HiLook THC-T223-P - 1080p Turret Dahua ASD310P-20X - 8MP (3840x2160) PTZ Axis Q6155-E - 1080p PTZ Geovision GV-CB120 - 1.3MP Cube Interlogix TVD-M3245E-2M-P - 1.3MP Dome Honeywell Video H4SVP1 - VGA Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2327G1-LU - 1080p Turret Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5100E-VF - 1.3MP Bullet Amcrest IP8M-2696EW-AI - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Hanwha XND-6011F - 1080p Dome Bosch Security NER-L2R5-1 - 384 x 288 Bullet Avigilon 40C-H5PRO-B - 8448 X 4752 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD3786G2T-IZS - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome IC Realtime IPFX-D20V-IRW1 - 1080p Dome Inaxsys INSBO4KIRF - 4K UHD Bullet IC Realtime ICIP-B1300VIR - 1.3MP Bullet Your business operates in an integrated world and Alibi Security is proud to integrate with industry-leading solutions. Interlogix TVD-1106 - 3MP 4:3 Dome March Networks 35836-101 - 1080p Dome Hikvision iDS-2CD6412FWDC - 1.3MP Dome Avigilon 1.0C-H4A-12G-B1 - 720p Box Pelco IBP331-1ER - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Honeywell Video HC35WB8R2 - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Sony SNC-EP520 - VGA PTZ Videoloft Pricing. Bosch Security NDV-5702-A - 1080p Dome Vivotek IP8130W - 720p Cube Vivotek FD8369A-V - 2MP Dome Hikvision DS-2PT5326IZ-DE (PTZ) - 1080p PTZ Axis P3715-PLVE - 4MP 16:9 Multi-Imager Hikvision DS-2CE56C5T-IT3 - 720p Dome Sony SNC-CX600 - 720p Cube Arecont Vision D4F-AV2115DNv1-3312 - 1080p Dome Avigilon 6.0C-H5A-DC1-IR - 3200X1800 Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC3232SB-AHDZK-I0 - 1080p Dome Flir FC-324-ID-PS - QVGA Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2043G0-I - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CE56C2T-IT1 - 720p Turret Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3441TM-AS - 4MP 16:9 Turret Vivotek FD8382-ETV - 5MP Dome IDIS DC-Y6513WRX - 5MP Dome Alibibi is Supercircuit's relatively speaking premium dealer brand but it's still associated with Supercircuits and I know few true surveillance dealers that prefer buying from Supercircuits. Canon VB-H41 - 1080p PTZ Inaxsys INSDO5IRWUA - 4MP 16:9 Dome Elbex EXAI-2325/2713 - 2880 X 1620 Bullet Axis Q8752-E 35mm - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2DY9188-A - 1080p PTZ Uniview (UNV) IPC3618LE-ADF40K-G - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Hanwha XNB-8000 - 5MP 4:3 Box Flir CM-3304-11-I - Quad HD Dome Elbex EXAI-3234/2713 - 2688X1520 Dome Axis Q1647-LE - 5MP 16:9 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2T85G1-I5 - 4K UHD Bullet Verkada D40 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Avigilon 4.0C-H5A-D1-IR - Quad HD Dome Dali DLS-B150NP-500-3 - 1080p PTZ StarDot SDH130BN - 1.3MP Box Hanwha QNO-7080-R - 2592X1520 Bullet SnapAV LUM-110-DOM-IP-BL - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2TD2636-15 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD4112F-I - 1.3MP Dome Montavue MTB4104 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2752F-IS - 5MP 4:3 Dome Geovision UVS-ADR1300 - 1.3MP Dome Honeywell Video HDZ302DE - 1080p PTZ Arecont Vision AV5355PMIR-SH - 5MP 4:3 Dome Channel Systems, IP Inaxsys INSDO6IRWF - 6MP Dome Dahua DH-IPC-HDW4433C - 4MP 16:9 Turret AVTECH DGC1103XFT - 1080p Turret Illustra IFS03-D21-AT03 - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Pelco IXE83 - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD4312FWD-IZS - 1.3MP Dome Bosch Security MIC-7522-Z30B - 1080p PTZ Geovision GV-EFD1100 - 1.3MP Dome Axis Q8685-LE - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD4332FWD-IH - 3MP 4:3 Dome Kyan Mahadeo - 128 13. Pelco SRXP4-2V10-EMD-IR - 2MP Dome Axis Z4-01782001LE - 1080p Bullet LTS VSPTZIP424X25WIR - 2688X1520 PTZ Axis P1244 - 720p Covert Hikvision DS-2CD7A46G0-IZS - Quad HD Bullet Arecont Vision AV3555DN-S - 3MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision AV2145DN-3310-WA - 1080p Dome OpenEye OE-C2012B4 - 2688X1520 Bullet Swann NHD-885MSFB - 4K UHD Bullet Honeywell Video HEW2PER2 - 1080p Turret AVTECH AVM1203 - 1080p Dome Eclipse Security ESG-IPS233X-LI - 1080p PTZ HiLook THC-T110-P - 720p Turret Digital Watchdog DWC-MV94WiAT - 2592X1520 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD5A46G0-IZHS - Quad HD Bullet Dahua IPC-HDW3541T-ZAS - 5MP 4:3 Turret Lorex LNB4421B - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Bosch Security NDI-5502-A - 1080p Dome Infinova V6622-M - SVGA Dome Avigilon 2.0C-H4M-D1 - 1080p Dome Oncam C12-IEC1-O - 8.9MP Fisheye Dome March Networks 34464-102 - 2144X1944 Fisheye Dome Arecont Vision AV8360 - 8MP Dome Axis Q8741-E (Visual) - 1080p PTZ Flir FC-305-ID-P - QVGA Bullet Our warranty is 3 years for all our digital products. Flir FC-305-ID-N - QVGA Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-HDW5842TM-SE-S2 - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Digital Watchdog DWC-B8553TIR - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD4332FWD-IZHS8 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Dali DLD-JXX-640 (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Digital Watchdog DWC-MB75Wi4T - 5MP 4:3 Bullet IC Realtime ICIP-DW112 - 720p Dome Mobotix MX-C26B-6D016 - 6MP Dome Dahua N43BU82 - 2688X1520 Turret Dahua DH-IPC-HFW4221S - 1080p Bullet Hanwha XNO-6020R - 1080p Bullet KEDACOM IPC445-H120-N - 4MP 16:9 PTZ ACTi E97 - 10MP Dome KEDACOM IPC427-F130-NP - 1080p PTZ Hanwha XNF-9013RV - 3008x3008 Dome Hikvision DS-2DY3220IW-DE4 - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I - 1.3MP Cube Geovision GVTDR47021F - 2592X1520 Dome Arecont Vision D4S-AV1115DNv1-3312 - 1.3MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2021G1-I - 1080p Bullet Digital Watchdog DWC-VA553WTIR - 5MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2623G0-IZS - 1080p Bullet IC Realtime ICIP-D2000-2.8 - 1080p Dome D-Link DCS-1201 - 720p Covert ATV NB237 - 1080p Bullet Sony FCB-EV7520 - 1080p Box Geovision GV-VD2440 - 1080p Dome Geovision GV-TVD4711 - 4MP 16:9 Dome Eyemax NIR-E8062V-W - 4K UHD Bullet Axis F1025 - 1080p Covert Eclipse Security ECL-PRO27 - 1080p Dome Andrew Myers - 308 7. Hikvision DS-2CD2T45FWD-I8 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet AVTECH DGC5205T - 5MP Turret Interlogix TVC-3201 - 1.3MP Box Avigilon 12.0W-H5A-FE-DO1-IR - 12MP Fisheye Dome Hanwha QNO-6082R - 1080p Bullet Axis Q1941-E 35MM - 384 x 288 Bullet Hanwha QNV-6082R - 1080p Dome Infinova V1740N-M - SVGA PTZ Arecont Vision AV3556DNIR-S-NL - 3MP 4:3 Dome Flir CB-3304-11-I - Quad HD Bullet Uniview (UNV) IPC6622SR-X33-VF - 1080p PTZ Vicon V2105B-313MIR - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Axis FA4115 - 1080p Turret Hikvision DS-2CD2065G1 - 6MP Bullet Interlogix TVW-1105 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD-20/E - 1080p Covert Hikvision DS-2CD4332FWD-IHS - 3MP 4:3 Dome ABUS Security Tech IPCS24500 - 12MP Dome KEDACOM IPC2240-HN-S - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2347G1-L(U) - 4MP 16:9 Turret Hikvision DS-2CD2T86G2-4I - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Hikvision DS-2DF8C442IXS-AELW(T5) - Quad HD PTZ Dahua IPC-HFW4631T-ASE - 6MP Bullet Canon VB-S800D - 1080p Dome Interlogix TVD-5304 - 4MP 16:9 Dome IC Realtime ICIP-D4012VIR-I - 4MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD8254FWD-EI - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Vivotek IB9369 - 1080p Bullet HiLook THC-T140 - Quad HD Turret Jmo In the elder Murdaugh's suit, it is alleged that prior to Sept. 2, 2021, Alex indicated to his brother that needed a loan to cover an overdrawn bank account and that he had already written other checks, including checks to workers, which would make the account more overdrawn. Eyemax CIV-ME8134V-W - 4K UHD Dome ACTi E14 - 10MP Cube Geovision GV-SD220-S20X - 2MP PTZ Gyration 510T - 2880X1620 Turret LTS CMIP9883W-SZ - 4K UHD Bullet Geovision GV-ABL8712 - 4K UHD Bullet Alibi ALI-TS1032VR - 1080p Dome Fujinon SX-800 - 1080p Bullet Hanwha QNO-6072R - 1080p Dome Pelco SRXP4-3V10-IMD-IR - 3MP 4:3 Dome Interlogix TVB-5403 - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW81230EP-ZE - 12MP Dome Flir FC-332-ID-N - QVGA Bullet 99. AVTECH DGC1304XFTSE - 1080p Turret Dahua IPC-HDBW81230E-Z - 12MP Dome Dahua N85DY62 - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Alibi ALI-NS3034R - 4MP 4:3 Bullet Axis P3265-V - 1080p Dome Digital Watchdog DWC-V6763WTIR - 1080p Dome HiLook THC-T120-P - 1080p Turret Axis M1134 - 720p Bullet Pelco IBV529-1ER - 5MP Bullet Bosch Security NDE-5702-AL - 1080p Dome TKH TKIZ48E40IS - 4MP 16:9 PTZ Eyemax CIR-E4132V-W - 4MP 16:9 Bullet How to fix a hardware/software related video loss: Update your devices: NVR, DVR, or IP cameras to the latest firmware. Honeywell Video H2W2PC1M - 1080p Dome Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW4221F - 1080p Dome Hikvision iDS-TCM203 - 1080p Bullet Uniview (UNV) IPC6612SR-X25-VG - 1080p PTZ Avigilon 16C-H5PRO-B - 5344 X 3008 Bullet Gyration 410B-TAA - Quad HD Bullet Sony SNC-VB630 - 1080p Box Axis M3064-V - 720p Dome Dahua SD49225T-HN - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CE56D5T-(A)VPIR3 - 1080p Dome Number two: The major US manufacturers distribution networks are largely through installers who are often not computer savvy, and early IP cameras were difficult to set up. Cisco Meraki MV12W - 4MP 16:9 Dome Arecont Vision AV1115DNAIv1 - 1.3MP Box Elbex EXAI-268MZ4/BIR - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet HiLook THC-T123-M - 1080p Turret Digital Watchdog DWC-MT95Wi36TW - 5MP 4:3 Turret Uniview Tec IPC2324EBR5-DPZ28 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD5A85G1-IZS - 4K UHD Bullet Axis M5054 - 720p PTZ Geovision GV-TDR2700 - 1080p Dome Cisco Meraki MV32 - 4.2MP Fisheye Dome Bosch Security NEZ-4212-PPCW4 - 1080p PTZ This ban was part of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and affects some or all Honeywell, Hikvision, Dahua, Lorex, Swann, LTS, Annke, Alibi, Laview, WBox, Interlogix, Flir, Bosch, ICRealtime, QSee, Panasonic, ADT, and Indigo Vision cameras. Bosch Security NDV-3503-F3 - 5MP 16:9 Dome Most US based subsidies have to do with protecting our people in the time of war, but sometimes are the result of political lobbying. Infinova V6102-M - SVGA Box We also don't want to come across as anti-China here. Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I - 3MP 4:3 Cube Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW1200E-S - 1080p Dome Interlogix TVD-1202 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Mobotix MOVE BC-2-IR - 1080p Bullet Interlogix TVP-3105 - 1080p PTZ Siqura MSD622 - SVGA PTZ Arecont Vision AV02CLD-100 - 1080p Dome Arecont Vision AV20585DN - 20MP Multi-Imager Dome Arecont Vision AV2145DN-3310-D-LG - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD3145G0-IS - 2688X1520 Dome ACTi E93 - 5MP 4:3 Dome The . Dahua SD59230TN-HN - 1080p PTZ Hanwha XNV-6085 - 1080p Dome ATV NBW436 - 2592X1520 Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD1323G0-I - 1080p Turret Interlogix TVD-5403 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision AV2555DN-F - 1080p Dome Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW5221E-Z - 1080p Dome Alibi ALI-BC5050AF - 1080p Bullet Comelit Group IPTCAMN04ZA - Quad HD Turret Pelco IBE539-1ER - 5MP 4:3 Bullet On 3/4/19, additional Magnitsky Act sanctions on Hikvision and Dahua were proposed by the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, because of their part in the Uyghur re-education camps. Magnitsky Act sanctions can result in the US government seizing equipment and assets, imposing fines and penalties, revoking licenses, or blocking the import of products, among other things. Hikvision 2CD2T26G1-2l - 1080p Bullet March Networks 39361-101 - 1080p Dome Alibi ALI-FB41-UZA - 2688X1520 Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-HDBW5442RPS - 2688X1520 Dome HiLook IPC-T221H - 1080p Turret Reolink RLC-810A - 4K UHD Bullet Bosch Security NDE-4502-AL - 1080p Dome Gyration 411T-TAA - 2688X1520 Turret KEDACOM IPC525-F160-NL3-R75 (Optical) - 1080p PTZ Hanwha XNV-6081 - 1080p Dome Flir FC-304-ID-P - QVGA Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD7283F-EZ - 5MP 4:3 Dome Axis XP40-Q1942 - SVGA Bullet 3xLOGIC VX-2A-B-RIWDZ - 1080p Bullet Vivotek FE8191-V - 12MP Fisheye Dome Vivotek IB9365-EHT - 1080p Bullet Fortinet SD20B - 1080p PTZ Uniview (UNV) IPC3534LB-ADZK-G - 2688X1520 Dome LTS LPR100 - 720p Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD755F-EZ - 1080p Dome IC Realtime ICIP-DW102S - 1.3MP Dome find a 4K (8MP) / H.265 / 30FPS system at this price. Hanwha QNO-6022R - 1080p Bullet Dahua IPC-HDBW4431F-AS - 4MP 16:9 Dome Arecont Vision AV02CID-200 - 1080p Dome However sometimes the live feed may flicker and this may prevent us from seeing the coverage properly. Dahua 40212TNI - 1080p PTZ Axis Q3617-VE - 6MP Dome Dali DLS-H37NC (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Geovision GV-EBD8700 - 4K UHD Turret Dahua DH-IPC-HF812A0EN - 12MP Box Uniview (UNV) IPT4K28AIX - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Avigilon 2.0C-H5A-BO2-IR - 1080p Bullet Wages rise as people gain more skills. IDIS DC-T6233HRXL - 1080p Bullet Arecont Vision AV2225PMIR-A - 1080p Bullet Intelbras VIP E3250 Z - 1080p Bullet KEDACOM IPC2255-GI7N - 1080p Bullet D-Link DCS-6517 - 5MP 4:3 Dome Avigilon 2.0C-H5A-D2 - 1080p Dome Alibi Cloud is gaining traction in many industries including multi-site retail, medical facilities, cannabis operations and more because of it's ease of use and ability to help organizations. Pelco IMM12018-1S - Pelco Optera Dome IC Realtime ICIP-D8330-IR - 4K Turret Vivotek IB8373-EH - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Bosch Security NBN-80052-BA - Bosch 5MP 16:9 Box Ganz ZNT1-HET14G29A - QVGA Bullet i-PRO (Panasonic) WV-SBV111M - 720p Dome HiLook THC-T310-VF - 720p Turret Lilin Z2R6422AX - 1080p Dome Dali DLD-H75J (Thermal) - VGA Bullet HiLook IPC-B150H-M - 5MP Bullet Dahua IPC-HF5431E-E - 4MP 16:9 Box Interlogix TVB-1101 - 1.3MP Bullet Dahua IPC-HDBW2431E-S-S2 - Quad HD Dome Vivotek FE9391-EV - 8MP Fisheye Dome Color: 0.5 lux; bw: 0.1 lux. LTS LTCMIP3283NW-SZ - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Hikvision DS-2DF1-504 - VGA PTZ Our product engineers are constantly searching for integrations that will directly benefit our dealer partners, giving you the ability to deliver solutions for a wide range of customer needs. Hikvision iDS-2CD6412FWD/C - 1080p Covert Hanwha LNO-6022R - 1080p Bullet Pelco IMP531-1ERS - 5MP 4:3 Dome i-PRO (Panasonic) WV-S1536LTN - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2083G2-I - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Uniview (UNV) IPC2124LE-ADF28KMC-WL - 2688X1520 Bullet Mobotix Move SD-330 - 3MP 4:3 PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD5AC5G0-IZHS - 12MP Bullet Interlogix TVW-1118 - 1.3MP Dome Channel Systems, 128 Dahua DH-IPC-HFW5200E-VF - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2TD2636-10 - 1080p Bullet KEDACOM IPC2252-FN-DIR - 1080p Bullet Uniview (UNV) IPC3535LB-ADZK-G - 2880X1620 Dome Hanwha HCP-6320HA - 1080p PTZ Bosch Security NIN-63013-A3 - 720p Dome Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about Alibi IP Cams? Dahua DH-SD22A204TN-GN-W - 1080p PTZ ACTi B53 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Has Anyone Tried To Tie An Alibi 3004H Dvr To An Exacq Server. Sony SNC-EP521 - VGA PTZ Mobotix Mx-O-M7SA-8DN050 - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Hanwha XND-6080 - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2510F - 1.3MP Dome Hikvision DS-2DF7283 - 1080p PTZ Honeywell Video HEW4PER3B - 4MP 16:9 Turret LTS LTDHIP3742W - 4MP 16:9 Turret Hikvision DS-2CD4312F-IZH - 1.3MP Dome Illustra IPS05D3OCWIY - 5MP 4:3 Dome Ganz ZN-B4M212 - 4MP 16:9 Bullet SnapAV LUM-510-DOM-IP-WH - 4MP 16:9 Dome Bosch Security NBN-80122-CA - 12MP Box Hikvision DS-2CD2323G0-I - 1080p Turret ACTi D41 - 720p Bullet For federal governments who have hacking concerns and are looking to source products from the USA to reduce that risk, we actually recommend just creating a second, separate network connection so that there's a physical barrier between your cameras and computers with potentially sensitive documents or processes. Vivotek FD8382-TV - 5MP Dome Intelbras VIP 1220 B - 1080p Bullet Alibi ALI-NP7022RT - 1080p PTZ Tyco Illustra IFS16-M10-BT03 - 16MP Multi-Imager Hanwha QNV-7080R - 4MP 16:9 Dome Hikvision DS-2CE56F7T-ITM - 3MP 4:3 Turret Honeywell Video HBW8PR2 - 4K UHD Bullet Alibi ALI-NS2012VR - 1080p Dome Alibi ALI-NS4116R - 6MP Bullet Pelco IME539-1ERS - 5MP 4:3 Dome Arecont Vision D4F-AV3115v1-3312 - 3MP 4:3 Dome No just from affordability but also convenience and reliability. Dahua DH-HAC-HFW1220B - 1080p Bullet Dali DLD-K18J (Thermal) - VGA Bullet Avigilon 5.0C-H5A-CR1-IR-SS - Quad HD Turret Axis P3227-LVE - 5MP 16:9 Dome Interlogix TVD-5406 - 3MP 4:3 Dome Interlogix TVP-3104 - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD2046G2-I - 5MP 4:3 Bullet Dahua N24CG53 - 1080p Turret Vivotek IP8355H - 1.3MP Bullet Hikvision DS-2DE4225W-DE - 1080p PTZ Uniview (UNV) IPC2122SB-ADF28KM-I0 - 1080p Bullet Dahua DH-IPC-HFW4120S - 1.3MP Bullet Alibi Vigilant gear is built with the latest features including Starlight chipsets, powerful video analytics, advanced compression, power-over-ethernet and more. Interlogix TVW-1117 - 1.3MP Dome Tyco Illustra IPS12-F27-OIA4 - 8.9MP Fisheye Dome Uniview (UNV) IPC254EB-DX22GK-I0 - 2688X1520 Bullet Hanwha XNB-6001/SLA-T4680 - 1080p Box 3xLOGIC VA-2MB-OD-RIWH-02 - 1080p Bullet LTS CMIP7352W-28 - 5MP Dome Alibi ALI-TS3013R - 3MP 4:3 Bullet Flir FC-344-ID-P - QVGA Bullet Vivotek FD9389-HTV - 5MP Dome Hikvision DS-2DE4425IW-DE - Quad HD PTZ Arecont Vision AV12586PM - 12MP Multi-Imager Dome Hanwha QNE-7080 - 4MP 16:9 Turret Hikvision DS-2TD1217-3/v1 - 1080p Turret Honeywell Video HC30WB5R1 5MP - 5MP Bullet Dali DLS-L18DM-A (Thermal) - VGA PTZ Ganz ZNT1-HAT24G25A - VGA Bullet Speco O8D7M - 4K UHD Dome Speco 08FD4M - 8MP (3840x2160) Dome Interlogix TVT-5303 - 1080p Turret Pelco P2230L-FW0 - 1080p PTZ Dahua DH-IPC-HFW2231RP-VFS-IRE6 - 1080p Bullet Vivotek IP816A-HP - 1080p Box Enter your email to get notified of new shootouts, tests, investigations, online shows and more. Arecont Vision AV5355PMTIR-SH - 5MP 4:3 Dome Geovision GV-EBX1100 - 1.3MP Box KEDACOM IPC820-FB - 1080p Bullet Axis F1004 Pinhole - 720p Covert One theory could be that Jay murdered Hae because he was jealous of Adnan's good relationship with his girlfriend, Stephanie. Hikvision DS-2CE16D8T-IT1 - 1080p Bullet HiLook THC-B220-M - 1080p Bullet KEDACOM IPC2251-FNB SIR-80-Z6048 - 1080p Bullet Clinton Electronics CE-VX50B - 720p Dome Interlogix TVW-1107 - 1.3MP Dome Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD-10 - 1080p Covert Dahua DH-EPC230UN - 1080p Bullet i-PRO (Panasonic) WV-X6531N - 1080p PTZ Hikvision DS-2CD6424FWD-40/E2 - 1080p Covert Interlogix TVB-8101 - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2CD2021G1-IDW1 - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2CE72UF3T-E - 4K UHD Turret Arecont Vision AV2145DN-3310-DA - 1080p Dome Dahua N44CL53 - 4MP 16:9 Dome Hikvision DS-2DF7284 - 1080p PTZ Dahua DH-HAC-HDBW32A1EN-Z - 1080p Dome Axis Q1941-E - 384 x 288 Thermal Bullet China has a right to subsidize whatever industries they choose, but if you are looking for the number one reason why nearly all electronic manufacturing has left the United States, the answer is the differing levels of subsidies. Pelco SRXP4-3V10-IMD - 3MP 4:3 Dome ATV IPVD2MTRI - 1080p Dome KEDACOM IPC2452-HN-PIR - 4MP 16:9 Bullet D-Link DCS-932L - VGA Cube AVTECH DGM1304QS - 1080p Turret Canon VB-R12VE - 1080p Dome AVTECH AVN2503 - 1080p Dome Hikvision DS-2CD5546G0-IZHS - Quad HD Dome Sunell SN-TPC6401AT/F(II) - VGA Box Uniview (UNV) IPC3614SS-ADF28KM-I0 - 2688X1520 Turret Lorex LNB8973BW - 4K UHD Bullet Inaxsys INSEBO1IRCF - 720p Turret Geovision GV-UBL2401 - 2MP Bullet Hikvision DS-2CE16C2T-IR - 720p Bullet Digital Watchdog PB6M4T - DW 6MP Pano Bullet Synectics COEX C3000-1V - 1080p PTZ ACTi E41 - 720p Bullet Geovision GV-FE520 - 5MP 4:3 Box Arecont Vision AV3555DNIR-S - 3MP 4:3 Dome LTS LTCMIP3C82W-28MDA - 8MP (3840x2160) Turret Hikvision DS-2CD6026FHWDA11 - 2MP Box Inaxsys INSDO2IRF - 1080p Dome Huawei X2221-FLG - 1080p Bullet Geovision GV-MFD1501-2F - 1.3MP Dome Vivotek SD9361-EHL - 1080p PTZ CohuHD Costar 3432-3000 - 1080p Bullet Hikvision DS-2CE56H5T-ITME - 5MP Turret Geovision GV-VD1540 - 1.3MP Dome Consult with a CCTV Security Pro. Hikvision DS-2CD63C2F-IS - 12MP Dome HiLook THC-T340-VF - Quad HD Turret Bosch Security NDV-5703-AL - 5MP 4:3 Dome Hikvision DS-2CD2T86G2-2I - 8MP (3840x2160) Bullet Geovision GV-FER12700 - 12MP Dome KEDACOM IPC2211-FN-DIR - 1080p Turret Pelco IPSXME136-7X - VGA PTZ
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