/StructParents 4 I met with Dr Cameron and he said it was a bad procedure. It is okay because damages will be included. My husband could not get my pain pills, the doctor pharmacy had to contact the doctor several time. The pain was unbearable. Thank you so much for posting. He finally decided I couldnt take anymore, because of the pain. In the case of Sonobello, it was discovered that the complaint contained a large number of fabrications. I did not meet the surgeon until the day of surgery. Ive had it done and the revision my abs were fine and together before surgery but they damaged my wall and now I have a ventricle hernia and I have distacis from it I told them about it and they said well you cant prove it if youre joining a class action please let me know I want to join. >> At my 6th months I look nothing like the pics on their site and no one beside Sono Bella says it looks good. /Type /Pages Did anyone take their own before and after photos? The goal of this section is to provide consumers with a comprehensive resource on class action and mass tort lawsuits. /Contents [67 0 R 68 0 R 69 0 R] Thank you backroadangel1967@yahoo.com, After reading various websites and reviews of Sono Bello online, I was left troubled with the thought that anyone has had a negative experience with us or believes were anything less than determined to provide excellent patient care. I was in so much pain. One of the most popular ones is filed When I was being prepared I asked for something for nausea to prevent that from happening to me. [protected]. While a nurse was in the room she told me I come in all the time and sexually harass the nurses with my derogatory remarks and that she had gotten many complaints about me. If you are I would like to join I had a revision done because it was so horrible the first time and now it made it worse and they did additional areas to try and make me happy but it did nothing in the extra areas they added they went on my back shoulder blades and I have huge purple scars that are raised up I asked them about them after the surgery because they were big deep holes and they kind of looked infected I sent them pictures they said that they would heal up fine they did not. It is not enough to simply put together a compelling litigation brief, nor is it enough to simply file in an acceptable legal filing form. I would definitely join lawsuit to swear to god! >> You guys are going to kill someone if you haven't already, the farthest thing from safe there is not to mention terrible results. Read our Newswire Disclaimer Lawsuit Filings Body Sculpt Hit with Wage and Hour Suit in Georgia November 29, 2016 /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] Indiana auto dealers document preparation fees $13.5M class action settlement. endobj When the doctor moved to my lower abs, I felt excruciating pain and told her so she could numb the area. I went in for the last appointment only to find out that the office gal had already canceled my surgery and refunded my money. It did not work. That doesn't even include the mental harm he did. Right side of rounded left side fatty squared. >> Month check up. First, the doctor I chose when I booked what was supposed to be 'Smart Lipo' was not the doctor that was there to perform it. My heart goes out to all of you. /Parent 3 0 R I had asked about having my stomach, upper arms and neck worked on, April told me I could have "Venus Legacy Sculpt" on my upper arms because it isn't a surgery it didn't matter how much my BMI was. They make me look deformed. /Contents [83 0 R 84 0 R 85 0 R] << /Oslash /Ugrave /Uacute /Ucircumflex /Udieresis /Yacute /Thorn /germandbls /agrave /aacute /Icircumflex /Idieresis /Eth /Ntilde /Ograve /Oacute /Ocircumflex /Otilde /Odieresis /multiply It also created a situation where one of the main witnesses in the case had become disinterested in the case, thereby creating a major problem. Does anyone know if there is a class action lawsuit? TRIED TO GET THEM TO HELP ME AND I TOLD THEM I WANTED TO SEE A DOCTOR. Even after their own surgeon said he wouldnt do the surgery and marked me as not being a candidate for surgery because I wouldnt achieve the results I wanted Sonobello still refused to refund my money so like a dummy I had the lipo anyways. Reliable doctors does their surgery in a hospital surgicenters. /Contents [75 0 R 76 0 R 77 0 R] /Kids [33 0 R 34 0 R] Top Class Actions features a wide variety of class action lawsuits, from a $2 settlement for people who purchased a Permatex Auto Repair kit that was mislabeled as being made in the USA (due April 8, 2015) to a $195 settlement for people who purchased a defective model of a Gateway computer monitor that had issues with flickering, among When she asked Sono Bello for her money back, the company gave her a check the bank would not cash. Man those complaints are downright scary. 1 Laws A class-action lawsuit settlement involves a large group of plaintiffs with a common claim against a defendant. << I am embarrassed. They sent me a low ball offer that will not cover the liposuction procedures I will be requiring to complete the work. Thank god that you didn't, I had that done with them. He just kept working and singing to the radio like he was enjoying conflicting pain on me. This all before I came in for the last Dr visit. endobj procedure. /brokenbar 168 /dieresis /copyright /ordfeminine 172 /logicalnot /.notdef /registered /macron First I was offered some free Venus treatments, but also "sold" on $1000 more in treatments to reduce the lumping and wrinkly skin. I worked hard to save my money to get what I wanted and Sono Bello DID NOT deliver! endobj /ITXT (2.1.7) << I am working on a lawsuit. She told me I weighed too much to have any Liposuction done and would have to lose weight and that each area would be $3, 000 if i did have any done because my BMI was too high. It looks like I'm 6 months pregnant. << /Font << I was honestly treated with respect and diligence in my matter. My experience was in Edina, MN >> You will also get a copy my second opinion dated this May 2013 from Doctor Cameron and copies of my xrays with all my paper work. I had AB EX on my lower tummy and Lipo on my sides, hips and tummy area. She said, "NO" She got mad. OF YOU DO! A friend went to Tijuana for nose job and died. Class Action Newswire About Us ClassAction.org is a group of designers, writers and programmers who have been working in the legal space for nearly By Dec. my right side of my chest was much larger than my left. WebClass Action Lawsuits - The Top Open Class Action Settlements Class Action Lawsuits We keep you informed about ongoing and potential lawsuits so that you can hold companies accountable for negligence. /F2 37 0 R WebSono Bellos TriSculpt Body Contouring Micro-Laser Liposuction procedure removes fat while minimizing bruising and swelling. I wish I still had the pooch now. 15 0 obj This review was chosen algorithmically as the most valued customer feedback. /acircumflex /atilde /adieresis /aring /ae /ccedilla /egrave /eacute /ecircumflex /edieresis really if this is all true, get together and do something! I suggest you give them the opportunity to do the same for you. << Great lady. /Encoding 9 0 R /PageMode /UseNone What Can an RCI Class Action Lawsuit Do For You? But I only got 8 and maybe there is a 1/2 inch difference in my arms when I expected 3 to 4 inches to be gone on each arm. So, I guess I'm very lucky, especially after reading about yours and others problems with sonobello. I am very disappointed in the results and the fact that I was lied to about what results could be achieved with the "Venue Legacy Sculpt" procedure. I just noticed how many typos were in my complaint. /degree /plusminus /twosuperior /threesuperior /acute /mu 183 /periodcentered /cedilla /onesuperior Thank you for sharing Smart idea. 3 0 obj /Annots [] I feel like I look deformed. endobj Had that happened with me, I would have respected that honesty very much. /Resources 109 0 R This all before I came in for the last Dr visit. /Annots [] She could not answer that. Sono Bello issued her a new check this week. I have consulted with 5 Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and they all say the same thing: wrong procedure! Please someone help me also. The Sono Bello class action lawsuit was brought against Yamaha and their American subsidiary, Korg, by the heirs of the late Diego Bello. That is how Sono Bello should work. I'm guessing your process works for some people. (Yes, she cut them out) Now, the areola on my right side is permanently stretched because of the scar on the base of it is much lower than my left side because of less fat in my lower chest. Don't be a lazy [censor]! Not the other way around. I need to know how to proceed with this company too. They also left me with horrible scaring. Best Class Action Lawsuits 2022 How to File Claim for Class Action Lawsuits Step One: Find Products You Purchased Step Two: Fill Out the Claim Form Step Three: Get your Check in the Mail Take a look of our list to find open settlements for products you may have purchased. Had sono bello done a year ago The surgery was painful alit of burning. My email is kycxpx@yahoo.com /Count 10 I endured levels of pain that are clearly inhumane and unecessary. Scary when I think about it now. >> I had no idea. /Annots [] I cannot remove my post but I would like to retract my statement that I would sue them, because they were more than cordial in dealing with me, and a law suit was not required and need not even be threatened.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. i too went to Sono Bello except in Sacramento I am also a week post op and I'm still swollen and can't tell much of a difference in my "new body" If I don't lose what I was suppost to lose from my abdomen (upper/lower)waist and love handles I am going to consider a law suit as well I totally agree with you guys on the false advertising. I am canceling my Consultation for tomorrow. Everyone says it looks awful. endobj Can I Sue Someone For Monetary Compensation Due to Class Action Lawsuit Fraud? THANK GOD WE HAVE A HOME NURSE FRIEND that came rushing over to help us DEBBIE HARRIS is an ANGEL ON EARTH! << I was totally impressed with the website as well I put in to have someone call me they stayed calling me on Sunday at 8 pm then 2 to 3 times daily for a week despite we talking them I have a job, they stopped calling until Christmas eve she called again during written hours I mage a consultation appointment which I will be cancelling after reading these however when I explained they were to far from me she goggled my address and stated how long it would take me to get there however when I asked her cross streets she literally told me I would have to schedule an appt really thanks for the heads up. /Count 15 This article will discuss the Earlier plzzzzzzzz le me knw. WebBusiness Profile Sono Bello Plastic Surgery Headquarters Multi Location Business Find locations Contact Information 1200 112th Ave Northeast Bellevue, WA 98004-3817 Visit Class Action Cases. Terrible pain and suffering. So I put some money down. I contacted the Corporate office as suggested by last poster and they have resolved my complaint. The manager said they would call me to let me know if I was approved for a new procedure to correct what the first doctor did wrong and they never called. I have not spoken to one kind person. /Cour 17 0 R From my experience BBB is useless. /AA 6 0 R I have a website - Goherbalife.com/cateobrien. I had a low BMI I met with Dr Pittman- Waller. Do You Need a Lawyer to Negotiate a Car Accident Settlement? /Rotate 0 /BaseFont /Courier After the surgery and a few months passed, it looked terrible and I started asking about revisions. Either way you should definitely file complaints with the BBB, the AMA, and your states Attorney General. /Font 10 0 R Horrific experience. >> /Parent 4 0 R /Title (Esteppe v. Body Sculpt International, LLC et al - 1:16-cv-04407-AT) My husband and I both signed up. WARNING: I could never recommend laser liposuction without anesthesia, and this is what SonoBello does. /BaseFont /Helvetica I'm SO not gonna waste my time. /CropBox [0 0 612 792] I had a procedure of upper/lower abdomen, waist &skin removal in October 2019, not only am I not smaller but but they did a butcher job & sewed my stomach up lopsided, I would like to participate in class action.
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