I completed my first long tow with my 2016 Outback Limited 2.5. CVT's upper oil temp limit is at 270dF---ECU will cut boost and pull timing once this temp is achieved. I've had cars where the sensors have varied from 185 f to 215 f. After 10 minutes of 7/10ths driving on the race track on a 70dF day my 2015 WRX saw 230dF oil temps. Yes, yesterday I was running errands in typical suburban traffic, a mix of surface streets and a 55mph+ primary highway. My experience is heat soak is the big struggle. https://jalopnik.com/all-the-crazy-ways-automakers-test-cars-so-they-can-han-1754833626, General Troubleshooting and Technical Help. Buy one of our O BD-AUS units here for $ 39*. If you're lucky they will change your fluid as part of the troubleshooting process and not charge you for it. You think all of the automotive engineers allowed this "problem to continue for 70 years and hundreds of millions of auto tranny setups? I don't see how it could be related, but I'm going to try loading up the stock tune just to rule it out. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Please post tranny temps (range) you observe when you start towing. Just me in the car, no cargo, not towing. Because the moisture will evaporate from the oil? that means that you are at risk of having to replace . 2016 Tungsten Outback 2.5l Premium w/ES, OP 14, PP #4. I google'd it but since many WRX's did not have oil temp gauges previously, the choosing of whether or not they should install these gauges dominated the discussion lol. Now it's more like around 170 degrees F instead of over 200 degrees in normal driving. driving style increases the transmission temperature and accelerates the CVT transmission fluid deterioration rate. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. You may hear hissing or squealing type sound for a few seconds after shifting into any gear, the noise is caused by the transmission fluid inside of the CVT and is a normal operating characteristic. In your case I don't think you should do anything different other than follow the "severe use" schedule if you want piece of mind. is different. Probably something wrong with it. When the transmission computer determines a new gear ratio is required the engine computer reduces the power output of the engine to reduce Shift Shock and possible damage to the transmission and resumes once the gear change is complete. I use the Nissan sylphy (Sentra in USA 1.6 cvt 2013 in Thailand) i monitor form OBD II Port check on program CVTZ50 I found the Tranmission in 184-188 in normal mode on the road with traffice jam in Bangkok every days. Luckily, the car behind me was paying attention and was able to slow down and not hit us. I mean, first off, you really should never experience dangerous oil temps, even on the track, if Subaru did their homework. Just some general info, it got up to 255* and still no light. Any other PIDs out there Not listed on ScanGauges site? Overheated fluid discharges of a burnt toast-like smell and looks brown to dark in color. Our sites allow users to opt-out of receiving such communications at the point where personal information is requested, or through other means as identified. to car speed. The controls are the same inside the car: two This is also the point at which the combustion of air and fuel is most efficient, resulting in lower exhaust emissions. 2011 was definitely the worst model year for the Subaru Outback and the CVT transmission. When under moderate to heavy acceleration the Transmission Control Module (TCM) continuously adjusts the gear ratio to maintain an engine RPM that produces the most torque and efficiency, and may maintain this RPM for quite some time. If you're out of coverage or you've put a . Subaru combines its Boxer engine with the CVT. Keeping the transmission temperature between 175 and 200 degrees will allow the fluid to last the longest. What triggers the overheated condition? While installing an inline transmission filter I discovered that the fluid looked brown and worn, given that the car only has 10,000 miles. Just park it in the snow until it cools down. Other than as set forth in this Privacy Policy, you will be notified when any personally-identifiable information about you may be shared with third parties, and you will be given the opportunity to decline to share that information. Recommend it. Accessories . A traditional automatic transmission has heavy gears with a large contact area. To spray washer fluid, pull and hold the lever toward you. Have to shift into park and restart the vehicle.. Inspect the components to see if they are showing any wearing sign. CVT temperature readout which is best way to monitor live data? RELIABILITY - Subaru CVT vs. Toyota Power Sharing Transmission. In addition to fuel economy and reduced weight, they offer steady acceleration, smooth operation, and the ability to adapt to varying road conditions and power demands to provide a smoother overall ride. The parts of the gearbox rub against each other and the subsequent friction creates a great amount of internal heat. Here's some info from the FSM. data will be stored in protected databases on secured servers with restricted access). . I thought I had been rear ended, but there was nobody behind me. Hello, name, e-mail address, etc.) CAUTION: While working, be sure to keep the lower edge of the tires 30 cm or more above the ground as vehicle will vibrate. Best wishes and keep us posted!! that it allows the engine to operate longer at a lower speed than conventional To impart a sportier feel on certain vehicles equipped with a CVT, under heavier acceleration the transmission control module will simulate specific gear ratios and a feeling of shift shock, similar to using the manual shift controls available on a CVT equipped Subaru. Subaru Outback One of Subaru's most popular models, the Outback has been in production since 1995. I'd like to monitor CVT temp as well. Examples include administering e-mail services and running special promotions. Should I try using a baffle on the cooler to bring the temperature up a few more degrees, or should I just run it at 168? My fuel light had just turned on minutes before this, but I still had 60 miles to go before empty. Before you check the fluid level use your scan tool and make sure the transmission fluid temperature is between 95-113F. At the time you register for any such service, you will be notified of, and asked to consent to, the sharing of your information with any particular third party necessary to the provision of the requested service. Correct - your 2023 Forester should serve you well - as long as you keep up on your maintenance and such. Moreover, because of being passionate to learn about the recent happenings in auto industry, he doesnt only provide great car maintenance tips, he also always updates latest trends in among car brands and share them in his own interesting viewpoint. The thermostat also opens around 175. From monitoring this site, I've found these CVT temp should be between, 185 - 235 F. Sounds like it's right where itshould be. Sounds like the issue was been addressed. Oil 5W30 Synthetic. I was planning on exiting to refuel before this happened. Most vehicles with conventional VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. When at a steady higher RPM during acceleration, the frequency remains constant and may resonate. Unbelievable. Driving at slower speed OK. At the range of 45-60 mph, noise is very predominate, thus requiring me to drive at slower speeds than required. Some browsers incorporate a "Do Not Track" (DNT) feature that, when turned on, signals to websites and online services that you do not want to be tracked. Now about why transmission temperatures should be regulated -- excessive heat can warp things like clutch packs, torque converter blades, and the steel belt. Lineartronic is designed for linear response, and of course You're ready to visit Sport Subaru! Would car go into limp mode once CVT overheats? The name "Lineartronic" is used for two Subaru transmissions - the TR690 and the TR580. You need a gas gauge so you dont run out of gas, you need a tach so you dont redline your engine. UltraGauge OBDII Scan tool and Information Center, X-Gauge Categories 2013+ Subaru Outback with CVT. Why should I care? It is possible to increase the number of gear ratios to overcome these design limitations, however in doing so the transmission becomes more complex, heavier, and contains more components which also increases opportunities for a component to fail. I bought it used with only 16000 and have only had it for a few months. Without shift shock, your CVT-equipped Subaru should at least feel snappier while accelerating. Winds N at 5 to 10 mph. If you have questions concerning this Privacy Policy or the practices of these sites, you may contact us. As our Web sites have been designed to take advantage of the use of cookies. People are freaking out over little things because they never had the option to monitor them right away. PLENTY HOT. Remember the HVAC Blower Motor Switch If the fan Heater, AUTO, Switch - OEM Subaru Part # 72311SA031 (72311SA030) Toggle navigation. ATF flows easily at room temperature so there's not much need to warm it up in order to drain it. UV Index 0 of 10. I kind of like the look of the display of the UltraGauge but if ammcinnis is correct that it doesn't monitor cvt temp that would be out. Adding a CVT fluid cooler would serve no purpose at all if it cools BEFORE the fluid passes thru this heat-exchanger. When I am driving spiritedly I have seen as high as 210 but it quickly dropped down to 205. TR690 CVT was also modified to extend the transmitted torque; new version . different size gears. Subaru simply not for towing. First off, I called a dozen different Subaru dealerships, and NOBODY could tell me either the temp that turns the light on (too hot) OR, the normal operating temp. cvt monitor cvt temp cvt temp monitor cvt temperature forester transmission monitor subaru cvt subaru wrx cvt Related Products Subaru Turboback Exhaust System STI Sedan 2011-2014, WRX Sedan 2011-2014 $ 2,275.00 Rally Armor UR Mudflaps Black Urethane with White Logo Subaru WRX 2022 $ 189.00 3 Inch 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket $ 15.00 redesigned Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission elevates efficiency Which is super fun while trying to climb a hill in traffic. On other occasions she would stop on a hill, and the car would shudder and come to a stop and die. Vince. Very impressed on how cool and consistent it keeps the oil temperature even when I am going WOT. Feels very unsafe. Here's what I could find out about taking a fluid sample. If you are visiting our Web site from a location outside of the U.S., your connection will be through and to servers located in the U.S. Any information you provide during your visit will be processed and maintained on our Web server and other internal systems located within the U.S. Our Web sites contain links to other sites. As a result, these seals leak both pressure and liquid. Glad to see this post and topic. simply selecting the most appropriate gear ratio. Plan is to try to have AT fluid temp above 215 F only for short period of times. UltraGauge is both an OBDII Scan Tool and an Information center that displays selectable engine gauges, such as RPM, Speed, Coolant Temperature, Boost, Distance, Fuel Pressure, Mass Air Flow, and more. What is normal operating CVT fluid temperature for Forester Wilderness? 2016 CRV Touring AWD. There is also a torque converter - to broaden the range of gear ratios and to ensure a smooth start-off. Subaru engineers already told me that the ECU will pull boost and timing if it sees too high of oil temps. its not an additional gauge that I put on "mod" or anything? Dumb question: What is the purpose of monitoring your CVT temperature? -George Patton. But it is an engineering problem when Subaru sells the same setup to markets that have environments where it would be detrimental. As an engine rises in RPM the sound produced varies in frequency. Reactions: blkprlz, cardoc and SilverOnyx. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If the Forester CVT fluid to coolant heat exchange is efficient, the CVT fluid will be at 95C, same as the coolant, which is hotter than my peak of 90C noted. Everything checked out on inspection. It looks like a rectangle plug with 16 pins and slope sides. Transmission Cooler, fits Subaru WRX CVT 2015-2021 Model MMTC-WRX-15 Installation Difficulty As low as $341.95 Regular Price $401.54 20 F (6.7 C) temperature decrease compared to using only the stock transmission cooler Direct fit with no cutting or modification to the vehicle 19-row stacked-plate oil cooler is front mounted for maximum airflow Usually when air conditioning is running. The world's largest online community of Subaru Crosstrek and XV owners, prospective owners, and enthusiasts. Not likely. So by design the Forester CVT heat exchanger is reducing the life of the fluid by at least 50% off the start. Welcome to the Subaru Outback Owners Forum, we have tons of information about your Subaru Outback, from a Subaru Outback Wiki to customer reviews. Rather than using gears as in traditional automatic transmissions, Subarus CVT uses two fluctuating hydraulically actuated pulleys and a chain link. In addition, we gather certain navigational information about where you go on our Web sites. If you want to trade barbs do it by PM. For me, normal operating temperature is around 200 degrees. Our dealership may use a browser feature known as a "cookie." They are both based on a chain variator. Starting in May 2009, TR690 has been used in Subaru Outback 2.5 l models. Not feeling the love!". We will ask any provider of such information to represent and warrant that the information has been gathered and maintained in accordance with all state and federal laws. No light warning for low oil displays. These sensations are what we have become accustomed to in both manual and automatic transmissions. Subscribers or site visitors will never receive unsolicited e-mail messages from agents working on our behalf. I think that Temperature is too hot. This information enables us to determine which areas of the Web sites are most frequently visited and helps us to tailor the sites to the needs and interests of our online visitors. (I am Canadian so all the other data here will be metric). Asked by Mark Nov 19, 2015 at 12:07 PM about the 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited. The CVT (continuously variable transmission), the Hyundai sourced 6 speed automatic and the 5 speed manual transmission. Choosing to buy a vehicle with a CVT is a point of preference. Seems General Subaru Community related. As part of such a relationship, we may share with these companies the use of certain interactive Web site functions (i.e. The driver will physically feel the downshift and hear the change in engine RPM. Occasionally you will even come to a stop with the engine idling which is what you do to cool the CVT anyways. A couple of observations on this discussion: I'm using a ScanGauge II plugged into the ALDL port that's under the dash. I will no longer own a Subaru. infinitely, they are "continuously variable." The ECM is in constant control of this RPM and ensures it is suitable based upon temperature conditions. Please provide your email address to begin receiving price alerts at home, at work, and on your phone! Improved protection of copper and bronze components. Most cars run a higher RPMs during colder weather after a cold start. The coolant is regulated by the thermostat, but engine oil temperatures and CVT fluid temperatures are only influenced by the coolant. Also, its not causing any issues as far as decreasing performance of the CVT unit in efficiency or power delivery long term. I placed it down on top of the open cubby lid. For example, a popular tire upgrade for the WRX is 50 series 16" tire with a 24.1" circumference. I'm finding that when the car has to idle for longer periods in hot weather is when the rubber banding of the CVT is at its worst. Subscribers to our e-mail services (or any other feature/service found on our Web site) will not receive unsolicited e-mail messages from us. Cookies can also be utilized to help us provide you with information targeted to your interests, based upon your prior browsing on our Web sites. 1) Its a CVT not a trans with clutch packs, different animal and hard to make a direct comparison between the two without a lot more background knowledge and data. After all, Subaru couldn't be as popular as if it was selling bad products. My understanding is that Forester Wilderness has TR 580 CVT with modified final drive/upgraded cooling and that is not identical to transmission that is in Outback Wilderness. They should've issued a recall, instead they extended the warranty to 10 years or 100,000 miles.
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