However, if you decide to buy at a considerable distance, make sure you look at the shipping costs before ordering. The beautiful design wasnt the only reason for the rising popularity of this cabinet. [98] Oak versions with all of the accessories (flour bin, sugar bin, glass spice jars, etc.) Hoosier cabinets are made entirely out of hardwood, with oak being the most popular choice among collectors and other enthusiasts. Some of these accessories/moving parts include a flour sifter, a spices rack, a dish-rack, a sugar sifter and other movable parts that make an antique Hoosier cabinet unique! While there is some debate as to which manufacturer made Hoosier cabinets first, all experts agree that Hoosier cabinets were originally made in the U.S. state of Indiana. [6], The company began as Campbell & Smith in 1892, and it was primarily a lumber yard and planing mill. These cabinets came about because they were very useful in homes from around 1890 to 1940. For example, in 2020, a Hoosier cabinet with no manufacturer identified but with all of its original accessories packed in the sublime condition sold for $1500 on eBay. The 10 Best Amazing Vintage Backpacks You Can Buy Today, All About the Famous Waterbury Clock Company, The Ultimate Guide to Antique Wood Burning Stoves, Learn The Best Way to Date and Value Atlas Mason Jars. The most promising place to buy the cabinet is an antique store. This is when the manufacturing of classic Hoosiers was done. Frameless Track System with Tambour Door: Part # NPSW30 30 OW and NPST3; $62. Hoosier kitchen cabinets were extremely common in the first two decades of the 20th century. This online marketplace features all kinds of stuff and can be a great place to source for these cabinets. The company lasted a few years before closing. The two McQuinns ran the business, with the elder McQuinn as the plant's general manager. A Hoosier-style cheese nutmeg grater is listedat $35 on GoAntique. Others believe the company took a more straightforward approach and named it after themselves, The Indiana Manufacturing Company. These cabinets, produced by Hoosier as well as a number of other manufacturers, were designed to make kitchen work more efficient for the busy women of this era. and having 178 employees in a town with a population of 2,260. Usually, this type of cabinet is properly lined and designed for bread. Masons flat dating hoosier cabinet, child's vintage hoosier cabinet is the top kitchen cabinets cupboards. They were made by the Sellers furniture company and were intended to hold things you would very frequently use in the kitchen like sugar, spices, and flour. Maybe somebody can take a look at the picture of the bottom drawer panel and confirm that. When this started happening, the cabinets sales dropped, and in 1942, the Hoosier Manufacturing Company was sold and liquidated. These cabinets were an integral part of kitchens from the early 1900s until the 1930s when built-in kitchen cabinets became . In 1905, the lumberyard was destroyed by fire. The cabinet unit is all-in-one piece of kitchen furniture. Although the classics are no longer produced, they are appealing and valuable to hobbyists and collectors. Thats quite the markup, considering that when they were first produced, they went for about $20. Hoosier cabinets became popular in the 1900s when their true potential was realized by home and restaurant owners. Sep 14, 2014 - Hoosier Cabinet now that is one hell of a baking station, must find an intact hoosier cabinet! The companies in this list were described by the Indiana Department of Inspection as makers of kitchen cabinets. A perfect-condition antique Hoosier cabinet can sell for $2000 or more, while one requiring repair or restoration can be valued at only $200-$300. More Hoosier models had an impressive design with an aluminum work surface and a porcelain top finish. Hoosier cabinets are free-standing kitchen workspaces. The company was named McDougall Company, and Hoosier cabinets were its product. The McDougall Hoosier cabinet had a patented auto-front roll door that dropped down instead of rolling up. The idea used to create this cabinet was that a worker is as efficient as the workplace hes using. Numerous antique dealers and restoration companies are involved with Hoosiers because nostalgic homeowners want this piece of furniture in their home. Although each manufacturer produced their designs uniquely, the idea was still the same in all Hoosier cabinets because the cabinets main objective was to provide ease in the kitchen. 4815 Lynn Court Shawnee, KS 66216 (800) 350-9419 Toll Free (866) 697-2577 Toll Free HOURS. Given the context of their invention, they had a distinct look! You can go to your local antique store or contact someone (an antique dealer) who may be able to assist you. However, many experts acclaim the Hoosier Manufacturing Company for the cabinets, the name generally refers to the style and design of the kitchen cabinet and less to the original furniture manufacturers. [19], The company advertised nationally, and claimed its product was designed by women from all over the nation. A Hoosier cabinet the Nappannee by Coppe, Zook, and Mutschler Co. is listedon eBay at $999. [45] In 1913, the McDougall plant had 148 employees, making it the largest (based on employees) factory in Frankfort. [55], Hoosier cabinets can be found on display in museums such as the Henry Ford Museum,[91] the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, and the Kentucky Museum. To make things easier, Ive come up with a guide addressing all of your queries regarding Hoosier cabinets. CABINET.obj .fbx $ 5 202. From 1890 to 1930, more houses were built in the United States than all of the country's prior years combined. [33] The company was also a strong believer in advertising. The Hoosier Manufacturing Co was sold in 1942 and then liquidated, so records of Hoosier cabinets became very scarce. You need to ensure that you purchase a high-quality cabinet to avoid more damages when trying to fix it. Learn more About Us here No matter your reason for arriving at our site, we know that there is definitely something interesting for you to delve into; you could be a vintage collector looking to build your repertoire, a history buff wanting to expand your knowledge, or an interior designer looking to add some vintage inspiration to your next project. The two largest manufacturers of vintage Hoosier cabinet models were out of business by 1950. You can get this model in white or one of the three wood grains available. Since this is an antique cabinet, it depends on the one you want to buy or sell. A wooden Hoosier cabinet in perfect condition is worth close to $2,000. [30], The company's Albany facility was destroyed by a fire in 1900. C. F. Schmoe Furniture Company advertised its Hoosier cabinets as "Diamond Kitchen Cabinets". In fact, they sold two million cabinets between its inception until 1920. Remember, Hoosier cabinets are quite heavy, so if you want to get one, it might be best to source it locally. Without a kitchen cabinet of some sort, you couldnt store any of your necessities. These colors later disappeared, and then reappeared as most companies started making and selling Hoosier cabinets. Therefore, their efficiency is why these cabinets became popular and sold for more than 2 million. This will help to smoothen out the remaining rough spaces, but you should avoid using a sanding block. Although there is a fair amount of mystery surrounding the name, all experts agree on the fact that the cabinet was, in fact, birthed in New Castle, Indiana. The company, like many companies, prospered until the Great Depression. At that time, the company name was changed to the G. I. When he isn't drooling over the latest technology he loves to hoard retro-themed items. Other woods used were light maple, walnut, oak and even pine. Sellers Company was founded in Kokomo, Indiana, in 1888. As such, many American homes and families could not store everyday staples. The other popular and large companies that also manufactured Hoosier cabinets were Coppes Brothers and Zook, G.I Sellers and Sons, Campbell-Smith-Ritchie, and McDougall Company. She used it to store her China and display her decorative dishes. They were intended for bread and were lined with tin. As always, beware of counterfeits and Hoosier Manufacturing nameplates added to old cabinets. The cabinet was designed with PKsurroundings with shelves, spices, jars, staple products, and organizing jars. This is where the Hoosiercabinet got its name, which became a generic term for this kind of furniture. have sold for over $2,000 (equivalent to $2,869 in 2021). Today the Hoosier cabinet can be an efficient, functional addition to any kitchen. Most of the companies produced these cabinets during the depression period. Their manufacturing facility was located in Nappanee, Indiana, and their Hoosier cabinet brand name was the Napanee Dutch Kitchenet (spelled with only one "p"). Later versions were also made with other woods such as pine, and then enamel! Among other companies manufacturing the cabinet, prominent names included G.I. Most antique Hoosier cabinets were 6 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and about 2 feet deep. 9 Best Ways to Get a Free Local Antique Appraisal, 15 Rare Ruby Red Depression Glass Patterns & Value Chart, Why Old Seiko Watches are Worth More Than You Think. Hoosier Manufacturing advertised colored glassware and dishes for its Hoosier Beauty in the Saturday Evening Post in 1927. The workable included meat grinders, spice carousels, nutritional charts, cookbook holders, and grocery list wheels. An Indiana inspection report for 1913 described their company (named Coppes, Zook, and Mutschler Co. at that time) as a "saw mill, etc." [1] Very few homes had built-in kitchen cabinets during the 19th century, and it was not until the late 1920s that built-in cabinets became a standard kitchen furnishing. You can also use a source such as HoosierCabinetto find pictures and information regarding your model. Check Prices In that case, it can sometimes be quite tricky since most Hoosiers were painted in the factory and stained originally, and then painted by homeowners. They were a must-have accessory in every home until new homes started to change that idea by including built-in kitchen cabinets. This is why Hoosier cabinets were so relevant and efficient in the early 1900s. While all-wood examples in perfect condition can fetch nearly $2,000, those requiring some restoration work may cost as little as $200. In 1900, the company moved a short distance from Albany, Indiana to New Castle, Indiana. The first vintage Hoosier cabinet models gained popularity in 1898 and they stuck around until the 1940s when their use started dwindling. However, it is worth noting that these cabinets are so loved by enthusiasts that theyre frequently reproduced. I will give a detailed description of the things you need to look out while assessing its value: As with all vintage items, this is the foremost factor that drives the value of a Hoosier kitchen cabinet. You can even head online, since most websites that sell antique and vintage Hoosier cabinets such as have photos that can help you identify yours! Charles also traveled to Europe and the European influence can be seen on McDougall cabinets. This is where antique collectors mostly find products. [92] However, Hoosier cabinets are found in other places too. The 1920s antique Hoosier cabinet is regarded by collectors as a focal point of a retro-themed kitchen. [46], Near the end of the 1920s, the McDougall front door was changed to be similar to those used by other Hoosier cabinets. The addition of a . Nearby Recently Sold Homes. "[97] "The cabinets' sheer eccentricity, combined with their attractiveness as historic artifacts, has earned them a following equal to that of any group of collectors. According to Indiana Public Media, the Hoosier Cabinet Co. was turning out baking cabinets at a rate of about 600 units per day during the height of their popularity, and they were said to save the American housewife 1500 steps every day. It has built-in spice rack, flour bin, sugar bin, flour sifters, meat grinders, and other necessary kitchen appliances. Antique Hoosier cabinets were made out of oak and painted apple-green and ivory. [7] The two largest manufacturers, Hoosier Manufacturing and G.I. Similarly, parts are also available in case your kitchen cabinet requires restoration. They grew to become the second largest manufacturer of Hoosier cabinets. Distinct books such as The Hoosier Cabinet In Kitchen History can provide information on all the Hoosier cabinets ever made. Their President, John M. Maring, anticipated this move to "Efficiency" in the household, and he sought to build a new type of cabinet. [50] The company initiated a "Votes for Women" contest for little girls in 1914. Curio Cabinet tall and narrow v1 .obj .stl. (436) $52.00. Hoosier cabinet v1 3D Model 1 0 00 Download Personal Use License 611 visits 102 downloads Submitted by printable_models Specifications GeometryPolygon mesh Polygons10,000 Vertices10,000 TexturesNo MaterialsNo RiggedNo AnimatedNo 3D Printable ReadyYes Game Ready (low poly)Yes UV MappedYes Unwrapped UVsNon-Overlapping Formats & Files OBJ, STL You can even create an ad asking for someone selling a Hoosier cabinet. and living room. This page was last edited on 27 October 2022, at 15:20. Some cabinets may have glass, and if you have such, you can use the painters tape to cover the glass. Cabinets without the original accessories are typically lower priced. However, in all probabilities, the cabinet youre looking for has lost some, if not most, of its accessories over time. Hoosier Cabinets by Philip D. Kennedy is another publication that you will find helpful in your quest for a Hoosier cabinet.