Didn't know you could do that? If you're looking for a modern gray for your brick home, Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore is an excellent choice. Beautiful master bedroom with adjacent sitting room. like Our Black Painted Fireplace - Bright Green Door, How to Paint Your Fireplace White. Replaced her aluminum siding with Hardy Board. Use the bucket and sponge to scrub the brick. We are exactly that. Paint/Water Ratio 1. I also recommend laying down plastic sheeting to protect your flooring. Thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows it invites nature into the house. The cabinets are painted Temptation Grey from Benjamin Moore. A black fireplace adds vibrancy and contrast against the white wall finishes. I decided not to paint the firebox since it is a wood burning fireplace and we keep it covered. First of all, limewash is not intended to be applied directly as it is quite dense. Dry it and then set up the drop cloth and then tape all the areas that you do not want to be stained with paint blotches. 2. It also gives the brick a cool texture!! Prepping the new fireplace makeover First thing, we started by cleaning the brick with soap and water to remove the dust and soot. Repeat until the entire fireplace is completely covered with the topcoat. Posted on Published: September 4, 2018 Categories DIY Projects, My Painted Brick Fireplace 3 Years Later A Cautionary Tale. Join my newsletter subscription and get a chance to get your design question answered LIVE or on the blog! Next, apply non-sudsy trisodium phosphate (also called TSP). Makes me want to stop by with cookies! Her advice: Do it and Dont look back!. I have shared a few of the spaces from my last trip already here and here, but this little space is something I havent shown you yet! For the total minimalist look, here is a latex painted brick fireplace that makes the room crisp and very inviting. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Meanwhile for the overall flooring, I specifically selected a high-performance vinyl plank floor. This is another glossy makeover to upscale a conventional maroon and white grout brick fireplace into a play of cream and bright white. White paint can have the dual function of brightening up the space and still having a softening effect. To balance the tone, playful and colorful accent decors are lined in the mantel and in the raised hearth. Dish soap: Mix one part mild grease-cutting dish soap and one part salt with just enough water to make a loose paste. Once we bought the house, we were preparing to have the entire interior painted. The painted gray brick surround of the fireplace brings some depth to this living room from Blakely Interior Design, while still keeping with the neutral color palette. Specifically, to add some insulation and control the dampness and humidity. Next, if your brick has never been painted, apply 1-2 coats of primer. DIY Floating Shelves- Get the Custom built-in look with Wallpaper! Painted her fireplace surround in a spray paint for high heat areas. Hmmmmm. Grey Paint Wash On A Brick Fireplace: Before & After This ugly red brick wall-to-wall fireplace was transformed with a grey paint wash, rather than a white wash, to achieve a calm neutral look. (Like when we paid these guys to paint our dry bar cabinets white.) Family room adjacent to kitchen. It is a wonderful place to share ideas or ask advice! And if you want an old-fashioned whitewash without changing anything from the previous look, this is a prime example of a thin coat of white paint on this old, brick fireplace. What color to paint the fireplace surround? Behance. To make everything look cohesive, the pastel-colored walls are changed to a more neutral look of beige and moss green. Copyright 2023 Designing Vibes - Interior Design, DIY and Lifestyle. Her husband built the mantel out of pine! [Photography by Jessica I. Miller], Cottage open concept medium tone wood floor family room photo in Atlanta with beige walls, a standard fireplace and a brick fireplace, A Surprise Design Makeover for a Pittsburgh Family Home, Design: Niche Interiors However, recent home improvement methods such as whitewashing, mortar washing and brick painting set the gap on the reselling value of homes with red brick fireplaces and those that are remodeled so, that is one thing to consider. This was worth the work, Tracy! And another almost unbelievable transformation. This living room, which integrates with The Avangard style is quite dominated by dark color. The laundry room wall was relocated to create a hallway to the office. This made is simple and required no color-mixing! 15 FAQ's: Whitewashed Brick Fireplace On average, painting brick fireplaces are pegged at $4 per square foot. Next, gently dab the brick you want to paint with the sponge. Paint the mortar 3. Fearing the dramatic permanence of completely painting over the brick, I opted for the safer/ less dramatic option of simply whitewashing over the brick. A good old scrubbing and thorough cleaning and two layers of paint, and voila, you have this modern corner, gas fireplace. Nothing major is changed, including the open brick firebox, the wall art, and the metal stand. Once the design was in place, we started the renovation. Speaking of modern yet moody, this charcoal grey transformation of a previously whitewashed brick fireplace wall and surround is everything you need for this bright walled living room. The whole fireplace and hearth took me less . Ugh.NOPE!!! I didn't want to take away the style of the home, I just wanted to update it. When bricks are not painted well, they tend to absorb more moisture compared to naked bricks. All our house projects can be found here. In addition to the wine storage, we incorporated a beverage refrigerator, an ice maker, and a sink. I design around things that have a story and mix in funky trendy pieces. Andrea used Romabio Masonry Flat in Benjamin Moore Simply White on her stately homes exterior and I am loving it! She said she still is working on hinged shutters (so charming), and new gutters. Click to see how we updated the rest of this sitting room! 2 - Use the water in the spray bottle spray just enough to dampen brick. The good news is that there is no limit to the colors used to paint brick fireplaces as we have already emphasized in this list here. Transitioning from an encased fireplace to an open hearth, and keeping these built-in, rustic look floating shelves give it a balanced, and contemporary tone. The white mantel and frame are also repainted with a new coat of coral white paint as well as the accent decors. From that warm, colonial revival look, it became a coastal boho vibe. Limewash is a really old technique- it is crushed and fired limestone. Score: 4.6/5 (39 votes) . Photo: Jason Snyder Hey, painting guys? Hannah made her fireplace a total focal point with this dramatic black paint and wooden mantel. I'm pretty sure our very similar wood burning, ceiling height, brick fireplace (brick veneer though!) The process goes really quickly, but I'll warn you it's a little messy. Here is another contemporary take on vintage brick fireplaces. Some of our favorites are below. As you are completing your own fireplace makeover, be sure to consider things like the mantel surround, a mantel shelf, and other decorations that can make your fireplace beautiful. To visualize these steps, here is a tutorial which you can check out. The fireplace, which sits unused for much of the year, roars to life in all its blazing glory. By using the principles of modern design which includes symmetry, monochromes, and clean lines, you can transform a dark and conventional brick fireplace into a modern looking one with the same bricks. Chalk Board Fakery. Ours did slightly yellow two years later. Removing the shutters and some of the shrubs as well as painting her garage door to anchor the space just shows so much vision! How to update this dated brick fireplace. x 4.33 in. BHG is another fantastic resource for some fireplace ideas and inspiration. 1. Paint colors that go with a red brick fireplace. Photo by Benjamin Benschneider. Check out some projects below to see what a huge difference painting your fireplace can make and gather some fireplace makeover ideas for your own fireplace! Since they do not sport a rigid warm or cool tone, they can essentially complement any color scheme. I searched for this on bing.com/images Living Room Furniture . (21 Options). Join our tips & freebies list and youll get our Design Focus Mini Guide for FREE! This house is nestled in the suburbs of Detroit. From the reddish brown tones of traditional brick, the whole thing is changed to a sandy, more limestone color on a contrast of white mortar. There is ample storage for bottles, cans, glasses, and anything else you can think of for a great party. Whitney knocked it out of the park with Romabio Classico lime wash in Avorio White. Gently wash the brick and mortar with a scrub brush. I especially love the pendant lights which look like wine glasses. The mantel and firebox look are maintained, and even then, it still gets a revamped look like no other. Dovetail is a beautiful, medium-toned warm gray. If you are searching about Would you paint this fireplace white? Andas opposed to the downstairs fireplaceI was 100% confident I wanted to cover over the red brick on this upstairs fireplace! I love natural beauty myself but some of these are ugly before the paint. 2. Cover your mantle and the floor surrounding your fireplace with drop cloths since you will drip! Who says that brick cannot be transformed into a modern aesthetic? Essentially, the only investment involved were the costs of paint and painting supplies. You'll need to repair and clean brick as needed. I feel like Kristen and I should be friendsjust look at her happy little houseplants!. There are painting circumstances where using a primer is unnecessary. If by better you mean easier, staining is better than painting the brick fireplace. It is extremely humid here, and it has rained a ton this summerthats when the spots got out of control. Thanks for reading! Then, paint / highlight the raised areas of the stone to add depth. The effect of gray, white, and ivory tones in this upgraded, brick fireplace bedroom matches the balanced monochrome of this overhauled room. A.K.A. Step 1: Inspect the Painted Fireplace Before Whitewashing If your brick is already painted, you can still achieve a whitewashed look. The reddish-brown brick exposes them and the best way to clean them up and make sure that they do not appear again is painting it down with a translucent, grayish-white effect. You can see how the painted stone matches the view now. This detail created a visual division between the bar area and the seating area in front of the fireplace. Items to Prepare : gray paint, water, brush, and absorbent rag. how we painted our old stone fireplace white, 3 reasons we converted our wood-burning fireplace. You might not believe it, but a red brick fireplace is more versatile than how you think it is. Abigail is in the process of making this home her own. HGTV does not have before and after images, but they do present an assortment of amazing atmosphere's created by specific types of fireplace decorating. If you intend to go down that remodeling route, here are the steps in painting a brick fireplace. 4. She used Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze and Dover White. If you are interested in fireplace makeover hacks, you may also want to check out my DIY Wood Mantel tutorial or this post where I explain how to mount a television onto a brick fireplace. 6 1/2 roller with 1/2 nap. A modern looking fireplace can change the whole feel of a room. There are many different options for a brick fireplace. Apartment therapy has an incredible collection of before/after photos where homeowners have turned a dreary fireplace into a cozy and fun living space. Here, the reddish and orange tones of this corner fireplace is changed into a tapioca beige tone. If you wish to change your cottage vibe living room into a modern, shabby chic design, you can ditch the rich, brown tones and go for this white, minimalist look with the brick in-lay painted with a new coat of blue-gray paint and white mortar. The chairs are Mid-Century Modern style and the love seat is custom-made in gray leather. Here are some ideas to consider. Yes. ITS JUST PAINT! I was the exact same way, Mary. One of the best is stove paint which is used inside of a kitchen or wood-burning stoves. didn't get primed before they painted everything white in here a year ago, so I'm curious to see how long/if we have problems. Sometimes, it is all in the detail. Bonus- no chemicals, like regular paint. Use more paint and a heavy hand to paint the entire brick surface. The brick is painted in Behr Ultra Pure White in Satin. Good to know the lasting way to DIY do things! With millions of inspiring photos from design professionals, you'll find just want you need to turn your house into your dream home. When I started, the floors were stained almost red, every room had a different color on the walls, and the kitchen and bathrooms hadn't been touched in decades. Always clean brick well before painting (just water works great), allow 24 hours to dry. Abigail says that her best advice for painting your brick is to pressure wash prior and to use a paint sprayer. I personally love the look and installed brick specifically to paint it in my house! Depending on the brick's original color and the paint you . Clean the brick 2. Because working from home requires many online meetings, we added a shiplap wall painted in Hale Navy to contrast with the orange fabric on the chair. A small brick fireplace becomes the focal point on a white wall when painted in a cool, modern, gray color. 04 of 41 More than that, you are also accentuating the wall fireplace in a standout corner like this one here. I love seeing before and afters! The accent decors are on point, and it made the room look brighter yet maintained the moody vibe of the previous one. This is when I decided to fully commit to the painted brick look. Photos by TJ Getz of Greenville SC. Naked brick is essentially low maintenance so, compared to a painted brick, you could say that it is a tad high maintenance. The mantel and hearths color are maintained as well as the side cabinets and carpeting, but the furniture set is also given a whole new, modern, mid-century look. This took us a while, but with some Lizzo blasting in the background and the baby napping we were able to get the entire top done in a couple of hours. Browse through the largest collection of home design ideas for every room in your home. Use a small paint brush for backup especially for those hard-to-reach spots. Her tip for choosing a color is to paint big boards and hold it up against the house on all sides and in all lighting conditions. If they can do it, so can you! Another inexpensive and go-to remodeling scheme is whitewashing brick. She also painted the garage and added the wood columns for a pop of color and texture. Destiny completely transformed her exterior with Sherwin Williams Alabaster exterior paint. It has been two months since applying the Kilz, and everything seems to be great so far. How much does it cost to paint brick fireplaces? Yield: Painted Brick Fireplace Prep Time: 2 hours Active Time: 10 hours Total Time: 12 hours Difficulty: Intermediate Estimated Cost: $50 Use this simple, doable tutorial to give your old brick fireplace new life! For a bright white look and a minimal black contrast, this one is something to consider. ft./Ea). Aside from the color, the minimalist mantel is retained. There were three major steps to this affordable fireplace makeover: Convince Hubby to let me paint the faux stone dark grey. Shop for a mantel Before Photo Becky Harris 3. The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed the built-in oak bookcase to the left of our soon-to-be-painted brick fireplace. Hell at this moment, I can feel the humidity wafting through my chimney. But sometimes its smartest to do something quick to tide you over visually for a bit. Because you know why? (Im actually writing a post about why we did white in the areas we did in this in house.). Might as well refurbish your old-school reddish-brown fireplace into something lighter and more updated. You can wipe it off for a worn look or water it down. Dark Gray Painted Fireplace Focal Wall. Then, use a brush to get into the spaces the roller can't reach, like deep mortar lines. She said the brick was a bit old and required a stiff brush for the mortar. The answer is. What differed between the brick in my kitchen and the brick surrounding my fireplace? Aside from the basics of thorough cleaning, priming, and painting, dabbing a paint around a tile fireplace includes sanding until it is polished enough for the paint to adhere to the surface. For this one, the brick is softened with the mortar wash and the gold firebox enclosure is changed to an all-black case. The knotty pine paneling had to go. She LOVES the finished fireplace! Adding that shiplap wall is a fine incorporation. *This post contains affiliate links, which are no extra cost to you but help us keep this site alive! mirror | wood tray | similar jar | similar tray. Bold and contrasting colours can make your fireplace a true focal point. Preparing to Install Antique Heart Pine Floors (and living to tell about it!) a built-in fireplace in a whitewashed brick wall, a mantel with greenery and candles, decorations around a whitewashed brick fireplace with a long mantel decorated for the fall will raise your dining space to a new level a non-working fireplace clad with whitewashed wood and brick plus firewood inside is a romantic and lovely idea This leads me to believe that masonry paint alone, is not durable enough to withhold the surrounding elements- particularly moisture and humidity. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros, Large trendy formal and open concept laminate floor living room photo in Burlington with a standard fireplace, a brick fireplace, a wall-mounted tv and multicolored walls, Contemporary Craftsman Great Room Fireplace, A detail of the great room fireplace shows the updated interpretation of traditional style. Choosing alternative, bright paints for the brick fireplace is thinking outside the box and none of them really disappoint. Brick fireplace makeover before and after pics. Using a paintbrush, I brushed the white wash onto the brick. It allows the paint to adhere much better to brick. You can also sneak a peak at the entry makeover we did together while I visited last Christmas. 13; 14 RENOVATE YOUR FAITH: Blessing In The Unexpected. Rinse the surface of the brick fireplace. In the summer, the air is particularly humid (especially in Tennessee). Dash a second or third coating point if necessary. But if you want more versatile choices and easy to work with colors, choosing from different tones of neutrals is still the best choice. So it was an easy decision. The only plan here is to change the paint color into two layers of cement gray paint. Make sure that you wear gloves and goggles when using this type of cleaner. Rehabbing your fireplace doesn't have to mean a major construction project, though. See that fun post HERE. Thank you , girl! Your appreciation levels are taken to heights you never would have experienced otherwise. The uniform look of the light gray walls, dull brown, wood flooring and darker gray tone for the floor to ceiling fireplace offer this one a subtle boho look. Prep limewash mixture and paint the brick. We often use this product as it is perfect to install on a concrete floor. As mentioned in our post about our downstairs bar makeover and painting those cabinets white, there are times to DIYand there are times to hire out. The interior of the fireplace is called a firebox and it can be painted. Tracy said that this four-sides rock firplaces was not only large, bur coated in a polyurethane that required a good primer to get the paint to stick. The traditional brick fireplace with white mantel is transformed into a bright, modern look with the warm tones of stained wood mantel. Oddly enough, I had used the exact same technique on the brick wall in my kitchen, and all was holding up beautifully (and still is). If you want to exert time and effort in making sure that all the gray tones are there, you can draw inspiration from this previously burnt umber brick fireplace which was transformed into hand painted tones of various gray tones. Prime the brick fireplace using an oil base, stain blocking primer to prevent soot in staining your fireplace. So keep that in mind. This shade of gray falls more to the warm side but does not have much of an undertone. mirror | planter | wood tray | similar jar | similar tray | gas log kit, (If youre interested in one of the items you see in our photos, the links under each photo will take you to that item! Craig likes to use DAP Alex Plus caulk for woodwork and trim to be painted. Painted Grey Brick Fireplace - Photos & Ideas | Houzz Get Ideas Photos Kitchen & DiningKitchenDining RoomPantryGreat RoomBreakfast Nook LivingLiving RoomFamily RoomSunroom Bed & BathBathroomPowder RoomBedroomStorage & ClosetBaby & Kids UtilityLaundryGarageMudroom I am also going to share with you the embarrassing, amateur mistake I made and how you can avoid making the same costly blunder. Add more highlights if desired. Fireplace With Built-In Bookshelves. After all the loose debris, soot, and grime are removed, give the fireplace a few hours to dry. The elongated textured brick fireplace surround accentuates the play between old and new. This time she planked the top of the mantel and added trim to the sides. But if the painting job is done at an expert level, it lasts for a hundred years and would just need regular repainting over time. Or, in our case, before all the furniture got moved in. New Epoxy floors. 1. Having black undertones in the home has an underrated, extravagant appeal. Since the whole room would be undergoing a paint transformation and a wood floor transformation, we knew this was the right move: to get this brick fireplace painted for us. 2 - Tape off areas around the fireplace so paint won't spill over onto walls, floor, or mantel. It forms a binding layer that is better prepared to accept paint as opposed to the rough surface of brick. The raised height of the front bar provides the perfect wine tasting and paring spot. Because the painters were already in the space with all their paint, dropcloths, and other equipment, they charged next to nothing to add in painting the red brick fireplace. If you have not seen one yet, bring it to your living room for some color splash that would really make a bold statement in your living room. You can also read more about limewash paint on Romabio website. Interior designer, DIY-er, Podcast host and potty-mouth boy mom, follow along as I renovate my 1980s fixer upper on a budget.Through DIY solutions and thoughtful life hacks, Im here to help you design beautiful vibes for your home, your family and your sexy, little self- all without breaking the bank. Good good fortune with your task! In addition, there was everything her family could not store at their own homes. Love this, Courtney! She said that the primed the brick first, then sprayed it and went back with rollers. Here's the jist of it: Dab a dry chip brush in a tiny bit of light gray paint, then off-load the brush on a paper plate to ensure very little paint on the tips. You can also use the rag/sponge to apply more paint to an area or continue . The good thing about painting a brick fireplace is that it is the most inexpensive way to remodel one. The space can be concealed by a folding screen for party time. Only use a paint brush made for textured surfaces. Despite her best efforts, this was not the long-term solution she was looking for. If you are looking for ways to paint your brick fireplace, here are some painted brick fireplace ideas to consider. The mantel is changed into a darker wood tone and the firebox is changed from chrome to black. Step 3: Finishing the Washing Process by Using Gray Paint. After the Kilz dried, I then applied two coats of the Brick and Masonry Paint I had initially used (lucky for me, I still had the leftovers from the original gallon). If we hadn't spotted that staining, I might have been tempted to paint the brick teal ( because teal) or maybe white to match the walls. The counter tops are my favorite hard working quartzite Brown Fantasy. Erica I'm one of those who takes the lazy way and never uses primer. Whenever I visit my home state of Utah, I love to help friends and family finish up their spaces! Get access to simple DIY tutorials that will transform your home. When we first toured the upstairs of our current house, we were pleasantly surprised to see there was a red brick fireplace in the bedroom. Paint the metal fireplace doors and vents with Rustoleum high heat enamel spray paint. The brick soaked up the color readily. I continued brushing the paint on until I achieve the color depth that I wanted. This corner fireplace here on the other hand, had a total overhaul by painting not only the brick fireplace but also three corners of the entire living room white glossy, white paint. When it came time for Allison Elefante to put her stamp on her newly acquired home's living room, she turned her attention to the fireplace and built-ins taking up one wall. So here it goes.the good, the bad and the butt ugly. Orange, blue, sage green, turquoise, and mint. Try painting it with a light layer of black paint and white mortar in between. I feel like such a dummy for skipping the whole priming step. Painting is exactly what it sounds like. She used Rambio Classico in Avorio White on the brick and took the paneling from vertical to horizontal and made this family room a dream space! 10.9 Step 5: How to Whitewash a Brick Fireplace with Paint so it Looks Like a German Smear; 11 ; 12 How To Whitewash A Brick Fireplace: Before and After. Good luck in your many painting adventures. Now get out there and design some good vibes! Latex paintI have heard it is not the best for painting brick, it isnt breathable. Paint Tray Step 1: Pour concrete stain into the tray and using the roller paint the stain on the walls. you've came to the right web. This is meant for creating the grayish look you want on the brick surface. How To Update A Brick Fireplace - Homemade Ginger. Create a modern, chic look and learn how to paint a brick fireplace. Last summer, while visiting, she asked me if I thought she should.. If you think that lightening up a brown toned brick fireplace would not make it rustic, here is a sandy colored repainting that would prove you otherwise. Related: 53+ Best Fireplace Tile Ideas and Designs. Once you've cleared all accessible debris with the brush, use an industrial shop vacuum to clean the area around the fireplace. We love it. Related: 59+ Elegant Corner Fireplace Ideas for Your Home. The temperature inside the firebox can reach higher than 500 degrees Fahrenheit and normal paints would chip and peel. Related: 36+ Best Stone Fireplace Ideas and Designs. This time around, I applied two coats of Kilz Orginal Primer to my fireplace. Doors to an old closet under the stairs were relocated to the workout area for hidden storage. From the warm tones of an old Craftsman home and simple side shelving and cabinetry, this is another proof how plain whitewashing is a convenient idea. As a result, a stainblocking primer, is a must! This is the first in a five part series on renovating our living room: 1. You might have heard of intumescent coating for fireplace mantels but just to give illumination on that, while it is highly resistant, it puffs up when it is exposed to heat for a long time. Lisa used Extra White by Sherwin Williams to paint her brick foundation and siding for this stunner. Thanks for sharingI'm planning to paint my brick fireplace also. It is a low maintenance fireplace remodeling but even in a half-painted photo, you could already see that it is the right decision. The bookcases are prefinished by the cabinet manufacturer, white with a pewter glaze. A Dark Dark Fireplace Grey Hides Soot and Ash: One of the many perks of a dark grey fireplace is that the color hides dust and ash, which showed on the natural concrete of our old fireplace. She brushed hers, but says spraying would have been much quicker! (I am admitted picky, but it pays off, people! What a way to make the room balanced and comfy at the same time. I should have known better than to skip the primerlive and learn, I suppose! Should we keep them? More like this More like this We kept all of the existing architectural features of this home including cove ceilings, wood floors moldings. Even though white and bright colored spaces are very popular right now, sometimes the change that will make a room pop is a dramatic contrast something like these black and white ideas we shared recently. Is a painted brick fireplace high maintenance? Wow love your friends transformation & all others that got shared in the group! People are so brilliant & creative! Or it can be a simple construction project, where you cover up the brick with drywall, wood, or tile.