Video advice: What is a Medical Science Liaison? Are there any online resources that cover all these topics? This level of support is something MSLs engaged in e-learning will really appreciate and value. Theyre also accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education & Training/American National Standards Institute (IACET/ANSI) and they even offer CME/CE to US Licensed Physicians and Pharmacists who decide to complete the modules for the BCMAS program. The ACMAs goal is to establish a common language a standard that medical affairs executives can converse in. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Board certifying medical affairs and medical science liaison professionals is critical to ensure ethical practices, compliance excellence, and public trust at this crucial time. MD, MBEE, BCMAS Investing in a board certification at this age of growth is definitely time well spent. Addressing everything in one place can help establish a solid foundation, build confidence and competence for individuals and teams. This credential demonstrates that you have mastered the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to work in the life sciences industry. Thanks for sharing Jill! Medical affairs is the division within a pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, or Both are serving a purpose for their intended audience. If you have any questions , please direct them to our staff directly who would be happy to help you , rather than making assumptions about what we do on an anonymous forum. Curious to know if the BCMAS is worth pursuing? Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS) Organization behind the MSL Certification: The ACMA is a globally accredited & recognized organization, they have offices in the U.S., India, Europe, South America and the UAE. ACMA does not charge any additional fees for retaking the exam if you fail which is nice. My comment part 1: The topic of standardization in Medical Affairs is timely and important. Nonquantifiables can be extremely important in business terms, but as hinted in the previous section, senior managers tend to focus on the money; often they are less interested in the nonquantifiables. I wanted to work in medical affairs as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) in the pharmaceutical The ACMA offers a flexible payment plan where you can pay in 3 easy installments of Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. With the addition of the BCMAS to my LinkedIn profile and resume, it attracted recruiters to me for medical science liaison roles. This two-part article provides a good summary on the ACMA and MSLS programs. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. They constantly blast promotions about this certification and how important it will be without much substantiation. But a MSL position is not right for everyone. This level of support is something MSLs engaged in e-learning will really appreciate and value. Need of the hour. The BCMAS Exam. Hi. Also, in case there is any concern about MSLS or ACMA influencing how this community is run, rest assured I have no affiliation with either. *A note from the author: I penned these articles while waiting for my exam results from BCMAS. Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS). Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3cb49ddf8da07e17af6d699a0ebe2fc" );document.getElementById("ae49f29f56").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I just signed up to take and they do a background check to verify your application. I got the weekly newsletters from ACMA and got curious. science liaison to senior leader, you need something extra. One thing that really stood out was that these industry professionals include Vice Presidents of Medical Affairs, Chief Medical Officers, Medical Science Liaisons and other industry professionals. #msl #boardcertification #bcmas #mslbc #medicalaffairs #msls #acma. Expanded Access to Advanced Cell Therapies. This is rather controversial around here. But as medical affairs strategic value continues to increase, executives need to be conversant about other vital aspects of the life sciences industry, such as pharmacovigilance, digital technology, or compliance and regulatory implications. MSLs may serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community, and are scientific experts to internal colleagues at companies. One (1) year of cumulative experience working full-time as a Medical Science Liaison (or equivalent title) or leading a Medical Science Liaison team. This is very interesting to me. For more information, please see our And while some Americans are waiting in line to get their COVID-19 vaccine, others are cautious due to doubts about the rapid vaccine development process and questions that have plagued the FDA about whether clinical data from pharmaceutical companies are being reviewed thoroughly. Of these, 125 questions will be used to calculate your test score. The fact that theyre accredited cannot be overemphasized. ACMA works with experts around the world to develop country- and region-specific content within the BCMAS curriculum using advanced geo-redirect technology features. A risk that I (imho) think might be worth taking. Theyre well known for conducting conferences and meetings for MSLs. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. **application fee must be paid with a credit card or PayPal in US Dollars. How one pharma vet helped create the first industry-wide training standards for aspiring Landing an MSL role isnt easy. The MSL-BC program is a very new certification (released in February 2020). But, how do you go about getting certified? Emanuel clarified his point: Its an opportunity to do things that you had never considered, or that This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Having pre-test questions right before your actual exam feels a bit odd. MSL-BC is a professional standard developed only for MSLs and MSL managers. More and more medical affairs professionals sign up to undergo the certification process each month. Every 5 years you are required to maintain your certification. Everything including the exam fee is ~$1000. A business opportunity with a 50/50 chance of succeeding. The remaining 15 items serve as pretest questions, and do not affect your final score. I am stuck at home, jobless because of fucking covid.. so though I expand my career. Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS), Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Certification Review: Comparing the BCMAS vs. MSL-BC Certification. hit or miss. The BCMAS certification is internationally recognized, and achieving the BCMAS . It is impossible to operate in such scarcity. being easy to digest. The ACMA is building further awareness of the important contributions that medical science liaisons make in advancing the science which ultimately improves the quality of life of patients. One way MSL professionals can stand out is by becoming board certified MSL professionals. While some MSLs view MSLS as a valuable resource, it's worth noting that they are not accredited by any outside body. It may not display this or other websites correctly. The study materials are all provided. ACMA received IACET accreditation, whose processes helped us build a rigorous curriculum. And often, medical affairs executives get so engrossed in their day to day activities that its challenging to gain a deep understanding of how other departments and functions operate, let alone train another colleague on these functions. The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs is meeting the daily challenge of expanding and level-setting the knowledge base of medical affairs professionals throughout the industry. However, I do notice quite a few MSLs with that certification. I can briefly share my experience with the ACMA program which I found quite worthwhile: CompTIA A+. BCMAS allows up to 3 hours for their four-section exam which includes multiple choice, true/false, select all that apply and case study formatted questions totaling between 90-100 questions. I have worked in medical affairs for 3 years and I still felt like I learned a lot. But does that mean anything? ACMA Podcast is focused on establishing benchmarks of excellence in training for the Christine Megalla, Pharm.D., Associate Director of Educational Programs at the Accreditation Council for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are typically trained PhD professionals, physicians, or pharmacists. I heard it is becoming the industry standard. There are a number of ways you can achieve the same goals (learning what each dept does, scouting opps, boosting credentials, getting the interview) without spending nearly as much money and that are far more useful. The 3 Month (100 Day) MCAT Study Schedule Guide: 2022 Edition, http://www.medicalaffairsspecialist-affairs-specialist-program/exam-information/,,27.htm,,, The Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist Program (BCMAS) comes to Rutgers University providing a new path forward for scientific and clinical professionals looking to work within the pharmaceutical industry, Opinion on regulatory affairs vs. medical affairs, Regulatory Affairs or Medical Information, All resources are student and donor supported. Background Medical Affairs and Medical Science Liaison (MSL) Professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds. The ACMA provides training and certification programs for the pharmaceutical & healthcare industries. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The ACMA has Live 24/7 Chat support feature. How far have you gotten? It would be nice if these questions were available before the exam to help you prepare. Take the first steps toward achieving the gold standard in the pharmaceutical industry. It is meant to establish uniform standards for a profession that we advocate for (namely MSLs/med affairs professionals). While the BCMAS program offers some great features, the 20 modules the ACMA includes to help MSLs prepare for the exam are definitely a great standout feature. Dr. Hughes achieved the Board-Certified Medical Affairs Specialist (BCMAS) certification from ACMA in May of 2021 and believes that it will open new doors and provide her with more in-depth industry training that is needed to excel in the medical affairs career path. Grantors always consider if the PI has the experience and resources to get the job done. It never hurts to continue learning. So BCMAS applies to several roles in pharma-not just MSL jobs. With us it's easy to find the job you want! Medical Director of Astellas Pharma Philippines. The BCMAS seal means your medical affairs & MSL team has been rigorously evaluated by the leading . The BCMAS provided me with a thorough knowledge of medical affairs operations, the life You will have a total of 4 hours to complete the exam. Career-minded medical affairs professionals want to show senior leaders that their role is not just a job for them. (1) completing 20 hours of continuing education credits approved by the ACMA or (2) by MSLs help facilitate research and educate residents/fellows and much more. In keeping with this year's emphasis on cloud services, this certification enters this list with a promise to earn its qualifiers an average salary of $142,708. The biggest standout feature is the exam structure. The remaining 15 items serve as pretest questions, and do not affect your final score. Loved it! Send a powerful message that you have achieved the highest standard of excellence, 90% of BCMAS professionals land the role they want in as little as two months, Build your brand as a subject matter expert with colleagues and HCPs, BCMAS Professionals earn up to 24% more than their peers, Senior Manager, Medical Science Liaison and Clinical Strategy Lead. Obviously don't take my word, do your own research but just my take on the topic. an accreditor of medical affairs professionals and pharmaceutical sales representatives But the trend has unmistakably been a steady increase in moving the BCMAS toward the industry standard. Topics include: As the U.S. grapples with the deadly opioid epidemic and public outrage over drug costs, One way MSL professionals can stand out is by becoming board certified MSL professionals. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The MSL-BC includes only the certification exam and the onus is on the learner to try and find material to help them prep for the exam. I just began looking into this and realize the potential of. BCMAS designers developed content using psychometric analysis to ensure that graduates are held to the highest standards of learning and assessment. Others seek to differentiate themselves from their peers. I saw some colleagues A community for all things affiliated with the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) profession. I have a clinical Does anyone know about this combination? The Board Certified Medical Affairs Specialist is quickly becoming the industry standard for medical affairs professionals to attain. And theres certainly no programs offering board certification. These cookies do not store any personal information. CEO, A2A Pharmaceuticals, "BCMAS Review was excellent. The growing demands on pharmaceutical medical affairs professionals as a critical interface between the health care companies and stakeholdersincluding physicians and patientsemphasizes the need to standardize and certify core competencies and practices across medical affairs teams. Shouldn't you get your Pharm-D first, before you get "BCMAS" certified? Apparently there is rumors about him lying and faking his PhD and plagiarizing things from the MSL Institute inside his book. A quick search on LinkedIn shows just how widely used the credential is among pharmaceutical industry professionals. Doing the job well requires diverse set of competencies that develop over time, often with use of industry trainings that focus on individual topics, such as advisory panels or medical communication. Hi Not sure if you saw this recent PR release: I'm connected on social media with the founders of the org. I assume many are in process of deciding which certification route to take. Each of the certifications require you to complete CE and/or retest every few years to keep the board certification current. Currently the only accredited board certification for MSLs worldwide. Hi It is legit. taking the board exam. is grabbing the attention of politicians and policymakers. However, the primary purpose of the MSL role is to build peer-peer relationships with leading HCPs, referred to as External Experts (EEs) at major academic centers of excellence around the world. Both are official board certifications, not certificate programs meaning the idea isnt to simply learn about being an MSL the goal is to prove you know what the credential specifically implies, BCMAS leaning towards overall medical affairs (MA) and MSL-BC focusing on the MSL career specifically. Read more, Listen to the ACMA podcast on Pharmacy Podcast, Establish yourself as an authority in pharma, Demonstrate mastery of the Medical Science Liaison/Medical Affairs profession with this award-winning program. Physicians, pharmacists, and PhD professionals wishing to transition into the pharmaceutical industry. I literally knew nothing about how to be an MSL when you got me. Due to the newness of the certification, there are very few people that have the MSL-BC credential, therefore, it is not well recognized yet. The Medical Science Liaison Society (MSLS) is an organization dedicated to advancing the global MSL profession. It also sets the stage for continual professional development through values centered on lifelong . Current medical affairs professionals (this includes: medical science liaisons, medical directors, VP Medical Affairs, Medical Information Specialists, Pharmacovigilance, HEOR professionals, etc.). Being board certified in any healthcare related career has proven to be impactful. For more information and recent students testimonials, click here. An important caveat is that, unlike the BCMAS program, with MSL-BC the additional cost to retake the exam can be as high as $400. In a nutshell, this program gave me an in-depth perspective on the dynamic role a medical science liaison plays in scientific exchange and data generation. The ACMA has Live 24/7 Chat support feature. $700. We cannot control how people decide to leverage their certification. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. But how do you choose the right MSL Certification for you? Now in virtual format. BCMAS is relevant for MSLs as well as other functions within Medical Affairs. background, so I found the program very helpful. The Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs and MSL Society. In contrast the MSLS made their program available earlier this year following a reported two-year collaboration process and after passing the MSL professional will be entitled to the credential MSL-BC. Joined May 7, 2015 Messages . How one pharma vet helped create the first industry-wide training standards for aspiring With increased scrutiny on pharmaceutical industry practices, ensuring that pharmaceutical companies are validating the knowledge of their field teams in medical affairs and sales is imperative. doctorate degree (Ph.D., PharmD., M.D.). Still others are looking for a challenge to learn what they dont know. Yes. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This number is inclusive regardless of the name du jour from an individual company to include: Regional Scientific Director, Clinical Liaison, Thought Leader Liaison, Field Medical Director etc. MSLs can participate in any stage of a products lifecycle, but typically are hired as a company prepares for launch. ProctorU is utilized by both organizations for proctoring of the exam and both are completed under timed conditions following an identity verification process. Never allow a serious crisis go to waste. So said former Mayor of Chicago and White House Chief of 20 modules to prepare you for the Board Examination, Practice Question Bank to help prepare you for the BCMAS exam, Assistance with connections to MSL & Medical Affairs Recruiters, ACMA Easy Pay 3 Month-Installment Option (This gives you the option of splitting the payments over 3 months which is great especially for folks starting out and looking for financial flexibility. Have completed at least a bachelors degree and have 2 years relevant professional experience (ie., pharmaceutical industry experience, clinical and/or research experience).