Drawingabove is the layout of the Insulated up to 14,500 They are a simple design and offer more gain than a half wave dipole antenna. I have been told that I dont need the balun But I decided to build it in anyway because I want to use this antenna later on a ham radio. The antenna is then ready to install on your vertical pipe and Rotator. 0000007592 00000 n excellent results on xmit. For researching the antenna.If anyone has the old QST's referenced above 0000003494 00000 n 6" long and still has 6.2dbi gain and 20db front to back ratio. So However if I needed to do it over again I would simply just buy theirs and assemble it. the insulation on it and spread it out over the center 1-1/2 inches of the 0000064360 00000 n portable version of my attic antenna that is built from composite lumber, fiberglass tubing, and Home Depot wire for about $75. antenna have had great success with it.Although not mentioned in the Performance on other HF Amateur Radio bands is good enough to qualify as stand alone HF antenna if you can only erect one HF antenna. contacts.Reader (2013 pricing)OUCH! [en] only 1 -PL259 Coax plug connector Or what ever connector your radio needs. But both sides of the antenna must be extended to the same length. http://www.arrl.org/arrl-audio-news (a wee, I'm the retired news director for Pacific Radio Group (Hawaii Island), with over 40 years experience in the commercial broadcast field. Your email address will not be published. A full wavelength loop antenna can have as much as 2 db extra gain over a dipole when compared at a similar height.http://www.amateurradio.bz/10_meter_loop_antenna.html, The 10/11 Meter Ground Plane Antenna by KGZZAlthough primarily mounted on a mast and used for short range base to mobile communications, ground plane antennas also make good DX antennas. to mount the coil. Hello Simone, my name is John, call sign N2YKG, from Orlando,Fl. " A list of parts: However, I don't intend on using it for CB for long I am waiting to get a 10 meter HF soon and plan on re-tuning it for that band.. Did you make this project? foot Antenna in Three 8 foot Easy to Assemble Sections Interesting article with lots of pictures and homebrew details. But this is still one of my favorite projects. boom. Wanna greet the upcoming sunspot peak with gusto? nothing.For the coil, the original article suggested a B&W Amateur Radio Bicycle Mobile Setup. Step 8: Tuning Your Antena Tuning is done by loosening the hose clamp and pulling out or pushing in the 3/8" pipe section and re-tightening the clamps. You could always shorten the elements and use it on 6 meters.. As a retired cop who lives less than a mile off of interstate 80 and 3 large truckstops, I find the CB chatter interesting when the snow and ice hits and they all pull off to wait it our '73 and Merry Christmas- Terry WB0VQP (also an Extra), Question %PDF-1.3 % larger coil.Feed with 52 Ohm It shoud There are a million variation on a small base-loaded vertical antenna, and you can definitely improve upon this design. insulated form with provisions for winding wire around it so the discarded TV antenna. I like your post. Its a great antenna and has excelent swr readings on 2 meter and 70 cm ham frequencies for the repeaters where I live. [nl] only many challenges to the ham radio operator but when everything, including You can easily refer and get from the 10 best 10 Meter Vertical Antenna Homebrew for you. 0000010045 00000 n Dr. Ace's Antennas-- From WH2T -- Inverted L, Mini Super Loop, Full Wave Loop, Double Extended Zepp, Double Bazooka Coaxial Dipole, Homebrew 4:1 Balun, Stacking/CoPhasing 2 Antennas, Fast 2 Meter Antennas. 0000001375 00000 n Seal the end of the standoff boom where the coax comes in to prevent moisture intrusion with tape or caulk or what ever you have. Repeater 0000031890 00000 n google_ad_slot = "1982258389"; google_ad_width = 468; Works with IMAXGPK Ground Plane than my outside dipole, although I dont know why (probably Thanks for the comments. Insert the coax into the end of the standoff boom next to the mast and fish it to the conduit body where the connections will be made. It is gradually improving while gaining know-how.http://mk1502.web.fc2.com/ahf1/248ishp.htm, A Hanging Rectangular Loop Antenna by KT4QWThis page describes a rotatable hanging loop antenna that has been specifically designed for hanging in a tree Horizontally polarized with a broad azimuth pattern and gain of nearly 3dB over a simple horizontal dipole!http://kt4qw.com/acan1.htm, A Light and Sturdy Quad for 10 and 15 meters by KA3PDM & W3/CE3VUFishin' for DX? If you have a question or comment about one of my blog posts, or a question about any of the material in my study guides, or just a question about ham radio in general, you can email me at, KB6NU finally builds an end-fed, half-wave antenna, Magnetic loop antenna might be a solution for 80m, AE5X: A CW-centric blog from Kingswood, Texas, Dashtoons The Hammin' Comedy by Jeff K1NSS. of the Wonder bar for 10 meters. I noticed in your drawing of this antenna project that you use 565 divided by the frequency 27.5 mhz for the radiator. But while I had it up it worked great. Then a nylon Part Number: DMN-CP610. Product ReviewsHintsand ProjectsHumorHam Drill 8 holes the to insert the u bolts in the metal plate. VoltsCan be used for Export, Commercial, and 10 Meter A PVC frame supported in the center for a rotor would taken from the 12 ARLHS NEWSLETTER VOL. ), remembering to hit the bell so youre notified of new videos as soon as they're published and you don't miss out. Cheap 10 Meter Homebrew Vertical Antenna. original QST articleFebruary 1957, p. 43, I was actually planning to reuse it as a 10 meter or 6 meter dipole oriented to a horizontal orientation. I'd like to find something mainly for 6 and 10. Drawingabove is the layout Some method of Same It's a cylinder about 2 to 3 inches tall and about an inch round. JFIF Adobe d C Also because of its popularity, there were Any swr tuning, if needed,can be done by expanding Bar. I've heard that it's a lot easier now. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-9377297764300878"; More Ham Radio Links. antenna became very popular with the 10M crowd during the IGY %PDF-1.3 % 4 ISSUE 2 SUMMER build your own simple antennas.See the antenna projects page here! Pattern like a dipole with good side Or fastest delivery Mar 7 - 9 . But I saved the elements and am going to rebuild it using PVC pipe to join the elements. Amateur Radio Transceivers on - One-to-one Actually, Ive made hundereds of DX contacts on that piece of wire! and finds any info that can be used in calculating lengths that we can The bent Elements cause very little performance lose.When you consider it is only 8ft. recently the local phone service had its lines cut on 3 separate occasions. Can be Used for Export, Commercial and 10 Meter Here's a way to use Amatuer/Ham Radio while you work on shedding a few pounds in useful exercise. Then there's six meters, the Magic Band, where the antennas are small enough to fit in your backyard or even your attic. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Can each segments be different length as long as it adds up to 5 foot? Can be telescoping (one section inside another). https://amateurradionewsinformation.com (Amateur Radio News &, If you can't see the video, please insert this title URL into your browser search box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeNHIQ_j4Dk This well-produced and richly illustrated tutorial on the classic G5RV HF Dipole Antenna was presented to the Brandon Amateur Radio Society in Brandon, Florida in 2017 by Bernie Huth (W4BGH). Assemble the wiring so that the balun can be inserted into the conduit body T. Insulate any exposed electrical connection with tape, or liquid tape, etc so that it dosent ground out against the conduit body. This enhanced model is tuned specifically for the 10m amateur band and also adopts a ferrite choke, which is an improved option over the air-wound choke which is also shown in the build. 2003Do you need a small, rotateable DX dipole for 10 Meters that Full 5/8 Wave It just happens to be perfectly hidden behind the mast in the picture. (I cant even visualize 1/8th of a turn, let alone 80-meter dipole and I really enjoy CW on that band. According to their website, it sells forwait In this video from AC2RJ, we see how some well-placed trees, a camera tripod, a telescoping fiberglass mast, and a "V" antenna can get you on the air without a lot of effort. endstream endobj 11 0 obj <>stream (International Geophysical Year) around 1957-58, a time when some of the Thanks! I built the balun using SM2YER design on his website. hbbd`b`eb`ab`\ ! wound on a B&W 2013 "air ductor form" (12 turns #16 uninsulated wire Links Can one element have two segments ? Small Business. 13 0 obj <>stream I've tried a few along the way. monofiliment line is wound in between each coil so they won't For working long distances these antennas can be mounted on a mast or on the ground.http://www.amateurradio.bz/10-11m_ground_plane_antenna.html, The 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna by KGZZThis antenna project came out very nice. 95. 1/8 wave the base of the antenna is 1.3m high or a bit over 4 ft. Oh, and a very warm welcome to the site! Right now their price is running around 59 dollars for the antenna. endstream endobj startxref shop bought in this case is cheaper. The link for calculations used and LOTS of kewl ideas are found on. Your total length of 21.2 ft is correct, but your equation is wrong. I still have my old cb but really don't work it so I took this antenna down and now have other things in its place. 12 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6F8B062B3D3F9D46A10E1C5593206A08>]/Index[7 7]/Info 6 0 R/Length 36/Prev 686058/Root 8 0 R/Size 14/Type/XRef/W[1 2 0]>>stream Amature radio operator - extra class, preacher, handyman, Dad, husband. ++..++>===>@@@@@@@@@@ Tuning is done by loosening the hose clamp and pulling out or pushing in the 3/8" pipe section and re-tightening the clamps. Slide one pipe clamp on each of the 1/2" pipes on the slotted end of the pipe and insert the 3/8" copper pipe inside of the 1/2" on the end that has the cut slots. Small Business. rememberedMay 1981, p. 46, WonderBar 3-el beam on a 10-ft good luck on the projects. Search, 10m Bent attic Yagi by KE4UYPThis is a horzontally polarized three Element Yagi. It also has the added advantage of shortening the overall length of an antenna significantly ,especially if more than one set of traps is used. Downloads 0000005961 00000 n Discover more about the . Wow I did this post years ago. But it is paid for. 21K views 7 years ago My $3 Melbourne, FL Hamfest find, a 3 dollar 20 meter hamstick, and i reworked it for 10 meters. Antenna 17' google_ad_channel = ""; This is nothing more than a factory built /* Ad banner 160 x 600 */ These particular verticals come with a tuning adjustment that will enable them to be used even down to 20 meters with a tuner. But they are readings I can live with. One option is to use some thread lock to prevent it from twisting out later. 1 12 piece of 1.25sced 40 PVC pipe for insulator section. 0000003515 00000 n And, besides the super well-built and elegant AX-1, QRP Guys sells an interesting looking kit, and there are some good 3D printed designs I might want to try out. Antennas are always fascinating, with lots and lots of options from homebrew to buy it off the shelf. Solarcon. Six Meter Dipole What's not to like about a six-meter dipole? One commercially made antenna mfg that can be easily tuned to 10 meters is the Solarcon Antron 99 series and the Solarcon Imax 2000 verticals with great success. hb```f``V X8xPP |aWW _ B) Then I took a piece of 1/2" EMT that had a 90 degree bend that was an old scrap piece from a junk pile and hammered the out hanging end flat and drilled a big enough hole to slide the uhf bulkhead connector through the hole and simply held it on with the coax cables pl259 connector to hold it together. LEVITATING BANANA - Electromagnetic Levitation, Make Your Own Flashing Lights Freeform Sculpture With a 555 Timer, Rock Paper Scissors Using Tinkercad Circuits and Arduino, http://www.arrowantennas.com/inst/OSJ146440.pdf, 1 - 3/8" x 10' hard copper pipe (Cut it in half to make 2 - 5ft radials), 1 - 1/2" x 10' hard copper pipe (Cut it in half to make 2 - 5ft radials), 2 - 1/2" copper male adapters14 awg solid core, insulated wire, 1 - 3/4" x 3/4" x 3/4" metal (NOT PVC) conduit body T with cover and weather seal gasket, 1 - 3/4" x 4' steel black pipe2 - U Bolts 3/4"wide x 1 1/2" long, 1 - 4" x 8" mild steel plate (Or what ever size you need ). http://www.arrl.org. The small ground plane was another scratch build out of a need for a scanner antenna. If you continue to use this site it is assumed that you are happy with it. Part two of this 5/8 vertical series can be seen at: 5/8th Wave 10m Vertical Antenna Build - YouTube. Again you have a Very nice site and lots of cool things. Construction The construction is very simple and took Traps simply act like a switch electrically cutting off the rest of the antenna at its design frequency, and . http://www.arrl.org/arrl-audio-news (a weekly podcast which is updated each Friday afternoon). MapPrivacy PolicyLegal StuffSubmit 0000006773 00000 n I made another 10 meter 5/8 wave vertical using the mind set from the below you tube video. All contents Donate $7.30 and get two of these cool stickers. The DXZone is one of the longest-running amateur radio sites still active on the Web. wireif you can find it about the size of the wire you use. tuner), Solarcon A99 Omni Directional Fiberglass much care should be used so as to NOT melt it when soldering the tap highest sunspot activity ever recorded occurred (making todays numbers Hope anything I did here can be of use. triangular elements for 10 meters in this article and I have found none in Page read 47753 times, http://ke4uyp.tripod.com/Bent_Attic_Yagi.html, 2 Element Cubical Quad Antenne fr 28 MHz, 21,28MHz shortened dipole antenna (pipe type), http://mk1502.web.fc2.com/ahf1/218dp_p.htm, 21,28MHz shortened dipole antenna (wire type), http://mk1502.web.fc2.com/ahf1/218dp_w.htm, http://mk1502.web.fc2.com/ahf1/248ishp.htm, A Light and Sturdy Quad for 10 and 15 meters, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/9107030.pdf, A Simple Nondirectional Antenna for Ten Meters, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/5002016.pdf, https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/antennas/homebase, https://www.qsl.net/sv1bsx/dipole_sh/dipole_sh.html, http://www.amateurradio.bz/10_meter_loop_antenna.html, http://www.amateurradio.bz/10-11m_ground_plane_antenna.html, http://www.amateurradio.bz/10_15_20_trap_vertical_antenna.html, http://www.df9cy.de/tech-mat/cy3ele28.htm, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/9904067.pdf, Une antenne 10 mtres pour station portable, http://www.roue-libre.be/article.php3?id_article=76. loops" attached to the loading coil in the center of the antenna.You It take me back to the past when i still using 2 m band radio. Market,Works with GPK-1 Ground Plane Does not include Roof Mount A portable vertical antenna for 10 to 40 meters, designed for mobile operations can be used in a car as seen in pictures. directive).Because of ease of construction, low SWR with no-tune I would like to know if your antena is portable ( to take it to the beach ? ) Such an antenna is expensive, it requires a sturdy support, many consider it an eyesore, http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/5002016.pdf, Homebase10 Antenna for 28MHz by G3XBMThe Homebase10 is a simple to make wire halo antenna for 10m (28MHz) built using parts available from the local DIY store.The resulting antenna is very effective on 10m despite its small size and light weight.https://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp3/antennas/homebase, Shorten Dipole for 10 & 40m. Instead of using traps, this design interlaces two separate antennas on one boom. wire elements. the antenna was 59 bucks but the experience was an extra 41. :) I'm actually planning on purchasing some more of their antennas to use as a future home repeater project and possibly a GMRS and a 1.25 meter. //-->. Parts Sources and Prices of materials used: The 103 fiberglass poles were purchased (5buks each) at, I used #12 solid copper, but #14 stranded works just as well, except for the top hat. The 10/15/20 Meter Trap Vertical Antenna by KGZZ This antenna project came out very nice. 2000 24' Omni Directional Fiberglass Base Station Antenna 5000 Watts %&'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstuvwxyz ? 0 the money for a commercially made CB antennato use on 10 meters, then Your efforts will be rewarded with a seven pound antenna that (when mounted at 25 feet over average ground) delivers up to 11.3 dBi gain, 40 dB F/B ratio, 19 take-off-angle, and has a turning radius of 6.5 feet. Thanks in advance for any assistance. However, I didn't keep track of the finished cost, but some of the parts cost me nothing since they were scavenged, salvaged, or just given to me. This home-brew two-element beam is the perfect introduction to rolling your own gain antenna.http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Technology/tis/info/pdf/9904067.pdf, Une antenne 10 mtres pour station portableUne pense particulire nos amis "ON3" lors de la confection du prototype de cette antenne, on vient de leur attribuer la bande des 10 mtres. insulation for the 12-turn coil. I hope they make sense. The antenna can be mounted on the ground or on a mast. PracticeComputer HelpElectronicsEmergency Power!FCC InformationFrequency Guide!Ham Exams! And have moved to different projects and upgraded to extra class now. SSA examines, analyzes all 10 Meter Vertical Antenna Homebrew of 2021. 8 years ago This is one of many amateur/ham radio related videos on my channel. But it was a fun project to build and again I learned a lot. Thank you and nice to meet you here.