Challenge Quest Interactions In the Challenge Quest, "Slaying of the Dragon of the Lake", you are asked after the battle what you think of demons Alignment +1 = You are beasts to be slain. the Cosmic Egg, where Dagda desires to use the egg and its many souls to recreate the universe while the other main characters want to revive the souls and destroy the egg. Tayama and Yuriko are simply mentioned in the Notes and by other characters, but make no appearance. They're very powerful and hard to get, with Merkabah and Lucifer being locked behind, Several pieces of powerful equipment only drop from the, The DLC demons (Cleopatra and Mephisto) and, A few, but the most notable is the existence of Merkabah and Lucifer, as well as Jonathan and Walter's status as part of them, respectively. New Challenge Quests are automatically added to the list as you progress through the game, rather than having to visit each individual Association bar and checking the request board. Initially, quests are given out by Samurai as a way to entertain themselves as they deal with the daily life of fighting demons; quest information is placed on a blackboard in K's Tavern, which can be received by raising one's gauntlet to the blackboard. Nanashi and his companions defeat Shesha, defeat Krishna at his base in Tsukiji Konganji, and rescue Flynn. Most bosses can be unlocked for fusion simply by defeating them during the plot. Asahi is revived in the Cosmic Egg and the Divine Powers are beaten with Flynn coming out unscathed. [6][8] As part of their development, the team looked at player feedback with their goal being to make "the number one RPG on the 3DS". (Asahi isn't one of those, since her soul's under the Cosmic Egg's captivity at the time. [8], For its Western release, the subtitle was changed from "Final" to "Apocalypse". Persona 5 came out in 2016 in Japan. YHVH. This leaves his partners shocked and depressed with no will to fight. For instance, humanity created YHVH. List of Shin Megami Tensei IV DLC (North America) Visage Pack (free) - three delivery challenge quests. It will be available for 39.99 / 34.99 at Retail and Digital, releasing on Nintendo 3DS. The name is used again here for a similar, yet even more important entity, YHVH's Universe, incorporates elements from the major boss battle theme from, the first set of bosses fought consists of Beelzebub, Lucifuge, and Lucifer. Like and Subscribe!Become a Member: Stream: Orochi is much much wasier to fuse and may even need to be fused. He does, however, have a weakness to Dark, which is now a standard damaging element. As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. This even includes things like Debilitate and Doping. During the game's final act, the giant stone in the center of Ginza turns into one when it absorbs the nine pillars collected from the Cosmic Egg. From vanity items to new quests, each DLC offers content that will enrich the demon hunting experience. In either case, Nanashi then makes his way to the heart of the egg, where Krishna and Flynn are. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. An app named "Enemy Match-Up" causes enemy mobs up to 5 levels lower than the player character to never turn aggressive. In a twist, it's revealed that they and their ancestors from the Cocoons were part of the angels experiments, revealing that the reason they turn into demons in the previous game is that they all have the Demon Gene. He has no way of dealing with immunity to, absorbing, and reflecting physical attacks naturally because of passive abilities so using armor and demons that at least null physical stop his attacks completely. Later, when the party is arrested in Mikado and stripped of all weapons and phones, he breaks everyone out of prison by summoning demons. There, Burroughs will also open up a new type of Challenge Quest akin to the Battle CDs of Pokmon XD: specific battle situations you are meant to win. Aug 3 2016 / 2:15 PM EST. Denying this faith is what allows them to have the potential to kill gods. "You're sharing a body with a real pain in the ass, Nanashi." When Gaston, Toki, Isabeau . Free shipping for many products! You can still have one of your usual partners alongside him, as he doesn't use the Partner slot. [20][23] Kemp for GameSpot praised the game for its "host of improvements to its core gameplay that immensely improves the experience of demon hunting and exploration". . [5] When returned to life, he is manipulated by Dagda and Odin into freeing Krishna from a prison made by YHVH, who forms an alliance of various polytheistic deities called the Divine Powers, for the claimed purpose of saving humanity and opposing Merkabah and Lucifer. M-DEUS. The gameplay uses first-person navigation . [17], Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse was generally well received by critics, according to the review aggregator website Metacritic. Yes, even Ghost Navarre. How does one unlock Krishna? Except in the Cosmic Egg. Shin Megami Tensei IV > Challenge Quests. Medusa also tries the same in her boss fight, and is incredibly similar to the same dialogue choice in the previous game. The old universe dies and is reborn as a new universe where humans are free from all outside influence. The game was released in Japan on February 10, 2016, and on September 20, 2016 in North America. David and Matador keep their drops from, Early on in the game, Nanashi can pick a hunter name for Asahi. "Escorting your Comrade," due to Navarre dying a humiliating death shortly after arriving in Tokyo. Dagda's mother Danu opposes him, and wants Nanashi to destroy the Egg. This eventually comes to head in. You play as a 15 year-old "Hunter" in Tokyo named Nanashi, who soon after the game starts is killed by a demon. Vishnu-Flynn also counts, especially on the Bonds route. Writing for Game Informer, Daniel Tack commented that "other than the story, not a whole lot is new" with Apocalypse. Certain abilities also effect the demon's health, magic and elemental resistances, with certain attack types either inflicting penalties or granting additional status buffs. Initially, quests are given out by Samurai as a way to entertain themselves as they deal with the daily life of fighting demons; quest information is placed on a blackboard in K's Tavern, which can be received by raising one's gauntlet to the blackboard. which is used to represent the contents of the phone's screen, Sliding Scale of Idealism Versus Cynicism, becoming the new threat to everyone in Tokyo, UsefulNotes/The Eighth Generation of Console Video Games, Shin Megami Tensei Synchronicity Prologue, Rather than taking place after one of the endings of. The Hunter's Association has bars all over Tokyo for dissemination of quests, although instead of a blackboard, the information is displayed on monitors. [6] There are multiple endings, with both of the primary endings are neutral; the game's law and chaos endings serve as abridged conclusions to the story.[7]. Not in the main game, but it certainly puts the "Star" in "Guest Star". It is the third game in the Megami Tensei series and the first in the central Shin Megami Tensei series. Among the titles that needed to be turned down were "End War" due to copyright issues and "Holy War" due to potential backlash. Dagda's ideology regarding human independence and plans to recreate the universe often place him at odds with the main party, who each emphasis the importance of working together and wish not to meddle with the recreation of the universe. "Mysterious Story of Tennozu," due to the implication that Flynn didn't finish the questline, Beelzebub ate everyone and later Arahabaki showed up to kill people being sent there for shelter anyways. The game sold approximately half of the debut sales for Shin Megami Tensei IV during its first week, which was still considered successful for a non-numbered series entry. This guide helps you complete the quest. [14] It was also released in the PAL region by Deep Silver,[15] on December 2, 2016 in Europe and on December 9 in Australia. In, Levels usually feature ladders to climb, holes to crawl through, etc. Parish praised the modifications to gameplay, while Forte noted the improvements to the game's map system. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords. While he's still a special fusion, he has no plot role, Nanashi only fights Baal and a illusion of Beelzebub, Justified, as noted a few tropes above, on account of both being, narrates Nanashi examining the rooms, finding nothing, deciding to ask the Hunter's Association for clarification, and then getting attacked, Merkabah and Lucifer on the Bonds and Massacre routes - they're genuine Final Bosses on shorter routes, but if Nanashi doesn't side with them, he learns that the Divine Powers are still active the next day. how broken the Sick status effect can be when it actually hits. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final: Directed by Satoshi Ooyama. It is the sequel to Shin Megami Tensei IV, set in a post-apocalyptic alternative world. If a demon agrees to join but Nanashi's level is too low, another demon is called in to take the first demon's place. Late-game also presents a potential inversion, especially once Nanashi gains Awakened Power. And when he. Anyways, these quests will be covered in the Shinjuku Quest Cleanup. (He is a Snake race, set Mido to search for only Snake Race and use Compendium in the search. The Soulless Army; Raidou Kuzunoha vs. King Abaddon; Soul Hackers 2; Megami Ibunroku Persona; Persona 3; Persona 3 FES; Persona 3 FES: The Answer; Persona 3 Portable; Persona 4; This frees up a lot of attacking slots for other support skills to aid the party, but can be costly if it means needing to purchase elemental bullets. Oh so very satisfying after everything Nanashi has to go through. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shin Megami Tensei IV 4 - Nintendo 3DS 2013 - Game Cart Only Tested at the best online prices at eBay! At some point in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you will be given a quest called "u have a guest". On Bonds, he's assisted by Jonathan, Walter, and Isabeau, while on Massacre, Satan is his only party member. Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Taking a nap at Lake Mikado results in reliving the first moments of. . As such it's in the gods' interest to MAKE humanity believe in their strong existence, no matter how much effort it costs, as humanity technically created the Gods and has the power to kill them as well. Dagda's gambit and Nanashi accepting to be his godslayer set in motion the cycle being broken, even in the Law and Chaos endings where the Powers and Monotheism fight on sets in a different cycle. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (Sony PSP, 2010) CIB at the best online prices at eBay! Most of the playable cast are people shouldering very weighty obligations from their superiors, which they largely resent. In the afterlife, a demon named Dagda offers to resurrect him in exchange for his service as a Godslayer. Satan temporarily resurrects Flynn's old friends Walter and Jonathan to aid them, and the group battles and destroys YHVH once and for all. Development began shortly after the release of Shin Megami Tensei IV. [1][2] The player navigates local environments with a third-person perspective, with the aid of an overhead worldmap. Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth - $60-$100. Gods and demons are incarnations of the Axiom given physical form from nature by Observation. The Cosmic Egg is very big, consisting of 6 floors, each guarded by a boss battle. the Misoka Moon phase at the end of the game, and make note of the fact that they could not when the Tokugawa Mandala is in place, you're not done with the Divine Powers after Tsukiji Honganji if you notice, The first casualties of the Massacre route are the companions who have been traveling around Tokyo with you. During the final battle of the Bonds route. The objective of this quest is to slay seven demons called Corpses. Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan - $60-$90. This Flynn is also neutral, having been killed by Merkabah as he was about to bring hope to Tokyo. Not realizing this and either neglecting Mudo spells or stones will result in a tough fight, and even if you damage him enough, he'll bring out King Frost's Smile Charge tactic. If he picks, Sukuna-Hikona calmly accepts being killed by you as reprisal for Japan's militaristic past. Satan has two unique moves. Previews: Trailer 1, Tokyo collapse animation, Trailer 2, Localization Announcement Trailer, English Story Trailer. Pick one and fuse up or down with Element race til you get Orochi.) Outside of DLC, Hope, already an extra in. This makes it more difficult to access immunities or better, which makes it more difficult to cheese bosses with a. An early bad ending. and after Shesha shows itself, he devours Asahi in the most horrible manner possible, and the most you see is her goggles falling to the floor and a pool of blood forming around it. Demons created through this method are unique and will require specific demons to create. Whenever the party is completely wiped, Dagda revives Nanashi for free, in stark contrast to Flynn having to bribe Charon with Macca or Play Coins. The Cosmic Egg hatches into Dagda's new universe, and he appoints Nanashi as its new Creator. The first, Megiddo Arc, is a reference to the Law faction's ultimate weapon in, En no Ozuno appears as the highest leveled Fiend, two of his moves contain the names Zenki and Goki, who were En no Ozuno's servants in, Much like his infamous Bonus Boss battle in the second, the Cosmic Eggs were the items needed after alignment lock. . Save, save, save! Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked - $60-$80. Challenge Quests are basically the side quests in Shin Megami Tensei IV. [8][11] Tying into the game's themes is the fact that the main protagonist comes from a far lower-class, less elite force than the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei IV. You can tell the corpses from the other demons by their color on the . Challenge Quest is a term for sidequests found in Shin Megami Tensei IV and Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse. Each quest rewards the player with an armor piece of the white samurai set. He worked on Apocalypse alongside his work arranging tracks for Persona 4: Dancing All Night. The original Shin Megami Tensei IV was released in 2013 (well, 2014 in Europe) and we were very critical of its unusually weak storytelling and characters, and its lack of gameplay innovation. Supporting Merkabah will destroy Tokyo and transform Mikado into the new Kingdom of God, while supporting Lucifer will destroy Mikado and plunge the world into anarchy. It serves as the doorway to. If Nanashi sided with Dagda, Flynn is killed in the battle and Nanashi executes Krishna. [6] Multiple staff from the original game returned, including producer Kazuyuki Yamai, character designer Masayuki Doi, and soundtrack composer Ryota Kozuka. [12], The game was first teased through the main website for Shin Megami Tensei IV: when a specific hashtag had been forwarded through Twitter 15,000 times, a rocky surface hiding the title would break and reveal its secret. The quests are sorted by locations with K's Tavern or the Hunter's Association, and when they become available. There are three bosses who break the initial level cap: The game usually plays fair regarding Smirk - Both you and the enemy can remove it using Magaon or inflicting ailments on smirking combatants. Accident rates increase when Nanashi or any fusion components are sick or dead; using Foul demons as the components also double the chances. Shesha smashing a hole in the Firmament causes this effect to stop. Gaston will sometimes jump in and steal your Press Turns to attack. That said, if you have Key Items like ID Card Lvl.2/3, and you reap the rewards from the rooms it gives you access to (like the Plasma weapons), you will of course keep those rewards. The "Explosive Epidemic in Mikado" DLC has the player fight through many waves of enemies without a chance to rest in between. After Flynn is rescued from the Divine Powers, Merkabah and Lucifer call off the ceasefire, preparing to oppose Flynn, the "false messiah". Once part of the party, demons can engage in dialogue, and grant skills and bonuses to Nanashi. Free shipping for many products! For the full endings, the Cosmic Egg also takes this role. After after Hugo is killed, Dagda notes that every single person in Mikado died along with him, which includes the children. try to take the remaining souls in Kasumigaseki after Shesha becomes the Cosmic Egg, YHVH's influence. [8] Demon designs from the previous game were refined, including the characters Medusa, Merkabah and Lucifer. He will show you all the Snake demons you can fuse. The game is a sequel to 2013's Shin Megami Tensei IV, and was released in Japan on . Afterwards, Stephen appears and explains that the new universe cannot fully come to fruition until YHVH is killed and the old universe destroyed. There are penalties imposed if a player's actions over the course of the game don't match with their final alignment choice, but it's possible (and fairly easy) to avoid the penalty by simply alternating between. To a certain extent. Further east of these two areas is the Hunter's Association, where you can heal and get more quests. YHVH's Universe has only 4 floors, but each one is so big that Flynn recommends you zoom out your map to not get lost. For example, Salvation only removes ailments if used while Smirking (functioning like a more expensive Mediarahan under normal circumstances) and Antichthon only decreases stats if used while Smirking. The Cosmic Egg starts with a fight against Odin, then fights with Baal, Apsu, Seth, Inanna, Mitra-Buddha, either Dagda or the partners, and finally Vishnu-Flynn. Sukuna-Hikona can not only be made Sick, he's, Defense Minister Tamagami, the architect of the end of the world and the one behind the Yamato Perpetual Reactor, Well, Dagda pops up in a video window to inform you that the "show's about to start." The exception to the above pattern, "A Godslayer Needs Demons", instead allows the player to purchase specialized demons that come pre-fused with great skills, even certain Famed, Undead, or Zealot demons. The alignment system has been reworked, allowing players to pick their ending by simply answering obvious questions. Nanashi opens his eyes to reveal his complete transformation into the new Creator. Final Fantasy IV was previously released as Final Fantasy II, but has been completely . Look for long-term solutions Look for long-term solutions when choosing bonuses. By the terrible spelling from the quest's details page, it should be obvious who the quest was created by. Nanashi must now destroy the forces of Lucifer, Merkabah, and the newly arrived cabal of Old Gods led by Krishna, before their three-way war obliterates what remains of mankind. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Shin Megami Tensei IV 4 Limited Collector's Edition Box Set Nintendo 3DS New at the best online prices at eBay! Nanashi himself can become this by purchasing one of the lolita outfits from the members-only store in Ginza. It's revealed later in the game that the true reason why gods are so obsessed with controlling humanity when they have better things to do is because human observation and reasoning is what dictates what is real and what is unreal. Messiahs come at different points in their games. Lost in the abyss between this world and the next, Nanashi is approached by a fallen deity named Dagda, who offers to return the young hunter to the land of the living. Partners will also never attack a boss blindly and/or repeatedly use attacks that a boss is immune to, and if they have the ability to heal, they'll prioritize healing the most injured party member. N.B Orochi is just called Orochi in Mido, and just so you know . It's Interesting because most Japanese media ( that I've consumed at least) leans heavy into the power of friendship and such and here this series is like nope , g Area maps now show where rooms containing dialogue-only NPCs are, via a speech bubble icon. The word "puppet" is also frequently used, in reference to more than one character. . Shortly afterward, Nanashi and his friend Asahi are manipulated into unsealing Krishna, a malevolent deity who intends to destroy the universe and recreate it in his own image. Nanashi joins Dagda in his goal of creating a new universe free of the sins and baggage of the old one, being chosen as the new Creator by Dagda. Nozomi, Danu, and Merkabah are associated with Red. Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse (Shin Megami Tensei IV: Final in Japan) is a Post-Apocalyptic Urban Fantasy RPG in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise, developed by Atlus for the Nintendo 3DS. Angel has always been one of the weakest demons in the franchise. Which is usually benign at best, but he may also attack enemies who nullify (or worse, drain or repel) physical attacks, and since he's attacking with your Press Turns, Danu, a character mentioned in Nozomi's side quest line back in, Antichthon and Salvation, two of the best moves in, Played with regarding Light and Dark spells. Flynn dies in the final battle with the Divine Powers and is revived as the Godslayer of Nanashi. Nanashi and Flynn every time they "die", Asahi in the bonds route, and Nanashi's chosen companion in the Massacre route. It plays increasingly urgent sirens the closer you get to Shesha. Unfortunately, Merkabah later sees through their ruse and the fake Samurai all get imprisoned. Nanashi can lead humanity to victory if he kills both Lucifer and Merkabah in a massive three-way battle. The most prominent example happens at the Ark, when Asahi starts having doubts about unsealing whatever is sealed inside, despite Odin's urgings. For instance, once Hagen has prepared Critical Eye (which telegraphs a physical attack), if the player uses Tetrakarn or raises an Attack Mirror, he will debuff the party with War Cry non-stop until the player yields. Most choices in the game come off as this, with the only thing being affected is your closeness with your allies, Averted in one of the first choices in the game: Refuse Dagda's offer to revive you enough times and you get a. Nanashi is killed at the beginning of the game, but makes a contract in the underworld with Dagda. It received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised the game's feel and quality of life changes from Shin Megami Tensei IV. Flynn leaves out of disgust as Nanashi and Lucifer head for the surface with an army of demons to raze Mikado to the ground in order to make a new kingdom from the ashes. The "A Godslayer Needs" series of DLC quests transport the player to. When the secret of Nanashi being a walking corpse comes out, Nozomi is the first to back him up and fill in the role of a Cool Big Sis. Lucifer's forces are also represented by yellow to a lesser extent. While it will reflect and end your turn, he'll counter with Concentrate and Sea of Chaos, which will allow you to pummel him with the four main elements, all of which he's weak to, do a weak attack to minimize his damage dealt - it always does the same damage to the party as the damage inflicted on him, don't use Defense or Hit/Evade debuffs once he starts using it, as any negatives on those stats after taking enough damage is what triggers it. The setting, most demons, and a large number of mechanics are carried over from the game's predecessor Shin Megami Tensei IV. Nanashi and Asahi set out to defeat Krishna and Shesha. They are also constantly active until resolved, so you can complete them in parallel with the main quests. They undergo a trial from YHVH's second-in-command Satan, and are deemed worthy to confront YHVH. Training Battle 1 is a simulation battle Challenge Quest. Quetzalcoatl, much like Ose, doesn't really have any weaknesses you would expect. [1][4] When in battle, Nanashi has a party of three demons and a "Partner", an automated companion with a unique demon roster, giving them a different set of abilities. It is made all the more noticeable by some of them stating that they would support him no matter what he chose only to then attack him moments later. I had my doubts about Shin Megami Tensei V.Since Sega's purchase of Atlus in 2013, I've felt ambivalent about the direction the series has taken. To complete this quest, you must use Tetrakarn . This page was last edited on 3 March 2023, at 02:40. The localization took their time to select a name that would give the same implications as the Japanese title while being easier for Western players to understand. Notably, skills like Debilitate and Doping went from costing a base 50 MP to 100 MP, making them prohibitively expensive to use on any demon without affinity for support skills. though there's debate over whether the final dungeon makes as much narrative sense in Bonds as in Massacre, This includes Akira/Aquila being a Messiah like Flynn, Merkabah and this version of Lucifer both serving YHVH and actually being halves of Satan, and Odin betraying Flynn. You can have both on your list, by a technicality :p. 2010 - Mass Effect 2 (my favorite series for any fictional media) 2011 - Portal 2 (probably one of the best games ever made) 2012 - Max Payne 3 (I've beaten this one close to 9 times since) 2013 - GTA V. [9][10], The story's main themes are making or breaking bonds with others, and the advent of "inevitable reality", with a key word in the story being "deicide". Stephen asks them to defeat the true enemy YHVH for true freedom. Flynn's past life saved Tokyo by creating the Firmament, but Flynn was reincarnated into Miakdo. Delivery quests are automatically active and when a quest item is received, Burroughs will inform Flynn how many are still needed. Aleph's race is Replicant, a nod to his Artificial Human status, the Tokugawa Mandala is turned on, the Terminals stop working along with the Demon Summoning Program. Merkabah, immediately followed by Lucifer. The European release was on December 2, 2016. Support partners can now be selected by the player, level up like demons, and have unique specialties like recovery, attack, and support. In order to get more quests, simply examine the blackboard (K's Tavern) or bulletin (Hunter 's Association) at their respective locations after completing certain events in the storyline. Ganesha and Berserker guard Tsukiji Konganji. The game features gameplay mechanics from previous Shin Megami Tensei releases, such as the Press Turn battle system, where players and enemies fight and exploit weaknesses, allowing either side to gain additional turns or lose them. The quests are sorted by locations with K's Tavern or the Hunter's Association, and when they become available. As of 8/26/13, the North American release has access to all of the downloadable content released for the Japanese version; it is unknown if more content will become available in the future, however it is very unlikely. *You can get demon talk quests from any demon at any time, regardless of location. . The overworld map has been made easier to navigate and read, along with annotations showing where you are and what the key locations are. As much as I like the main story bosses of Apocalypse, the quality just doe. Quests can also be received from demons through conversation; they are given out by random demons as the story progresses, and often have excellent rewards. The protagonist wears a green jumpsuit, just like the Neutral Hero of, Odin first meets Nanashi and Asahi as his old human man appearance from the quest in, The Fiends, after losing their unique moves in, When having rematches against the Fiends, they can drop unique equipment. The game features gameplay mechanics from previous Shin Megami Tensei releases, such . It even dims the icon whenever you get all the dialogue and brightens it up again when there's new dialogue. The three elderly politicians who contract you to put down the ghost of Defense Minister Tamagami are revealed to be ghosts themselves in the last quest of the chain, and ultimately commit a sort of suicide by. Shin Megami Tensei V. Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore. [2][3] The party gains experience points and levels up by winning battles and completing quests. In the final battle the group is joined by Satan through the briefly restored Walter and Jonathan against YHVH and slay Him, ensuring a long era of peace while no one sits upon the Creators Throne. You can accept these from the blackboard in K's Tavern or Hunter Associations later in the game when . The only people he has remaining by his side are a. YHVH traps mankind in a near inescapable cycle of Law and Chaos with Neutral being a minor reprieve before the cycle begins again, and mankind suffers pointlessly clinging to a false hope that gives rise to the omnicidal White. Negative skill affinities encourage players to tailor the skill sets towards a demon's favored role, rather than, MP recovery items heal much less than they used to in, Most demons' elemental resistances and skill sets have been considerably reduced, with several gaining weaknesses as well. For about two weeks during this process, the team considered dropping the game's numeral as had been done with Nocturne. Hiroshi is a man who joins up with the party for one quest. The boss music for the leaders of the Divine Powers is a remix of their cutscene theme. There are now 5 save files instead of 2. His motivation being nothing more than to have them praise Him and His glory. their next destination to advance the plot, gracefully and respecting those he underestimated, you're almost certainly going to need to reload your most recent save, they are filled with despair over the fact they have to fight you over different beliefs with Light aligned (nice) answers, Medusa's dialogue also indicates that he wasn't stupid enough to fall for her.
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