Even Nate said, I cant believe Im in this part. He tapped into the soul of [kidnapped sons father] Matthew Dodson., He was in that initial conversation with Tim it was just determining which role, says Thomas of Patrick. Thats why you guys are so successful and all the shows you do, which are fantastic. Bialy, Thomas and Russell Scott are nominated twice this year, for Dead to Me along with Handmaids Tale. Another of their shows, Better Call Saul, now has 11 acting nominations. I knew that Mary could sing. It was the soul of the actor and what [showrunner Bruce Miller] was looking for.. (photo: Mark Seliger/FOX) Welcome to tvDownload's " Ask a Casting Director ," a new series in which we talk to the men and women . You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. I recently got a perm, Sherry, and its been a real challenge. Natalie Morales, left, joined the cast of Dead to Me in Season 2 as the love interest for Linda Cardellini. Every actor that comes in, even if they dont get the job, we keep a lot of notes . Well often write notes like, Remember for BCS because theres a naturalistic approach to the acting on the show; its not showy at all. I have no history with her. Sherry Thomas Lane is on Facebook. If its somebody that we have known for a long time and we just say, not sure if its right, but just want to see if there is something there that connects the spirit of the actor to the spirit of the character, but its not right, then we can sort of move on and with respect because we know its not the perfect fit. Sherry Thomas: Ive been a longtime fan of Casey. Michael Ordoa covers film and television for the Los Angeles Times. When you work in television and when you work with really great material, you do get excited for this time of year. He felt just perfect for Bruce. When you guys watch a self-tape, how long do you spend on it until you move on. And I said, Yeah, I think its going to be really cool and really interesting. AD: Im sure you cant say anything about the final season, but Im curious if you have a dream guest actor that you think would fit perfectly into the world of the show? Showing all 1 wins and 28 nominations. Sherry Thomas: Yeah, it was. So weve always cast in a broad, worldly way. To say I was enthused was another thing. Speaking with Awards Daily, the 2020 Emmy nominees walked us through the challenges of the second season from chasing down Natalie Morales as the second seasons biggest addition to a number of high-profile cameos. Skylar is obviously a name, but hes also just a real standout, an extraordinary singer and actor., Michael Thomas Grant, who plays [rival coworker] Leif, I knew from The Glee Project, says the casting director. The Shield was my favorite show at the time, and its still in my top five. ST: I think this year is so off kilter. To see somebody with natural comedic timing who really got the nuances of the scenes and really got the multidimensional character she wasnt just reading lines. We really kind of leave it up to the actor. Elarica leads more with vulnerability, and Brandee leads more with strength. The Envelope spoke with some of TVs top casting directors about their part in helping stories get told and actors get Emmy nominated. 14.1k Followers, 269 Following, 782 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Sharon Bialy (@sharonbialy) And whats exciting for us in casting, and it keeps us 23 years later together excited about things is to try new things, and to see an actor as a whole. All rights reserved. Were just gonna have a great time.. Its good to be (Regina) King: The Oscar winner might win her fourth Emmy for her portrayal of Angela Aybar/Sister Night in Watchmen., The Doctor is in: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was a surprise choice to play Dr. Manhattan in HBOs Watchmen.. We needed him to feel younger than the other boys, other than Jack. When youre chasing after an actor with a name, you need them to trust you. Luckily he did. Sorry I had to jump in because he is very humble! Once we started to figure out that it was Jordan [Kristine Seamn], Ben was a perfect match. She had a feeling I was going to end up in casting, but I wasnt so sure at the time. As a freelance writer for me at Modern Luxury, NS magazine, Sherry pitched and wrote creative . Sherry Thomas. Follow Gold Derby onFacebook,Twitter,Instagram,Tumblr,iTunesandYouTube, Gold Derby is a part of Penske Media Corporation. Watch our video interviews with top awards contenders: directors, producers, below-the-line artisans and , Watch our lively predictions slugfests with Experts and Editors. And say, Lets try them for this.. She was shooting a movie here in LA. We ended up moving the schedule around a little bit for her through communication with her reps and our production team. Was that something you were both conscious of when originally casting him? He was a great audition, for sure, but he also really interested Luca as a person. But even with such a rsum, the highly sought-after casting director came across as nothing short of a grounded, down-to-earth individual when she sat down with Casting Networks via Zoom. Sometimes Clement will become inspired by the actors. It all kind of comes together. THE PHIL SPECTOR BIOPIC (HBO Movie): David Mamet, Writer-Director Barry Levinson, Michael Hausman, Exec Producers Starring: Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, Jeffrey Tambor, Chiwetel Eji of or (HBO) WIDOW DETECTIVE (pilot): Carol Mendelsohn, David Hubbard, Julie Weitz, Davis Guggenheim, Exec Producers I personally just do my best to be as organized as possible and stay present in the moment, taking it one day at a time. But oddly enough, on this show, because on others, we have done producer callbacks over Zoom, we didnt do any. But Thomas and Scott have been able to channel their passion into rounding out the ensemble of the second season with big name guest stars from Frances Conroy and Katey Sagal to utilizing some of the best character actors working today. Finding actors that can understand the unique tone of the show, one that balances gut-wrenching trauma with unexpected comedy, is an intricate task. Sherry Thomas is represented by the brilliant Kristin Nelson of . We can be a force of nature in our career and still want to spend more than an hour and a half with our newborn baby. Hes often the heavy for this, he was a father who had a lost son., We cast Chris in Gotham but have known him for years, says Thomas. Matthew Dodsons father is not a role he typically plays. Its also an emotional drama. Bialy says, For Better Call Saul, we have an inside joke in the office that theyre a Vince-Peter type of an actor [co-showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould]. Sharon Bialy: I think theres going to be a hybrid. We had lots of auditions. Our job is to connect with people to bring out the best performance. Were in a very different time and our priorities are a little different, but it doesnt take away from the pride of it and the love and passion we have for it. DEAD TO ME - Sherry Thomas, Russell Scott, Sharon Bialy, Alyssa Morris (Associate) At the time [we started casting], she was working with one of my best friends on What/If, and I was hearing a lot about her and how she would sing karaoke. Then, I go through my notes and consider actors that I love, as well as some new actors. Im in LA. The parameters of that character were a tall order to fill. Thomas says of the then-not-so-well-known Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, I kind of always knew Yahya was it. Of course she would have a crush on him. Darren was somebody who had this quality that was a little mysterious, obviously very handsome and surprisingly funny., We never really expected there to be a love triangle, because in the pilot Devi and Ben are just so nasty and mean toward each other. And then we pulled from that to go and seek out the right people for the roles. Despite the mega success of "Breaking Bad" at the Emmys -- including three acting wins for Bryan Cranston, a pair for Aaron Paul and one for Anna Gunn -- casting directors Sharon Bialy and Sherry . Sometimes the casting session is slammed, and you have several actors in the waiting room. It sounds like you didnt look back after the job found you. Its OK because now youll get great volume when you blow dry it. I think Chris Meloni brought so much value to that role. [Showrunner Damon Lindelof] is pretty specific about what he wants, but if he cant really explain it, hell know it when he sees it. The external is not whats important to him. The main cast may seem only six actors deep, but to the casting directors, the world was expansive. The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Barry and many, many more, they are one of the top casting offices out there. John Ennis is a character actor weve known for a long time and he was amazing as the exterminator. But what they dont realize is that not only are they watching closely, they might actually be looking straight into the actors souls. Backstage provides its members with the best tools to grow their careers in the performing arts. In a COVID and post-COVID world do you think youre job will permanently change? We ultimately will probably only send one take, unless were really questioning We dont edit it ourselves too much sometimes because the producers could come back and say, You know, theyre missing a moment, and thats exactly what was in the other take. Its all so seamless, though, that you cant see any of those divisions in his performance. Sign up to get must-read entertainment headlines and audition advice delivered to your inbox every weekday. More at IMDbPro Contact info Agent info Resume Add to list Nominated for 9 Primetime Emmys Casting just felt right for me. So, to be able to support her in a role like this, where she really gets to show what she can do as an actress and the layers and the levels that she has and that she is nuanced, is its exciting. And were really fing funny! Sharon Bialy: Sometimes well know somebody really well and have them read and literally in two lines, Im like, thats it, shes the one. Sherry Thomas, Casting Director. . For Dead to Mes second season, Scott said the main task was finding the new love interest for Linda Cardellinis character. Sign Up. Over the course of my daughters lives my oldest is going to be 12 in September and my youngest is 10 Ive probably forgotten to pick them up from school about 20 times. Samira Wiley plays Moira in The Handmaids Tale, a performance that has brought her a third supporting actress Emmy nomination. She is a positive, light person, and that carries into her portrayal of [dancer] Gidget. Liz responds to actors who arent hitting the jokes but have a sense of humor, not typical sitcom, playing-to-the-audience types you might see on traditional multi-camera shows. Shes the real deal.. I mean, that had to have been completely It was all brand new. Casting Networks uses cookies to analyze our traffic and to personalize content and ads. Mindy did, probably, because she had her on The Mindy Project. Everybody knows he is a wonderful actor. I feel like this is not in my wheelhouse, or Im not right for this at all, but wanted to come and meet you guys.. Thank God. Casting Director Casting Department Producer IMDbPro Starmeter See rank Sharon Bialy is known for Rudy (1993), The Handmaid's Tale (2017) and Barry (2018). We checked in on her, and the challenging part was convincing producers to take a chance on an actor that youre very familiar with but they might not be. We started talking with her agent, and they basically said to make sure this was the direction we wanted to go in because if Katey found out she would certainly want to do it.
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