Turkish actresss zge Trer plays the role of Bala Hatun, the wife of Osman, in hit TV series "Kurulus: Osman". 438, p. 225). Kurulu Osmanck Kurulu Osman season (1-4) ", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Rabia_Bala_Hatun&oldid=1142489095, This page was last edited on 2 March 2023, at 17:51. Orhan Gazi, the second ruler of the Ottoman Empire, was born from this marriage. Mal Hatun's father, who was mistaken for Rabi'a Bala Hatun, the daughter of Sheikh Edebali, is the Anatolian Seljuk Vizier mer Abdlaziz Bey. Kurulus Osman continues the story of . Osman Bey supposedly killed her brother, Batur Bey but she becomes mentally ill after learning that her husband, Aliar Bey, actually killed her brother. Relatives Though she is urged by Selcan to act sane and to own her son but Aygul stays firm to avenge her mother by killing Hazal. Bala Hatun, who was at the forefront of conquests and wars, was Osman Bey's biggest supporter. Neri, one of the first Ottoman historians who included various narrations, does not specify whose daughter she was in the part where he tells a story about Mal Hatun that is not found in any source. Cerkutay ( husband ) After this, Edebali's daughter was married to Osman I. He often used to beat and insult her. Date of birth Blm Oba'ya baskn! Her condition was more worsened when her mother was killed by her step-mother Hazal Hatun in front of her eyes. She made her debut on 20th November 2019, which was the first episode of Kurulus Osman. [1] [2] She is based on Rabia Bala Hatun, the daughter of Sheikh Edebali and second wife of Osman I. For the person this character is based on, see Rabia Bala Hatun. She was the most powerful woman of the Kayi Obasi and pledged her loyalty to her husband Osman at all times. Being a brave warrior that she is she got mad at a Mongol named Cerkutay who is now on Osmans side and put her dagger on his throat upon finding him eating from the cooking pot. [9][10][11], In the 2019 Turkish historical fiction TV series Kurulu: Osman, Bala Hatun is portrayed by Turkish actress zge Trer. [3] Sheikh Edebali's daughter is referred to as "Rabia" in the history of Uric, and as "Mal/Malhun" in those of Akpaazade, Neri, Rstem paa and Ltfi Paa. But Bala Hatun always maintains her attitude. Blue But today historians consider Rabia Bala to be the daughter of Sheikh Edabali. If this information is correct, the death date of Orhans mother corresponds to 1324. Blm-Balgay'n, Osman'dan artan istei Kurulu Osman 17. BlmKurulu Osman 19.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 19.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 18.Blm Fragman - Sezon Finali Kurulu Osman 18.Blm Fragman | Geyhatu Kurulu Osman 18.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 18.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 17. On the other hand, when Osman tries to open Dundar's eyes regarding the real murderer of his son Batur he asks Aygul to help but in her anger towards him and her envy towards Bala she betrays him and marries Alisar, (without knowing the fact of him being her brother's real murderer) in order to take revenge on Osman. [12][13][14], "Real History of Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman Season", "Bala Hatun: Rabia Bala Hatun yahut Mal Hatun", "Bala Hatun kimdir? It's a site that collects all the most frequently asked questions and answers, so you don't have to spend hours on searching anywhere else. Here's How Bala Hatun Looks in Real Life: Malhun Hatun: Yldz ar Atiksoy has played the role of Malhun Hatun. The Place And Death Of Bala Hatun in History: Bala Hatun Real Name / Who is zge Torer? Season 1. 41-42). This means that if there is no change in the settlement of the village afterwards the local identities of the village people go back to pre-Ottoman times. and our A city in the Seljuk Empire. Bala Hatun found Osman injured near a river and saved him. In the previous episode, it was showcased that Malhun Hatun is pregnant with Osmans child. She also deals with the arrival of Osman's brother Savc Bey and his wife Lena Hatun, who are originally hostile to Osman and Bala, but later come to support them. He is quite intellectual and mature for his age. 1303 Aygl Hatun is the daughter of Dndar Bey, the former lord of the Kay Tribe, and Zhre Hatun. What is the source of her maturity? At first, Aygl Hatun, who did not come across as a gentleman's daughter, was mainly brought to the fore in the middle of season 1. It is mentioned in historical sources that Osman Gazi, who is known to have two wives, Malhun Hatun and Rabi'a Bala Hatun, has a son named Aleddin Ali Bey from Bala Hatun. Osman was a frequent visitor at Edebalis dergah. Appearances Articles copied from Draft Namespace on Wikipedia could be seen on the Draft Namespace of Wikipedia and not main one. Rabia Bala Hatun. Since KO is an Islamic show the producers wanted someone religious to teach and help others in the whole series. Her Real Life: zge Trer is a Turkish actress and was born in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. The next episode which marks the seasons finale is expected to have a series of twists and turns, laced with betrayal. But Bala chose to find kurulus Osman. Hamza Ali Abbasi to make grand television comeback, Kaifi Khalil ecstatic over all the love for 'Kahani Suno 2.0', thanks 'broken homies', Ushna Shah gets married: See Wedding video, Armeena Rana Khan sheds light on her struggles of being new parent, Sajal Aly opens up about her relationship with late Sridevi: " She was no less than a mom to me", Ayesha Omar clears the air on her rumored affair with Shoaib Malik, Muneeb Butt shares details of terrifying blast incident, Aima Baig to celebrate 'Balochi culture' in yet-to be released track, NBA All Stars Weekend 2023: Ranveer Singh, Malala Yousafzai rub shoulders, Muneeb Butt, Aiman Khan meet an unfortunate incident, video goes viral. Sheikh edebali is the reason why. Rabia Bala Hatun, whose exact date of birth is unknown, continued her life in the 13th century. BlmGayr hesabn maherde grlecek - Kurulu Osman 21. Does Osman Gazi's wife, Bala Hatun, have children? Osman Gazi, who has two wives named Malhun Hatun and Rabi'a Bala Hatun, has 7 children in total from these marriages. Sheikh Edebali (father), Ildiz Hatun (mother), Osman Gazi (husband), Ahmet Alp (adoptive son), Alaeddin Ali (son), Orhan (son), Halime Hatun (daughter), Fatma Hatun (daughter), Gonca Hatun (best friend), Dursun Fakih (brother-in-law), Halime Hatun (mother-in-law), Erturul Gazi (father-in-law), Selan Hatun (aunt-in-law), Savci Bey (brother-in-law), Lena Hatun (sister-in-law), Gndz Bey (brother-in-law), Ayse Hatun (sister-in-law), Bayhoca Bey (nephew), Erturul Bey (nephew), Aktemur Bey (nephew), Aydodu Bey (nephew) In her envy and anger towards Bala and Osman she starts to react so childish and immature towards them and turn against Osman. According to some sources, Alaeddin Bey played a role in the establishment of the vizier system and was the first vizier of the Ottoman Empire; He is also the first member of the dynasty to use the title of "Pasha". Sezon Tahminleri, ,kurulu osman 48 Trailerkurulu osman 54 2.seasonkurulu osman 55 episodekurulu osman 55 english kurulu osman 49 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 50 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 51 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 52 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 53 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 54 season 2 Trailerkurulu osman 48 episodekurulu osman 48 english TRT Ertugrul by PTV Ertugrul Ghazi UrduKurulu Osman Fragman Kurulu Osman Osman Bey Kurulu Osman Mzikleri Kurulu Osman Samsa avu Kurulu Osman Balgay Kurulu Osman Erturul Bey Kurulu Osman Dndar bey Kurulu Osman Bala hatun Kurulu Osman Erturul Bey Gelecek Mi Kurulu Osman Sungurtekin Kurulu Osman Kongar Kurulu Osman Gktu Kurulu Osman Konur Alp Kurulu Osman Aliar Bey Kurulu Osman Turgut Alp Kurulu Osman GeyhatuKurulu Osman Subutay Kurulu Osman Cneyt Arkn Kurulu Osman Yeni Oyuncular After her husband is elected the Bey, she becomes the Hanm (Head Hatun) of the Kay tribe, succeeding Selcan Hatun. It is not known exactly how old he was and for what reason he died. Buse Arsalan Akdeniz Who will play the role of Malhun Hatun in Kurulus Osman? Seeing Helen and Sofia running down the aisle, Kalanoz went after her, suspecting her murder partner, Sofia, of getting involved in other things. The episode shows women of Kayi tribe being attacked by enemies in an ambush. There wasnt a single dry eye when Aykiz Hatun breathed her last. Female Blm Kurulu Osman 17. Bala also saves a young man, Osman, from injury after noticing him drowning, and falls in love with him. From the central government records regarding the property she received at the time of her marriage; the village of Kozaa in the district of Bilecik, where the dervish hospice of her father was located. Where she learns house chores and healing from her mother. She is the main female protagonist. Aygl Hatun is the daughter of Dndar Bey, the former lord of the Kay Tribe, and Zhre Hatun. But her mental condition made her unable to survive in the tribe after she killed her best friend Burcin in spite of her anger and therefore she left the tribe by the end of the season with her aunt Selcan Hatun. - Kurulu Osman 14. Blm-ttifakmz hayrl olsun! Aygul is shown as the daughter of Dundar Bey and the then matriarch Zohre hatun. Osman Gazi had a total of 7 children from 2 marriages. Since KO is an Islamic show the producers wanted someone religious to teach and help others in the whole series. 5'6 [7] After Osman reveals his father's will for him to marry a second wife, Bala reluctantly accepts and seeks to marry Aksu Hatun to him, unaware of Hazal's plans to use her as a spy, although Osman declines Bala's proposal. BlmKurulu Osman 24.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 23.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 23.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 22.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 22.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 21.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 21.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 20.Blm 2.Fragman Kurulu Osman 20.Blm Fragman Kurulu Osman 20.BlmAliar'a baskn - Kurulu Osman 21. ", "Kurulu Osman Bala Hatun ld m? Bala Hatun is shown as a strong, confident woman who stands always by side of her husband Osman Bey. Halime getting jealous of Aslihan was understandable, since she had given Ertugrul everything (kids, a good marriage, etc), whereas Bala getting jealous of every Hatun is a little hypocritical, since she herself has given Osman the permission to marry. As the love develops, Osman sends her aunt Selcan Hatun to ask eyh Edebali for Bala's hand in marriage, although the Sheikh declines the request, saddening both Osman and Bala. He gets them arrested and sets off for S t. Without a doubt, she is on her way to becoming a successful actress. It is thought that Alaeddin Bey, who preferred to live the dervish life in his lodge in Bursa, later took on some bureaucratic duties and participated in some expeditions at the request of Orhan Bey. Eventually, Targun returns and occupies the tribe, taking Bala hostage and killing Aksu, but is stopped by Gktu Alp, who helps Bala kill Targun. Edebali became Osman's mentor and eventually girt him with a Gazi sword. By the time Osman married Bala, Orhan was 8 years old. She got re-united with her son Kayi and it was a wholesome moment. Because historians disagree, what is the real name of Sheikh Edabalis daughter? Osman I, also called Osman Gazi, (born c. 1258died 1324 or 1326), ruler of a Turkmen principality in northwestern Anatolia who is regarded as the founder of the Ottoman Turkish state. te, tarihi bilgilerle Bala Hatun'un hayat", "zge Trer who portrays Bala Hatun in 'Kurulus: Osman' wins 'Best Actress of the Year' award", "Kurulus: Osman: Bala Hatun wins 'Best Actress of the Year' award", article "Bala Hatun (fictional character)" is from Wikipedia, Edithistory:Bala Hatun (fictional character), Angels Arc Senior Secondary School, Kayamkulam, https://en.everybodywiki.com/index.php?title=Bala_Hatun_(fictional_character)&oldid=1645936, Dirili: Erturul and Kurulu: Osman characters, Fictional characters based on real people, Pages with citations using unsupported parameters. Trer was born in 1998 in Istanbul. zge Trer a famous actress of turkey play a roll of Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman. [2] She was the daughter of the famous Sheikh Edebali and the mother of Alaeddin Pasha of the Ottoman Empire. She always treated them as her own and prays for and teaches them to stand by each other even in the most difficult of times. Eye color The fate of Bala Hatun, who is in the hospital bed in the series, is a matter of curiosity. It is also said that he died in the Biga Castle in 333. Malhun Hatun asks Bala Hatun and Alp to find Osman Beg. 97 more photos . The Ottoman Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Yenisehir kpaazde, one of the first Ottoman historians, describes Mal/Malhun Hatun as the daughter of Sheikh Edebali and records that Sheikh Edebali, who interpreted Osmans dream as the herald of the birth of a great state, gave him his daughter; He states that Orhan Bey is also his son. The Ottoman Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. "Kurulus: Osman" creator Mehmet Bozdaq on Tuesday teased fans about upcoming episode of the series which airs on Wednesday. However, coming from a princely tribe herself Malhun will play a key role as Osmans partner in upcoming episodes. Bala Hatun will always remain Osman's first love and the head Hatun of the tribe. When Osman along with his alps found a secret way to enter the dungeons, and save both his beloved wife and father-in-law, he was threatened by Ismihan, who had already anticipated his arrival, that both Bala and the Sheikh would pay the price of death, if he does not surrender Mesud to them. Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey zge Trer has majored in performing arts and theater at Mula Stk. Aygl is the daughter of Dndar Bey and Zhre Hatun and step-daughter of Hazal Hatun. Ahmet Alp was a young boy who lost both his parents at a tender age and was in all senses adopted by Osman and Bala Hatun as one of their own. Bala Hatun is played by the actress zge Trer. Ottoman Empire, Kayi Tribe, Ahis This, however, leads to jealousy from Osman's cousin Aygl Hatun, who has an unrequited love for Osman. From that moment onwards, Aygul vows to avenge her mother. It's clear that Bala hatun was better at controlling her emotions and containing her anger, but she is prone to heartbreak. She studied at Mula Stk Kocaman University. Kurulu: Osman follows the journey of his son Osman as he becomes the first Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It is assumed that Bala Hatun will continue to appear in many future episodes as she is the lead hatun. - Kurulu Osman 25. Kurulus Osman And Bala Hatun Dresses 1 Results Kurulus Osman and Bala Hatun Graphic T-Shirt Dress By zakiKhan $45.31 Worldwide Shipping Available as Standard or Express delivery Learn more Secure Payments 100% Secure payment with 256-bit SSL Encryption Learn more Free Return Exchange or money back guarantee for all orders Learn more Biographical information [3] She also stays under Selcan's stewardship and keeps an eye on the tribal and political matters of the tribe. Even if she was unable to have children, Osman Bey declared that he would still marry her. Aygul dislikes her own son as it reminds her of her disgraceful past. Female After Erturul dies and Osman becomes the Bey, Bala is poisoned and made to fall ill by the jealous Targun, who is later arrested and exiled by Osman. woodbridge high school stabbing; 1000 blythe blvd parking lot b The fact that Bala Hatun, who does not have a child in the series, is pregnant, attracted the attention of the on-screen. No puedo decir que no estoy en desacuerdo contigo. Establishment Osman In the 57th episode, Sheikh Edebali tells Osman Bey that he should marry Malhun Hatun for the unification of the Turkish obese. Ozge Torr is a famous Turkish actor who plays the character of Rabia Bala Hatun in Kurulus Osman very beautifully. Later, after being led into a trap by Osman's devious aunt Zhre Hatun, Bala is stabbed by a Mongol soldier and later discovers that she is unable to produce a baby. Bala Hatun, the wife of Osman Bey, is seen . The actress is only 22 years old and she made her debut two years ago with Kurulu: Osman. zge is an actress born on 16th August 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. Kurulus Osman Bala Hatun became a curiosity after being pregnant in the series. Many would compare Bala to Halime, the wife of Ertugrul Ghazi, but actually, they are quite a lot different from each other. He takes his closest Alps Boran Alp and Goktug Alp at night to raid the castle but Aygul joins them uninvited despite Osman's reluctance. Even after Bala was wounded by some Mongols, and learned that she was probably unable to have children, she was afraid that Osman would not like her the same. Rabia Bala Hatun (Ottoman Turkish; died January 1324) was the wife of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. Appears in Rabia Bala Hatun's grave is located with her mother in a place next to the tomb of her father Sheikh Edebali in Bilecik. She has become more strong and rigid like a warrior and wishes to serve Osman. Bala's relationship with her son Alaeddin, who was blessed to her and her husband after numerous hardships is a very special one. Meghan Markle, Prince Harry give in to King Charles? She was the apple of her fathers eye, as her father had always prayed and hoped for a girl as beautiful and pious as his beloved wife Bala. Kurulu Osman Bala Hatun'u kim oynuyor", "Bala Hatun kimdir? For more information, please see our [6] The heartbroken Bala also tries to deflect unwanted romantic attention from the devious Aliar Bey in the meantime.
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