Meanwhile, back in Royal Woods the Loud sisters sat in the living room completely depressed, after a week of their brother missing. The rest of the circus performers all took notice, and were impressed by how Lincoln seemed to adapt well to the primate act. -We have to head back home, said Lori sadly, as she and Leni walked back home. -What are you doing here? shouted a circus barker, as Lincoln ran to get away from him. Lincoln: C'mon Frank! On a Wednesday Morning. The following day the two police officers came to the Loud House to inform them of Lincoln's whereabouts. -Well girls, your dinner is in the dining room if you want it, said Rita, as both their parents walked out of the room. -I'm not an orphan. Looks like you have a tummyache Lincoln. Once it is there. I've got a proposition for you. short clown, and the female clown had to come help him with the tentacles being out of control. Lincoln: Okay I can pretty much deal with it. Lori, Leni y Lincoln fueron echados de la casa Loud, qu pasar con ellos? Afterwards Skip introduce Lincoln to the remainder of the circus family. Back in Royal Woods, later that evening the police showed up at the Loud House. Lisa: I will be right back. After which Mr. and Mrs. Palmer began the next trick, with them setting up hoops, and the monkeys all leaping through the hoops; followed by the monkeys trowing spheres through the hoops with the Palmers and Lincoln catching them, and then throwing them to Daisy, who caught them all in a bucket. As the day progressed Lincoln got his own circus outfit, and perfected his act with the Palmers for the show. He rushed upstairs to put all of his things back into his room, and then went back downstairs to be with his family. She realized that she's been like that to him all her life, and never cared about him the most). -We know! said the circus folk in unison. I came up with this idea early on in the show's history, due to some of the early segments like The Sweet Spot, Get the Message, and of course Sleuth or Consequences, and wondered about a story where Lincoln runs away. Just then Lana threw some mashed potatoes at Lynn, and then it turned into a food fight, while Mr. and Mrs. Basketball, soccer, hockey, football, lacrosse, baseball, and even tennis. -I'd give up Mr. Coconuts and all my comedy props, if I could just see his smiling face again, said Luan. (freaks out) W-W-What do I do?! Only a few sips and Lynch immediately starts coughing before keeling over dead. -Thank you! said Leni. Mr. Rolan took the flier, and looked at it. Sure, she's sometimes really horrible towards me, but at least I know that she still deeply cares about me and learns from her past experiences. (Lori continued to cry on her pillow, when suddenly, she sat her head against the wall). Loud to Mr. Rolan, -It was our pleasure Mr. and Mrs. Loud., said Mr. Rolan. -This is Ezra, said Skip, as he introduced Lincoln to the contortionist. Lincoln found a another motel, and went in. My name is Lincoln, Lincoln Loud. The grand finale was a stunt man getting fired out of a cannon. -We gotta find Lincoln, and make things right, said Lori, as the other sisters all nodded in agreement. Lincoln was in his room and he sighs. STAY, OUT, OF MY ROOM!! You were right! (walks away), (Lincoln groans in anger, as it cuts to another flashback where Lincoln is chasing Frank in Lori and Leni's room). -Just one moment, said Lincoln, as he prepared to say goodbye to his circus friends. Lisa: Throat is pretty swollen up and mangled. I love you all, and I'll never runaway again.. -Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Palmer this is very kind of you, said Lincoln. While he was asleep, Lori snuck in and put a few more blankets on Lincoln, making him warmer), (Lincoln was using crutches to get to the bathroom, but suddenly tripped on one of Lynn's soccer balls. It's going to be great having another kid in this show, Skip. (Lincoln dies, Lola laughs at his dead body, Leni comes in to the living room, Lola quickly throws the gun away). WARNING: This story has a VERY dark tone behind it, and contains scenes with blood. -We see the appeal, said Luan, as she dropped a banana peal and slipped on it. He's so afraid of me he can't even look at me. The story takes place after the Loud family kick Lincoln out of the house after believing he is bad luck; this leaves Lincoln to question if his own family even loved him at all. (Lori forcefully throws Lincoln out of her room, as the flashback ends and goes back to Lincoln's room). I thought to myself, "What if Lori's behavior caused Lincoln to get hurt?" Being in this circus will be a dream come true. I have to get you back before Lori finds me in here! Leni: Yeah! Please consider turning it on! Eventually the tentacles got a hold of the Well come on everybody, we're on next, and the the Palmers, along with Lincoln and the primates all walked out to be introduced. Lincoln: Y'know, all that fun made me think there's something I forgot to do. The Multiverse Saga. Lincoln: Wait a minute. You have two more school nights to go and then it will be the moment. Lisa: Luna, Carribean is a set of islands. Here it is, enjoy. Bongo continued to do is juggling, while Skip and Lincoln than got ready with buckets for Bongo to drop the spheres into, and leap off the beach ball to be caught by Skip and Lincoln, with the two of them holding him up. (Watching the video caused Lori to get teary-eyed. *SCENE: The Loud House. Lynn Sr.: You're not allowed to leave the house, and you're not allowed to use your own credit card to pay for things you like. Lincoln gets tired off all of his sisters treating him like hes invisible. Lisa: Lincoln is sick so I need some medicine for him. After posting however, everyone wanted to see more stories from me, and I continued to make more. We're all to blame for this, said Leni. The clowns, horse ladies, trapeze artists and acrobats waved at him, and one of clowns made a honking noise with a horn. Lincoln was behind the curtain, as he and the Palmers were about to go on to do their primate act. Lisa: Let me listen to your heart Lincoln. Toffee Cocoa Cuddles Murders Harold McBride. We may be a family, but at the same time we are also a business., -Yes Lincoln, it's not always smiles for us, said Mr. Palmer. Title idea from @Lance1889 check his stories out. (Leni takes her phone, and inputs the correct answer), (Lincoln forgets about what he was supposed to do, and sits on Leni's bed with her as they play the game together. I think I need to calm down. -Oh my gosh! said the woman from the primate act, that's just awful. Lori: Rule number one, keep a closer eye on your stupid spider! Rule number two, and I'll repeat this again! (Leni hands Lincoln her phone, and he looks at the game), (Lincoln inputs the answer, getting it correct). -The show starts tonight at eight, so we have less than twelve hours, replied Mr. Palmer. Now he has a somewhat Unorthodox family. (Lynn and Lucy followed their parents home. Lincoln having loved being a part of the circus family, was now starting to get a strange feeling, but he didn't know exactly why. He saw that his favorite show was about to come on, but so was Lori's on another channel). Once again, he turned to the audience. -Besides Lincoln, you have to learn to get along. It's kind of a shame too, because it's always a lot of fun spending time with my sisters. CartoonsLoud House Follow/FavOne-shot collection By:nightmareking A series of one-shots centered around the Loud kids. -Very well Lincoln, we have an extra bed right here you can sleep in, said Mrs. Palmer. Give it up for our very own Palmers Primate Palooza, with our very special guest, for tonight only LINCOLN LOUD., Mr. Rolan walked off, while the Palmers, Lincoln, and the primates came out. Afterwards he angrily went into his room, and again spoke to the audience. (Later that night, Lincoln was in his room reading comic books, when he heard squeaking coming from outside. And I promise, that I will never treat you so horribly, ever again. Lucy: You fell down the stairs, and became unconscious. The only sister I haven't asked yet is Leni, but that's because she shares the same room as Lori, and if she sees me in there, I'll be turned into a human pretzel! Lori: I've done literally everything for him, and he still hasn't even forgiven me! -It is on, said Lynn as she and Lana began to fight. (Lori hugged her brother again, but much gentler than before). Lincoln where are you? he asked, as he noticed a lot of Lincoln's belongings were missing, and he saw a note on his bed. He looked through some of his belongings, and while searching through his backpack he noticed something was in there, he hadn't before. Lynn: Always have to tattle to mommy and daddy huh Linc, , as Lola and Lana laughed at him. Leni: But didn't you say you wanted Lincoln to forgive you? Ranges from mostly Fluff to hardcore Smut. Lori: Oh come on Leni! Bruno lifted the bench with ease, and the crowd applauded. Turns out there was a circus in town, and Lincoln decided to go check it out. -WHERE IS HE? said all of the sisters, as they all came up to the door. -Come to The Rolan Circus with our special guest for tonight only LINCOLN LOUD?, said Clyde. (Lori patted Lincoln on the head, then took her broken phone downstairs). Then Bongo did a back flip off the beach ball, and was caught by Skip and Lincoln, who held him up high, as the three of them received a big applause from the crowd; especially the Loud Family who were greatly impressed with Lincoln's skill in the circus. -Well girls, the police are on the search, but it seems like Lincoln isn't even in town anymore. Said Lynn Sr., as he walked out of the room crying while Rita goes to comfort him. But today, there's not really much to do. I'm sorry! -Thanks, but I'm just a newbie here. I need something. blackpool north pier fishing permit; bradley cooper parents; best prepaid debit card to avoid garnishment Lisa: (checks Lincoln's nose) You also have a runny nose Lincoln. -So did you like the show? asked Lincoln. He looked out, and saw a rat near his room), (The rat suddenly ran off, and into Lori and Leni's room), (Lincoln quickly ran into the basement, and grabbed a small net, just the right size to catch the rat). -But you already have a family, and they need you Lincoln, said Mrs. Palmer. One day, his parents find a girl living on the streets- and adopt her as a surprise for the Loud kids. Is Lincoln okay?! Suddenly, Lori started to cry, and she hugged Lincoln, tighter than she had ever done to him before). Afterwards, Lynn Sr. headed upstairs to Lincoln's room, and knocked on the door. The rest of the circus folk laughed, as Daisy put Lincoln down. Oh! The crowd all cheered, as the primate act came to a close, and Lincoln stood there very proud to be a successful circus performer. (Lana starts to sniff on the floor til she finds something). -They love me! thought Lincoln to himself, I'm finally home! Lincoln was happy, as the receptive crowd applauded them. Daisy is really cool, said Lincoln, I love working with her, Just then Daisy came by and picked up Lincoln. -Goodnight Lincoln! said the Palmers in unison. Lincoln followed the Palmers into their tent, where he also got to meet the monkeys and gorilla that they use in their act. there is an actual Loud house movie, you'll need to have seen at least the beginning to undserstand this story. Please put me down please I just ate?. What am I doing? Good evening boys and girls. Is my anger really stronger than me? Bongo and Daisy are kinda like my siblings, said Skip, the three of us are always hanging out, and they're my best friends,, -Yes, it's non-traditional, said Mr. Palmer, but living in the circus is a great way of life., -Unlike other kids, I'm surrounded by animals, and eccentric people everyday, and get applauded by cheering crowds, said Skip, it really is the coolest life in the world., -Wow! He shot through 3 flaming hoops before landing into a pool. Just feeling the same way I love feeling! Lincoln: At least you never give me any lip, he cradled Lily in his arms. Careful or Careless. You're probably wondering why I'm upset. -No need to be so modest Lincoln, said Tobias. Suddenly, Lori pushes Lincoln off the couch and takes the TV). You and your jokes are getting pretty wild at this moment. -But we have to find Lincoln, complained Leni. Linka y su mejor amiga quieren experimentar cosas nuevas y sus hermanos se encargaran de ello. Lola. Lincoln put his head under, and just barely, grabbed the rat with his head. You're the best surrogate family a boy could ask for., -Here you are Lincoln, said Mr. Palmer, as he handed Lincoln a gift basket. But Lori? Lincoln: THATS IT! as his sisters and parents all stopped, and were stunned to hear Lincoln sound so angry. Request from Evancorp123456. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. -Whoa! said Lynn, completely amazed, but when her sisters saw her Lynn's expression of amazement turned into disinterest. Lisa: Okay Lincoln. -We're so sorry about what happened that night bro, said Luna. The Loud House Fanon Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. Loud to Mr. Rolan while shaking his hand. Resume whatever it is you are doing. Okay Daisy! Your son is a very special boy, but before he goes home I have one thing to ask of you.. What if he wishes he only had nine sisters instead of ten?! -Maybe one of us should go talk to him, suggested Leni. Lori IS a monster! I don't think I've ever seen monkeys this well trained before, said Lana. The speakers were loud and Lincoln felt an unholy crankiness come over him as the sound was threatening to knock him off his feet. Meanwhile the short clown was cooking calamari, but the squid wasn't quite dead yet, and the tentacles began to come out of the pot, while he tried to use a wooden spoon to whack them back into the pot. They are a family consisting of two parents, Rita and Lynn Sr., and ten (yes, TEN) daughters, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn Jr., Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and finally, Lily. The medicine did not taste terrible at all. I don't own The Loud House or it's characters, Th Lincoln a 12-year-old boy who was not really good at love and he puts it aside to continue with his activities, what he did not know is that there were some girls who we Lincoln joins a secret branch of the US army after an event that happened the night he was kicked out. When circumstances allow for some of the family to visit Loch Loud once more, Lincoln reveals some unsettling, previously unmentioned ties to the Loud's ancestral home that could end up changing everything. Lincoln: (to the viewer) Normally, Saturdays are usually very fun days. However it was far too late, as Lincoln was already on a Gray Hound bus leaving Royal Woods. Loan is the incestuous daughter of Lori and Lincoln, she doesn't know it yet and believes that Bobby Jr. is her father, what will happen when she discovers her origins? -We love you to Lincoln, said his entire famly. Lori: C'mon Lori, that movie showed me that those two girls wouldn't be friends again. : POW! Meanwhile, out in town there were fliers being placed about the circus, and Clyde came across one of them. Lincoln: (breathes in) Alright, I'll go in there, but I have to be very careful if Lori shows up. Lynn: We left our bedroom door open, which is what caused you to fall down the stairs. Just then Lincoln heard music in the distance, and went over to see what it was. All of the sisters were flabbergasted by Leni's speech. Lori: Oh, you're back! Leni: I downloaded this game where you have to guess the movie by the icon, but I can't guess it! Bongo then began his solo act with Skip and Lincoln, as he went onto the beach ball and began to balance on it, while Skip and Lincoln tossed him the spheres to juggle. -Well I believe that's everybody, said Mr. Rolan, Now Lincoln if you would kindly follow the Palmers they'll lead you to where you'll be staying tonight.. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This story idea evolved from many different thoughts, such as whether or not having it where Lincoln leaves town, where he goes, and if he meets anyone during his travels. (laughs), (Lincoln walks downstairs, while Lori keeps an eye on him from her room). and thanks to Lisa, two familiar faces will be joining him. -Would you look at that, said Mrs. Palmer. Lincoln took the slide down, and as he walked off, he took one last look at the house, and seemed to really be thinking about what he's doing, but he finally turned around, and walked off. Uhh. Leni: Hey! -We're always happy to help out someone in need, said Mrs. Palmer. F-Frank got out of-! Lincoln: (to the viewer) Y'know, I'm really glad to have a sister like Lori. Leni ran over to Lori and she also hugged him very tightly, I totes missed you the most Lincoln, said Leni as she also teared up. The microscopic horror. Leni, Lucy and Lisa are the only ones not fighting while watching and Leni deciding to speak up. -Thank you so much for your help, said Rita to the two police officers, as they left to continue the search. Lori walks past and hears the song), (Luna then suddenly puts her guitar away and reads a music book, facing away from Lori. I fully accept.. Lincoln: This is odd. They're actually funny, said Lola. (backs away) I, uhh, was just about to leave! Come on, let's just give Lincoln a bit of space. These are recommendations made by Tropers for The Loud House fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. -It's been so great being with you guys, and I've learned so much about how family is important. -It's wonderful to meet all of you, said Lincoln. Well, I'll make sure he does! A few hours later, Lily and Lisa arrive home with Lynn Sr. Rita: Lisa? Again with this? -Gotcha! said the barker, as he approached Lincoln. Lisa: I need to see if your eyes are infected. Reports say 14 year old Lincoln Loud began shooting at around 9:00 this morning. I warned you to not come in here again, and now you've broken the warning! -"Whoa! Lincoln Loud was viewed by many to be a strong, caring, and kind person. Afterwards, I probably would've gone back to doing what I love doing most! Lincoln was in the circus? STAY, OUT, OF MY ROOM! It felt like a plague. -Everybody, I have something I need to tell you, said Lincoln as he walked into the dining tent. The Loud House Fanfic #19-Lincoln's Game Add to Favourites By jgodzilla1212 Published: Dec 17, 2020 24 Favourites 9 Comments 11K Views (It starts with Lincoln in The Loud House as he is getting ready for school as if he isn't ready to go to school while he puts on his clothes) Lincoln: Undies? Rita: Of course. -No, I'm ecstatic. Son may I please come in? he asked, but there was no answer. Am I really like that? -An eccentric bunch, but very kind nonetheless, said Lisa, with the rest of the sisters all agreeing with her. Ouch! she said, as she got back up. Friend #1: You don't care about me! That night, Lincoln was sleeping in bed, feeling a little cold. (Flashback to show Lincoln on the couch, watching TV. That only happened once. -We love you Lincoln, and we promise to never treat you like that ever again, said Luna. Lori: Lincoln, I was being stupid. -Could you pass the ketchup please? asked Skip, and Tobias passed him the bottle of ketchup for his fries. -Well guys that's my cue, said Lincoln to Bongo and Daisy, as he walked out of the big top to find his family standing right outside waiting for him. And on the bright side, it's always great to have someone who's got your back.
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