Fees apply to Emerald Card bill pay service. She has heavy black makeup around her eyes. She's a little flighty and a bit of a slacker, but with her big, empathetic heart, Suki will always stand up for what she's believes in.[4]. Up to 5 days early access to your federal tax refund is compared to standard tax refund electronic deposit and is dependent on and subject to IRS submitting refund information to the bank before release date. Additionally, she couldn't accept he had been eaten by King Gristle Jr., and even stopped Branch from attacking him when Branch realized Creek sold them out. In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Palentine's Day", it was shown that DJ appreciates kind gestures towards her, but she has her limits on what she can reciprocate, as shown by Demo's Pal-posal going horribly wrong. Moments later, when Creek confessed about it, Poppy tried to strangle him herself. Though she's capable of going higher into upper notes, in Trolls World Tour, her voice has a dark tone with a gruff quality to it, and thus she has a tendency to favor lower ranges. Since the two are twins, this means that Cooper hatched at least a day earlier than his brother, and the pair were born on either side of the edge of the two star signs, thus ending up with different star signs. Select the right employer from the list. Free. However, DreamWorks never confirmed her name in any related promotional material themselves. Her short hair is very similar to how Branch's hair is shorter than most Trolls. Don't procrastinate. H&R Block: W-2 Early Access TurboTax: Easily and accurately import your W-2 ADP: Form W-2 and Form 1099 Guide for Employees IRS.gov: About Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement IRS.gov: Name Changes & Social Security Number Matching Issues How to Get a W-2 From a Previous Employer 2021, 2022 trend nationaltaxreports.com. Find the Wages and Salaries section and select Wages and Salaries. She is voiced by Gwen Stefani. His personality, from his belief of things such as "auras", indicate he was based off a hippy. With TurboTax you can be confident your taxes are done right, from simple to complex tax returns, no matter what your situation. She has a "rocker" outfit. H&R Block employees, including Tax Professionals, are excluded from participating. 7. You'll come to Federal Taxes, where W-2 is the first income topic. In "Flyer's Ed", DJ Suki attended Lownote Jones's flying lessons. Maybe she's both! Plum Plimsy Ginger Jo Wim Arabesque Rudy. Cooper is happy-go-lucky with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face. Cooper doesn't have any design differences compared to his appearance in Trolls and Trolls Holiday, except that the stripes on his fur don't blend with each other. Despite his inconsideration, in the series it was shown he rarely lied and in "Tall Tail" turned out to be telling the truth. File for less and percentage savings claims based on comparison with TurboTax federal pricing for paid consumer online 1040 filing products on 03/01/2022. And though she hasn't been physically seen in the series, in Trolls Scrapbook Stories, it was said that she and Debbie visit Poppy every so often. He always knows what to say to cheer up others. GET STARTED EASILY. When Poppy accidentally destroys all music by damaging all of the Strings, Barb shoves the entire blame onto the former, despite her own misdeeds, so that she can hide her regret of what she had wrought. nicknames with honey in them; westminster college wrestling; how do cat cafes pass health inspections; arcadia edu audio tour; karns supermarket weekly ads State Returns Optional. A simple tax return is Form 1040 only (without any additional schedules). "Popsqueak/Pipsqueak" - refers to Poppy being 1 centimeter shorter than Barb herself. Her DJ equipment is all natural, consisting of crickets, beetles and other little bugs that she scratches and mixes with to create a totally unique sound. Creek has a serene, Zen-like state of mind. Intuit, which makes TurboTax, acquired Credit Karma in December. She has a light blue-green nose, rose-colored eyes, and lots of glitter on her cheeks, resembling many freckles. She made her first appearance in the DreamWorks Trolls franchise as the main antagonist of Trolls World Tour, but reformed by the end of the film. Taxpayers typically want to start on their taxes as early as possible. Before she began her world tour, Barb used to hate the Pop Trolls for what their ancestors did in the past; therefore, she held the same grudge towards Poppy as the Pop Trolls' leader during the tour. She's also concerned about him when he cannot come with her and Branch in Trolls World Tour, as he has to stay with his family to defend the other Funk Trolls from Barb. Trolls Trollpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. College Student Budget 101 (How to Create a College Budget) September 17, 2021 / Elle Martinez. Earlier access = earlier refund. Am I missing something? Cooper is of Funk Troll heritage. Despite her wrongdoings, Barb's actions in. You'll see the screen, Let's Work on Your W-2. Select Work on my W-2 now. You'll come to Federal Taxes, where W-2 is the first income topic. The Snack PackThe Funky FamilyExtreme Sleepover Club Put another way, cashing out your $50,000 401(k) will only put $35,000 in your hand. In "Don't Make Me Laugh! She's among the Trolls who get kidnapped by Chef. She has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of her Tribe. Although not the brightest, Cooper has the courage to trust his instincts and go with the flow of what's going on around him. It's 2019 and turbotax is not making it easy for users to put in their W-2 information. In Trolls World Tour, it is revealed that he's a Funk Troll, and thus has dedication in the Funk genre. H&R Block also offers a free Early Access program for anyone who wants to get a head start on their taxes before receiving their W2 in the mail. Riff is shown to fear her temper, but was also the first Rock Troll to tell her something she didn't want to hear, pointing out that her plan to make everyone look the same and like the same things would render to no one knowing that they're cool. Like most Trolls, he's positive, excitable and deeply dislikes "bad vibes . Despite many of the spiritual beliefs and reasons for partaking in both these activities, due to Creek's attitude his talent in them makes them a hypocritical contrast to his true self, meaning that he actually holds very few of their spiritual values to heart in reality. "Popcorn" - a more general mocking to Poppy. Kim Kardashian is reportedly 'ready' for romance again, a source shared with People. Tap. How to File Taxes Online in 3 Simple Steps With TurboTax Remember, with TurboTax Online Tax Filing well ask you simple questions and fill out the right forms for you. She also acted condescending towards Poppy when she managed to hold her captive, particularly after she didn't live up to Barb's expectations. Nickname Cooper being raised by what his people feared can be seen as a form of irony; the Funk Trolls would never have approached the Pop Trolls because of this fear, and thus never found him if not for. . Although she's very anxious, she also feels confident and positive that she'll go and find her friends, including Cooper, and bring them back home. Sam Restagno Linkedin, His methods don't seem to be logical, or even sometimes sane, but often end up getting the result done. Free eFile & Print. Americans spend an estimated 1.7 billion hours Allow 10 business days from the IRS received date to receive the transcript. The first year of Free File was 2003, and for Intuit, things went well. She often joins in parties offering her DJ skills, as well as a lot of the fun things her friends attempt to do. He likes to prove that he's better then Branch. Hes the strangest member of the Snack Pack, but whatever he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in enthusiasm. Due to her position, and Rock Trolls giving a lot of high status to talented bands and musicans, Barb likely holds a lot of social ranking and status among her people. Creek is the secondary antagonist of Trolls, and a recurring character in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, while making a brief appearance in Trolls: TrollsTopia. Metabank issues both. Even when he betrayed the others, he spun things around to make it look like he was doing a favor to Poppy by letting her get eaten with a clear conscience. All that you need is your employers name and their FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number. A simple tax return is Form 1040 only (without any additional schedules). ", Cooper was entrusted with being the champion of the Funk Trolls in a laughing competition. In his hand poster for the movie, he's represented with a normal 4-fingered hand. Up to a 50% head start on your taxes with year-over-year data transfer of your prior TurboTax return. Click to see full answer. TurboTax online makes filing taxes easy. Barb is a muddy red-skinned Rock Troll with a bright red mohawk. But your refund doesnt have to depend on how quickly your employer mails your W-2. She's seen in Crazy Train leaping between various Fauna that the Rock Trolls are using for transport during her World Tour. TurboTax Free Edition: $0 Federal + $0 State + $0 To File offer is available for simple tax returns only with TurboTax Free Edition. Partner list. This is useful if TurboTax Discount - $5 Off Deluxe Edition (The Most Popular Edition) Exclusive Coupon Code. When issues arise, she often turns to her friends for help, especially Poppy, in order to receive support and encouragement. Prince D's star sign is Capricorn, the star sign that follows Sagittarius on the rotation. W2 FAQ: TurboTax says I need a corrected W2. Weird, huh? She especially mocked the Pop Trolls after going on a violent rant of how much she hated Pop music, thus appearing to loathe Pop the most out of all the other tribes. Minimum federal tax refund amount: $500. For example, TurboTax, H&R Block and ADP have options to upload your W-2 into their systems, but this doesn't mean your employer will have submitted your W-2 early. Habs Top 25 Prospects, Cooper is a Troll who goofs off and is less-than-serious than other Trolls. Youll come to Federal Taxes, where W-2 is the first income topic. DJ Suki is a supporting character in Trolls, Trolls: The Beat Goes On! After being reunited with and meeting his parents for the very first time, Cooper is overjoyed and quickly grows close to them, touched by their love and affection, like his mother's kisses and his father's lame "dad jokes", and is able to laugh with them over some mild family teasing. The Funk Trolls had been left afraid of the Pop Trolls since the isolation of the Tribes, due to how the Pop Trolls had stolen their music previously. Below is a list of employers, payroll, services and financial institutions that offer import to TurboTax. Lownote Jones Rhythm Blues Big J Little J Medium J Dr. Groovetavius Ravenhug, Comparison of Cooper and his twin brother, Facebook's "Troll of the Month" spotlight on Cooper. Baby This also means they have different birthdates. Poppy is very worried and upset when Cooper and her other friends are taken by Chef. Aside from the obivous intended pun on her name "Barb", both "Barbara" and "Barbarian" have the same origin from the greek word "" which means "strange" or "foreign", which was used by the Greeks to refer to something or someone from a alien or foreign land which is strange compared to their own culture. Try Third-Party Sites. Trolls Trollpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. When you sign onto to your online account using the exact same user ID you used to create, complete and file the 2016 tax return you will land on the Welcome Home screen. In the Trolls: The Beat Goes On! When DJ leaves, the two exchange talk briefly and Poppy tells her that as a friend to know that she loves her and always remember that. As Queen of the Rock Trolls, it was her sworn duty to protect her music, including the red string of Rock, until she learnt music comes from inside. The W 2 form is usually mailed to you or made accessible online by the company you work for. Similar to Branch as well, her hair is actually short for a Troll of her size. H&R Blocks free W-2 Early Access service lets get your W2 online so you can get started on your taxes. Trolls Trollpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. Known as the W-2 Early Access service, this allows you to receive an electronic version of your W-2 so you can get started on your taxes early. Early Refund Advance Loan amounts: $200, $500 or $1000, but loan amounts may vary by state. Male Like TurboTax, they have a free online version for simple returns, as well as several paid products. Occasionally, Cooper can work out things other '"smarter" Trolls struggle with due to his simplistic approach. For example, in "Haircuffed", he took a bite out of Branch's Noisen Berry that he spend much hard work growing, and claimed that it was a product of mother nature. We will walk you through the process of how to get your W2 from TurboTax in this article. 10 Anson Road,#11-20, International Plaza, Singapore-079903. As noted in "Appearance", Barb is missing the tip of her left ear which is shaped like a bite mark. To ensure her domination, Barb is putting together a hard-rock apocalypse, in which she will transform all Trolls into leather-and-denim-clad hard-rock zombies. Cooper looks very different compared to most Trolls. Relationships The consequences of Intuits efforts affect a huge proportion of the taxpaying public. Using H&R Block or TurboTax Photo Courtesy: The New York Public Library/Unsplash. By "Palentine's Day", Cooper and Dante were on a less harsher reaction to each other, as Cooper was left asking asking Dante if he would be his Palentine. TurboTax is the most expensive option for filing taxes online, but offers a high-quality user The Early Refund Advance Loan has a 35.9% APR and a maximum 71-day term, depending on the state. Referred client must have taxes prepared by 4/10/2018. Start TurboTax and follow the TurboTax screens as it guides you through entering your Personal Information. One account for everything Intuit, including TurboTax. She moves Debbie away so that she doesn't accidentally harm her. Hairnum Raisin Ruby, Dr. The Rock Trolls seem to show little interest in their Queen herself, and are more in supporting her plan to make Rock music the dominant genre. Dreamworks Animation Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Move Your Feet/D.A.N.C.E/It's A Sunshine Day, Snuggle Puppies vs. Crasher Squad (Sing-Off Suite), Let The Music Take Control (DJ's Catchiest Song), https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/trolls/chara/, https://twitter.com/Trolls/status/1212100290964377600, https://www.universalkids.com/shows/trolls-the-beat-goes-on#characters, https://press.hulu.com/shows/trolls-trollstopia/bios/cooper/, https://twitter.com/Trolls/status/1488935252508778498. He first appeared in Trolls, and is the only member of The Snack Pack not born from the Pop Troll Tribe. CJ Suki looks up to DJ as her favorite aunt. "Boytoy" - this is her nickname to Rock Zombie. This leads him to play foul at times. Thats why services the W-2 Finder were created. We can also use last years info to jump start your return. Profile Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Find a copy of your final pay stub for the year. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dj Suki Trolls World Tour Stylin 6" Doll Toy Figure Dreamworks New at the best online prices at eBay! Of another note worth mentioning in relationship to her name in regards to the line Guy Diamond said in Trolls World Tour "everyone was taken to Volcano Rock City by Barb and her Barbarians". The Facebook account also uploaded details about him in their "Troll of the Month" series. Cooper is a happy-go-lucky troll with a permanent goofy grin. Cooper (Spanish)Cooper (French)Cooper (Portuguese)Kufer (Polish)Cooper (Italian) (Japanese)[1] (Korean) (Traditional Chinese) (Simplified Chinese) He mostly has the same appearance as in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, though his proportions have been readjusted; for example, his feet are smaller and his legs are slimmer. The two managed to trick Poppy into untying them and thus achieved the goal the knot was, but didn't notice it as they were too busy bragging to each other about defeating Poppy. Despite this drastic loss, more young people are choosing to cash out early. But it's presumed that with Barb's change of heart, they're now friends. Import, upload, and snap photos of your W-2, 1099, and 1098 forms, answer simple questions about your life, and e-file securely from your device. Cooper Westinghouse Tv Model Wd32hl1218 Manual, 914, Excellenica, Lodha Supremus-2, Prince D is Cooper's long lost twin brother. Barb didn't seem to realize, or perhaps she just didn't care, that her motives and her methods to destroy all the other Tribes' music so that all are united under Rock is basically the same thing the ancient Pop Trolls did, which made her a hypocrite, if not a worst villain due to converting Trolls into Rock zombies. Cooper and Poppy are very close friends. In the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "Fastest Draw in the West", he mentioned his cousins Eddy and Freddy. Done. 0. Despite her intelligence in comparison to other Rock Trolls, she demonstrated that while she understands the bigger picture, her conclusions are not the best. Even though Creek returns in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, it is clear that he is not among Poppy's closest friends anymore, instead being just another Troll in the village. TurboTax lets you get a jump start on your taxes by allowing you to snap a photo of your W-2 from your phone or tablet no matter what your tax situation is. Filing your taxes has advantages, such as getting your refund sooner, and having more options if you owe the IRS, says TurboTax's Lisa Greene-Lewis. He was also seen cutting in line without queuing up for ice cream, claiming equally that the universe has no rules, taking advantage of no one challenging his behavior and everyone being tolerant of him. Also read: The Complete Checklist To Prepare For The W2 Form Deadline . Wagle Estate, Thane-400604, Maharashtra, India. In "Big Poppy", DJ mentioned that the rap battle was her first show that she ever DJ'ed. She later told Demo that she preferred him to do simple gestures rather than making a big show with his proposal, but still became his friend afterwards. Creek is the most positive, supportive, reassuring Troll in all of Troll Village, approaching everything with Zen like wisdom. Contacting the employer who issued the lost W-2 is the easiest way to obtain a copy. Dante was paired up with Cooper in the Trolls: TrollsTopia episode "The Buddy System", but he was put off by the fact Cooper produced cupcakes. / It's A Sunshine Day, Snuggle Puppies vs. Crasher Squad (Sing-Off Suite), Let The Music Take Control (DJ's Catchiest Song), https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/trolls/chara/, https://www.universalkids.com/shows/trolls-the-beat-goes-on#characters, https://press.hulu.com/shows/trolls-trollstopia/bios/dj-suki/, https://jimmortensen.tumblr.com/post/616945989236015104/im-not-saying-this-is-canon-or-am-asking-if-its. names Trolls World Tour She simply lacks the resourcefulness or ability to resolve the problem like other Trolls such as Branch, Guy Diamond or Poppy can be and has a habit of falling asleep when she looses interest. However, no one else in the village can instruct other Trolls, and thus Creek's abilities are in demand within Pop Village. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The Best Free W2 Finders Online. The Snack Pack (Branch DJ Suki Guy Diamond Tiny Diamond Satin & Chenille Legsly Biggie Smidge Fuzzbert) Creek Keith Aspen Heitz Cybil Maddy Karma Cookie Sugarloaf Mandy Sparkledust Moxie Dewdrop Harper Uncle Ron Sr. Darius Grandma Rosiepuff, Gia Grooves Sky Toronto Nova Swift Mags Gumdrop Priscilla CJ Suki Gemma Fur Baha Dr. Moonbloom Dennis Ripley Wisp Rufus Tug Duluth Klaus Von Frousting Milton Moss Meadow Spriggs Bella Brightly Master Controll Celine Starburst Timpani Hank Montana Toby Dare-lene J. McGuffin Vega Swift Violet Laroux Laroux Smarge Alice Brian Elliot Nate, Striped Smiley Rhonda Sparklemen H.T. Get your tax refund money early this year with Jackson Hewitt's no fee Refund Advance loan. Oh, but by the end of my world tour, we're all gonna have the same vibe. Try Netchex.net. She's seen playing this guitar with both a left-handed and a right-handed posture, making Barb ambidextrous. She learns in the episode how to ride a Saddle Spider, but soon discovers despite that her hopes she still didn't have an "unique talent" of her own when another Troll turns up with the same talent as her. The pair have a good father-daughter relationship, and Thrash apparently supported Barb's conquest of the Strings. Copies You may notice that there are several copies of your W-2. Her realistic approach to things means that she had mistrust towards Poppy and Trolls of other Tribes, but she understood her short comings and limits, hiring bounty hunters when she wanted Poppy dealt with specifically. He resembles his twin brother Prince Darnell. She had no qualms with threatening and attacking the other Tribes, as seen in her confrontation with King Trollex, and appeared to look down upon them and their music (such as mocking the Techno Trolls' music as "bleeps and bloops" and calling the Classical Trolls' music boring because theirs doesn't include lyrics). 1 How Does the W2 Early Access Work? Well find every tax deduction and credit you qualify for to get you the biggest tax refund, guaranteed! Her more realistic approach to the world lets her see how the Tribes were different, which was a stark contrast to Poppy who believed everyone was the same, but she didn't see how this was positive. Adult He has most normal Troll abilities, as well as the abilities of his Tribe. Our Guarantees Maximum Refund. With the TurboTax W2 finder, you have the option to import your W-2s into TurboTax. General information when the Trolls are describing Poppy's party. She also sings. In "The Giver", DJ was shown sleeping with her eyes open. It is shown she is now on good terms with everyone else and is even excited to partake in Poppy's gift swap. However, unlike most of The Snack Pack, she doesn't return in neither Trolls Holiday, Trolls World Tour and Trolls: Holiday in Harmony. Full Name The problem is, while he's able to make other Trolls laugh at him, he finds it almost impossible to not laugh at others. and Trolls: TrollsTopia. TurboTax can also import your W-2 eliminating data entry. Trolls Scrapbook Stories Friends She even insults him after he's transformed into a Rock zombie, calling him a "boytoy". The insider added that Kim 'would love to date someone who isn't famous in Hollywood.' How Much Does H&R Block Cost? Likewise, in the same episode, he found it impossible to be Chummy Sparklestone until Guy Diamond convinced himself he was the character, leading to him completely forget who "Cooper" was. Barb's constant victories during the Trolls World Tour made her arrogant and overconfident; she was so sure of her victory that didn't perceive this as a bad idea to begin with when she tossed Poppy the guitar. She 's encouraging to her . The standard deduction is $18,800 for Head of Household compared to $12,550 for single filing status for tax year 2021. After getting to know his family and quickly growing close to them, Cooper comes to the understanding that although he was born a Funk Troll and raised as a Pop Troll he doesn't have to be just one or the other, deciding he's Pop and Funk, as he explains to Branch and Poppy (alongside Hickory) once they're brought aboard Vibe City. episode "Lost In The Woods", Creek's excuse to get out of helping with Archer Pastry involved his "imaginary pet". However, as a quadrupedal Funk Troll, he only has 3 digits per limb. Advertisement. Hes calm, collected and capable. 4.2 / 5. Review summary. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization, https://twitter.com/KevanShorey/status/1256363844500205568, https://www.dreamworks.com/trolls/explore/barb-queen-of-rock, https://twitter.com/theitz/status/1468713524503351298, https://twitter.com/Trolls/status/1525158942887751680, https://twitter.com/Trolls/status/1488935252508778498. Employees can visit this ADP Workforce Nowwebsiteto access these information. The wormhole scene from Trolls Holiday, showing Cooper as the original toy he was based on. Online Deal. This shows that despite his goofy, happy-go-lucky personality, Cooper knows that deep down he isn't the same as the Trolls who raised him, and learned to find out where he came from. and Trolls: TrollsTopia. Her only short-sightedness in this area was expecting the Pop Trolls to be a bigger threat than they actually were, and underestimating Poppy's tactifulness in avoiding from getting brainwashed. Home Situations covered: W-2 income; Limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV; Claiming the standard deduction Standard call, message, or data rates may apply. When she finally joins into the harmony created by the 6 Tribes, she took her first step of making new friends by accepting Poppy's offer of friendship, therefore gradually becoming a happier person. These websites have search features that enable you to find your W-2 without hassle, and with full security. This was similar to Blaze Powerchord's Mouth Guitar technique which is able to menifest a imaginary guitar using only his passion. This event is named "Creek Week", and continued despite the events of Trolls. In concept art, Riff's name was "Spyke", likely to make his name match Barb's as both names would have referred to pointy objects. Trolls: TrollsTopia In Trolls World Tour, his fur has a more fluffier look to it and his hair strands are slightly thicker than in Trolls and Trolls Holiday. Please check with your employer or benefits provider as they may not offer direct deposit or partial direct deposit. Mortgage Denied At Closing Reddit, Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Cooper is a member of the Funky Family; being one of the twin princes of the Funk Trolls as of Trolls World Tour, he also goes by the name Prince Cooper. Creek often sees the bright side of things, and tries to put a positive spin on everything. How to Import Your W2 Start TurboTax and follow the TurboTax screens as it guides you through entering your Personal Information. The result is that for one year she'd get to experience Techno Troll culture by herself, in exchange of teaching the Techno Trolls about Pop Troll culture. She has her orange dreadlock-like hair tied up with a sparkly purple hair tie. Whatever he may lack in common sense, he makes up for in enthusiasm and dance moves. His parents show not only acceptance, but pride in Cooper declaring himself to be both Pop and Funk, indicating that they're grateful to the Pop Trolls for taking care of Cooper and are proud of the Troll Cooper has grown up to be. Only then will Barb have what she cravesthe power to control all music![2]. This would also explain Cooper's deficiency in his mental abilities compared to other Funk Trolls. He states that he in contrast will have to live with guilt for his betrayal. Barb appears to have a more realistic perspective of friendship and believes that one can't just become best friends all of a sudden, but rather friendship takes time with mutual care and respect. Creek is the secondary antagonist of Trolls, and a recurring character in Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, while making a brief appearance in Trolls: TrollsTopia. We guarantee your federal return is always free. Another way to access your W-2 online is with the help of reputable online tax services like TurboTax and H&R Block. Ask them to send you a copy. In the lines "When we move, well, you already know", he says "Lets go, lets work". Val Thundershock Demo Blaze Powerchord Petra Bad Hair Day (Billy Reverb) Romper Rose George Thrashington Alexander Slam-ilton Jill. Many tax preparation software packages allow you to look up your W2 form online by providing the name of your employer, your name and your Social Security number. Poppy didn't like this, and tried to protest that she's not one. When Branch criticized Creek for this, the "pet's" lead suddenly sprung up and ran off, even though there was no indication that the pet was real and it was just an excuse Creek came up with to get out of helping with Archer. The Pop Trolls stopped being seen as an old enemy of the other Tribes. On a quest to find where he comes from, Cooper knows thateven though its scaryhe must go out there and see if there are other Trolls like him. She's upset when Debbie has been dressed up by Poppy, losing her temper and throwing a violent tantrum. Branch believes he's the only one who sees Creek for who he is, and the other Trolls put too much trust in him, allowing him to manipulate them; well until Branch decided to also forgive him by singing a song of apologies to him, when he didn't think he really reformed. A W-2 screen will open. It is very simple and wont take much time. He's eventually taught by Laguna Tidepool how to counter other Trolls' gags to protect himself in the competition by learning their techniques before facing them in the arena. In "Haircuffed", he was shown to sing a duet with Branch. She rides on her Wooferbug and performs most of her DJing from it. Poppy later convinced him to figure out where Cooper went, which made him revert back to his normal self.
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