Find our helpful troubleshooting tips below. Sanding is not an easy task to do. These ideas will help you get the most out of your sander and have it last longer than you would otherwise have it, which should save you time and money in the long run. But the rotor of the motor can rotate or spin to make the sander disc spin. Ridgid 6 inch Orbital Sander and 4330 & 4331 Planer Woes. Cut your old pads to fit. This cord is made for double insulated tools. This should help clear debris from within the machine, which might be causing a short circuit or overheating issue. Remove the hook pad from your sander. Rotor problem (for electric orbital sanders) The rotor contains wires that run the electricity needed for it to rotate. I used to only buy Dewalt, but it has gotten so cheap that I will never buy Dewalt again. Attach the one-handed locking dust bag on the electric orbit sander to collect dust. Here is a link to a replacement pad. This is not an electric sander so it wont hurt you. Discs orbit in circles, so theyre going to leave circular scratches. The rotor contains wires that run the electricity needed for it to rotate. If those measures dont seem to be working, you may need to replace either part of the machine or perform some maintenance. I shouldn't have to glue on pads this is ridiculous, and it's a garbage product. If the problem persists, try replacing the pad. In order to resolve this problem, it will require a replacement of the entire transistor unit. Skip to Content . The WEN 6515T Belt Sander is a especially useful 2-in-1 gadget that functions a 1" through 30" belt, together with a 5" sanding disc .Both of them may be used for a extensive range of sanding . . With the different speed settings, you can better control the buffing and polishing. Now free the screws from the upper part of the sander and see if there is dust present or not. If the waldo electric sander is experiencing excessive noise or vibrations, it may be time to service the motor bearings or replace the entire power supply unit. DeWalt DCW200N-XJ 18V XR Li-ion Cordless Brushless 1/4 Sheet Sander. When used incorrectly, however, orbital sanders can put gouges into your furniturethe same is true with belt sanders and any other power tool. Well, fast-spinning may leave swirl marks on, and less spinning may leave rough edges more. Any sander would do this much. DeWalt discontinued this model, but replacement parts for the D26451 can still be found online. Our Best Overall pick is the Dewalt DWE6421K Random Orbital Sander ( available at Amazon for $59.00) , which is an impressive, fast-moving sander at a reasonable price, perfect for any homeowner and weekend warrior. I have a Ryobi PSA that I never have trouble with. The warranty may cover motor issues if the sander is still relatively new. Too much applied pressure to the device will cause the rotary action to slow. Any sander can do that. Check to make sure that the cord is plugged into a power outlet securely. Orbital sanding pads won't stick if debris or tears in material are present. @bridgetdoodle. May 30, 2017 If the potentiometer is not doing well, it can cause fast spinning. Easiest way to fix the switch problem is to first try any blow the debris out using compressed air. If the tool is plugged into a foot pedal or speed control, remove this and connect directly to the outlet. 2019 FINTECH ABRASIVES (FINISHING TECHNOLOGIES INC.), Open Coat Aluminum Oxide (Wood) Sanding Belts, Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide (Metal) Sanding Belts, Flexible Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide (Metal) Sanding Belts, Flexible Open Coat Aluminum Oxide (Wood) Sanding Belts, Hook and Loop Wet Dry Sharpening Film Discs, Hook and Loop Auto Paint and Finish Discs, Open Coat Aluminum Oxide (Wood) Sanding Discs, Closed Coat Aluminum Oxide (Metal) Sanding Discs, Surface Conditioning (non-woven) Sanding Discs, Velcro Loop Backed (Felt) Cloth Drum Sander Rolls, Open Coat Aluminum Oxide (Wood) Sanding Rolls, Sanding Sheets For Plastics and Composites, The right sanding job is essential to getting a high-quality finish. Fintech Industrial Abrasives manufactures a wide range of premium quality sanding discs (available in multiple sizes and grit types) that will help you finish your pieces to perfection. Use the recommended voltage supply and also keep it safe from water or humidity. Here in this guide, we are going to add some solutions for fixing orbital sander machines and also sum up some other problems. 18V XR Brushless 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander (Bare Unit) DCW200NT-XJ. Leaving thousands of them close together is the key to blending them tightly. On the other hand, an orbital floor sander is a large machine that can roll. Paint the disc with very-light-and-thin coat, let dry, slap on. $1449. Like any tool, using your orbital sander incorrectly can damage it and reduce its effectiveness. One should also use it before painting so that the paint fits in. Safely remove the old brushes and re-seat the new one. If its turning too slowly, it might not be able to reach all of the areas that need treatment. (19) 100% agree - Powerful. The material should look completely uneven to satisfy ones eyesight. Never wear safety goggles while operating an air orbital sander. An awesome team of students from our education program made this wiki. It took 15 minutes before the discs flew off the new pad, and I was not pressing down on the sander or holding it in one place which I've been told melts the hooks on the velcro. Let the sander do the work. I solved my issue very easily. I have the Dewalt D26451 random orbit sander. You can either use a sander with an integrated dust collector or attach a shop vacuum. The reason is that you need to get some oil in there so it can work. This may eventually create some swirl marks too. I also purchased 2 boxes of discs. You can see a transparent belt fixed there. Craig kaukini - If the potentiometer is faulty, the voltage will continuously go up and down. Torn cords can slow down the electrical orbital sander. My original lasted 15 years. Now move to next. Remember, the clutch belt should be connected to both the pulley and the pad support. Reply. Put the belt to the pulley and to the support pad and make a V. After putting in the new clutch belt, screw up the pad. What could be the problem? Worn Motor Brushes. If your discs are coming loose regularly, check for dust buildup and clean the velcro pad if needed. It is rotating very slowly and stop rotating if pressure applied. These wires can burn if the voltage is too high or the motor is doing . Be sure to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer of your orbital sander when replacing its belt so that you dont damage anything else while doing so. My dewalt sander squeals and then the pad stops. Weekend must be a perfect day to sand all wood products to bring out their shiny look. Repair Parts Home Power Tool Parts DeWALT Parts DeWALT Sander / Polisher Parts DeWALT DW411 TYPE 2 Orbital Sander Parts. Read these precautions carefully: These tips help prevent blisters from forming in your palms or fingers and prevent accidents such as dropping or losing control of it. Air pressure that provides RPM to your sander can be one of the reasons so, first, check your air pressure. Using variable speed is better as you can change the speed. Hence air flow cannot affect much on the rotor or in other words, the rotor rotates slower than usual. A sander should be used before assembling the wooden parts. Even after being careful about these, damages can still occur. Here is a link to a replacement pad. This causes the disc to speed up and spin at a high rate. Suitable for large surfaces as well as working in detail - from primary to intermediate sanding. Buy common paper-backed discs of whatever grit desired. Typically, orbital sanders have a base that rotates around an axis perpendicular to the workpiece. The DeWalt D26451 motor may be experiencing problems if RPM speeds are too high or low, the brakes are malfunctioning, the carbon brush is worn, or there's a bad field coil. there are many reasons why the air orbital sander is not spinning, but below are some of them. If you have questions before you make a purchase or need support afterward, our abrasive technicians are here to help. If pieces of abrasive grit come off of the sandpaper during use and get stuck in a different spot, they can dig deep and make spiral patterns. 3%. There are many brands of air or electric orbital sander in the market and their functionalities almost same. Heres what you need to know about orbital sanders and how to fix these problems. So, if you are willing to know why is an orbital sander not spinning stick with me till the end. It has a dust-sealed switch for long life and overload protection for safety. I have used random orbital sanders for many years. These wires can burn if the voltage is too high or the motor is doing heavy-duty work for a prolonged period of time. FREE delivery Sat, Jan 7 on your first order. 4-Inch/5-Inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander With case The Makita BO5041K 4 In./5 In. Orbital sanders can easily produce swirls. Sometimes orbital sander can spin more than its normal spinning rate. Any ideas? Now that you are familiar with how the rotor (for electric orbital sander), the shaft (for pneumatic orbital sander) and the bearing (both air and Electric orbital sander) are responsible for the sander to spin, lets see why is an orbital sander not rotating due to problem in the rotor, blades, and the bearing. You can contact an abrasive technician by calling. Always unplug your orbital sander when it is not being used for extended periods before servicing or cleaning it. Now take the previous screws to secure the pad to the sander. These bearings transmit force on the bottom bearing to rotate. Won't turn on. Displaying dimensions of 8.8 x 5.7 x 6.3 inches, the Dewalt Orbital Sander weighs a meager 1.6 pounds and can easily be carried around. Here you should not use the bearing of a regular seal. Your email address will not be published. The pad should stop spinning (or spin slowly) when lifted from the surface and spin when in contact with the surface. Now Ill have to remake my discs by glueing on my own loop and disc tape. by Martin. Stay Tuned with us for each and almost everything related to sander. This sanding technique allows you to adjust speed based on how well you want to remove the material and if you need a fast or slow rotation. If the switch guard has been missing or damaged, then debris may be to blame. There is no surefire way to fix an issue with a spinning orbital sander, but you can try restarting the machine or clearing any pending tasks in memory before trying again. The case may be the use of incorrect grit sandpaper. Mellif Cordless Random Orbit Sander for Dewalt 20V MAX Battery, 5-Inch Electric Palm Sander/Polisher with Variable Speed & Dust Collector & 20PCS Sandpapers | X-MAS Gift (Tool Only, NO Battery) 4.4 (16) $6999. Paint on the adhesive, let dry, several coats, nice glossy surface. You can put more downward pressure on the sander to keep it from spinning so fast, or . So any solution will include fixing the sanding disc to sanding pad bond. Ans. Replace the sandpaper when it's dull.