Instead, many of us have to settle for mediocre temperatures and a more than volatile weather system. Purple Queen Automatic is a lightning-quick autoflowering strain that's perfect for growing in the fickle UK climate. All these seeds have a pretty high germination rate and are high-quality products curated by professionals after understanding the plant genetics. November 8, 2022 August 25, 2022 by Alex Bergman. Reaching up to 9 feet when grown outdoors, the buds give off a distinct earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones. With our list, picking the best outdoor strains for your 2023 growing season just got a whole lot easier. It requires almost no experience to grow and is great for beginners. greenhouses. Super Silver is very resistant to mold and mildew. In addition, LSD is minimal fuss. The table below shows a quick comparison of our research on the best strains to grow outdoors: Note: Our list is researched using seed banks from around the world to find you the best strains to grow outdoors. Most browsers give you an explanation of how to do this in the so-called \help-function\. Besides that, the flowering phase can take upto 10 weeks, which is a pretty long time period as well. Critical Sour is incredibly hardy. Grow outdoors in pots so you can move your plants to shelter in bad weather. Plant her in buckets if you want a more manageable plant size. The strain grows tall, produces massive buds, and is a top choice for (non-discrete) outdoor growth. SSH averages around 70-90% sativa-dominance and first broke onto the cannabis scene by winning High Time Cannabis . What is the Highest Yielding Outdoor Strain? Theres something about purple weed that attracts people and this is one of the best such examples! THC: Up to 20%. If your putting clones out you'll want to harden them off a bit. Amnesia Haze is a potent sativa-dominant strain, while Super Skunk and OG Kush are euphoric, relaxing indica . While Passion #1 has been around since the 1980s, this Dutch Passion favorite's heritage still isn't' known. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Many proponents of indoor growing will say this factor is a con to outdoor growth as the environment is open to uncontrollable variables. 6 Gorilla Girl by Sweet Seeds. Island Sweet Skunk - max 1000 gr. However, many growers find it best to grow outdoors in Michigan. Super Bud - Green House Seeds. A compact plant, this works in her favour in restricted growing spaces. That is exactly the kind of hit that you would get upon smoking it up because it delivers a hulk-like punch. White Widow - Most Popular California Outdoor Strain. This variety is very popular in Spain due to its sweet, creamy aroma, but you can grow it virtually anywhere in Europe. Critical Sour is a multi-way cross, bred for big buds, high THC, and ease of growth. 1. . Early Skunk ~ 6-8 weeks. OG Kush. The Best Cannabis Seeds To Grow In Colder Climates. Typically, marijuana strains harvest before the winter sets in. The weed that grows from this plant carries 21% THC content which is a decent amount and can give the stoners a very good hit. This indica-dominant hybrid grows very fast with a flowering time of 5566 days. For example, LSD contains up to 24% THC. That depends on your climate. Autoflowering sativas with an open and airy bud structure are less prone to mould. There is no guarantee that all your seeds will grow into plants, but most seed banks do have a good accuracy rate meaning at least 80% of your seeds do end up growing into fully grown plants. Theres enough ventilation when you grow weed outdoors and these are the basics that any plants need! On the other hand, its a poor choice for low-sun environments. That means its not a great choice if you live in a very humid climate. Super Skunk. On inhale, your tastebuds will light up with piney and diesel notes, and the exhale will leave your mouth with a spicy and sage-like flavor. Blackberry Kush carries 80% Indica and 20% sativa and as the name suggests carries a very strong blueberry like taste and smell, which is the key highlight here. She has a wonderfully uplifting yet mellow effect, which makes her a good all-rounder smoke you can enjoy at any time. Follow these tips so your outdoor grow is successful: Germinate your cannabis seeds indoors, and allow them to develop into sturdy seedlings before you set them outside. The THC content here is about 20% which is good enough for most growers as it gives a decent hit. 3 Barney's Farm Peyote Cookies. However, this is where the plant belongs. 15 Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Outdoors, 1. In low light climates, you can expect an average of 500g per plant. Generally I'm planting between anywhere between May 10- June 1. Therefore, if you live in a colder climate, use light restriction to get an earlier harvest. Light one up, and you can enjoy an awesomely relaxing indica stone! OG Kush has a range of up to 5% differences in normal THC content with the same growing conditions. Outdoor growers usually do not face a problem when it comes to the height of the plants. This is one of the best strains for those growers who just want to unwind after a really long day at work and want to relax. Then again, she is very rich in CBD, which gives her good therapeutic potential. It contains almost no CBD content of any significance. Benefit 1: Marijuana in it's Natural Environment. Although it may seem impossible, cannabis can be grown outdoors in colder climates. Additionally, youll need minimal care. That likely relates to the fact that it was bred for cool Dutch summers. An effortless endeavour taking just 6-7 weeks to flower, and 8-9 weeks from seed to harvest, she delivers the goods with 100-150g/plant outdoors. The robust, tough genetics were selectively bred over several outdoor seasons in The Netherlands. That aside, you normally get high yield and good bud. How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds [Complete Guide]. After a flowering time of no longer than 6 weeks, she delivers up to 500g of top weed per plant. Combining the award winning UK Cheese and classic Blueberry. 7 The Best Outdoor Strains | Hybrids. Honey Cream Fast Flowering. Best Early Finishing Outdoor Cannabis Strains. Most growers aim for plants that have a very high THC Content (higher than 20%) but if you are someone who wants to enjoy a mild high, you might want to go for plants that have a milder THC content. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess what Stress Killer Automatic by Royal Queen Seeds is all about. Unless you have enough sun that it doesnt matter, youll get much bigger yields by cutting back branches so every bud gets more sun. Almost a 50:50 split but slightly more sativa-dominant than indica, this strain features a 45-55 mix of the two. It even offers you a high THC content which can reach upto 22%, giving you quite a hit when you smoke it up. This cross between the popular Juanita la Lagrimosa, Lemon Haze, and ruderalis exerts a very relaxing effect, despite only containing about 11% THC. We also provide answers to a number of frequently asked questions collated together for your ease! Different seeds take different levels of efforts to grow, there are some high maintenance plants and then there are some low maintenance plants. 5 Amnesia 100% Feminized. Blueberry is beloved for its smooth taste. This one is a high-yielding strain with high-quality and compact buds for an optimal and comfortable smoking experience like no other. OG Kush thrives in warmer climates and is one of the simpler strains for novices to grow. Show Me The Seeds. If you look at any of the uk guerilla grows online you can add about 2 weeks finish time to ours in Scotland due to our difference in light (we get more daylight up here, slowing down the flowering process) DONT bother with any indoor strains/bagseed as it simply wont work here outdoors. This is one of the best options for those growers who are looking for an outdoorsy kind of a strain of marijuana. Otherwise, you might want to pay attention and use sun screening. Gorilla Glue or the GG seeds are one of the most popular and loved strains of weed not just in the US but all over the world! Now she can deliver her award-winning buds in a blazingly fast 89 weeks from seed. meter which is very impressive. When you visit a website or use a mobile application, a computer asks your computer or mobile device for permission to store this file on your computer or mobile device and access information. Most good seed banks refund you or send you new seeds in case such a thing happens. One pro tip for growers who plan on growing this strain is that you might want to crank up your humidity levels a little bit when you are growing this weed. The popular Cream Caramel by Sweet Seeds pleases with very sweet buds and a soothing smoke. Sativa autoflowers also work, as they finish in a much shorter time than photoperiod sativas, and retain the typical open sativa bud structure. This allowed the genetics to acclimatise and adapt to the demanding and unpredictable northern European climate. You have entered an incorrect email address! The summers are cooler than those on the continent, with mostly temperatures below 25C. Ready to take your cannabis plants to the next level? Since then, its become one of the most popular strains for growers everywhere. Here's the whole list: 1. It loves the hot weather and thrives outdoors in environments no lower than 75F. The last two decades, however, have seen a drastic shift in marijuana policies across the US (as well as the world) which has led to quite a lot of people beginning to grow weed outdoors. prairie high school teachers. Most harvests are in late September. Till then. The structure of Super Bud is relatively short however branches can spread out . But the strain is new. It was already a pretty easy strain of cannabis to grow, but Robert's Gold Leaf autoflower has put it to a new level. 2 pounder by kiwi seeds has a massive yield, i got 3 pounds from one plant. Youll get huge buds, good yield, and intense highs. This is a risk that you have to take. It provides about 17 ounces of yield per square meter, which is not bad at all! While it's true that many cannabis strains grow well outdoors, there are a handful that have become legendary for their ability to thrive beneath the sun. Lastly, these plants dont grow too tall and are easy to maintain as well. Which makes sense, as it is considered one of the best possible strains to grow outdoors. If you can grow it outdoors, youll be able to grow it in the best possible way. A good tactic is to start your cannabis indoors using the Zamnesia Smart Start Kit and a CFL light on an 18/6 schedule (18 hours on, 6 hours off). This autoflowering beast is perfect for cultivating outdoors, flourishing no matter where you place her. Given the high THC concentration and the ease of growth, most growers are attracted towards it and it is easily one of the best cannabis strains to grow outdoors. The El Gaucho variety from BSF is an example of a strain that is resistant to pests and climatic changes. Super Skunk is a cross of Afghani and Skunk #1. Germination of seeds is illegal in many countries. This is a sativa dominant strain that thrives outdoors. For example, some strains have very specific temperature and humidity requirements. Green Crack is a pure sativa strain with a very sweet and fruity flavor. Flavors/Aroma: Skunk, floral, earth, wood, Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter) 500g, or 500-800g per plant, Flowering Time (Weeks): 7-9 weeks or late September without light restriction, Effects: uplifting, relaxation, body buzz, Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter): 500-700g, or up to 700g per plant, Flowering Time (Weeks): 8-9 or Late September, Effects: Euphoria, Happiness, Relaxation, Uplifting, Flavors/Aroma: Cheese, Citrus, Earth, Fruit, Skunk, Sweet, Outdoor Yield (Grams per Square Meter) 500g/ 500g per plant, Flowering Time (Weeks) 9-10 weeks or early-to-mid September without light restriction, Effects: Cerebral, Psychedelic, Relaxing, Body High. AK-47. If you want to grow outside, you also have to be careful. Growing these top 10 mould-resistant strains means growing with confidence in humid or damp weather. Our mixpacks are a great way to save money on feminized seeds. White Widow Strain. Youll also want to ensure she gets some cover during flowering to prevent bud rot in case of rain. Early Skunk by Sensi Seeds, just like the original Skunk, is a true all-rounder that reliably grows everywhere, indoors and out. Keep reading to find out how to take action throughout a weed plant's life cycle to maximise trichome production, leading to greater levels of Perpetual Harvesting: How To Crop Cannabis All Year Long.