Primary care providers partner with patients to help them meet their wellness goals in a realistic, healthy way that is tailored to their individual needs and lifestyles, Dr. Burney-Fleming said. A clear commitment to employee wellness shows that you value happy, healthy employees. Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), often called bad cholesterol, can indicate clogged arteries, which may lead to heart disease, heart attack or stroke. Brianna was led to a Wellness Room by her leader and encouraged to take a moment to breathe. Whether your resolution is to lose weight, better manage a chronic condition or be more active, your healthcare provider is a great source of support. This will take you to the Wellstar employee/Health Place parking deck. For example, if your company wants to offer mid-day online yoga classes, encourage managers to invite team members to take part. Dr. King provided insight about the state of the world, growing polarization and the need to take time to listen to those who we perceive as our enemies. If you need to see a specialist such as a cardiologist, pulmonologist or neurologist, your primary care provider will refer you for that specialized care while continuing to help you manage your overall wellness. On-site behavioral health providers work at many of our primary care and specialty clinics, making it a little easier to take that first step in improving your mental health. Find a vaccination site near you at By incorporating simple habits into your life, you can kickstart your wellness journey and stay on track for the long run. It commonly refers to a collection of initiatives within an organization to promote healthy lifestyles among employees, and in some cases, spouses and dependents of employees. Executive buy-in is essential to a successful employee wellness program. When you wake up feeling rested, you often feel more productive and energized throughout the day. Your body supports you in everything you do, from everyday activities like grocery shopping to milestones and memories with friends and family. Bright screens from a phone, computer or TV can keep your brain awake and make it harder to fall asleep. Dec 28, 2021. Their program is a great example of wellness benefits done right. All team members are eligible to participate in our wellness challenges and programs, as well as five free wellness coaching sessions. The rooms vary by size at each location, but every room is equipped with tools to provide a serene and safe environment for team members who find themselves in search of calm amidst what can sometimes feel like chaos. Get the COVID-19 vaccine and booster, if eligible. Why Employee Well-Being Matters to Your Bottom Line Employees experiencing reduced productivity while at work, or presenteeism, attributable to health issues are much more likely to report. This month Wellstar Health System announced it is extending its partnership with Moth+Flame to further utilize its virtual reality (VR) training technology throughout the enterprise. Whereas feelings of grief are normal and understandable following loss, during the holiday season, it is imperative that we connect back to meaning, purpose and relationships. A blood pressure test helps diagnose hypertension (high blood pressure), hypotension (low blood pressure), heart disease and other conditions. Australia. Emotional and behavioral health plays an important role in our overall wellness. Wellstar is dedicated to ensuring that the people and communities we serve are well-cared for. By gaining conversational expertise and knowledge, Wellstars team will know how to respond in real scenarios with the confidence to interact appropriately and strategically. Connect with a Wellstar behavioral health specialist. This is important because Georgia is located in the Stroke Belt, which is comprised of 11 states in the Southeast where the associated mortality rate for stroke patients is 10 percent above the national average. Wellstar is a leading provider of stroke and aneurysm services in Georgia and performs one of the highest numbers of thrombectomy and aneurysm treatments in the country. Here are a few ideas for each area of employee health to get you started. Much like our care is tailored to individual needs, so are our careers. When you manage stress, employees have lower absenteeism rates and higher morale. Onsite grocery shopping and cafes with healthy food options make eating healthy even easier for their team. The Marietta Daily Journal reports that the number of employees furloughed is about 4.4 percent of the company's total workforce of 24,300. Wellstar Get Well At Work Clinic 677 Campbell Hill St NW Marietta, GA 30060 For Wellstar Employees Schedule your appointment today by calling (470) 793-6120. Wellstar is removing barriers to behavioral healthcare by integrating those services into many of our locations. Workplace stress is one of the leading causes of lack of engagement and absenteeism. They will work with you to create a personalized plan to help you succeed. If youre dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression, you may turn to your primary care physician or another healthcare provider for help. Try not to overcomplicate healthy eating. As CEO of The King Center, Dr. Bernice A. Kings mission is to spread her fathers philosophy and methodology of nonviolence. When it comes to your wellness goals, staying healthy starts with a visit to your Wellstar primary care provider. Former WellStar employee awarded $373,000 in age discrimination lawsuit. The program was themed around a 1957 quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?". Wellstar Health System, one of the largest health care networks in Georgia, understands that caregivers need to be taken care of, too. Get it back at Zappos. If your symptoms worsen or do not go away with over-the-counter treatments, contact your primary care provider or visit an urgent care location. According to research from Kronos, the companies that prioritized wellness in 2020 saw a 33% increase in employee trust. Employee wellness 101: Ace it with tips, ideas, and best practices, 30% of Americans showed symptoms of anxiety, depression, Chevron are going all-in to support employees, 20% of employees felt that their needs were met, less than 10% of employees use their benefits. Following stabilization of the psychiatric crisis, patients are connected with outpatient resources for follow up. This keeps employees from feeling that they may be punished for using their benefits. Wellstar offers a full range of behavioral health services close to home in convenient locations, so you can feel your best both physically and mentally. We're nationally ranked and locally recognized for our high-quality care, inclusive culture, exceptional doctors and caregivers, and one of the largest and most integrated healthcare systems in Georgia. Companies like Chevron are going all-in to support employees and foster mental health. Listen to a book on tape or language lessons rather than the radio, or call someone to reconnect.. As all Georgians become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, Wellstar encourages our patients to Stick it to COVID and get the shot to help boost immunity in your community. As a result of the successful pilot, Wellstar decided to offer VR emotional intelligence training regularly. Thank you to the Wellstar Foundation for helping to make these rooms possible. Studies show that physically moving away from a hectic environment, even for just a few minutes, helps to regulate our emotional wellness. Thanks! Small changes add up to big results. I completely forgot to ask and would like to shop around a little before then. Never put off getting the proper care when lives are on the line. However, in the case of an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. Theres no need to pick one vendor and implement every initiative they offer just because its part of a package. Wellstar has said all staff . In the event of a mental health emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room.We accept admissions to our inpatient program 24 hours a day. Many in the rally said . It can be easy to put self-care on hold, which can lead to stress, anxiety and burnout. Prioritizing employee well-being is the main way an employer can help employees manage stress, build relationships, improve productivity, and reduce burnout. Here are five steps to take to create a corporate wellness program that your employees will love. Employee and workplace burnout is much more than a buzzword. This button displays the currently selected search type. Access Wellstar healthcare providerswherever you are. "The research is unequivocal loneliness is a driver of morbidity and mortality. Seeing or hearing about leaders participating will put employees at ease about stepping away from their desks. For example, if smoking isnt common in your office, smoking cessation may not be a program you want to include in your wellness benefits. Wellstar Health System Healthtech Is this your company? Find a Wellstar urgent care location near you or make a virtual urgent care appointment. As we begin to better understand the impacts stress and exhaustion can have on the body, its becoming more obvious that we need to address mental health at work. Some studies show that employee wellness programs fall short of their anticipated benefits. If you feel overwhelmed by stress or anxiety, Wellstars behavioral health specialists are here for you. Fifty-seven percent of employees see a connection between their well-being and productivity. Financial wellness is the ongoing process of growing economic health. We can also get you connected with a provider who can help you with medications, if necessary.. For those looking to slim down, your healthcare provider can help jumpstart your health journey with a tailored diet and exercise plan. Back to Top Wellstar offers a full range of behavioral health services close to home in convenient locations, so you can feel your best both physically and mentally. A quick guide to health and wellness coaching, including what a wellness coach is, how it differs from a life coach, and things to look for when seeking a coach. See how innovative companies use BetterUp to build a thriving workforce. Our "Book Now" feature should not be used for life threatening conditions such as heart attack, severe injury, poisoning, chest pain, or stroke. Wellsar partners with various well known stores/retailers. Wellstars providers work together across specialties to ensure each patient receives whole person care addressing both their mental and physical well-being. At Wellstar, we appreciate all that you do for patients, the community and for other team members. We're nationally ranked and locally recognized for our high-quality care, inclusive culture, exceptional doctors and caregivers, and one of the largest and most integrated healthcare systems in Georgia. Pay is lower than other hospitals who dont have anywhere near the workload we have here. Apply today to accelerate your career while helping us enhance the health and well-being of every person we serve. Theres no doubt that work demands can be a frequent source of stress for employees. Fifty-seven percent of employees see a connection between their well-being and productivity. In fact, the total size of main page is 20.4 kB. Limit your screen time before getting in bed. These companies lead the way in providing exceptional wellness support. Blood cholesterol. Think of self-care as a form of personal healing and a way to strengthen resilience, Dr. Gomez explained. When learners put on their headsets, they inhabit and interact with immersive simulated environments. By Chart Riggall Very good employee perks and discounts. Addressing mental health through wellness programs can decrease employee stress. For many of us, that means setting resolutions to live a healthy, full life. We will continue to work hard to provide an interdisciplinary, innovative, and compassionate approach to safe and quality comprehensive stroke care to all the communities we serve, said Jon-Paul Croom, president, Wellstar North Fulton and senior vice president, Wellstar Health System. Warning 2,112 reviews from Wellstar Health System employees about Wellstar Health System culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. You can also use an important date, such as your birthday, anniversary or holiday, as a marker to remind you to schedule a visit. Getting fast, expert stroke care can mean the difference between life, death, or lasting brain damage. Experienced Employee Aug 18 2019 Overall Experience The workers are great. While virtual care is a convenient way to stay well, it should never be used in place of emergency care. Focus on starting with small changes like filling half your plate with vegetables, or have fun trying new recipes. Just like exercising and a healthy diet strengthen your physical health, self-care enhances your mental well-being, said Dr. Pooja Dave, a Wellstar psychologist. Wellstar Get Well At Work Clinic About Us (470) 793-6120 About Us PLEASE NOTE: This is a Wellstar employee-only clinic. Are you a member of theState of Maine Health Plan? Wellstar also provides access to on-site and virtual behavioral health specialists in hospital emergency departments and on the medical floors. All Rights Reserved. You're over worked and under appreciated. That way, you can find trained experts for your specific medical needs, stay ahead of potential health issues or even help prevent your condition from worsening. Wellstar Psychological Services 3939 Roswell Road Suite 200 Marietta, GA 30062 Phone: (470) 956-3940 Wellstar Psychological Services 355 Tower Road NE Suite 203 Marietta, GA 30060 Phone: (470) 267-1580 Wellstar Psychiatry 1625 Hospital North Drive Austell, GA 30106 Phone: (770) 732-6950 Wellstar East Paulding Pediatric Center 51 Hiram Drive These challenges can address many areas of well-being. © 2023 Wellstar Fitness. We are here to serve your health and wellness needs for a better future. It's about connecting with compassion. COMPANY SIZE. When you have a stroke, every second counts. Difficult emotions may be unwelcome visitors this time of year, but you can take steps to help yourself feel better. The right encouragement goes a long way in creating a successful well-being program. We are nationally ranked and locally recognized for our high-quality care, inclusive culture, and exceptional physicians and caregivers. Make sure you reserve at least seven to nine hours per night for sleep. By following tips from Wellstar health experts, you can create realistic resolutions and better your health making healthy choices a lifelong habit rather than a short-term goal. Spiritual wellness helps you live a meaningful life connected to your core values, beliefs, and morals. Difficult emotions may be unwelcome visitors this time of year, but you can take steps to help yourself feel better. At Wellstar, we understand the importance of creating a culture where everyone feels valued and supported. A healthy nutrition plan is balanced and emphasizes on whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low fat dairy, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. Need support? At your annual exam, your physician will help keep you healthy and reach your wellness goals. UK | Learn what it is, and how to achieve it, and explore some examples. DE | We are keeping our communities up-to-date on the number of COVID-19 patients we are caring for throughout our 10 hospitals as well as the proportion of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated COVID-positive patients. 330 Kennestone Hospital Blvd This can help stop the virus from entering your cells, limiting the spread of infection and preventing your symptoms from progressing. Our trained team provides expert emergency care 24 hours a day for people of all ages. Wellstar Health System Overview Website: Headquarters: Marietta, GA Size: 10000+ Employees Founded: 1993 Type: Nonprofit Organization Industry: Health Care Services & Hospitals Revenue: $500 million to $1 billion (USD) At Wellstar Health System, our mission is to enhance the health and well-being of every person we serve. The realism within Moth+Flame's VR experiences, from using real-life actors, dramatically increases the emotional connection to the content and helps learners retain the information they learn. In total, the 16 Wellstar Wellness Rooms across our hospitals and health parks were a $1.5 million investment in the well-being of our team members. In the wake of the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, many people may feel anxiety or stress. This year, its time to break the cycle and make progress toward your goals. Caring for Wellstar Team Members: Wellness Rooms. "For many people, COVID-19 was a catalyst for alienation and isolation further magnified at times by the loss of friends and family members," said Dr. Ryan Breshears, chief behavioral health officer with Wellstar Health System. How Much Does Wellstar Pay in 2023? This allows neurosurgeons to view highly detailed images of brain vessels, so we as a team can customize treatments in real time, said Dr. Arthur Grigorian, neurosurgeon, Wellstar North Fulton. Your primary care provider either an internal or family medicine physician, pediatrician or OB/GYN, depending on your age and medical needs gets to know you and your health history on a deeper level. Therefore, visitation policies at our hospitals, health parks and offices may vary by location and regionally. Mental health plays a critical role in an employees success at work. Copyright 2023 According to a study conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, many companies with wellness programs say that less than 10% of employees use their benefits. Build leaders that accelerate team performance and engagement. When you address the mental health components that an individual is dealing with, youre going to improve the physical outcomes, Dr. Breshears said. When you wake up feeling rested, you often feel more productive and energized throughout the day. A list of free-standing labs covered by the State of Maine Health Plan Vaccination Clinics Frequently Asked Questions To learn more, please feel free to reach out to The Office of Employee Health and Wellness at or WellStarME at . The stressors of a modern work environment can start to wear on employees. Try sharing these ideas with your team and see what feedback you get. Many healthcare providers find themselves giving all they have, denying self-care. Established in 1993, WellStar's mission has been to improve the health and well-being of the individuals and communities it serves. Wellstar is committed to providing the world-class care Georgia needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, safely. Their platform includes content focused on emotional intelligence. If you are having a difficult time coping with your emotions, find support from a behavioral health specialist. To check your health status and screen for potential medical issues, your provider will take your Foundational 4 numbersfor: The screenings your provider recommends will vary based on your gender, age and other factors such as family history. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, things may feel uncertain. Were proud that our work and subsequent positive patient outcomes are being recognized, said Dr. Michael Mendoza, medical director of the Stroke Program at Wellstar North Fulton.
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