"What are you doing here?". And then one more explosion resounded, signalling the end of the battle. ", "My whole life was Unlimited Blade Works.". "Or a version of him. In one moment, Shirou was falling. He only hopes he could survive sex with a Servant without having his pelvis crushed. Shirou's eyes widened for a moment, as he ran towards his Servant. Hundreds of golden portals opened up across his side of the room, all aiming their weapons at Shirou and Astolfo. Don't let me down." Karna cracked a small smile, his turn to be amused by the other's response. More portals opened up, all aimed at Shirou. The result: chaos. saber, videogames. I got to stick around for a while after my last war, but you know how it is." Re-upload due to old account being deleted It was basically a really long time ago for me, and-". Karna had stepped off his chariot to get it unstuck from the mud, and met his end as his opponent unleashing a final attack with a special arrow that severed Karna's head. "Yes, I killed him. Neither does he seriously desire the Holy Grail, which he sees at already belonging to him in the first place. You have won our pointless battle." Shirou asked. Archer said. Astolfo guessed. Shirou almost felt wasteful witnessing these stunning works of smithery follow a straight path instead of swing and clash in the air with skill as they were meant to, but the sight lasted only a second. Saber was missing most of her right side, burned to ash in the wake of Karna's power. Shirou barely managed to block a slash from Kirei's Black Keys, his weapon shattering on impact. "Rider, you're acting more focused than normal." this gets me thinking though, is there any FSN servant besides saber that shirou would actually be able to work with? Archer was silent, taking in what Astolfo just said. The chain instead dug into Astolfo's flesh. ", "I can see that." ", Astolfo paused. Shirou eventually said. FJ-20-21 . Shirou felt like he was barely following this conversation. He ran, and she followed. AccursedVoid, TheFoolArcana, EndofTime57, AstolfoBrhue, The_Grimm_Magician, JingoJungle, Dragonlord_Durison, Joker666, kyo71, Cubbyhb1, The_Keeper_of_Worlds, Pallaxxxx, Acasez, Zeta_Sigma, Kiyohime26, kinnoonnanoko, Gourmet_of_Gluttony, Takeshita_and_Tobita, Atukanuva, Katarina_Silversong, STYLE_1395, XemnasSuperior, RarestJules, Kitsunarii, Sonicman66, Verse, MagnoliaTea, hecate600, Amatsu, Sandia2000, DankMemeBoi, ParadoxConsort, Elizabeth12, FelipeCH98, and ABoss99 A dark hole appeared in the sky, pouring down dark mud that burned all it touched like lava. Shirou projected his own copies of Kanshou and Bakuya, blocking Archer's first slash and countering with one of his own. Shirou fell backwards through the doors of the warehouse and weakly spasmed with the aggravation of his chest wound from the physical repercussions of his hasty move. Divine flames met holy light, and all was silent for just an instant. A cry that could only be described as pain escaped Tiamat, her eyes breaking away from Gudako to stare up at the skies, filled with the winged creatures meant to replace humanity. "If he answers truthfully, then I also know of his identity-", "I am Karna, the son of the Sun God Surya." "So this is the mongrel that my lovely Saber was ordered to kill." ', 'YOU MONGREL FAKER, I'LL KILL YOU AN HUNDRED TIMES FOR DARING TO COPY ONE OF MY TREASURES.' Rin said. Karna nodded, manifesting his lance. He wasn't going to stand by, no matter what. Fear burned through his nerves like acid. Karna stood between Berserker and Shirou, clearly exhausted but still going anyway. Shirou, Rin, and him were on a 'date', about a day after the battle with Kuzuki. "I don't remember the code phrase to activate its full power, but I'll remember it eventually." Astolfo leapt out of the nearby trees, lance aimed at Caster. Just one strike. Astolfo was the one to step forward. He knew that he was always stubborn, but this was obscene. This is what happens when you watch Emiya Gohan while fighting writer's block and crying over how sad the actual canon is. Rin attempted to throw a jewel charged with magic at him. "I thought you were beautiful when I first met you, and I still think that way.". The problem, of course, was actually getting there amidst the onslaught of treasures. He was running on fumes by this point and was going to need to conserve what little mana he had just to exist. Shirou almost immediately changed the target of his attack. The battle began quickly, as Karna rocketed forward to meet Berserker. Astolfo declared. Archer stood behind Rin and Shirou, another pair of swords appearing in his hands. A false god shot. He manifested wings made of sunlight for a moment, reaching the peak of his speed as he dodged and darted around Gilgamesh's assault. Whether or not the armoured Archer had materialised on earth as the hero of the eponymous tale, Shirou accepted that for however long this spirit would haunt him, Gilgamesh deserved the respect that one would give the so-named legend of past. Work Search: as well as Inferior collector, you should leave. Together.". Kuzuki moved as well, leaping to Caster's defense and catching the blade between his knee and elbow. Work Search: No, failure implied that they were somewhere close to where they started. The alternative was letting Kirei win and use the Holy Grail. Like literally Shirou is a gopher type person who literally does minor tasks for others just by asking him. Shirou moved faster than expected, managing to get past Rider and tackle Shinji out the window. . He rushed for Archer, who shot the blades at him. Kirei mused. So I've noticed that there aren't very good or well non existent works reacting to the Fate Series so I have decided to do this since no one else will. Rin noted. "Rho Aias!" He would need to speak with his Master regarding her at a later date. Rin stated. "Fine." Even Gilgamesh seemed surprised by what he saw. Archer wants to kill him, so no? Since that's Carnival!Shirou, he isn't edgy at all, just a bit goofy. They cut at his flesh with every deflection that was just an instant too slow, with every dodge that just narrowly failed to avoid contact. This was going to be difficult. A crossovr fanfic with RWBY, about miyuverse shirou got thrown to RWBY world. Karna radiated intense heat for a moment as he aimed the spear up at the Holy Grail. Astolfo warmly smiled, hugging him. The sun had just set by the time they got back. Obligation had clamped down on young Shirou to find happiness where those he had outlived could not, and, led by his first understanding of the foreign idea, Shirou had sought to accomplish what Kiritsugu had: to save someone. Death was seeking him for a third time. And Shirou easily accept that role. THIS IS A COPY AND PASTE FROM THE REAL FANFICTION ON FANFICTION.NET. tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. Karna leapt straight up into the air to evade the assault, glancing down at where his Masters were. It is a shame your Master is not present to witness our battle.". I pushed away everyone in a mindless pursuit to become a hero of justice. Karna questioned. A man wakes up in the body of King Ghidorah in DxD. Karna stated, touching down on the grass. More portals opened up, firing weapon after weapon to cut off Karna's escape routes. While the priest's Command Seals were in effect, preventing her from using her full strength without express permission, she still should have done some damage against her foe. Archer let two enormous blades hover beside him, prepared to strike. "So, Emiya, what are you going to do?" He is later visited by the scantily-clad goddess and called out on his attraction to her, which leads to Shirou falling headfirst into her seductive embrace. "Thank you, Shirou. Or thought anything else through, considering his game plan of the Holy Grail War involves sparing every single Master no matter how impractical a decision that would be. "But I guess it's entertaining. They followed up on their lead. Chains shot out of portals, attempting to ensnare the Lancer. You managed to ascertain that Enkidu is a treasure capable of holding you without fail, one that grows more durable when the one it ensnares is of divine lineage." A year down, he's worked hard on his accent and made a number of friends just as weird as he is. Astolfo stated. "Thank you." Rin must have contracted with him. One of the only people who cared for her was just gone. While Karna and Archer were talking, Caster had taken the opportunity to kidnap Shirou in an attempt to get Karna under her control. "Never mind. Synopsis: After a incident involving the Kaleidostick 5 years before the start of Fate/Stay Night, Emiya Shirou has become the female Emiya Kirika. Kuzuki moved faster than any human should ever move, grabbing the lance and throwing Astolfo into a wall. Astolfo, to her credit, dodged every strike thrown at her. Saber was not as much of a challenge as expected. "C'mon, Hippogriff!" "I'd be a pretty bad hero if I just let her die. My father, I ask for your forgiveness. Saber didn't have time to dwell on this, as Lancer went onto the offensive in close quarters. "Are you gonna let us go? But he couldn't. Shirou's vision blurred, the strain of using Projection this way beginning to get to him. Do you have enough weapons in stock? As an Archer-class, I can exist independent of a Master for two days. It was storm of weapons, all aimed at Shirou. Despite his weapon clearly being designed for use on a mount, Astolfo wielded it with surprising skill. In a flash, he was in front of Saber and thrusting his lance for her neck. "You managed to get away." Kanshou materialized in it. "You are correct. He does what he wants, and gets what he wants. Servant Swap (Fate) except not rly. The next day, Astolfo dragged Shirou to the dojo to train. Shirou answered. It was natural, but somehow still didn't feel right. ", "Oh. Even with his armor reducing damage by ninety percent, those weapons were not something he would want to actually be hit with. Astolfo sped up, barely dodging the last burst of magic. "I'll do my best.". Enkidu: ok . tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). Lancer was just baffled. Shirou realized there was no way to survive this on his own, and used a Command Seal to summon Karna to him. "Yeah, that sounds about right. Astolfo said, readying his lance. "Then how about he have a fair duel to make up for it?". "I don't think anyone can take him in a straight fight.". This was what it meant to be Emiya Shirou: Ten years ago, a fire had burned away his childhood, his family name, his very self. "I can say the same to you, Lancer. Karna retorted with a spear thrust that struck Berserker in the heart once more, sending him flying back. A Master was managing to use Projection Magic to create Noble Phantasms, and was evenly matched in a fight that his Servant failed to win. "Who are you? ", "Then we've gotta destroy it." Saber managed to keep up with his pace, which only served to put her on edge even more. Nothing else mattered. Astolfo worried that he said something wrong. A new fate is presented to him with a whole new world, and a whole new rebellion. His Master must have used a Command Seal to force him to return.". As one of the only different people in a world full of superpowers, the hostility of What if Gilgamesh was reborn as Naruto Uzumaki. The armoured man before him crossed his arms with a more open smirk, apparently pleased somewhat by Shirous words. The blade transformed into Balmung, the sword wielded by the invincible hero of the Netherlands, Siegfried. Astolfo barely managed to to survive the first strike, jumping back and whistling. Unlimited Blade Works crumbled away, its owner too exhausted to maintain it further. "Ah, I see. "I feel the same way." Karna attempted to give chase, only to realize he plain didn't have enough mana to fight. Caster had made the mistake of trying to fight back, assuming that Astolfo was focused on winning a battle. "No, Master." Atalanta is up next, but who do you want to see afterwards? Karna killed him just as he finished speaking. "Berserker, kill them.". Karna said, nodding. ", Astolfo readied his lance. Shirou wondered what would have transpired in the warehouse had the king not contracted with him. He kept moving, rushing for Gilgamesh. Otherwise, you can go to any of my other websites to read it there! . "Master, you don't gotta worry one hair on your head!" What would happen when Ritsuka summons Emiya Shirou in Chaldea? Read Remnants of a Carnival. "Lancer is practically out of mana." The Lancer once again dodged them, forced to relinquish distance to avoid being ensnared by the chains. Shirou found irony in the fact that Gilgamesh could fight for the both of them no sweat. This place is Type moon! Shirou awoke to find that Rin and Karna were out of the room that they had enjoyed time together in. I will explain what is happening after I have confirmed your safety." "Lancer, I apologize for meeting you under these circumstances." I am Illyasviel von Einzbern. Work Search: Gilgameshs eyes snapped open. The lance exploded with a demonic aura. Saber punctuated her sentence by lunging. Caster barely managed to get back, taking to the sky. The King of Heroes attempted to use the moment of reprieve to summon his greatest treasure. Karna blocked the assault with his lance, before rushing straight at Gilgamesh. His weapon met a familiar golden lance. Shirou continued his approach through a hail of sparks and shards of metal, the weapons inside Unlimited Blade Works meeting the originals of the Gate of Babylon. Gilgamesh probably does his own thing in the Holy Grail War. Shirou, you understand who is truly Master and Servant, here. Rider darted through the hail of magic, keeping his eyes purely focused on his target. He stated, before unleashing a fireball from the tip of his lance that completely engulfed Berserker. "I wish we could have had a chance to fit on truly equal footing, without the worries of our Masters." ", "I do, but it's not one I wanted to be granted by the Grail." What happened to the Holy Grail? This meant that Shirou would have to face off against Kirei on his own. A ring of portals opened up around him, forcing him to jump. "I'm going to guess you must be Rider." Archer had done his research on previous Grail Wars, and none of them ended with Astolfo winning. It wouldn't be long before she succumbed to her wounds. "Lancer? Karna recognized it as Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory. It was one of the ones that Gilgamesh had fired upon Caster. "I made far too many mistakes, and left it with a Servant who was only going to destroy herself in a quest that will only end in suffering and a foolish desire to save everyone in the world. All that had to be done was to destroy the cursed Grail. Shirou's Apocryphal Summons DONTSALTME69. As long as it meant protecting his Master, he was perfectly fine battling alongside a former enemy. There was a long silence as Shirou processed what he heard. Little did he know that this innocuous encounter would mark the beginning of a great tale of adventure, heroism, and perhaps, if he is very lucky, a little romance. Shirou said. Ishtar grants the use of the second bull of heaven for Shirou to ride, it can fly, breath fire and possess incredible strength and speed. "My name is Kama. Shirou projected a pair of swords. Astolfo found himself in a familiar flowery field. "Sorry, but I'm not dead yet!". Either hand over Astolfo, or Taiga Fujimura dies. Saber lunged at Karna, clashing weapons with him. This is the story of Gilgamesh, Gelda, and time travelers against goddesses. gilgamesh +22 more # 9. Even though I'm a weak Servant, I'll fight with everything I've got for your dream!". Now if Kid Gil was summoned Shirou would probably have an easier time. Seriously, Gilgamesh and Shirou would probably get along fine. The red swordsman he'd seen battling the spearman approached from the shattered gate of the compound. There was no way Shirou Emiya could pull that off. "I suggest you do not move during this process, unless you want the excruciating pain to only worsen. With many relationships of those who know the certain bowman and even not. Shirou and Rin decided to form an alliance for the time being, since working together would get them better results against Berserker (and possibly against this war's Saber) than working separately. He needed help. Only seven walk away from their mission unscaved. Then I will deal with the enemy. . The kings eyes closed, and he swallowed. Gilgamesh calmly walked over to Illyasviel and picked her up, before jumping off into the night. He couldn't quite place it, but he recognized something about Archer. "No, the priest did not send me. "Shirou Emiya. He was very pale, with similarly white hair. Gilgamesh growled in frustration, deciding that he had to bring out his finest treasure. An inferior collector. "I'm gonna win this for you easy-peasy! "Unleash the world's greatest calamity!". After going to the church to register for the Holy Grail War and get some more information on what was going on, Shirou began to walk back to his home with Karna and Rin. In the middle of fading away during a heartfelt farewell with Rin, Archer stopped. And even trying to use his flames didn't work, as Gilgamesh merely blocked them with more weapons. Pondering his recent discoveries in this adventure as Chaldea's Last Master, Shirou Emiya thinks about Rin and how much the Sumerian Goddess Ishtar resembles her, to an extent. A good crossover fic is true hearts of steel, it's a Nier automata crossover and it gets Shirou pretty well. There was genuinely nothing he could do right now. "Not bad." Im not confident with the range of our connection if I decide to cross half the city to intercede for innocents., Shirou had apparently guessed correctly, as the king before him exhaled a hm! in dismissal. Gates of Babylon was arguably the perfect Noble Phantasm, with the ability to strike from any angle and enough power to wound him with his armor. Gilgamesh left, not wanting to get soot on his clothes and demean himself like a peasant. Archer stepped around Shirou to dodge, going for his backside. Karna spun his lance, deflecting weapons shot off by Gilgamesh's Noble Phantasm.
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