Having a professional philosophy and a solid professional track record are more effective than calling yourself results-oriented or something similarly canned. These adjectives describe my personality: I am a culture champion, creator, and teacher. If you want to put your projects front and center, then you can make it seem more sincere by pairing it with personal brand concepts that denote some humility, like curiosity or self-improvement. Make 2 lists. However, as with most things, its far more effective to keep it simple then to overload people with a lot of information that can take away from where you really add value. with executive partners, stakeholders, and clients. Ensure that the words you choose are genuine and reflect yourself accurately. Or even a "great" voice. Since the purpose of a personal brand statement is to briefly list your primary skills, it is necessary to target the industry where those skills are most useful. The four aspects of personal brand words. Check out these personal branding examples to see how other people pull this off successfully! Since there are still many people who are unaware of the need to create a personal brand regardless of the industry, then having a great one may just be the edge needed to win out over the competition. Cultivated well, your personal brand will signal to employers whether or not you'll be the right fit for an open role. Required fields are marked *. Goal - oriented What steps are necessary to make your desired personal brand a reality? You can visit https://www.danbutler.co.uk/ if you need to get a signage. Follow these steps to prepare for when employers say 'Describe yourself in three words': 1. Try telling it to a friend or significant other one time and see if he or she can easily recall the entire sentence. Innovation is in my bloodI seek to find ways to adapt when needed and disrupt when possible. If youre interested in a great way to endear your brand to your prospective and current customers, get in touch with these screen printers. Relaxed.". encountered a situation where you have had to work with a difficult Madalyn Sklar shows the value of specificity infused with individuality in a personal branding statement. Rather, its something you should consult, review, and revise on a continuous basis. If you want to thrive in your career, one of the best things you can do is build a strong personal brand strategy. , but they can definitely support it. A personal brand statement will not help you much if you are not telling people what it is. What I mean by this is what people uniquely think of when they think of you. Avoid using too many personal branding words or phrases. She expresses her excitement for the brands that she has worked for and establishes herself as an employee advocate. Having a short brand statement means that you will be able to market yourself quickly whenever a chance for networking arises (on the subway, for instance). Instead, this means this is not the singular focus of how you want to be known. (These three words, like The Beatles, are most effective when united.) Your Look and Style. Whenever I work with clients to develop their personal What was somewhat surprising was the responses fit into three overarching categories; Expertise, Character and Drive. Give your company a competitive edge and your team a professional boost. Our free tool helps you promote and enhance your personal brand online. Hi Shelly, interesting in that of all the major words in the three categories you describe, I see four. No matter your career path, you want to be able to do the same. business. Can you be counted on to do the right thing? Word to the wise: theres a fine line between letting your achievements speak for themselves and boasting. As an individual, you have values and virtues, just as organizations do. Even after youve decided on a statement, it is a good idea to check with a friend to make sure that your idea of yourself matches what others think of you. Taking your personal brand statement and making it easily found will help share what youre all about, even if someone doesnt have a lot of time to look at your profile. I build communities and evangelize for the things I believe in. As we just covered, a personal brand statement is a concise way of letting other people know what you do and why youre different and are usually no more than two sentences. In particular it does a good job of telling potential hiring managers what she does, how she does it, and how she thrives. Thats why you get a summary and an entire about section on LinkedIn to craft a personal brand statement. You can practice this easily. And once you have a standout personal brand statement, youll also want to deliver authentic and engaging content to your audiences on social media. Good luck with your job hunting! Make sure to keep it consistent across platforms, however, because using the same sentence every time will help others remember it and associate it with you. Im a Growth Marketing Strategist, aka The Strategy Hacker, who empowers brands to achieve next-level success, maximize revenue, elevate brand authority, establish powerful communities, and skyrocket business growth through cutting-edge marketing strategies and results-driven social media solutions.. Take a look at this example in which someone calls herself an influencer of change.. Even though its time-consuming, your personal branding statement should be revised at least once a year to reflect changes and advancements in your professional career. Looking at Target as an example most of us are familiar with, it . Your values and goals change over time, so it makes sense that your personal brand statement would as well. It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes. Using descriptive words for your personal brand can come across as inauthentic and self-serving, so you need to use them sparingly. Odds are, you probably are one yourself. Corporate attorneys are hybrid legal advisors and business executives. Your personal brand statement should be short enough to fit on one line on your business card. He doesnt use buzzwords. Its what ensures your results are that much, You know plenty of brand evangelists. Without them, you're just pressing on the gas without looking. Think about why you are choosing these words and how they relate to your brands values. Your answers to these questions (and the ones below) will be the steering wheel that drives your personal branding campaign. If theyre not interested, dont bother. If you want to win on LinkedIn, take that personal branding statement and show it off. Youll notice there is a diverse set of words in this category but they all point to what people can count on when they work with this individual, their expertise. Here's an inventory of adjectives to help you describe how you look at your best. . Be careful not to boast about your achievements too much, or you may come across as arrogant. If you have the wrong leadership brand for the position you have, or the. Or will you This is something that we need to make more clear moving forwards, thank you! He was thrilled! Its always good to keep learning! How to use descriptive words for your personal brand, Using descriptive words for your personal brand can come across as inauthentic and self-serving, so you need to use them sparingly. Its a subtle difference that most people miss. Try EveryoneSocial's employee advocacy platform for FREE. A la mode means "in style" or "trendy". Youre a builder of communities with your weekly newsletter, really? If you want your projects to take center stage, then pair them with personal brand concepts that denote humility, such as curiosity or self-improvement. You spent time on it, dont you want others to see it? Dont procrastinate creating your statement. Your brand personality is essentially how you speak to your people across your different platforms and media, and having some core traits is helpful for you to always refer back to. If they show interest, you can and should elaborate but once again, you have to do it without boring the person youre speaking to. Mix and match them to create a professional persona that accurately reflects who you are. They are the words that you want people to associate with you and your brand. And I failed At first. LeadFuze aggregates the world's professional data and the companies they work for, to give you an easy way to build the most targeted, and accurate list of leads imaginable. 8. Here are three types of words that describe your personal brand. VA. Think about the ways you excel in being collaborative in your work environment Get the 9 secrets of job hunting with a humanities degree (free), PLUS a new career strategy delivered to your inbox once per week (3-minute read). Are you clear on your brands mission, vision, and values? individual can include a focus on being creative in tackling new projects, considering A lot of companies value having employees that will act as brand advocates and will choose applicants with stronger networks and online presence because of that. On the web, you have much more control over perceptions because people will judge you solely based on what's . What adjectives would you use to describe your business? 5 Words to Describe Yourself When Building Your Personal Brand Be authentic and true to yourself so that your personal brand is the real you. Knowing these "secrets," I now see excellent results during my job searches - and I dont even apply to more than a handful at once. In other words, it's your unique selling proposition. Use these on all of your online profiles, including your LinkedIn, resume, and portfolio. Troy Sandidge takes personal branding to another level by actually trademarking his own brand alias The Strategy Hacker! Your email address will not be published. 3 words to describe your personal brandhow to pronounce conversation May 21, 2021 / in marilyn monroe real name / by When asking this interview question, interviewers wantand expecta short list of adjectives that describe you and demonstrate how you are the right candidate for the job.As already stated, have a list of 10 words at the ready. These statements are typically between one and two sentences and should be attention-grabbing, compelling and memorable. You have to read and readjust to get an idea of their experience and brand statement. Also, make sure to limit yourself to only one sentence for your personal branding statement. Plus, these qualities are always attractive in a professional setting. Now, I want you to find 3 words that describe your business. Aware. 500 satisfied clients so far., I turn businesses around by finding scalable growth strategies they can implement today., I organize and focus nonprofit operations around their true mission so they can have maximum impact.. If not, it's . Id love to hear from you! Personal branding is important, but not that many people can tell you how to express that in one or two sentences. the time to achieve a clients goals or needs? It communicates the value you offer. Everyone has such descriptive words. as part of the process is the following question: Give me 5 words to I fly in, find the true problems, improve everything I can, make the magic happen, sing a few songs, and fly away to the next project or I can stick around! Then, ask a close friend or co-worker what 3 words they'd use. Jot down your favorites and then narrow them down to your top 3-5. Beyond her work experience and interests though, she shares some of her hobbies and interests, which helps show off her positive personality. As a matter of fact, you really have just a few seconds to introduce yourself and present your personal branding statement. here are some suggestions of words that I highly recommend leveraging. Its important to not confuse your messaging with your personal branding. The process for identifying your ONE word is just as important as your actual ONE word. This will help set you apart from all the other people who offer similar services or operate in the same industry. to craft your professional image without coming across as arrogant or desperate. Go through a variety of filters to zero in on the leads you want to reach. Wendi Weiner 5 Min Read Whenever I work with clients to develop their personal brand, one of the first pieces of information I seek to extract from them as part of the process is the following question: