We did end up getting a few Christmas presents, and I am thrilled with my new Scarf Magnets (see first vendor listed below)! Thank you. The Northeast's thriving sheep industry is showcased and celebrated each year in the family-friendly Sheep & Wool Festival on October 15 & 16, 2022.. Photo by @dutchesscosheepwool. Love your blogs colour and joyfulness and the inspiring leads, Polly. This blog is upbeat, progressive, sincere, colorful, metaphoric, and exploratory. I feel such gratitude for the beautiful way in which you express God. I find the ideas you share on your blog very encouraging in having a sense of order when it comes to goals and priorities. Will we be late returning? Thats what we went to this festival for, and it gave back in spades, as you can see in the photos in this post. Id love to take up wet felting, but with a pottery studio so slowly in the works, I need a whole new outlet like a hole in the head. 845-756-2323. October 15, 2022 - October 16, 2022 . Add to calendar (Google) Duration of the event: 2022/8/2728. It was great to be able to spend so much time outside and run into so many old friends. Thanks. Oh my goodness Polly, this is absolutely magnificent and reaches so far deep into my soul. I love seeing them. If sheep are more your thing, check out our Shepherd Seminars. Thank you for sharing the joy of your trip with us. . This is one of the BEST explanations of ones understanding of God I have seen in a long time. We got there early enough to see the very beginning of the line at the Mulberry Street gate. Lets all have a productive day and be joyful! It poured on Thursday and Monday, but Friday through Sunday was perfect. The Festival is held at the immaculately maintained Dutchess County Fairgrounds and features weathersafe buildings as well as pathlined grassy outdoor areas. I just had to comment on todays blog. Thank you for bringing your hydrangeas into my home via the internet. What a breath of fresh air!! Your blog is bursting with poetry, art, writings, love of God, family, friends, all things great and wonderful and good! Five Fall Patterns with Tips from Patty Lyons' Knitting Bag of Tricks Oct 5th, 2022 . For a complete listing of local area hotels and motels please visit the Dutchess Tourism website. Yes, healing does happen when we deeply and humbly pray. Knitters, sheep breeders, wool spinners. Thank you for your blog Polly. Bless your precious and beautiful soul for sharing this. My mouth was watering! I have tremendous admiration for your strength, your depth, your compassion, your passion and your love. I am so happy to have found your site and to be able to enjoy your expression of Spirit! You are a blessing to many! Well be staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Poughkeepsie, where breakfasts will be included. I can't believe Rhinebeck (the New York Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York) is just a month away! What not to bring What a fine piece! Once registered, there are no refunds. Theyll be selling everything a knitter needs including yarn, needles, and project bags, as well as finished items including fleece blankets, wool slippers, and vests. Hilarious! There are options in the pattern for short sleeves, long sleeves, and different body lengths, so we think there's a combination there for everyone! . Sign up with your email address to receive news and updates. If you can't make it to the festival, we invite you tosign up for our newsletter mailing listto receive first notice ofour online specials. Studio Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm EasternOur dye studio in Mountain City is a workspace only. Polly! Helen Frankenthalers works were interesting, but I like your abstracts better. Thanks, and keep on keeping on! It is very appropriate for our times. Polly, I needed you today and there you were and it was enough. Thank you for your commitment to reality and our true nature! This speaks to me. These photos are so wonderful, it really warms the heart. Especially separating church from a building or denomination. Way to go on your artistic journey. Prior explicit permission is required, however, for any portion of Polly Castors photographs, art works or writings to be otherwise copied, reproduced in any way, re-blogged or downloaded (Contact Me Here). MAP:6636 Route 9, Rhinebeck, NY 12572 I love your coffee cake recipe, I have a book list from your blog, I love the photos, the poems, the paintings, the movie reviews, the humor, the honesty, the color. I for one want to thank you so much for writing this blog. Plan ahead and find the vendor who has what you need online Dutchess Fairgrounds 6550 Spring Brook Avenue Rhinebeck, NY 12572. some very funny but always with love. We weren't able to go this year again on Saturday, but maybe it was a good thing, since they . This couldnt possibly be more perfect, so reassuring, and so fully expresses in every way what we all are praying for. We'll be there in our usual spot at the back of Building C, booths 31-32, with lots and lots of our favorite yarns for you to shop in person! I read and feel the security of the hearth and home. What if I have to cancel? Please dont steal my work. If you can't make these sessions, please feel free to email us at FlyingNeedlesYarn@gmail.com with your questions. In 2021, you'll be able to come and visit us in Building 31, Booth 21 at the Duchess County Fairgrounds for the New York State Sheep & Wool Festival. Be the first to learn about new classes, patterns, special discounts, and exclusive first looks! Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival, Tunbridge VT. October 21st & 22nd, 2023 New York State Sheep & Wool Festival, Rhinebeck NY. Mom and dad can opt for the specialty food and wine tastings and cooking demonstrations. I loved Bonnies Beasts flower birds. Thanks to all who came to get their book signed! They will do this in front of an audience in a timed competition, Johnson said. Polly lets her spirituality into her art as you can see in the many abstract paintings she creates. Polly, I am absolutely amazed. I love it! I will continue to benefit. #sheepandwool2022 Other attendees just come for a day of family fun, or to see the animals or many competitions the festival hosts like Sheep to Shawl, Johnson said. Your art, your poetry, your philosophy, your religion, your book reviews, your photography, your husband! I cant tell you how helpful this has been to me today. 37 were here. As . A wonderful poem Polly! It also works with a variety of weights, due to personal gauge differing for everybody (for example Maya's version was done in a DK-weight). And to top it off, theres great fair food in the food court. Excellent post, dear Polly! And while last years event was in person, ticket sales were limited to around 10,000 and there was only half the number of vendors, Johnson said. Menu. RHINEBECK 2022 - FlyingNeedlesYarn. The NYS Sheep & Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, NY is going to be VIRTUAL for 2020. You are an inspiration! Days/Hours Open: Sat 10am6pm, Sun 10am5pm. New York Sheep & Wool Festival. Layers are best. If Rhinebeck cancels for any reason, all monies paid toward attending in-person will be refunded. For more, here is a New York Times article, Young Knitters Discover a Decades-Old Wool Festival, sharing the younger generations perspective at the Sheep and Wool Festival. You are a Creative Genius, Polly. I started about a year ago and look forward to reading it every day. Thank you for getting it out there. I love the photos such a gift which makes me feel closer to Fall, my favorite season. We are so blessed with your access to nature and your talent to communicate visually. If you purchase entirely Ready-to-Ship skeins, those will ship out within 3-5 business days (but definitely faster if we can manage it ). I am deeply grateful! Thank you for sharing such a personal, and at the same time, universal, love of beauty. All of your work is eye and mind popping. Thank you so much for your beautiful heart! This is a group to chat about the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival. Thank you! Follow these Tips . Thank you for bringing your beautiful great outdoors into my world. Very clear truths. For any of you out there who have outstanding questions about this upcoming trip, we will be hosting Q&A Zoom sessions to get your inquiries answered. This blog deeply resonates while being beautiful, delicious, inspiring, and fun. 34th Annual Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival - October 1-2, 2022. . Blocking a stranded colorwork project can hide a multitude of tensioning sins, so if you are feeling unsure or uncomfortable about your tension, we would suggest using a non-superwash yarn like Feederbrook BFL. And I have to say, the natural fiber-loving people that were at this thing were marvelous! shadows. And a sure wake-up call for me regarding mortal decline. Thank you Polly!! Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. New Location for 2022 - now in the Bingo Hall. Polly.Im happier because of you; I sure do thank you. Thats what you really do! However, you can transfer your trip to another person (any monetary transactions are your responsibility). The colors are exquisite!!! You are such a gem Polly- it is an incredible blessing to daily read your blog! Can I bring snacks? Thank you so much. This is absolutely wonderful and so helpful. Jillian Moreno, Esther Rodgers, Kira Dulaney, Alasdair Post-Quinn, and Kristen Walsh - for teaching virtually for our second annual Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival Winterfest. We were wowed by her ability and her encouragement of others to express themselves artistically. Its in the program, too. Enter your email address to receive advance notice of our classes, events, sales, and more at The Endless Skein delivered to your inbox. Thank you. All we need is their registration information. Thank You for sharing your innermost so openly. I enjoy your strong, bold artwork there is so much going on in them that my imagination takes off. It gave me much to think about. We REALLY lucked out with the weather. Oh my gosh how did you know I needed this today? Todays post was a Gift from God. ????? Thank you! Thank you! This poem really hit home. We hope that youll join along with all three of our little companies and share in our journey of creating our Rhinebeck sweaters this year. From Oct. 14-17, 2022, we are headed to upper New . Beautifully written, Polly captures my sentiments exactly.. 200 North Street. I do knit some, but already have a stash that will outlive me, so I bought no more yarn, preferring to photograph it. All of our Dyed in the Wool is Ready-to-Ship (ships in 3-5 business days). Staged at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, New York, The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival is a weekend-long affair, themed around fibrous animals and the products derived from . Rhinebeck Sweater KAL 2022. You do a great job taking pictures. It is always refreshing to see the loves, joys, challenges, and triumphs that you share on your blog. Search our online vendor list by keyword to discover who has those special needles you like, etc. Can I request to share my room with someone? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This is our 5th annual Rhinebeck collaboration and is our ultimate celebration of friendship, joy, and of course knitting! Lines can get long for food, so prepare to handle the young hunger pains with some simple snacks until the great festival food splurge finally happens. Workshops August 18-22.. This blog is a daily dose from an spiritually-oriented, artist, thinker, sage. Thanks for keeping that idea alive. The Brussels sprouts were an exceptionally BIG hit here. To join this free KAL, all we ask is you purchase your yarn from our shop! I am one of your readers who definitely looks forward to a positive message from you every morning. We're disappointed and so sorry that we don't have a vendor to provide this service in 2022. Thank you for writing this opinion so eloquently, Polly. Dietary restrictions? You inspired me to do the same thing. Workshops. INFORMATION MAY CHANGE. Keep up the good work. To purchase yours, click here. Your colorful art, your beautiful photography, your tasty looking and well presented dishes, your uplifting ideas, your insightful book reviews, and your wonderful healing work! I encourage authenticity, nurture creativity, champion sustainability, promote peace, and hope to foster a new renaissance where we all are free to be our most fulfilled, multifaceted, and terrific selves. You are who you are. I love reading your blog with its many insights. How blest you are to be a poet, photographer, artist, metaphysician, all wrapped up into One. Without a doubt my life has been enriched and uplifted by my acquaintance with you through your blogs. In October we will have photo ops, both here at the store and at the Sheep & Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, to . All that color, texture & gorgeous pattern. Fiberuary Day #22 - Where in the World In J . Illuminating thoughts, thank you for sharing them. The Flying Needles invites you to pack your bags and join us for a ROAD TRIP to the US's largest Fiber Festival the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck! I must have one when I get our next kitten, which is going to be soon, I can feel the need building. Back Rhinebeck 2022 Alpenglow KAL Quill Tee Lace & Fade Boxy Grapefruit Pink Lady Illuminate Sweater Baltian Sweater Cabin Life Cardigan Fonda Sweater Sparks Socks Sparky Pullover Spark & Spice Cardigans Throwover Sweater . Who will leap the highest? I love it! Loving and expansive. Were so excited about this years Rhinebeck Sweater Collaboration with Andrea Mowry, Spincycle Yarns, and Magpie Fibers! Harmony is going on all the time; weve just got. . (Customer loyalty points cannot be accrued or used for The Flying Needles special events.). Polly, thanks for amplifying good. Find out why this event draws 30,000 visitors from across the country to the lovely village of Rhinebeck and the Dutchess County Fairgrounds! I love the vitality of the city scenes and vibrant color palette. 6550 Spring Brook Ave., Rhinebeck, NY 12572, PLEASE CHECK BACK PERIODICALLY FOR UPDATES. I love your swirling universes, the spirals that draw one in and introduce us to ourselves. Polly this is absolutely exquisite and so inspiring. August 4, 2022. Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival (Photos). Yes!! Wow, you outdid yourself this month with your Bits and Clips. Helps a lot! This is absolutely beautiful and so incredibly helpful and inspiring! I just love your photos, Polly. I love color, texture, beauty, great ideas, nature, metaphor, deliciousness, genuine spirituality, and exploring new territory. This is an Equal Opportunity Program. Help bring us to Zero Waste. Doing it again this year too! What lovely Soul-inspired insights! Deep and encompassing. Rhinebeck, NY. Thank you for the blessing of community that you provide. We're here to help, so let us know and we can find your perfect (yarn) match! Be conscious of others and consider parking them outside of the vendor buildings while you shop inside so they dont block the narrow walkways in between booths. our only true peace is in pleasing Our Creator! 375. Thanks so much for this recommendation Polly. I am glad I came across these beautiful words. Polly, your reflection of Souls endless creativity is truly wonderful! . Parking FREE Indoor + Outdoor Booths If you're like us, you're excited for the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival 24/7, 365. We love people-watching, and seeing all of the amazing finished (and sometimes, almost-finished) pieces that people wear around the grounds. I really appreciate your blog. Bringing snacks is encouraged! More and more brand-new knitters/crocheters are joining people who have been knitting for a lifetime. I enjoy your blog so much. And don't worry, the other three most definitely aren't losers - we've stuck them firmly in our queue to make at a later date. It is uplifting and energizing to see such bright, cheerful, healthy and fresh images. Though she didn't make her first version with store yarn, she will be joining along our KAL and making one from the endless possibilities we've got in stock! last week of march is our annual maple festival, our farm studio is also open thruout the year by appointment. RHINEBECK, N.Y. Up to 30,000 people are expected to flock to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival returns in full force. Or asking around in the knitting community with my photo. The Zoom link for that one is:https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82107357783pwd=VzZjZXZFVTVmSkE5emtJUmo3dWpuZz09Meeting ID: 821 0735 7783Passcode: 607110, The third will be Saturday, Sept. 10, at 1 pm. THE DUTCHESS COUNTY SHEEP & WOOL GROWERS WELCOME YOU TO THE NEW YORK STATE SHEEP AND WOOL FESTIVAL. X x x. I love all the colors and this food looks amazing! This is a fantastic article Pollyso much in it, I know Ill have to re read it at least twice more! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Please click below to make a donation via PayPal. Thank you for Saying So Well What Needs To Be SAID! THANK you for sharing so abundantly! could you direct me to more literature on spiritual healing? The cider donuts were delicious and the leaves were at peak color. We will provide full refunds in the case of an in-person event cancellation. You capture so vividly the beauty of nature. Right now, masks are a requirement to ride the bus. Inaugurated. You brighten my life with your thoughts, views, words, pictures. Feel free to use the "Print" button provided to utilize Polly's recipes for personal use. RHINEBECK, N.Y. Up to 30,000 people are expected to flock to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday as the New York Sheep and Wool Festival returns in full force. The one the only New York State Sheep & Wool Festival is next weekend, October 15 & 16, on the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in Rhinebeck, NY. You are an inspiration! Neat! The First Annual Wool & Folk Festival brings together top yarn and fiber dealers and doers to share their wares, celebrate all things handmade, and commune in beautiful Kingston, NY to the sounds of . Really beautiful, very hope filled. Thank you so much for this wonderful insight! The vendors are a mix of first-timers and long-timers, Johnson said, adding that there are 22 to 23 new vendors this year. Thank you! For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes. Not feeling any of those options? Oh how I love this! Our weekend also included three bonus events Cakepalooza, Wool \u0026 Folk and Jill Draper's Open Air Studio. This festival isof courseall about fiber, so there are always a wide variety of sheep, bunnies and camelid breeds in attendance, AND there are always sheepdogs! Love you! Did you attend this years New York State Sheep and Wool Festival? Im so grateful for all you share with us. Fab will celebrate with extended hours 10am-7pm THURSDAY-SUNDAY or EMAIL FAB to arrange special early/late visit. I love your blog. The bus will take us all to the festival each day and bring us back to the hotel. No Mobility Scooters or Wheelchairs for Rent this Year! I feel like an armchair adventurer. Love the photos, as usual. Im off on a refreshing direction. You are just plain wonderful, Polly! Their Poughkeepsie phone number is: 845-462-5555. The photos speak volumes tooand I see the connections with the poem perfectly. The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival is an annual gathering of fiber-arts enthusiasts in the United States that draws approximately 30,000 visitors and more than 300 vendors. Knitters will appreciate the multitude of yarns and dyes available, and fashionistas will swoon over the hand-crafted wool clothing, fleece coats, and angora scarves. Gr8 Gingham Raglan- finished garment measurements:(36.5, 40, 43.5) 47.5, 51, 54.5 {58, 62, 65.5}, with suggested 3-9" positive ease. YOU are invited to join us! Want to learn, Copyright 2006 - 2022 Patty Lyons. like a bird, natural and beautiful, just singing out truth in her special song on a fine winter morning. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Yes, quite something to contemplate. The festival, which dates back to 1980, was a virtual-only event in the fall of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Need some color inspo? Thank you, Polly!! Im grateful for having been able to spend so much time outside: being in the bright sunshine, seeing friends, marveling at the fall colors and ooh-ing over adorable animals. Im sharing your joy in our Source. Staff Writer Pamela MacKenzie: 908-243 . The image paired with the text was spot on! Thank you, too, Angela Muller, for your fabulous and informative lecture. And I sure do thank you for inspiring me to greater efforts along all lines of life! Im so grateful to be able to enjoy all you so generously share on your blog, the colorful photos, the recipes, the art works, the insights, the book reviews and so much more! Your talent is incredible!!! Quite unforgettable. I'd heard of it for the last three decades but had never been as there were always competing events on this prime October Weekend. Thank you for your a beautiful heart and generous giving of it!! We took a vote in our newsletter and let you choose your favorite of the four, and you decided on (drum roll please)Gr8 Gingham Raglan! Oh yum, Polly These gorgeous photos made my mouth water and my eyes pop! Love it. Should anything happen to you on this trip, we require a contact name & number for emergencies. Click the "Shop Now" button and a percentage goes to support this blog. You have put into words what so many of us have in our minds and hearts. Thanks, Polly! We pull out at 7:30 am on Friday, Oct. 14, and return around 5:45 pm on Monday, Oct. 17. Your interpretation is helpful for my thought and Im sure many others. Thanks so much! Do you have any contact info for the felted cat bed vendor that you could pass to me?- Dawn. Very helpful in these seemingly uncertain times. Should you have any additional questions, please call us at (757) 345-3655. There are scooters for rent at the bus entrance. You can always snag a sweatshirt in our Souvenir Tent Snacks for kids Our friends at Spincycle Yarns were kind enough to get us a good shipment in before Andrea launched the Alpenglow Sweater! Thank you for your burst of sunshine reflected in your positivity this morning I look forward to your blogs. Poughkeepsie NY 12601. With its awesome art, recipes, book reviews, and really excellent writing, this blog is the perfect corner of the internet. Saturday and Sunday in Rhinebeck. Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm. Your zest for the good things in life makes me feel happy too! I had so much fun during the amazing Rhinebeck weekend.
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