Ursa kljuce says. Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Work Principal Lawyer @ Advocate Me Nutritionist at Serene Nature House @ Serene Nature House Senior Technical Officer @ Australian Taxation Office The outspoken lawyer, who is not averse to a few dramatics to get her point across, has blasted OCD hypochondriac bosses, police, doctors, hospital staff and others as out of line and acting unlawfully by demanding that people get tested in order to work, attend some place or receive a service. "These people have been assaulted by police. Not sure how you accumulate such booty when every case youve ever done has been pro bono. Ms Papello told the court Ms Teffaha had also breached the Legal Profession Uniform Law by continuing to engage in legal practice after her licence was cancelled and by "obstructing" the lawyer appointed to take charge of her firm's work. The debt clock at mid-day 20 Jan 2023 was $ 8,793,694,584,359. After a few drinks this cops lips wouldnt close. I strongly support an evidence-based approach and right to an informed choice. Hi. Try : Australia Act 1986 instead . Ms Teffaha was a prominent figure at anti-lockdown rallies, and had been planning to run a second, national class action for people seeking damages from pandemicmeasures such as business closures, compulsory mask wearing and what she described as "mandatory vaccination". Innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. Fascism is the opposite of this evil. VICTORIAN lawyer-advocate Serene Teffaha is fighting back against the Victorian Legal Services Board's outrageous cancellation of her law practice licence. Emails seen by The Age confirm the Victorian Legal Services Board wrote to solicitor Serene Teffaha in March to provide her with a notice of proposed cancellation of practising certificate. . (LogOut/ I want to know why Serene was deregistered. Their website gave me to understand that they are only corresponding regarding class action issues. https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2021/02/11/china-newsbrief-and-sitrep-3/ Comments. I lead and promote an evidenced based understanding of child focused issues, promoting optimal development surrounding Family Law, Child Protection and Health and Education Systems. . I am extremely passionate about social justice and have specialist knowledge in Human Rights, Public & Administrative Law, Whistleblower & Student Protections, Family Law, Tax Litigation and Dispute resolution. Mr Hassan said he had no concerns about the litigation proceeding. I am able to provide extensive support and research to People for Safe Vaccines, with a view to ensuring a balanced perspective, informed through a Masters of Education and Bachelor of Biological Science, with Behavioural Neuroscience and Microbiology majors. Report Businesss banning the unvaccinated to be sent legal warnings, Report Politicians,Influencers, Media Personalities, Celebrities and Employers to be sent legal warnings, Recommended Documentaries - Watch now Fall Of the Cabal, and the Last Europa and others. And vcat have decide to appoint a guardian to make her medical decisions. Ms Teffaha said she had never had any client complain about her. Are bills set to rise? I educate professionals and the general community on vaccination decisions in Australia. Introduction by Dee McLachlan: This is Graeme Bell's reply to the video made by Solicitor Serene Teffaha regarding moves to have her struck off the roll of solicitors. Thank you for being so on the ball! Our useless bastardised guvmint probably think the tax-payers will pick up the costs! ($502,573) for a proposed class action promoting unproven Covid-19 treatments and against hotel quarantine, contact tracing, and face masks." The implication is that Teffaha is somehow dishonest by amassing a . ADVOCATE ME NATIONAL CLASS ACTION, LOCKDOWN, Shungite for Radiation from / EMF / EMR / ADS, How to defeat the Passports Jamie MacIntyre. This will stop this holocaust dead in its tracks. For many years we lived next door to a VicPol Sgt, who even became close family friends even after we stopped being neighbours. Teffaha got on the wrong side of the Powers That Wish They Could Be Except They're Too Slow (PTWTCBETTS). Even if it is Lindsey Fox! Ms Teffaha said she intended to contest the action from the Victorian Legal Services Board. For example, she has championed the common law right to informed consent to medical treatment which has and is being violated and undermined in the name of controlling the big, scary virus. Members are seeking damages for false imprisonment, battery, assault, negligence, aggravated and exemplary damages and costs, as well as declarations that the state government and police actions were unlawful. Serene Teffaha was also behind a class action filed on behalf of Melbourne public housing tower residents subject to a hard lockdown last year. I am with you all the way, we cannot allow these tyrannical bastards to commit genocide, 3 free lookups per month. Serene Teffaha is the principal Lawyer of Advocate Me and has over 8 years experience in challenging Governments, specialising in Whistleblower protections, Human Rights & Public Law and Administration. Ms Teffaha agreed, but said other than those involved in the class action, she had no other clients because they had found alternative legal representation. CAIRNS News believes the deep state has dealt a dirty hand by using legal profession regulations and associated law to hobble one of the countrys leading freedom fighters Melbourne advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha and her practice AdvocateMe.Serenes certificate to practice law has been cancelled by the Victorian Legal Services Board, which went to the Supreme Court of Victoria on April 21 in an attempt to strip her of her legal practice and hand it, its clients and all data over to Jacob Iljuns, a partner of the establishment law firm Hall & Wilcox, which has nearly 300 lawyer partners across Australia. In Queensland the Political Parties put Magistrate Diane Singleton in jail, for crossing the Line. In their eyes we are bound by the maritime bullshit contract. Here's how likely you are to get it more than once, Charting the COVID-19 spread: Australia passes 10,000 coronavirus deaths, Man discovers two highly venomous species battling in his shed, Tens of thousands of pigs and buffalo pegged for mass culls in Kakadu, in bid to curb feral animals. I have written to her offering to chat about our work to develop Common Law Assemblies around Australia, but she has ignored me and many others who have also suggested she stop trying to work in the government system. Serene Teffaha, a senior tax technical specialist of 12 years standing, is suing the ATO in the Federal Magistrates Court under the Fair Work Act 2009, alleging eight adverse actions as a result of lodging a whistleblower complaint she was entitled to make under the Public Service Act. The real pandemic will begin when the vaccines take effect. I will leave no stone unturned to ensure justice is achieved. I understand that for many of you, you are in shock as it is the first time you are confronted by this irrational brutal adversity. Its not right, they force mum in hospital. And Deputy Chief Magistrate of the Queensland Magistrates Court Anthony Gett referred Ms Teffaha to the Legal Services Commission in Queensland during a hearing in open court. Ms Teffaha said she stood by the Family Court corruption remarks, which were earlier this year described as "baseless" by the Australian Bar Association. Dr van Diemen, who was the most senior public health official on the day of the decision, told Ms Glass she was quite terrified that we would see within a week many hundreds of [COVID-19] cases and that delaying a day would not have made a hugely significant difference. Sargent Koranflusher, the Jewish MSM tells lies, dont believe everything you hear on TV. The debt clock at mid-day 20 Jan 2023 was $ 8,793,694,584,359. Why are so many Chinese companies owned by the Chinese government? Human Rights, Public & Administrative Law, Whistleblower & Student Protections, Family Law, Tax Litigation and Dispute resolution. Please stay tuned for that. She noted that her groups strategy was different to other lawyers who we dont agree with. This lunacy has gone on far too long and it seems that it is only the man in the street being adversely impacted. restraining Ms Teffaha from representing her own client. 14 Comments. Up to 5 So which ones are best? Thanks, Wow .. the evil just goes deeper doesnt it The lawyer and her Preston law firm, Advocate Me, had been seeking clients for a class action that includes people affected by any form of detention, mandatory vaccination, business closures, residential aged care isolation, cross-border rules, contact tracing, compulsory testing and various other measures. These studies have contributed to a deeper understanding of health, and have gifted me with an insight into the spectrum of health care practices and health care consumer demands. Ms Teffaha in a video that appears on the Advocate Me website. What were seeing is employers, police, doctors, nurses have all gone mad testing. They re gonna take another four months to appoint. Change). Could Serene include this as point V11. Learn how your comment data is processed. It became apparent during the hearing the VLSB have an agenda for Ms Teffaha presented in Mr Scotters defence upon which Ms Teffaha on many occasions counter attacking credibility of the VLSB brief. But she is a trained lawyer, after all, and that is why she is unable to comprehend that she is wasting her time. I would ask a direction to have a mandatory vaccination order for all politicians, to be performed by an independent body of medics in view of the world. It is just an outrage. Also driving the testing frenzy is health departments and the CSIRO finding COVID-19 in sewerage systems which in fact is unable to infect people. Join the dots as to who lives on Sydney Harbour in multimillion dollar mansions? Graeme explains how the court committed to trial a person who had custody of a child who alleged abuse. Learn how your comment data is processed. We realise that our governments are colluding with employers and businesses to force the uptake of these bioweapons masquerading as vaccines by forcing lockdowns and making vaccination a condition of return to work. Serene is very good but she has a lot to learn about these Treasonous Political Party, Australian Courts created under the Treasonous changing of the Constitutional Definitions, in 1973 without a Referendum. Posted on August 10, 2021, in General and tagged class action, employers, Lockdowns, Serene Teffaha, vaccines. (How Italy Found Her Soul) AGREE . The impact of this has been significant. Serene countered by telling the court: The Victorian Legal Services Board doesnt want to protect them (my clients). Our Morning Edition newsletter is a curated guide to the most important and interesting stories, analysis and insights. You have the right to say no, says Teffaha, offering verbal responses. ? Victorias legal watchdog is threatening to cancel the practising certificate of the lawyer behind a class action launched on behalf of 3000 public housing tower residents who were compulsorily shut inside their homes at the height of the coronavirus pandemics second wave. Needless to say, it is not likely to arouse any fear in me ever! But we are now thinking outside of the box and we are looking at establishing and connecting as communities through cooperatives to pool our resources, skills and abilities together to create better systems. The report in The Tribune further lies about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, claiming they are unproven and neither are recommended to treat Covid-19. 14:28 Gag laws18:14 OutroWe hope you enjoyed this video. We are proud of our honesty and transparency and I will not apologise to anyone for speaking my mind and calling out bullshit when I see it. Serene Teffaha has put out an impassioned message to Australians to say no to coerced and illegal COVID testing. And His glory from the rising of the sun; This is a spiritual war for your consciousness. Governments are unlawfully pushing these agendas through employers and businesses without legitimate directions and in the absence of employers and businesses having the power to mandate medical interventions on groups of people. Serene Teffaha I have 15 years experience as a practicing Lawyer in both private and public sectors. Sign up for a free account. I have been expecting the current affairs to take effect for 5 6 years. So too was Serene Teffaha, a Melbourne lawyer who became a darling of the anti-lockdown movement after raising at least $500,000 to launch a class-action lawsuit during the city's lockdown, and. 13 thoughts on " Lawyer Serene Teffaha explains the Law re: Bio-security act - forced medical measures . 'We swear by the Southern Cross, to stand truly by each other, and fight to defend our rights and liberties'. According to documents tendered to the Supreme Court, the VLSB cancelled Ms Teffahas licence on April 14 after an investigation. I am currently working on a National Class Action challenging the illegalities around the pandemic response, a Class Action for the false imprisonment of the residents of nine Melbourne public housing towers forced into hard lockdown and managing several key whistle-blower cases. Learn more at Website: https://theinformer.tv/ Subscribe to our channel: https://bit.ly/2UfwRn5In today's video, Serene Teffaha shares with us her experience of corruption in the lower courts and family courts within Australia and the difference comes in what she sees wrong with the judiciary in the lower courts as compared to high courts.Family courts handle a variety of matters relating to the family, including juvenile matters, child abuse, custody, visitation, child support, and sometimes probate. Does the legal services board really believe that stripping a law firm of its clients and cases and handing them to a big corporate law firm will result in justice being done? Did email reveal Train family as threat to MK Ultra web of control? I have been involved in extensive advocacy work, holding roles as a Neurobiological Educator at Flast.com.au and Researcher with the Australian Paralegal Foundation. Get contact details including emails and phone numbers Judge Hampel, who served as a Victorian Law Reform Commissioner, now has the task of adjudicating her findings as you may be assured the gallery online have done. She added that the flawed PCR testing process, apart from false positives, does not give any information on the infectious nature of an individual. That Bob Hawke comment is Gold!!! MSM news on the Indian pandemic are pictures from a May 2020 gas leak. I deeply honour your courage Serene, for getting back up after being shown the door ! Very happy to see youre back up and running! Hall & Wilcox partner Jacob Uljans has been appointed by the board to manage the litigation and has taken over the operational responsibilities for Ms Teffaha's Preston law firm, Advocate Me, the board said. GG, He was probably trained by Bob Hawke in how to accumulate wealth without any visible signs of effort.Ed. Judge for yourself.Cairns News understands the class action on behalf of 3000 housing tower residents who were allegedly subjected to false imprisonment by the state will still proceed regardless of the court action. March For Serene Teffaha 1,170 views Jul 4, 2021 March for the unfair treatment and license cancellation of the people's lawyer Serene Teffaha, corruption in the family law courts must end. Sometimes crooked politicians and courts end upside-down like Mussolini. Serene Teffaha's website with contact details: Advocate Me. million verified professionals across 35 million companies. I surmise that they would then face some sort of discipline for not following this government directive! Serene Teffaha is a Principal at Advocate Me based in Melbourne, Victoria. 17K views, 259 likes, 113 loves, 134 comments, 400 shares.
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