new content, we kindly appreciate any donation you can give to help Links: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked. "Texas is a very good . We were told very little at time. He also walked around the store, looking at different items. At around 6:30pm, the killer arrived; one of the women let him in, apparently believing he was the customer. He was eventually caught by police after allegedly attemptingto murder a fourth victim who narrowly escaped. Perhaps it was Friedt who met the most gruesome end, however, as she was stabbed so viciously that the knifes blade broke off inside of her chest. This was the person that was to meet Megan and go out that night she fell asleep and woke up to the news about Megan. His killer is described as a White male, about 5'8" to 6'0" tall, with a medium build and thinning hair. Fred and Edwina's son, 43-year-old Charles Rogers, disappeared right after, and remains the only suspect in a case that is officially unsolved. SIMPSON, Doyle Edward 1. Over 30 years have passed with no convictions in the case of The Yogurt Shop Murders. He looked around briefly, then walked out again. The cold case unit at the McLennan County Sheriff's Office has cleared six unsolved murder cases and it's attracting national attention. DREW Sr. Kenneth May 12, 2021. Detective Rich Plummer of the St. Charles Police Department says that it is important to know that a serial killer never stops; they may stop for a period of time, but they never stop completely. It's not dangerous per se, but it has an obviously-run-down feel. The city with highest murder rate in Texas? Something about unexplained mysteries demands attention. You can also call Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS (8477)to submit a tip. Cold Case detectives follow the course of events and the facts as they develop while maintaining . His wallet was also stolen; however, other money in his pocket and in the register was left untouched. Irving murder Nadeau was arrested in 2010 in connection with an Irving murder accused of strangling 79-year-old Kathleen White in 2002 and hanging her poodle in the shower. Markkey PATTERSON, Efrain The man was wearing a gray sport coat, slacks, and dress shoes. MADDEN, Gerald Edward On May 10, 2021, a clan of armed gunmen ruthlessly shot up a small restaurant in Jalisco, Mexico, with no apparent motive. Firefighters responded to reports of smoke rising from a yogurt shop on West Anderson Lane. Gene There is a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the people who killed . Sometimes the killers arecaught and sometimes -like in the case of the Texarkana Moonlight Murders-cold-blooded killers continue to run free. Around that same time, the Payless store owner began calling Robin; she did not answer. At around 6:30pm on November 30, 2001, a man entered the 7th & 70 Liquor Store on Prairieton Road in Terre Haute and shot Billy to death. She called the police. At 2:20pm, the police arrived and found Robin dead in the store's back office. Ronald All of the victims (except Mick) were shot in the back rooms of the stores. I only learned last week that a POI may have been working maintenance there. As of January 1995, when the Star-Telegram wrote up its annual review of homicides in the NE Tarrant County/Irving area, there were no arrests, and by the time Don Johns died in September 2002, it still remained unsolved. Or was it someone else - but who? In most of these cases, the murders remain unsolved. Could the cat have grabbed the loaf and shredded it? What happened next was nothing short of a horror movie. The last person that he stalked before he was caught she moved acrossed the U.S. and changed every contact that she had to her name. If you have information on an unsolved homicide case or need assistance in this area, please contact Sergeant Robert Walsh at 817-459-5772 or[emailprotected]. 1813-2023. Twenty-four-year-old Nancy Kitzmiller of St. Charles, Missouri, graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in geography. CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas As this murder case reaches 36 years unsolved, investigators with CCPD's Homicide Unit are reaching out to the community once again for information. Chatterjee was killed during the Feb. 15, 2002, robbery of his gas station on I-45, according to the Oak. It's assumed they were. At the time of her death, she wasn't dating anyone and hadn't in some time. Allegedly ! The shopping center was near an access road to Interstate 70. Jr. Mauriceo Mashawn It wouldn't be the first time a maintenance worker killed a young woman living alone in an apartment. The front door was open, and the key was in the lock. FBI agents created a psychological profile of the killer. The bridal shop normally closed at 6pm; however, on that day, a customer called, saying that he had forgotten the cummerbund for his tuxedo. (Texas EquuSearch) Miller, now 71, told The Guardian he believed that a man who lived down the road from the Millers before they moved to League . MONTOYA, Stephen Lindsey The suspect was questioned by police; he said he worked for a large department store and traveled the country doing remodeling jobs for them. They worked side by side at "La' Bride d'Elegance", a bridal shop in Wichita, Kansas. The witness helped police create a composite drawing. Dagoberto Blanco. Rahman's murder remains unsolved today, although Wichita Police had indicated that they do not believe the killing to have been the result of a simple robbery. At one point, the man stopped and looked directly at Tim. If she had a ground-floor apartment (which was never stated), the killer could have left through it without attracting too much attention. The police's main suspect in the murders, Charles Albright, was a taxidermist and just the type of person who'd know how to perfectly remove an eye. There was no indication of sexual assault, as she was fully clothed and wasn't restrained in any way. In Dallas, 48 percent of. After three months of rehabilitation and surgeries, she was able to walk again. Still, some of the most brutalcrimesin the history of the United States happen to haveoccurred in Texas. Are you referring to Bobby Lee Hines and the murder of Michelle Haupt? Unsolved murders gnaw at men like Rose. Megan worked for Smith Barney Shearson Inc., an investment company, as a secretary. As implied, this case is sorely lacking in coverage. The FBI and local police are seeking clues in the unsolved murders of four women whose bodies were discovered in a remote wooded field in a small Texas town between Houston and Galveston.. The ancient Caddo people of east Texas built these mysterious mounds sometime around 800 A.D. It's not known exactly what the mounds were for, but archaeologists believe they were built up to be. Police believe the killer may be a traveling salesman, hitchhiker, or truck driver, based on his ability to quickly travel from each crime scene. She thought he looked "like a jockey." While San Miguels official victim count was four, many consider it five, as Theresa Fraga was pregnant at the time of her death.[3]. Possible lone survivor of I-70 serial killer speaks out after 30 years, 30 Years After the 'I-70 Killer' Began His Murder Spree, Detectives Still Don't Know His Name, DNA evidence and tips continue to thaw I-70 Killer cold case. MONTOGMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is seeking new leads in one of their only unsolved double homicides, nearly 26 years after a man and his wife were shot. SKILLERN, Derrick J. On a cold January evening 28 years ago in Palatine, Illinois, gunshots rang out, and the lives of seven innocent people were snuffed out. However, when they entered their manager Jean Augustes office, she was accompanied by former employee John Taylor (36) and his friend Craig Godineaux (30), and Taylor had a gun. In 1987, he bought "Sylvia's Ceramics", a shopping mall ceramics store at 2615 South 3rd Street near Interstate 70, from his mother. He immediately called the police. Jeff Meyrose, who worked across the street from Robin, reported seeing a strange man in the area shortly before her murder. "Other . Family members found the 47-year-old stabbed in the chest and laying in the driveway of . [7]. Sadly, more than 40 years have passed since the Burger Chef murders and there is still no answer as to who committed the heinous crimes.[2]. Waterhouse vanished; his truck was later found abandoned near Interstate 70 in East St. Louis, Illinois. A security camera video showed that the killer entered the store, grabbed some beer, and then approached the counter. Sadly, because the killings came on the heels of a kidnapping and triple homicide of three siblings from a prominent Jalisco family, the shooting went largely unreported. Replies analysing and speculating over the mystery and possible explanations are encouraged. He walked bow-legged. He was later seen trying to hitch a ride back to Interstate 465. The circumstances of Mary Ann Becker's death resulted in a homicide investigation involving multiple police agencies. The two robbers bound and gagged all seven employees and, reminiscent of the Taco Bell murders, forced the workers into the restaurants walk-in freezer before shooting each one execution style. If you have information on an unsolved homicide case or need assistance in this area, please contact Sergeant Robert Walsh at 817-459-5772 or If you wish to remain anonymous and possibly receive a reward up to $1,250 please call Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477 or click here. Irving, TX Area Cold Cases Crime Map Trends Analytics Cold Cases Missing Persons Daily Archive Name Marjorie Dabney Age Cause of Death Homicide Info Homicide Agency Lewisville Police Department View Source Name Baby Doe Age Cause of Death Homicide Info Homicide Agency Lewisville Police Department View Source Name [10], How Did Chicken BONES Solves 10 year Cold Case?! Wondering if the killer locked the handle then left, shutting the now locked door behind him. All of this information has been compiled into a large computer database. Her cat was somewhere in the apartment and appeared disturbed - if only cats could talk And that's where it ended. A neighbor claimed to have heard "noises" coming from her apartment during the night sometime, but never heard any screaming. Robert Reiding arrived home from work and discovered the body of his wife, Deba, an 18-year old female. Robert For now, this list illustrates unexplained crimes that took place in the great state of Texas. SONNIER, David Wayne Police discovered that sketches of the killer based on eyewitnesses in Indianapolis and St. Charles were "remarkably similar." From the pictures of her apartment complex I found and included with the Imgur link, it looks like at least some units may have sliding glass doors, which would be somewhat easy for a maintenance guy to force open if necessary. At the time, nine members of the Zheng family were inside cleaning. He considered taking the day off work, but decided to go in. He has short, tinted, reddish or sandy (or possibly strawberry blond) hair, beard stubble, thin lips, a high forehead, and what witnesses describe as "lazy" or "droopy" eyelids. After being pulled over hours after the murders with Taco Bell bags filled with cash, San Miguel was tried and received the death penalty for his crimes; he was subsequently executed by lethal injection on June 29, 2000. On July 18, 1984, a man named James Huberty took the lives of 21 people during a 77-minute long rampage in a McDonalds in San Ysidro, California. He "savored the sense" of being superior to his victims because he was able to end their lives. shop on his patrol. Around that same time, Terre Haute police announced that they were looking at the killer as a suspect in the murder of Billy Brossman. These lists of unsolved murders include notable cases where victims were murdered in unknown circumstances. Police believe the killer had chosen the shop there because he thought only a single female clerk was in the store. Law enforcement investigated Robert Abel, a known sex offender, but was not able to link him to the crimes. She had been stabbed multiple times, so hard that the knife blade bent. Their bodies were later found in the restaurants storage area after Thompsons husband called police after arriving at the restaurant and seeing the cash register empty. On June 23, 1965, Houston police officers forced their way into the house of Fred and Edwina Rogers at the request of their nephew Marvin, who was concerned that his phone calls had gone unanswered for a couple of days. Dallas detectives jumped at the chance to talk to him about Berry's death. 1980 - 1989 Cases. After the blaze was extinguished, investigators found the bodies of four girls between the ages of 13 and 17 in the charred remains of the store. 1960 - 1969 Cases. Recent investigations point to Youell Swinney as a likely culprit, but he was never arrested or convicted for the slayings. On May 7, four days after Nancy's murder, thirty-seven-year-old Sarah Blessing, an herbalist and reflexologist with two stepsons, was working alone in a boutique called "The Store of Many Colors" at the Woodson Village Shopping Center. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. However, the fact that all of his victims were men, and nearly all of the I-70 Killer's victims were women, leads police to believe he was not involved in the latter cases. After the group was reported missing, police saw that the restaurants safe was empty and quickly theorized that the employees had robbed the restaurant and were on a drug-induced joyride. On May 10, 1982, three Pizza Hut employees were brutally murdered for a measly sum of $100. ? The Story of the Wendys Massacre On location in Flushing,Queens NYC. I am curious, have you read anything on how the front door was locked? Evidence at the scene indicate that Thedford was murdered. She watched as he climbed the embankment to Woodson Road, an Interstate 70 access road. Some of the unsolved murders in Houston, Texas, include the 1980 double murder of Andrew and Estella Salinas, the 1974 murder of Edward "Edd" Williams, the 2000 murder of Kenisha Shavonne Dixon, the 1997 murder of Erica Ann Garcia, and the 2019 murder of Elizabeth Barraz a, which can also be found on the Uncovered website. Some money was taken from the cash register. Several people who knew the suspect said that he matched the man in the video. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. The other two employees were severely injured, but one, who had just started working at the restaurant two weeks earlier, was able to grab his fellow survivor and get them both out of the freezer before calling for help. Two weeks later, and two floors above Rankin, a friend found the body of 25-year-old Mary Michael Calcutta in her bathroom. Aliases: None known That gun was also linked to the murder of another victim, this one a man. The men ate most of it before tossing the remains in the trash. Thedford was known for riding his black 10-speed bicycle in the neighborhood. The working theory is that these were just two of potentially many victims of an unidentified serial killer. One of the most notorious unsolved crime sprees in history goes to Jack the Ripper. It all started with the murder of Mary Pratt in December of 1990, when shewas shot, killed, and had her eyes surgically removed. Report No: 78018772 Victim: Lecia McGee, 17 years old Location: 2300 SW Loop CORWIN, Javier whittlesea council rates notice . Police noticed several similarities between Billy's murder and the others. As I said, the MO doesn't really match up too well, but I felt it merited mentioning, especially as it's suspected he had more victims than the two deaths and various rapes he's known to have committed, and this happened two years prior to anything he was known to do. 1992 Natasha Atchley White Female I can't find documentation of where he was in 1994, but he would have been 21 at the time. Authorities have searched hotel registrations from every hotel along Interstate 70. She lived alone in her new apartment, which she had only been living in for about three months when she died. That afternoon, an employee at the store across the street noticed a strange man loitering around his building. Nelson "That morning, Liz Barraza was setting up a garage sale," said Harris . Back in 2001, the case was featured on the television series "Unsolved Mysteries." As he continued to walk through the shop, he saw Sarahs legs sticking out of the back room. They were closing the restaurant on January 8, 1993, when two men entered and ordered a four-piece meal. We have many Texas Rangers Unsolved Homicide Website Texas Rangers Top 12 Cold Case Investigations Generally, cases are solved when the offender has been arrested and turned over to the court for prosecution. Andrea Yates seemed like a normal mom, but on June 20, 2001, that all changed. The man sat on the curb for about a half hour, rifling through his bag and staring at the Payless store. Sadly, because the initial 911 call was for a reported fire, the material used to extinguish the fire destroyed most of the evidence before the girls bodies were found. I looked up the show and went down the rabbit hole, still in it almost a decade later! While sitting there, the man stared at the Payless store and rifled through his bag. He was not nervous and did not seem to be in a hurry. The victimsthree adults and two childrenwere gunned down in the early afternoon as they sat at tables in front of El Memos large bay window. HAMILTON Jr. Samuel Christopher The chicken the pair had thrown away nearly 10 years earlier had been collected and frozen by investigators; it was now thawed, and saliva samples matched Juan Luna. Hagerman had been riding her bike with her brotherand, according to her mother Donna Norris, the pair were only supposed to go around the block. ASHBROOK. The shop was located two miles from Interstate 35. Fernando He also talked to himself and was "giggling." On December 6, 1991, an Austin police officer saw a fire coming from an I Can't Believe It's Yogurt! Charles RUSSELL Jr. Danielle Nathaniel About fifteen minutes later, a couple entered the store. Search Texas newspapers for free! Though it took nearly a decade, the families of the victims received justice for the loss of their loved ones when both Luna and Degorski were sentenced to life without the possibility of parole in 2007 and 2009, respectively.[1]. It's difficult to discuss young women being killed in apartment complexes in the Dallas area in the mid-1990s without bringing up Dale Scheanette, who was convicted of killing two women (Christine Vu and Wendie Prescott) who lived in the same Arlington apartment complex just three months apart in the fall/winter of 1996 and was later executed for the crimes. He lived most of his life in central Texas. Missing Since: May 7, 1992. I moved to Dallas right before Wendie Prescott's murder and it has stuck with me all these years. They were all between the ages of six months and seven years old. Bobby Hardy McBride was born in May, Texas on October 3, 1939. However, in fear, he continued backing up towards the front door, saying that he could not come with him. "We don't know who did this and we don't know why they did it," Nulle said. The soon-to-be killer, Huang Zhiheng, had won 180,000 Yuan from Zheng, and because Zheng knew he could not afford to pay it, the two agreed that if Zheng had not paid off his debt in one year, Zheng had to relinquish his restaurant. Both of their necks sustained damage, and Cheryl had been sexually assaulted. The Pork Bun Murders: The infamous Macau murders of a family at The Eight Immortals, James Huberty : San Ysidro McDonalds Massacre, Robert Riggs Reports Lubys Cafeteria Mass Shooting Oct 16, 1991 Killeen, Texas, 10 Brutal Murders of Pizza Delivery Drivers, Top Ten Lesser-Known and Heartbreaking Child Murders, Ten Chilling Details of Already Horrific Murders, Ten Chilling Murders of Baseball Stars at Their Prime, Ten Eerie Unsolved Murders of Everyday Women, Ten Lesser-Known Unsolved Disappearances and Murders, 10 Controversial Toys You Might Already Have in Your Home, Ten Absolutely Vicious Fights over Inherited Fortunes, 10 Female Film Pioneers Who Shaped the Movies, Ten True Tales from Americas Toughest Prison, 10 Times Members of Secretive Societies and Organizations Spilled the Beans, 10 Common Idioms with Unexpectedly Dark Origins, 10 North American Animals with Misplaced Reputations, 10 Incredibly Tragic Unsolved Child Murders, 10 Recently Executed American Murderesses, 10 Things You Never Knew About The BTK Killer, 10 Horrific Facts About the Oakland County Child Killer, 10 Dastardly Crimes Of Notable Professors. Raytown, Missouri - another link in the deadly chain. In October 2021, the St. Charles Police Department released age-progressed composites of the killer (shown above). For sure, she has other family and friends who want those answers as well. Get full access to all newspaper records with a free trial! GARZA Vicki came out from behind her counter, picked up the frame, and turned to go back behind the counter. On August 4, 1985, ten members of the Zheng family were murdered in Macaua Portuguese colony until 1999 and now a special administrative region of China. On November 17, 1978, four employees working at Burger Chef in Speedway, Indiana, suddenly disappeared from the establishment.
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