SF/F/H Sub-Genres Richard Powers Clubs & Groups Many of these magazines also accept submissions for essays, literary . Submissions to the Readings section are, All submissions and written queries (with the exc. Please contact us if you have any questions about your work on: +1 (646) 5125767 or email submissions-usa@austinmacauley.com. World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement Jack Butler If youd like your magazine listed, please email us. Please note that, due to the volume of submissions we receive, a typical reply may take anywhere from six to eight weeks. Austin Macauley Publishers 2023. BookTrackr highlights the books you've read, your favorites, what you're reading now and what you want to read next. Grove Press also developed a reputation for publishing political works, including Frantz FanonsThe Wretched of the Earth, The Autobiography of Malcolm X,and Che Guevaras Bolivian Diary, among other titles. EP Masterpieces of SF Richard Wilbur. The Last Dance . Join a full-day event that to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning, new techniques and resources for teaching, and maximize students interest, and enhance the role of teaching in the discipline of political science. Writers Guild, Saskatoon)Founded: 1973Genres: Poetry, fiction, literary nonfiction, short plays, comics, visual workIssues per Year: 4National Magazine Awards: 4NMA Nominations: 31Submission GuidelinesGravitas PoetryPublished in: Ontario (Ottawa region)Founded: 2018Genres: PoetryIssues per Year: 3Submission Guidelines, GUTS: Canadian Feminist MagazinePublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 2013Genres: Feminist literary essays and reviews, long-form journalism, interviews, fiction, poetry, columns, and new mediaIssues per Year: Biannual, plus regular online contentSubmission Guidelines, Hamilton Arts & LettersPublished in: Ontario (Hamilton)Founded: 2008Genres: Literary works, graphic novel excerpts, exploratory writing, poetry, literary non-fiction, and the work of visual, audio, and filmIssues per Year: 1Submission Guidelines, HazlittPublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 2012Genres: Art, sound, text, fiction, non-fiction, humour, criticismIssues per Year: OnlineNational Magazine Awards: 19 (most recently: Winnie Truong, Gold Medal, Illustration, 2021 & Ivan Coyote, Silver Medal, One of a Kind Storytelling, 2021)NMA Nominations: 66Submission Guidelines, HerminePublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 2020Genres: Short fictionIssues per Year: 1Submission Guidelines, Hexagon, Speculative Fiction MagazinePublished in: Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)Founded: 2020Genres: Flash fiction, poetry, and short storiesIssues per Year: 4Submission Guidelines, Humber Literary Review, ThePublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 2014Genres: Fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, artIssues per Year: 2National Magazine Award Nominations: 2Submission Guidelines, Inuit Art QuarterlyPublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 1986Genres: Stories, artist interviews, historical analyses, personal essaysIssues per Year: 4National Magazine Awards: 3 (most recently: Gold, Best Magazine: Art, Literary & Culture, 2021 and Magazine Grand Prix, 2021)NMA Nominations: 13Submission Guidelines, In/Words (On hiatus)Published in: Ontario (Carleton University, Ottawa)Founded: 2001Genres: Fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, visual artIssues per Year: 2-3Submission Guidelines, Juniper A Poetry JournalPublished in:Ontario (Toronto)Founded:2017Genres:PoetryIssues per Year:3 (online)Submissions Guidelines, Literary Review of Canada, ThePublished in: Ontario (Toronto)Founded: 1991Genres: Reviews, essays, art, poetryIssues per Year: 10National Magazine Awards: 1 (most recently: David Parkins, Gold Medal, Cover Grand Prix, 2021)NMA Nominations: 11Submission Guidelines, MaisonneuvePublished in: Quebec (Montreal)Founded: 2002Genres: Non-fiction writing (reporting, essays, memoir, humour, etc. Websites Winner of more National Magazine awards than any other monthly. )Issues per Year: 4National Magazine Awards: 44 (most recently: Stephanie Bai, Gold Medal, Best Emerging Writer, 2021 and Emma Gilchrist, Gold Medal, Personal Journalism, 2021)NMA Nominations: 171Submission Guidelines, Malahat Review, ThePublished in: British Columbia (University of Victoria)Founded: 1967Genres: Poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, reviews, interviews, essaysIssues per Year: 4National Magazine Awards: 32 (most recently: Erin Soros, Gold, One of a Kind Storytelling, 2021 and Joshua Whitehead, Gold, Personal Journalism, 2021)NMA Nominations: 97Submission Guidelines, Maple Tree Literary SupplementPublished in: Quebec (Montreal)Founded: 2008Genres: Fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, drama, film, visual arts, literary photography, author interviewsIssues Per Year: 3Submission Guidelines, Maynard, The (on hiatus)Published in: British Columbia (Vancouver)Founded: 2008Genres: PoetryIssues per Year: OnlineSubmissions Guidelines, Minola ReviewPublished in: Online-onlyFounded: 2016Genres: Poetry, fiction, creative non-fictionIssues per Year: 4Submissions Guidelines, Montreal Review, ThePublished in: Quebec (Montreal)Founded: 2009Genres: Long-form critical essays, book reviews, commentaries, interviews, photo essays, short stories, poetryIssues per Year: 3Submissions Guidelines, Mystery WeeklyPublished in: Ontario (Ancaster)Founded: 2015Genres: Crime fictionIssues per Year: 12Submission Guidelines, Nashwaak Review, ThePublished in: New Brunswick (St. Thomas University, Fredericton)Founded: 1994Genres: Poetry, short fiction, travel pieces, essays, articles, reviews, photographyIssues per Year: 2Submission Guidelines, New Quarterly, ThePublished in: Ontario (St. Jeromes University, Waterloo)Founded: 1981Genres: Short fiction, poetry, postscripts, non-fictionIssues per Year: 4National Magazine Awards: 22 (most recently: Chyana Marie Sage, Silver Medal, Personal Journalism, 2021)NMA Nominations: 70Submission Guidelines, NDPublished In: Alberta (U. of Calgary)Founded: 2014Genres: Poetry, Prose, Visual ArtsIssues per Year: 2Submission Guidelines, NUNUM Published in: Grand Barachois, New BrunswickFounded: 2018Genres: Flash fiction, artIssues per Year: 4+ annual anthologySubmission Guidelines, On SpecPublished in: Alberta (Edmonton)Founded: 1989Genres: Fiction, poetryIssues per Year: 4Submission Guidelines, Open Minds QuarterlyPublished in: Ontario (Sudbury)Founded: 1998Genres: Non-fiction, fiction, poetry, art, experimental pieces, letters, opinion pieces, research, etc. Defining SF Books: For more information, see https://atlantic-books.co.uk/grove-press. Mythopoeic Award For more information, see https://penzlerpublishers.com. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Rosset challenged United States obscenity law by publishing D. H. Lawrences Lady Chatterleys Lover, Henry MillersTropic of Cancer, and William S. Burroughss Naked Lunch. There is no minimum. This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Grove soon became the preeminent publisher of twentieth-century drama in America, publishing playwrights including Bertolt Brecht, Eugne Ionesco, Harold Pinter, and Tom Stoppard. Ace Double: F-Series Check out photo highlights from the in-person meeting in Montral on PSNow. Atlantic Monthly Press Black Cat The Mysterious Press 384 books. HWA Reading List Books Published by Year Watch this space for more announcements. Fantasy Masterworks An LGBTQ SF Resource Author Videos Its why the party keeps losing elections. A well-turned curse can remind you of the power of language. We cap our general submissions at a certain number. Is he the hero of Wall Street, or the villain? Author's Choice Monthly Voted 'most insightful, thought-provoking magazine' by the readers of American Journalism Review, The Atlantic Monthly is a consistent leader in the publication of intelligent ideas. September 28, 2020. Bianca Bagnarelli. Continuing in this tradition, The Atlantic is today launching a new Fiction section, which marks a commitment to publish original fiction regularly on the site, in addition to several times each year in the magazine. This is our US/Canada web site. Hone your edge on today's issues, plus fiction, travel and puzzles. The result of his vision was Black Cat, a new imprint that published low-priced, mass-market paperbacks of some classics of modern literature. You can, if you wish, send illustrations for your submission. Horror 100 Next years theme isRights and Responsibilities in an Age of Mis- and Disinformation.. The review process can take up to three weeks. to the email address below: Austin Macauley Publishers LLC, 40 Wall Street, 33rd Floor, Suite 3302, New York, NY 10005. Challenges and Opportunities, American Political Science Association (APSA). Discount subscriptions are available, does not accept e-mailed submissions. Founded in 1917 in Boston, The Atlantic Monthly Press started as a book publishing imprint of the Atlantic Monthly magazine. does not read submissions sent via fax or e-mail. Lori Lightfoots failed bid for reelection is a sign that Americas mayors are in jeopardy. Plus living with disability, a path forward for Republicans, Salman Rushdie, swearing, Gatsby, new fiction, and more. In an accompanying interview with deputy editor Ross Andersen, Groff describes what its like to write about sex after #MeToo, how fiction can be used to reexamine relationships, and how she writes such vivid scenes. 50s|60s|70s|80s|90s Those who registered for the conference can access these sessions, featuring nearly 120 virtual panel recordings and more than 50 livestreams. Locus Horror Award Become a member and enjoy the enhanced features only available to registered members. We're most often . Sign up our newsletter and get exclusive deals you will not find anywhere else straight to your inbox! NPR: Top 100 SF/F Notable titles published under the Grove Press imprint include Sarah M. Brooms The Yellow House, Kiran Desais The Inheritance of Loss, Richard Flanagans Goulds Book of Fish, Helen Macdonalds H Is for Hawk, Pascal Merciers Night Train to Lisbon, Catherine Millets The Sexual Life of Catherine M., Viet Thanh Nguyens The Sympathizer, Kay Ryans The Best of It, Douglas Stuarts Shuggie Bain, and Jeanette Wintersons Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?. See how BookTrackr lets you customize WWEnd to reflect YOUR reading history. We accept manuscripts across all genres, with or without an agent, from anywhere in the world. The section debuts with Birdie, a new story by Lauren Groff (whose first story in The Atlantic appeared in the magazine's 2006 fiction issue). Unlock every edition of these newsletters, including ones just for subscribers, with one month of unlimited access to The Atlantic. Garrett Gruener, the co-creator of Ask Jeeves, couldnt beat Google, but hes feeling just fine about the dawn of the chatbot era. became the preeminent publisher of twentieth-century drama in America, publishing. Needs: The Atlantic says it is always interested in great nonfiction, fiction, and poetry.
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