Afanleigh Rumble Red In other words, they are multi-purpose pointing dogs perfect for hunting and household companions. He is hip . Geltwood Maximus Meridius They are typically quiet dogs, only barking if necessary or if they are provoked.They are natural hunters with an excellent ability to take training . The most distinctive factor of a Wirehaired Vizsla is its dense wiry coat with a shaggy beard. Autumnglory Edinburgh Midlothian Fully Health Tested. Copper is a 4 years old and a proven sire from a loving family home. Otto Oxidized We also advertise stud dog services and other puppy for sale related items. Vinnie (Vincenzo Bojangles) joined us here at School Farm, just outside Faversham, Kent, in July 2012, as firstborn son of, and a companion to Robi (Chulak Mr Bojangles). Healthy, Handsome 100% Hungarian Vizsla. They also have distinctive hairy eyebrows and mustaches, as well as a noble and graceful appearance that gives an impression of great stamina. We have black and chocolate lab puppies available be ready to go at end of April. VizAsh Apollo is a proven stud dog from champion working & showing bloodlines. Field trials:- won novice hpr field trial 3rd in all aged kennel club:- good citizen bronze, silver & gold, Swiss.Bel.Sh.Ch.Silvestre Fortune N'Glory Inter beauty ch, Nevedith Tobasco To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Read More Male Vizsla Name: Obi Location: La-Chon X Cavoodle Puppies !!!!! This does not mean that any form of grooming should be neglected and they do still require regular baths and dental care. Wirehaired Vizslas are an accomplished gun dog, excelling in upland game birds, and waterfowl. They are expressive, gentle, highly trainable, and thrive off of consistent exercise. They also have distinctive hairy eyebrows and mustaches, as well as a noble and graceful appearance that gives an impression of great stamina. So the next time youre looking for a new dog, why not search for your nearest Wirehaired Vizsla breeder and find one to adopt? Loves long walks on the beach and snuggling. It also slightly taller and heavier than the standard Vizsla. When he is not hunting, Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla is a loyal, highly affectionate, caring, and gentle-mannered household dog who likes interacting with your entire family. They are mostly used on upland birds (pheasant, quail, chukar, etc), but are also competent hunters and blood trackers forrabbit, fox, and deer. We have always. Age: 7 weeks | Ready to leave: 10th March. in October 2016, Laveris Irek at Greentimbers With a life expectancy of 12-14 years, you can adopt this breed and have the peace of mind that you'll form a long-lasting bond together. The Wirehaired Vizsla has a thick, wiry coat which can be golden, red, rusty, or sandy yellow. 30-60 minutes of daily off leash running is typical. As such, we have breeders from all over the world posting their ads for stud dogs right here within these pages. But, does that mean you should bring home two dogs if you want a family dog and a hunter? They are highly energetic and will require lots of space and opportunities to run freely. But they also are sensitive dogs. Karrouki Windfire JW If youre interested in similar breeds, check out: Theres a whole world of potential dog breeds out therewith a little research, you can find the right one to bring home! Additionally, the HWV can have trouble with epilepsy and some types of cancer. The breeding did not disappoint, and it produced optimum hunting dogs with the agility and grace of the Vizslas and the hardiness and endurance of the pointers. The full AKC standard can be found. Generally speaking, males average 55-65 lbs andfemales average 45-55 lbs, though it is not unusual to find examples over or under these sizes. He comes from a long line of champion sired males. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. HWVA Code of Conduct for Committee Members, Spikes Disease or Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS). Selection of Whippet puppies needing homes and surrounding areas to find your next furry puppy. Continue with Recommended Cookies. 2 We arent professional breeders. Wirehaired Vizslas are an able breed with good hunting and athletic skills. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid, Active Shooter & Mass Attack Safety Resources, iy_2023; im_03; id_04; ih_13; imh_14; i_epoch:1677964470788, py_2023; pm_02; pd_08; ph_03; pmh_04; p_epoch:1675854248753, link-block; link-block_link-block; bodystr, pn_tstr:Wed Feb 08 03:04:08 PST 2023; pn_epoch:1675854248753. The wirehaired vizsla is overall a healthy dog breed. Also like Robi, . Wallaroo Hawk Eye JW Bay of Plenty . Puppies for sale listings from the best gun dog breeders, trainers and kennels. The brand new Forever Puppy app! Applications for inclusion on the breeders list will only be accepted up until August for the current year. How to find the best stud dog News, Blogs and Events; Puppy Health; The Dangers of Choking: What Every Dog Owner Should Know View all posts. And aim to brush its teeth daily. Under-stimulated Wires may also become depressed or engage in obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as persistent licking (Coffman 1992). Plan on a monthly bath, depending on how dirty your dog gets. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas are natural hunters, pointers, and retrievers and thus perfect for anyone passionate about hunting. Berkshire Berkshire Health Tested. The bred was formally recognized by the AKC in July, 2014. Entry into our breeders list is dependent on the breeders and the stud dog owners being actively involved in Rehoming any dogs of their breeding. 1366 School House Rd. Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla. Wirehaired vizslas typically always want to be by your side and thus are prone to separation anxiety. If these needs are met, they are calm and pleasant home companions. The vizsla is a medium-size dog with a long history originating from Hungary.This dog is muscular with a smooth, dense coat in shades of russet. His hip score is 3/9 = 12 eyes clear . Introduced to North America in the 1970s, the WHV was first recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club in 1977 and North American Hunting Dog Association in 1986. Hunting Dog Breeders . The Wirehaired version of the Vizsla Dog is quite distinct to the regular Vizsla dog breed. Many Wires willingly sleep in bed with their owners if allowed, burrowing under the covers. Great demeanor, loves kids, sensitive, always ready to play.I want a puppy from him. The Wirehaired Vizsla should have a rough,wire topcoat with a waterproof undercoat. Email CJ Kennel about this ad. Type in your inquiries for a QUICK SEARCH, (Name, Partial Name, Breeder, Owner, Kennel Name, Titles, etc). iy_2023; im_03; id_04; ih_13; imh_40; i_epoch:1677966057524, py_2023; pm_02; pd_08; ph_00; pmh_58; p_epoch:1675846738710, link-block; link-block_link-block; bodystr, pn_tstr:Wed Feb 08 00:58:58 PST 2023; pn_epoch:1675846738710, One way we are doing that is by DNA testing for coat genes. MALES - (918) 834-1234 OR (405) 627-0102 - Labrador Retrievers in Oklahoma,City, , Oklahoma - Vanover's Great Plains Labradors . Johnny is a proven highly fertile stud dog and great family pet who is also a very hard hunting working gun dog. Learn more 2 puppies available 8 certified breeders Transportation Location Color Attributes Loroka Wirehaired Vizslas Lonedell, MO Female Available Female Available 1 puppy available We are not volume breeders. When it comes to grooming, due to their course and wiry coats, Wirehaired Vizslas are relatively low-maintenance in this department. JCW website is the sole property of Jayney's Creative Works (JCW). The Wirehaired Vizsla is a very similar dog to their smooth haired cousins, but they tend to be a little taller and heavier set. `Compass Wirehaired Vizslas All Rights Reserved. PUPPIES When you buy a puppy you are buying a part of our family. Find Hungarian Vizslas for sale in Glackmore at the UK's largest independent free classifieds site. They were developed in the 1930s by cross-breeding a Vizsla with a German Wirehaired Pointer. Litter of 8 Hungarian vizsla pups 5 girls 2 boys available, brought up around children very good temperaments. It is also recognized by the KC (UK). Rusty is a gorgeous 5 year old, Vizsla ready to breed. They love being around their people and are happiest doing things together. 78 lbs, Cash is a one year old purebred Vizsla male for stud services. Males must be between 23-25 inches at the shoulder, whilefemales are 21.5-23 inches. Wirehaired Vizsla Breeders Canyon Rim Kennel Breeder Location City: Buhl, Idaho Breeder Zip Code: 83316 Puppy Price: $2000 Number of puppies available at time of publication: 5 puppies available. Great temperament, very loving and loyal. However, they must be trained gently and without harsh or strong physical correction, as they have sensitive temperaments and can be easily damaged if trained too harshly (Gottlieb, 1992). Vizsla Stud Dog Registry Form & Qualifications Qualifications: Health Testing Required: USA - OFA# & Hip Score or Int Hip Score "FCI, BVA/KC or SV". Including heart and eyes. Facanvadasz Street Somerset Fully Health Tested. Purchased in Montana. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas are versatile, natural hunters endowed with excellent noses and above average trainability. As of November,. Brett is a joy he is a very loving dog, with a fantastic personality loves everyone and everything. The HWVs easy going and adaptable nature make it a wonderful family companion dog in addition to being a superb hunting companion. Overall the Wirehaired Vizsla is a generally healthy breed that is not notorious for any specific diseases of complications. It also slightly taller and heavier than the standard Vizsla. Please verify all information with the seller. The wiry coat of a wirehaired vizsla doesnt tend to get dirty easily, and it doesnt shed much. Their noses are typically brown or pink, with the AKC punishing any dogs without a complete light nose. When he's not getting the zoomies, he is indoors always wanting. Loving intelligent and gorgeous Vizsla. American Kennel Club. Vincenzo Bojangles is available at stud to approved health tested bitches. The HWVA operates a breeders list on which the details of members planning litters or having dogs available at stud can be seen. Be sure to always be your dog's pack leader to avoid any negative behaviors such as guarding furniture, food, toys, and so on. Comes from a great Vizsla line and in, Ray is very athletic. If you wish to be included on the breeders list please send your cheque for 10.00 to the Treasurer, complete with your name, affix, phone number, county of residence, and web site and email addresses if applicable. Karrouki Godalming Surrey Fully Health Tested, Showing:- jw holder rcc border union rcc darlington gundog working tests:- won puppy gwt's won novice gwt second in open gundog working tests. Gunfield. For more information call 559.289-1695 or email Thank you 4K Labs Lancaster Puppies is a federally registered trademark owned by Online Advertising, LLC. Their wire coat was developed to help them tolerate cooler weather and retrieve in icy waters. With more than 50 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas registered with the Kennel Club in 1995, a group of enthusiasts came together and decided to start a breed club and promote this multipurpose breed. Breed Profiles; Before you Breed; Dog Health; Choosing a Puppy; Caring for your Puppy; BREEDING PROCESS . They generally bond closely with their family and tend to be patient around kids. THE. Links to other third-party websites are provided as part of these listings. Ideally, it is no more than 2 inches in length and will not mat. Bottom line It is best kept up with regular brushing, occasional baths, and many HWVs benefit from stripping of the dead coat either by hand or using a stripping knife. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla's for Sale| Puppies for sale listings from the best gun dog breeders, trainers and kennels. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Sugar Zsenge of Oldgillhead (Imp Hun) Beautiful boy that throws very cute puppies. Grand Marais, Minnesota 55604. This makes the breed a great candidate as a. Like all gun dogs, Wirehairs require a good deal of exercise to remain healthy and happy. The Hungarian Vizsla Club of Ireland promotes the vizsla breed, by organising events to inform and up skill those with an interest in the breed.We off . But the American Kennel Club didnt recognize the breed until 2014. We are looking. Stud Dogs Stud Dogs Welcome to K9Stud, the only source you will ever need to find stud dogs of the highest quality! Keen and trainable to a high degree, it needs daily mental stimulation. It is a close relative of the smooth-coat vizsla but is a bit hardierlargely thanks to its thick, protective coat. Founded in 1884, the not-for-profit AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for all dogs. The best of Zsuzsis and Csibis offspring were selected and bred together and Dia de Selle, the first WHV to be exhibited, was born. Puppies for sale listings from the best gun dog breeders, trainers and kennels. Uk show champion, inter show champion - c.I.E. The Wirehaired Vizsla is a dog breed that was developed in Hungary from an older dog breed that can trace its existence to the earliest periods of Hungarian culture. The Wirehaired version of the Vizsla Dog is quite distinct to the regular Vizsla dog breed. 817-999-9317 To join the waiting list for a puppy, please fill out a questionnaire and email it to us! And feed a quality, nutritionally balanced canine diet. Jagger is very well constructed with a deep chest. They are highly intelligent and moderately difficult to train. Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Kennels & Breeders She had the same body as the shorthaired vizsla, but her head was the shape of the German Wirehaired Pointer. Image Credit: Kozlik, Shutterstock. . AKC registered with papers. Temperament Notice to the public: Copyright Laws do apply! Born February 11th. Indie is a Vizsla stud dog of excellent quality. he is a gentleman with the girls,above all he is a much loved family pet. Zouli. A distinct breed from their short-haired brethren, wirehaired Vizslas were bred in Hungary as hunting dogs but today, as just as happy accompanying you on long walks or for movie night on the. Brett AKA Risley Best For Last is a lovely young dog, he is on his way towards his ch title. Coat color is russet gold or reddish-brown, and small white marks on the feet and chest shouldn't be penalized. He produces excellent type to the breed standard. When choosing a dog,it is important to be aware of health concerns within your breed of choice. Also, look in its ears at least weeklyand especially after swimmingfor any wax buildup, debris, and other abnormalities. Logan is a gentle boy who gets on well with other dogs, loves nothing more than curling up on the sofa after his run over the forest, a pleasure to own. It has a lively, outgoing personality which often has a comical side. << Prev Due to their wiry, protective coat, they can hunt even in the harshest conditions. A stud dog contract is an agreement between a stud dog owner and a bitch owner through which the stud dog owner provides specified semen (e.g., fresh, fresh-chilled, frozen) to the bitch owner, usually in a specified time frame to a specified bitch in a specified way (e.g., natural breedings only). If youre looking for a reputable breeder puppy, expect to pay around $1,000 to $4,000, though this can vary widely. The American Kennel Club didn't recognize the breed until 2014. Geltwood Hungarian Vizslas Brampton Cumbria Health Tested, Tap for Mobile Site, Copyright 1999-2023County Computer Consultants Ltd, Swiss.Bel.Sh.Ch.Silvestre Fortune N'Glory. What's more, under this coat is a wooly undercoat that becomes thicker in the winter for insulation. It is a close relative of the smooth-coat vizsla but is a bit hardierlargely thanks to its thick, protective coat. Because of its keen desire to be with people, this breed does not make a good kennel dog. Finished Bird Dogs; Stud Dogs; Dog Training; Post a Classified; AKC/UKC LAB PUPS - DARK CHOC. Expecting a litter of great family & hunting vizsla's in . AZZO GHOST POINT x CRANE HILLS REMI. Bored Vizslas are famous for chewing through drywall, ripping the stuffing out of sofas, and turning your yard into a moonscape of giant craters. Calm and gentle around the house, these upbeat Hungarians like running, swimming, and upbeat play. The Wirehaired Vizsla is a little bigger and heavier than the Vizsla, and its coat is longer, but they both sport the same colors. The Wirehaired Vizsla wants to be close to its owner as often as possible. But discuss both the type of diet and the amount with your vet. The wirehaired vizsla is a medium-size sporting dog breed from Hungary that has a short, wiry coat with a longer beard and eyebrows. However, it is important to constantly check on their calorie intake and weight to avoid obesity. He's a healthy and fit, Forgot Password? Once in position, he waits patiently for the command from the master to flush the birds. When you visit the site, Dotdash Meredith and its partners may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Quick Facts. Close ranging in the field and in the neighborhood, they are easily worked from a distance, and easily trained. All members wishing to be included in the Breeders List must agree to the HWVA Breeders List Compliance.
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