Astrid appears to care deeply for her parents and often worries over their safety. What was I thinking? Astrid initially doubts him and his true intentions, considering him an undercover spy working for Viggo Grimborn. Fishlegs says that it belongs to the Buffalord, that it has a vegetarian diet and it's still fresh. We must stay awake. Like the other Riders, Astrid would have thought that Hookfang was a wild and aggressive dragon. Unfortunately, the abundance of dragon hunters and dragons in need of rescuing means that Berk has become considerable overcrowded. Starring: Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Christopher Mintz-Plasse Watch all you want. Both her children also seem to hate her Yaknog, as seen when they both hide from her in fear when she comes to serve some. She works very well with Stormfly and they're usually able to synchronize their moves accurately. Later, in Dragons: Race to the Edge, he proves himself changed and does everything he can to help the Dragon Riders, which includes seemingly sacrificing himself to prevent them from taking on a suicide mission. But you should never underestimate me. Before Hiccup can go back to the boat to help any survivors, Astrid informs him bleakly that it's too late as they were all dying or dead when Astrid saw them. She also wears metal shoulder guards which are attached to two silver skulls. It's only after Toothless and the other dragons have left to start their new life that Hiccup and Astrid finally get married and begin their own new life. Hiccup begins to get the saliva again and gives it to Astrid but she doesn't get any better. The Buffalord breaks the ropes by inflating and launches spines and exploding flames in all directions, forcing the Riders to scatter. Astrid advises him to use loops to keep the sun behind him for distraction and Dagur later ends up using this tactic against Heather. Four Letter. The How to Train Your Dragon franchise is a treat for all ages. Hiccup and Astrid do see Toothless again, however, at the very end of the movie, when they make a journey with their two children to the waterfall that hides the entrance to the Hidden World. But Hiccup craves adventure and wonder, not bureaucracy or leadership. She was the only one who really suspected him despite Hiccup telling her Dammen was just being friendly. A big THANK YOU to BlackFlex for transcribing this one! In "Edge of Disaster, Part 2", Ruffnut states that Astrid has no respect for Fishlegs. But they are interrupted when the Dragon Riders, Stoick, and Gobber come to rescue him. Therefore Astrid's culturally accurate last name would be Hoffersdottir rather than Hofferson. This was a reference to the then future graphic novel. With his Bewilderbeast in dominance over Toothless' actions, Drago pointed his weapon at Hiccup as an order to kill him. After she lost a bet against Hiccup about the airmail system in which case she had to kiss Snotlout on the lips, she went back on her word and instead threatened Hiccup when he teased her about it. Astrid then hears moaning coming from the boat and decides to check if anyone is in there. Hiccup then carries Astrid over to the Buffalord and sets her against a rock to rest, telling her that he can't imagine a world without her in it. Hiccup then sees Ruffnut and Tuffnut eating the same grass the Buffalord eats and notices that their saliva is a greenish color meaning that the Buffalord needs to eat the herbs plus his saliva is the cure for the Scourge of Odin, which is the reason as to why it won't leave the island as it only feeds on specific plants. Hiccup then demands Viggo to release the dragon to which the Dragon Hunter refuses and reveals to Hiccup that it was his fishing boat with the infected crew that Astrid found. ".I'll go." She looked ready to fire a retort, but the knight swallowed her frustration, and allowed sense to slowly calm her frayed spirits. Vikings' last names according to the Viking culture were composed of the name of their father and then son (son) or dottir (daughter) depending on their gender. Once Heather finds out about his presence on the Edge, Astrid tries convincing her that Dagur has changed, stating she initially thought he was a spy too. Hiccup is the main character of the How to Train Your Dragon book and film series. Or Astrid, Daughter of Hoffer. Astrid wears a similar blue shirt, but her Gladiator skirt has fewer spikes on it, and the brown skirt underneath is replaced with a red skirt. Juggling and Dancing: In "The Longest Day", Astrid is shown ballet dancing and juggling three large maces while balancing on one foot. Despite Hiccup's dreams of leading his people to the Hidden World, after visiting it himself he realizes that it's a world for dragons and dragons alone. Although her loyalties are steadfast, in "Snow Way Out", Astrid had to hold back information from Hiccup at Heather's request. You always have.Hiccup. In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World's final scene, Hiccup decides to fix that. She and Hiccup will lead Berk as a pair by working together as Chief and General. Astriana is the femslash ship between Astrid and Toothiana from the How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians fandoms. Written By: "A Grim Retreat" He started licking his rider's face, ignoring his protests. In "Fright of Passage", when Astrid was a small child, she wanted to get revenge on the Flightmare for turning her "fearless" uncle into a frozen one. She is revealed to be Dagur's long lost sister and Oswald's daughter. New. Once pinpointing where the Dragon Flyers may be holding other Death Songs, Astrid brings Garff along again, much to Hiccup's chagrin. She rode off on the tamed Nightmare and has also ridden on Hookfang as seen in "A Tale of Two Dragons". Though it means saying goodbye to the dragon who has been his best friend since childhood, it also allows Toothless to fulfil his role as Alpha of the dragons, and start to build a family of his own with the Light Fury. America Ferrera refers to Astrid as being Hiccup's "number one defender and champion" by the time of, Astrid appeared in all but two episodes. Premiere Date: She joined the Dragon Riders for a short period of time, before . Astrid also has an uncle named Finn, known as Fearless Finn Hofferson. At the end of the movie Valka is shown at her son, Hiccup, and Astrid's wedding. When Drago makes his Bewilderbeast control Toothless, who hits Stoick, Astrid and Valka are shown trying to comfort Hiccup. Though Hiccup tries to persuade them that it's only meant as a temporary camping spot, it isn't long before people begin building houses and establishing New Berk on the island - pleased with having traded up from their crowded old spot. Hiccup names the dragon Toothless due to his retractable teeth and he begins to make a prosthetic tail-fin for him so he could survive and fly out on his own. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid's appearance is more elegant and feminine where her hair is more sun-bleached and neatly styled in a lengthy side-braid draped over her left shoulder. Astrid returns to the Edge silent and sullen, and informs the other Riders of what she saw; the men on the boat were all sick with a deadly disease. Leadership: Astrid is Hiccup's second-in-command and his first and natural choice for acting-chief. Gallery That dragon has a lot of fight in him.Astrid, about Garffiljorg. I was just thinking about Astrid. 16 Videos. Hiccup finally notices the scratch from the ship. Viggo accepts and Hiccup begins collecting the Buffalord's saliva and gives it to Astrid. While Snotlout, on the other hand, has had a crush on her for years and is constantly trying to win her over, it isn't until they are adults they start to get along as friends. A strong sense of duty defines Astrid to the core. Toothless and Astrid bond over their mutual affection for Hiccup and greatly appreciate each other's presence in his life. Astrid, 20, is the self-assured, competitive champion of the Dragon Races and Hiccup's longtime girlfriend. She became overly chipper and peppy, almost to the point of insanity, which is the opposite of the way she usually behaves. Hiccup is Astrid's boyfriend and confidante. 22 Minuten) Am 7. However, since Dagur never did die, the two seem to be on good terms now. He also seems to be aware of Hiccup's feelings for Astrid and ends up using them against Hiccup in "Shell Shocked, Part 2". He tells her to keep fighting and promises that she'll get through this. She struggled deeply with guilt over it as she had never lied to him before. During the funeral pyre they say that the victims of sickness shall go to Valhalla for being brave. It's only after she voices her apology to Hiccup that Toothless slows down and ascends into the skies, offering her a new perspective on the world. It is implied that Hiccup may be the ancestor of. How to Train Your Dragon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Astrid warms up to Dagur but is still cautious and warns him to not betray them. Further exacerbated by her emotional personality, this can lead her to act impulsively and irrationally. Astrid's relationship with Eret is rocky at first, with Eret trapping Stormfly. It works quickly and Astrid's skin returns to its normal color. Hiccup questions Astrid's behavior as she is quieter than usual. How to Train Your Dragon was primarily a movie about Hiccup realizing that he doesn't need to grow up to be the man that his father and the villagers expect him to be, and that he can actually forge his own path - making his mark by creating peace between humans and dragons. In "Free Scauldy", she threw a rock at him and flipped him over for flirting with her. As a promising warrior and second-in-command, Astrid carries an array of skills and talents. As they cross into Outcast territory, Astrid knocks Heather off along with the book. Toothless and the Light Fury have also been building a family of their own over the years, and have several baby dragons that are a hybrid of the two species with traits from both of them. According to Snotlout, her ballista is impossible to get past and has been shown capable of taking down whole ships like in "The Wings of War, Part 2". Season 2: "Double Finked" "Divewings" "Mecha-Menace" "Summer Holiday" "Treasure Riders" "Puff Enuf" "Hot, Hot, Hot" "High Anxiety" "King Burple" "Charged Up" "Belly Flop" "Game of Horns", Season 3: "Chiefless" "Crystal Clear" "How I Met Your Summer" "Snooping Around" "Oh, Brother" "Search for the Sunken City", Season 4: "Teamwork is Magic" "The Incredible Burple" "Flight of the Stinkwing" "The Big Sheep" "Rescue Racers" "Day Without Dragons", Season 5: "The Inflato-Force Awakens" "Return to the Sunken City" "My Dragonguard" "Gludge-Tastic Voyage" "Dragon Out of Water" "Nest Day", Season 6: "Full Metal Magnus" "Triple Trouble Tuesday" "Where's Waldondo" "The Greatest Showdragons" "Copy That" "And You Are?". to which a shocked Astridresponds, "That's your mother?!" The episode's title could be a reference to the song title "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley. In "Out of the Frying Pan", Toothless attempted to save Astrid when she was trapped inside the volcano. She will always do what must be done without regard for herself. She first meets Hookfang at the Kill Ring where she tried to protect Hiccup by throwing a hammer at his face. While Astrid may care for him as a friend, she has also made it clear he is definitely not her type. The moment is heartbreaking because Stoick has just made amends with his. She now wears a side braid behind her ear and she has also stopped wearing kohl around her eyes. His plan works as the Buffalord promptly destroys its cell with ease and breaks right out of the ship, almost carrying the entire craft with it until Ryker cuts the chain and frees it. This suggests that Stoick respects Astrid, and, in a subtler undertone, thinks that she is doing worthy things with her life. 99+ Photos. You're strong and invincible.Hiccup. about their mission, in which respect Valka agrees. Her sense of adventure and exploration is also apparent, but her ongoing competitiveness and rigid approach to grave situations remain. Hiccup then attempts to have Toothless shoot Viggo but Viggo threatens to have Ryker kill the Buffalord meaning Hiccup won't get the antidote and Astrid will die as well. 5 Enneagram. Although it is true that brave goes to Valhalla in Norse and Germanic mythology, but it's been made clear that it only applies to those who died in battle, especially excluding people dying of sickness and other things non-combat such as childbirth, everyday injuries, infections, accidents, murder and old age. Free shipping. Stormfly lights a torch and Astrid heads below deck, Stormfly poised to strike behind her; what she sees causes her to react in utter horror. Completely lost.Snotlout talking about Astrid. Likewise in "Appetite for Destruction", she appeared to find the thought of kissing Snotlout repulsive. After arriving, he immediately finds one and tries to train but discovers it is very aggressive and has the unusual ability to mimic the fire blasts of other dragons, such as a Gronkle's lava blast and Nadder's magnesium fire breath. Die perfekte How To Train Your Dragon Astrid Is This Some Kind Of Joke To You geanimeerde GIF's vir jou gesprek. Realizing what he must do to save Astrid, Hiccup offers Viggo a deal: he'll let Viggo take the dragon but begs him to let him get the antidote first as he's not leaving without the cure. After bonding closely with Stormfly, Astrid's focus shifts to becoming a masterful Dragon Rider. With everything I have. However since her parent's names are not known her precise historical surname is not known. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Playmobil How to Train your Dragon Hiccup Toothless Astrid Stormfly 9246 9247 at the best online prices at eBay! Her methods of encouragement vary but she rarely outright gives him the answer to his problems. Sneaky is a Terrible Terror that Astrid trained, during the episode "Worst in Show". In the second movie he was reunited with his mother, Valka (Cate Banchett), and realized that he takes after her in his love of dragons. So far, this is the only time Hiccup has completely outsmarted Viggo. "And you bring her back," Astrid demanded of the young man. Both Astrid and Toothiana (more commonly known as Tooth in the RotG film) are the main female characters. Next day it was a disaster. How to Train Your Dragon - Learning To Fly: Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) and Toothless practice flying using Toothless' new prosthetic fin.BUY THE MOVIE: https://ww. The Buffalord, indifferent to the destruction it just caused, settles back down to eat. The deadly disease is known as the Scourge of Odin, a plague that has wiped out Vikings centuries ago. Her guilt and responsibility toward her family probed her to take immediate action. When a new threat arrives in the form of the diabolical dragon-hunter Grimmel (F. Murray Abraham), Hiccup realizes that he must seek out a new sanctuary for the dragons of Berk - a legendary hidden world, where dragons came from, and where they can be safe from human aggression. With the Bewilderbeast now able to control of all dragons in the area, it seized control of Toothless, as much as the Night Fury initially attempted to resist. She is known for her ambition and is often looking for ways to prove herself.School of Dragons Website[2], You're Well, you're Astrid. Astrid, How To Train Your Dragon 2 On the cliff top near the beginning of How To Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid expresses excitement that Hiccup will be inheriting the role of chief from his father. Hiccup's father Stoick dies at the end of How to Train Your Dragon 2 when Toothless is tricked into attacking him. The wind kicks up, and then all sorts of stuff blows through. 117. June 24, 2016 Toothless inspects some Buffalord droppings. Catching up with Mom." For Hiccup Haddock and Queen Mala.Throk, trying to keep Astrid conscious while they wait for help. Astrid's relationship with Ruffnut starts off a little less solid. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . When Hiccup and Astrid arrived at the stables Toothless came rushing up to them so fast he knocked Hiccup off his feet. As Hiccup explains, the dragons had to leave because humans' warring nature meant that they could no longer share the world with them, and they will only return when humans have learned to better themselves and stopped resorting towickednessand violence. In "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", she dodged an arrow by kicking it away with her foot and was able to grab the darts fired at her and Hiccup with her bare hands before they hit their targets. Hiccup makes the heartbreaking decision to let Toothless, now equipped with a tail modification that allows him to fly solo, lead the dragons of Berk to the Hidden World. Chris Sanders. Astrid's parents were first mentioned on Race to the Edge, Season 1 and were briefly seen during her wedding in the final movie. Her plan ends up backfiring on her, but she and the rest of the gang are still able to escape thanks to Eret changing sides. Based on the book series by Cressida Cowell, the tone and setting drastically changed when director Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. She manages to fool everyone there until Alvin the Treacherous figures out she is only wearing a disguise after realizing her hair had been painted black with ink. Even as an adult, Astrid is willing to go rogue and defy direct orders to ensure the safety of her loved ones. In the final act of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, she marries Hiccup and officially becomes Chieftess of the Hooligan Tribe. Gobber is shown to be somewhat friendly with Astrid, regardless of the situation. The newcomer initially introduces himself as a stowaway from Knaff, and during his stay on Berk, he spends a good deal of his time with Astrid, even referring to her as his kindred spirit. The Buffalord makes its first appearance. However, the young couple aren't quite ready to tie the knot for much of the movie, and the fight against Grimmel leaves little time for sorting out their feelings. Later, after Drago is defeated, Astrid and Valka are seen at Berk with all the others. Preceded By: Surprisingly, the beast is incredibly docile and barely even reacts to their presence. This is the closest Hiccup and Astrid have been to confessing their attraction to one another. Hannah has been with Screen Rant since 2013, covering news, features, movie premieres, Comic-Con and more! In "Night of the Hunters, Part 2", she was able to fight Dragon Hunters with nothing but a broom. He told her the reasons behind the mysterious disappearances were pirates. Tidal Class Contains some of the biggest dragons in existence. Crafting: Astrid built and designed her own hut on Dragon's Edge as well as a ballista on top of her hut, displaying a few weapon making skills as well. She seemed very surprised by Heather's attraction to him and in "Big Man on Berk", she was repulsed when he made advances on her as Thor Bonecrusher. The image gallery for Buffalord Soldier may be viewed here. In the episode, "When Lightning Strikes", Astrid says she had an aunt who was cursed by Odin. At the beginning of the film, Astrid states "Well, we could train a lot harder, for one. As an adult, she is generally more spirited and playful and loves to goof around with Hiccup, Stormfly, and Toothless. Once Toothless recognizes Hiccup, he and the babies are introduced to Hiccup and Astrid's own children. Hiccup has to search for a cure, but is prevented from getting it by strong and dangerous enemies. In which Valka replies "She's following us!" Animation Action Adventure. Astrid and Stoick are both warriors, and accept the other as such. In How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Astrid now has waist-length hair that she leaves down with a single long braid in the back with long fringes swept to the left and it is also lighter in comparison to her hair in the second movie. Snotlout comes from Berk with Gothi's notes on the Scourge of Odin, and the three find out that the cure for it is "a green solution from the Buffalord dragon". They eventually end up becoming better friends, although Astrid is much closer to Heather. With the help of the stagehand and stable boy, Hiccup, she will try to find them somewhere they can safely live away from man's cruelty. Dagur attempts to kill her on multiple occasions, and Astrid doesn't hold back on her punches either. While at first it seems that New Berk is safe from Grimmel and the other dragon hunters, the villain soon catches up to them after Ruffnut (Kristen Wiig) inadvertently leads him to the Berkians' new home. Astrid was suspicious of Dammen's friendliness and curiosity about Stormfly. They appear to share a great relationship, as Zephyr is seen playfully mimicking Astrid when she pulls on the ropes of the sail and hides behind her when she is feeling unsafe. Astrid's romantic interest in Hroar quickly dissipates once she discovers he has ulterior motives and is working for the Outcast Tribe. The Twins find pieces of paper with lines and other symbols on it that Fishlegs copied from the Dragon Eye, and they piece together a map that shows where the Buffalord is located. It begins with Hiccup as a teenager who feels like he doesn't quite fit in, has a troubled relationship with his father, and isn't in any way ready for the responsibilities that will eventually be thrust upon him. Astrid is now pale, green-tinged and weak, almost near death. With their first encounter still afresh in mind, Toothless decides to take her for a spin as soon as she seats herself on top of him.