This was definitely a mountain lion. The National Park Service says vehicle strikes are the leading cause of death for mountain lions in the southern California area. Courtesy photo The adult male mountain lion was. Cowgirl4christ Senior Member Jan 27, 2023 #2 Sorry that's not the guy I know. HeyFirst, Let's Go Mountaineers since the 'Eers are about to dismantle the ECU Pirates (providing the game is not cancelled due to the hurricane/tropical storm). That reluctant-to-roam species is now established to the point the boars are hunted. 2 1/2 feet high with a body in excess of 4 feet long. Browsing around, a REALLY big lion can top 200 lbs. He came on a straight stretch and came upon what he thought was a deer standing in the road, but when he got closer, he said that it jumped off the road, and he saw the tail of the creature, which had to be a mountain lion.Thanks!Submitted by: AaronFri, February 22, 2008 9:56 pm. Keep em wild., Today's breaking news and more in your inbox. 24/7 coverage of breaking news and live events. I have heard about Cat sightings all my life growing up around Racine in Boone Co. Eastern Puma Research Network in Grant County of WILD, Wonderful West Virgina, Submitting this "report" of a possible Mt. A mountain lion hit and killed by a car in Milford, Conn., last month was a long way from home, most likely the . A breakdown of the some of the biodiversity of wildlife that would benefit from the crossing. The deer was killed by a farm pond and the owner saw the tracks of a mountain lion in the mud around the dead deer.Submitted by: Dave MarshallFairmont, WV, Webmaster's Note!These large, wild mountain cats are shy and avoid humans. Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Employment | Affiliates Intranet At first I wasn't sure what it was, I Could see a long tail and as I said before a large bodied animal. Their dog survived a coyote attack not too long ago, she said. I just stumbled across your sight, mainly because of a conversation I had with a fellow employee in Cincinnati. Missouri Department of Conservation workers said on Tuesday they were still searching for the animal and did not have more details about the lions gender, size or other characteristics. The famous Hollywood-roaming mountain lion known as P-22 is drastically underweight and was probably struck and injured by a car, wildlife experts who conducted a health examination on the big cat . Tail of the creature, Kinnison Mountain WV. It's always hard to tell from pix, but I'd say that cat's pushing 180 lb, maybe better. Hi My name is Brandi, I live in Four States, WV. The Missouri Department of . Every weekday, you'll get fresh, community-driven stories that catch you up with our independent local news. A mountain lion died hours after being hit by a vehicle near Malibu on Tuesday night, wildlife officials said. A computerized tomography scan is scheduled for later this week to look into other possible chronic health issues that may have caused his decline, Clifford said. Sometimes people said they saw a lion out by Purina Farms, or Highway V. But there was never any hard proof. P-22 has lived much of his life in Griffith Park, crossing two major freeways to get there. One was either 1979 or 1980 in June. The incident occurred just before 11 p.m. on the 118 Freeway near Kuehner Drive . My approx. if the gentlemen of Virginia shall send us a dozen of their sons, we would take great care in their education, instruct them in all we know, and make men of them. Subscribe with this special offer to keep reading, (renews at {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}}/month + tax). In 2008, a 150-pound mountain lion was shot and killed by police in an alley in the Roscoe Village neighborhood on Chicago's North Side. A mountain lion was struck by a car Tuesday morning and was euthanized by wildlife officers due to its severe injuries. Eastern mountain lions once native to the state are extinct. I agree with you that 90 percent of the "woman screaming" sounds are owls or another woodland species of animal. He says that he knows a bobcat from a mountain lion, and this was no bobcat. (CNN) Another mountain lion near Los Angeles has died. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get to see it in person and that close up, said Tiffany Mitchell Door, a resident of Villa Ridge who was one of about a dozen people to see the lion Monday night. I can assure you that what I saw was in facta mountain lion.Submitted by: Ken Vandevort. Various versions about the animal kill have since been spun across the Internet. Authorities said the lion, tagged P-81, was found on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Western Santa Monica mountains after being struck by a vehicle. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. Theyre beautiful and awesome, she said. The bear population of Maine has grown from about 23,000 in 2004 to more than 35,000 in 2019, the largest bear population on the East Coast. Mountain lions aren't supposed to exist within West Virginia, but many hunters and wild life officials know they're here; the controversy is whether the mountain lion are natural to this State or whether the cats that are here have migrated. Webmaster's Note! During the last six months, at least four others have reported seeing a big cat in that neighborhood. I know it was no domestic cat, due to the way it moved and the size.Sue Maund. The 2015 Obion County sighting was hardly the only mountain lion sighting in the East, nor was it even the only confirmed sighting. The cat appeared stunned, unable to move. We had no idea they still roamed around here. On most sighting their no way to determine if a Mountain Lion was always wild or had been let loose in wild when someone happen across a mountain lion or cougar, FW: pics, From: Lisa CampbellFrom: Kimberly RushHere are some pics of a horse that at least 2 Mountain Lions attacked and killed last Friday in broad daylight right along the road and across from houses.KimFrom: Julia SpelsbergHello,Someone I work with had her horse killed last week (December 26, 2008). When I asked him to calm down he wouldn't I knew something bad was going on this child wasn't scared of much. Thats how a story relating a mountain lion in MonongaliaCounty was related to me last week. What happened An adult male mountain lion was struck around 6:30 p.m Tuesday. And, while their western counterparts are heading vaguely this direction, there is no verifiable evidence they are in West Virginia.. The Top 5 newsletter catches you up with LAs top 5 stories in just 3 minutes. A mountain lion sighting was reported at, Showshoe West Virginia, This might be old news now but I know there is, Its tail was dragging the ground and he was bigger than Riley(our 110 lb black lab), Scenic Highway 150 a mountain lion cross the road.>, We do completely rule out the possibility. That autumn, my wife and I were sitting on our back porch which faces a "wooded area." or Lead Mine, WV. The sub-species of the eastern cougar indigenous to the state is extinct. Most have been males looking for mates and their own territory. The sub-species of the eastern cougar indigenous to the state is extinct. We also discuss other reports from the same area. 1 of 5 A mountain lion struck by a car and killed on Route 15 in Milford on June 11, 2011, is believed to be the animal spotted on the Brunswick School campus in northwest Greenwich a few months . Hi, I'm a 47 year old professional and have spent a great deal of my free time in the woods, hunting, fishing, biking and hiking. I saw on your web site that itis believed that mountain lions are extinct in West Virginia. Lion! My fishing buddy saw it and we agreed that it was a young mountain lion. One month ago my mother Celestine was taking my daughter Addie to baseball practice and had herfather in the car with them.. Born in Algeria but grew up in St. Louis. 107. He was the face of the campaign to build a wildlife crossing over a Los Angeles-area freeway to give big cats, coyotes, deer and other wildlife a safe path to the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, where they have room to roam. You may opt-out anytime by clicking "unsubscribe" from the newsletter or from your account. I was hunting in Morgan County, about 6 miles from Paw Paw, close to Detour Road. I thought you might be interested in what I saw. Again, his certainty of the sighting is 100% according to him, as he had plenty of time to stare at the animal and take it all in.The sighting was by a local Grant County man named Trevor who is 100% certain of the creature sighting. Lion Suspect in Killing of boys Horse in daytimePlease read this and click on the link to look at pictures, one of the pictures is a picture of a ladies hand and the paw print. My son was holding his bow with an arrow noched and another in his right hand pointing down towards the ground, he was pale and shaking anddidn't even notice me. I measured with my hand width and then again when I returned home and it was approx. FILE - In this Wednesday Aug. 1, 2007 file photo, a black bear walks across the ground in Lyme, N.H. A Maine legislative committee decided in late May 2019 that proposals to overhaul the state's bear hunting rules will have to wait until the next legislative session in January. West Virginia: The Mountain State, known for the Appalachian Mountains, and its history of logging and coal mining West Virginia is located in the tree-covered Appalachian Mountains. The sound that mountain lion made is nothing like you would ever imagine, It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and it scared me. His. According to state police, troopers responded to a call of. A trail camera captures the mountain lion during its journey from west to east. The cougar appeared injured and stunned, but eventually ran. Until 1993, I was working for a Coal Company in Sharples WV, while riding with a fellow worker in a company pickup truck we were looking for deer and we spotted a set of eyes in the headlights about twenty five to thirty yards away, for at least a full minute neither one of us said a word, I think we were both in shock. The . Rare Missouri Mountain Lion Hit By Car, Photo Shows. I never seen shoulders move like that on a big cat in person nor a tail so long! I first thought it was a bobcat but then I saw the long tail and the reddish color of the cat and realized that it was not a bobcat. Occasionally, a Cougar/Mountain Lion will be gray,dark brown, cinnamon which can appear almost black and, even more rarely, solid black mountain lion. And, while their western counterparts are heading vaguely this direction, there is no verifiable evidence they are in West Virginia. Back to Top Eastern Cougars (#109) Jan 15 2013 It was about 4 feet long and had a long tail it was tan/grey in color. But here goesMy wife and I bought a house in the Whitehall area of Marion County in the summer of 2002. Trevor and his wife has been inhabiting cabin #2 for several weeks in exchange for performing labor (exchange) at the campground.Submitted by: Vince LombardiGrant County West Virginia, Hello! Missouri Department of Conservation agents were in the area of Villa Ridge, near Highway 100, Monday night searching for the mountain lion. Marshall County WV. Ground was broken this year on the bridge, which will stretch 200 feet (some 60 meters) over U.S. 101. Webmaster's Note! A look at years past when snows creeped into our citified neighborhoods, away from the mountains and foothills. The last thing they saw was a big cats dark silhouette. A female mountain lion struck on Antonio Parkway left two orphaned female kittens; one was also struck by a car, but not killed. WHEELING If crisp September mornings spark a sudden urge to roam the local hillsides whether hunting or hiking keep in mind theres more to the states wild, wonderful slogan than white-tailed deer. Possible mountain lion sighting in Finger Lakes region. A mountain lion was struck and killed by a vehicle on Oct. 16, 2022, on Interstate 88 in DeKalb County. Margaret has seen two over the years. I later tried to talk to the DNR about it but they said we were making it up. Even considering such lone-cat possibilities, Rauch noted that mountain lions are unlikely to make a significant comeback anywhere in the Eastern region of the U.S. The trail system is called Pinnacle Creek Trails. Then that fall my dad was looking at deer with his binoculars to see if they were bucks and how many points, he was very shocked as he saw the brownish colored MT Lion. According to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, which tracks mountain lions in the region, as of December at least 32 mountain lions (collared and uncollared) have been killed by vehicles on roads. P-22 is believed to be about 12 years old, making him the oldest Southern California cougar currently being studied. Nobody is taking that kind of decision lightly, spokesperson Jordan Traverso said during a videoconference. Hello Richwooders! The elk story took a different turn a handful of years ago when the state reintroduced a sub-species, the Rocky Mountain elk, into low-human-population areas south of Charleston, Rauch said. He said they looked at each other for a very long several seconds before the mountain lion darted and ran into the darkness. Another mountain lion near Los Angeles has died. 106. FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo. I fully expected a deer to appear their. The human population is simply too high, he said. Later we heard a report of a deer kill close to Cabella's. Here is a couple of pictures of what we had found. It occurred after 8 p.m. Monday night, January 23, 2023, at Highway T and Old Highway 100 just north of Villa Ridge in Franklin County. The mountain lion no longer exists here in West Virginia at least in a naturally reproducing state.". P-54, who was being tracked by National . It was extremely large with a long tail, probably 4-5 feet at least. Authorities said the lion, tagged P-81, was found on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Western Santa Monica mountains after being struck by a vehicle. It happened on December 26, 2006. Reporter covering St. Louis County politics. It is always possible a Mountain Lion could come thru, and killed 3-year-old horse. all of our lives and believe me we know the difference!Submitted by: Don Woods. The mountain lion was lying down in the snow. We had noticed several deer tracks and then out of the blue notced a very different track following them. She froze with fear for a moment. Founded in 1882 by Frank Schwarz, Schwarz Studio Taxidermy continues to thrive under the current owner Frank Wagner Jr. Wagner has been workin. Franklin. . Is it possible that this was done by a mountain lion. This included mild-mannered animals such as eastern elk and woodland bison in addition to the white-tailed deer that remain abundant to the point many current residents have probably spotted one in their front yard, he said. On 8 Nov 2006 my wife and I were riding ATVs on theHatfield McCoy trail system just outside of Pineville WV. DEKALB COUNTY, Ill. - A mountain lion struck and killed by a vehicle has been delivered to the U of Illinois for a full necropsy and DNA analysis. The lion was struck by a vehicle about 8:30 p.m. on Monday near Highway T and Old Highway 100, about 45 miles west of downtown St. Louis along Interstate 44. Both are the same species, but have different sub-species status. Only two confirmed sightings have been recorded since 1994: one animal was struck on Interstate 70 in. We rode our bicycles with fishing poles and two dogs following to the Lake to go fishing. Hello, My name is Don Woods Jr. My wife's name is Margaret. He worked with major music artists for 20 years, garnering gold and platinum records to his credit. COPYRIGHT 2023 BY KOAM NEWS NOW. Once people feed them, they get habituated to us and they can be a huge nuisance. And there is no evidence of a breeding population. It was around 2pm on a weekday, hardly any traffic at all on that road during the week in the early afternoon. MDC INFORMATION, Carthage man suffers serious injuries as SUV goes off outer road, crashing below onto I-49, Newton County Sheriffs Detectives investigate shooting on Carver Road, Biden expected to tighten rules on US investment in China, PSU prepares for International Food and Culture Fair this evening, Business and Leadership competition kicks off at Pitt State. Not one has been spotted on any of the states multitude of trail cameras, treed by hounds or hit by a car, for example, he said. Mountain lion hit by car in Franklin County. Anyway, to make a long story short, our bass player, Markel Fertig, was driving to the mountains of Pocahontas County about 6 years ago. Authorities said the lion, tagged P-81, was found on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Western Santa Monica mountains after being struck by a vehicle. It was night, and as we were going toward town, a rabbit ran across the road with a mountain lion chasing behind. They were on the hill across from my house and close enough to see with the naked eye; but I still grabbed my binoculars to get a great look at them.Submitted by: Dorothy Lane. We were shocked to see this photo b/c we usually only get to see. Published: Jan. 29, 2023 at 9:53 AM PST (CNN) - Another mountain lion near Los Angeles has died. I was just amazed.. MDC advice. That lion had also been struck by a car and was euthanized by authorities. Today, my friend, who lives in Ronceverte, told me that he heard a horrible scream that seemed to have come from a cat. I saw a mountain lion briefly, from a distance of approx. I am a college graduate and I work for AFLAC. Before that, a lion was captured on a trail camera in 2011 in a wooded area of Chesterfield. It was late summer, (2006) around 7 in the evening, and we were on the side deck eating watermelon, watching the girl accross the road walk her lab dog, when I notice in the woods what I thought at first glance was a deer. I did not see much more than that, it was booking across the road, 2 leaps and it was gone. Samuel Adams Veteran Member Jan 27, 2023 #3 In fact, most people never see this animal in the wild. Kinnison Mountain seems like it would be good mountain lion habitat. So I lowered the bow back down jumped to the ground and startedtowards my son, but when I spotted him from a distance I realiized that he was ok (at least I thought!) In Marshall County and parts south, there are confirmed sightings of sows (female bears) and cubs, Rauch said. The Wallis Annenberg Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing with cross eight lanes of the 101 Freeway and is expected to be complete by 2025. For that reason, bear hunting season is longer in the Northern Panhandle than in other parts of the state, he said. A mountain lion darts from a hiding are in Brentwood Thursday, Oct. 27, 2022, prompting a precautionary lockdown of a nearby elementary school. There are others who have permits to keep them as pets. The gigantic mountain lion that a truck hit in northern Arizona has become an Internet legend. MDC asks anyone who might see the animal to maintain a safe distance, do not approach it, and report the sighting to MDC or local law enforcement. Any of us who had cats at home have seen this.". It is the county seat of Wyoming County and population approx: 750. "The last cougar that existed here in West Virginia was eliminated decades ago. That animal was traced by DNA to a population in the Black . A police officers flashlight trailed. They do exist and we know many other people that have seen them. And consider yourself lucky to see any of the elusive cats that exist or may exist in West Virginia (bobcat, mountain lion,). I was doing a search on the internet and found your sight and was excited to see that a man named Chris Sparkman had sighted one in Paw Paw about 9 months before my sighting. Copyright 2000-2023, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This is an old cat, and old cats get old-cat diseases, Clifford said. Or this one from Valentine's Day last: I know a mountain lion when I'm within 125 feet of one. All rights reserved. No one else was hurt. Had to be put down by fish and game people. The hunt took place in Mineral Co. and was one of the most shocking things my son and Ihave ever had together. And it never bared its teeth or roared. He said he got within 20 yards of the cat before it disappeared into the woods. Your e-mail address will be used to confirm your account. Their conclusion: "Sir, you don't have a mountain lion." A week later the farmer shot the mountain lion. 50 feet. Along the way we have seen black bears, deer, and hawks. (U.S. National Park Service, via AP, File), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. We plan on retaking pictures April 9, 2008 with a coin and measuring tape to give you something to compare the size with. P-22 usually hunts deer and coyotes, but in November the National Park Service confirmed that the cougar had attacked and killed a Chihuahua mix that was being walked in the narrow streets of the Hollywood Hills. We found this print while hiking on Wildlife Trail at Dolly Sods. These are some of the pics. One non-native mammal, the European boar, was also introduced by the state to heavily mined areas in southwest West Virginia. This cougar was hit on M-65, just north of Long Rapids near. LOS ANGELES (AP) The famous Hollywood-roaming mountain lion known as P-22 is drastically underweight and was probably struck and injured by a car, wildlife experts who conducted a health examination on the big cat said Tuesday. Mountain Lion Hit, Killed By Car On I-88 In Kane County - St. Charles, IL - The incident occurred on Interstate 88 near Dauberman Road in Kaneville Township Sunday night. Well it moved, I seen it was a cat and scream for the girl to get her dog in the house, she thought I had lost my mind but thank heavens she did what I screamed for her to do and ran to the house this cat got up and started walking toward my drive, Larry couldn't believe his eyes and I said no house cat is that big at that distance! In this interview, we talk with eyewitnesses about hitting a cougar or Mountain Lion with a vehicle in 2017. About 10 yrs ago, my friend and I were coming from the Coleman Cliffs area in Frankford, W.V. Submitting this form below will send a message to your email with a link to change your password. Often, he explained, what theyve actually seen is a feral cat or the much smaller native bobcat, a short-tailed species that weighs in at 25 pounds or so compared to the 150-plus-pound potential heft of a male mountain lion. The 4-year-old cougar's body was found Jan Mountain lion (cougar) struck by vehicle on January 23, 2023, in Franklin County, Mo. He was trotting and I could easily identify his large size, color, long tail, stockiness and head and the graceful movement. They seen this animal coming out of the woods and she thought it was a big dog or fox from the distance, until it got closer to her she stopped her car and this big CAT came out in front of herand she said oh my goodness it's a mountain lion and her dad said it sure is and she said it walked in front ofher car as slow as it could go and just looked at her like it wasn't scared. The very sad news: there was a PGC ear tag on it. LOS ANGELES -- The famous Hollywood-roaming mountain lion known as P-22 is drastically underweight and was probably struck and injured by a car, wildlife experts who conducted a health examination on the big cat said Tuesday. I remember seeing a black animal thought was a black german shephard that may have gotten loose. He holds a bachelors degree in mass communications from Missouri Southern State University (1994). CHICAGO (CBS) -- A mountain lion was hit and killed by a vehicle on Interstate 88 in DeKalb County over the weekend. Not that wildlife enthusiasts wouldnt like for there to be some, he noted. We won't share it with anyone else. I was gonna call the DNR but I was afraid that they wouldn't believe me either since they didn't believe my mother.. What Can I do to convince them that this is not a fake call and that we did see and hear it.. Is it gonnatake someone to be killed or hurt by this thing for them to come and check it out and not laugh at u? Authorities said the lion, tagged P-81, was found on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Western. The cat started toward Mitchells direction. in Buckeye. Your friend is very lucky to have seen this animal in the wild. I grew up in Garrett County MD. Thank you for investing in your neighborhood. It was about 75 yards away in a meadow. I called out to my husband to look at this, I was washing dishes and looking out our kitchen window. In the face of a drier future, that iconic piece of Americana is on its way out in Southern California. It was the 25th lion killed by a car since the study began in 2002, said Ana . Then never paid anymore attention to it for a while as I couldnt see it anymore. I didn't know how many goose bumps a person could have on there neck but I could feel every one of them, In shock and afraid to move I froze for a moment and the big cat never seen me and kept moving. Then It took off up into the woods and I could hear it going around the side of the mountain and up the hill.Submitted by: Zachary HarrisBoone County,West Virginia. The story claimed the small dog was trying to make it through the doggy door when its hind quarters were grabbed by the big clawed paw. From the car, Mitchell could see just its head. While going down the trail it was not there, we spotted on the return, maybe 3 hours afterwards. It was this huge magnificent beast, she said. Copyright 2023 CNN Newsource. Thanks for maintaining this website. According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, a car slammed into the mountain lion Monday night around 7 p.m., off Old Highway 100 in Villa Ridge. I was watching a clear spot along an old logging road, about 30 yards from my position. An Amish farmer along 944 in Cumberland County complained to the PGC a mountain lion was killing his sheep. (Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times) A mountain lion, a species that remains incredibly rare in the state, was hit on a Missouri highway north of Villa . We?ve camped in the Cranberry area many many times as well as the Greenbrier river area and Pocahontas county. Mountain Lion (Cougar) confirmed DNR image. Rauch said one place to begin answering that question is with another question What was there? Shanks WV. The CDFW says drivers need to be aware of the potential for wildlife to be crossing our roads. It was foggy, and his whole family was asleep. My name is Clyde Downs I live in Bristol TN. Mountain lion P-81 was killed last weekend after likely being struck by a vehicle in the western Santa Monica Mountains, officials announced Friday. I use the term "wooded area" because it would be hard to characterize the area as woods or forest - more like a strip of trees about one hundred yards wide that separates our house from the neighbors who live on the hill above us.
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