RLVavz{K(eY-X5aa^X .U~Emm]eWP7Pa(X8?re1y/|UTV2sa!p~&9-8sX]vU 65O6+'Vyv Moreover, these engines are made to adjust to any environment. Using cooled EGR in conjunction with SCR, however, enables John Deere's emissions system to use less DEF and thus improve fluid economy and transient performance. And no failures. Sometimes, service is difficult to procure for John Deere models that arent even that old. This problem is caused only if the seals or engine tubes are leaking. They get tired when they get older, but most don't have some sort of major mechanical failure that would indicate faulty workmanship. The large oil sump located in any front axle provides oil capacity for long, 250-hour . I am not able to understand how these companys can put out this crap and drop a thousands of dollars repair bill on all these low hour machines. Yes there was a problem in 9L in combines with that. I think H006 engine code (below engine serial number on same tag) was the problem, at least in 70 series combines. They fixed it with H008, which I made sure my combinpe had. Costs a lot, but keeps you rolling. The High Stakes of the Roundup Cancer Lawsuit: Why Billions of Dollars are on the Line, 5 Ways to Get Money for Investment Property. I agree through - when there is a problem, just fix it and quit trying to study it. The machine will still run and even limp in to the dealer, but the crank is in two pieces. Weve scoured lists of issues reported by John Deere operators to bring our readers this comprehensive list of the most common problems with John Deere tractors. John Deere manual is written for an experienced technician, but the owner or novice worker will also be able to find the information you need for basic procedures. %PDF-1.3 You should change your oil filter if it isnt working properly. The main problem may be related to the fuel system. In this case, you must make a change before the next scheduled oil change. Model and horsepower outputs are shown in the chart below. and stroke of 136 mm (5.35-in.). I like forums because its like a "head up" on trends, but because of recall bias, they tend to over report failures, making normalization critical. These are widely used in many heavy-duty and high-performance automotive engines. Camshaft is made from 1080 steel. So some John Deere tractors are bound to have problems. The cylinder head is made of a one-piece, heavy-duty special alloy gray iron casting. The worste thing to do -from a sales standpoint - is release unreliable equipment, and to many manufacturers credit i am rether impressed with their relatively low warrantly claim rate in ag equipment. The engine design utilizes metric-sized components and hardware for ease of service and commonality with the remainder of the tractor. So, while these tractors arent necessarily prone to frequent issues and repairs, these are the most common problems with John Deere tractors. This component technical manual (CTM400) covers the base information for POWERTECH 9.0 L diesel engines. The brand name of Deere & Company is an American corporation that manufactures agricultural, construction, and forestry equipment's, diesel engines, drivetrains (axles, transmissions, gearboxes) used in heavy equipment, and lawn care equipment. Its just we cannot assert there is a problem yet. Your email address will not be published. This year it did the same thing again, Best of luck. John Deere 9230 4WD Tractors use a PowerTech Plus 9.0 L engine that uses a common rail to supply fuel pressure to the injectors. containerStyle: { 9.0 L (548 cu. Register your OEM engine or drivetrain component. It is also equally important to check your engine frequently for signs of leaking fuel or oil. The plan is for the dealer to figure the engine issues out and do an annual inspection and go from there. Yes is a lot more material going through the new combinesguess what for a quarter of a million dollars minimum they should be able to take it. Hope you find a good solution. Your John Deere tractor may need a new exhaust filter. 4 0 obj Is there any proof Too bad there is not a Consumer reports like, neutral party, to check reliability of farm equipment. These tractors deal with brake repairs and, Canbus connector problems, and issues with the water pump. 187-317 kW (250-425 hp) @ 2000-2200 RPM. We had one 9600 that had over 5k engine hours and never any engine problems. In each of the charts below, you will see the following key differences: When compared to the 8.1 L engine used in prior models, the cylinder bore is 2.5 mm (0.1-in.) These cracks are located in the bridge area of the cylinder head and are caused by thermal-mechanical stress for all engines. The 9.0L (548 cu. //etc - Section 02 covers the Repair and Adjustment procedures. The operator of a 8030 Series wheel or track tractor is sure to notice the resulting tractorperformance gains made withplenty of torque and overall power. However, replacing it will cost a lot. All possible causes of a frozen pregnancy, 7 Residential Solar Maintenance Errors and How to Avoid Them, 4 Errors with Kitchen Renovations and How to Avoid Them, An Informative Guide to Livestock Transportation, A Tool That You Need If You are Into Live Stream. Liner heat treatment continuesabove the piston ring turnaround point. We could not keep it from grinding corn, no matter what. If you see the trouble code 637.10 on your 70 Series combine, the crankshaft is broken in the #6 connecting rod journal. Gear-driven coolant pump is integrated into front of the engine. There is easy element disposal due to elimination of the metal filter casing. We used to run 3 combines and trade every year for many years and now just own 1-9770, an '08 model, with 550 engine hours and it is being rebuilt right now. The engine on my 9770 is out right now. . The last year had a few minor bearings go. The most common problems with John Deeres 13.5 liter engines can be quite frustrating. I would drop over dead before I paid JD $8500 to fix a motor they screwed up in the first place. Why would they do that. The 97/68 EC standard is required in the European Union (EU) as an emission test, so there issomerelation to the power a tractor has as a whole functioning unit. Power Connect. The Volvo Penta approach to Tier 4 problems. The fuel pump is responsible for most of the problems with the engine, while the oil filter is responsible for removing fuel. Power Connect. - Section 01 covers the safety measures to follow while repairing the engine; engine identification features, engine emission & application details, and information about the fuels, lubricants & coolants. It will also lead to lower horsepower and lower fuel efficiency. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, it is best to have a qualified mechanic inspect and replace the spark plugs as needed. In addition to these problems, you should also pay attention to the engines oil. Engine Only at 1,900 RPM - 97/68/EC. John Deere PowerTech 9.0 L OEM Diesel & Base Engine Repair Manual - PDF DOWNLOAD Language : English Pages : 370 Downloadable : YES Format : PDF Size : 18.2 MB . In this manual, you can see many pictures, diagrams, and step by step recommendations. I had a blown head gasket on a 7.6. Aside from the water pump problem, the users also experienced the engine stalling problem in the 112.5-liter engines of John Deere. Engine fuel and air systems have been redesigned to give excellent fuel consumption, improved . Roller camshaft followers (A) are an easy choice to reduce internal engine friction and improve efficiency. To their credit,they have gotten them fixed with new engines quickly and in most cases have furnished a loaner combine while it was being fixed. I'm not saying I know the statitics for the modern engines, but I am saying that no one else one this forum does either- until I am proven wrong. Thus, to save your money, claim the warranty of your tractor. Another common issue with the John Deere, 12.5 Liter engine is an oil pressure problem. You can work with this manual after installing Adobe PDF Reader. Download for Android. local dealer recalled all the 9770s they sold in previous years, pulled engine and rebuilt them all. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. that all share the 8.1l engine it might be over 300. Most of the users of John Deere faced the leaking issue in the 112.5-liter engine. They fixed it with H008, which I made sure my combine had. To achieve the strength requirements the system has changed as follows. }, Your email address will not be published. John Deere did not want me to know about the fuel problems in my 9220 bu through this forum I found out that I wasnt the only one. 5 Reasons Why Avocado Leaves Are Dropping. Enter your John Deere engine serial number to access emissions certificates, manuals, year of manufacture, and other important details. Dealer will bring a demo. Our 9570 dropped a valve in the #4 cylinder with a little over 1,000 engine hours on it. Additionally, the 3050, which is an older John Deere model, is prone to need a transmission rebuild. Excessive crankshaft end play Check crankshaft end play. The low-friction piston designincorporates an integral directed oil gallery, taking full advantage of the oil spray jet to improve piston and ring cooling, extendinglife. Its important to have your engine inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic if you suspect an issue with the coolant system. If farmers keep paying the stupid prices they will keep sending the bills. Other issues that have been reported include oil leaks, head gasket failures, and piston . Common problems on the list include things like uneven grass cutting, slipping belts, or minor engine problems. Increased levels of torque are available with the horsepower increase present on each model, Torque rise rate is greater than previous models, At rated rpm each 8030 Series model has more torque than previous models. If you let them start you might end up with a bill for $20,000 or more. The other common cause of John Deere 13.5 liter engine problems is a faulty exhaust filter. Everything You Need To Know. Improved load starting,pulling through tough spots or transporting will be appreciated. Write to our manager, if you have questions, don't shy. Deere, and every other manufacturer has a database to track all warranty claims. Several factors, including worn or damaged gaskets and seals, low oil level or quality, or a worn-out oil pump, can cause this. I know of a new '10 model 9770 that when they were backing it off of the truck from the factory it was knocking. Unless the posters have actual warranty claim rate information - from the corporate level with verifiable source- dont trust anything that is posted regarding blanket statements on engine series. Make sure you check the coolant levels regularly and replace them as necessary. 1,040 I believe. See your John Deere engine distributor or servicing dealer. borderRadius: '8px', However, if you are able to do this on your own, it will be much easier. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If John Deere Cool-Gard is used as replacement fluid, intervals can be extended to 5 years or 5000 hours. The exhaust filter can also cause trouble with the water-cooled exhaust. Your John Deere tractors exhaust filter must be replaced regularly to keep the engine functioning properly. rpron: Posted 10/29/2017 20:10 . Had 9770 for 7 seasons and replaced normal wear belts and chains and a couple of sensors. This includes regularly changing the oil, checking spark plugs and other components for proper functioning, and replacing worn-out parts. Another reason why the engine has problems is the fuel system. Yes there was a problem in 9L in combines with that. Seems to me like Dutch has had more than his share of problems with the 8.1L engines. Good call to stop. Cast at a John Deere foundry for close monitoring of quality. I put on 200 hrs per year. Has never been a problem and has had great power. it seems to be fundamental errors ,9 litre head gasket failure pull the engine apart and put more liner shims under the liners.What is it all of a sudden liner protusion has changed no one could remember what it should be .13.5 water pump bearing can wreck a complete timing geartrain.You can do all the % failure rates versus units built and lots of graphs to show each other it still does not alter one thing engine reliability has declinded you can blame the emissions stuff but its not that.