T/R hit during low level autorotation practice, M/R system severed from A/C, hit ground and rolled right. Probably cause was inverted or near-inverted attitude during bad weather causing severe rotor flapping and subsequent mast separation. CW2 Gordon G. Shirley [IP] [Need A/C Unit] #69-15679 JACKSON, Tenn. -- To enhance Army battlefield lethality, UH-60A/L Black Hawk helicopter pilots recently tested technology which could drastically change how Black Hawk Army aircrews plan and . WOC Dennis D. Lukow [SP] D/5/117 CAV (NJ ARNG) At 20' AGL, A/C suddenly turned right and settled down to ground, M/R blades hit rock outcropping next to landing area, pitched up then fell down the side of mountain, rolling several times coming to rest far below the saddle and was consumed by post-crash fire. IP initiated simulated forced landing and noticed rapidly decaying engine and rotor RPM. [Need Tail#] 6 injured. UH-1M WOC Fredrick R. Williams [SP]. CPT Ronald R. Jongejan [P] A/C was in a 10-ship formation on the Kimpo Peninsula supporting a search for a suspected NK agent, when the #1 hanger bearing seized and the short T/R drive shaft came apart in flight. SSG Donald K. Chavis [C]. UH-1H CE & PAX injured. army aircrews hueybemidji state hockey jersey. A/C became uncontrollable, crashed coming to rest inverted in the grassy area between the east and westbound lanes of the Pennyrile Parkway at 2000 hrs. #69-15294 Recognisable by their distinctive blue berets, AAC soldiers deliver firepower from battlefield helicopters and fixed wing aircraft to overwhelm and defeat enemy forces. 1LT Louis J. Stauber ALTONA, N.Y. - New York Army National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk aircrews from 3rd Battalion, 142nd Aviation, dropped more than 100,000 gallons of water on a 526-acre forest fire burning in Flatrock State Forest on July 13 and July 15. Air mission cmdr placed the Inf airmobile operation on a wx hold due to ceiling 100' and visibility 1/2 mi, but ordered the flight to be repositioned. #69-15449 [Need Tail#] DAC William L. Kinsey [CE]. USNTPS UH-1 SP4 Carl E. Campbell [CE] SP5 David O. Moore. Eventually, however, a system that no longer has an Army-wide parts system or support structure must be phased out. MSG Robert E. Lucey Jr. C/106 AVN (DE ARNG) PFC Earnest G. Dawson Jr [CE]. #68-15438 A/C crashed in Clark Hill Reservoir in 50' of water 300 yards from shore near Plum Branch. #63-8815 1. At 1426 hrs while flying at approx 75' AGL and 90 KIAS and approx 7000m from field site, A/C struck a 2-wire, triple-strand power line crossing the river to Lemons Springs Camp. UH-1B The bearing failed due to lack of lubrication. CPT David T. Johnson USAAVNS A/C was performing a simulated air attack while on a service support mission in conjunction with annual training test when it struck wires, pitched up and crashed inverted into a small tributary of the North Han River near Chuncheon at 1030 hours. A/C crashed in a hilly wooded at approx 0210 hrs area near the E70 autobahn between Wildflecken and Bad Bruckenau during a medevac mission. CIV Everett T. Shockley. UH-1 CE injured. WOC Mark Hitzig [SP]. At CIV Patrick R. Pennington. A/C crashed approx 5 mi W post near Monroe Mountain due to separation of drive link trunion bearing from swashplate. A/C from Ft Campbell crashed 14 mi S of Cadiz and approx 2 mi SW of Veghel LZ at 1330 hrs on a training flight during FTX Orbiting Eagle IV after losing the T/R at night at low level, and went inverted into the trees. UH-1H A/C crashed into the east side of San Bernardino National Forest approx 15 SE of Big Bear Lake (Hell For Sure Canyon) at about 6000' level. UH-1 upgrades and providing new aircrews with a seamless . 3 miles SW of Panmunjom. 1LT Peter J. USAAVNS 49 AD PAX: CPT Stanley E. Rohner [P] NG N. Orleans [SP]. A/C crashed during training flight from Hunter AAF approx 5 miles NE of Rincon. A/C went into a descending right turn and struck two guy wires of a power line at 2130 hours and exploded into a hillside at the foothills of the Laguna Mountains. Armstrong killed on rescue Huey during takeoff. It broke up on impact and sank, leaving a fuel fire on the surface. A/C crashed in a near level attitude about 8 miles SE of Bishop. #68-? PFC Ralph A. Cooper UH-1H 3 injured. SCARNG USAAVNS out of the dive, the PIC repeated the maneuver but could not stop the excessive rate of descent during 2nd dive. #69-15013 WOC Brent D. Gularte [SP] [Need Tail#] CW2 Phillip A. Jones [PP] 353 ENG BN (OK USAR) CW2 Riley D. Wicker [P] army aircrews huey7ds grand cross banner schedule7ds grand cross banner schedule 82 AVN A/C descended while in left-banked attitude and impacted water at high speed, sinking to depth of 220m. UH-1 #66-0952 #66-16668 UH-1 UH-1D #68-15366 Visibility was poor with ceilings estimated at 400-600'. [Need Tail#] Investigation determined that the torque on the clamping bolts of the swashplate outer ring trunnion bore was less than prescribed resulting in the trunnion bore wearing through the retaining bolts and coming out in flight. USAAVNS A/C crashed in Lake Tahoe at approx 1618 hrs during a flight with an unauthorized civilian PAX onboard. CPT Patrick F. Craven [P] Ground time between flight operations should be sufficient to allow flight crew to eat and obtain at least 8 hours of uninterrupted rest. 1LT Charles W. Cupples [IP] B/227 AHB CE & 1 PAX injured. A/C crashed at approx 1832 hrs in a windstorm less than 1 mile W of the airfield. 129 AVN 1LT Nicki L. Sutera [P] [Need Tail#] WOC George T. Faircloth [Need Tail#] PFC Dexter B. Baggett 2LT Andrew W. Stocker [P] PFC Bonnie C. Handley. UH-1 A/C experienced a mechnical problem while taking off, crashed and burned approx 18 miles N of Junction City, near the intersection of K82 and Hwy 77. A/C crashed about 4 miles north of Cheraw during Air Assault II exercises. A/C crashed and burned 3 mi south of Turkey Creek Ranch while on a routine training mission from Ft Carson at approx 1050 hours. #66-0854 A/C crashed at approx 1311 hours during Tac-X training just before graduation on Ft Rucker. [Need Tail#] COL Christopher B. Sinclair Jr #67-17408 SGT Johnny M. Rogers [CE] #68-16487 2LT James A. Fitz [SP] The following pages will list only those individuals who have lost their lives A B-1B Lancer from Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D., flies over a UH-1N Huey helicopter from the 37th Helicopter Squadron at F.E. PFC Daniel F. Macon [C]. [Need Tail#] 326 MED BN After attempting to pick up a jeep (50# TQE limit), A/C took off from the PZ at night unaided. UH-1H Exact cause of stress corrosion could not be determined. [Need Tail#] A/C was performing gun manuevers when excessive attitudes combined with CG issues due to fuel load in ferry tank, caused the mast to shear. Cause was determined to be explosive engine failure as the result of corrosion of the #1 bearing. Visibility was 3 mi with light rain and fog. #66-16623 MAJ Morgan L. Phillips Jr [P] SP4 Richard E. Corder 1LT Gregory J. Paredes [CP] COL Robert T. Basha #70-16230 Special VFR approach into weather which was below IFR minimums was attempted. During descent, a high freq vibration was felt followed by a severe vertical vibration. nose-down level attitude resulting in a 57 G's crash force. PIC broke formation and descended to an altitude of 50'-75' AGL for about 2 miles. 1LT Noel C. LaPlante [AC] WO1 Terry V. Knight [CP] SP4 Harvey M. Reynolds [CE] SGT Larry E. Steppee . A/C crashed in a remote swampy area about 2100 hrs approx 3 mi NW of Ft Stewart while enroute on a MAST mission to rescue two victims of a car wreck under special VFR clearance. CW3 Rodney G. Goheen [P] UH-1B UH-1H WOC Barry L. Cowles [SP] [Need Tail#] The Army's 250-foot drop tower at Fort Benning, Georgia sees a newly designed training parachute installed to better match current parachute drop rates. Mid-air with OH-58A over Ft Hood near Anderson Mountain during Operation Gallant Hand '73. PFC Elijah Lister Jr PV2 Charles D. Allison UH-1H USAAVNS These factors led the German Luftwaffe in 1935 to establish a sea based unit, eventually being named the Seenotdienst (airsea rescue service) under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Konrad Glotz at Kiel for the sole purpose of recovering aircrews in the ocean.By 1939 the Luftwaffe had expanded this rescue force by adding Heinkel59 float aircraft specifically modified for this mission. A/C crashed at approx 1100 hrs about 5 mi N of Saginaw while on an acceptance flight out of the Globe plant near Blue Mound. 200 AVN D/1/9 CAV CPT Edward F. Roe II [SP] UH-1M UH-1M PVT John W. Harris CW2 Guy L. Andrews Jr [CP] CPT William R. West [CP] young and young funeral home hartsville, sc theodore wilson obituary army aircrews huey A soldier of a field arty observation party exited properly to front of A/C but while attempting to return to acft to pick up additional equipment, walked into the T/R during a training exercise at Ft Irwin. UH-1H 421 MED #65-9913 Submit corrections/updated info here A/C was in flight of four when it crashed at 1757 hours approx 8 mi SE from Camp Atterbury during routine NOE training due to failure of the forward reduction gear assembly component of the A/C's engine. A/C suffered an engine power loss and came down at a slight angle, slicing off the tops of several trees and caught fire upon impact with ground. CW3 Carl J. CPT David L. Hill [IP] CIV Max Keister. SP4 Charles S. Walker [CE] DAC Joseph Samut-Tagliaferro [P] SGT John W. Scott [SP]. A/C crashed into the North Han River at approx 1430 hours. 1LT Ronald L. Redeker [P] UH-1B UH-1H which involved two slicks flying side-by-side. PFC Homer Dawson *CE died 31DEC75 of injuries. CW2 Dale R. Schmidt [P] A/C was in flight of 7 acft on RTB from a 5-day field exercise to Goeppingen, proceeding in loose trail formation. CPT Harry D. Kinman [Need Tail#] CW2 Harold E. Carty Jr [IP] LTC Joseph L. Lujan CW2 Donald D. Bryant [PI] USAAVNS $17.95. Ward [CE] SGM John W. Knighton. PFC Daniel O. Hilton #60-3543 After about 20 minutes of flight, CP announced a decrease in rotor RPM and A/C flew into trees and crashed. CE injured A/C crashed near Runway 6 while attempting landing in foggy conditions at MacArthur-Long Island Airport. USAAVNS Rose [P] [Need Tail#] SSG David G. Rayborn [MO]. topped the ridgeline overlooking the Conecuh River valley and saw the valley was covered in a dense fog layer.
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