__________ always have an object or something to trigger them. c) physical reactions. 1) Which of the following statements is NOT true concerning emotions? Emotions can be facilitative or debilitative. Putting our emotions into words can help us manage them more effectively. D) from a high-SES family with many children. 1) In 1990, shyness in Chinese children was __________ associated with being well-adjusted. A) autonomous/secure d. usually begins with a hostile act, d. usually begins with a hostile act. A) intensity of reaction b. do try to appreciate the fact that people are different Have patience 4. a) The degree of a person's emotional adjustment; the magnitude of the rewards involved According to the Gallup Organization, which of the following does not count most toward high engagement? c) flight attendants China } \\ Italy10. b) skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and feedback A) take longer to soothe themselves when upset. Iran3. Russia } & \text { 5. A) virtually nil. d) The frequency and intensity of emotions has been shown to vary across cultures. When thinking about the run, Jeannine vacillates between pride and sadness. C) expressions of love we experience conflict between the required emotions and our true emotions. C) After six or eight months, Aina will display few, if any, attachment difficulties. b) Production deviance Using the current year, journalize these transactions of Lambert Hardware on page 10 of the purchases journal. e) Deep acting is trying to modify your true inner feelings based on your personal standards for behavior. B) a strong sense of sympathy. C) causes improved cognitive, emotional, and social competence in later years. Iran } & \text { 3. D) 3 to 6 years. 1) Dr. Padin refers to one of his patients in terms of early-appearing, stable individual differences in reactivity and self-regulation. B) negatively; collectivist values c) deviant workplace behaviors A) lower; negative emotion; positive emotion B) acts of nature, such as thunder and lightning. B) she realizes that thinking and feeling are interconnected. According to your text, which of the following statements are true regarding culture and emotion? e) Satisfaction causes performance, b) Performance accomplishment lead to rewards that lead to satisfaction. Eventually, the baby takes the rattle, holds it for a few seconds, and then holds it out to her mother and smiles. Two-month-old Trey is crying loudly. A) 30 Cognitive dissonance d) employee engagement \text{Money supply}& \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}}\\ Italy6. B) 7 to 12 months a) values and attitudes. Donna's young daughter, Cali, is terribly afraid of cats. a) Deep acting is hiding your inner feelings and forgoing emotional expressions as a response to display rules. C) depressed mothers perceive their babies as less difficult than they really are. B) make-believe play with siblings C) a 12-month-old who has just had a toy taken away by a playmate Australia7. c) anger, fear, joy, love, sadness, and surprise. a) A positive or negative mood can influence emotions. B) avoidant B) more upset when frustrated. A) often turn to their fathers for caretaking needs. C) It comprises a person's ability to detect others' and one's own feelings. More attractive investment opportunities. Obert is displaying A) cultural variations in infant feeding 54. B. Behavioral expressions of emotions do not always match the emotion one feels. Use the following table, which shows the top c) Internal; external e) an individual's feelings based on information internal and external to himself or herself, b) an individual's feelings based on information external to himself or herself. A) 1 to 3 Advertisement As an unfamiliar adult starts to talk to three-year-old Rose, she becomes anxious and looks at her father, who smiles calmly at her. The __________ component of an attitude reflects the beliefs, opinions, knowledge, or information a person possesses. 3. a) Rational commitment Brazil } & \text { 1. Oct. 11. D) visual acuity. The five facets of job satisfaction measured by the Job Descriptive Index are __________. c) The argument that rewards cause both satisfaction and performance suggests that managers can positively influence both satisfaction and performance by properly allocating rewards. RankingofFruit-ProducingcountriesApplesOrangesNuts1. Perception, Attribution and Learning -, Elliot Aronson, Robin M. Akert, Samuel R. Sommers, Timothy D. Wilson. D) cries louder than the other infant to gain a caregiver's attention, 1) During __________, advances in perspective taking permit an empathic response not just to people's immediate distress, but also to their general life condition. Human emotions related to the workplace can lead to creating pragmatic benefits, for example, a happier workplace and better collaboration in-between employees. c) insensitive to emotions in foreign cultures d) The frequency and intensity of emotions has been shown to vary across cultures. a) work environment. Chile10. A) monsters and ghosts. Australia } \\ A) encouraging daily contact with kittens to alleviate her fear. b) Matt is not dedicated to his job. A) fine-motor skills. Which statement about moods is accurate? D) Eighteen-month-old Samuel, who prefers crackers to broccoli, will offer Miss Kennelly crackers. a) Personal aggression Guatemala8. The changes that are associated with the thoughts and feelings and the behaviors. e) spillover behaviors, According to Lawler and Porter, which of these is correct? D) 11 to 15. b) A manager fires a person who steals from a firm. b. angry words A) better than; effortful control D) gender. C) lower; irritability; agreeability 1) Which of the following statements is true regarding the quality of child care in the United States? c. a loss or the threat of a loss Felix is demonstrating the concept of B) empathy Kaylee's self-evaluation is most strongly influenced by her According to Leon Festinger, individuals reduce cognitive dissonance in all of the following ways EXCEPT: C) German A) joint attention. They are emotions that are present in humans and other animals B. D) exhibit similar levels of stranger anxiety in infancy. b) Self-conscious emotions come from external sources. All of the following statements about emotion regulation are true EXCEPT: Group of answer choices Reappraisal and suppression can decrease amygdala activity in response to negative situations Reappraisal and suppression can decrease insula activity in response to negative situations Reappraisal and . Argentina } & \text { 10. B) avoidant; securely attached Indonesia3. \hline \text { 10. b) counterproductive workplace behaviors The effects of a change in one of these factors on the current account balance cannot be predicted without considering the effect on the other causal factors. Determine (a) the contribution margin ratio, (b) the unit contribution margin, and (c) income from operations. C) disorganized/disoriented. d. all of the above, 29. B) a sense of humor. a) friends. Weidner Company sells 22,000 units at $30 per unit. D) A secure father-child relationship is less important for long-term adjustment than a secure mother-child relationship. During reunion, Marcus is slow to greet his father. a) ignorant of emotions in foreign cultures Indonesia } & \text { 7. You have to express your feelings in an appropriate way without lashing out in anger. Which work attitude reflects feelings that the job serves one's financial, developmental, and professional interests? D) emotional self-regulation. B) Engage the child in eye contact, smile, and point to the toy. B) infants respond differently to a familiar caregiver than to a stranger. page 153. D) information from parents is biased. Iran } & \text { 8. d) role models. b) Surface acting is trying to modify your true inner feelings based on display rules. D) of authoritative parents, 1) At what age do children begin to engage in social referencing? d) The degree of a person's authoritarianism; the magnitude of the person's self-esteem In the Affective Events Theory, the term "personal predispositions" can involve the following subcategories: C) during the second year of life. e) Lacking civility in relationships, c) Positively commenting publicly on the employer, Sarah spreads harmful rumors, gossips, uses bad language, and lacks civility in relationships while at work. In which of the following is Sarah engaging in? When frustrated, Virgil is likely to \hline {\text { Apples }} & {\text { Oranges }} & {\text { Nuts }} \\ Emotions are seldom influenced by biological foundations and experiences. C) parental temperament. page 164. B) emphasize similarities between siblings. \hline {\text { Ranking of Fruit-Producing countries }} \\ C) Authoritative parents tend to discourage emotional expression in their children. All of the following are guidelines for facing your fears and anxieties except: Certification . a. Clarissa puts her arm around Amy's shoulders and pats her. The following is a silent whisper from Jon McIntyre's adoption attorney as she gazed up these two people. 1) Mr. and Mrs. O a. Correct answers: 2 question: Which one of the following statements is true about emotions? 53. D) less irritable. e) co-worker involvement, subordinate support, and emotional labor requirements. B) low; moderate 1) Infant Doris has an attachment quality that changes from one insecure pattern to another. The production of a dollar's worth of electricity requires inputs of $0.30\$ 0.30$0.30 from electricity, $0.10\$ 0.10$0.10 from natural gas, and $0.20\$ 0.20$0.20 from oil. 2003-2023 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. which statement is not true about emotions? June is exhibiting (C ) Graph $x=x(t) for000\leq{t}30\leq3030. b. forgive yourself B) tight c. deciding to forgive __________ and __________ influence the choices a person makes regarding which cognitive dissonance reduction method to use. C) involved in more conflict b. experiencing negative emotions is always unhealthy. B) regulated self-expression. 1) Jerome Kagan's longitudinal research on several hundred Caucasian infants found that about 40 percent of 4-month-old babies b) Management in Europe is not concerned about differences in emotions. A) Mira, who is a Buddhist a. exploring the anger that you have C) relationship stability. 1) In Australia, infants who spend full days in government-funded child-care centers D) It is common and does not interfere with children's development. C) goodness-of-fit Marcus is displaying characteristics of __________ attachment. A) unusually cooperative and intimate bond between husband and wife. c) The respect category may contain reverence and integrity. C. Emotions can be expressed using body language. What they do recall is discussed intellectually, with little emotion. D) disorganized/disoriented, 1) __________ mothers spend much time in physical contact with their babies and rarely leave them in others' care. Mixed emotions are those emotions which: b. are combined feelings from the primary emotions. Philippines } \\ \text{New building permits} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}}\\ d) Emotions are likely to last for hours or even days. A) Children with mixed histories of attachment and maternal sensitivity tend to be physically and cognitively delayed. B) before the first birthday. 1) The dynamic interplay between emotion and cognition begins, 1) In a study, researchers taught 2- to 8-month-olds to pull a string to activate pleasurable sights and sounds, to which the infants responded with interest, happiness, and surprise. To manage her emotion, 12-year-old Britney appraises the situation as changeable, identifies the difficulty, and decides what to do about it. b) recognize when their organizations are transforming organizational culture The baby is now likely to, 1) By the end of the first year, babies become increasingly skilled at. d. all of the above, 32.A condition of imbalance in which feelings are trapped instead of expressed is a definition of: B) Fourteen-month-old Jake, who prefers broccoli to crackers, will offer Miss Kennelly crackers. France9. e) culture. What can his parents do to help Benny from becoming a fearful child? c) do not always understand developmental goals set by management b) The relationship between general attitudes and behavior is stronger than the relationship between specific attitudes and behaviors. 19. e) Affective Events Theory extends understanding of people's moods on the job and why job satisfaction is decreasing. A) physical caregiving a) developing new ways of explaining the inconsistency. These emotions appear in the first six months of the infant's development C. They include emotions like surprise, interest, joy, anger, sadness, fear, and disgust D. The sample points are assigned the following probabilities: P(E1)=.20P\left(E_1\right)=.20P(E1)=.20, P(E2)=.30,P(E3)=.30,P(E4)=.10,P(E5)=.10P\left(E_2\right)=.30, P\left(E_3\right)=.30, P\left(E_4\right)=.10, P\left(E_5\right)=.10P(E2)=.30,P(E3)=.30,P(E4)=.10,P(E5)=.10. C) high-SES A) frequently compete with siblings for desired toys. d) changing the underlying attitude. A) his fear has persisted for over a week. UnitedStates2. C) resistant d. discovery and release, b. learning to forgive and forget. The least squares estimates of the regression parameters were as follows: b0=7.35b1=0.653b2=1.345b3=0.613b_0=7.35 \quad b_1=0.653 \quad b_2=-1.345 \quad b_3=0.613 B) become increasingly self-sufficient with age. His interests range from the philosophy of wine to Chomsky a) emphasize emotions, along with more cognitive aspects in performing their jobs a. emotions can be triggered by events. B) slightly a. sign up for on-line dating, join dating chat rooms, attend a "fast track" dating session c) the work itself, task identity, task significance, autonomy, and opportunities for learning B) heredity; large family size A) amygdala; large - Purchased merchandise on account from American Tools, $1,230.00. d. resume ordinary activities, b. learn that denial is not a river in Egypt. a. anxiety d) There are gender differences in job satisfaction and how it is dealt with. 1) In the Strange Situation, Marcus is not distressed when his father leaves. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. C) regard their children as more alike than other observers do. d) physical 1) Jorge is slow to accept new experiences, tends to react negatively and intensely, and has irregular daily routines. \text{Personal wages/salaries}& \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}} & \underline{\hspace{35pt}}\\ b) Attitudes are acquired from the same sources as values. Emotions, if poorly managed, can impair learning. c.) Deep acting B) "attachment-in-the-making" B) a bored 6-month-old A) of permissive parents a) emotion D) the stability of attachment. Which of the following is not considered one of the six major types of emotions identified by researchers? A) mother's feedback. Philippines. Why is depreciation expense added to the other components of free cash flows? A) rarely C) Allow Raj to independently work through conflicts with peers. a) Matt will work beyond expectations to complete a special project. b.) e) employee engagement. 1) Seven-week-old LaDonna breaks into a broad grin at the sight of her father's face. D) threats to parental health. 1) The Strange Situation measures a. seeing yourself as a victim B) dismissive C) social referencing. d) emotional intelligence. This is an example of Which of the following statements about emotions is true? D) positively; sociability. b. 1) Although strong cultural variations exist, the most common attachment quality in all societies is B) dismissing B) early childhood e) Fear, Examples of _____________ include pity, envy, and jealousy. B) heredity c. you are vulnerable when angry Which of the following statements is correct? b. the person we love doesn't love us a) emotional; intended A) a lack of empathy for another's emotional needs. 1) Which of the following statements is true about attachment? Mya's has not wanted to get out of bed all day. A. C) quickly learn to sooth themselves. She does this repeatedly, letting the baby keep the rattle for several seconds each time and encouraging the baby to offer the rattle. c. feeling powerful and in control Which of the following children would be upset upon hearing her parents argue, but would most likely try to hide her emotions from them? A) anger and fear increase in frequency and intensity. B) Children of depressed fathers tend to become overprotective parents. D) Rufus, an only child. C) adaptability C) amygdala; small 1) Which of the following statements is true about the Attachment Q-Sort? D) Use vocal encouragement, either alone or with a positive facial expression. a) Negative emotions are required for success on-the-job in most cultures. UnitedStates3. B) attention span/persistence A) a hungry newborn b) work events. C) anger and hostility toward peers. Most emotions are instinctual and universal We usually respond to a particular event with a single emotion We experience emotions holistically Emotions are distinct events that we can identify Recent research has found that emotions are either basic or learned. C) growing up in a low-SES family with many daily stresses. C) low marital satisfaction; maternal anxiety 1) Which of the following explains the marked differences in temperament between Asian and Caucasian-American babies? A) rarely form secure attachments to their parents. \hline \text { 2. a) Shame Hugo is probably C) self-conscious emotions are integrated with inner standards of excellence and good behavior. UnitedStates2. Guatemala8. Which of the following can the Paxtons expect to experience? c. Emotions can differ in intensity and duration. Then, for a short period, pulling the string no longer turned on the attractive stimuli, and the babies' emotional reactions changed to anger and sadness. a) home effects e) Organizational citizenship, The extent to which an individual is dedicated to a job is known as __________. C) attention-span; irritable-distress Give an example of each type of emotion. a) an individual's feelings based on information internal to himself or herself C) Behaviorist a. None of these statements about emotions are false. A) Aina will never develop deep ties to them. ArgentinaOranges1. a) construction workers c) re-evaluating values and beliefs. C) 35 to 40 A relationship often exist between emotion and motivation. A) built-in signals help bring newborns into close contact with other humans. C) he has begun to make jokes about birds in an attempt to overcome his fear. Once the contingency was restored, the sad babies, 1) A baby coos and pats his mother's face, but she does not respond. Which of the following statements are true regarding emotions and gender? C) have a lower rate of secure attachment than infants informally cared for by relatives, friends, and babysitters. It is most likely that Joey will develop a(n) _____ with his mother. Name the theorist who suggested that the primary task for infants was to develop a sense of trust in others. A) the environment; persistent nutritional and emotional deprivation b) counterproductive workplace behaviors B) a parent's greeting. Which of the following statements regarding the six major categories identified by researchers is correct? C) Although the parent-infant bond is vitally important, later development is influenced not just by early attachment experiences but also by the continuing quality of the parent-child relationship. c. it gets in the way of our allowing individuals the right to experience the consequences of their choices dtdx=0.0001x(400x)x(0)=1, where ttt is time (in minutes). Option A. d) Self-conscious; social C) parenting practices
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