It tasted like a copper penny, he says. PBS: 4569 ABBI Registered? Learn our 4 secrets to stress-free meal prep! Also owned by the Herrington Cattle Company, he held a 90.91% buckoff rate. A SUPER nice bull. FREE delivery Thu, Jan 5 . Making your blueberry wine Add the sugar and half of your water to a large brewing pan, and bring it gently to the boil. SIRE of Blueberry Wine - DH 79 bred by Derrel Hargis This is really just a big glass jug! 1,778. They solved that problem by filtering completely, but they introduced another in 2015 by including blueberry leaves with the fruit in the fermentation. When you see the butter getting deep in color, then gently put the chicken pieces in the skillet. If you are an existing Real Time Pain Relief Retail Customer, simply activate your account by resetting your password on the NEW SITE, Click Here! The bull blueberry wine is a type of wine that is made from blueberries. Open Search. "[3], His most notable ride came in the 2001 PBR Bud Light Cup (BLC) World Finals, when PBR World Champion Chris Shivers rode him for a score of 96.5. Sergent Airbone 23 outs/20.46 Dillinger was forced into retirement after "sustaining multiple fractures in his left hock that caused joint dislocation" at the 2002 Jack Daniel's Invitational Bud Light Cup Series event in Louisville, Kentucky, which occurred when his left leg was caught in the chute. ** 2002 High Ride: Gilbert Carrillo 96 pts in Albuquerque, NM So they are very excited about what Bluet has done., Thats what we realized wed stumbled into, says Martin. He was selected for the PBR Finals in Las Vegas from 2000 to 2005. In 2007, he won the PRCA Bull of the Year award. The mind has no idea what to make of a champagne glass of midnight-purple juice topped with a frothy pink head. In a small bowl, combine about a cup of water with the yeast, set aside to wake up for 10 minutes. Soon canneries were being built throughout the barrens. On the second sip you start to appreciate the clean snap of it, and by the third the nuances are coming through, the ethereal notes of citrus and rose petal that Terrien talks about. Barker Bulls strives to raise and train quality . While there are some carbs in blueberry wine, they are not the same as the carbs in sugary donuts and starchy bread. Bulls are just as much athletes as cowboys, and the great ones are respected, feared and admired. Open your brewsy bag and pour the contents in. I LOVE IT!" Copyright 20102023 Back to Her Roots, LLC. Many of these antioxidants are transferred from the juice, fruit and skins of the blueberries when they are fermented into wine. Two-time world bull riding champion J.B. Mauney is the highest-paid bull rider, earning over $7.2 million. One of the first truly legendary bulls in rodeo, in six years and 220 outs Tornado threw every single rider who attempted to last eight seconds. Dillinger went out for a total of 47 Bud Light Cup Series rides. By partnering with a fungus that was adept at mining nutrients from rock, the blueberry was able to get a toehold in those infertile, acidic environments where little else could grow. Add 10 cups of boiling water. We're proud to run an ABBI registered herd. There are tons of resources on the internet about using Campden tablets if sterilization is of interest to you. The name Promise Land was inspired by the small community of Hamburg, Arkansas. Maines climate is not conducive to classic wine grapes, but wine is just fermented fruit, and Maine had plenty of that. Its best to let it age 6-12 months before you can really tell whats going on! 4. 441 Blueberry Wine. Today, he is ranked first in the ProBullStats historical ranking of . Fit the carboy with an airlock and ferment until the wine is still and there are no bubbles left. 94. Stella Rosa. Dont worry thoughmost of it is going to feed the yeast so that the sugar can get turned into alcohol. STEP SIX - Racking your wine STEP SEVEN - The final countdown STEP EIGHT - Bottling your wine 4 Conclusion Equipment Of course, it proved out over time that it really was something we hadn't seen before. Yesterday's Wine 33 outs/ 20.12 Grape skins are high in tannins, the astringent compounds that give red wine its tealike texture and body. The vast Down East barrens. : Yes Herrington Cattle Co. Out List - 99 total - showing last 5: event (date) rider sc Bull Sc time comments; Las Vegas (PBRF), NV - Oct 2005 Chad Denton - 45.75 - Las Vegas (PBRF), NV - Oct 2005 . A general rule of thumb is that if your wine has an alcohol content of 15% or less, you want to keep it in the fridge. Let the mixture ferment until the bubbling in the airlock slows down dramatically. Or make wine out of them. [4], Herrington Cattle Company purchased Dillinger from stock contractor Neal Gay after he was awarded the title of 1999 Co-Bull of the PBR World Finals, along with Terry Williams bull, the 1999 PBR World Champion, Promise Land. He pours a few drops into one end of a refractometer, a pipe-size device that measures sugar levels. 199. Make the must by adding your frozen fruit, sugar, and pectic enzyme to the. PBS: 4569 ABBI Registered? Asteroid # N/A World Standings. By 2016 the herd has expanded to include such bloodlines as Houdini, Little Yellow Jacket, Bodacious, Black Ice, Comanche Moon and Blueberry Wine. With no competitionthe fruit grew almost nowhere except Maine and the Maritimesblueberries boomed in the late 1800s, with 150,000 acres in production. Citrusy, floral, deep forest. As is the case with various Aldi favorites, members of the group have shared photos in the store or at home with their finds, bragging about finally being able to try an item that has garnered so much attention in the community. But now when we open those bottles, its mellowed out., In fact, the wine ages beautifully. While highbush berries dominated the produce aisle, the flavorful wild berry was the go-to for frozen. Its amazing how different it can be, says Jeremy Howard, the grower of this fruit. He was a small bull with a BIG heart - a speedy spinner. The bull, named "Bouquetin du Val de Geer", was part of a herd of cows that were given the wine as a treat. FREE delivery Jan 3 - 4 . Everyone wants to see this succeed. Bluet has been the beneficiary of grants for agricultural and economic development, and now investors are circling. Add fresh stone fruit (and blueberries, of course! It just belongs here.. The Barker Bull training facility was built in 2011 thanks to many members of the Barker family. Fit the bottling container spigot with a bottle filler, if using. Turning it into a boozy slushie by blending it with frozen fruit or lemonade seems to be one of the favorite alternatives. All rights reserved. He crushes it, squeezing the shockingly purple juice into a plastic beaker. Jack Rabbit 42 outs/ 20.93 Of the 7 qualified scores, 4 of those were round wins. This bull is the ONLY son of Blueberry Wine born and raised on the Hargis ranch. Dillinger won two years in a row, and he was battling with Little Yellow Jacket, Blueberry Wine, and Mossy Oak Mudslinger when injury took him out of the game. Muffins, smoothies, and pancakes come to mind. [13][14] "We say we've never had a back-to-back champion, but that is only in the human category," said PBR Founder and Livestock Director Cody Lambert. Although larger than most elite bulls of his era,[3] he was well known for his speed and agility, bucking over 86% of riders in 51 career outs at all levels. When you see it on the shelf, its color is just a bit brighter than the standard red. Professional bull riders can earn amounts of $30,000-$40,000 during each event. They have 40,000 blueberry bushes on the farm, and naturally specialize in blueberry wines. LJ was the first bull to win the PBR World Championship three times, which he did consecutively between 2002 and 2004. Were still getting the balance right, but weve proven to ourselves that theres a magic to this fruit. First of all, there are approximately 100 calories in a 5oz (140ml) serving of blueberry wine. Once you know its not going to geyser wine everywhere, you can then move thecarboyto a dark, out-of-the-way spot to do the longer secondaryfermentation. Thefermentationshould start within 1-3 days. The 1,900-pound charbray was such a nasty son of a bitch that he terrified even the most seasoned of rodeos riders. Hart on #442 at the 2005 PBR BFTS in Dallas, TX, (a -59 son that went to the 1st 2 PBR finals). Yes! You want to be a part of peoples lives. About 35,000 years ago, the last in a series of ice ages gripped New England. But experiment to figure out your favorite recipe! You want it to be at least 40% larger than the amount of wine you want to make. ** 2003 2nd place PBR bull of the year Close the lid on thefermenterand fit with an. Youll get the best flavor by using fresh, in-season berries that you freeze yourself, but store-bought frozen berries will work too. So when I heard about Aldi sweet blueberry wine, I was immediately intrigued. And both are now feeling the magnetic tug of Maine. My nightly application does away with the soreness by morning. Chlorinated tap water can inhibit or kill your yeastso I always opt for filtered water straight from our Berkey water filter. I agree with little yellow jacket and Blueberry wine too! When you ask Martin and Terrien how Bluet began, they will tell you about the bachelor party a decade ago on a Maine island where the group of friends drank everything theyd brought until they were left with one bottle of homemade blueberry wine, and they drank that and Terrien said, Theres gotta be a better way to make blueberry wine. But then they will stop and back up and talk about how the Civil War turned Maines delectable yet inaccessible specialty into a national obsession. Bushwacker was the tallest bull rope that anyone had ever attached to him. So were sticking with sugar here. The result is fascinating and worth the effort. Red Bull . What I want here is something I can add to buffer the fermenting wine at a higher pH. We have all the details you need to get started there! Martin and Terrien commandeered the basement of an old barn on Damariscotta Lake owned by Terriens uncle, lowering the racks of bottles through a hole in the floor using a block and tackle they rigged up. You will notice notes of blueberry, lilac, and white peach on the nose and big fruit and floral flavours on the palate. Bluets production has doubled each year, but at 3,000 cases per year its still tiny. Pitch the yeast water into themixture, andstirwell to agitate. While the exact amount of money that blueberry wine bull made is not public, it is safe to say that the wine was a huge success, and it is likely that the company made a large profit. It has been a Red Wolf ride that has been ranked among the top ten highest in the history of the Professional Bull Riders. We use flip-top style glass bottles to bottle our homemade wine because its easy, but wine bottling is a personal decision! It is true to its name Sweet Blueberry, but its not sugary in a way that it gives you a stomachache. I agree, Terrien replies. Bull's Dam: Hargis 935 And then they will stop again and back way up and talk about the glaciers. Glaciers a mile high pushed down from Canada, bulldozing Maines topsoil deep into the Atlantic Ocean. Though most wouldnt consider Oscar petite, at 1,300 pounds he was considerably smaller than most bulls who have competed in rodeo. Has 7 sons with probull stats The result turned heads, in Maine and beyond. The sun is still strong, but something about the way it angles across the burnished fields reminds you that its not high summer anymore. Yeast Energizer Pectic Enzyme (as directed on its package) 2 tbsp. Im curious if this method would work with cherries as well? $9,000.00 / head Consignor: J.C. Childress - Virginia Cell: (434) 665-9541 Take Me Back to the Sale Ring You Are Bidding On The PER HEAD PRICE Buy Just ONE or BOTH Bulls - Buyers Choice #442 Yesterdays Wine 6yr Old - DOB: March 12, 1999 The OLDEST SON of Blueberry Wine!! There is some debate over who owned the blueberry wine bull. Close the fermenter and fit it with an airlock filled with water. Using a large ladle, scoop out the whole and mashed blueberries and pour them through the sieve and funnel. You can remove the airlock and set the original cap on top of your drink. She lives on a small hobby farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, daughter, two dogs, two cats, and 15 chickens. It's the bare minimum for making blueberry wine, and should come out to under $60. And then everyone else who is young or old and aching to be immersed in a place that rises up and floods the senses in its own unmistakable flavor. Maintain this level of cleanliness throughout the process. Ive been thinking about how Bluet can be a vehicle to bring the berries to the people, not how it can bring the people to the berries. Martin worked the crush with him for fun. NoGeeksPls. How do we learn from it and make a wine we respect?, Martin laughs. Add theacid blendor lemonjuiceandyeast nutrientto the blueberrymixture. Making wine is more of an art than an exact mathematical equation, so youll want to do a little experimentation. At first, Martin and Terrien kept their day jobs in California and North Carolina, aware that the whole endeavor had a whiff of midlife crisis. Terrien was the first person with serious winemaking chops to tackle the fruit, and he was not fooled by its sugar. [2][11], In all of Dillinger's rides at all levels, he was only marked under 45 points twice. Code Blue was the 2009 World Champion Bull. Its the bare minimum for making blueberry wine, and should come out to under $60. IMPORTANT: Someone 21 years or older must be home to sign for the delivery if the order contains Alcohol, per Federal Law, UPS will not leave without an adult signature. Dillinger #81 (1995-2004) was an American bucking bull owned by the Herrington Cattle Company. But this isnt California. Don Gay holds the world record for cowboy bull riding titles. Hargis 935 has 3 sons with probullstats Red Star Premier Blanc has a 14% alcohol tolerance and is a great starting point to make a semi-dry wine, and you can adjust the sweetness to taste from there. If youre also not a big sweet wine drinker, dont worry Aldi superfans have found lots of ways to remix this one. Blueberries (lightly crushed) 11 lbs. Weighing in at only 1,100 lbs, it wasn't strength or weight that made him so dangerous, it was speed. Blueberry wine acts mostly like beer, but gives more joy and makes a bit more drunk. Next, boil 1/2 a gallon of water, then pour it into the mix. Theyve inspired me to do some experimenting of my own. Even if you add two pounds of sugar to your wine, you could still end up with a very dry wine because the yeast ate it all! PO Box 607Pismo Beach, CA 93448Phone: 805.541.5868Fax: 805.434.9380. We have young bucking bull futurity prospects, bucking bull semen, bred-to-buck females and embryos for sale. You can figure out your ABV by measuring the specific gravity using a hydrometer. 3. From western slopes versus eastern ones? Also, there were 28 events he participated in where he was the high-marked bull of the event. Master your time and energy to produce your dreams. He had the same tools that they had with lots of speed and agility with power added in. This variation calls for whiskey, blueberries, blueberry juice, lemon juice, ginger beer, and mint. During his seven-year career as a Professional Bull Rider, he rode 93 times and only gave up nine qualified rides. And in Maine that means boats and picnics on the beach., The cans also solve the color dilemma, Terrien points out. Vintner's Best Blueberry Fruit Wine Base 128 Oz (1 Galllon) $54.94 $ 54. Some folks prefer to use synthetic chemical sanitizers (Star San is a common one) before making wine to kill any yeast or bacteria that might impact the flavor of their wine. In a collins glass, add 6 to 8 blueberries along with the lime juice and sugar. By 2016 the herd has expanded to include such bloodlines as Houdini, Little Yellow Jacket, Bodacious, Black Ice, Comanche Moon and Blueberry Wine. He allowed Herrington and his son, Chad, to pay half up front. Make sure you choose a carboy with a narrow neckit makes it so that there is less surface area of the wine exposed to oxygen, which is a good thing! Blueberry wine has all the tangy, tart, and sweet flavor profile of eating a fresh blueberry. He had a 90% buckoff on 94 outs and a 5% buckoff on 100 outs. Dillinger vs Justin McBride - 99 PBR Finals, Ednei Caminhas vs Dillinger - 02 PBR Little Rock (94 pts), Ednei Caminhas vs Dillinger - 01 PBR Columbus, GA (95 pts), Corey Navarre vs Dillinger - 01 PBR Finals (94.5 pts),, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, 1999 Co-Bull of the PBR World Finals w/ Promise Land, First back-to-back PBR World Champion Bull, Ranked First in the ProBullStats historical ranking, This page was last edited on 15 February 2023, at 06:30. Its about working with the same piece of ground and seeing what that tastes like year after year after year, Terrien says with the giddiness of a pioneer. "He gets as pumped up as any athlete. But Little Yellow Jacket could be a handful to ride. Theyve been here 10,000 years, and theyre just getting started. Add blueberry honey. Our new website that will provide our customers a better shopping experience is now live! picture of J.W. Get This Headphone Stand, Complete Guide to Buying Boots This Season, This '50s Home Fave Is Back and Better Than Ever, Alcohol and Fitness? Thanks for your interest, please feel free to contact us with any questions at. Stella Rosa Blueberry Fruit Wine - 750ml Bottle. View more Semen for Sale , 1 Straws Frozen Semen to ABBI registered bucking great Blueberry Wine Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction (UAE) of total anthocyanins (TA) and phenolics (TP) from Blueberry Wine Pomace (BWP) was optimized using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Bulls careers are over once they are no longer bucking. Youll also need some sort of container to bottle from that has a spigot. Wine containing approximately 100 calories and 3-5 grams of carbohydrates is produced. Plus, it will provide some extra oxygen for the yeast to work with. And some people also add them to the wine just before bottling to make certain fermentation is over to avoid making bottle bombs. 441 Blueberry Wine has an electric career in the PBR. [6], Dillinger drew Bubba Dunn for his first ride. This can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to months, depending on a number of factors. True to Aldi form, this wine is such a good deal, you have to do a double take. BREYER CLAYTON'S PET #62014 COLLECTIBULLS RODEO BUCKING BULL NEW IN BOX PBR 2003 Brand New $32.32 or Best Offer +$6.21 shipping Sponsored Lot 3 Rodeo Bull Figure PBR Collectibull Breyer Clayton's Pet Blueberry Mini Brand New $65.00 Buy It Now +$12.60 shipping Sponsored 2003 Breyer PBR CollectiBulls Clayton's Pet No 62014 New in Box Brand New $29.99 While he was small, he could still make trouble for his riders, usually with a fast, violent spin to the left. Bad Wine 22 outs/ 20.81 Dillingers score at the PBB World Finals ties the record for the highest individual score ever in the PBR, and he also holds the record for the highest score in the history of the event. The two had been tight as kids, running around the Portland area playing capture the flag, building snow forts, and picking berries every August. This recipe yields 1 gallon (3.8 liters) of wine. 441 Blueberry Wine has an electric career in the PBR. In terms of antioxidants, blueberry outperforms red wine. He makes an acclaimed Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and consults for some of Napas most prestigious labels. Store in a cool dark spot (if using corks, turn the bottles on their sides to keep the corks wet) and age for at least 30 days, but preferably 6-12 months for the bestflavor. Bedazzled the PBR fans with his spinning ability! Credit: Danielle Deavens. He's the Tiger Woods of bulls. There was a time when bones were known to climb and then descend exactly the same way. The only other thing you can do with it is condos and cul-de-sacs., The industry has tried to expand its options with dozens of value-added products, but only wine has a market that puts tremendous value on flavor and place, says Martin. Acid Blend Red Star Montrachet Wine Yeast 10 Campden Tablets (5 before to fermentation, 5 before bottling) Watch. I'm a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, and I've been developing healthy recipes professionally for over 15 years. Blueberry Wine competed for seven years until he was 10 years old, and though that isnt incredibly old for a bull, for a competing bucking bull that made him the Bovine equivalent of Brett Favre. Try this beginner's guide for makingblueberry wine. What they say about Real Time Pain Relief, Copyright 2021 RTPR LLC. Is there any way I can fix this or do I need to restart? In our house, we make sure all of our tools are cleaned very well. Originally they filtered the wine lightly, hoping to preserve as much flavor as possible, but the particles acted as nucleation points for carbonationas they discovered when bottles of the 2014 vintage began exploding, including a case in the Blue Hill Wine Shop. Once youve gotten the hang of making fruit wines, youll be amazed at how easy it is to expand your skills to all kinds of other fruity flavors. And at just nine percent alcohol by volume, it clocks in below the standard 11 to 15, which is part of what makes it an easy drinking wine. In 2007, the film Scene of the Crash was filmed, and Justin McBride received a $200,000 bonus. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Hello, I just finished with the primary fermentation and my wine has a chemical smell and doesnt really have any blueberry taste. Today, 99 percent of the crop is frozen, usually the day it comes out of the fields. Try this beginner's guide for making blueberry wine. (It got a boost in the early 2000s, when it was found to have the highest antioxidant content of any fruit. Bodacious bucked off 127 of his 135 riders over the course of four years, earning him the nickname bone-crushing. Many of his riders were hospitalized as a result. Martin and Terrien sample the harvest with Linda Nash, co-owner of Nash Farms in Appleton. This means that blueberry wine regulates blood sugar levels. As someone who has moved closer to dry wines over time, I found myself reaching for fresh lemon juice and ice to make this more of a wine cocktail. Blueberry wine boosts the neuron system. You sure can! What is the Difference Between Wine and Cocktails? Rank N/A; Outs 95; Streak 17; Avg Bull Score 45; Events 82; Buckoff % 91; Avg Rider Score 9; Avg . It smells woodsy and mineral-y, like granite. He runs his hand over a seam of bedrock breaching the surface, as if to make the connection. You dont have to have an airlock, but they clock in at less than $3, and they make winemaking so much easier. This helps you move the wine from one container to another without disturbing the sediment, and makes bottling much easier. Read It Now, Have Apple's AirPods Max? A full bodied wine made from 100% blueberries, it is subtle in flavour with a sweet edge - and easy to drink. Strain out the fruit and rack the wine into a clean carboy. A Lost World of wine. Already, a few new wineries have sprung into being. Fit a funnel with a mesh sieve into the neck of a sterilizedcarboy. All Rights Reserved. I order some for my Mom. By freezing the blueberries, the juice is released easier. This is because the blueberries that are used to make the wine are no longer available. From an all-time-high price of $1.07 per pound in 2007, the price for frozen berries cratered to about 25 cents per pound in 2016 and 2017 before settling in the past few years at 46 to 60 cents per poundright around the break-even point, according to Lily Calderwood, the wild blueberry specialist for the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. 441 Blueberry Wine. Every product is carefully selected by our editors. Crushed by a global tsunami of highbush blueberries, more and more of Maines 485 remaining blueberry growers are giving up, despite having the most flavorful blueberries on the planet. I am sending a bull to Arkansas at the end of October. Ed's Blueberry Wine Recipe (Makes 5 Gallons) 13 lbs. Now the state and its blueberry growers would very much like Martin and Terrien to go big. Place the straining bag and mush into a sterilized primary fermentation bin, then set it aside for now. Locomotive Breath was a fast spinning bull in the early days of the PBR. Cap, cork, or close the top of the bottles. True to Aldi form, this wine is such a good deal, you have to do a double take. Get our best recipes, grocery finds, and clever kitchen tips delivered to your inbox. [7] This score by Chris Shivers was tied for the highest score in the history of the PBR for several years. When it comes to making homemade wine, you can experiment to figure out the perfect combo for you. Add frozen huckleberries and blueberries. [2], Dillinger died in 2004 at the age of nine. Cans featuring Maines iconic fruit became ubiquitous throughout the country, allowing people to make pies year-round. This wine will go quite well with grilled chicken in addition to beef and pork. He was extremely quick and athletic, especially given his 1,800-pound weight, and could spin at speeds that bewildered riders. Sweet-tart blueberries can be turned intoblueberry winethat will quench your thirst on a hot summer day. Bodacious, a 12-year-old bull weighing 1,800 pounds, was nearly impossible to ride when he first became available in the 1890s. Roasting a lobster over a charcoal fire and drinking a bottle of Bluet is a very lovely combination.), Its like the blueberry had this flavor that hadnt been unlocked, Martin says as we pick our way through the field, sampling from different plants. Those who consume blueberries on a regular basis do not experience any inflammations. He was a lot bigger than those bulls, weighing about 1,800 pounds in his prime. This difference is because most of the natural fruit sugars have . But besides brawn, hes also quick, smart and unpredictable, which is why many regard him as the greatest bull to ever compete in rodeo. For more on the types of airlocks and their pros and cons, we talk about them in detail in our fruit wines post. These are things that matter a lot with grapes, but were just at the beginning of learning.. Here and there, patches of berries poke up from the grass, but the weeds have takenover. When adding sugar to wine, add a few grams of citric acid. I think theres a moment now where people are eager for something thats healthy and pure and real, and we happen to be doing exactly that., The state of Maine seems to agree. At first it was on a lark, but they liked the results so much they kept experimenting, and in 2014 they launched Bluet, an all-natural wine made entirely from wild blueberries, or "bluets," as Thoreau called them, borrowing the old word used by the French settlers who first encountered the fruit. Almost. He's the exception. The bull riders had to wait eight seconds before scoring a ride on Red Rock 309 times, despite their best efforts to stay on him. Like blueberry juice, cherry juice is readily available in grocery stores - it would fit right in with the easy recipe from juice that I'm trying to create. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. These rides include the following: At the 2000 Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas, future two-time PBR World Champion Chris Shivers rode Dillinger for 96 points in the Mossy Oak Shootout and won $5,000; at the 2002 Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas, two-time PRCA World Champion bull rider Jim Sharp rode Dillinger for 95.5 points in the Mossy Oak Shootout and won $85,000 for that ride;[10] 2002 PBR World Champion Ednei Caminhas drew Dillinger four times and successfully rode him all four times, with three scores of 94 or better;[6] 95 points for Ednei Caminhas in 2001 in Columbus, Georgia; the year before, 94.5 points for Caminhas at the 2000 PBR World Finals;[2] and last is when Corey Navarre rode him for 94.5 points at the 2001 PBR World Finals. He was an absolute featherweight at 1,100 pounds, but while he may not have had the stature of the big boys, he made up for it with speed and effort.