Replacing a single wheel bearing of Sonic typically takes 1 to 2 hours for an experienced mechanic. Theyre generally normal wear items that will wear as the car ages. Brakes make a crunching or thumping noise Second opinion] 2012 chevy sonic. Its not a breakdown risk, but you can still end up stranded if the wheel bearing or suspension component causing the hum fails. Uneven roads with potholes, bumps, and dirt tracks often affect wheel bearing. Bad wheel bearings and bad tires have a similar sound. If they are replaced at the same time, this saves time and money. Some all-terrain tires also make a lot of noise that is noticeable in the vehicles cabin. If your Sonics stereo is making a whining noise, it is usually caused by an alternator whine condition. You can remedy axle seal failure by pulling out the damaged seal using a seal puller and replacing it. If the noise is only present while driving it is likely related to the drivetrain. It's when there is no play and the wheel bearing is bad that it is harder to diagnose. I just bought a 2006 quad cab chevy silverado 1500 with 39500 miles. It sounds like a truck, idling on the street in front your house. Are you still within your powertrain warranty? High impacts on the bearings also occur on uneven roads or when driving through potholes. It puts you in danger since it is prone to cause an accident. Only the power steering pump will change with RPM or the steering wheel. Feb 27, 2023. In this case, you should replace the hydraulic booster fluid with one that would not freeze in low temperatures, and it is also recommended to revise the pump to prevent its breakdown. Or, it could be a situation where it is having a hard time disengaging. A rare case of humming noise, especially at certain engine RPM can be caused by the fact that the exhaust pipe is not fixed in its place, and will touch other car elements. A professional mechanic can swiftly diagnose the problem for you. Threw up a couple codes and no water pump wasnt the problem. If you can do so where no other traffic is around, get the noise to happen, then steer the car side to side, not real quick but sort of like going through a slalom course. To get out of this situation, you just need to replace the winter tires with summer tires. Take a look behind the wheels. Different model years have different coverages. Use the table above and noise recordings to make fixing your car easier. The first indication is the noise, which manifests in humming, squealing, or groaning sound, increasing with speed. These put a lot of strain and elevated friction on the bearings causing them to produce humming noises from the engine. The most common symptoms of a bad wheel bearing in Chevy Sonic are grinding or humming noise, knocking or clunking noise when cornering, shaking steering wheel, body vibration, uneven or abnormal tire wear, play in wheel, and vehicle pulls to one side when driving in a straight line. The following suspension issues usually cause cupping: If you find cupping on the inside tread of your Sonics tire, suspect an issue with the wheel alignment. We have a 2015 Chevrolet Sonic! Therefore, all wheel bearings eventually fail. And though the leak could be coming from other car fluids, you may know if the low transmission fluid is the cause through these symptoms: Having low transmission fluid can be caused by: If the issue is with the torque converter or a damaged transmission gasket, you should replace them with new ones. Therefore, all wheel bearings eventually fail. You can usually tell if a wheel weight fell off. It was the PVC pressure bladder That's built in to the valve cover. When looking for the reason, you should always start with the most obvious cause, faulty wheel bearing or damaged tire. Depending on the car, they may not require attention for more than 100,000 miles. Failure to install the bearings as per the manufacturers instructions will likely cause problems. Heres what a bad wheel bearing sounds like: A bad wheel bearing can cause a humming sound. If you turn on the AC and immediately hear a rattling noise, there are a few potential causes: Compressor: If your AC compressor is beginning to fail, it can make a rattling noise. That is RIDICULOUS, Cheryl. Transmission gasket pan damage or failure. Air escaping through a leak can also cause a distinct humming noise. Tires that are cupped or scalloped have uneven tread wear across the tire. If low-pitched humming noise is coming from under the body of your Chevy Sonic, through the floor, it could indicate a problem with the transmission. If its cupped badly enough, youll feel the unevenness. Driving with a faulty CV joint can cause your CV joint to be completely damaged. If it gets too low on fluid, itll whine a lot. Due to the complexity and sheer manual labor, it is not recommended as a DIY project. Push the accelerator pedal, gently raising the engine rpm. Rust in the exhaust system is caused by moisture obtained from the chemical reactions and rain. A defective wheel bearing is a very common reason your Sonic will make a humming noise while driving. Sometimes other symptoms may also appear, a knocking noise when cornering, and vibrations in the steering wheel or the whole body. Generations 5 & 6 Malibu, Years 1997- 2007, Gen 5 & 6 Problems/Service Issues/Troubleshooting. Even when driving your Sonic in a straight line, the bearings have to absorb high radial forces. It is more difficult to diagnose the condition of the wheel bearing for four-wheel-drive cars. Noises that are related to the drive belt will often get louder with higher RPMs but are not affected by vehicle speed. A damaged power steering pump can also be responsible for a humming noise. In any case, it is advisable for laypersons to visit a workshop. This could be a small leak in the exhaust system or air intake system. Right around the 35mph mark and up into the 60's and 70's it's OBVIOUS. You can tell that the transmission is overheating if you notice a burning smell. We are an open source collective powered by our users. Off-road and winter tires are particularly noisy at high speed because of how much air passes through the aggressive tread patterns. At an advanced stage of internal deterioration, the defective wheel bearing can cause knocking or clunking noises, particularly when turning or cornering in your Chevy Sonic. I remember it the exact same way. If the wheel sounds gritty and is hard to turn, you likely found the humming sounds cause. Gear slippage. The most common sources of manual transmission noises include: Low fluid level. Jack up each wheel and spin it freely. Poor installation. Jimmy, Making it work 15K views 1 year ago Top 5 Reasons Your Car is Shaking or Vibrating - Symptoms and Fixes. The faster you drive your vehicle, the louder the humming noise gets. With Sodium Hydroxide. You will want to check it for color and metal content. The first step we take in identifying the noise is to take the car for a test drive. It's when there is no play and the wheel bearing is bad that it is harder to diagnose. On average, the cost for a Chevrolet Sonic Hissing noise when brake pedal is depressed Inspection is $95 with $0 for parts and $95 for labor. Wheel bearings in Chevy Sonic are one of the most crucial and stressed components. This can cause a ticking noise as the object that is stuck rotates around the wheel and then touches the road. Brakes make a crunching or thumping noise when pressed when I start driving and takes a while to stop. Unplugging the alternator from the wiring harness should stop the noise. This is easily resolved by tightening the screws. Your Chevy Sonics starter may not fully engage with the flywheel/flexplate. Once a good ground is restored, it should go away. Worn or failing synchronizer. If the wheel sounds gritty and is hard to turn, you likely found the humming sounds cause. Whining or humming. Hello, I'm Drago, the cofounder, and writer here at We've also provided an audio sample of each issue to help determine what's causing the hum. Possible reasons for hum noise in the car. None of these components fail due to any fault of the driver. You can suspect fluid leakage and check for a trail underneath the car. Usually it doesn't happen unless the car has been driven some distance and is completely warmed up, with or without the a/c having been used. Hofbrauhaus: Buzzing.great atmosphere - See 30,697 traveler reviews, 19,395 candid photos, and great deals for Munich, Germany, at Tripadvisor. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The first step in learning how to listen to your transmission is true for any component of any car. There are also a lot of moving parts that need to be removed and then properly reinstalled to complete the task. The wear of the rear axle reducer can be caused by a low oil level in the transmission or because the oil is worn, and if the transmission itself has problems. If only the rear wheel bearings are defective, the vibration is mostly felt from under the seats. Determining when the noise is at its worst helps pinpoint which side the failing wheel bearing or other drivetrain component is on. In such cases, resetting the onboard computers can sometimes help resolve the issue. Images in mirrors look distorted at high speed. It is normal operation. The most frequent and common engine noise comes from drive belts. Weve outlined the most common reasons why a humming noise in your car gets louder with speed. This is particularly true when you first start the vehicle. Second sign is that the noise changes when cornering, which varies depending on the steering angle and thereby increases or decreases: a hum when turning left, for example, usually indicates a defective wheel bearing on the right-hand side and vice versa. The most common causes for humming noise in Chevy Sonic at high speeds are bad wheel bearing, uneven tire wear and using tires with large tread blocks. Then, soak the inside of the converter using a spray bottle. Damage to the wheel bearing is not easy to notice in the preliminary stages, as the noise is barely noticeable. If you want to extend the differential life, you should regularly service it. All of your engine accessories will change their wine depending upon the RPM. Jack up your Chevy Sonic until the wheel can move freely. If the bearing from the water pump is worn out this will trigger a hum in the engine compartment. Wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. If you have a rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive car then the humming noise can be caused by a worn-out rear axle reducer, especially if the noise is heard from the back of the car. The noise may also change depending on how fast youre driving or how much youre turning the steering wheel. It can tell you a lot about the health of your transmission. A bent or wobbling pulley can cause the serpentine belt to make noise. You can easily replace damaged bearings without seeking professional help. Weve outlined the most common reasons why a humming noise in your car gets louder with speed. SOLVED! Youll likely see the spot where the wheel bearing was. If they fail, hum and vibration may be heard in the operation of such systems, and they will need to be completely changed. Run your hand along the tread. In the event of emergency braking, this has a negative effect on the braking distance and the steerability of the vehicle. 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Low fluid levels cause friction in the transmission, causing them to overheat and generate the hum. You can fix it by cleaning the convertor off the contaminants. If the noise is only present while driving it is likely related to the drivetrain. Therefore a bad wheel bearing must be replaced as soon as possible when symptoms first appear. Show example Chevrolet Sonic Noise from engine or exhaust Inspection prices Your car's engine makes quite a racket. But, you can quickly know by steering the wheel to either side, like when changing lanes. The recommendation is to check the problem and replace the whole fluid, and not complete the old one. Check the fluid level and fill it back up to the factory fill line. Over time, the catalytic converter can become damaged, overheated, or even have rust. To clean the catalytic converter with sodium hydroxide, you'll first need to remove it from the vehicle. If you frequently drive your Sonic on bad roads with lots of potholes, drive over curbs with force or drive quickly around corners, the service life of the wheel bearings is significantly reduced. Front and rear differentials improve handling. This humming sound will change with the engines RPM. If your Chevy Sonic has a humming noise at high speed, it can be distracting and, depending on the cause, dangerous. The reason you are hearing humming sounds in your car could be because the exhaust system has problems. Clunking or rattling. 2008-2010 Pontiac G3, G6, Vibe, Wave. If your Sonic has a worn wheel bearing, the sound will be slightly more high-pitched than a tire issue (you can play that sound below). The wear of the rear axle reducer can be caused by a low oil level . Damaged boot clamps Your CV boots are kept in place by boot clamps. Weve also provided an audio sample of each issue to help determine whats causing the hum. The contact stated that the engine made an abnormal noise and the engine overheated. Grinding or low-pitched humming sounds can be a sign of wear and failing parts. and can be more prone to cupping on a vehicle with worn suspension or imperfect wheel balance or alignment. Alexanders Import Auto Repair Sometimes driving accentuates noises that are heard while idling. Most of the humming sounds become louder when you accelerate. For components like the power steering system and transmission, clean fluid can go a long ways towards ensuring these components last for the life of the car, if not longer! However you should not hurry in replacing the bearings as sometimes the symptoms can be caused by something else, for example tire cupping (type of uneven wear) can also cause humming noise inside the cabin. Checking it requires you to be under the car and some mechanical skills. A failing alternator can also make your cars stereo hum while driving. Or, you may lose some functionality such as the power steering if the power steering pump fails, or air conditioning if the compressor fails. When the differential is faulty, you have a hard time going around a corner. Home Troubleshooting Chevy Sonic makes humming noise at high speeds causes and how to fix it. These components all move or spin while youre driving. As you're driving and you begin to hear knocking sounds that emit from the rear or the front wheels- as you drive over potholes, cracks or even bumps on the road- then you can trace the issue to stabilizer links. If you see any flecks of metal on there, it will probably need to be serviced. Like in the case of a damaged wheel bearing and low transmission oil level, the sound is louder. Bad wheel bearing A defective wheel bearing can be the cause of humming noise in your Chevy Sonic. It's making a whirling/humming noise coming from the passenger side. Thats a great indication that it is probably the power steering pump making noise. If its partially failed this will mean that the engine temperature, including the coolant temperature, will be above normal, so you will have to be careful and change the bearing or the entire pump as soon as possible. Catalytic convertors overheat due to the exhaust systems excessive amount of unburned fuel or gasses. Since a bad wheel bearing can affect the alignment of the vehicle, your Sonic will pull to one side when driving in a straight line. Wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. You can usually tell if a wheel weight fell off. They are responsible for stable driving behavior and, depending on the version, provide the wheel speed information for the anti-lock braking system. Worn or damaged shafts. Many car problems create the humming sound, and knowing which problem youre dealing with is essential to fix it. It picks up at the exact point where you can see what cupped tread looks like. The increased heat may break down and eventually expel the lubricant, leading to premature failure of the bearing. If you continue driving your Sonic with a bad wheel bearing for months, in worse case scenario the wheel can lock up while driving or even fall off. Mechanic's Assistant: Is it just the ABS light? The entire weight of the vehicle rests on the bearings. If this sound is not limited to passing the first gear and keep going when you drive and shift other gears. Tires that are cupped or scalloped have uneven tread wear across the tire. This could be a small leak in the exhaust system or air intake system. Often problems with these hoses were observed in Mercedes-Benz cars with the Active Body Control feature. I can really hear it well when I let go of the gas since the engine quiets down. This usually gives the technician an idea of whereto look. This could be a. Usually only happens when your Sonic is in gear. Poor road conditions. Elaborately designed seals ensure that neither water nor dirt can enter the wheel bearing. If you have difficulty changing gears, maybe shifting too late or even too soon, you might want to check the transmission fluid levels. 0. If it is even a little bit out of alignment, itll be enough to cause a whining noise. With uneven tire wear, you may also notice: If your Sonics wheels are not correctly balanced, it can cause a humming noise when driving. If your Chevy Sonic is experiencing a whining noise, determining where and when the noise is happening is coming from is key to diagnosing and tracking down the cause. You can hear it when you're outside, but it. Messages. $99.99. This sound may be a sign of a slackened belt, in which case the tensioner roller or its wear and tear may be responsible. Here are the most likely causes of a vehicle whining when starting: Your Sonics serpentine belt turns all of the engine accessories. Slow or hanging shifts. Check out additional info on a bad or failing wheel bearing. Low oil level in transmission whether your car has a manual or automatic transmission can cause a humming noise when driving. I gained a lot of experience in this field and I like to share important tips and tricks. The drivetrain includes the transmission. If the transmission fluid is leaking, you will notice a red fluid with a slippery consistency under your car. Sometimes driving accentuates noises that are heard while idling. Let the cat sit for 20 minutes or longer so the chemicals have time to work. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. opiumized 7 yr. ago Thanks. And when we press on the gas the car shakes and rattles and vibrated a lot! If you had the patience to read the entire article, you realized that there are quite a few parts that can cause humming noise. One way to do this is by disconnecting the car battery for about 15 minutes. The common causes of uneven tire wear are unbalanced wheels, improper wheel alignment, overinflated or underinflated tires, and worn suspension or steering parts. However, the noise resembles more of a crackle and it can also be heard when you are in a turn. You can check it by driving at low speed on uneven roads or swinging the car. Low Transmission Fluid Low transmission fluid in the engine can cause humming noises when driving. If your car tires are unbalanced, the strain you put on the wheel bearings will take a toll on them.