If youre just starting out in fitness, working part-time is often a good way to get established, gain experience, and begin building a client list before moving into full-time work.Get social., If youre freelancing as a fitness instructor or personal trainer, make sure you have a presence on social media. You can then transfer this knowledge and experience and apply it to your own business to ensure its success. The bungee fitness class I'm supposed to observe at Pop Fit Studio started at . Personal trainers generally work one-on-one to help clients achieve their personal health and fitness goals. The bungee cord is a tool that provides resistance to the body during exercise. The side hook-ups ensure durability . She is an avid reader, runner and yoga enthusiast. ALLIANCE - In a fitness studio on State Street, a group of women put on harnesses and connected them to bungee cords that dangled from the ceiling. *Finacing options: Please contact us. To become a bungee instructor or for your own fun to deepen the bungee practice. In Bungee Fly Online Academy you will find different bungee video courses for different needs. US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Become a Bungee Super Fly Instructor with this three day instructor training. Bungee fitness is the future of fitness and YOU could be on the ground floor of this high-energy, low-impact form of fitness! Either email us at: info@bungeeworkout.co.uk or call us on: +44 (0)151 372 7777 PARTICIPANTS Number one, being a yoga teacher is not about being able to do all the fancy, complicated poses, like headstand, or forearm stand, or some of the arm balances. Training courses forBUNGEE GYMINSTRUCTOR&BUNGEE GYMMASTER INSTRUCTOR are organized mainly in Lodzas well as in studios that have purchased our equipment under license. Being good at communicating is one of the most important skills that a fitness instructor should have. How does a Bungee Workout business make money? WebWe have certified over 145 people in Bungee Teacher Trainings, visiting host studios that now teach Grounded Aerial Bungee around the globe. in Glasgow are privately owned studios that offer bungee fitness to their members. Studio Customer service: Treating your clients with respect, kindness, and care can help you win them as loyal customers. an injury, or loss of/damage to their property. For example, a personal training diploma means you will be able to offer private sessions to your clients. AntiGravity Fitness. Our comprehensive teacher training program condenses our 20+ years of experience into one . Additional people may join for $30 per person. Squats, lunges and press-ups are super-sized to half-moons, swallows and praying mantis with our rigorous technique. You'll Love AFAA, Too. Don't miss , Posted: (10 days ago) Sling Bungee Fitness and Equipment offers innovative and fun routines and top of the line equipment. Havertown's Pop Fit Studio is launching a bungee cord workout. Another advantage to attending classes before becoming a bungee fitness instructor is that you can experience different teaching styles, and better understand, First things first, if youre looking to teach any kind of fitness class, you will need to hold a, - How the participants body will respond to the bungee movements, - This will inform your teaching style, ensuring you know how to get the optimum results from every class member, - You will learn important tactics such as, Another thing to note is that this qualification will ensure that you can purchase, When learning how to become a bungee workout instructor, its important to note that, In addition to this, the majority of employers who hire bungee instructors will ask them to already hold a, An example of specialist bungee fitness training courses in the UK can be found in. Learn here the best way to be the teacher you want to become. This also includes the cost of your exam. Do you see yourself working at a health club, recreation center, small studio, or from home as a virtual fitness instructor? Their use is particularly common for exercise sessions because of the potential risks involved with different sports. Bungee Super Flyinfo@bungeesuperfly.comphone: +31 (0)20 211 11 25. Within this section you will be provided with a brief overview of all the necessary qualifications required to perform the role of a bungee fitness instructor. We have produced and performed shows in iconic venues such as the Guggenheim, Lincoln Center, and various Broadway theaters. As a former dancer, and exercise and YogaFit instructor, fitness and helping people have always been my passion. is a perfect example of how bungee fitness can be incorporated into an existing aerial fitness studio. 30-day cancellation policy . Once qualified, you will have knowledge and skills that inform how you work with bungee fitness students, in both a group and one-to-one environment. They also make money by selling merchandise, such as branded clothing and accessories. Required fields are marked *. View More, Posted: (9 days ago) We have 6 rig points in total, one of which will be taken up by the instructor during orientation. New client special: 3 classes for $30. Training may include skill sets, routine execution, assisting clients in proper use of equipment, muscle memory strategies and more. There are three distinct ways of booking your Bungee Experience see below. Our method is the original Bungee Fly method. If we have more than 5 guests, guests may take turns on the rig points. Virendra Bisht. 9. The wide range of options opens up their classes to multiple target audiences and different demographics amongst the population. With her workout videos and fitness tips, Pernilla guides her followers to tone their core and get abs. 25 talking about this. biuro@bungeegym.pl During this qualification, youll learn fundamental skills and information to help you safely lead fitness classes. Harmony Health Yoga in Virginia Beach. Choosing the right location for your bungee fitness studio is essential, when deciding on a site you will need to consider factors such as: With each of these factors you will need to question whether your equipment will work in the location, and whether clients will be able to work safely. This is essential, job-specific knowledge that you cant cut corners with if you want to teach classes safely. Now that youre set on learning how to become a bungee fitness instructor, its time to get into the practicalities, which means discussing the necessary qualifications required for the role. This one-of-a-kind online , Posted: (12 days ago) Our focus on creativity, safety, , Posted: (6 days ago) WebWhether you want to teach bungee at your studio, touch up your teaching tools, learn new terms, develop a new skill, or maybe you just want to feel free and let go. FUNDAMENTALS OF FITNESS (All Levels) Learn the right exercise science. For a more indepth exploration of this topic, check out our article on how to start a fitness class business. Opening your own bungee fitness studio will take a lot of work, and should only be approached by those looking to put in the time and dedication. The provider will already be familiar with your work ethic and approach to teaching. This section will expand on possible services that you can pursue in addition to bungee fitness, but be aware that each of these examples will require you to earn additional qualifications. You need to re-certify every two years, and costs range from $699 to $799, depending on what kind of package you choose. is not listed among the list of Insure4Sport list of covered sports and activities, the class will likely fall under other categories such as . For example you could contact your local council and enquire about spaces to rent. Borne out of a wealth of , Posted: (11 days ago) will give you a solid grounding in all three and you can decide to specialise further from there. changing rooms, Accessibility points - e.g. WebOur mission is to provide gyms and studios around the world with quality training and the best equipment possible. Of course youll already have your bungee fitness instructor training, but you should explore if there are any other certifications that will make your business more successful. After searching for answers, we are here to answer your question - what qualifications do I need to teach fitness classes?Not only will yo , In fitness, jobs often overlap or have similar elements, so its vital to fully define and understand a fitness instructor and their j , If youre looking for answers to how to increase fitness class attendance, this article will help you do exactly that.&n , Step 1: Get Experience Being a Member of a Bungee Fitness Class, Step 2: Secure The Right Bungee Fitness Instructor Training, Step 3: Get The Right Insurance for a Bungee Fitness Instructor, Step 4: Landing Your First Role After Your Bungee Fitness Instructor Training, Step 5: Career Progression Options For Bungee Fitness Instructors, But first, if youre looking to strengthen your teaching skills, enrol on. To help you with this process, we have created an article that coversdigital marketing tactics for the fitness industry. Owing to the harness and bungee, you'll get a low-impact workout which combines cardiovascular and strength moves without a concession in intensity. This option also opens up extra income opportunities. Harnesses and suspension rigging present an increased risk, so your students must be informed of this beforehand. First and foremost, before you can become a bungee fitness instructor, you will need to attend classes as a member. Explore Bachelors & Masters degrees, Advance your career with graduate-level learning, How to Become a Fitness Instructor | 10 Tips, Build in demand career skills with experts from leading companies and universities, Choose from over 8000 courses, hands-on projects, and certificate programs, Learn on your terms with flexible schedules and on-demand courses. Our FREE course prospectus is also available to download! Once achieved, it certifies the holder to teach and lead a variety of fitness classes. Upon completion, you will be Certified , Equipment Organizational skills, patience, and a healthy dose of persistence can also . To learn more about how you can make this aspiration a reality, lets break down the process step by step. Think of it this way, without an in-depth knowledge of suspension cords and harnesses, you will be putting your own safety and that of your students at risk. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method of interval training that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of recovery. Classes can be held inside or out and can accommodate all fitness levels. Skill level required: This course is for yoga teachers, gym instructors, personal trainers, fitness instructors, sports, aerial, and circus teachers, and anyone wanting to learn new skills. In addition to offering you protection, insurance lends you credibility. This program will provide you concentrated training and the instructional experience to instruct 3 levels of bungee fitness classes. Sign up today for the latest on Sling Equipment, fitness updates,and personal resilience encouragement. We are a mindset. Instructor View More Bungee equipment isnt cheap either, which may mean that some gyms and studios simply dont have the budget to facilitate the class. Once youve earned this qualification you will be able to lead 1-to-1 sessions and provide the students with detailed guidance on a variety of fitness related topics. Copyright 2023 Bungee Up | Powered By, 40 practical/hands-on instructing class experiences, Build real life bungee instructor experience, Fun, casual, and enriching training environment. It's super fun to bounce and fly. As you gain experience, you may find it possible to include the various skills and poses into your already existing bungee fitness sessions, creating a more well-rounded experience for your students. You can also reach out to gyms or studios directly in order to enquire about employment opportunities. Sling Bungee Training and Certification is a two day program will provide you with hands on training equipping you with knowledge, skillsets, marketing, safety, and equipment. IP Fitness originated from Argentina FRIST Bungee Dance Fitness Instructor Training is in Singapore! Gainor, Eckert and instructors Courtney White and Sarah Cutway started taking bungee fitness classes at Abram's studio before becoming instructors. View More, Posted: (7 days ago) Boxing, kickboxing, dance and bootcamp-style workouts are all extremely popular. Training may include skill sets, routine execution, assisting clients in proper use of equipment, muscle memory strategies and more. Communication: A huge part of your role will be demonstrating exercises, explaining their benefits, or correcting issues.. Our Group Fitness Instructors Love Us. They are also one of the few to offer bungee fitness instructor training in the UK, which adds to their business model and improves their reputation within the aerial/elevated fitness community. Personal accident insurance, as the name suggests, is there to help you cover any related expenses from an accident; for example, you may need extensive physiotherapy or other medical treatments to get back in shape after a serious injury. BUNGEE WORKOUT is for those instructors who want to go beyond any exercise they've ever experienced and push their bodies to learn a whole new way of moving. There are many organizations that offer certification, so do your research View Details Bungeeqc.com Instructor View More Professional Bungee Fitness Instructor Training - All Fit Bungee More information on this position can be found in our wider analysis of, To lead classes, you will naturally have to complete a. , but this qualification will also need to be accompanied by specialist training. One studio in Chesapeake offers a fun approach to fitness. In this course you will learn movements to create a Basic Bungee Fitness class. In recent times, this type of insurance has seen several changes, so make sure you read your policy properly to understand your limits. Completion of Practical Instructing Certificate earned. Over time, these focused workouts have fused into each other and HIIT workouts developed, which are a combination of bodyweight movements, weightlifting and cardio exercises. WebBungee fly online academy is the only 100% international online school about bungee dance and bungee workout. Possible locations for your business can be found on the UK Government website, which lets you search properties to let in your local area: You can even get in contact with the council to see if you can change the denomination of a listing if you can prove it will add value to your local area. Be the first to review Affiliate Bungee Fitness Training and Certification. Some policies will also match the amount assigned to this area with professional indemnity insurance. 1. , this step cannot be skipped and is therefore a vital necessity. In addition to this, the majority of employers who hire bungee instructors will ask them to already hold a specialist fitness qualification. Max 10 guests. If youre interested in learning how to become a bungee fitness instructor then these other OriGym articles may be of interest: Once you have completed bungee fitness instructor training in the UK, you will no doubt be eager to land your first job in the role. 3. *CPR Certification is not included in the cost of ICP tuition. This is why we strongly recommend gaining as much experience as possible before seeking out bungee fitness instructor jobs. Benefits of Bungee Workouts. With more people, prices are set individually. To get your CEC points "You must be a . Level 2 continues the journey. These cords, after being attached to rafters or a ceiling, are fastened via hooks to a climbing harness you put on so you are tethered to the cord. With this in mind, this section will discuss several different avenues for career progression that you can explore in the future. Part of learning how to become a bungee workout instructor with a successful business, is understanding how you will brand and market your studio to the general public. You do not need a specialist qualification in this instance, as finding an accredited provider of aerial yoga courses is incredibly rare. to learn more about our fantastic courses. By learning how to become a bungee fitness instructor, you can explore a plethora of new and exciting career opportunities. After , Studio We believe that by professional training and top-notch equipment, we can lead others to success. BUNGEE WORKOUT can be installed into a studio environment, leisure facility or gym.Our technical experts will lead you through the consultation, equipment provision and installation processes and our fitness team will deliver REPs accredited (16 REPs Points) certified training, work out development and a wealth of experience in all things . Sign in for our newsletter. This specialist information will be invaluable when it comes to conducting your classes in a safe and informative manner. This is a great way to build muscle strength and tone your body without having to do any heavy lifting. Peloton's elite certified instructors all have their own unique styles. Fitness resources: Keep yourself motivated to move with a variety of weekly workout plans, instructional videos, fitness articles and more! Loss of earnings insurance is similar to personal accident insurance in that it helps you cover your expenses whilst youre unable to work. Instructor If youre not content with just learning how to become a bungee workout instructor, you could choose to incorporate additional aerial exercise into your repertoire. Login Account. Become a Personal Trainer with OriGymBoost your career potential by earning a Personal Training Diploma with OriGymNamePhoneEmail ConfirmENQUIRE, Boost your career potential by earning a Personal Training Diploma with OriGym. Click on the next date underneath or scroll for more information. Frequently Bought Together. We are always adding more resources, so be sure to check . Bungee Dance Fitness Certification. Intervals of running and/or drill style aerobic activity interspersed with conditioning . In the six weeks potential trainees must have participated in a minimum of 3-6 classes of each level. You can train to be a fitness instructor by completing a non-degree college program or certification preparation program. Bungeesbasically stretchy, bouncy bands attached to the ceiling that either get harnessed to your waist or held by your handsadd a challenging layer to bodyweight exercises by forcing you to. No matter what setting you choose to work in, you'll be working with people every day as a fitness instructor. Youth fitness instructors are responsible for helping adolescents, and young adults increase their: physical fitness; health; To become a youth fitness instructor, one must first understand the role of a youth fitness instructor. Daily schedule: bungee practice, lunch, theory and more practice after. you will be able to protect yourself in case of unexpected accidents occur during your class. It's a great compliment for your lower body since our other apparatuses are upper body. Learn how your comment data is processed. (Inside the All Fit Collective) For a more indepth exploration of this topic, check out our article on, The facilities on offer - e.g. The bungee experience reminds us that forces, which at first appear to hold us back, can be used creatively to help propel us forward and beyond our natural limitations. Back. Consider your education A career as a fitness instructor typically doesn't have specific degree requirements. When the body moves, the cord moves with it and provides resistance. Rachel is a freelance content writer and fitness enthusiast based in Liverpool. Our REFIT Instructors are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts. BUNGEE INSTRUCTOR TRAINING Training Includes Client Assessment Training: Mobility & range of motion Equipment: How's/ Do's/ Don'ts Bungee Technique: Teach it right Safety: Injury prevention Class Structure: Why it works All Fit Bungee Curriculum: The path to successful bungee training Toolbox as a Fitness Instructor: Cueing/ Coaching This is the course that gives you the skills to be able to conduct Bungee-Training sessions for individuals and groups as an instructor. As we continue to learn more about the human body, the fitness industry will continue to evolve. Therefore, committing to a bungee fitness instructor training course will prepare you for: You simply could not learn all of the vital information necessary without a specific course, which is why specialist bungee fitness instructor training is so important. In this 3 day course you will: Learn in 3 days all the techniques, safety requirements and movements to prepare your first lesson Get personal consultancy, advice and follow up from one of our qualified teachers For example, you will need strong ceilings suitable for attaching suspension cables to. This is due to the fact that the practice is highly specialised and, without experience, instructors may struggle to perform the bungee related activities. Safety and trust is our highest value. This is something that you can capitalise on, through opening your own bungie fitness business. View Event Developing these skills can empower you to be more effective at helping others: Motivational skills: Achieving fitness goals can be hard work. And the large variety of moves you can do with the assistance of the bungee gives you a full-body workout expect to work your core . Courses for these programs usually cover strength training, cycling and dancing. We advise that you always do your research before entering into a contract, as this will ensure you find a property that is right for your business. To ensure you know exactly how to pursue this role, we have broken the process down into the following simple steps: But first, if youre looking to strengthen your teaching skills, enrol on OriGyms personal training diploma. In the role of a fitness instructor, you'll be trying to help them to achieve their goals. Webhome fitness Folder: bungee. This comes down to the fact that more instructors will be qualified, meaning that gyms and fitness centres will have easier access to qualified professionals. Look at the class schedule at a fitness center, and youll likely see all sorts of specialized classesyoga, spin, pilates, HIIT, dance, kettlebell, and weight lifting, among others. Youll find certification options for yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, and Olympic weightlifting, among others., Its common for fitness instructors to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends. Having an understanding of marketing and branding can benefit your business, as it can help to create a brand identity, something that potential customers can immediately associate with your business. 10. After you received your certification of the Bungee Super Fly Instructor level 1 you apply for a license to become a Bungee Super Fly licensed studio. Before you begin teaching fitness classes or working with individual clients, be sure to research whether youll need liability insurance. To ensure you know exactly how to pursue this role, we have broken the process down into the following simple steps: Step 1: Get Experience Being a Member of a Bungee Fitness Class Step 2: Secure The Right Bungee Fitness Instructor Training Step 3: Get The Right Insurance for a Bungee Fitness Instructor A harness with bungee cords attached to our ceilings to give you a trampoline-like feel. OriGym personal trainer courses and qualifications are internationally recognised, with learning facilities and tutors all over the UK. Through the pursuit of this career, you will also be contributing to the visibility of bungee fitness. For clarity, wed recommend directly contacting the providers, who will be able to provide you with a suitable solution. The first modern bungee jump was in 1979 and since then the sport became widely popular. Many certifications require continuing education credits (CECs) to stay current. Vailid CPR Certification transfers are accepted and expempts qualified trainee(s). Be aware that, whilst the term bungee is not listed among the list of Insure4Sport list of covered sports and activities, the class will likely fall under other categories such as acrobatics and circus skills. This training is meant as anextension of skills for sport instructors. Having a clear idea of what you want your career to look like can help you develop a clear roadmap of how to get there., Fitness instructors typically have at least a high school diploma, but some employers will also look for candidates with an associate or bachelors degree in exercise science, physical education, or kinesiology. We will issue a certificate of completion of the training in Polish. Fitness instructors typically teach group classes., According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual pay for fitness trainers and instructors in the United States. Applications should be sent to the following address: office@bungeegym.pl. Finally, you should be routinely checking job application websites such as: In doing so, you can actively see what high paying fitness career opportunities are available at any given time, which can significantly increase your chances of becoming employed as a bungee fitness instructor. Email us today at slingbungee@gmail.com. We have harnesses fitting a 25" to 48" waist. Our ASTRO-DURANCE bungee sleeves are extremely durable and washable, handmade using a heavier fabric that won't bunch up or fall down no matter how extreme your workout is. View More, Posted: (7 days ago) So if you're wondering how to be a yoga teacher, here is my personal short list of everything I think you should know. WebBecome certified as an Aerial Fitness instructor and teach it at your athletic facility, studio or gym! As a licensed studio you will be part of our global community, benefit from our global sales and marketing and use our Bungee Super Fly method.