It suggests it would be used on local drinking water, pothole repairs, senior services, homelessness, thefts and property crime, and safety at parks, schools, and public areas. By contrast, incumbent Kelly Gonez shut down Parent Engagement and Special Education committees during the pandemic. At a broader level, there is a battle for the soul of the city. Her issues include the Gold Line Train station bringing unhoused transients to the city. So far he has amassed an $893,298.29 war chest in an uncontested election, thus ensuring he will prioritize the needs of the rich that keep him in power. This, along with McKinnors track record of local organizing and policies, is why Knock LA recommends McKinnor. AD 52 covers most of NELA, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Glendale and East Los Angeles. He claims that he was demoted as retaliation for choosing to run against Villanueva. Danielle Sandoval, a former neighborhood council budget advocate, is light on policy ideas and seems to have a narrow vision of what a city councilmember can do. He grew up in Compton public schools, studied law, and currently works in human resources at Target, which might be useful in digging into the top heavy tier of highly paid administrators that cost Compton schools badly needed money. This wouldnt guarantee local businesses would win the bid, but it would move them to the front of the line. There is one Republican who hasnt raised any significant amount of money and doesnt seem to have any information of any kind about his campaign. There is no independent nomination this year. Incumbent Nanette Barragn is a co-sponsor of Medicare for All, but voted for the omnibus bill that ended COVID coverage for the uninsured, a form of Medicare for All that we got because of the pandemic. Enter your address to view your sample ballot. Select city/town from dropdown list. Mariela Salgado is back in the ring after losing the 2019 CD 1 race to Zendejas by 3,000 votes, and her top critique is one shared by several of the smaller candidates in this race Mary Zendejas has simply not been responsive or available enough to her constituency. However, because some building trades unions are part of the fossil fuel industry, often she votes against climate action, even though many voters in her district expect her to represent them, not industry. Despite some efforts to tackle climate change like cool pavements to reduce heat islands and his support of the Los Angeles Green New Deal, Blumenfield continually shows himself to be pro-police and anti-unhoused. While his Republican Party registration concerns us, his disconnection from the Long Beach political establishment might make him an effective auditor. August 9, 2022 Primary Town Ballots. Other issues concerning the form of the ballot are governed by Subchapter C of Chapter 52 of the Code. MyVote est disponible en Ingls y Espaol. Hector Delgado is a Teamsters Local 986 business representative and volunteer police officer with an undisclosed local police department. Martin Dominguez commented on the development of the Covina Bowl into townhomes and applied for a vacancy on the Covina City Council. She said she wont end the practice of handcuffing grievously injured, nonresponsive, or deceased victims of deputy violence. Voting yes means entrusting whomever is elected to decide. Former City Councilmember Gerrie Schipske previously criticized the police for their malign influence over the city when she was running for mayor. His background is not in politics, but at Boeing managing repair contracts with suppliers for the defense industry. Ballot samples can be useful and helpful for new voters. Constantine wants a first-time homebuyer program and to hold commercial landlords accountable for leaving property vacant and in disrepair, but within that seemingly good policy, he takes a shot at unhoused people. However, she refused to take any oil company money, and has actively opposed oil company bailouts. And she raised money from people at insurance companies like Blue Shield and Humana. Karen Kwak is an organizer with the Glendale Tenants Union who advocates progressive policies such as rent control, police accountability, living wages, and climate action. We recommend voting early, by mail or in person. Click on each link to learn more about upcoming elections. Estella V. Maldonado was a Dreamer under Reagan. An independent expenditure to support the Melvoin and Gonez campaigns by charter front group Kids First already spent half a million, funded by Bill Bloomfield, a businessman who is a major political investor and strong advocate of charter schools. What Does the Supervisor of Elections Do? Register to vote for the first time or update the name or address on your voter-registration record. He believes that socialism and capitalism [go] hand in hand and endorses higher wages and government spending. The Mejia campaign has the most grassroots support in the city controller race, raising more money in small-dollar donations than all of the other campaigns combined. Although prosecutors decided this arrangement might not be a violation of the law, it raises enough concern for Knock LA to not recommend voting for her. Specifically, Stern supports zeroing out the population of its prisons and jails in favor of community-based care, even to the point of openly antagonizing the powerful probation officer association. The lone Republican in this race, Mitch Clemmons, owns his own plumbing company and, according to a questionnaire for Voters Edge, he believes crime is out of control and promises to restore law and order in our communities.. Price is an Orange County prosecutor whose politics align most closely with right-wing Republicans. She supports rent control, cast the lone vote against removing campaign contribution limits, and advocates for renewable energy. The choice of the pro-cop, pro-gentrification Long Beach Democratic establishment is Megan Kerr, a school board member endorsed by Mayor Robert Garcia and Vice Mayor Rex Richardson. The M.O.R.E. Brotman and Kwak are endorsed by Ground Game LA. The other candidate, George Chen, is the councilmember who enacted a vote of no confidence against Gascn and supports a recall. No excuse is needed to vote "early" by in-person absentee ballot. Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana As of October 14, 2022, we did not find an official sample ballot image for Louisiana. She is the editor of Breaking the Chains, a feminist socialist magazine that has written extensively about the need to organize to save abortion rights, among other topics. Because of this, District 62 had a special primary election on April 5, and Pullen-Miles is now in a runoff election against McKinnor. Shay criticized the shooting of Anthony McClain and District Attorney Gascns decision not to charge Pasadena cop Edwin Dumaguindin for shooting McClain in the back. Sample ballots are populated approximately three weeks prior to each election. Oley Olsen is a retired former city councilmember. Time and time again, Gipson has shown to serve his donors over the community. Incumbent Eleni Kounalakis is a Democrat and is endorsed by former President Obama, Fiona Ma, the California Democratic Party, and local Democrat groups. Its a way to replace unionized teachers with lower-paid workers at high turnover. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. He is an immigrant and was the only renter on the council. Steve Johnson is a sheriffs deputy: if youre interested in voting for OFarrell (and if you are, then seriously, why are you reading this?! Her opponent, Greg Krikorian, is endorsed by the Glendale Police Officers Association. It not only has a record of city councilmembers convicted and sent to prison, but those councilmembers also tried to remove the city clerk who oversaw local elections. Former political director for Christy Smith, Andrea Rosenthal, certainly seems to be the choice the Democratic Party would like to go with, having received endorsements from prominent liberal Democrats and campaign contributions from most of the labor unions, but her advocacy to ensure quality affordable health care and housing are accessible to all is doublespeak for not supporting Medicare for All. She worked with stakeholders to pass a resolution asking the Metro board to evaluate alternatives to demolishing Pacoimas central shopping district for the East San Fernando Valley transit project. Kelly wants to build new multi-unit housing across the city, instead of in one area, protecting tenants, preventing rent gouging, and incentivizing new accessory dwelling units for low-income tenants. Alcantar is the clear choice. Although he is a co-sponsor of a Medicare for All bill now, he voted for the omnibus bill that ended funding for the COVID costs of uninsured people, a form of Medicare for All that we got because of the pandemic. More election information. He admitted to six campaign finance violations. William Moses Summerville, Peter Mathews, and Nicole Lopez have somewhat overlapping progressive views including supporting Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and free public college. He owns four properties and has tenants in two of them. Apply for an absentee ballot online. The district numbers in this guide reflect whats on the ballot this year. But hes still a very long shot. Questions, please call our Office and we will help you learn when and where to vote ballot you! Republican Gia DAmato, a right-wing conservative Christian that is running as an anti-communist and anti-vaxer, is also on the ballot for this race. Information specific to preparing your ballots with write-in candidates, printing the required legend instructions for party abbreviations, and procedures for uncontested candidates declared elected has been issued in Advisory 2022-27. Shes running a pro-labor, public housing, and universal healthcare campaign, plus she supports shutting down the Inglewood Oil Field. Gipson, recently asked on video about his awful climate record and fossil fuel ties, gaslighted a young community member. Enter your address. And on April 28, 2022, she voted to ask the LAPD and Long Beach PD to increase the size of their contract with Metro, instead of no longer taking money from impoverished bus riders to pay cops. Since 2018 the County of Los Angeles has been gripped in a tug of war between Sheriff Alex Villanueva and the Board of Supervisors. Commerce provides free transit, senior rent subsidies, and a fully staffed, all-inclusive resort camp exclusively for residents, paid for largely by taxes from the Commerce Casino and Hotel, the Citadel, and industry. SOSDirect: Business Searches & Formations, Sample Ballot for the November 8, 2022 General Election (PDF), Certification of Independent Candidates by County Judge (PDF), Certificate of Writein Candidacy (For County and Precinct Offices) (PDF), Certification of Unopposed County and Precinct Candidates (PDF), County Election Officials and County Chairs, Ballot Preparation and Sample Ballots for November 8, 2022 General Election, The secretary of state, for a statewide or district office; or. Banks was on the Hermosa Beach City Council in the 1970s and 80s. While PCC likes to talk about student equity, its actions say otherwise, as it ignores faculty socioeconomic equity and guts vocational programs, including graphics and ESL, which have been important for students of color. Hydee Feldstein Soto tries to present as sensible and process-oriented but is, in fact, frequently misleading and often troublingly ignorant of legal matters. The incumbent, Linda Sanchez, voted for every one of Trumps National Defense Authorization Acts. What Does the Supervisor of Elections Do? But then when transmission of the Omicron variant peaked in January, she ignored calls to even delay the reimposition of transit fares, which would increase drivers exposure to COVID. But shes certainly not an ideal candidate. Gavin Newsom is the incumbent Democrat. The LA County Bar Association rated nine of 12 deputy DAs as well qualified, but none of the female public defenders as well qualified. Knock LA believes that real-world experience with empathy for both victims and those charged with crimes is essential to prevent injustice. When then-Senator Biden pushed senators to vote for the Iraq War, Parker organized against it. Knock LA does not necessarily agree with all of Parkers positions, such as supporting Russian military actions in Ukraine. While Chase might be open to exploring alternative programs for public safety, she opposes a reduction in spending on sheriffs deputies. Viola is also an advocate for the adoption of the Peoples Budget, a community-led participatory budget that would properly fund city services and departments beside the LAPD. There are three remaining candidates in this race, after fourth candidate Gus Orozco dropped out in April 2022: Frances Ginny Gonzales, Joni Ricks-Oddie, and Raul Nario. Viola, who opposes Villanueva, was prevented from participating in the debate. Jose De Len is an immigrant and activist against air pollution from industrial facilities in Paramount. Dr. Roco Rivas is LAUSD trustee Jackie Goldbergs policy deputy. As a former classmate and transition team member of Republican-turned-Democrat Mayor Robert Garcia, she has powerful political allies in the city; but how much that will help her now that Bobby is running for Congress remains to be seen. Find your municipal clerk by searching for your name or address. } In 2021, California redrew its legislative districts based on the 2020 Census. The online sample is generated on the official website by the Texas Secretary of State, John B. Scott. Her rival, Stephen Grollnek, likely is worse: he believes that defendants are coddled, and opposes rent control and phasing out fossil fuels. Consequently, sample ballots in different jurisdictions in the same state may not be identical. Vote By Mail. By contrast, Deborah Castro is an advertising agency CEO and advocates for increased resources to the police to maintain quality of life. Like most of his liberal Democrat colleagues, he has collected some of it from energy, oil, health insurance, pharmaceutical, and telecom companies, along with car manufacturers, anti-trust-avoiding tech giants, and police associations. If you are using an electronic voting system, you will not be able to follow the party column format as it appears on the sample ballot. The district numbers in this guide reflect whats on the ballot this year. She supported UTLA during the teachers strike, and is campaigning on a Green New Deal for California, single-payer healthcare, and reimagining public safety by reinvesting in affordable housing, education, healthcare, and public transit. Cedillo has primarily distinguished himself by being one of the most corrupt politicians in LA not currently under indictment by the FBI. And his intense aversion to any kind of street safety improvements for walkers or bikers have quite literally cost people their lives. } Texas Sample Ballot November 2022. Matthew Rodriguez, among other issues, voted for Trump and supported the recall of DA George Gascn. He also refuses to support Medicare for All / CalCare. However, he has raised money from Blue Cross and Pfizer as well as major energy companies, and he voted for the omnibus bill that ended funding for the COVID costs of uninsured people, a form of Medicare for All that we got because of the pandemic. Prior to that time, view offices in the election. Hes running unopposed, but even so, he deserves your vote. Hes self-employed in the insurance field. These sample ballots are 14" PDF documents. Welcome to the Oklahoma State Election Board's OK Voter Portal (OVP)! . Instead, you must list the party affiliation (or Independent) to the right of each candidates name. The incumbent, Diana F. Craighead, supports the districts cautious approach and commitment to following state and local guidelines on COVID. While she demonstrated some fairly progressive ideals in the Long Beach Posts Compare Your Candidates interview series, an absence of prominent or even available campaign materials implies that she may not be a viable candidate. He has continued to organize in the community, working with groups such as Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles. There are two other Republicans and one conservative independent who have respectively earned a fraction of what Brownley and Jacobs have, and they are unlikely to win. Note: The RR/CC does not conduct all elections in Los Angeles County only those listed on this page. Among the short-term candidates, besides Padilla, Dan ODowd is running as a single-issue candidate on making computers safe for humanity and preventing cars from operating in full self-driving mode. Kennedy stated emphatically to rent control organizers that he believes the rent control measure they wrote with public interest lawyers is flawed, though he did not say why. Put it all together, and the city attorney could be a progressive powerhouse, if anyone thought to use it that way. Please select your prefered language. Also running are anti-vaxxers Gentille Barkhordarian and charter school teacher Tracey Schroeder. Asam Sheikh wants to replace MHF at the refinery and require police to undergo extensive training, especially about diversity. So here you can find detailed information on Sample Ballot by Zip Code 2022. We also have these handy voter guides by Los Angeles neighborhood. Hes an educator and a school district executive. In 2021, California redrew its congressional districts based on the 2020 Census. This tax would be collected from guests staying fewer than 30 days at the time of rental. return false; George Yang is a right-wing goof.Marco Amaral supports public education and increasing teacher salaries. Unfortunately, she shared posts on social media that were extremely problematic. The online sample is generated on the official website by the Texas Secretary of State, John B. Scott. Avalon has a relatively small tax base centered mostly on hotels and restaurants. padding: 5px 10px 5px 10px; He consistently raised money from individual contributions. Incumbent Democrat Miguel Santiago is running unopposed. John Quaye Quartey is a naval intelligence officer, touting his military experience on his website. Apply today! Attorney Sam Yebri is so pro-cop, CD 15 councilmember and former LAPD officer Joe Buscaino endorsed him. View Your Ballot. sample ballot by zip code 2022. Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who campaigned as a reformer and defeated incumbent Jim McDonnell in 2018 with the help of the LA Democratic establishment, has turned out instead to be vicious, corrupt, and toxically reactionary. The most prominent Democrat, Christy Smith, has the support of some large unions and has many endorsements from establishment California Democrats. February 28, 2023, Special Election Sample Town Ballots. This years vote may as well be a yes-or-no referendum on progressive Westside values. Irwins record of not voting for several justice reform bills precludes Knock LA from recommending her. Villanueva has displayed a consistent pattern of misogynistic language, such as when he said the [all female] board of supervisors need to be taken to the shed and beat until they do their job. He created a special task force to harass his political enemies. He is willing to let his deputies do despicable things without discipline. if (e.keyCode == 83 && (navigator.platform.match("Mac") ? Lamar is running on a campaign for rent control and affordable housing, public safety accountability, and workers rights. Now, both Villanueva and two of the supervisors seats are up for election. Porter has not taken any money from police associations, insurance companies, medical or pharmaceutical interests, charter schools, or energy companies. disabledEvent(e); Ballots are not yet ready for this election. Alton Wang is challenging incumbent Anthony Fellow. text-align: center; Democrat incumbent Jacqui Irwin is running against two Republicans. Abramson is a renter, a rare distinction as over 80% of elected officials at any level, from municipal to federal, are homeowners and more than a quarter of members of the California State Legislature are also landlords. Note: Quirk-Silva was elected to AD 65 in 2020 under the old district boundaries. Incumbent Todd Rogers is a retired sheriffs deputy who has a tough on crime reputation, while the challenger, Michelle Hamlin, is a religious homeschooler who opposes mask mandates. Examples from 2021 include SB 731 to remove old convictions from records, AB 503 to end indefinite probation for youth, and AB 937 to end transfers of prisoners to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The incumbent from Los Angeles County, Tony Vazquez, is a former Santa Monica mayor who was one of the early endorsers of Bernie Sanders for president in the summer of 2019. Electing a leader is essential for a country to supervise overall welfare. disabledEvent(e); //--> When Did Elvis Date Sheila Ryan, Us Involvement In The Boxer Rebellion, Fargate Docker In Docker, Stabbing In South Shields Last Night, Articles S