Gp Capt I D N Lawson, 29 Oct 1962 Gp Capt J B Tait, 12 Oct 1944 a RAF officer commanding the RAF Support Unit, xx xxx 1950 Gp Capt A D Selway, xx Jan 1954Gp Capt N C Walker, xx Jun 1954Wg Cdr H Simmons, 1 Jun 1937 Gp Capt C S Moore**, 4 Mar 1945 Gp Capt T C Musgrave, 6 Jul 1962 Gp Capt J V Marshall, 12 Jul 1941 SHQ Opened, 16 May 1938 It also provided facilities for aircraft being ferried overseas. Gp Capt F E Nuttall*. 47 Squadrons. Gp Capt D B Symes, xx xxx xxxx The newer J model aircraft worked side by side with twenty-nine refurbished C-130K Hercules flown by 47 Sqn. Gp Capt L M E Jarman, xx xxx xxxx Gp Capt R M Coad*, 21 Jan 1946 The re-development was planned to be undertaken in a series of phases, construction beginning in 2014 and completing in December 2015, with the first units arriving and the start of training taking place in 2016. Gp Capt F E Nuttall*, 27 Jan 1944 Gp Capt G V Lane*, xx xxx 1945 Gp Capt A N Wise, xx xxx 1993 46 Group RAF (46 Gp), was its main airfield in the south, and as well as sending its own aircraft overseas, acted as the clearance airfield for planning, diplomatic clearance, customs and briefing purposes for transport aeroplanes from other stations flying abroad. Flt Lt/Sqn Ldr F L Rees*, xx xxx xxxx U.S. pilots. Gp Capt C A Watt, xx Sep 1953 Gp Capt C E Barraclough, xx xxx 1943 Gp Capt P H Cribb, 29 Mar 1943 Gp Capt P G Penney, xx Nov 1989 To extend the route from Gibraltar to Malta the squadron also operated the Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle. [15], A parade attended by Princess Anne, the station's Honorary Air Commodore, was held on 31 May 2011, to mark the departure of No. Gp Capt E A C Britton, xx xxx 1946 [Online]. Wg Cdr D D Rogers, xx xxx 1955 Wg Cdr A D Pryor, xx Apr Sqn Ldr S J Gilbert*, xx xxx xxxx Get an account to remove ads View More Real-Time Extremes Nation State Region. Wg Cdr A Shaw*, 7 Mar 1945 Officers shown in Italics indicate those who Please post movements and activities to do with RAF Waddington here. Gp Capt P W Jamieson, 1 Feb 1965 Gp Capt D C Vass, xx xxx 1999 The memorial commemorates the RAF's use of the nearby station for over 70 years. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Gp Capt A H Wheeler, 25 Mar 1968 21 Oct 1943 Wg Cdr G F Rodney*. Gp Capt N E Hoad, 3 Jan 1969 A dispersal area called a "Dispersed Airfield" was built so that four Avro Vulcan or Handley Page Victor aircraft could operate from a self-contained base within Lyneham.[6]. Inactivated on 16 Jul 1993. Lyneham's first runways were constructed during 1940 and 1941, the longest being 4,375ft (1,334m), the other 3,542ft (1,080m). Wg Cdr H G Smart*, 1 Oct 1935 However, King George V officially dedicated the base Oct. 19, 1934. Wg Cdr R G Harman* (Temp), 3 Jul 1942 Sqn G V Lane*, 14 Apr 1937 [26], The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers also have their corps headquarters on the camp. Gp Capt P Walker, 7 Dec 1984 Gp Capt C W Dixon, 18 Dec 2004 Gp Capt U L Burberry, 23 Jun 1972 Sqn Ldr W de H Waller, 1 Dec 1934: 2 Mar 1944 Gp Capt T T Jones, xx Jul 2018 The Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Adam Ingram MP announced on 4 July 2003 that the RAF's air-transport and air-refuelling fleets would be consolidated at Brize Norton in order to make best use of airfield capacities and the defence estate. Gp Capt J F Griffiths*, 30 Apr 1945 Gp Capt R A A Cole*, xx xxx 1948 Gp Capt F S Hazlewood, 2 Jun 1967 Gp Capt D L Attlee, xx Jan 1970 Gp Capt E B Fielden, xx xxx xxxx ; Gp Capt A McK S Steedman, 1 Jan 1965 Flt Lt H S Scroggs, 5 Jan 1931 Gp Capt J Norwood***, xx xxx 1943 Flying Training Command returned to the Station with No 204 AFTS in August 1949, then left in June 1950. 2006), 25 Aug 2006 If no further RAF or wider defence use could be identified for Lyneham, the site would close and be disposed of by the MOD. Hampstead Norris (Satellite of RAF Harwell - 15 OTU), xx xxx xxxx Gp Capt G M Maloney, xx Feb 1976 Gp Capt R B Maycock, 1 Jul 1935 Gp Capt R A Miller, 18 Sep 1978 Gp Capt D St J Homer, 27 Feb 1980 Gp Capt A Mumford, 14 Jan 1983 Gp Capt N Brewerton, 23 Feb 2001 WikiZero zgr Ansiklopedi - Wikipedia Okumann En Kolay Yolu . FOR SALE! Wg Cdr D C Deeble, 24 Mar 1942 24 Jul 1945 Part of an expert team providing intermediate avionics repair and modification support concerned with issues and modifications that are too complex or detailed for squadron engineers; mainly in. RAF Lyneham received the first of 25 brand-new Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules on 23 November 1999, to be operated by XXIV Sqn and 30 Sqn. Gp Capt S P Hagger, xx Apr 1956 Wayne Dodden SAC Served from 1983 - 1989 Served in RAF Lyneham Pete Weller SGT Served from 1969 - 1993 Served in RAF Lyneham John Hammerton C/T Served from 1958 - 1982 Served in RAF Lyneham Jon Medhurst CHF TECH Served from 1976 - 2001 Served in RAF Lyneham Graham Paul Jones Gp Capt A S Burns, xx Aug 2016 Gp Capt K P Lewis*, 1 Aug 1945 P Martin, xx Apr 1967 Gp Capt J D Bullen, xx Apr 2000 21 Dec 1936 [22], The new regimental headquarters of the REME was officially opened on 11 March 2016 by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and given the name The Prince Philip Barracks. Gp Capt S Duffill, 28 Mar 2002 Gp Capt J Noakes, xx Sep 1942 47 Squadron RAF (47 Sqn) were transferred from RAF Fairford, followed in September by No. 27 Feb 1943 xx Apr 1943 Shop Full Width; Shop With Sidebar; . Photo: RAAF By Dave O'Malley Along [] A/Cdre J N Boothman, xx Jul 1943 Gp Capt H J Dodds, xx Jul 1957 3/4 Zoll) im Durchmesser. Wg Cdr I G Maxton, xx xxx xxxx Sqn Ldr W G Dreschfield, 7 Jan 1946 Gp Capt E A Healy*, xx Sep - 27 Oct 1941 Gp Capt A King-Lewis, xx Oct 1946 57 (Reserve) Squadron RAF (57 Sqn), and moved from the old airmen's hutted accommodation into a new building. Wg Cdr G W Roberts, 12 Aug 1935 [10] LXX Sqn stood-down on 8 September 2010,[11] but reformed in 2014 at Brize Norton, as the first Airbus A400M Atlas squadron, to be followed by 47 Sqn. Lt Col Measures, xx xxx xxxx Sqn Ldr C M Crowe*, 3 Sep 1942 [17][18] A ceremony, attended by Prime Minister David Cameron, was held at Brize Norton on 31 August 2011 to mark the formal transfer of repatriations from Lyneham. 246 Squadron RAF (246 Sqn) in 1944. Wg Cdr A H F Murphy, 26 May 1950 Gp Capt W A Griffiths, 25 Nov 1963 [Source: RAF Lyneham. Gp Capt E P MacKay*, xx Oct 1943 Gp Capt J K Wheeler, xx xxx 2000 No. The squadron then re-equipped with the Hastings and in 1957 the squadron moved to join other operators of the Hastings at RAF Colerne. Gp Capt R G Wilson, 19 Jan 1968 Gp Capt R F Hitchcock **, 12 Feb 1971 Wg Cdr A J Douch, 23 Feb 1980 Gp Capt P F M Fellowes (Sup, Royal Airship Works), 25 Nov 1936 RM G6A8KK - Prime Minister Tony Blair with his wife Cherie talk to Station Commander RAF Lyneham, Gp Capt. Wg Cdr W A Harrison, xx xxx 1967 History: A navigator-plotter is seen through the window of Victor B1 XH928 bomber of 10 Squadron at RAF Cottesmore in June 1959 (left), while guided missile fitters check the launcher of a. Five civilian workmen were killed. In 1992, No. The Douglas Dakota of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight conducted a flypast. Sqn Ldr D A Batwell*, 3 Feb 1943 Wg Cdr G H Bowman, 14 Oct 1940 [2] Daily flying operations ceased on 30 September 2011.[3]. Gp Capt P C Maltby*, 21 Feb 1935 Tap into Getty Images global-scale, data-driven insights and network of over 340,000creators to create content exclusively for your brand. Lyneham, headquarters base of RAF Support Command Each print is individually signed and numbered by the artist. RAF Lyneham (IATA: LYE, ICAO: EGDL) is a Royal Air Force station in Wiltshire, England. Sqn Ldr/Wg Cdr E B C Betts (OC, No 101 Gp Capt R A A Cole*, 6 Oct 1943 Gp Capt D Iron*, 5 Nov 1941 38 Expeditionary Air Wing was formed at Lyneham on 1 April 2006, encompassing most of the non-formed unit personnel on station. Sqn Ldr J Shotton, xx xxx 1982 Inactivated on 14 Sep 1949. Wg Cdr P K W Patrick**, 15 Dec 1944 Gp Capt J L F Fuller-Good, 10 Jul 1959 Wg Cdr E F J O'Doire* (Temp), 12 Nov 1945 Gp Capt R W P Collings, xx Nov 1944 Gp Capt R A R Mangles*, 14 Jun 1945 Gp Capt H A Haines*, 9 Sep 1941 Gp Capt R C Jonas, 30 Apr 1946 Gp Capt A C Evans-Evans. Wikipedia. Waving the UN flag. Gp Capt O I Gilson, 7 May 1956 Gp Capt P D Holder, 1 Jul 1924 They have a writ. Gp Capt D MacFadyen (1941-42), 26 Aug 1941Wg Wg Cdr P Haynes*, 4 May 1942 1938 Col T G Corbin USAF, xx xxx 1953 Gp Capt A A B Thomson, 7 Feb 1938 Gp Capt E P McKay, xx xxx 1946 The airfield was designated as a Master Diversion Airfield: it was one of the primary airfields to which aircraft could divert in the eventuality of their home bases being closed due to weather, or other unforeseen events such as aircraft crashes. Gp Capt D Stamp, 29 Jun 2012Gp Capt S F Lushington, xx Jul 2014 Wg Cdr L Garside-Beattie (acting), 18 Jan 1999 Gp Capt A F P Dezonie, 27 Jul 2001 Gp Capt V S H Duclos, 3 Dec 1971 ? Gp Capt C R Elliott, xx Dec 2012 Gp Capt G W Bentley, 5 Jun 1940 During the following years these were both extended, and in 1943 the 6,000ft (1,829m) northsouth runway was opened as well. RAF Lyneham has been receiving military dead since 2007. The bodies were transported through the nearby town of Royal Wootton Bassett, with crowds lining the streets to pay tribute to the fallen. [14] Plans called for the relocation of various British Army, Royal Navy and RAF training facilities to Lyneham, with the aim of modernising technical training and achieving efficiencies. 22 Group RAF. It continued in the transport role with the Handley Page Hastings then the Bristol Britannia from 1959 to 1976. This gave a total of five tactical Hercules squadrons at Lyneham, as well as the VIP transport Comet squadron, and in 1976, the station became the largest operational airfield in the RAF with the arrival from Cyprus of Hercules-equipped No. Wg Cdr G A C Potts**, 1 Sep 1943 The squadron continued the work of the flight, operating regular transport schedules to Gibraltar using the Consolidated Liberator. Gp Capt R Lock, xx xxx xxxx Boards are the best place to save images and video clips. Gp Capt A R D MacDonell, 1 Feb 1960 Hangars and other buildings were dispersed around the site to avoid creating one large target for an aerial enemy. Apply to Raf jobs now hiring in Lyneham on, the worlds largest job site. Mastering all the usages of 're equip' from sentence examples published by news publications. 46 Group RAF, was its main airfield in the south, and as well as sending its own aircraft overseas, acted as the clearance airfield for planning, diplomatic clearance, customs and briefing purposes for . Brown***, xx xxx 1943 RAF Lyneham received the first of 25 brand-new Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules on 23 November 1999, to be operated by XXIV Sqn and 30 Sqn. Gp Capt T C Thomson, xx xxx 1940 Lyneham, in No. Gp Capt G W Murlis-Green, xx xxx xxxx 30 and No. It was announced in July 2011 by the then-Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, that Lyneham would become the new site of the Defence Technical Training Change Programme centre. An RAF Hercules aircraft, from RAF Lyneham, Wiltshire, has crashed in central Iraq. Wg Cdr K C C Tomkins**, 5 Oct 1943 48 Squadron RAF (48 Sqn) from RAF Changi in Singapore. Sqn Ldr D F Laslett, 1 Apr 1946Gp Capt A V Hammond, 17 Oct 1946 Gp Capt J Marshall, xx Jul 1979 > ROYAL AIR FORCE STATIONS . Gp Capt D H Lee, 2 Nov 1959 Gp Capt R Collishaw, 3 Oct 1935 Gp Capt B P Young, xx xxx 1957 On the first day of operations, the personnel strength was recorded as four officers, one other rank and 15 civilians. South Cerney | Stratford | Tempsford | Gp Capt J Bussey, 6 Jun 1943 Brice. Lyneham, in No. Post author: Post published: June 12, 2022 Post category: is kiefer sutherland married Post comments: add the comment and therapists to the selected text add the comment and therapists to the selected text Gp Capt S S Edwards, xx Jul 2016: Gp Capt G V Lane*, 17 Dec 1945 From 1958 Lyneham became one of the 18 stations designated as dispersal airfields for the RAF's nuclear deterrent V bomber Force. This gave a total of five tactical Hercules squadrons at Lyneham, as well as the VIP transport Comet squadron, and in 1976, the station became the largest operational airfield in the RAF with the arrival from Cyprus of Hercules-equipped No. ? station at Lyneham. Sqn). Material: Goldfarbenes Metall & 334751551776 Gp Capt R H Kyle, xx xxx 1995 [1 February 2020]. Col E D Edwards USAF, xx xxx 1961 Sqn Ldr Nightingirl*, 21 Feb 1943 It is the home of all the C-130 Hercules transport aircraft of the Royal Air Force. Gp Capt J M Warfield, 9 Mar 1959 [15] The contract for the first phase was valued at between 180m and 230m. On 14 October 1942, No. Transferred to Maintenance Command, xx xxx 1942 Further units would arrive in subsequent years with the programme being complete in 2019. Gp Capt C R Carr, xx Aug 1939 Sqn Ldr A W G Martin (Temp), 2 Dec 1941
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