Zach Wilkinson / The Moscow-Pullman Daily News via AP file, Nicolas Armer / picture-alliance/dpa via AP file, Jonathan W. Cohen / Getty Images/iStockphoto, David Becker / The Washington Post via Getty Images, Patricia De Melo Moreira / AFP via Getty Images, Michael Nagle / Bloomberg via Getty Images, Alberto Rodriguez / GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images, Tom Williams / CQ-Roll Call via Getty Images file, Brendan Smialowski / AFP via Getty Images file, Sarah Silbiger / Bloomberg via Getty Images file, Scott Barbour / Getty Images for TAS file, DoD via To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images via Getty Images, Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images file, Bill Marino / Sygma via Getty Images file, Jabin Botsford / Pool via AFP - Getty Images file, Salwan Georges / The Washington Post via Getty Images file, Jonathan Brady / PA Images via Getty Images, Alexey Nikolsky / AFP via Getty Images file, Walid Berrazeg / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images file, Sergei Supinsky / AFP via Getty Images file, Alexander Zemlianichenko / Pool via AFP - Getty Images, Paul Hennessy / SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images file, Petty Officer 2nd Class Joshua Scott / U.S. Navy, Robert Nemeti / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images file, Philipp Schulze / Picture Alliance via Getty Images file, Andriy Dubchak / dia images via Getty Images file, Daniel Mihailescu / AFP via Getty Images file, Katie Porter is a solid Senate candidate, but her run could be a disaster for Democrats, The 6-year-old accused of shooting his teacher shouldnt be punished under the law, Why the Bruce's Beach $20 million sale isn't a model for reparations, How the new U.S. weapon for Ukraine can help push out Russia. My colleague, New School writing professor Susan Shapiro (The Byline Bible)has taught writing for 25 years. Cities are experimenting with free buses. We want to hear from you. Your piece should be an enjoyable read, not an academic treatise, even if it is a serious or technical subject. Follow us for regular updates about financial news, top stories, behind-the-scenes moments and more. Let us know what you THINK by submitting a letter to the editor. You understand that any other use of 1 thing that 'destroys' relationships, say researchers who studied couples for 50 years, Im a nutritionist from Japan, home to the world's longest-living peoplehere are 5 foods we eat every day, Kids who do these 12 things have 'highly sensitive' brainswhy parenting experts say it's an advantage, Ex-monk Jay Shetty says successful, productive people dont use to-do listswhat he does instead, 26-year-old pays $0 to live in a 'luxury tiny home' she built for $35,000 in her backyardlook inside, Buy these stocks for maximum returns, top analysts say, Insana says theres evidence of slowing inflation and other central banks see it, Top analysts like these stocks in 2023, Tipranks says, Inclusive Capital takes a stake in Bayer. She is an ongoing guest editor forNarratively, and hosts the podcast for the American Society of Journalists and Authors ASJA Direct. On CNBC's Guest Blog you'll find commentary, analysis, insight and at times provocation from some of the world's most influential thought leaders as they weigh in on money, markets and matters . Global Business and Financial News, Stock Quotes, and Market Data and Analysis. Many are laughing at Musks Twitter Blue failure. Submitted articles should generally be between 600 and 900 words. The submission should be included in the body of the email and/or in an attached Microsoft Word document (no PDFs, please), and should include contact information for the author(s). 2023 CNBC LLC. The comedian will take the . These will be disclosed as appropriate on the site to ensure transparency to users. It failed. Pieces that run on the Congress Blog page are also-cross posted on the Contributors page. Got a confidential news tip? Ask yourself these questions: Do you have a timely lead? Submission for the reading period close May 1, 2022. 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One of my students wrote her first published piece forAM New York, about how she didnt notice the problems with the MTA until she got out of the hospital, couldnt climb the stairs for her local train station, and there were no elevators. On a case-by-case basis, we accept one-off posts from outside contributors that fit in seamlessly with the areas we cover: Business News, Tech, Finance, Markets, Healthcare, Transportation,. the article, if published, would have to be approved by CNN. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. With op-eds someone who is not a writer has the best chance of breaking in. Lots of editors like pieces that give an opposing viewpoint to the standard thinking. We will ask you to sign a contract. Our goal is to give the audience access to competing ideas and perspectives which. The article has not been previously published and you are submitting it for I cover the steps and stories of side hustles and second careers. Many of my students have been published for the first time with op-eds. Its okay to be a little idiosyncratic. 2980 N. National Road, Suite A, Columbus, IN 47201. Updated. You may republish an article only after a period of 14 days has elapsed, with a link back to the original piece at and a First published by The Hill reference. Please include your . You can contact them directly by email, or you can send tips to our general newsroom inbox at If not, consider revising. We welcome letters to the editor so do share your opinions and experiences. 5 months ago. The Financial Times accepts guest submissions on any topic for the opinion section of our website and newspaper. For example, it would be difficult to write an anti-war piece if youve never served, or werent an army spouse. Submissions close October 31, 2022. 1 city for work-life balance and payNew York isnt far behind, Resumes including 'they/them' pronouns are more likely to be overlooked, new report finds, American workers aren't returning to the office like their international counterpartshere's why, 'Everything Everywhere' editor didn't see his Oscar nom coming: 'That's not how I saw my career going', The cheapest and most expensive U.S. airports to fly out ofJFK, LAX didn't make either list, #DBT is trending on TikTok: 4 skills from the popular type of therapy that you can practice daily. Now I know why the other royals got fed up with them. Raising Successful Kids. Avoid jargon, keep the wording clear and remember that most readers will not share your inside knowledge. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Opinion - Commentary Michael Farr: Enjoy this bull market, but investors shouldn't get complacent Published Wed, May 26 2021 2:53 PM EDT Updated Wed, May 26 2021 4:08 PM EDT Letters may be edited for content and space. If you have a sharp take on news that is breaking now, send it right away, even if its rough. I got my timely lead when Hillary was on the front page ofThe New York Timeswith her email issue and I published a piece with the titleHillary and I Have an Email Problem. How to submit. For example, as a former marijuana addict I wrote a piece published inThe LA Timesthat I dont think its a good thing to have pot candy in every store. Submit a request Please choose your issue below Subscribe to CNBC PRO. FS1 Creighton at DePaul. Many factors are considered when we review submissions, including relevance, timeliness, the expertise of the author and the quality of writing. Self-serving pieces are rarely worth reading unless they say something unexpected and we tell readers about such conflicts. Selena Gomez deconstructs her own image in her new doc, My Mind & Me, Elon Musk has turned Twitter into a clown show in a matter of days, The dangerous downsides of those wildly popular Ring doorbell cameras, Government's latest UFO report leaves enthusiasts like me concerned, 'Spare' reveals a sadder, smaller truth than Prince Harry may want to admit, Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest is an imperfect metaphor for a brutal reality. you are referring to. I had a problem with emailsover 60K clogging up my computer. Want great THINK content delivered weekly to your inbox? I became upset about anti-Semitism at my alma mater and my piece was published as an op-ed inThe Wall Street Journal. All Rights Reserved. In one recent piece, a writer illustrated her piece about how theRhodes scholarship is changing by describing how she was treated when she applied for the programme several decades ago. Be pithy and sharp. You can be controversial, go against the. CNBC guest writers are typically selected by invitation only by the CNBC editorial team. I spoke with Sue (we first met when as editor of a now defunct publication I assigned her to write a funny piece on Barbie) and asked her to share her best tips on how to write, target and publish a short op-ed for a newspaper or magazine. Submissions must relate directly to a published piece that ran in the recent past; be original and exclusive to THINK; be no more than 150 words; be free of profanity and personal attacks; and be subject to author and age verification by NBC News. Im an ER doctor. How the biggest companies plan mass lay-offs, Tim Peake: I do not see us having a problem getting to Mars, The benefits of revealing neurodiversity in the workplace, Our ski trip made me question my life choices, Michelle Yeoh: Finally we are being seen, How Glasgows tiny, muckraking crime mag stays afloat, Apocalypse then: lessons from history in tackling climate shocks. A member of the CNBC team will reach out if your submission is considered for publication. Americas +1 212 318 2000. THINK is NBC News' home for op-eds, in-depth analyses and essays about news and current events. Are you checking word count? So you have at most 800 words, just enough to make a persuasive case for a focused point. You can set it up to self-destruct automatically after a certain amount of time. A livestream with coverage from CNBC in US, Europe, and Asia. Any relevant conflicts of interest must be made clear, if any exist, and all facts, figures and quotes should be reputably sourced via hyperlinks. Youll have more more luck selling 350 words than 3500 words. Why humans think things are so much worse than they are, Predictions that Trump would kill our democracy in 2022 were premature, Russia-Ukraine war has shocked Putin and military vets like me, What 2022's box-office hits told us about this cultural pastime, Why our worst fears about Covid in 2022 weren't realized. Here are some examples of that premise in action: One of my students read that new parental controls on devices help reduce inappropriate content. 2023 CNBC LLC. We provide the option for nominal compensation based on page views. Don't blame the weather for flight delays. A Division of NBC Universal, Why egg prices are out of control right now, How this 39-year-old earns $26,000 a year in California, An 85-year Harvard study found the No. Harrods chief shrugs off recession fears because rich get richer, Argentina diary: Come armed with $100 bills, FCA regulator blamed for Arms decision to shun London listing, There are no domestic equity investors: why companies are fleeing Londons stock market, The stark challenge facing the London stock market, Humanity is sleepwalking into a neurotech disaster, The Murdaugh trial: a southern gothic tale that gripped the nation, Who to fire? Opinion: The solution to the U.S. debt disaster is a value-added tax Fri, Jan 20th 2023 Investing Top Wall Street analysts like these stocks amid easing inflation Sun, Jan 15th 2023 Activist. 2023 CNBC LLC. Due to the large number of submissions received each day, we only consider finished pieces, not proposals to write. We want to hear from you. managing editor Jeffrey McCracken sent out the following announcement on Tuesday: I am pleased to announce two new hires to the growing newsroom. WhatsApp Contact Number: +1 (332) 239-0722. Please keep the piece to 700 words and send by e-mail to, by fax to 617-929-2098, or by mail to: Op-ed Editor, The Boston Globe. PRO Playbook. Go to her website ( to sign up for her newsletter. Listen to your inner child when it tells you to 'shut up', Netflix's 'The Witcher' prequel won't fix the show's Henry Cavill problem, When my husband brought home a fake Christmas tree, I considered divorce. "CNBC/media idolatry of Cathie Wood is absurd," Gross tweeted on Monday evening. Ask them does this make sense? Every newspaper is open to short pieces by not only writers but people in every field. 1) Come up with an opinion. But here is what I can. We do not publish content that is self-promotional or ghostwritten. to use, edit, telecast, rerun, reproduce, translate, syndicate, license, print, Were looking forward to reading your work. This can be done by sending your ready-to-publish article to 1 thing that 'destroys' relationships, say researchers who studied couples for 50 years, Im a nutritionist from Japan, home to the world's longest-living peoplehere are 5 foods we eat every day, Kids who do these 12 things have 'highly sensitive' brainswhy parenting experts say it's an advantage, Ex-monk Jay Shetty says successful, productive people dont use to-do listswhat he does instead, 26-year-old pays $0 to live in a 'luxury tiny home' she built for $35,000 in her backyardlook inside. If you are writing about a common topic like racism or ageism, its helpful to interest an editor with suggestions on what can be done to fix the problem. (You may post the The U.S. is welcoming Finland and Sweden to NATO. Treating emergencies is only a fraction of what I do. What a relief. CNN Opinion will consider submissions of original pieces on timely topics. Dont just say output is increasing; describe the queues outside Tokyo pancake shops so readers actually see what you mean. You can show your piece to a teacher, or a fellow journalist. EE:What else is important for writing op-eds? Be careful that in your rant you are not coming across as racist, homophobic, or privileged. A Division of NBCUniversal. We like wit and civility, but not abuse or tirades. The Jan. 6 committee is about to release a lot of information. Estelle Erasmus is a parenting educator, award-winning journalist, writing coach, and adjunct journalism instructor forNew York University. and other data for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, The idea was how do you love someone when you disagree with them politically? All contributing authors to The Hill are required to sign a contract prior to publication. It's owned by Meta (the parent company of Facebook) and retains some data and shares some information with Meta. Follow her on Instagram@EstelleSErasmus. Review each platform's terms, conditions and instructions, and use them at your own risk. EMEA +44 20 7330 7500. Newsworthy tips shed light on a matter of significant public interest. And dont post it on your blog or give it away for free. Here's what the democratic world needs to do to seize the momentum, Buy these stocks during a market downturn, top analysts say, Farr: Tougher times are likely ahead for markets. The white male grievances at the center of the latest 'Yellowstone' prequel. Do you have a good title? This email was previously used as a catch-all for those looking to submit opinion pieces, but since Forbes no longer accepts these, the inbox is now used for guest post submissions. this license shall terminate. Sign up for our newsletter! Lean in to conflict. Giuliani faces disbarment for bringing a frivolous suit. They will be concise and insightful. Licensing & Reprints. Signal says that it does not retain any metadata. You'll have more more luck selling 350 words than 3500 words. Submissions must be original and exclusive to CIO Dive. Signal is a free app that allows you to send messages or make calls with end-to-end encryption. Most young women are not. Why Russia is using dolphins to guard its navy ships. 11 p.m. FS1 . Police used a babys DNA to ID its father in a case. 'Sextortion' is ruining teens' lives. Submissions. Our word count requirement is between 600 and 1,000 words. The best op-eds use vivid examples to tell a global audience something new like this piece about how theSouth Korean womens curling team is a prime example of that countrys successful development strategy. Main Switchboard: (812) 372-7811 You may have submitted an excellent op-ed but we may have published other pieces on the topic and/or have others in hand; an op-ed that might be accepted one day could be declined the next. Without a recognizable name, your chances of being published are close to zero. We particularly relish pieces that highlight unexpected places, explore new ideas and illuminate diverse points of view. If our reporters have questions, they may reach out to you on the platform where you contacted us. Nevada Democrats oust incumbent, elect unity candidate as party chair, Judith Heumann, mother of disability rights movement, dead at 75, Michigan judge rules Oxford schools, staff cannot be sued for 2021 mass shooting, Trump frames 2024 as existential fight: This is the final battle, Former Trump aide Kellyanne Conway to divorce husband after 22 years, US can help Uzbekistan build resilience against Russia & China, What Biden might try next if his student loan forgiveness plan is struck down. Keep in mind there are several tools that help protect your anonymity but none are foolproof. personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. As part of her job, Riya will help manage our website in the evenings when later breaking news hits. And one voice we want to include is yours! Another of my students wrote about how he loved riding the bus even though it was slow. The Guardian covers a wide variety of topics. Excerpts are allowed during this exclusivity period, of 100 words or less, provided the excerpt links back to The Hill. checking. To submit an op-ed essay for THINK, email Our readers like to know the source of our data, so we may ask you to provide links or other sources for your assertions. Join the CNBC Panel. Investors must be courageous, Top analysts recommend these stocks to fight off the market uncertainty. All Rights Reserved. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The Editors are members of the Bloomberg Opinion editorial board. We have a firm rule against joint bylines on the opinion page. Answer (1 of 2): It is highly doubtful CNN or any major news outlet would publish an unsolicited piece of any kind. At its discretion, CNN Digital may link to an appropriate website when it required live link back to the article on CNN Digital.). Usually you can google the publications name and op-ed submission guides to find the email and editor to send it to. Contributors should focus on areas in which they have acknowledged expertise; submissions with more than three authors are unlikely to be accepted. The Hills Congress Blog primarily focuses on politics and policy from members of Congress along with legislation and issues being considered by the legislative branch. They have politics, world news, opinions, sports, tech, arts, lifestyle, fashion, business, travel, environmental issues, science, media, and even a dedicated crossword section. Financial services need to be better, not beaten into submission. So far, so good. If you have not heard from us within four days, please do feel free to move on. The trick to writing an Op-Ed is to start with an opinion and lay it out to make editors take notice. CNN is solely responsible for deciding whether to publish the article. Get Make It newsletters delivered to your inbox, Learn more about the world of CNBC Make It, 2023 CNBC LLC. Submissions must relate directly to a published piece that ran in the recent past; be original and exclusive to THINK; be no more than 150 words; be free of profanity and personal attacks; and be. Every publication is different. The FT gives you the chance to talk to a trader in Hong Kong, a professor in Paris and an engineer in Silicon Valley, all at the same time. An editor might suggest ways of making the language zestier or the argument clearer. That is not a recipe for success. Editors want short takes, not 2K-3K words. A new diagnostic aid leaves me conflicted. IE 11 is not supported. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO Wed, Mar 1st 2023 Op-ed: These 3. THINK is NBC News home for fresh opinion, sharp analysis and powerful essays, delivered by writers with different ideologies, identities, expertise and styles. Another writer took her mother to see the musical Aint Too Proud, and a white guy tried to shush her mom from singing along to the music. Video: How to contribute to the FT's opinion pages, Russian far-right fighter claims border stunt exposes Putins weakness, Feds Daly says US rates likely to be higher for longer, Something is boiling: Turkish football fans tackle Erdoan, Three-day weekends and more time for love: Chinas elite dream up policies for Xi, Germany and Italy stall EU ban on combustion engines, Saudi owner of Londons most expensive house sued over alleged unpaid private jet bills, Why the Jeffrey Epstein scandal continues to haunt JPMorgan and Barclays, US electric vehicle batteries poised for new lithium iron age. Asia Pacific +65 6212 1000. To submit a letter to the editor for publication, email Or post to: Letters Editor, Financial Times, Bracken House, 1 Friday Street, London EC4M 9BT, UK. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. 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