"I would not get on stage. They kept the equipment well organized. By continuing to use our site, you consent to the placement of cookies on your browser and agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy. The frustrated fan is roughly half the age of the celebrity guest. Posters are sourced from TMDb and Posteritati, and appear for you and visitors to your profile and content, depending on settings. This is the almost unbelievable story of the man who put the Toronto Blue Jays on the map. It's like a beautiful piece of music, played out over one of the longest units of time in any major sport: the career of a dominant baseball player. Stieb started it with Dunedin in the Class A Florida State League. the official stats partner of the NBA, NHL and MLB. In the first half of the season, he couldn't make his slider work at all. JL. How Dave Stieb was robbed of the 1982 AL Cy Young award, and what it's still costing him today - The Athletic How Dave Stieb was robbed of the 1982 AL Cy Young award, and what it's still. "I really couldn't believe it myself," Stieb says. In his rookie year the right-hander tossed 7 complete games and a shutout while splitting his 16 decisions. Dave Steib remains the Toronto Blue Jays all-time leader in many pitching categories The Toronto Blue Jays selected Dave Stieb in the 5th round of the MLB draft in 1978. Win Expectancy, Run Expectancy, and Leverage Index calculations provided by Tom Tango of InsideTheBook.com, and co-author of The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball. My home looks beautiful! Stieb, who was known for his devastating slider, was the ace for the Blue Jays in the 1980s, and in the 80s, he won 140 games, which is only second to Hall of Famer (and Stieb's 1992 Blue Jays teammate) Jack Morris. His older brother, Steve, was a catcher in the Atlanta Braves system for three seasons, batting .217 as a professional and never reaching above Double-A ball. Dave Stieb was born on the 22nd of July, 1957. They were very professional at all times", "Quality work, good crew, glad we selected MasterCraft", "I cant think of one thing, the crew that worked on this job was very professional. Fast workers. I had butted heads with him before about alienating his teammates, so we had a conversation the next morning about it. It is evident that the employees take pride in their work", "The crew was on time and completed the job on time they let us know each day when they were leaving for the day", "Thank you for all the extra hard work in preparing our house so it could be painted. You'd have to be a Gandhi to handle some of the pressure Dave's had, and Gandhi couldn't have pitched five shutouts for the Toronto Blue Jays. These days, Stieb and two partners are building their second subdivision in Reno, where he makes his home. I'm 40 years old, he said. As weve discussed recently, Stieb was one of the best pitchers to pitch in the 1980s. Thanks for doing a great job. Stieb won 140 games in the 1980s, the second-highest total by a pitcher in that decade, behind only his rival (and later teammate) Jack Morris. But he was the best pitcher in the AL and probably the best pitcher in baseball for the 1980s. If I keep doing this, it can only get better,'" he says. He said no. Stieb and Canzano talked about pitching at a high level in Major League Baseball. We present them here for purely educational purposes. A case can be made with sabermetrics that Stieb not Jack Morris was the best pitcher of the 1980s and would be a worthy addition to Cooperstown. Yankees ace pitcher CC Sabathia tied his career wins record with his final win in 2011. He worked without taking breaks-except for lunch. When you balance WAR and WAR7 (which is called JAWS when the two are averaged), Stieb is still very comparable to other Hall of Fame starters. We all can learn a lot from Dave Stieb about patience, fulfillment, and passion. Stieb has heard, by the way, that some people think Morris was the best pitcher of the 1980s because he had the most wins of the decade at 162. In mid-June, he got the call every minor leaguer craves. Thanks! Dave Stieb is seen by many as the best pitcher in baseball throughout much of the 1980's. Jays fans certainly know Stieb as the first real star and the cornerstone of a new franchise around whom the 1992 World Championship team was built. However, in his career, he was in the top 10 in WAR by pitchers in the AL in seven seasons, six seasons in the top 10 of ERA, eight seasons among the top 10 lowest in hits allowed per nine innings, six seasons in the top 10 in ERA+, and five seasons among the top 10 in innings pitched, complete games, and strikeouts. When you look at his peak seasons, Stiebs case gets much stronger. Source of Money. We have always been pleased with every job and will continue to use your services for any painting needs inside & out", "You exceeded our expectations!! Only Jack Morris won more games in the 1980s. Kyle and Chris were not only the hardest workers we have seen, but were also courteous, on-time every day, and took great pride in their workmanship. It's a funny thing, but most converted infielders and outfielders have good control, especially infielders. Some high school data is courtesy David McWater. June 29, 1979 All logos are the trademark & property of their owners and not Sports Reference LLC. Dave Stieb spent parts of 16 seasons in the majors from 1979 through 1998 with 15 of those seasons coming with the Toronto Blue Jays. Bois and Rubenstein are the greatest documentary makers, ever. Chances are he had not been born when Dave Stieb of the Toronto Blue Jays was one of baseball's elite pitchers, and perhaps its most truculent. I won't do the things I used to. I was very pleased with the job", "Great work & friendly, professional staff-Thanks! Efficient, professional, and timely", "It was nice to know I could trust Jesse with my house and key and not worry about being there. In his career, he had a 56.4 rWAR, which is 82nd among all starting pitchers, 227th all-time, and comparable among Hall of Fame starters. But by then, his pitches were darting and diving in the 'pen and the itch was back. Your ability is a given, but signing autographs, talking decently to a writer, things like that, will separate you from the crowd. Theres good news for Stieb, though. "When I got out of baseball and I ran into people," he says, "they would always talk about what a great career I had, and they were always amazed that I wasn't outgoing as far as wanting to talk to them about it and say stuff about it. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Saturday, March 4, 12:52AM. 7-time MLB All-Star pitcher who played 14 seasons with the Toronto Blue Jays. Despite all of that, Stieb received seven votes (or 1.4 percent) on his first and only time on the BBWAA ballot in 2006. He glowered and muttered on the mound. "Eventually, you figured out that he was almost always angry.". It's all in what they call the rhythm. The SPORTS REFERENCE and STATHEAD trademarks are owned exclusively by Sports Reference LLC. Im very happy with the quality of the work and professionalism of John, Colt & Mike", "An absolutely wonderful job quick, clean, professional and amazingly through! "I was not going to have all the media, who already heard this was happening, a day later go, 'Oh, he's not doing it.' Or write about sports? Selective censoring on Google Inside imagery 'Belt of Orion' by Roger Berry. My worst problem with the guitar when I first played it, I wanted to play speed metal. On September 2, 1990, he pitched the first (and, as of 2022[update], only) no-hitter in Blue Jays history, defeating the Cleveland Indians 30. Kyle and Chris were not only the hardest workers we have seen, but were also courteous, on-time every day, and took great pride in their workmanship. They couldnt do a better job and a 100% warranty, Mastercraft honors their contract", "They are very good and will go the extra mile for you and that counts a lot", "Excellent service. Dave Stieb was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 5th round of the 1978 MLB June Amateur Draft from Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Carbondale, IL). ", "They all make the customer feel that your job is important to them", "Just keep doing what you are doing. When Mattick and LaMacchia caught Stieb's act he was a .394 hitter for the Salukis en route to a berth on The Sporting News's All-America team. [2] Stieb holds career records for Toronto pitchers in wins, games started, shutouts, strikeouts, complete games and a variety of other categories. The quality was consistent all the way through, with Part 3 easily the best. Stieb never went on the disabled list until excessive working out in 1991 gave him a herniated disk in his back, aggravated by a collision near first base that spring. ", Stieb acknowledges that the brush with Martinez was instructive. Maybe he thought that at this point, hed seen it all. Much of the play-by-play, game results, and transaction information both shown and used to create certain data sets was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by RetroSheet. He is bright and well spoken, if somewhat reticent. Before that, he was one of MLB's best pitchers, and made a triumphant return to the mound in 1998 after a five-year hiatus. [1] A seven-time All-Star, he also won The Sporting News ' Pitcher of the Year Award in 1982. ", "Dave is the most intense person I've ever met," says his agent. Stieb was nonplussed by this unusual turn of events. Search Details, 2) Social Media Profiles & More He is known for being a Baseball Player. For Stieb, fun was flying close to the flame. [11] While this was seen to be generous at the time the contract was signed, by the time the later years of the contract came around this was a bargain, considering that several players were receiving several times the amount per year. The Vancouver Canadians game is sold out, but he desperately covets an autograph from the evening's special guest. Another Toronto scout, Don Welke, had said the boy could run, throw and hit with some power. Friendly, efficient, trustworthy, and treat everyone like family", "Jess & CJ are excellent representatives of Mastercraft! In and out in 4 days. Lisa is great! The end of Dave Stieb's career was as poetic, fascinating, and shocking as the rest of it. . Still Stieb had every reason to feel apprehensive, even peeved. The best price & superior service & quality", "Your crew did a very professional job. We didn't monkey around with his mechanics at all. "It's time," LaMonte advised Stieb, "for you to take on a humility that is becoming to a person with that kind of contract. won three or even four AL Cy Young Awards while with the Blue Jays. Stieb pitched to a 2.78 ERA over 12 games in the minors. Obviously. We didn't find out he could pitch until April 1. On June 29 he started for Toronto against the Baltimore Oriolesand lost. Join our linker program. The first is that the Modern Baseball Committee ballot, which spans MLB figures who made their greatest contribution to the game between 1970 and 1987, looks like it will be packed. It's also available for football, basketball and hockey. "He's got a nasty slider." "He's a real competitor." "He's cocky, but he backs it up." Stieb, only 25 and in his fifth season in the major leagues and his sixth in professional baseball, is at the very top of his profession. Stieb came to the Instructional League with two pitches, a "heavy" fastball that naturally dropped and a slider developed for him by Newman at Southern Illinois and polished by Toronto's minor league pitching instructor, Bob Humphreys. "I was almost naive enough to think, 'Oh, if I just say yes, I'll be on the big-league team.' I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking to have a painting job done and wants to work with reliable, competitively prices professionals", "Thank you so much for a job well done - you are experts in all aspects of painting and decorating, and we look forward to working with you in the future", "Our house looks beautiful - excellent craftsmanship. They also discussed Stieb's current business endeavor as a contractor in Reno, Nev. Stieb talked about. One of the companies is still active while the remaining one is now listed as inactive. "If he made a bad pitch, he'd slap his glove enough to get you teed off. Dave Stieb's struggle is universal, gut wrenching, and inspiring. July 22, 1957 We are 100% satisfied with the excellent quality of work. ", Stieb pitched only 17 innings for the Salukis that season, but providentially Mattick saw two of them, and there followed his recommendation that the Blue Jays draft Stieb as a pitcher. . LaMonte urged Stieb to fly immediately from California to Toronto and make his peace with a city he had offended in the past with his trade demands. As a result, he was the leader in hit batsmen in the American League in 1981, 1983, 1984, 1986, and 1989, and he was in the top three in 1985, 1988, and 1990. A few have brought their grandkids. I'm going home to Nevada in a few days. I try my damndest now not to let any runs score as the result of an error. Copyright 2023 PeekYou.com. I said a lot of things I shouldn't have. And he had great velocity. He had an ERA+ of 122 and a FIP of 3.82. Disclaimer: PeekYou is not a consumer reporting agency per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. . "I don't think I even knew how to figure an ERA in those days. Longtime fans know all about that. He was underappreciated when he played as he, arguably, should have won three or even four AL Cy Young Awards while with the Blue Jays in the early- to mid-1980s. The merging of Reno Building and Boyd Construction Company is a transformational moment that unites two highly-respected and complementary companies Learn More. Kyle is impressive, Danny is fantastic. You've made our house look brand new again! The once-prickly pitcher is not angry any more. Found you on Angies List, good recommendations", "Jesse and his crew were very professional, courteous, and hard workers. Find out more. Dave Stieb wrote an autobiography in his late twenties, which is unheard of, but it's tough to blame him. Thank you for the opportunity.'". We're interested now in developing the total man.". Southern Illinois University Carbondale (Carbondale, IL). The first 10,000 fans will receive a Stieb Bobblehead", "Catching up with Blue Jays legend Dave Stieb about his new life and improbable comeback", "How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend? In the next one he'll be a . So it was exciting again, and it was cool to do that at 40 years old. "Then," he says, "I'll be done with that career.". Letterboxd Limited. For nearly two hours, Stieb signed autographs and posed for photos in Vancouver. This fall, hell be eligible for the first time as a veterans candidate on the Modern Baseball Committee ballot. "He's the best fielding pitcher in baseball," says his manager, Bobby Cox. There was a rain delay in the fourth inning. If you got a hit off a good pitch, he'd look at you as if to say, 'How did you hit that pitch?' Hall of Fame voting can be brutal in this regard, with numerous fine one-and-done candidates from Stieb to Bobby Grich to Ted Simmons and many others. ", "You and your crew are far superior to any other repair people or workers weve had in the past", "You were very professional, very fair in your bid and the house looks excellent", "You did what you said you would do and you did it well, and did it for the price quoted. When he was playing in the 1980s, he became interested in real estate through his agent and ever since then has used his savvy to buy and sell residential properties. To this day, we debate what it all meant, and where his legacy bel. Around the time of the book Moneyball, WAR (then called WARP) and Win Shares were invented and I fell in with a group of baseball nerds at a site called Baseball Primer (later Baseball Think Factory) who decided to fix the Hall of Fame's many errors by starting over from scratch and electing the people who really deserved to be inducted, starting in 1898. "I said right off the bat, 'I don't belong in the Hall of Fame, I did not win enough games and so forth, Stieb told Sporting News in a recent phone interview from Reno, Nev., where hedoes land development work. As of 2023, Dave Stieb's net worth is $100,000 - $1M. You promised a quality job and that is what we got. In the shortened 1981 season, he became the first starter in the history of the Toronto franchise to have a winning season11-10. "It was hard for me to fathom why they wanted me to be something I wasn't," Stieb says. [8] He was awarded a World Series ring after the Blue Jays won their first championship later that year, despite not pitching in the postseason due to injuries. He is tied with Mike Mussina who, like Stieb, spent his entire career (with the exception of four starts for Stieb) in the American League East. David Andrew Stieb (/stib/; born July 22, 1957) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed starting pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays. Thus a Stieb game rarely lasts longer than 120 pitches. Sport as a metaphor for life has been a common theme in Bois documentaries, and here it never is contrived. Stieb, who had the second-most wins in the decade at 140, doesnt think the stat should be the decider. In 1985, Stieb signed with the Blue Jays what was then one of the richest contracts in baseball. He has the same delivery today as he had then. Last year, according to Toronto Pitching Coach Al Widmar, Stieb threw fewer than 110 pitches in 10 games and fewer than 100 in six. Photos by John Lott. Dave Siebels With: Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band Stieb drew just 1.4 percent, or seven votes, of 506 votes cast in 2004 and that was that. Stieb is relaxed and voluble. TORONTO, ON - CIRCA 1991: Dave Stieb #37 of the Toronto Blue Jays pitches during an Major League Baseball game circa 1991 at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto, Ontario. He struck me out in the first inning on a slider that kind of backed up.". When he took the ball for his first major league start, Stieb had pitched, counting college baseball, a grand total of 216 innings in his lifetime. "No way he should be thanking me. 2023 Mastercraft Painting & Decorating, Inc., Rights Reserved. I never saw a nastier slider in the 80's. In fact you can't really find a pitcher who was as dominant throughout the entire 80's. He threw a no-hitter and like was an out away from 2 or 3 others on top of a perfect game.
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