Reminds me of one of my grandfathers old-timer sayingsyou talk long, you talk wrong. Patriot honks: Goodell destroyed ALL evidence of SpyGate. Right after the season, whether we won the Super Bowl or not, I would take two weeks off and go right back to training. The Pats the greatest dynasty that plays in a dysfunctional division where the owners and the coaches have not been NFL quality in 15 or 20 years Dolphins, Bill, Jets, please. We have no fear. [3rd] Longest Pass Reception 72t (vs. Minnesota, Dec. 6, 1990), Raiders records held by Rice But its cool though right? I dont buy two things from Rices explanation. Touchdown Leader: 1987, 1993 Feb 7, 2015 10:44 AM That was it, nothing more. How true. Somewhere the ghost of that little boy wearing Montanas Halloween costume is staring in distance feeling lost and empty. 3 time Super Bowl Champion* with the San Francisco 49ers.*. Has Brady done admitted cheating? Could someone lip read? If we go to such great lengths to get one game right, then any evidence of cheating must be punished. Shouldnt you be on national TV weeping about this? Who has proven to cheat recently? The problem with Pat fans is that they only read their own blogs and nothing else. This is not called cheating, this is called life. It just makes all the winning better knowing that theyre going to bed crying every season, dreaming their team could be even a fraction as good as the pats.. That goes for the media as well. All 49ers rings with Jerry Rice are officially TAINTED! Feb 7, 2015 10:43 AM [1st] Most Points, Career 48 Then he goes on to crucify Tom Brady as a cheater for using deflated footballs which STILL hasnt been proven! Not a surprise given the owners original stance trying to sweep the Ray Rice wife beating under the rug. There is no other reason to destroy the evidence other than to truly protect the league from the carnage that would have ensued. That creates an average season of 89 catches, 1451 receiving yards, and 16 touchdowns. if EVERYONE did it ,its not cheating He was named MVP of the game. Goodell is a former employee of the New York Jets. Belichick was arrogant and broke the rules by illegally positioning video camera. I dont watch the game to listen to them. Bet some of that stickum got on the ball for Joe to grip. Seriously. Over his four-year college career, Rice hauled in 4,692 receiving yards and collected 18 Division I-AA records. Thank you, thank you. Who cares!!!!!!!!!!! Filming team signals is legal, but dont that fact change the way you think about the Patriots or Spygate. *BRADY & *PATS the ONLY Team in NFL History to win the Super Bowl when behind ten points or more in fourth quarter. So, everyone is a cheater. I love this story! Im going to be point blank, I feel like its cheating, Rice told Jim Rome on January 22 regarding the current controversy regarding whether the Patriots deflated footballs. But you also realize that it signals the end of your career. But like men of his generation, he expressed it in other ways. Rodgers never admitted to cheating. They need severe penalties, 2015 XLIX New England Patriots* Blah blah blah. inside: Lewis stands and "I am a rock and rollin', country-and-western, rhythm and blues-delivers, 1957; (below) singin' motherfucker," then proceeded to play a 40-minute set Benmont . All of this bears repeating because everything here is truly undisputed fact, The fact that the Haters cant or wont get it really just illustrates their lack of football knowlege, They humiliate themselves every time the illustrate they cant grasp logic and common sense. And unlike deflategate, where we have wildly contradictory reports from Mortenson and Rapport, Rice admits to cheating. No. He had 1,549 catches for 22,895 yards and scored 208 touchdowns. Do he and the Patriots deserve the punishment? 1990 XXIV San Francisco* Rice used stickum and hes still the best receiver of all time, he took the gloves off and still produced and Randy Moss comes in at 2nd (former pats player). Hailed as the greatest wide receiver in the history of National Football League, Jerry Lee Rice is a retired professional football player with an estimated net worth of $55 million in 2012. The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. Number three, it is very unfair to the players who competed within the rules (and at a disadvantage). If Ray had been using Antler Spray, then he ran the risk of being caught. Furthermore, his records could be tainted. Rice is known for his exceptional speed, route running, and precise ball-handling . Eat your words jerry. [Tied for 2nd] Most Pass Receptions, Game 10 (vs. San Diego, Super Bowl XXIX), Postseason Records Hey, maybe that guy who spent all that time looking at the patriots fumble totals should go back and compare Rices catch per target figures each year and quantify the benefit he received from this admitted cheating. . He was the son of a brick mason, who developed his craft catching bricks from his father in the harsh Mississippi sun. kuranda84 says: 1.Tuck Rule was neither cheating or put in place for the benefit of the Pats, it was a horrible rule that was correctly called on the field. New England then played Miami in the final game of the season, setting up a rematch in the first-round of the playoffs the following weekend. 1999 XXXIII Denver [3rd] Most Receiving Touchdowns, Season 15 (1986, 1993, 1995) New Patient Forms; Not to mention teams change signals all the time because they know other teams have scouted them out. Good job solving this riddle. With Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice applying an asterisk to New England's latest Super Bowl win, Patriots fans will now apply 1,549 asterisks to Jerry Rice's career achievements. I dont care about cheating as long as games arent being fixed. 1996 AFC-NFC Pro Bowl Player of the Game, Elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame: February 6, 2010 As to Randy Moss, if he had played his entire career under Brady, he would be the number 1 receiver of all time. Thank you, God, for allowing us to travel here safely. Thats different than the refs certifying the ball first, then a player/staff member altering the ball later. Just days after his head coach defended him, Rice had his worst game as a pro. Sep 2022 - Present7 months. Problem is Jerry had to chastise someone else. [Tied for 1st] Most Points, Game 18 (vs. Denver, Super Bowl XXIV; vs. San Diego, Super Bowl XXIX) Number one, Rice does not have tabs on what EVERY player did or didnt do. Pats haters everywhere now scrambling to find a way to blame this on Belichick. Moor High School, I decided to play hooky with a friend. I doubt it could be any stickier than gloves are today. I Jerrys case, its Stickum. It is only the Patriots that dont lose. If the NFL comes back with the results of the Deflategate investigation and say the Pats did nothing, the fans that hate them will just scream that theres a cover up. Better yet, if you are doing anything thats deemed not legal/cheating, if everyone is doing it, does that make it legal/not cheating? Theres a lot of fear out there in Patriots land being masked by ego and bravado.. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010. I had to get back to my hands, Rice said in 1985, from a 2006 item by Mike Tanier of It's hard to go into every game with a red X on your chest, and I could feel the hair rise on the back of my neck when people chased me. Tainted rings and pull him from the hall!!! Super Bowl XXIII San Francisco 49ers 20, Cincinnati Bengals 16 I love you, mom. Theres a lot of fear out there in Patriots land being masked by ego and bravado. I'm a lot like my mom in that respect. Feb 7, 2015 11:08 AM [Tied for 3rd] Most Consecutive Games With Receiving Touchdown 4 (1988-1989), Pro Bowl Records Putting extra air into the ball before the ref inspects the ball is different than altering the ball after the ball has been inspected. Well since the NFL controlled balls for the super bowl your point is dumb. The Subcommittee is meeting here today to hear testimony on ``Management and Access Challenges Across the Southwestern Region Forests.''. All I had to do was wear sequins, an afro wig and heels. The Patriots didnt win the Super Bowl because of a barely deflated ball, Jerry Rice isnt the GOAT because of Stickum, and Reggie Bush wasnt the Heisman trophy winner because someone bought him a car . The Seahawks were proved to cheat not too long ago by not following the no contact rules. Whether it be stealing signals, PEDs, pay for play, attacking injuries, altering footballs, circumventing the salary cap, illegal communications, pumping in crowd noise, or even elaborate forms of espionage anyone who thinks that their favorite team is the one NFL franchise that follows the rules to the letter because they have integrity is foolishly naive. Who has proven to cheat recently? There were no shortcuts. After shattering nearly every NCAA receiving record, Rice joined the defending Super Bowl champion 49ers in the fall of 1985. Career Stats for WR Jerry Rice. Or no to tinted visors on the helmets. [1st] Most Pass Receptions, Game 11 (vs. Cincinnati, Super Bowl XXII) I'm so looking forward to seeing you make your mark in this world. The Patriots are cheaters. Maybe we get the same outcome, but they were caught. And if it was discovered it was called gamesmanship. R.G. You then divide the number of drops by catchable balls, multiply by 100, and you have yourself a drop rate. He became then the face of the franchise. The Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health will come to order. 2. 1990s All-Decade Team This is a non story. That should go for most of the other teams in the NFL too. Your QB has admitted to cheating! I'm like the guy who jumps out of a high-rise building and every floor he passes on the way down, he says, So far so good. They admitted guilt and moved on. Five Super Bowls in 12 years. GETTING WHOOPED BY THE NFLS GREATEST DYNASTY IS AN HONOR AND A PRIVILEGE. Jets, Jan. 12, 2002), NFL Statistical Championships Jerry Rice is a disappointment, and is just plain stupid, but then arent all these announcers and analysts? How many catches were made because of his edge? The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more. He loved football, loved his players even more, and he wanted to win. Practice taping never happened. Why doesnt anyone pick on hockey? There was a sticky spray that was sprayed on the old Neuman glove. He has three Super Bowl championships under his belt. [1st] Most Pass Receptions, Career 1,281 [1st] Most Consecutive Game with Pass Reception 274 He and McDaniels are a common denominator to all the cheating and dubious stuff that goes on such as the idea that the numbers on players back does not mean anything anymore because Belichick decided to break the silent unspoken rules of football that you are supposed to CLEARLY point out who is eligible and who is not. This is in addition to the films that each team does from the designated film location. Some how a player gets injected with steroids aka cortisone and sent back out into the field. They hate the Pats with a passion. "I don't think Im such a natural, I think what I'm doing is very hard work. 1987 NFC Offensive Player of the Year (UPI) He knows what he did, I seriously doubt that he knows what everyone else has or hasnt done. These same fans will make excuses for their own team the same way Pats fans will defend the Pats. So after whacks with a leather strap, he forced me to meet with Charles Davis, our head football coach, who convinced me to come out for the team. He taught us about responsibility at an early age. You wanted to win for this guy. They have also failed to put anything up regarding Ian Rapoports report at saying that many of the AFCCG balls werent more than a few ticks below the limit, easily explainable by the temperature change. The 49ers havent won a Super Bowl since StickumGate. Irrelevant. So basically to sum it up, were comparing a ball thats easier to grip with a ball thats easier to grip, (if indeed thats the case in deflategate because its not looking like there was any wrong doing other than by the Colts). . Funniest post in this thread! People who have been crying about Spygate for years have always overlooked the fact that such behavior has been RAMPANT throughout the NFL throughout its history. (Records through the 2000 season, Rices final season with San Francisco), [1st] Most Games, Career 238 Kraft just gave Belicheck a pet CHEETAH for winning his 4th SB with the pats. The one thing Ive learned over the last 3 weeks Of all the crybabies, whiners and finger pointers, Bills fans are the worst. Everyone needs to let it all go, especially the silly stuff. [1st] Most Games, 100 or More Yards Receiving, Career 76 _______________________________, Exactly. We earned the nickname satellite express because the ball was seemingly in orbit. Cuz if u clowns wanna go down THAT road U cld say cheating goes on with EVERY SINGLE PLAY IN AN NFL GAME. [3rd] Most Yards Receiving, Game 183 (at N.Y. The forty cheaters.. Rice has a hold on multiple NFL playoff and Super Bowl records. ! That young boy from Mississippi has finally stopped running. There have been many, many instances of proven rules violations in the history of the NFL, but only the Patriots seem to be eternally stuck with the label of cheaters even though spygate was a bunch of nonsense. College: paying athletes, enrolling some who wouldnt qualify if they werent offered a sholarship and not being allowed to fail so they can play is nothing new. The fact is that the law regarding stickum was passed in 1981 and everyone ignored it. Yes, many others are doing it, and when they get caught they lose. Openly admits cheating. He is still the greatest of all time. Does this mean Montana wasnt as good as his stats made him out to be since his best receiver was cheating? 2010 XLIV New Orleans Saints* And I think you might regret saying this. He is tainted FOREVER****. Not a single molecule of fear. I REFUSE to think any less of Jerry Rice. It is only the Patriots that dont lose. Its great that most of the fans here dont understand why the pats fans are posting. He was selected to play in 13 Pro Bowls. *Steve Young Then, no one is cheating. When Patriots fans talk about Spygate and say everyone was filming signals, people said that was no excuse. Indeed, Rice at one point in 1985 ditched his glove and went back to catching footballs bare-handed. Also, when I read comments by people about taped practices, SB walkthroughs, etc. But I am excited about tomorrow. In baseball, there will always be vasoline, pine tar, steroids, corked bats, stolen signals, under the table contracts to name a few. He deserves to be standing with us as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. [Tied for 2nd] Most Consecutive Game with Receiving Touchdown 8 (1989) EVERY team was videotaping because it was LEGAL and EVERY team plays fast and loose with football/inflation, including Aaron Rodgers, who likes his footballs OVERINFLATED. Some of these apply to hall of famers. Without Butlers catch, the weight of the sports would remain on the shoulders of NE for years and years and years. It was as if I was saying, You're going to have to work so hard to get to where I am, and if you can pay that price, you deserve it. Probably did. But I guess I was preparing myself for something, destined for something, but I didn't know what. The other cheating was the tuck rule. I played for 20 years and I still believe in my heart I could play today. 1992 NFC Dallas Cowboys 30, San Francisco 49ers 20 The following is a list of characters, including the main cast and those who appear alongside the main cast in the series. Looks like Montana is really the best ever the best cheater ever. *George Seifert Feb 7, 2015 10:43 AM Indeed, Rice at one point in 1985ditched his glove and went back to catching footballs bare-handed. Jerry was my favorite player growing up and is maybe the number one reason why I learned to love the game. Id be willing to bet there were plenty of receivers who used stickum to no avail! . ____________________________ Pass Receiving Titles: 1986, 1990, 1996 I swear to God, this is true because I was always working. After a confounding 26-17 loss in Dallas on Oct. 17, when Michael Irvin anointed himself king of the wideouts, Rice demanded the football and was instantly obliged. 3. let this non-story die. *Charles Haley Feb 7, 2015 3:23 PM [1st] Most Consecutive Game with Receiving Touchdown 13 (1986-1987) [Tied for 3rd] Most Pass Receptions, Game 11 (vs. Cincinnati, Super Bowl XXII; vs. Green Bay, Jan. 6, 1996) [1st] Most Yards Receiving, Game 289 (vs. Minnesota, Dec. 18, 1995) There are too many of them to mention. Stickum doesnt matter. Im guessing that if he applied this stuff in a way not to leave any evidence that no one cared. And a cover up will allow them to scream cheaters!!. [1st] Most Seasons, 1,000 or More Yards Receiving 12 It looks silly, and you are embarrassing yourself. Hes an admitted cheater. Same thing, Jerry #equalplayingfield. Putting stickum on hands, stealing signs, air in footballs, scuffing baseballs, standing on shoes in basketball, corked bats, and on and on. The amount of naivety in these comment is hilarious , if you think your favorite team or player of the past or present isnt doing everything they can do without thinking they will get caught to gain even the slightest advantage then you have no idea how competition works . In the playoffs, the Niners ran into a new rival: the Green Bay Packers. When the Patriots are even accused of breaking the rules it is headlining the national news for over a week and every pundit, writer, and fan outside of NE is calling for their head on a stake. The truth will NEVER be known thanks to Goodell handling the dirty work for his boss, Kraft. Now the NFL has to kiss everyones behind. [2nd] Most Consecutive Games, Career 189 (1985-1997) Of two things we can be sure. On Friday, PFT pointed out (at the behest of multiple Patriots fans) a recent admission from Rice that he applied stickum to his gloves. revelation123 says: Feb 7, 2015 7:38 PM. Like somebody said earlier, all teams cheat but when the Patriots get accused of anything, SELF RIGHTEOUS people like you act like their own team has never done anything wrong! We are beyond the point that this talk is blown way out of proportion, and as of now, my thought process is that these guys are the best players in the world, whether they drop a PSI of air, put hairspray on gloves, or take a brush and rub a football. What they did (and admitted to) was tape signals from the sidelines. Now everyone has an opinion on the NFL. .and thats ok.but a player uses roids to recover and or enhance his body.and thats NOT ok? . Lets get it on record. Text Size:thredup ambassador program how to dress more masculine for a woman. NFLs 75th Anniversary Team Jerry Rice went to a college that nobody ever heard of. Heres a revelation for you. [1st] Most Pass Receiving Yards Gained, Career 22,895 1990 Player of the Year (SN) Lets not forget Jerry Rice was a member of the 2001 Oakland Raiders team that lost the Snow Bowl/Tuck Rule game as well. I wonder if Rice were to admit that BEFORE inducted in the Hall of Fame if it would have hurt his chances any? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. July 3, 2022July 3, 2022. seattle children's hospital psychiatry and behavioral medicine unit alan decker covid your honor 10 athletes who took a stand against social inequality. Jerry Rice is currently 60 years old, as per nationaltoday. Back in the mid 1990s with the cloth and leather gloves. By the time he retired after finishing his career with Oakland and Seattle, he was the most prolific wide receiver in NFL history with staggering career totals. Super Bowl XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48, Oakland Raiders 21 2, Fitz is just 117 receptions away from tying. And PFTs attempt to make the Patriots not be cheaters continues! Thats the sound of pats nation basking in your tears jerry. He is still the greatest receiver of all time. Feb 7, 2015 7:27 PM If the Dolphins failed to routinely change their signals, then it is inevitable that their opponents would figure them out. - From the way he wears his clothes, to the way he acts. Rice started at wide receiver. [1st] Most Yards Receiving, Game 215 (vs. Cincinnati, Super Bowl XXII) Lastly, he puts an asterisk next to Tom Bradys four Super Bowl wins. And, he admitted to breaking those rules to gain an advantage. Jerry Rice Reveals His Unlikely Introduction To Football. 1987 XXI NY Giants And his gloves with stickum helped get him to Canton. [Tied for 2nd] Most Games, 200 or More Yards Receiving, Career 4 I wont say haters as that term is overused. Im always amused by the ignorance and hypocrisy of fans when it comes to professional sports and players trying to get an edge. [1st] Most Points Scored, Career 114 Hello? 1987 Most Valuable Player/Player of the Year (PFWA, NEA, SN, MX) Move on. Charity SeriouslyCarnegie a study on this..please. 1990 NFC New York Giants 15, San Francisco 49ers 13 **** and soon to be *. The NFL had total and complete control and responsibility for all balls in the Super Bowl when the Pats played the Hawks. #5: Defamation of Character is a SERIOUS CRIME people wake up Haters and smell the stink of your own biased self righteous bigotry. 2013 XLVII Baltimore Ravens This is what happens when you open your mouth before thinking. They win another ring and yet they still find things to complain about. [Tied for 1st] Most Touchdowns, Game 3 (vs. Denver, Super Bowl XXIV; vs. San Diego, Super Bowl XXIX) Enter and space open menus and escape closes them as well. I know he's up there looking down from heaven today smiling. In eight seasons with San Francisco, Owens established himself as one of the most talented players in the NFL with 592 catches (including 20 in one game, a league record) and 83 touchdowns, second only to Jerry Rice in franchise history. That is a lot different from Jerry Rice using stick-em. However it was not the same thing as stickum and was not illegal. I hope the players today respect the game, respect the men whose shoulders they are standing on. We definitely made each other better. Rice resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Latisha, and has four children. #8: Defamation of Character/ Slander is a CRIME but this is of no concern to Goodell. [1st] Most Receiving Touchdowns, Career 19 The real word is hypocrites. Pretty sure everyone still cheats in one way or another cmon when you have millions of dollars on the line with careers people do anything. No big deal and not even closely related to getting an unfair advantage in inclement weather by deflating the football. To the City of Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, thank you for your hospitality. #1: Unsubstantiated recording of PSI by the NFL Officiating crew, not only in this game but in all other previous games, as the NFL has zero policy on proper scientific standards of recording. Like I said I am not defending cheating but to think all players and teams are pure as the driven snow and it is only the Pats that cheat is nave.
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