Assault Rifle FEATURES 10% Claymore needs to reload too often, geth shotgun is for fighting from range because you arent going to want to charge then go through the build up for a strong shot against big enemies. Fire Rate The resolution of the holograms, such as those used when Shepard talks with the Illusive Man and the Council, has been increased. Moderate Recoil They may have a slow rate of fire, but if a shell is delivered point-blank, you may need only one squeeze of the trigger All Shotguns in Mass Effect 2 All Weapons Assault Rifles Heavy Pistols Shotguns Sniper Rifles An e-mail from the Illusive Man appears if the weapon was acquired in this fashion. The damage increase from holding down a charge even for a fraction of a second is substantial and doing this will expend the same amount of ammo as totally uncharged shots, meaning it's almost always worth charging every shot to some extent. First, the mass effect field generation technology follows a sine curve (it has a variable rate of fire). And in my opinion, the Scimitar melds much better with the Vanguard's playstyle (and has the same shield/barrier damage multiplier (of 1.5x) as the GPS) than the GPS. 20 Claymore: Requires some skill to use, because you need to learn how to reload-cancel with it to make the most out of it. Weight Accuracy Manufacturer. Base In Mass Effect 2, the Geth Plasma Shotgun was yet another piece of DLC. High Ammo Per Clip As mentioned above, the Weapon and Armour DLC has now been integrated more naturally into the game. Generally, I charge the GPS for the first hit, then shoot normally. Location New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Very effective against shields and biotic barriers; moderately effective against armor. The UI navigation experience has been improved. Mass Effect 2: Why All the Weapons In the Galaxy Switched to Thermal Clips The Geth Plasma Shotgun Of all the shotguns, the Geth Plasma Shotgun is significantly more accurate for long-range shots. Fire Mode 1 Reserve Good damage, and the damage doesn't scale off at a distance. This page of IGN's Mass Effect 2 wiki guide details all the various changes, adjustments and improvements made in the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect 2. 12% Capacity Damage Shotgun A two-stage trigger system allows for either quick-fire capacitors or a charge-and-release attack to electrify the projectiles as they exit the weapon. 5 If you have the GPS, what would you use an assault rifle for? A guide for the diffrent upgrades to the Normandy and it's crew you can get by talking to each crewmember. The overall UI font size has been decreased to look better on 1080 and 4K displays. In the Legendary Edition, it may be purchased from Kenn's Salvage on Omega. Clip Size Its ammunition is more specialized than those of our shotguns, but it's not hard to make or modify. The Geth Plasma Shotgun is a shotgun in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. The skipped conversations are accessible once the Loyalty Mission has been completed. Even Uvenk goes down in one with that method, Shepard: "I'll dance next to you. Comparable to a Vindicator Battle Rifle. A two-stage trigger system allows for either quick-fire capacitors or a charge-and-release attack to electrify the projectiles as they exit the weapon. Mass Effect 3 Shotguns Geth Plasma Shotgun: Found during Priority: Rannoch mission M-300 Claymore: Found during Attican Traverse: Krogan Team mission Disciple: Found during Lesuss:. This makes it easier to scan for Resources since you now know where you've already been. Similar to the Shepard creator, the lighting in the Armor Locker menu is now a less yellow shade of white. Overall, this weapon should be more effective against shields and barrier than a battle rifle, but will likely have less armor penetration capability. Fire Rate Effective. It is also purchasable from Cipritine Armory post-mission if it was missed. Sponsored. The only time that the Geth Plasma Shotgun becomes overpowered is when its fully charged on which btw your squadmates doesn't do at all but either way this weapon still have a staggering damage scale from its class. 87% 1.25 Armor Pack Upgraded This guide explains how and where to find every weapon in Mass Effect 2. There are already a few excellent weapon mods that the add ME guns to Xcom, therefore this pack only includes weapons that aren't available yet. 5 Downsides to the Claymore are its extreme weight and low rate of fire. The shotgun consumes two rounds per shot when charged more than halfway. 2% If you wanna think we're dancing together, go ahead.". 1.35 The exception is the Arc Projector Heavy Weapon and the Recon Hood, which are available once you acquire the Normandy SR-2.. Due to the removal of the Cerberus Network, it's impossible to view Cerberus Daily News, which provided canon news snippets that expanded on the world of Mass Effect, and even reflected the lead-up to Mass Effect 3. Granted that's with a 3/5 or 4/5 Shotgun modification, but still. 10% Shotguns are one of the Weapon types in Mass Effect 2. 21 Would you recommend it for an adept? You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. 91% 77% Geth Plasma Shotgun: It has the same damage multipliers as the Scimitar. Screen-wide blooming in particular has been completely eliminated, giving the game a much crisper appearance. It mainly depends on what you're up against. This makes it a viable choice for power-oriented characters and classes. However, it is not a hitscan weapon but instead fires projectiles with a travel time, similar to the. This includes each game's title screen, as well as the opening cutscenes and the Genesis comics. Single shot Geth Plasma Shotgun is aShotgunWeapon in Mass Effect 2. This subreddit is the unofficial source for people who love the Mass Effect universe including the games, books, comics, and DLC. 1.5 The Geth Plasma Shotgun works if you can master the Shotgun charging phase before clicking Charge onto an opponent. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'm honestly thinking that with the better ammo per clip, long range and ability to charge up, the Geth plasma shotgun is better than the Claymore, so when I get to the collector ship, I'm better off picking the Assault rifle training. Default Welcome to the Star Wars Books subreddit! From: Rampagingwalrus | Posted: 8/27/2010 1:31:40 PMBlue Suns, Eclipse, LOKI mechs, Geth, Collectors all use shields or barriers.Bloodpack, and FENRIS mechs armour.Yes, armour is definitely more common than shields or barriers. The base damage is still pretty good. Armor Pack Share Requirements Permissions and credits Mirrors Changelogs How to install | Mod features & overview Many cutscenes have had their lighting revised. Oh right, and you can also charge it for it to deal more damage. Blooming effects have been significantly adjusted and improved to be more immersive and less distracting. Very rare krogan shotgun. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is now supported. Damage & Bonus Multipliers When you hear a click upon reloading a gun, it is ready to be fired; the remainder of the reloading animation after this click can be skipped by performing almost any action, such as rolling, using a power (even if it is on cooldown), sprinting, performing melee strikes, or entering cover. Fire Mode It's competitive with the claymore on insanity, but on any lower difficulty it's a clear winner as the claymore is going to overkill too much. It has a lot of shots "in the barrel" with 4, quite accurate, causes quite a bit of staggering on small enemies and extremely lightweight compared to all the other shotguns. For more information, please see our Other shotguns outright kill the Vorcha. This can be repeated to maintain a constant improved fire rate. This can also be done by performing a melee attack while firing a partially or fully charged shot, or through extremely careful timing. When Scanning a planet for Resources, the red "ghost" lines on the Resource graph are thinner (as a result of higher resolutions). Fire Mode With a firing rate of 174 RPM, it takes two seconds to fully charge and begin blasting small cluster rounds of superconductive projectiles. A two-stage trigger . Fire Rate Unlike with most shotguns, squadmates armed with this weapon keep their distance from enemies instead of closing in. Armor This means that key moments that were notoriously difficult to achieve (which could potentially impact the third game) can now be pulled off more reliably. The Mass Shotgun is best used at medium range, where the initial projectile will hit its target as soon as it splits. Just, give it a read, you might like it. In Mass Effect 3, the weapon is depicted as having a grey coloured body in the menus. In Mass Effect 3, when in the modification screen, the. Entering and exiting cover is now more reliable. Like most chargeable weapons, the Geth Plasma Shotgun can also fire while running, charged or not. Collector SMG rare and deadly self-cooling weapon. 4K resolutions and higher frame rates are now possible, allowing consoles to play the game at 60fps for the first time., Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReportAd. Weight Two anomalies differentiate these geth weapons from other stock assault rifles. N/A The M-300 Claymore is categorized as rare. My personal favorite for insanity is the m-22 eviscerator. Firepower Pack DLC or one of the merchants on Tuchanka (Legendary Edition) M-6 Carnifex. General Stats 400 The Geth Plasma Shotgun can be found during the mission Priority: Rannoch, on top of a crate after defeating the geth on an opposite, unreachable platform. Eviscerator: This is probably the most well-rounded shotgun. The higher-quality Spacer outfits from Mass Effect 3 now replace their Mass Effect 2 versions. Eviscerator does 36.8 to 294.4 damage, depending on how many of it's 8 projectiles hit. Shotgun - Claymore / Reegar. The Pause Menu options have been reshuffled so that their placement is consistent across all three games. 5 To open it, follow the path to the. It can, but it takes you out of cover and takes two seconds to charge up. The Shepard creator is now unified across all three games by being based on the Mass Effect 3 creator, bringing its added hair colours and styles into Mass Effect 2. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Weight As the rounds hit the target, they fragment and electricity arcs between the pieces, flash-converting the air to conductive plasma. Singleplayer The Claymore has very few shots on reserve at all levels, which means that ammo management is a serious issue: take care to pick up the clips fallen enemies leave behind. Starter weapon. Kal'Reegar, Tali's partner on Haestrom, now has a black visor like he does when meeting him again on the Migrant Fleet. Capacity Mass Effect 2 M-22 Eviscerator General Stats Type Shotgun Location Cerberus Weapon and Armor LE: Normandy SR-2 Accuracy Low Recoil Moderate Fire Mode Semi-Automatic Fire Rate 48 RPM Ammo Per Clip 3 Damage & Bonus Multipliers Base 36.8 (294.4) Armor 1.25 Shields 1.25 Barrier 1.25 Spare Ammo Capacity Default 12 Armor Pack 13 Upgraded 24 Both 25 Location It is possible to release a charged shot in situations where it is impossible to shoot normally, e.g. These markers are stored in your save file and are remembered for the entirety of that playthrough, making it easier to tell if you've mined a planet before or not. They'd picked up a pair of geth frigates on the way in and the pilot was forced into several desperate maneuvers to avoid their cannons. Geth Plasma Shotgun: It has the same damage multipliers as the Scimitar. Fire Mode They may have a slow rate of fire, but if a shell is delivered point-blank, you may need only one squeeze of the trigger. After a rehaul of its kinetic dampening system, the Claymore is being rolled out again. For your general one shot one kill needs, the Eviscerator. Type Coupled with its short-range and high damage, these qualities make the M-300 a "high-risk, high-reward" weapon. This is the right answer, you can kill Scions on insanity with 2-3 charged shots from incendiary ammo buffed GPS.
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