Doesn't usually take everybody to die before it's a ghost town. I think David Springer. So Statten discourage him from doing this. He said the scariest thing, right? The next morning, 9 July 1997, Ms. Boussois left home and saw Valeri Riddle, Mark Laird, and Darrell Godfrey up and awake. It's they deemed the weapons were unsuited to the task. For it to be the surrogate. I think it's Bass Mora Siebert Ataman. But let's get the thing that actually works done first and then you can pray and maybe that'll work, too. So it's over double the national average. If you were, you know, somewhere so that that man on how he got he probably professed to him. That's how it's going to be here. Why are you staying in a Raleigh motel? But you know what? Oh my God. But then after about forty five minutes, Michelle Honeycut says, we'll go, let's go over and look for him since the piano lesson was over. Hey, you want to kill this? I was just looking for it and you know, it's there. WebSTATE of North Carolina v. Eddie Carson ROBINSON. It's going great. Exactly. How dare you call that a restaurant? And the defense, Donna's defense contends that stuff and stole the knives from that store and used them there. You can buy a giant house for nothing and they have Papy so that's good. The Arts Council will host a variety of activities in the park neighbouring the milling around art installation. Prayer is not what we need right now. I was like, hey, remember I asked you to contact those drug dealers? Everybody was screaming because they just saw somebody lying on the ground. No, you're in the middle of nowhere. All small town, southern God pays the bills doing the thing. Now, what the fuck am I going to do? So he said sometime after this, Taat said that he went to a Raleigh swimming pool where the Arnolds had taken stuff along a day pass from the hospital. You fucking jump me on that. So you feel better. One of the so comes up. Doesn't get any more. He's not a criminal. It's a very similar thing. I bad catatonic here. You like this show? So it is not a rich, not a rich town. He says, look, that's the Christian thing to do this person. I couldn't believe he did it. So if you want to go in the morning, that's fine. Kind of. Yeah, I believe he went I'll give a fuck anymore. It looked like it just had Mustangs all over it or anyone was still alive, right. That's that's pretty cheap. So nineteen eighty eight is Donna's trial. So now, just before stuff moves into the house, Dan comes to Dana with another proposition. And one of those sometimes we say there's ones that are quintessential small town murder cases. Like, there's there's only twelve residents in the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Liz Johnson. This is a small town murder. Clinton is safer than 1% of the cities in the United States. Snuffle told Taat that they'd been in a fight with Dan and that, you know, Carl told he said Carl had told Dan that he loved Donna and that's how it went. So they first met in nineteen eighty one tartan stuff of tartan stuff. With an L at the m e l s t u feel stuff. He kept saying she loves me and she wants to be with me. But before we get into the show this week, quickly, thank you for everything this week. There are none of us there. Other producers this week are Thomas Smith. Any good idea. At first, there seemed to be no motive. They were. Tricia Hammarstedt. James, when I started smoking, like actually buying them from a store. It's going to be a personal beefs. Fuck sensitive. Well listen. Right. They don't want him. No help. But the right Dehnart. Now he's dead. Whether Holte Horton. See Battling Dollying. Actual circlejerk, James. Twenty five years. Bright yellow. That's that's not right. They go to Paris this whole week. But that handjob and that's the staff was saying it was a more sexual thing and they were ordered not to touch one another while on hospital grounds exactly what they're do. Can I just go. There are no local concerts except a few times actually. Basically, he did a bunch of shit apparently one time. Melanie Argueta. *215 Michael F. Easley, Atty. She couldn't she was catatonic almost here and drove her back to the house. It's a great song. They come back with a girl with a verdict of guilty of conspiracy to commit second degree murder and guilty of murder in the second degree. Oh Gaga. Officials said Glen Allen Stewart, Jr. was served with an Order for I put those letters on. Absolutely. Some Baton Rouge man like David Blaine knock off have been good at it. You hear when you think of this place, old Clinton, this is in southeastern North Carolina down it's it's down there. John Christian. So there's nothing, nothing rhymes with everything he makes so good. You don't have an agreement with him. Yeah, that's no good. Everyone in the car started screaming and crying. Old stuff. He's ready to rock and roll. They'll think it's one of them. Donna testifies in her own behalf, which is she's got to go up there and go, I'm a nice church lady. It's like it'll grab you. CLINTON, NC (WTVD) -- Clinton police are investigating a homicide in the area of Stetson Street and W. Morisey Blvd. Little extra sucks on that Joanne Bacon, Queen City psycho, Dylan Robinson, Lori Bowman, I said that Jen Wallace, Adam Allison Quinn, Ruben Nunez and Katie Sueda Johnson, Mary Lou, Brian Dr, Stal Dressel, Matthew GoF, Jacob Powers, Justin Horn, knacker. Fenland non drowsy, chesty coughs Always read the label. WebMan shot, killed in Clinton neighborhood Saturday morning: police. So I don't know what the hell's going on. Community theater. A beard was not the same thing. This hospital staff sergeant allowed to leave this weekend. Get your tickets. Yeah. Yeah, going won't answer his question. Just a fountain now. Good Lord. And then while the medical staff are working on it, then you can pray about it all you want at that. But in a marriage, it's a problem. I thought for sure somebody touched a leg in my mind. Yes. But he also said the agreement wasn't made with the defense. They can do all of this, but they don't. We got a lot of fun bonus stuff lined up for you coming up in the next little while. Oh, wow. Walking around the East Coast. She just mentioned her daughters and things like that. If someone's lying on the ground, you think they're in trouble. That was really hard to pick a jury for some reason because there's not a lot of people to say they really went through a lot. So I was originally known as Clinton Courthouse. Just talk to him about this. Did he go to like a barber school or. It gets worse, though. So they're plotting to kill him, by the way, Dan, as a plot to oh, oh, Dan as a plot to by July 17th, Dan is also plotting to kill Stoffel. You commute. That's I mean, he probably made fifty and paid fifteen of it and fines. Anyway, I'll ask him. That said, let's talk about a murder. Yeah. It's one of you. I got kids. So Stupples released from the hospital. Yeah. Yeah, there you go. But the pastor of Pop or the the pope of Rock, I'm going to be the pope of Rock. It's pretty fucked up. In Clinton you have a 1 in 18 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Oh, look at her ankle length angle. He said that and he did that. So I was kind of that deal stuff claimed that that definitely helped murder. What how about you do it? Sorry, I see a fucking speed chase video. So this guy, the friend told on stuff and goes and tells Dan, this guy is trying to get weed. It's moved due to publicity because this obviously was. So she was looking for and she realized that she left her pocketbook at church that has her contact lens shit. When Taat stopped by a creek scuffle got out through the rolled up clothes in the knife into the creek. But more importantly than that, you're going to get bonus content. Beach Boys and Fifties music was it was lot of Tommy Bahama shirts gone that. Watch out, watch out. These I have to watch plenty of twilight. Get out of the Northeast for a minute here and we're going to go down to Clinton, North Carolina k oh, baby. Let's do it. I'm drawing the line there. His story adds up. Oh basically not. Love that chicken from there you go. I'm not going to like not you know how you are with the organ. Yeah. What the fuck. Your average two bedroom rental here goes for about six hundred seventy nine dollars a month. The trial judge stated he was submitting the second degree murder charge to the jury to be fair to the defendant, since Autofill had an opportunity to plead guilty to that offense. She says quote, I wish I knew where you were all at. You can do that very easily as well. We ever went out on a beach and went on stilts, apparently. OK, no, I don't want my town to be called cave. So you can do all that. Some chef is opening up a new place here. You didn't sleep over anywhere. I mean, we work in this coal cave, so we may as well just stay. I'm stabbing away and he's got in the throat. Next day they'll be you know, this is a broken relationship. A bit much. And I've had it with me. So this is in Sampson County and area code nine one zero seven square miles. And such a decision, if one had to be obeyed, would be left up to an appellate court and basically complain about that later. People were like, so bad, Izzy. Fuck are you doing to pay for that transmission? So after well unbelievably long necks. Yeah. So they visited him several times a week. OK, can everyone mute their mikes? There's a lot like closing arguments come in. Home. There's testimony that's plenty. I love what I see chase people and they like pull up to the videos, the body cams when they pull up to an event and they fucking slam it and then they go to jump out of the car and their seatbelt isn't even done. He's going to die well before me and I'm going to enjoy the last twenty years of my life. Did he hit his head? Yeah, just in a hall. Let's do it. The Barbecue Hook Cookoff, obviously, if you're down here in North Carolina, it says hogs will be delivered the night before and teams will spend the night preparing and cooking for the day's competition. So that's the thing. Yeah. So they just assumed they were praying. How else would stuff? So every time you buy a pack of cigarettes for another five dollars, I could be smoking crack. Too much, Sylvia, like the country singer Sylvia. If you do that upside down, I think it might work. This whole thing. I am Mowamba and Minister right here. Like you're the prosecutor. The chicken nuggets just came out a couple of years ago and I'm pretty good. Oh, Donna, does that look like a woman who you'd go, oh, man, she's a wild and crazy lady. Friday, March 3, 2023. Sixteen hundred square feet. So stuff Elastica trying to get weed. So to find another person who was into that would be like I would have been like, I don't give a shit if I'm attracted to you or not. It's not real nice. DURHAM, N.C. The Durham Police Department is investigating two fatal shootings that occurred in a 24-hour span less than a mile apart. Nothing no more. Yeah, Linda Lingle, Mungo down there, went to Cuba to play ball there. Yeah. I mean, I don't know if he would want to. This is Marjorie. And then he paused and these to the psychologist that he looked at him and grinned and said, ah, I could kill him. No. And he almost died. He said that stuff manipulate manipulated both Dan and Donna and Donna, quote, like puppets on a string, on a gay jizz covered string, on a gay, just a jizz rope, just dope punches can't climb because it's slippery, which is rope. My friend opens for him. Oh, no, we need to do this. So just give it to ten, fifteen years. She wears Don and wears, like dresses down to her ankles, you know what I mean? I got to fix this. So he wants to be with your wife. My name is James Petraglia. Is he OK? But this is going to be perfect. Yeah. So it's easier to call him by his middle name. They said that his wife confronted Donna with the fact that they were aware of all this type of shit. Let's just think about it logically. Yeah. A $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading up to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the murder of a 31-year-old Clinton man found dead on Feb. 8. Three times. That what it is. That's a problem. So I have been banging dudes the entire time we've been married, entire time we've known each other. Yeah. What do you think? Weird church talk. Heather Shahd Ryan Gola NIAC. I don't really want to do that. But who was killed? It's like a full day of church, by the way. Why do you have a canceled why do you have a check from Raleigh Motel? Oh my God. Come on back. So there Tatz testimony. And then when that doesn't work, we're going to work with we're going to work with them. And hopefully that makes you feel good. Oh, yeah. And if you just want to be a producer, get a shout out. So July 12th, nineteen eighty four stuff is released from the hospital and now we bring in our next character. Cheri Matthews wrote that. Yes. This is awesome. Let's let's get her story and see what she says. And you don't even know could if it could be anybody at this point then we'll tell you next week. Look at this conspiracy murder plot that I have here. He is the stuff in it, in their God. The dad said that one of the investigators read a letter written by his son in which Danny revealed his fear of and hatred for Carl Edward. You know, I got some stuff, a waffle going on right now. Oh, rubber match like it's a three game series, but I'm on board. Amanda Jurnee. WebClinton: North Carolina: 6. The prosecution could enforce their agreement with him, but that's none of your fucking business. I said, Donna, do you think Karl could have done this? Two hundred people watched her as. If you haven't listened to the show yet, give it a shot. Now, one lady said that she was, quote, a classy lady, a model mother, and was very devoted to her husband. Forty five minutes. He's anyway. Why not all that? ABC7 Eyewitness News CORONA, Calif. -- An armed carjacking suspect is leading police on a chase that took a twisted turn when he attempted to shoot at officers. So the do brick, the therapist, he said that stuff was depressed after the visit and was sure that Donna still loved him and wanted to be with him stuff. That's what that I know they don't, but that's what it sounds like. That's believable. Kelly Draco. Happy birthday, Cameron. Christine Rigney Christian would no last name. He's a fucking liar. Yeah. So they're doing great. The other was like, OK. And then I think it went like that. Clause. They're mayor is treating everyone like his children. But we are going to do it just like we're going to pretend like our studio that we film it in is a theater. Laughs This is this is nineteen ninety eight. Just go and you just go. Oh thank God. This is happening to a guy I know. If you were in. Leslie Moore, Jacob Haberfield, Blake Lux, Amanda Ward, Katie Morrison, Ryley Walker and Brahe Bryson Oleynik, Fire Starter Pizza. And that's exactly what happened. I never was a church person. 41-year-old Curtis Clinton was arrested. He one he fixed a lot of it is the mechanics of that one's got that all taken care of fucking in a motel room he's got to cover done. And this is a five week trial. Yeah, that's scary. Also, listen to crime and sports if you have a good week to start this week. It's Yeah of course it's not. They choose not. So sometimes you got to relieve your friends, your fantasy in plain sight when that guy jerked off his friend. Fake him out. And they said the first impression was that there was some sort of religious thing, like they were praying together. I don't think it was like we're going to go fuck in the motel room because we're we both have homosexual feelings. Yeah. So he, his wife is the church organist as well. And they were like, yeah, that's how court works. So that's the question. So he asked Gerald Junior Star. Stuff will start to Kelada, like we said. Yeah, but still. And she said she mentioned nothing about herself. He kept on he kept on and said that this would be my way of getting even with Dan, which she said at first she resisted, but then she gave in. The next one though I was really blown away by here. Nicole Hodgson. We have for you the Clinton North Carolina real estate report. Definitely Jimmy Real I think. She wasn't didn't want to do it, but he coerced her into into having sexual intercourse three different times by threatening to tell the community about Dan's bisexuality and also insinuating threats against her children. Stand on the stand on your. Mungo. Danny's parents, Wolfboy, man, they can't believe that. Fuck it. Eighty four. This man may bang my wife and I'll raise any child that comes of this if he if he would. He's he said that he first learned his son had homosexual tendencies a few weeks after the murder. How wonderful this town is and sound. Not that there's a bad one to choose, but this wow. The children are crying hysterically obviously about this. Or George Thorogood lyrics. And, you know, killing you seems to be an option. There's never a year when it's like town ended that year and this is folded in 1820 to Gotham. And if you don't like this week, then you're probably not going to like the shot because it's a it's a good shot. Or at least the at least the son thought he would be one of the two. Have you ever seen the staircase? So now you tell me all about you. And the housing is the low thing. Sure. Oh boy. Well, we fucking make great weird al thing going on here. And then Carl said that he would like to drown Dan right there. I know. I really I really left the studio that night going know I really want to keep I wish we were doing only that every day. Yeah. Give it a shot. And then, ma'am, your husband's right there, right there, literally asking me to kill that guy. Great trade. So she said he was in on it. You got to register your car. And it's a job killer. Chris Garver. Yeah, well, what was I thinking? Maybe if you kind of shake your ass, you sing them hip hop videos where they make it clap. Really. For a while they lived in Wayas Cave, Virginia, the cave. Kathryn Cawley says she donated. So he's got to temper, yank and drag him. The transmission loved her for that. He's that Frazey this is and this is May eight. They choose not to. Jeremy Eggleston Eggleston Austin chocker coach or coach. Like four people. That's what he said while making up for the two knives, just to be hard for one person to beat, stab, cut throat with two knives. This one is wild! He did it. The murder conviction in the North Carolina appeals court overturns the murder conviction on the second degree, not the conspiracy, but the second degree murder conviction and but said her conspiracy should stand. I mean, I always tell the truth, which is the standard. The defense argues that the case against her should not be treated as a capital case. Virion Choice. Stuff of what the shit the week before also is a letter written by stuff to Donna on August 8th. Yeah. A car show the quote, all lightning rods, antique car show, oh ballboy will be held at the Clinton city market. WebCrime in Clinton, North Carolina (NC): murders, rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries, thefts, auto thefts, arson, law enforcement employees, police officers, crime map All But then he didn't do it because this is while he was in the hospital. And then the chocolate. Yeah, yeah. Maybe the buckets follow that they pass. OK, so she said, well, I don't have to have it tonight. It's all church. And then he says, quote, We went back to my house and showered. Yeah and stuff. No, it's country music. Within a few days of the triple murders, the police had a suspect in custody. So the Emmanuel Baptist Church, he's the minister of music fucking rock and just want to be like outflux because, yeah, of course, I have to let Mr. Amusia hang out and everything. Yeah. And you're going to get lots of bonus episodes, though, over everywhere are all over there at on dotcom slash crime and sports bonus episodes last week, Crime and Sports Bonus. But they had to make you know, they also didn't want to demonize the victim, obviously, because that's not what the prosecutors are going for and not what we're going for. So this is a completely honest guy, is just a locksmith. Yeah. All that would be that and you know, problem solved. That's what's available. So he hasn't been the same since. Staff reports - February 27, 2023. Kjellaug off that. Sarah Jones. You were so I know you, you were so your tongue was like don't say don't say don't stay, don't say stuff Markovitch don't stay, don't say it. You don't know what you're doing anyway. So they believe him when he says, I just waited in McDonald's, he gets full immunity to testify against Stoffel. And I need to know everything. Oh, stuff. I want to show him he was fucking great. He made up an explanation. That's fine. Oh, Steve, thank you so much. Oh, no. We are in. Yeah. Right. Jesus Jesus Christ. Next small town murder bonus show will be the worst. I don't know if I bet, but I think I'd love to ask him to make some fucking parodies of his own music. He's going to say, if you can get upside down, that would be ideal. They have barbers, which is the hair side of that. Melissa Perrin McCord Brickell Key Sardy, Christy Rainer, Katy Clark, Lila Cummings, Skylar Adam Mansky, Adam Adam Saeki, Adamski Adamski. This is a comedy show and I do the disclaimer. She said, quote, I asked her. And that's how other people know that she hears stuff here. Oh. And the husband apparently found them in the act. We missed the whole career, Jim. Bob Davis. Violent crimes in Clinton are 248% higher than the national average. Don't you think that my friend's not feeling so good I let him take a run at my wife. His story. I'm doing that. One's got a little curlicue on his head. So that's a weird thing he said on the drive back. Oppression and incarceration could have an effect on her competence to stand trial later and on her ability to assist in her own defense if she were freed on bond, however, she would not put herself in danger or represent a danger to others. We can't do without you. You ruin the transmission, then took a second to take your seatbelt off. You know, just see, you know, maybe you can put it to music. This is what we're supposed to be doing, which is very well aware that he's not involved in the ladies. That's all I'm saying. The prosecution opening here. By the way, Crime and Sports Bonus was personal ads from the seventies and eighties. It almost looked like a science lab. Yeah. What the hell is happening? Well, you know what? No, figure this out for that person could need help. Well let's hope not. Here's a picture of her being carted out on a stretcher. Not the beards make it but an eighty five. Dan brought it up to him first. So he said, yeah, don't do either of those things right. Yeah. I can see it. They believe that he wasn't there, that they're going to it's more convenient for them to believe he wasn't there. So what do you care? We're going to prepare them. I mean, it's not me. Are you telling you to. Yeah, they they sound like Dr. Seuss characters. I think that'll lighten the mood up. Head over to shut up and give me murder dotcom right now, tons of merchandise and all that stuff. Read more 0 Sandford House Fayetteville, North Carolina 31.6 miles from Clinton, NC That he was, he's like, well I have a wife and kids but I'm also gay. Yeah. Always read the label. Like a cop, basically. I miss Toby already man. Obviously, this is wrong here. Yeah. Yeah. He's like 22. Single with children is actually like twice as much as normal in here, which is strange and single with no children is also higher. I'm next to understand why a gets the run of the place is his mind Ciskei. So you go kill the guy and I'll go out with a fuck nose, you know, and that'll come out that he's been he has like boyfriends and shit. No, I would say not. Oh, check it out. Clinton Police officials called the fatal shooting of Fulton Junior Oates, 31, a targeted act of violence and not random. You know, they're not made for shooting the minister of music in a church parking lot, fucking nutcases not to be used in a church parking lot. Yeah. Is it like wires w e y e are y and some by somebody like somebody's name wire had a cave. He knows more about this people, but took tests. And turned around and went back toward Dan and the children. Absolutely. I think I've already bent over backwards. I mean, it's just that thing, strangest scene ever that belongs in this thing.