You can also purchase large bottles of different sauces, including creamy pepper, honey mustard, and jalapeno ranch, at large retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. The Garden Herb is well-seasoned and herbaceous enough to earn the name. When you bite into the classic Whataburger, most of the flavors from the bun to the mustard to the beef are balanced. Strangely, Id drink this for a pick-me-up over Taco Bells actual coffee. When the flavor first hits, you'll think it's barbecue sauce, but the spicy aftertaste soon lets you know that it's something much more interesting and fun. In 2020, Chick-fil-A announced that it would begin selling bottled versions of its sauces in Florida grocery stores. The ingredients don't. Both contain high amounts of soybean oil and high fructose corn syrup, and the ingredients in the Zesty Zing sauce are likewise very similar to mayonnaise, with some flavor from the added vinegar and tomato. Eating a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit from Whataburger for the first time can be a life-altering experience and that's not an exaggeration. You'll enjoy the breading but everything below that will disappoint. The first thing you'll notice is that the salad doesn't have enough lettuce. To help you nail your order, we have compiled a list of all of the sauces at Whataburger. The Bayou Buffalo is the first buffalo sauce that holds a candle to Franks RedHot, with its searing, lingering heat, and BoldBQ is a BBQ worth dipping into. . So why the lack of love? Instead, load up on Canes Sauce, which is said to be mayo, ketchup, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. It doesn't really matter who that restaurateur was, because now we have a plethora of fast food signature sauces to choose from, whether you want something cheesy, zesty, sweet and sour, creamy, spicy, or anything in between. If they ever do that, this bad boy will be even closer to the top of this ranking. In the mid-2010s, sriracha was all the rage, Thrillist reports. That said, by the end of your meal, you'll only be thinking one thing: wow! I tried five brands of Buffalo sauce that you can probably find at your local grocery store. The Original Whataburger makes our list of best-tasting burgers, as do other chains' basic burgers, because of reliability and signature taste. The first Whataburger was born more than 70 years ago in Corpus Christi, Texas, with the goal of impressing hungry customers with their large, tasty burgers made with only pure beef (via Whataburger). Two menu items In-N-Out does not carry: bacon and dipping sauce. This thing hardly classifies as edible. Whataburger isn't stingy with their sauce ! Now, Im not saying that the country music playing from the speakers helped me enjoy the BBQ more than I would have otherwise, but its not out of the realm of possibility. You'll be in paradise when you order a burger from this island-themed restaurant. KFC's Finger Lickin' Good Sauce just didn't last long for the brand and for good reason. From McDonald's to Popeyes and from KFC to Jollibee, fantastic pies are out there as long as you know where to look. Whataburger Signature Sauce, Creamy Pepper, One-of-a-Kind; Whataburger Products Now in Grocery Stores Across U.S; Whataburger One-of-a-Kind Creamy Pepper Sauce, 15.5 oz; 15 Whataburger products, sauces are now in stores in more than 3,500 stores across the U.S; Popular Whataburger Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best; Patty Melt {A Copycat . They have seven dipping sauces, including honey BBQ, buffalo, honey mustard, creamy pepper, honey butter, pancake syrup, and sugar-free pancake syrup. We recommend putting honey bbq, creamy pepper, or jalapeno ranch on your burger. ), you shouldnt waste your tastebuds on it. It has a strong vinegar punch up front and a nice burn from the aged cayenne red pepper. Well, not so fast. If you've had McDonald's Hotcakes, you basically know what you should expect. This sandwich is also the main reason why Whataburger has one of the two best-rated breakfast menus of any fast food chain in the country. Its not advertised, but its available if you ask for it, and its a smooth, delicious addition to everything on the menu. It's on both their breakfast and dessert menus, which means it's available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. sauce really is thicker, sweeter and smokier, bordering more on the edge of a BBQ sauce than a steak sauce. He said he could give me honey mustard sauce for the crinkle cut fries and tenders if I wanted, but he said it in a way like, Why even bother? And while the honey mustard had some of the most intense garlic, onion, and mustard seed flavors (in a good way! Their buttermilk biscuit is golden brown, and it pairs perfectly with the extra honey butter drizzling down the side of it. However, there's one item you should absolutely avoid: the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Chick-fil-A boasts a cult following and so does its Chick-fil-A sauce, which is why it ranks first on our list of signature fast food sauces. Why isn't the Whataburger higher on this list? Whataburger Dipping Sauces Called a "smoky mustard dipping sauce" by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, the practically legendary Chick-fil-A sauce was first invented by an owner-operator in Virginia in 1983 and became so popular that diners began asking for Chick-fil-A Sauce at other locations. Established in 1989, [4] UC3M is an institution with a distinctly international profile. Try out their fancy or spicy ketchup, mustard, picante sauce, salsa verde, or margarine, all of which contain zero gluten. The standard Breakfast on a Bun comes with an egg, a slice of American cheese, and a breakfast sausage patty. Luckily, the shortage is no longer an issue and you can currently find Zesty Sauce at any Burger King in your neighborhood. 2) They named a burger after me, "The Omieburger," which was double meat, double cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, and ketchup. $9.99. Whataburger Fancy Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup and Spicy Jalape o Ranch have landed in select WinCo grocery stores. The brand cited COVID-19 as the primary reason, as they didn't want to encourage patrons to lick their hands in the middle of a pandemic. Menu items at Taco Bell that are not dipping sauces: Mild, Hot, Fire, and Diablo hot sauces. Both of those options are spicier, tastier, and cheaper. By the time you finish eating the entire sandwich, you might feel a little bit of spiciness on your tongue, but not much. If you're rushing to work and you only have one hand to eat with, this is a smart choice. Like McDonald's offering, it's a thick, dark red condiment that tastes mostly like syrup. What makes Whataburger's ketchup so special? Firstly, these Whatachick'n Bites lack juiciness. He said he could give me honey mustard sauce for the crinkle cut fries and tenders if I wanted, but he said it in a way like, Why even bother? And while the honey mustard had some of the most intense garlic, onion, and mustard seed flavors (in a good way! A relatively new addition to the fast food signature sauce world, Wendy's S'Awesome Sauce is, well, awesome. That's it. The classic single-patty Whataburger comes with mustard, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and onions. When it comes to which dipping sauce you should select, you have many options. The first out of state location opened in 1959. However, if you are regular and build up some rapport with the workers, you may score some sweet-free sauces! Ive eaten more unrefrigerated ranch than anyone should ever have to. It's magical and it elevates the Whataburger Patty Melt to the next level. When you really want a fish sandwich, find one of the betternational seafood chains and skip Whataburger completely. It packs a delicious blend of marinated, crispy chicken that's spicy. Choose to get the burger protein style by subbing . If you want to try something that tastes as if it comes straight from Mexico, get your Taquito with Cheese with chorizo. You'll need the French fries to fill your tummy. CW33 Dallas / Ft. Worth. It's actually quite the fiesta for your taste buds. If you hate mayo, this will not be your favorite. It's all in the name of this one, really. The only thing that really sets it apart from other similar burgers on the menu is the A.1. Its tasty, but is it exceptional? It's a great accompaniment to mild fried chicken or even a veggie egg roll. Theres no award for least amount of ingredients in a fast food dipping sauce, but based on a super unscientific eye test, its pretty clear Whataburger would win. But the one sauce that you really won't find many copycat recipes for? The average rating of a Texas Whataburger is 4.1 stars on Google. Wendy's describes the sauce as "combining tangy, sweet, and smoky into one savory flavor." Delish reports that the shortage was the result of inclement weather in the Midwest, which impacted horseradish farms and led to reduced crop yields. The spread tastes like Thousand Island dressing, which is fine. One is sweet, and the other one is spicy. These strips, which come in groups of three, are easily their best chicken option and definitely deserve a top ten spot in this ranking. Whataburger is not generous when it comes to sauces. The best dressings at Whataburger are Jalapeno Ranch Dressing, Thousand Island Dressing, Cream Gravy, Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, Low-Fat Honey Pepper Vinaigrette, Fat-Free Ranch Dressing, and Balsamic Vinaigrette, in that order. It is usually served on top of the burger patty. Whataburger's French fries are skinnier than you'll find at other fast food restaurants, which makes them better for dipping purposes. Long live Horsey Sauce! Its a more substantial play on honey mustard, almost aioli-like in its thickness. In terms of Arby's signature sauces, Arby's Horsey Sauce reigns supreme not because it's anything necessarily special, but because it's 100% honest about what it is. The McDonald's version is also made with some sweet, fruity elements, like peach and apricot flavors, along with vinegar and soy sauce, as well as a few spices. Whataburger has 20 unique sauces that you can enjoy right now! Strong tomato paste and Worcestershire flavors clear the way for a sugary finish, and pair great with said fries or chicken tenders. It may appear to be typical white gravy but, if you look closer, you'll see small chunks of sausage in it, making it unbelievably savory. Arby's Sauce is a classic, sure, but that's part of the reason why it falls so far down on our ranking of best fast food signature sauces. Fast food menu updates here! However, there are many reasons why someone may want to substitute Velveeta in their soup 7 Best Substitutes For Velveeta Cheese In Queso. Upon honoring Cane's with the bronze, Thrillist said"It's an infinitely more complex version of Thousand Island dressing (thanks to the depth of flavor from the Worcestershire) and it's one of the most perfect sauces to dip chicken in that's ever been created." Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup quickly became a customer favorite and was permanently added to the menu in 2013 (via The Dallas Morning News ). Check out and see if you like them! But its the Spicy Ketchup that truly deserves all the accolades. See where your favorite sauces stack up on our list of fast food signature sauces ranked from worst to best. These things are coated with honey butter. Even if you have a cowardly palate, there's a great chance that you'll fall in love with Whataburger's Creamy Pepper sauce. Honey Mustard Sauce 200 140 16 2.5 0 15 300 15 0 13 1 Jalapeo Ranch Dressing 280 270 30 5 0 20 580 2 0 1 0 Low-Fat Herb Vinaigrette 35 10 0.5 0 0 0 470 7 0 6 0 Low-Fat Honey Pepper Vinaigrette 90 30 3.5 0.5 0 0 460 15 0 14 0 Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup 25 0 0 0 0 0 75 10 0 0 0 . While spices have obviously been added, the chicken is still rather bland. Whataburger has such a variety of gluten free drinks that it's impossible to rank them all. While Whatachick'n Bites aren't the worst chicken nuggets ever, they're definitely below average. That's a shame because everything else about the Chicken Fajita Taco is a winner. The dipping sauce is as essential to the meal as everything else in the No. However, if you do decide to pick a dipping sauce, everything from their honey barbecue sauce to their Creamy Pepper sauce is up for the job. Its the perfect dipping sauce for fries and chicken equally. As for the chicken strip, it's perfect. Beyond the "fancy" Whataburger ketchup (seriously, the bottle says "fancy" right on it), Whataburger's Spicy Ketchup was added to the menu in 2013 after a successful special release in 2011. Having just mustard on the burger may go against how you usually order a burger but it works amazingly well. While you can definitely find better fast food coffee elsewhere, you won't be upset with what you get from Whataburger. According to the In-N-Out website, a standard cheeseburger with onion equals about 480 calories, with 27g fat, 1,000mg sodium, and 10g sugar. Now, its cheeseburgers may gain fame for a different reason: they've received the title of healthiest fast-food cheeseburger . The Buffalo is also quite good, with a smooth burn from the cayenne pepper sauce. 3) I still eat there at least once every two weeks. And eight salad dressings. Some, though, despite their following, don't rank well when it comes to other signature sauces on the market, whether it be for lack of uniqueness, a dull flavor profile, or an overall small (if passionate) fanbase. You can now take Whataburger sauces home with you and add exceptional flavor to all of your meals. Considering this fast food restaurant started in South Texas, the lack of heat here is truly shocking. Known for their burgers and sandwiches, the Texas-based fast food restaurant chain also has their own specialties, like Green Chile Double and the Chop House Cheddar Burger. And you know what? Granted, Im your one friend who is always palming a bottle of hand sanitizer. If you haven't ordered it in a while, give it another try. Here are the best Whataburger menu items, ranked by users everywhere. Like the chicken found in the Grilled Chicken Sandwich, it's dry and rubbery. Skip the mayo, ditch the honey mustard the people need more. It offers a broad range of master's and bachelor's degree programs in English, and nearly 20% of the student body . Whataburger's Chicken Fajita Taco has a lot of potential but it's still a work in progress. At Whataburger, there's never a bad time to order their Cinnamon Roll. The Whatacatch Sandwich begins with an Alaska pollock filet that's been covered with seasoned bread crumbs. Get the cheese sauce and only the cheese sauce. For the fans who are buying this stuff by the bottle, surely this statement rings true. The resulting breakfast will be so scrumptious that you'll be bragging about it the rest of the day. Compared to the original, this burger is heartier and fully capable of satiating just about any hunger. The only drawback these days is you need to eat it before it cools off because it loses a lot of its luster once it's no longer warm. If you're craving a high-quality fast food burger in Sedalia, Warrensburg, or anywhere in west central Missouri, where should you go? With that in mind, we swung by every major fast food restaurant to sample its dipping sauces, and ranked them based on originality, dippability, and overall flavor. That said, with two patties, the beef takes the center stage. Velveeta cheese is a processed cheese product that has been popular in the United States for decades. Whether you eat them piping hot or all the way cooled down, their flavor is exquisite. If you want to save some money, you can do so by ordering these bad boys by the tray. In fact, Id say Burger King Ranch is the best Ranch of the OG fast food spots, like McDonalds and Wendys. Sadly, that theory is correct at Whataburger. Ive never once wanted to lick my fingers after eating anything. Why lose the name? So check out this complete list of options . Legendary Trio 3-Pack $10.99. Like the Cinnamon Roll, you don't want to let their fries cool off because they're much better when they're still warm. Tags: whatabuger, desert, cactus, texas. At their worst, the pancakes from Whataburger are frankly gross. Its only a wonder why more chains havent ripped it off. All four options are excellent, so you can't go wrong. Take the Jalapeno Ranch, one of the spicier dipping sauces around, a creamy condiment with a smooth burn that lacks that foul chemical aftertaste common to spicier dipping options. How much is a sweet and spicy bacon burger at Whataburger? Raising Cane's Cane Sauce is second only to one Twitter Your Whatachick'n Sandwich experience will get off to a pleasant start when you encounter the crispy breading. Grilled Chicken Sandwich Facebook A lot of scrumptious food can be found at Whataburger. Add grilled jalapenos to your Biscuit and Gravy order if you want to include more pizzazz. Thankfully, once you put one of these onion rings to your lips, your nervousness will disappear and be replaced by unadulterated joy. Arbys unsurprisingly solid BBQ (considering how good Arbys sauce is, that isnt much of a surprise) is worth eating, but Horsey Sauce is a true original and a treasure. While the biscuit by itself isn't too notable, it's the perfect partner for the gravy. Next, sauces. Cindy Uken. Sure, White Castle has its Zesty Zing sauce, but when it comes real zest, you can't pass up Burger King's Zesty Sauce. Even if you like horseradish. You can order a shake as a dessert or replace your soda in your meal with a shake for a small charge. Whereas nuggets from Chick-fil-A are overflowing with juices, the opposite is true for Whataburger's version. So, save yourself a trip to Jack in the Box to get your sauce fix and just buy up all the Frank's RedHot you want during your weekly trip to the grocery store. There will not be any discussion of the honey mustard or ranch at Jollibee because it is completely inconsequential to a meal at Jollibee. As for the texture of the sauce, some reviewers have little love for Taco Bell's cheesy offering. They're served hot, soft, and bursting with flavor. The Whataburger Patty Melt throws tradition out the window. You'll find that the spiciness of the jalapenos is a great match for the savory sausage gravy. That's an important attribute because Whataburger's Fancy Ketchup is spectacular. Jack in the Box had an opportunity here to really impress as the brand does with many of its menu items that are unfailingly bad for you, but oh-so-good but it dropped the ball here. People Are Reading. The breading is both tasty and satisfyingly crunchy, while the chicken inside is juicy and flavorful. + + whataburger sauces Sticker. And when was the last time you heard someone raving about Arby's Sauce? To wit, the Blackened Ranch cuts through the sameness of every other fast foods ranch by adding a hit of paprika to wake up your tastebuds. Even if you've been dragged kicking and screaming to Whataburger, you'd be better off saving your money than wasting it on one of their underwhelming salads. Patty Melt, Whataburger. And it wins huge points for originality, as only In-N-Outs spread comes close to this flavor. This sauce delivers on the promised creaminess and heat -- the kick lingers long enough to entertain your tastebuds until the next bite of a 6-piece or its natural cut fries. The Whataburger Spicy Chicken Sandwich is the chain's newest creation, and it has been a hit with the customers. It has delicious red and poblano peppers, as well as onions. But the BBQ stands alone as Sonics top sauce. Surely, no Taco Bell employee is lovingly melting down some freshly grated cheddar over a stovetop in the back of the Taco Bell kitchen. In addition to regular ketchup, Whataburger also has outstanding Spicy Ketchup. Polynesian has a unique tropical flavor profile that lends a pineapple-y sweetness to your meal. This did indeed happen, prompting thousands of fans to cry out in protest. The Classic Smash from Smashburger comes as your choice of beef, turkey or black bean (we'll stick to beef, here) patty between two egg buns with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and their very own Smash Sauce. This sandwich also features the same Creamy Pepper sauce found on the Whataburger Patty Melt. It's not a complicated breakfast option but there's nothing else quite like it. Its as essential to your meal as a napkin. What is the best thing to eat at Whataburger? "The cheese sauce is good, but its not like nacho cheese sauce," explained the Culvers cashier. Whataburger . Try their ketchup once and you'll understand why Whataburger fanatics buy it by the bottle. Whataburger's luscious shakes somehow manage to fly beneath the radar. . Corpus Christi Tourism Corpus Christi Hotels Corpus Christi Bed and Breakfast Corpus Christi Vacation Rentals If you are lucky, you may score a free sauce, but this is heavily dependent on the restaurant and your server. my personal list: Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich 3 Piece Chicken Strips (with gravy) Sweet and Spicy Bacon Burger Breakfast Burger Chicken Fajita Taco (no veggies, add shredded cheese) 39 35 Related Topics Whataburger Fast food chain Restaurant chain Restaurant Food Food and Drink 35 comments Add a Comment
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