Please refer to the For further information please see our information on deposits. feedback relating to the assessment, which may have misled you to attain a low mark, then you may be Keele. Exam conduct. If you have evidence to suggest that you have experienced an irregularity in the conduct, guidance and/or @cardiffuni. Examination boards. The University collects a range of data from applicants during the application process, including: The University does not use sensitive personal data to inform its decision-making process. Here you will find all the If an applicant accepts the alternative offer this will be processed, and confirmation sent to the applicant accordingly. If your first two attempts at this assessment took place before 16th March 2020, this may be considered If your repeat is deemed to be a further 1st attempt, it will not be capped. If you fail your final attempt at the module, you may be withdrawn @UWTSD. and Funding Advice Team may be able to advise you if this is the case. If you have a Tier 4 visa, it is only valid for study as an international student. Find out more about how you can request a copy of your personal data held by the University. doctors, tutors, police, School or University You will normally only be required to attend modules you have failed. For Medicine (MBBCh) and Dentistry (BDS) programmes, we will not be able to accept any applications received after the 15 October deadline. Cardiff University's Extenuating Circumstances policy and procedure allows students who are not able to attend examinations or meet assessment deadlines to "defer" assessments. It also seeks to address any disruption caused by the two bouts of University College Union (UCU) strike action which . 90 days is too long, how can I speed this up? If you have studied in the past and you have used your additional year of funding, you would be entitled to a maintenance loan only for your repeat year. A late appeal needs to be submitted in writing to your Head of Student Cases. Additionally, if you want further professional, legal advice to support your appeal, you may be able to We have dividedthe information and resources you need into the pages below. Repeating as aninternal studentmeans you will not progress to the next level of your course and you are required to attend lectures, seminars and tutorials as you did the first time you studied the modules. received from your School, or to contact your School for clarification. grounds. and you have not yet received your formal results, you will see that a message comes up explaining this. For further information and enquiries, please use our online form to ask a question. appeal a result that you are not happy with, and you should not be in receipt of prejudice or 50.00 administration fee. Queen's University Belfast: One subject may be resat and the grade requirement for that subject will also go up, i.e. View document Download document (PDF, 963.7 KB) This document also outlines our approach to varying arrangements to programmes and research opportunities in exceptional circumstances. made available on the Transcripts section of your SIMS account. Cardiff University was ranked as one of the world's top 166 Universities, reaching #22 in the world for Communication & Media Studies, #46 for Architecture/Built Environment, #55 for Pharmacy & Pharmacology, and #58 for Psychology, in addition to English Language & Literature, Dentistry, Nursing, and Social Policy & Administration all ranking in the top 100 according to the QS World . Thisincludes Medicine and Dentistry students in an NHS funded year. We The University of Aberdeen is a charity registered in Scotland . oes dim yn gynwysedig yma yn gorchymyn am nwyddau neu wasanaeth 16th March 2020, the resit number will remain at attempt two and the mark will remain capped at the pass The vocational stage: a postgraduate Bar course (see more about the new Bar courses . You can submit an Academic Appeal for assessments that took place in a previous academic year, however This will be determined by the availability of places on the programme. The minimum undergraduate requirement is a 2.2, but you're realistically likely to need at least a 2.1. We would advise you to confirm the cost of an external repeat year on this page of the Student Intranet. resilience. Repeating a year may affect your sponsorship. . You will not receive student funding (e.g. University of Sheffield: Yes, resits are accepted, but there can only be one resit per A level. Current PhD candidate @ University of Cambridge, researching Biomechanics of Traumatic Brain Injury.<br><br>First Class integrated masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University with exchange semester at San Francisco State University and Year in Industry at Williams Formula 1. Copyright Cardiff University. characteristic we would advise you to mention this in your appeal. Arguably the most important information should appear on the front page: this tells you whether you are able to progress to the next academic year, or graduate from your programme, whether you are required to repeat any assessments, or whether you have been withdrawn. As a student at Cardiff University you are a consumer of a service. However, very rarely, errors will occur due to system failure or human error. or services unless accompanied by an official order, Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd, wedii gofrestru yng Nghymru. Transcript. Policy governing Open Access publication, to provide free and open access to publicly funded research. Cardiff University is a well-known UK university with a rich history dating back to the late 19th century. If you are not happy with their response, contactStudent Advice. When submitting a late appeal, you need to The role of the Director of Recruitment and Admissions is to take responsibility for the setting of School entry requirements. All applicants are advised to read our criminal convictions policy, procedure and guidance. Additional re-takes (i.e. 1.3 Additional criteria . For Ground 1 Appeals: the error should be amended and any decision on progression or award should be The full Cardiff University CCTV code of practice. Cardiff University must now respond to the coroner by January 5 2022 explaining what action will be taken or else explaining why they will not be taking any action. This may not be the case if you submitted extenuating circumstances for the assessment in question, which If you believe your studies have been effected by extenuating circumstances relating to a protected The final confirmation decision will be notified to the applicant by the body to which the application was initially submitted, either UCAS or the University. Applicants wishing to defer admission for a longer period will be required to reapply. Cardiff states that its interview questions are designed to test: whether you can think on your feet. Friday 16 June 2023. departments) to obtain this evidence for you. Who should I tell if I have student services approved extra exam provision and by what date? Find out more about the International Office. Further informaation is available on the University's intranet page. academic judgement. If this is study. Welcome to the Academic Appealwebpages of the Students' Union website. email and made available on the Transcripts section of your SIMS account. higher mark. The time-limit for a full-time student to complete their Programme is no more than 2 years beyond the approved duration of the Programme. characteristic, Academic Why is there a deadline for the extra examination provision form? The University assesses fee status strictly in accordance with the guidance provided by the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA); further information is available in our section on resolving fee queries. Using the Academic Appeals procedure you can request purely academic remedies. This is not because they are the only qualifications that we will accept but because they are the qualifications most frequently searched. After 19 years it's time for something new in a disciplinary sense, even if the . Retakes can only ever get a maximum of 40%. Before starting their studies with Cardiff University all applicants must register with the University using the online enrolment system. Whether or not your repeat assessment will be capped depends on what attempt number the repeat will be deemed to be. If you believe that you have an appropriate reason to appeal, but it does not coincide August resits. Resit fees. Academic Handbook. We're committed to the highest standards of ethics and conduct in our administration, organisational policy, and behaviour, and to open, effective, and efficient communication, in compliance with consumer law. discrimination for doing so. A postgraduate student is normally permitted two attempts to achieve the award of credit in a module (a first attempt and a re-assessment attempt). It is our mission to pursue research, learning, and teaching of international distinction and impact. Throughout the course, there will be continuous feedback given to students to help improve understanding, knowledge and performance of medical practice. If you are studying full time but repeating part time, you would usually still receive your full funding for the year. This should be used as a general guide and some programmes may have more detailed or specific entry requirements which will be reflected in your offer. It is not possible to request a re-mark, or second opinion on the marking of your assessment. Cardiff . We appreciate that repeating the year can seem quite daunting, especially when you are unsure what this means. It aims to ensure that students, staff, visitors, and all others associated with the University are treated with dignity, respect, and equity, regardless of inappropriate distinctions such as age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy, maternity, race, religion, belief, sex and sexual orientation (as identified under the Equality Act 2010 as protected characteristics). I have just received my result, when can I appeal? the case, you may be given an opportunity to resit, with a view to improving your passed mark. Where an applicant does not meet the entry requirements for their selected programme of study but where an applicant meets the requirement for a related programme of entry the University will write to an applicant to offer the alternative choice. The Examining Board cannot increase your marks as a result of your extenuating circumstances. If you need further student finance because youhave compelling personal reasons, you could be entitled to further funding. Disciplinary procedure for Grades 5 and above is listed in our Statute and Ordinances (See Statute XV, Part III, and Ordinance 12) Dignity at work and study policy. Your school will need to approve any such request. You may be able to appeal the decision by using theAcademic Appeals Procedure. 16th March 2020, the resit number will remain at attempt one and the mark will remain uncapped. If this is a course of action that you need to pursue please contact an Your transcript may say that you have to repeat internally or externally, but it may give you the choice. Applications forrepeat NHS fundingis not guaranteed. appeal. It intends to ensure that students' academic achievements are not affected by the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic since March 16, 2020. Entrants will typically have to achieve appropriate academic and/or professional qualifications and have a language qualification that meets the entry requirements for their programme of study. Sunderland: We accept A-Level resits under certain circumstances. Find out more about our Widening Access and Retention strategy. For those offer holders for whom the 2020 examinations were their first resits, we will consider the circumstances surrounding A Levels in 2020 to be sufficient disrupted studies to consider the Summer 2021 examinations taken as a re-resit. For International students can find out more aboutre-sitting or repeating as an external studenton the ISS intranet page. Applicants who apply by the UCAS equal consideration deadline will receive full and equal consideration. The resit fees are: 2.00 per credit (ie 20.00 for a 10 credit module), plus. An exception to this may be if you are on a professional programme. tool to help you write and structure your appeal effectively. What honorary title holders are required to do, the rules they must abide by. Information on our current Employers' Liability insurance. Cardiff University Students' Union, registered in Wales. It focuses on preparing you for the demands of a medical career, placing a particular emphasis on working as part of a multidisciplinary team and understanding the compassion needed to work with patients. You will not be given a student card, or normally have access to the library or computers. These include UCAS in relation to the undergraduate applications, UK Visas and Immigration where information declared may be used to falsely obtain entry into the UK, and the relevant UK police force in relation to matters of serious fraud and deception. Where an applicant has failed to achieve the conditions of their offer, the application will be referred to the relevant academic selector(s) for a decision about whether the offer can be confirmed on the basis of the qualifications achieved or attainment of non-academic conditions. As I have missed one of my Autumn exams in January due to an extenuating circumstance I will have to take a resit for that module in August. If your appeal related to successful appeal. Requests for feedback must be submitted by the applicant to Admissions in writing within 28 days of the decision being made. If you are concerned that the number of permitted attempts has been calculatedincorrectly,you shouldcontact your Academic School in the first instance. Student Advice had generated this Appeals This is an important consideration because, if you repeat externally, you will only repeat the failed elements of your repeat module(s). Please be aware that if your exam results require you to repeat the year as an external student, you will have the option to request to repeat as an internal student during the online enrolment process. Where a qualification you are taking is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact the admissions team who will be able to provide you with advice and guidance on whether the qualification you are studying/have studied is suitable for direct entry onto your chosen programme and, where possible, typical entry requirements for that qualification. You will be charged a pro-rata amount for each module you are required to repeat. Students sitting deferred examinations as part of the August exam diet will not be liable for a fee for those exams but must register in advance. Training will address legal and external constraints, including equality and diversity legislation. Staff involved in these activities will receive training to ensure that they are conducted in compliance with legal requirements and the Universitys Equality and Diversity policy. Your School Finance Officer might also be able to assist you. Logging in to Cardiff University confirms that you accept and agree to be bound by these regulations. be independent and support all elements of your argument. if you have already applied for student funding as if you were progressing on your course. Further information about the support available to applicants to whom it has made an offer. Procedures outlining the action to be taken when an allegation of misconduct in academic research is brought against a member of staff. We have robust systems and procedures designed to prevent bribery by or of staff and other persons associated with the University. Information on undergraduate tuition fees and postgraduate tuition fees is available on our website, along with information on living costs. An Examining Boardwill withdraw youfrom study if you are unable to complete the programme within the specified time limit. +44 (0)2920 781410. Otherwise your retake in august, or redo the year doing the modules you failed. The 'no detriment' approach is in place for Boards of Examiners to use whenever there is disruption to studies that is unavoidable and significant. If you do not qualify for NHS funding for repeat study, you might be eligible to apply for 'full' financial support via your student finance service. The Academic Appeals process has been designed to allow student to challenge their marks under specified The intranet has information on all aspects of student life with information and resources from across the university, including exams and assessment, digital learning resources, university policies and much more; TalkCampus is a social networking site that brings together students who are going through the same struggles. Does seem a bit of a joke, there was 5 people resitting the exam my mate did and its taken a month to get his . Academic regulations. Too late to appeal: If you miss the 28 day window, you can still submit an Academic Appeal, but you will revised accordingly. You would not usually attend any lectures, seminars and tutorials. Congratulations to Prof Wendy Larner, appointed as the new Vice-Chancellor, President at Cardiff University. For further information, please refer to our Recognition of Prior Learning Policy. Cardiff and Vale College City Centre Campus, Dumballs Road, Cardiff, CF10 5FE +44 (0)2920 250 250 (student & general enquiries) +44 (0)2920 250 350 (business enquiries) . Your Appeal webpages. In your correspondence, you Whether to repeat internally or externally is a big decision which some potentially serious implications either way. Please see more on Fees and Funding below. expedited. appropriate to allow you additional time to provide the evidence. Cardiff University Resit timetable. Where a genuine error has been made in relation to an applicants offer the University reserves the right to amend this where: The University will inform the applicant with details of the error and any mitigating actions being taken. You may find that you are required to resit in the August Resit Period, or in some cases, you may be required to repeat the year. Where extenuating or mitigating circumstances are thought to have affected an applicants performance in examinations, applicants should refer to the Universitys Statement on Mitigating Circumstances. We provide a range of resources, including a series of detailed webpages, info-videos on appeals, and a Find information regarding policies and procedures for safeguarding children and adults at risk. English isn't my first language, can somone write my appeal for me? important that you provide evidence of this too. These policies make up our Information Security Framework. The Academic Appeals Procedure specifically has three grounds under which students can appeal their results. The online form will ask you for all the details needed for an appeal, and will then send you an email No Result Further information on applying is available on our coursefinder pages. Aston. This includes the submission of false or misleading information in support of an application. New entrants to Cardiff University will receive a Welcome to Cardiff Leaflet and brief guide to online enrolment approximately three weeks prior to the start of their programme. It is the role of Professional Services staff to provide expert guidance and support for the Universitys admissions process; to undertake and process decisions based upon the pre-determined entry criteria and to communicate these decisions to applicants. 20.00 registration fee per . The 2020/21 Safety Net Policy is supplementary to the regulations, policies and procedures included in the Academic Regulations Handbook. Reassessment fee for online exams: 20.00 general registration fee. If the School do not resolve are unable to resolve this informally, you can submit a ground one Can I challenge this decision? or services unless accompanied by an official order, Undeb Myfyrwyr Prifysgol Caerdydd, wedii gofrestru yng Nghymru. The Appeals procedure is available for all students of Cardiff University that are unhappy with their Cardiff Metropolitan University. Applicants to Cardiff University can choose to have their correspondence in Welsh or in English. if you have failed an module at the first attempt, the resit attempt number will remain with a word document attachment that contains a draft appeal. Retaking the A-levels is not uncommon. We will accept any 2021 Dentistry offer holders who wish to take an exam in one or more subject on the basis that you reapply for 2022 entry, notifying us that you were a previous 2021 offer holder. MARKETING 123. For example, if you pay 9,000 fees usually, you will be charged 750 per 10 credit you will be repeating. Admissions Tutors are responsible for the timely provision of selection decisions about applications for admission to the Universitys programmes which are not managed by Professional Services or which fall outside the published entry criteria. 1136855 . Please read the admissions policy for undergraduate dental programmes, undergraduate healthcare sciences programmes, or undergraduate medicine programmes for more information. The University supports a range of activities and initiatives aimed at widening access and fostering the Universitys inclusive culture, as identified in theUniversitys Widening Access and Retention Strategy. regarding resits. characteristic accepted, you may have been offered a resit for a passed assessment. The University'sAcademic Regulationsstate; Where a student repeats module(s) as an internal student, the student will attend all teaching and be assessed in the same way as other students taking the module during the session and will undertake all of the assessments elements specified for the module, including any that the student may have passed at a previous attempt.