Hosts are responsible for their visitors conduct and are liable for any damage done to university property or violation of university policy committed by the visitor. Resident Assistants (RAs) are students chosen for their leadership and interpersonal skills. The alteration of the heating or lighting fixtures. The Residence Hall Association (RHA) at Bridgewater State University is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing the residential experience. Visitors must abide by all university policies and procedures. Commuter students and non-student visitors must present a valid (not expired) photo identification (ID). Box Score; Salve Regina. Prior to signing in a visitor, the host must have the approval of all residents living in the same room, suite or apartment. To be eligible for campus housing a student must be actively enrolled in a minimum of one course at Bridgewater State University or through a BSU-sanctioned program at all times during their course of residency. If there is some specific reason to suspect that a criminal offense has taken place or that evidence of such an offense may be secured in a room, university officials will enter the room only with a resident's permission or pursuant to a warrant. If you have lost your Connect Card orit hasbeen stolen, report it immediately to your Resident Director. Quiet Living:This floor is for students who are looking to live in a quiet environment. Bridgewater State University 131 Summer Street, Bridgewater, MA 02325 508.531.1000 . All furniture must have a Cal 117 or Cal 133 tag on the piece of furniture. Theme communities are communities where groups of residents can live together who have similar interests and goals, but do not have a class component. Do not use elevators. Students who choose to live in a learning community benefit from targeted programming and access to resources that will help them become more successful while at the university. Executed the opening and closing plans for . Students are responsible for an damages that occur in the entirespace during their stay, damages are assessed after students move-out by an AC or RD. Student Financial Responsibility Agreement. Any person who is physically unable to exit the building should immediately contact the university police department at (508-531-1212) from a cell phone or 911 from a campus phone. Residence Life and Housing staff will issue a temporary card that must be returned by the following business day at 5 pm. University-supplied furniture cannot be removed from the room unless approved in advance by a full-time Residence Life and Housing staff member. Obtain prior approval from the Office of Residence Life and Housing by signing an agreement indicating that the host student is (a) eighteen (18) years of age or older; and (b) has responsibility for the care, custody, and control of the minor while on University property. Smoke detectors are also very sensitive. When a malicious false fire alarm occurs: Bridgewater State University offers a $500 reward to any person(s) providing information to university police that result in a finding of responsibility of any individual(s) causing a false fire alarm in a campus building. Bridgewater State University reserves the right to change policies and procedures at any time in the interests of safeguarding public health, Reviewed and Revised 8.22 by Justin McCauley, Office of Residence Life & Housing, Bridgewater State University name, phone numbers and room numbers) is posted nightly outside of the RA Office. The Office of Residence Life and Housing is always available to answer your questions regarding campus life and housing. The relationship between UND and the Student is that of licensor-licensee and not that of landlord-tenant. Prior to registration, . Any BSU student living on campus in the fall with a room assignment and a class schedule is eligible to move in early, starting in late August, at a cost of $35 per day. L&N Federal Credit Union Stadium, also known as L&N Stadium and formerly known as Cardinal Stadium and Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, is a football stadium located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States, on the southern end of the campus of the University of Louisville.Debuting in 1998, it serves as the home of the Louisville Cardinals football program. ?6'(%5 y^ ^"J^ ^ > .N f ei^rietta f^ni^. A $250 housing deposit and a completed Residence Hall License Agreement are required to be considered for a room assignment. The resident agrees, upon reasonable notice, to remove personal belongings during any break period. The hall is located on West Campus next to the Dana Mohler Faria Science and Mathematics Center and across the street from the Campus Center. Bridgewater, MA 02325. Residence Life website. It is very important that you never hang items from sprinklers in the residence halls. If it is an emergency please contact The Office of Residence Life and Housing at 508.531.1277 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm, or BUS PD after hours and over the weekend at 508.531.1212. Any student organizations interested in conducting a fundraiser in the residence halls should submit their request via email to Resident students with 24-plus earned credits are allowed to have vehicles on campus. In some buildings, larger built-in closets are shared by the residents. Sep 2020 - Aug 20211 year. If identified parties are found responsible for the damage, then those parties will assume financial responsibility for the damages. Bridgewater State University is the largest of nine state universities in Massachusetts and continues to provide an affordable option for students in the region. Sign online Residence Hall License Agreement emailed to your BSU email, ToParticipate, student must not have selected a space during anther phase of the room selection process (LLCs,Optional Housing Opportunities, or Gender Inclusive Housing), Students may select a room at any time after their selection time is activated. It will not make a difference in your selection time. You may submit an online room change request form during the room change period. Applications and information regarding summer housing is available on the Office of Residence Life and Housings website at: Students may petition to be released from the Residence Hall License Agreement if they can demonstrate an inability to fulfill the terms of the agreement due to an extenuating circumstance: The online petition form can be located on the Office of Residence Life and Housings website under: Students who are granted a release from the Residence Hall License Agreement will be awarded a refund for housing as follows: 100 percent refund prior to the first day of scheduled occupancy, Prorated refunds from the first day of occupancy until Monday after the last day of the drop/add period. Woodward Hall, a co-ed residence, houses 231 first-year students. --The Bridgewater State University Athletics Hall of Fame Committee has announced the members of its 24th induction class to be enshrined during Homecoming Weekend in October.Rick Battistini, '77, Frank Cammisa, '11, Adam Camobreco, '05, Barry Gorman, '08, Laurie O'Connell, '88, Molly Rouillard, '13, Amber White, '14, and Jenna Williamson, '14 will officially enter the Hall . Hall of Fame; I was a Bear; Mission/Vision Statement; News Archives; Special Olympics; Staff Directory; Student Employment; Trophy Case; Visiting Team Information; . Room change requests are completed based on space availability, the order in which each request is received. Weygand Hall is a co-ed residence that houses 500 upper-class students on five floors. The Residence Life and Housing staff monitors visitor policies and reserves the right to suspend visitor privileges for policy violations or in emergency situations. Students accepted with on-campus housing must also submit a $250 residence hall deposit. Please keep in mind that the maintainers can not touch personal belongings, each bathroom should be cleared of personal belongings before the maintainers enter to clean. The most common suite configuration is one double room with two single rooms. Keep your room clean! The following items are allowed in the residence halls: Students assigned to Weygand Hall and the Great Hill Student Apartments have university provided full-size refrigerators and therefore are not allowed to bring in additional refrigerators. For more information contact the Parking Services and Connect Card Office at 508.531.2897. 1. The BSU Wellness Center, located in Weygand Hall, provides medical and mental health services to all students. The community is located on the Great Hill, near the Adrian Tinsley Center. Last Modified: Tuesday, June 21, 2022 9:19 am Summer Residence License Agreement 2022 PDF Below are questions frequently asked of our staff. Given the purposes of the University as set forth by law, Resident's . The Room Change Request process is available on the Monday after Thanksgiving for room changes that will be processed for the spring semester and after room selection is completed in the spring for room changes that are wanted prior to the beginning of the next school year. This is also a coed dorm that offers single and double rooms. All damage charges will be assessed to the resident within thirty (30) days of the expiration of the term of the residence hall license agreement. All cooking and food preparation appliances (except as listed below), Pets (except fish and those permitted under the Americans with Disabilities legislation), Cinder blocks and other bed lofting apparatus, Upholstered Furniture (i.e. The telephone number is 508.531.1277. In instances, where there is a high demand for on-campus living, a number of rooms are designated to have a temporary additional occupant. Explore our Residence Halls Visit our Campus Top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus! Bridgewater's accessible . LICENSE AGREEMENT TERM a) This agreement is made for the academic year (Aug. 22, 2020 - May 14, 2021). A "permanent" or "design" room is a room that is always intended to house a designated number of students. You cannot go back in to the system to pull someone in after you have finalized your selection. As design spaces become available, students living in additional occupancy rooms are offered permanent spaces. Floors should be washed and rugs vacuumed regularly. furniture covered with fabric and/or padding/stuffing), Hoverboards and Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMDs). Rooms are corridor style arranged in double and triple rooms. A complete list of fees and the refund policy are available in the student handbook. Requests may be submitted on the Personal Preferences section of the Residence Hall License Agreement and must be mutual (All parties involved must make the request). Formal appeals for individual damage charges may be addressed in writing to the Office of Residence Life and Housing via email to. 6. Rooms are corridor style arranged in double, triple, and four-person rooms. Do not hang anything from them or cover them in any way. When offered a permanent assignment, residents of additional occupancy rooms may agree to remain together as a voluntary additional occupancy room. Students who withdraw from housing will forfeit their housing deposit. 1. Bridgewater St. 15. Don't set your mind to one building or room configuration. Raffles of any kind cannot be conducted in the residence halls. Break Stay housing students are assigned to the Great Hill Student Apartments or Pope Hall and pay an additional fee. FYRE will connect you with peers in a diverse, shared-living environment, and with essential academic and co-curricular support services. Overnight visitors cannot visit for more than 3 consecutive nights in any 7-day period. Assignment into available space from additional occupancy space is made based on date of application to the University. Lower Great Hill (East Campus) Removing or lifting window screens, sitting on windowsills, leaning out of windows or bringing items into the building via windows is prohibited. /'///'//:) ///>/ /'// .i.h.iiA,/,- BTMsm f mmw'^m^. During business hours (Monday Friday 9am 5pm): Obtain a replacement card from the Parking and Connect Card Services office prior to seeing a Residence Life and Housing staff member who will code their card. No item may be dropped or thrown from windows. RAs live in the halls and provide support on a variety of subjects ranging from personal and academic concerns to conflict mediation and program implementation. Date: 14 August 2018, 10:43:30: Source: Own work: . This community creates opportunities to celebrate this accomplishment and provides resources and connections that are meant to help students successfully navigate BSU in their first year. New students who are interested in living in a gender inclusive living environment will have the option to indicate this preference on their residence hall license agreement. No, selection times are not transferable. Students having difficulty on campus can also come to the Office of Residence Life and Housing, located in DiNardo Hall, Room 100. To be considered for this opportunity apply online here: Bridgewater State University is an inclusive community dedicated to the lifelong success of all students, focused on the continuous improvement of its people, and responsible for leading innovation that benefits Southeastern Massachusetts, the commonwealth, and the world. No personal upholstered furniture is allowed in the residence halls without prior approval. Bridgewater State University is proud of its student/faculty ratio of 20:1, average class size of 22, student . We look forward to working with you to make your on-campus experience a positive one. The housing deposit is nonrefundable, unless the university is unable to provide a room after accepting the deposit. Students accepted with on-campus housing must also submit a $250 residence hall deposit. BSU offers 100% wireless coverage in all residence halls, classrooms and administrative buildings. At times the demand for housing at Bridgewater State University exceeds the number of spaces available for resident students. View thepacking list for residential students. All resident students receive mail at Mail Services. Please refer to the, Every student is responsible for checking out of their room/suite/apartment when they move out. Please note that Bridgewater State University will conform to all policies as required by federal, state, and local public health officials. Residents are responsible for leaving their room in the move-in condition upon check out. Students who are interested in the Break Stay Housing option can select this option during the room selection period. Students living in ISTC foster a living environment that promotes kindness and acceptance. Housing License agreements are typically for the academic year only and do not include residency during winter and spring break. Unfortunately, this cannot be arranged. If a Connect Card is lost, the student will be billed $25 by the Parking and Connect Card Office to replace the card. Upper Great Hill (East Campus) fenix lr40r vs olight x7r . Overnight visitors must not visit in a pattern that may be interpreted by Residence Life and Housing staff as being an additional occupant of the residential space. Work orders can be submitted for such things as light bulb burned out, furniture malfunction, or any problem encountered in a room. Extension cords cannot handle the power needed for most appliances in your room. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. Room styles consist of singles and doubles in a suite configuration. bridgewater state university residence hall license agreementlist of amazon trademarks bridgewater state university residence hall license agreement. All resident students pay a $5.00 Building Maintenance Fee each semester to cover the cost of maintenance, cleanup and repair of these common use areas. Each resident of the building will be charged $5 for the alarm. All rooms have locking windows. No decoration may impede emergency access or exit in rooms, hallways or public areas. Both the tuition deposit and residence hall deposit are nonrefundable. Boxes should never be left unattended. ACs and RDs are responsible for the quality of life in their assigned area and supervise a student staff of resident assistants. Every motor vehicle parked on campus must have a valid decal or temporary pass. Bridgewater State University. "'-'^f kTili'T'''" jiiMEiifirsT "nv>Y^?r^n mtr^ ^T. Posting, hanging, painting, or otherwise displaying decorations, pictures, signs, flags, banners, lighting, or other objects or materials in or upon residence hall room windows or on university window coverings is not permitted. Visitors, even if over 21 years of age, may not bring alcoholic beverages onto campus (including the Great Hill Student Apartments). Standard Rooms with Shared Single-Sex Bathrooms; Gender Neutral Bathrooms on Each Floor in Shea Hall. During inspections, if an unusual situation arises or if there is suspicion of illegal use of the room (i.e. Students living in the Inclusive Scholars Theme Community (ISTC) agree to foster a living environment that promotes kindness and acceptance of others differences. Approximately 2,700 students live on campus in 11 residence halls, which are differentiated by type of rooms and living arrangements and the class standing of residents. Only one change allowed per semester. Everyone in a residence hall needs to evacuate when the fire alarm sounds. Questions regarding the Residence Hall Occupancy License Agreement should be referred to Residential Life Student Services, 235 Whitmore Administration Building at 545-2100. TitleAssociate Director. Miles Hall DiNardo Hall Crimson Hall Stonehouse Hall Weygand Hall Scott Hall Woodward Hall Pope Hall All the information on our website is important to know, but this section is made specifically for, We have collected some useful tips and resources about living with a roommate and working through shared space use and conflicts when they arise on the. The Office of Residence Life & Housing, comprised of full-time professional and administrative staff in addition to part-time student employees, responds to the needs of the resident population. Traditionally all students in additional occupancy rooms have been offered permanent spaces by the beginning of the second semester. Mail is not delivered directly to students living in the Residence Halls. If staying overnight, these visitors must adhere to the following outlined procedures: Federal, state and university policies regarding health, safety, alcohol, drugs, firearms and the like will be upheld in all university residence halls. The residence hall staff fosters learning through floor meetings, educational and social programs and daily interactions with residents. III. This program is offered in Woodward Hall. West Campus Bridgewater State University All Rights Reserved, 131 Summer Street, Boyden Hall - Room 106, Parking Lot - Please stay off the sidewalk, Stearns Botanical Garden - between Pope Hall and DMF Math and Science Building, Shea/Durgin Parking Lot - in front of the building and across the street, The Moore Garden adjacent to Stonehouse Hall, On the grass in front of Stonehouse Hall and East Campus Commons. The most common suite configuration is two double rooms. Terms and Conditions . Room selection is a process to allow currentstudents to choose residence hall rooms for the 2020-2021academic year. Students assigned to these spaces receive a 20% rebate on the housing costs for the period of additional occupancy. The Flynn Dining Commons and the Bear's Den are located nearby. Signing an off-campus lease will not release you from your Housing License.
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