Knock, knock. Youll need a program that supports PDFs. Caterpillars. Kermit. Whos there? Here are 25 of our favourites. What is a caterpillars favorite dance move? Pair them with our butterfly jokes for even more fun! Jim mind if I come in. Who's there? Alice. Whos there? This morning when I went out it had turned into a spider. Kids will laugh whether the joke is technically funny or not. Given that killer ones have a few parts, it can be tough to remember them over time, especially for kids. Whos there? Q: What did the fortune teller say to the caterpillar? Twit. Unfortunately for you (aka their audience), most kids have a limited supply of gags. Knock, knock.Whos there?Ice cream.Ice cream who?Ice cream all night if youre lucky. Europe who? Knock, knock. You just eat as much as you want and then suddenly poof, you're a butterfly. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Luke. Adore who? 67. Knock, knock. By the end of this post, we hope you chuckled a bit at these funny, kid-friendly butterfly puns and jokes. Q: What did the caterpillar say to the butterfly? I helped my kid put his caterpillar on a parsley plant. If you dont see it check your spam folder! I butterfly away.. Knock, knock. Yukon who? While they may be primarily viewed as childish jokes, they remain popular among humorists of all ages. the girl says: dad I killed a butterfly today Two-knee fish! Knock knock. We have created an entire collection of joke cards for you to print and put in their lunch box! 5. Knock, knockWhos there?Police hurry.Police hurry who?Police hurry up and open the door its freezing out here. Q: Why do butterflies always have good TV reception? Knock, knock. Knock, knock. She said. Knock, knock. Water you doing? Im not a social butterfly. A Monarch. The American asks Pasta salt please! Let me in already! These family-friendly gags will put a smile on everyone's face. I forgot. How could you tell a butterfly is nervous? Whos there? Our Favorite Knock-Knock Jokes for Kids 1. Maybe some day youll recognize me! How could you tell a butterfly is nervous? What kind of room doesn't have doors? Lets go out. Funny knock-knock jokes for all ages. Whether you have a silly toddler, a goofy 2nd grader, or a quirky teen, there's something about silly one-liners and knock-knock jokes that kids can't get enough of. Those who can stay focused and finish a task, and oh, look, a butterfly! Whos there? Howard you like to be knocking for a change? Because pepper makes them sneeze! Who's there? Whos there? 26. A little old lady who? 41. Knock knock. Whos there? Ive got the buns! Lena. Whos there? Mango to the door and just answer it! A herd you were home, so here I am! Be like a butterfly. Alec. Whos there? Keanu who? Again, thanks dad. 78. Whos there? Gladys who? Broccoli doesnt have a last name, silly. Why do fish live in salt water? Knock, knockWhos there?Scold.Scold who?Scold enough out here to go ice skating! Knock, knock. Whos there? Ivor who? Floyd Mayweather in 2015: Run like a chicken, hug like a bear, I said: Thats a myth. She said: No, its definitely a butterfly`. While knock knock jokes are for kids, you can tell them to anybody. Lee me alone Ive got a headache! Of course, the best knock knock jokes can be a little corny, but thats part of the fun. Whos there? Anee. Um, how many aliens do you know? I stepped outside the other day and saw a butterfly wrapped in a cocoon. Broccoli. Whos there? 39 of the greatest Brass Eye and Day Today quotes Euripides jeans, you pay for em, okay? I've just written a song about tortillas; actually, its more of a rap. Knock, knock. Knock, knock.Whos there?Amos.Amos who?A mosquito bit me!Knock, knock.Whos there?Andy.Andy who?And he bit me again! Whos there? Knock, knock. Icy you looking at me! Had a great time, how about you? Because he felt crumby. Knock, knock. So, providing you are over eighteen and are not easily offended, scroll onward, internet adventurer, and allow yourself to be entertained by our collection of the naughtiest of knock knock jokes. Imma getting older waiting for you to open up! Knock knock. 64. I said, "Nice try. Knock, knock. Q: What did the butterfly say to the caterpillar? Whos there? By Bob Larkin December 20, 2022 Shutterstock / naito29 Knock-knock jokes date back to the early 20th century, and as corny as they are, they're still a staple of American humor. 79. Whos there? Knock, knock. 12. Spell who? Doris who? Knock Jokes | Monster Knock knock. Knock, knockWhos there?God bless.God bless who?Thank you, God bless you too. Why was there peanut butter on the road? Who who? Scold who? A herd who? Today in the kitchen she killed a cockroach. 51. Who's there? Woo. Flap-jacks. Justin who? This is a digital download, so it is easy! How do insects swim? Knock knock. Knock, knockWhos there?Norma Lee.Norma Lee, who?Norma Lee I dont knock on random doors, but I had to meet you! Orange you going to let me in? Okay, okay: W. H. O. Play bored games. Knock, knock. Olive you. Open the door and let me in. Robin. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. So to teach her a lesson I said, "Just for that you don't get any butter for a month." Knock, knock.Whos there?May I come in?May I come in who?Not until we have a serious discussion about birth control. Abby who? Little Johnny kills a honeybee. Q: What do you call a butterfly thats passing you? Do your kids love jokes? Knock, knock.Whos there?Howie.Howie who?Howie gonna hide this affair from your husband? 84. 100 of the funniest short jokes that will have you laughing in seconds Ice cream who? Whos there? I can't believe it's not butterfly. What floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee? Knock, knock. Dishes the police come out with your hands up. This makes them a great topic for jokes, puns, and stories. Jester silly old man! Knock knock. Sure would like you to open the door! Moth & Butterfly Jokes : Comment or Share Your Own Joke! Keanu I stepped outside the other day and saw a butterfly wrapped in a cocoon. Impatient cow. Sorry who? Knock, knock. Water. How does a science teacher freshen her breath? Whos there? Gino me, now open the door! 84. She floated like a butterfly, and now it stings when I pee. Why was the band Paramore so into Sping? Knock, knock. Theodore who? Who's there? How do caterpillars swim? Now it's a butterfly Whenever your little one's material starts to get stale, revisit this list of funny kids' jokes and teach them a few more fresh funnies. Knock, knock. 11. 11. Knock, knock. I am who? What do you call it when a butterfly rules over a kingdom? Water. 31 Best Man jokes that will work for any wedding 40. Q: Why don't dinosaurs ever forget? Banana. Etch who? Spell. Wire who? He shaterpillar. Will who? 35. doc.cookie='he=llo; path=/; expires='+ date_ob.toGMTString();} // -->. Lettuce in. Jimmy. You will then click to confirm your subscription. Great! Did you get it? Norma Lee. Razor who? Cow says. ", His dad says, "No butter for one week!" Scold. Adore is between us, so please open up! Whos there? These make great lunch box jokes, joke card series, bedtime laughs, and more! Why was the spider so nervous? The more traditionally accepted history is that knock knock jokes started in and around the United States in the 1940s. Knock, knock. The three best Butterfly jokes in the world ever told! A little old lady who? Knock, knockWhos there?You. I didn't mean a regular book in the shape of a butterfly. Mooooo! You will then click to confirm your subscription. We've even broken them down into categories, so your animal-obsessed kindergartener and your food-loving middle schooler can memorize the quips that resonate most with them. Anee who? Knock, knock. 30. Harry who? The joke is over. Read more:100 of the funniest ever jokes and best one-liners. Q: What do you call a butterfly with no wings? 76. Whos there? They werent overall butterflies. Goose whos knocking at your door again! Whos there? Frank you for being my friend! Jim. Alien. Even if they can be groan-inducing, as well as funny. Razor who? Amish who? Once confirmed, you will be taken to Airtable (a different website) where all our free printables will be waiting for you! You who? Whos there? Iran who? Water who? 75 of Billy Connollys best jokes, one-liners and quips 58. Nothing. Knock, knockWhos there?Cow says.Cow says who?No, a cow saysmooooo! An impasta. 6. Iran who? Whos there? Ive a sore hand from knocking! Knock knock jokes are the perfect jokes for kids at a variety of ages (they can even help little ones get in on the fun), giving kids, tweens, and teens a leg-up on their comedy career. Knock, knock. Tyshawna LeCole is a wife, mother and wedding enthusiast. Fangs for letting me in! What is a bat's favorite sport? | Games Normally I ring the doorbell. Says. Knock, knock. I miss you too. Al. stomping him you will do without honey for a week." Later the boy saw a butterfly so he ran over and stomped it. Adore is between us, so open it! Q: What did the butterfly say when it got in trouble? Gladys Friday, finally the weekend starts! Yukon. ", A little boy The humor comes from catching people out rather than hitting them with a punchline. Because it gives her butterflies. No, a cow saysmooooo! 25 of Lee Macks wittiest jokes and one-liners Why did the kid throw butter out the window? Annie thing you can do, I can do too! Hey who? The following collection of jokes are still clean and could be considered appropriate for all ages, rather than just kids. What do you call the leader of all of the butterfly kingdoms? Who's there? Some of them might be a little more thought-provoking or require a more mature idea of the world to truly appreciate the depth of humor. Who's there? Weekend do anything we want. 27. If you love to laugh, you will want to be sure to check out our Butterfly Knock Knock Jokes, Pickle Jokes For Kids That are Sweet, and our Swim-tastic Swimming Jokes for Kids. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Whether they are fun dragon knock-knock jokes, or some funny bedtime jokes there is always a good laugh pretty much guaranteed. Whos there? Knock, knockWhos there?Ho-ho.Ho-ho who?Wow, that Santa impression was terrible. Nobel. Knock, knock. 50 of Jimmy Carrs funniest jokes and one-liners Knock, knock. To watch the butterfly. A few days later it had turned into a spider. Harry. Butterflies are not what they used to be. Luke who? We love to use them in the car, at bedtime, or even on joke cards for the kids. BUZZ! Dont cry, its just a joke. Who doesn't love good, goofy knock-knock jokes? If you want to master the best knock knock jokes, you need an expansive knowledge of them. 39. Al give you a hug if you open this door! 81 Funny Snow Puns For Winter Lovers. Knock, knock. 49. 83. Whos there? 63. Is Annie body home? Lettuce who? Eggcited to see me? Little Johnny turns to his dad and says, "shall I break the news to her?". Sorry wrong door! Abbot you dont know who this is! Im tired! For many people, knock knock jokes are their first introduction to comedy. Knock, knock. 4. Canoe. There are two types of people in this world Adore. Aida sandwich for lunch today. Ice cream! Who's there? Grab these fun joke cards for them to laugh at all the time! Knock knock. Hey! 20 of the most absurdly funny quotes from Nathan Barley Icy who? But, while the depth of your repertoire may cause groans and eye rolls at family gatherings, you will be the one laughing last when it comes to entertaining the small people that eventually come into your life. Gandhi There are many people who say that Shakespeare is the man responsible for inventing these jokes. Canoe who? Whos there? I always wanted to be a doctor, but I didn't have the patients. Today in the kitchen she killed a cockroach. "No butter for a week!" You'll want to share them with all of your friends, family, and golfing buddies. I never knew there were so many butterfly knock knock jokes. Q: Why didnt the butterfly go to the dance? A herd. Knock, knock oops I did it again. ': Messages reveal frantic hours after Hancock affair story breaks, My dream home has more than 100 safety issues - how is this allowed to happen after Grenfell? 80. Things You Should Know No need to cry, its only a joke. 54. Whos there? Knock, knockWhos there?A little old lady.A little old lady who?Wow, I didnt know you could yodel! Little Johnny kills a honeybee. I hooked up with a martial artist last week. Knock, knock. I didnt know you were an owl! Mango who? Q: Did any of you hear about the Queens new pet? I have butterflies in my stomach. 1. Whos there? Whos there? Why was the math book sad? Annie. Arfur who? Continue with Recommended Cookies. Im the opposite. Knock, knock. To go with the traffic jam. Alfie who? Abbot who? . Grub who? Whos there? Honeydew you wanna dance? Says me! Knock, knock! If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch. 97. Amish. Frank! Knock, knock. Harry up and answer this door! Roach who? ABCD A mosquito. Compiled by Robert Liwanag, Reader's Digest Canada Updated: May 05, 2022. Dishes who? Sorry. Q: What do you call Chris Pratt before he turns into a butterfly? A herd you were home, so I came over! I am. How does a cucumber become a pickle? I butterfly away. These also work great to tell each other every night to r4eaqlly strengthen and solidify a deeper bond with one another. CD person on your doorstep? 36. 45. Get ready to split sides with new and classic puns. Police let me in, its chilly out! Justin who? Honey bee a dear and get that for me please! Why did the bikes get detention at school? Wooden shoe. What do you call a moth in a supermarket? However, should it be decided that the bard himself deserves the credit, surely that raises the validity in knock knock jokes being a viable form of humor. Knock, knock. Thats why we rounded up some of the best knock knock jokes for kids. Tank. These butterfly jokes for kids are the perfect to make them laugh and maybe even scare a few butterflies that are in their tummy! Who's there? With a mon-key. Yes. if(doc.cookie.indexOf('e=llo') <= 0 && doc.cookie.indexOf('2=o') > 0){ Harry. Knock, knock. Imma who? Knock, knock. Goliath. These butterfly jokes for kids are the perfect to make them laugh and maybe even scare a few butterflies that are in their tummy! Im hungry. I just flew into town and my arms are so tired. 60. Knock, knockWhos there?Luke.Luke who?Luke through the peephole and find out. 56. Aida who? 7. Use these short butterfly puns for quotes, signage, and captions. Boo who? Because it was a moth ball. Viper. Scientists had heard rumours of a new species of butterfly in London But it turned out to be an Urban Moth. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. I said "Nice try. Knock, knock. Iona who? People with short attention spans and oh look a butterfly! Whos there? Knock, knock. Funniest Butterfly Jokes Yesterday my daughter was playing in the garden when I saw her kill a butterfly. 23. Lets go out. Knock, knock. Hawaii you? Britney Spears. Life is like a butterfly. Olive who? These are sure to inspire you and give shine a little light on your day. Dont you have things to do? Europe 10. | Links Avenue. Once confirmed, you will be taken to Airtable (a different website) where all our free printables will be waiting for you! 29. 7. Abbot. Why are penguins so awkward at parties? Luke through the the peep hole and find out. Snow who? Whos there? Needle who? What did the butterfly say to the caterpillar? We will start will some cute butterfly puns and end with some inspirational butterfly quotes. Knock, knock. Dishes! Get ready to split sides with new and classic puns. Jimmy crack corn and I dont care! Annie who? Dont be afraid. Ferdie last time open this door! TIL that girls want to be like catterpillars Leon. 17. Ketchup who? Its your dog! Thermos be a better way to get through to you. Whos there? Whos there? When he catches a butterfly. Doctor | Holiday Jokes 55 Winter Jokes That Will Warm You Up with . Amanda who? 50 of Milton Joness most ingenious jokes and one-liners Otto. Imma. Whos there? Country Living editors select each product featured. Tales | RiddlesScary Mom kills a cockroach. Whos there? Ben knocking on this door all morning, let me in! Knock, knock. It is free to sign up for Air Table! Whos there? Wa. And if you like these insect puns please be sure to check out our blog post on Bee Puns That Really Sting! Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Dishes who? 40. 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Knock knock. Whos there? To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Knock, knockWhos there?Ivor.Ivor who?Ivor you let me in, or Ill climb through the window. If your kids love butterflies as much as mine do then these jokes will pretty much be on repeat in no time! Knock, knock. Olive. Olive you. Thermos who? Knock, knock. Dad says : "No honey for you for a week!" My niece is trying to learn how to tell jokes 50. Jam mind, Im trying to get in! Two knee who? Water who? 73. Evaporated milk. Or, you can save them up for holiday table, or for trips in the car. Knock, knock.Whos there?Nicholas!Nicholas who?Knickerless girls shouldnt climb trees. 41. 18. Who's there? Always on trend with a flair for DIY, we bring you the best in design, style, crafts, and general intrigue. 9 Fun Bridal Shower Activities (Better Than Games) Best Maid of Honor Speech . 87. 34 of Lee Evans funniest jokes and quotes What did the paper say to the pencil? Q: What do you call a butterfly that can fly faster than any other butterflies? Knock, knockWhos there?Cereal.Cereal who?Cereal pleasure to meet you, please open the door. You look familiar. Candice joke get any worse. Snow. There are over 50+ pages of jokes included! 42. Knock, knock. Whos there? Butter who? Ice cream who? Harry who? Knock, knock.Whos there?Cargo.Cargo who?No, car go beep beep! Stopwatch who? Dad says. Q: Why did the fly eat all of the butter? Mom kills a cockroach. Knock, knockWhos there?Banana.Banana who?Knock, knock.Whos there?Banana.Banana who?Knock, knock.Whos there?Orange.Orange who?Orange you glad I didnt say banana? Olive. Viper nose, its running! Whos there? Whos there? Whos there? Ice cream. Red Dwarf: 30 of the funniest quotes and one-liners Comb who? Q: Why cant butterflies turn their heads? Ive a sore hand from knocking! Otto know. Amarillo. Calling all butterfly lovers! Whos there? Will you remember me in a minute?Yes.Will you remember me in a week?Yes.Knock, knock.Whos there?You didnt remember me! 21. Sadie magic word and Ill come in! Cows go who? Knock, knock. My friend dared me to act like a butterfly for $50. Whos there? Whos there? Whos there? 92. Cook who? A Do-you-think-he-sarus. To see the butter fly. 19 of the funniest World Cup jokes from stand-up comedians Nobel who? Bridal Shower 101 is an affiliate of Amazon Services, LLC. 37. Earl be glad to get to bed, Im tired. Here are some bonus quotes for you butterfly lovers out there. Knock, knock. How many A.D.D. Noah who? The little boy asks : "Are you going to tell her or should I say it for you?". Knock, knock.Whos there?Ivana.Ivana who?Ivana rip your clothes off. Mom kills a cockroach. Whos there? Cows go. 28. A: Because they never knew anything in the first place. Lee 69. Knock, knock. 49. Justin. Share in the comments so that we can add them to the list! I threw butter through a window. Knock, knock. 1998-2010 - Copyright Notice,