Robert quit school at 9th grade as he did not enjoy school and openly admits he did not do well there. One episode very seldom shown is "Princess of the Lost Tribe" (season 4 episode 6, shown 6 Nov 1960), in which Flint McCullough happens upon the hiding place of descendants of the Aztec Indians - now moved up from central Mexico to the vicinity of Arizona, with Raymond Massey playing their king, Montezuma IX, speaking English with flawless educated diction. It was one of the most successful American Westerns to date. Bobby. White, Terry Wilson, Frank McGrath, Robert Swan [21], Horton married actress Barbara Ruick on August 22, 1953 in Las Vegas, Nevada. When did Robert Fuller join the wagon train? Originally director William Wyler had wanted another actor to play the part Robert was given, however he was unimpressed with the fact the other actor had false sideburns. 26/02/2023 . Wagon Train is an American Western series that ran on NBC 1957-62 and then on ABC 1962-65, although the network also aired daytime repeats, as Major Adams, Trailmaster and Trailmaster (post-1961 episodes without original series lead Ward Bond), from January 1963 to September 1965. Here you will find the answer to all of your questions. The purpose of our channel is to create EDUCATIONAL content. Robert was put into Miami Military Academy, where he did 5th to 6th grade. Raymond Guth, Terry Wilson, Juney Ellis, Dirk Evans, Larry Blake, Jim Hayward, Ken Lynch can come along on the trip. He reveals his plans to take his first wife on a wagon train to California. is known for her kindness and spends much of her time caring for the ailing. His character Jack Rankin leads the crew of a space station in a battle for survival against one-eyed tentacled aliens that rapidly multiply as they feed on the station's sources of electricity. When Cooper Smith guides two families to their new homes, the Bancrofts cleverly ambush the group taking everything they have. NOTIFICATIONS. This page was created in memory of all of the stars of the old Wagon train, and those who love this show. Excuse me, Miss Marshall. But the story - one involving McIntire's scout Robert Fuller - involves Fuller old trail buddies, who are criminals as was he, and Robert Ryan, who was a lawman with whom they all had a run-in during their past. He explained to Robert that the role of Jess had already been given to John Smith who was already under contract with Revue. Reply. Analytical cookies are used to understand how visitors interact with the website. As a favor to Ward Bond, film director John Ford joined the show to direct a 1960 segment titled "The Colter Craven Story", which includes many members of the "John Ford Stock Company", momentarily featuring John Wayne speaking from the shadows and billed in the credits as "Michael Morris".[3]. After over 50 years this film is still available on DVD.This was followed by a part in a science fiction series where he played a bad guy and was killed in the 3rd episode. is hosting this forum for free. [14], Horton performed for many years in theaters and nightclubs all over America, and in Australia as a singer (sometimes with his wife, the former Marilynn Bradley). with Marjorie Lord, Andrew Duggan, Beverly Washburn, Donald Randolph, Richard Hale. The episodes were entitled "The Ella Lindstrom Story" (original air date February 4, 1959) and "The Kate Parker Story" (original air date May 6, 1959). Episode aired Oct 21, 1963 TV-PG 1 h 15 m IMDb RATING 7.7 /10 53 YOUR RATING Rate Drama Western Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames husband Vern. Coop vows to find the Brancrofts and exact retribution. Robert Fuller first appeared on Wagon Train during Season 2 in two guest starring roles. Special guest star Ernest Borgnine [Willy Moran]. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Season 7 (1963-64) episodes were in color and 90 minutes long. Within a week of Laramies cancellation, Robert received a call from Peter Kelly, vice president in charge of talent for Universal Studios. Kelly was naturally dumbfounded that his offer was being refused but he accepted Robert's decision and Robert left his office. However, the shows format returned to one hour and was filmed in black and white. Help old Charlie, nice horseys, Help me, please, please. Cooper Smith: Don't you feel kinda undressed without a shotgun? Robert was delighted and read the script and loved it, but again things were about to turn awkward. Life and career [ edit] Terry W. Wilson (September 3, 1923 - March 30, 1999) [1] was an American actor most noted for his role as "Bill Hawks", the assistant trail master, in all 267 episodes of the NBC and ABC western television series, Wagon Train, which aired from 1957 to 1965. Embarrassed by his wifes erratic and drunken behavior, Captain Paul Winters is ordered to send his wife away on the wagon train. [17], In 1968, two years later, Horton co-starred in The Green Slime, a low-budget Japanese-American science fiction film, directed by Kinji Fukasaku and shot entirely in Japan, but with an American and European cast. When the Jenkins money box is stolen, the whole train is in an uproar. Birthday: July 29, 1933 How Old - Age: 89 Recently Passed Away Celebrities and Famous People. with Thomas B. Henry, Norman Willis, Sondra Rodgers, Frank McGrath. Also in 1966 Robert was given second billing to Yul Brynner in the sequel to "The Magnificent Seven," a film aptly titled "Return Of The Seven." [25], Horton died of natural causes on March 9, 2016 at the age of 91 in a rehabilitation clinic in Los Angeles, California. On September 18, 1957, NBC . Would you go and put your big shoulders to the rear end of my wagon. Robert later married the lovely Jennifer Savidge who played Nurse Lucy in "St Elsewhere" and appeared regularly in the hit TV series JAG.Robert's last performance was playing 2 roles in the final episode of Walker Texas Ranger. In 1939, at the age of 6, he and his family moved to Key West, Florida, where, already known by the nickname of "Buddy," he took the name Robert Simpson Jr. Whitfield, Stephen, and Roddenberry, Gene. the horses Robert Fuller used/rode in "Laramie" and "Wagon Train" belonged to Robert Fuller. Also Beverly Owens would go on to play Marilyn Munster in the same tv show. Be competent, be more skilful than others. This was followed by extra work in a great many films including Raintree County with Liz Taylor, The Harder They Fall with Humphrey Bogart and The Man In The Grey Flannel Suit with Gregory Peck.His Dad convinced him to look for jobs as a dancer which he did successfully getting roles in I Love Melvin with Debbie Reynolds, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe and Latin Lovers with Lana Turner.In 1953, while the Korean war was on, Robert at the age of 19 was drafted into the United States Army where he served 2 years, 15 months of which was in Korea. He was married to his first wife Patricia Lee Lyon for twenty-two years, before the couple divorced in 1984. Grateful for being rescued, Cain promises to make Coop rich and to sell shares of his claim to the wagon train passengers. When they fail to return to the wagon train, Cooper Smith sets out to find them. Horton attended California Military Institute in Perris, where he played football. See production, box office & company info, Stage 19, Universal Studios - 100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, California, USA. with Jimmy Komack, Don Megowan, Esther Dale, Malcolm Atterbury, Special guest star Dan Duryea (Cliff Grundy). Robert Fuller was born in Troy, New York on July 29, 1933 at 1:50 PM and was raised in Key West, Florida. Robert Fuller (dual starring role as Cooper Smith and Captain Terence ORouke). A. Alice Brandt. In 2004 Alpha Video released three episodes of Wagon Train on DVD. Uncredited: Charles Sullivan, Carol Henry. Robert said of this role that it was the best part he ever had.In December 1962, while Laramie was still at its peak Robert married Patty Lyon.Laramie ran from 1959-1963 and from there Robert went straight into "Wagon Train" as chief scout Cooper Smith. At the time he had no idea what his name should be but he had a relative with a first name of Fuller and he figured it went well with his name so the handle of Robert Fuller was created. You're holding up the rest of the outfit. With his new role as scout Cooper Smith, Robert was determined to develop a character that was not a clone of Laramies Jess Harper. Robert Fuller (supporting role) Wagon Train. What did a wagon master do? Robert Fuller played the role of Cooper Smith Chief Scout in Wagon Train for 2 seasons. He eventually quit the series to pursue a career in musical theater. , her husband and son are a loving family traveling with the train. Mead Howard "Robert" Horton Jr. (July 29, 1924 March 9, 2016) was an American actor and singer. Special guest star Ricardo Montalban [Jean Lebec]. All the wagons and travelers are searched causing emotions and accusations to run wild. Like his best friends Julie London, Bobby Troup and James Drury, he used to be a heavy smoker until his first wife, Patricia Lyons, was diagnosed with cancer in 1984. McQueen was not offered the role in the sequel because it is likely that if he had been in the film then Yul Brynner would not. Four years later Timeless Media Group released a DVD selection consisting of 12 episodes on three discs. And wow she was gorgeous I'm jealous lol. Leif Erickson and Randy Boone guest stars. His role on Wagon Train was taken by Robert Fuller as the scout . The series aired for most of its run in black-and-white. A new theme song, the "Trailmaster Theme", written and conducted by Stanley Wilson, was used for these syndicated episodes. (15 years of age). While scouting, Duke Shannon discovers the Bleecker family and companions looking for a wagon train to take them to Fort Bridger. Originally Helmick had wanted Edd Byrnes but after seeing Chuck and Robert perform Helmick gave the role of bad guy Maurie Weston to Robert. 0:57. Robert Fuller WAS Jess Harper and John Smith WAS Slim Sherman. For the true Robert Fuller fans you probably already know this but for others its cool! Bonus DVDs: 16 Classic Episodes of Wagon Train on 4 DVD discs - These classic episodes of Wagon Train span the entire series, from Season 1 with Ward Bond and Robert Horton, to season 8, when the series returned to a one-hour, black and white format with John McIntire, Robert Fuller and Denny Scott Miller. Sung by multi-talented Robert Horton who played the scout, Flint McCullough. Several season 5 episodes are in color. Wagon Train is an American Western series that aired 8 seasons: first on the NBC television network (1957-1962), and then on ABC . SEATTLE - The day he picked to die, Robert Fuller had the party of a lifetime. All episodes eventually reverted to their original titling after the series left the air. LARAMIE, Robert Fuller, 'The Star Trail,' aired October 13, 1959 / Everett Collection Robert Fuller began his career quietly with a small role in the 1952 film Above and Beyond, but soon transitioned into projects with big names attached, such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondesstarring Marilyn Monroe. Rivals Bond and Horton frequently quarreled on the set, an extensively publicized development at the time, while their characters disputed within the episodes. He reveals his plans to take his first wife on a wagon train to California. Robert Fuller Official Website. After tragically losing his wife and ranch. In the third season a more traditional sounding score was introduced. 1984) Jennifer Savidge ( m. 2001). When did the wagon train reach 90 minutes? Robert Fuller first appeared on Wagon Train during Season 2 in two guest starring roles. Mead Howard "Robert" Horton Jr. (July 29, 1924 - March 9, 2016) was an American actor and singer. [2] He survived several surgeries in childhood, including hernia repair and treatment for an enlarged kidney. Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongf Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames husband Vern. In addition he hires three men temporarily who hate the marshal but have more extreme plans f Coop has to escort an ex-marshal and his wife who once shot Coop in the back to the wagon train. Russell Simpson, Wendy Winkleman, Malcolm Atterbury, Ralph Moody, Hope Summers, Ann Morrison, Charles Seel, Ross Elliott. As you can imagine he's not held in high esteem. But this is one strange marriage as Pleshette is a wild child who works in the town saloon owned by Rex Reason and Drake is the sheriff. However there was a twist - The very same day Robert's agent called him to say that he was required to test for the part of Jess Harper. Special guest star Keenan Wynn (Luke O'Malley). Robert's old friend John Smith appeared in a couple of episodes playing a Fire Captain.Since then Robert has been very busy in a wide variety of roles, sometimes to the delight of his fans, he returns to the western genre.Robert's marriage to Patty Lyon ended in 1984 after 22 years. [1] The series was inspired by the 1950 John Ford film Wagon Master. Sam meets up with his partner Reno Sutton who wants to kill Barnaby, but Sam insists on making him part of their gang. The cookie is set by the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin and is used to store whether or not user has consented to the use of cookies. Robert left Patrick Kelly's office thinking that was the end of his career - you don't turn down those opportunities once let alone twice! Harry Tyler, Emerson Treacy, Terry Wilson, James Brandt, Tom Brandt, Frank McGrath, K. L. Smith, Minerva Urecal, Elizabeth Harrower, Special guest star Sterling Hayden (Les Rand). In season five Horton rotated top billing with relative newcomer John McIntire, a practice which subsequently continued with McIntire and Robert Fuller rotating top billing from episode to episode when Fuller joined the series in the seventh season. [6] The musical, with a score by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt, ran for 330 performances on Broadway. [a fist fight ensues until the Sherrif intervenes]. "[6] His "first major TV role" was in Ford Theatre in the episode "Portrait of Lydia" on December 16, 1954. After that he spent one year in a standard school. "Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Disappearing Trick (1958) - Arthur Hiller | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related | AllMovie", "Archival Television Audio - Search Results", "Columbia Main Series, Part 18: CL 2200-2299/CS 90009099 (19641965)", "110 in the Shade Broadway Musical Original | IBDB", "The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones (1966) - Alex March | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related | AllMovie", "The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones (1966)", "The Green Slime (1968) - Kinji Fukasaku | Synopsis, Characteristics, Moods, Themes and Related | AllMovie", "Starlet Barbara Ruick, Young Actor Married",, Last onscreen episode is Season 5, Episode 36; credit only in episode 37, This page was last edited on 2 March 2023, at 01:54. Robert Fuller was born on July 29, 1933 and is 89 years old now. The plot of the western series was supposed to take place entirely in the first few years after the Civil War, which ended in 1865. Below and at left are pictures from Emergency! Grant Withers, William Phipps, Terry Wilson, Phil Chambers, Dick Rich, Hannes Lutz, Robert Osterloh "Wagons Ho!" Special guest star Shelley Winters [Ruth Owens] In his five decades of television, he's best known for starring roles on the popular 1960s western series Laramie as Jess Harper, and Wagon Train as Cooper Smith, as well as his work for his lead role, Dr. Kelly Brackett, in the popular 1970s medical drama Emergency!, opposite his best friends Julie London and her husband Bobby Troup. [16] It was made by MGM and co-starred Sal Mineo and Diane Baker. Theyre a strange and private group who try to keep their plans a secret. Eugene Martin, Ray Teal, Linda Watkins, John Dierkes, Frank McGrath, Russ Thorson, Ted Mapes, James Philbrook, Shooting Star, Special guest star Mark Stevens (Nels Stack) Bill Hawks: Howdy Miss Marshall. Cooper Smith and Duke Shannon guide entertainer/singer Sandra Cummings and her troupe to meet the wagon train. When did Robert Fuller join wagon train? Guest actors: Jeannie Carson (Annie MacGregor). The Kate Parker Story The Ella Lindstrom Story The move into Wagon Train gave Robert the opportunity to work with some of the best stars in the business, people like John McIntire, Robert Ryan, Ernest Borgnine and Rhonda Fleming.When "Wagon Train" finished in 1965, Robert moved onto the big screen, and in 1966 got his first starring role in a movie. This alone woud make it worth watching. This was Robert Fuller at his best and while there were good performances he carried the film. Robert Fuller joined the cast as scout Cooper Smith for Seasons 7 and 8. with Joanne Moore An assistant scout, Duke Shannon, played by Scott Miller, was introduced two months later, in January 1961, and after another two months, a new trailmaster, Christopher Hale, played by John McIntire, took over the running of the wagon train in March 1961, replacing Major Adams. The final season reverts to black-and-white and runs for 60 minutes. Please ignore rumors and hoaxes. The show ran for 284 episodes over 8 seasons: the first aired on September 18, 1957, and the final segment was broadcast on May 2, 1965. Robert Horton, 'Wagon Train' Actor, Dies at 91. Train. Uncredited: Carol Henry, Special guest star Nina Foch (Clara Beauchamp) After a four year run, Laramie ended with the last episode airing May 21, 1963. Yet again Robert stuck to his guns and again the two men parted without agreement. Director Robert Fuller was born in Troy, New York on July 29, 1933 at 1:50 PM and was raised in Key West, Florida. Charlie Wooster: Thank you, Mr Hawks, I'd be happy to. Michael is haunted by nightmares and struggles to stay sober. how to deal with a talebearer . So in this episode, yoiu have regular star John McIntire and stars Robert Ryan, Vera MIles, Andrew Prine, William (Big Bill) Smith and Tommy Sands. Wagon. Seasons 1 through 6 (1957-63) and 8 (1964-65) were hour-long episodes in black and white. However his dad, along with his long time pal Chuck Courtney, convinced him to attend Richard Boone's acting class. Kim Charney, Don Durant, Terry Wilson, Malcolm Atterbury, Frank McGrath, Irene Corlett, Norman Leavitt, Ellen Hardies, Special guest star Farley Granger (Charles Avery) Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. He played Ranger Wade Harper, who was a descendant of Jess Harper, and an old west Town Sheriff. Meisner was a highly respected acting teacher who taught future stars like Gregory Peck, Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, Edmund O'Brien and Grace Kelly. [22], On December 31, 1960, Horton married actress Marilynn Bradley, who limited her professional appearances on stage to performing with him. Why did Robert Fuller leave wagon train?May 24, 2019Four years later, when Laramie came to an end, Fuller was immediately pulled aboard the long-running seri. In 1953, Robert performed in the musical comedy film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe. Mr. Horton left the show when it was at the height of its popularity, turning down a lucrative contract because, he said, he wanted to avoid becoming typecast. Also starring Joanne Dru We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. He was an only child and his birth name was Leonard Leroy Lee, but he was nicknamed Buddy Lee by his friends. [2] It ran for eight seasons, with the first episode airing in the United States on September18,1957(1957-09-18) and the final episode on May2,1965(1965-05-02). was the availability and willingness of stars from previous, and contemporary eras to work together. He still has an international fan club - The Robert Fuller Fandom.Robert Fuller has had a long and very successful career which is proven by the awards he has received. However Kelly told him that he liked the work he had done in a number of shows over the previous year and wanted him to do a TV series. Robert Horton, known for his role as scout Flint McCullough in the Emmy-nominated series "Wagon Train," died March 9 in Los Angeles, his niece Joan Evans told the New York Times. Robert's sideburns were real and when Wyler saw Robert he called him over and asked him if he could act - Robert said "You Bet." Carol Lawrence as Princes Mei Ling, The Widow ORourke. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Copyright 2016 Robert Fuller Official Website. She taught him to dance, and this led to them opening a dance school in Key West. Kelly offered Robert the role of Slim Sherman - Robert wanted the part of Jess Harper!!! Also starring Scott Marlowe. WASHINGTON'S Y E S T E R D A Y A N D T O D A Y CCentennial Farms Reconnecting with Washington's Centennial Farms Prepared by the Washington State Department of Agriculture "The Official Robert Fuller Website: Biography". If you haven't found it yet, there's a fuller discussion of the scene here . Also starring Janice Rule Robert Fuller Birth Name: Leonard Leroy Lee Birth Place: Troy, New York, United States Profession Actor Actor 44 Credits Laramie 2022 Wagon Train 2019 Emergency 2015 Walker, Texas Ranger 2001. [13] He appeared several times on The Ford Show, Starring Tennessee Ernie Ford. Robert Fuller first appeared on Wagon Train during Season 2 in two guest starring roles. When Indian tribes join forces to keep the army off their land, Clarke, his assistant Ram Singh, and a road survey crew guided by Chris Hale and Cooper Smith are caught between the two. when the series went to color in 1963, then an abbreviated version of the 1963 re-recorded theme was used for the final season when it returned to black-and-white. Neville Brand and Karl Swenson guest stars, Barbara Stanwyck and Noah Beery Jr. guest stars, Leslie Nielsen, Paul Fix, Audrey Dalton guest star, Dwayne Hickman, Richard Carlson guest star, This page was last edited on 24 February 2023, at 04:56. The leader and sole survivor of an ill-fated wagon train, Fenton Canaby exiled himself from society. The clock, above, ticked down the minutes until 3 p.m. when Fuller would ingest his life-ending medications. These cookies help provide information on metrics the number of visitors, bounce rate, traffic source, etc. However when Cooper enters the saloon, there is an ornate lamp on the table to his left with an obvious electrical cord strung down to the wall. They have three children together. Fuller, a veteran of the western series Laramie, resembled Horton, and the two actors coincidentally shared the same birthday, albeit nine years apart. Wagons Ho! was used for the rest of the series. This change also allowed for expanded stories and continued to attract talented established actors. Robert repeated the line and Wyler without hesitation said "Give this kid the part. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Performance". Director Joseph Pevney Writer But Webb was determined and finally persuaded Robert to take the part. Below are a few pictures from one of his guest appearances in The Kate Parker Story and Ella Lindstrom Story plus some shots as Coop. Robert Horton played the original scout Flint McCullough for five years and left when his contract was up to pursue his interest in music. Mr. Kelly invited Robert to join the cast of Wagon Train and Robert was delighted to work on another western. MESSAGES. He was 91. Special guest star George Montgomery (Jesse Cowan). The cookies is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Necessary". The ruggedly handsome Horton made dozens of appearances in movies and television shows between 1951 and 1989, including a small role in the film Bright Road starring Dorothy Dandridge, an episode of Ray Milland's sitcom Meet Mr. McNutley and on the syndicated Sheriff of Cochise, starring John Bromfield. In June 1963, the final episode of the sixth season introduced Michael Burns as teenager Barnaby West, who became a recurring character in the seventh season, which also introduced Robert Fuller as the new scout, Cooper Smith, joining Duke Shannon and ultimately becoming the wagon train's sole scout when Scott Miller left the series in April He also chose to ride a chestnut horse and modify his riding style. In 1962, Robert Horton left the popular western Wagon Train after its fifth season. 2023 TV GUIDE, A FANDOM COMPANY. "(Roll Along) Wagon Train" was written by Sammy Fain and Jack Brooks and sung by Johnny O'Neill. [18][19], From 1983 to 1984, Horton took a turn in daytime soap operas, playing the part of Whit McColl on As the World Turns. Special guest star Cesar Romero (Honorable Don Charlie). . [1] From that, he was signed to a contract with MGM Studios,[1] where he "appeared in numerous films. It was an all action western where Robert's character Matt Martin had many of the characteristics of Jess Harper. money box is stolen, the whole train is in an uproar. We would like to give you COMPLETE INFORMATION on the subject, so unfortunately we can also discuss elements that may be hurtful to people. with Carlos Romero, Reba Waters, Frank McGrath, Terry Wilson, Gordon Wynn, Charlie Murray, James Maloney. He is known for playing Flint McCullough in Wagon Train (1957-1962). The only woman at Fort Pierce, Mrs. Nancy Winters deals with her loneliness, fears and painful memories by secretly drinking whiskey out of a fancy tea set. Then a couple of weeks later Robert was summoned again to Patrick Kelly's office. Stanley Wilson re-recorded "Wagons Ho!" The Susan Oliver character learns her lesson and is reunited with her parents. Season 8 - Final Season. Having come to America to obtain a true account of life in the West, rude and uppity British correspondent Robert Harrison Clarke deems it barbaric, dull and monotonous. That briefly changed during the show's fifth season (196162) on the NBC network, to help promote the sales of parent company RCA's color television sets. The episodes were entitled The Ella Lindstrom Story (original air date February 4, 1959) and The Kate Parker Story (original air date May 6, 1959). March 1, 2023 by . . Had that role change not happened then Laramie would not have worked anywhere near as well as it did. Today you can still buy the soundtrack and the DVD.Jack Webb saw Robert's performance in "The Hard Ride" and decided he wanted him to star in a new TV medical drama series called Emergency. Inspired by the 1950 John Ford movie Wagon Master, Wagon Train debuted Wednesday night, September 18, 1957, on the NBC Television Network. James Griffith, Stuart Randall, David Hoffman, Clegg Hoyt, Ruby Goodwin, William Challee, Frank McGrath Uncredited: Dorothy Vernon. This theme would last through the series' run and is the most remembered Wagon Train theme. He is known for playing Flint McCullough in Wagon Train (19571962). Robert actually won 5 Ottos which are German awards that are the equivalent of the Emmy. It features the trials of the series regulars, who conducted the train through the American West. FORUMS. Cain later denies his offer claiming he was tricked and wasnt in his right. Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongf Read allCoop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames husband Vern.Coop accompanies Grace Marshall to visit her sister Myra whom, traumatized by an upbringing by an abusive father, Grace finds living a life of addiction and infidelity for which Grace wrongfully blames husband Vern. For the true Robert Fuller fans you probably already know this but for others it's cool! I am currently watching Season 4 on ME TV, and my wife and I are huge fans. After tragically losing his wife and ranch, Eli Bancroft and his three sons embark on a life of crime and ruthless revenge. [5], The first season theme "Wagon Train" was written by Henri Ren and Bob Russell, and lyrics were not used. Both episodes were great opportunities for Robert to develop his acting skills and help prepare him for his iconic role as Jess Harper in Laramie. True, it was a departure from the action roles his fans were so used to, but Emergency was a major television success which ran for 7 years and resulted in another generation of fans - the show continues to be very popular still. Bill Hawks: You men help me with this Old Wooster's talk has really sweetened up since the minister's daughter been riding with him. Episode titles routinely emphasize the guest characters, such as "The Nancy Palmer Story" and "The Vivian Carter Story".
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