In effect, a sport-fisher fresh out of the factory may make 45 knots on pods, but by the time it is provisioned and ready to fish, its going to lose some speed. Pull into any port in the world, and theres probably a guy there who can fix it. In the past decade, high-tech pod drives have changed the face of powerboating, and for the better. Check to enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you do not opt in. They tasked ZF Marine to bring them a transmission that would mate with their Zeus pod, electronic controls and joystick steering. We provide you with a list of stored cookies on your computer in our domain so you can check what we stored. Pods cost more, period. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. And, if you preferred to stand, Viking built the helm so you could control the pods with traditional dual levers.. One hardly noticed the greatest benefit to the end user: The engine systems were so compact, many boats could gain an aft cabin or at least a sleeping berth where diesel engines once thrummed away. As Mercury continues to grow its diesel business, Zeus support will grow. That smooths out some of the minor gear asperities and grinding marks, improving the life of the gears. After break-in, pods are serviced every 250 hours or 12 months, whichever occurs first. The result is a perfectly consistent amount of dry herb in each of your ArcPods each and every time, meaning you get the same great results with every session. To start with, Zeus and IPS boats have to be hauled after their first 25 engine-hours. I can do a 180 in about a second and a half. Smooth, incremental low-speed control. Otherwise you will be prompted again when opening a new browser window or new a tab. Sure the stories are one-sided, but as an aggregate source of information, theyve led me to conclude that pods are no more prone to failure than inboards but that when a pod breaks, the repair bills going to be higher. All diesels need TLC, but pod systems need a bit more. Eager to fish with them, I was along with Ed Szilagyi, then Volvos boatbuilder installation liaison and company captain, on that same Tiara demo. The downside is that a boat with less horsepower is more easily burdened by loading the boat. I have a 2013 Sabre 42 with the Cummins/Zeus pod units. Learn more about the 3rd Generation of Vaporizers is here: patented Zeus ArcPod is a sin. The most remarkable performance advantage was one that sent every propulsion and boatbuilding engineer to the drawing board to imitate: the joystick control system. Ongoing maint costs and difficulty of changing/replacing props over time. For nearly a decade, pod propulsion looked like it would render inboards obsolete. You dont have to redesign it to get our joystick maneuvering system. A frequently overlooked benefit of IPS is this new stateroom, made possible by the compact power installation. Change the fluids annually, or every 250 hours of operation. We created Lids for you to reuse your Aluminum ArcPods. Theres no free lunch, so there must be a hidden cost that no ones factored in.. Seaboard Marine delivers Guaranteed Better Than Factory Performance, Parts, Design, and Engineering for Cummins and other Marine Diesel applications. Prior to heading out with the boat, there was a lot of talk on the dock about whether the new drives would raise fish or scare them away. In fact, shafts and struts have been driven through the hull by groundings and collisions with floating debris. Although there are claims of 30 percent efficiency gains in cruise and top-end speed as well as fuel savings, the results vary from boat to boat when compared to straight shaft and prop configurations. But this will always prompt you to accept/refuse cookies when revisiting our site. By using a vaporizer, you understand that inhalation is inadvisable as it may be harmful, and use of a vaporizer is done at your own risk. Volvo Penta introduced the first pod-drive system in 2004. Just add a bracket and bolt them on, install the digital controls and joystick and youre set. Buckley dismisses the fear of forward-facing props. Before, maneuvering required forethought, logic, coordination, and strategizing; after, it became mere intuition: Look where you want to go and point the joystick that way. 2023 Active Interest Media All Rights Reserved. Draining removes almost all of the dirty oil, while a pump often leaves too much behind. Reply To: Cummins QSB Low Battery ECM Voltage, Marine Age the REAL age of a Marine Diesel Engine, Propellers Move Boats, Engines Just Turn Them, Everything you Need to Know About Marine Exhaust Systems, Continuous Duty A Different Perspective, This topic has 9 replies, 6 voices, and was last updated. Anderson acknowledges that pods have advantages in some areas and disadvantages in others. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. The pod version of the 42 Sabre, for instance, adds a queen bed and more stowage to the guest stateroom, as well as the option for a washer and dryer. Comparing the Sabre 42 Hardtop Express, one with pods and one with shafts: At wide-open throttle, the pods horizontal thrust and contrarotating propellers increase economy (0.8 nmg for pods, 0.63 nmg shafts). You are free to opt out any time or opt in for other cookies to get a better experience. Estimating the yearly cost isnt easy either, since yard rates vary and some pods need more upkeep than others. Pods from all manufacturers have proven reliable and trouble-free, when maintained correctly. (Depending on the pod, there might be internal anodes, too. ZF also built far larger pods that could handle far more horsepower. In that case, its not the pod; its our joystick-maneuvering system that does this, and we offer a joystick in a traditional shaft boat. Oh, and if youre a do-it-yourselfer, youll discover that a lot of pod maintenance requires specialized tools and training. Once hes inspected everything and put it all back together, Petzold paints the pod. Along with Volvo, who now makes the IPS drives from 260 to 1,000 hp, Cummins and MerCruiser partnered to join the fray with their Zeus pod-drive system, complete with SmartCraft monitoring and system management that integrates the vessel's electronics, propulsion and onboard systems. Featuring a patented design that provides the simplest solution for vaping on the go with your Zeus 3rd generation vaporizer. Care should be taken prior to using a vaporizer, as vaporizing will not necessarily eliminate any and all toxins found in vaporized blends. ZFs pod-drive includes a jackshafted transmission, which can mate to any diesel engine the owner prefers. Best of the old and the new.maybe. The New York State Canal is just one of the many great scenic boat trips North America has to offer, and the numerous locks create a lot of tight-quarters maneuvering. Then with the joystick, it directs the transmissions to pivot or swivel. With quad outboards, Id get about 0.7 miles per gallon. Pods, on the other hand, need annual TLC, and this means skilled work. The first pod-drive was invented in 1955 and went by the generic name azimuth thruster. They were either diesel- or electric-powered, and some were large enough for a man to walk around inside the machinery housing. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. The engines are in their normal spot, but then you jackshaft to pods, so you lose space in the lazarette, he says. Pod drives have been widely available only since 2007, yet they have the market awhirl. Weight kills the speed on pod-drives, compared to shaft-drives, Smith says. The sport-fishing world has seen builders such as Spencer and Winter Custom Yachts introduce several pod boats. While builders debated the benefits of the different pod designs, many new boaters were simply seduced by the joystick maneuvering system. For people who have been boating for 30 years, the quiet, smooth operation and the clean exhaust are really going to surprise them., But Collins thinks the pods advantages are even less quantifiable. is ryan bingham related to ken curtis. Volvo uses only one oil, while Cummins uses three different ones in Zeus drives. While the maintenance schedule varies somewhat among pod builders, its essentially the same. And joystick piloting? Nor did I want to. Trawlers dont benefit much from pods. Pod performance has inspired outboard and stern-drive builders to develop similar control systems that can be retrofitted to existing boats, something not practical with pods. Instead of having to jog throttles and shift levers to effect a maneuver, simply push, pull or twist the joystick and the boat follows the -directions, pivoting in place or crabbing sideways say, into a slip thats just long enough to fit your vessel. It is so nearly parallel to the boats keel that it enables pod-drives to lighten the vessel with smaller engines that still provide ample thrust to plane and power the now lighter boat. Check the condition of the seals by inspecting the drained oil for water; the best way is to have the oil analyzed, said Petzold. Superior to bow thrusters, which can drain your battery and leave you stranded - Zeus Joystick Piloting for Pods is integrated with the pod drives, without relying on battery power. Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. A little cheaper because it was in SoCal. The lids are essential and for one-time use only. . And maneuverabilitywell, any good sportfishing captain can put his ride wherever he wantswithout a joystick. These versatile drive systems are not as popular as once thought. Its fun. When checking transmission oil level, give it a sniff. Simply pop in a pod and enjoy your herbs. It wasnt so long ago that a pair of 250-horsepower outboards was as much power as any non-raceboater could hang on the stern. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Zeus ArcPods are finally here! Internal bonding issue and corrosion and a bunch of internal parts had to be changed. Zeus ArcPods are finally here! However, the patent on forward-facing props a feature that Volvo Penta claims gives its drives better traction by letting the broad blades and narrow hubs of their counter-rotating props turn in clean water well below the surface was not utilized. Zeus ArcPods are finally here! I liked the ZF right away. You need go no farther than your marina to hear a list of suspects. The transmission and steering units are quite robust and I dont expect any serviceability issues from them. And the Zeus pods also came with a joystick. Comfort Onboard comfort is improved too. How Fuel-Efficient Are Pods, Exactly? Your are officially the first one to publish 4o% percent efficiency benefits for pods. And hitting something hard at speed would strip the pods off the bottom as neat as you please. ZF Marine entered the pod fray when its exclusivity agreement with Zeus expired. Siebert prefers Boeshield T-9. Pods are designed to shear off without compromising hull integrity. He fished many tournaments with the boat, including the Mid-Atlantic at Cape May, the Pirates Cove tournament in North Carolina and several sailfish tournaments in south Florida. Zeus offers dramatically improved high-speed handling and delivers up to: 30% improved fuel economy 15% faster cruise speed maritime ships for sale near vienna; octagon mirror feng shui; does zwift work with proform Boats do sink from that very thing. This is our premium store warranty and only select units are covered under this program. I am considering buying a Meridian 441 flybridge motor yacht, which is 47 LOA and 31,000lbs. Some pods require draining. Theoretically. Sorry, but as an ex-Cummins and Merc dealer, I've lost all faith in the Zeus system. pathfinder kingmaker river's justice . Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Thats opened up more opportunities and options for OEMS.. The biggest difference between IPS's and Zeus pods is the position of the propeller. To start with, Zeus and IPS boats have to be hauled after their first 25 engine-hours. I am looking for one that has been treated well and run as close to the ideal as possible. Allow $450 per IPS pod, $350 per Zeus. Ignore it and you can forget about that edge in fuel efficiency over inboards. In standard shaft and prop boats, props lose their bite in close-quarters maneuvering, Smith says. Read the owners manual.) Its also hard to put a price on joystick control, which completely changes dockside handling. Units that under our Hassle-Free Warranty program are covered directly by TVAPE and do not require you to deal directly with the manufacturer. If they dont increase the odds of hooking up, who cares? Zincs every year, costing a few bucks, a new Cutless bearing every once in a while, and a couple of brushfuls of paint for the struts and rudders. Inboards props are angled downward, diminishing the power directed toward forward motion. And what of resale? All in all saves a lot of cleaning hassle and maintenance costs- cleaning is primarily focused on the mouthpiece and associated parts with a quick wipe of the chamber. When you put a pod system in, you try to do more with less.. For the first few years pods appeared mostly on company demo boats tested by magazine writers, and received lots of press coverage, most of it extolling their handling advantages. Click to enable/disable Google reCaptcha. I have personally ruled out any boat with PODS, IPS or ZEUS, for those 2 main reasons. There are a lot of traditionalists in that market.. After the tests in Sweden, I then did a leg of the trip on that first Tiara Volvo demo boat, heading west in the New York State Canal from the Hudson River to the Great Lakes. Todd Anderson recently ran a 50 Viking powered by ZF 4000 pods. Another benefit comes from counter-rotating props on the pods. Not a lot of guys know pods yet. If you seem to be going through zincs quickly, call an electrician, Fessenden warned. Sociability is another huge advantage to pods. At the 2005 Miami Boat Show Volvo Penta introduced its Inboard Performance System (IPS) and changed forever not only the way we run our boats but the way we think about running them. It seems like this new tech gadgetry would have been off-putting to the salty captains, and it was, particularly among the sport-fisher crowds, who already had their docking and fish-fighting skills well honed. There are many reasons why everyones not on the pod bandwagon. Zeus Arsenal has always made only reliable, well-performing devices that go beyond just being the perfect daily driver. Volvo doesnt offer the option of in-water service. Zeus Pods need to be placed within a specific distance from the transom for a lot of performance reasons and because they include the automatic trim tabs as part of their standard offering. He too is in love with the sport-fish mode and its maneuverability. Spencer Yachts builds an 87-footer with ZF pods, and Smith was integral to the development process. Were still trying to sort through the answer to that one. Here are both performance charts. On the other hand, pod boats typically dont have bow thrusters. With SmartCraft innovation throughout, Zeus provides a seamless approach to propulsion technology, marine electronics, and on-board information management that makes boating safer and more enjoyable than ever. I had one of the first triple-outboard SeeVees made, but I was sick of buying the gas, and Ariel was gonna try the IPS. You get similar handling advantages to pods, but with less maintenanceand its easy to find a mechanic certified on Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury, and other brands. For more information and/or quote, please complete the contact form below. (Volvo Penta soon followed suit.) What customers are choosing is maneuverability. (And when the struts rip out, they can take parts of the hull with them, something that probably wont happen with pods.) Regardless of prop orientation, the first drives were a far cry from the watchlike beauties brought forth by Volvo Penta and, later, Zeus and ZF Marine. Cummins says you dont have to haul, but it takes a lot more time to suck that heavy oil out than to just drain it from the bottom, Siebert said. $44 MediaLight Mk2 Flex 4m D65 6500CRI98 Bias Lighting USB powered ComputersTablets & Networking Laptop & Desktop Accessories USB Lights & Gadgets I simulated backing through a slalom course in reverse, moving faster than any angler could ever gain line. All with a simple push or twist of the joystick. Some captains claim that the pods are too tall, requiring a higher deck to cover them. Each pod has 2 props and they are different. Volvo doesn't offer the option of in-water service. ZF 63A with 4BT, flywheel torsion coupler issue??? The biggest fear boaters have is not about running out in the open water. A very hard grounding is also likely to cost less with pods, since theyre meant to shear off and then go right back onto the boat with just a thorough service and new bolts. The bottom line is, while pods are difficult or in many cases impossible to retrofit, the boat really has to be designed for the pod from the beginning, although some V- and stern-drive boats can handle pods, too. Savings on a long haul might disappear when slowing to navigate a tricky channel or speeding up to avoid a storm. Using a ZF transmission, it could mate any marine engine (Yanmar and Caterpillar have been popular partners) to its pods. You get a little cavitation but nothing close to the noise from shaft-drives, he says. Great contribution Blue Magnolia..that rings true and honest. Pods operate independently of one another to provide vectored thrust in any direction, which makes the vessel incredibly maneuverable. But, the lids. Once you go to 3 or 4 engines or pods, I'd rather have shafts as the fuel efficiency with triples is only 10% better and not worth the maintenance cost and in a 4 engine/pod installation they tend to burn the same amount of fuel AND much more maintenance of 4. . We raised several white marlin, and caught a couple for our junior anglers that were fishing with us for the day. Petzold uses Propspeed, or some other antifouling paint formulated for underwater metals. International service is also a concern for pods. I'm concerned that I won't be able to get my hands on a replacement drive if one were to sheer off 5-7 years from now. Initially, I too was surprised at the lack of trained techs in my area but once I realized you can use Mercury techs that have been to Mercury Diesel school, more options opened up. Fortunately the 42 Express cockpit is well laid out for Zeus . Thats not chump change, but neither is it likely to produce heart palpitations in the owner of a million-dollar vessel. Charleston. Some could be rotated 180 degrees and run adequately facing either fore or aft. Sea Ray sells the 460 Sundancer with twin 550-horsepower Cummins diesels, with either V-drive or Zeus drives; the Zeus option adds $113,333 to the $1,004,768 price, according to Sea Ray. With its forward-facing counter-rotating propellers, Volvos IPS pod-drive is a unique system. Today, pod-powered boats are common in any yacht yard, and qualified service and repair technicians are easy to find along the waterfront. If we can go straight to them and safely lift them into the boat, most tow boat operators are going to charge an hourly fee or a flat fee, and not claim salvage. The other companies give you a metal lid aluminum or steel, so you would only replace it to your liking when the taste gets yucky. The pods synthetic oil is dark, making it hard to see the telltale oil discoloration of a slipping transmission, but it will likely have a burnt smell. Watch on Description Patented and designed for use with 3rd generation vaporizers such as the Zeus Arc GTS and Arc S, Zeus ArcPods make it easier and more convenient than ever to take your vaporizer and herb with you. If that aint enough, Seven Marine builds a 557- or 627-horsepower small-block V-8 configured as an outboard motor. Blades, pitch etc Read some of the posting by Tom Bartolomei about what he has been doing with his Sabre to tune the prop sets on his pods. I am looking for a larger boat in the same size range as you. With it, fingertip operation of any vessel became possible. Yes, you need to be concerned about steering and propulsion fluids (lower unit) but you are not dealing with shaft irregularities, cutlass bearing maintenance, and thruster maintenance. Click to enable/disable Google Analytics tracking. There are many factors that go into all of this, not the least of which are service and technical expertise to repair the systems, parts availability and costs for purchase and maintenance. Fashioned out of high quality aluminum, the Zeus ArcPods are designed to hold up to 0.3 grams of dry herb and work perfectly with the Zeus Xtruder which directly connects to, fills up, and automatically ejects the pod once the optimal amount of dry herb has been loaded. The counter-rotating propellers and large rubber grommets the engine is mounted on means reduced vibration and engine noise. Along with Volvo, who now makes the IPS drives from 260 to 1,000 hp, Cummins and MerCruiser partnered to join the fray with their Zeus pod-drive system, complete with SmartCraft monitoring and system management that integrates the vessels electronics, propulsion and onboard systems. One drive had a. From a long term maintenance perspective you are better off with a conventional drive line. The 42 Convertible is up to Hull number 10 but we are up to 36 hulls for the Open version, he says. Im a pessimist, however, and because of this Id budget $3,000, quite an upcharge from just replacing zincs. Click on the different category headings to find out more. Pods require drive-oil changes every 250 hours or annually. Yes, BM, thanks for all the info and posting your actual experiences always adds a lot of value to any discussion. Most new boats developed in the 35- to 45-foot class were pods. are zeus pods still being manufactured how did lesley sharp lose weight julho 1, 2022. jack the ripper documentary bbc . You put it in sport fish, and it locks the pods in opposite directions. Bottom Line. A Valid Government issued Identification is required to receive product. Ask to see the service records for the boats first year. I had the opportunity to run several different boats at Volvos test center in Gothenburg, Sweden, during the companys international press launch, and there is no doubt I was intrigued by the system. Cummins expert Rob Mirman gives an overview of the Cummins Zeus pod drive system at the 2013 Miami International Boat Show. Zeus and ZF have only a few thousand pods in use. We have, on occasion, sent oil out with no visible sign of water, but it showed up on the test. Oil analysis is inexpensiveusually under $200and worth doing at every change; finding a bad seal early will save thousands of dollars in repairs. Martin Meissner of ZF Marine says engine makers still dont have a handle on the potential volume. Are they worth it? A Bonnier LLC Company. Gear, people, supplies, fuel and water lug a boat down, and the more it settles in the water, the more impact it has on your speed. Those meridians are not as over propped as other boats in the Brunswick family, based on my reading of performance tests, but you will need to change out the prop set eventually and that means 4 different props for the ZEUS. Click to enable/disable essential site cookies. 11.5, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for 45A, 63/68A, 63/68IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for 80A, 85A, 85IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#4 for 45A, 63/68A, 63/68IV (Volvo D4/D6), ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 220A, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 ZF 220A & IRM280 (Old Style), ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 CAT Engine for ZF 220A, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 280A/IV, ZF Transmission Adapter Plate SAE#3 for ZF 285A/IV & ZF 286A/IV, Transmission Adapter Plate to Bellhousing Bolt Hardware Kit, SMX Transmission Spacer for Borg Warner Velvet Drive, ZF Marine Mechanical ATF Series Shift & Troll Valve, ZF Marine Electronic ATF Series Shift & Troll Valve, ZF Marine Electric EB15 Shift Valve with Trolling Valve, ZF Marine Mechanical Trolling Valve (ZF 280+), ZF 220/A Marine Mechanical Trolling Valve Kit, ZF ATF 63 A/IV 85 A/IV Electronic Progressive Shift Solenoid, ZF ATF 63 68 A/IV 80 85 A/IV Electronic Shift Solenoid, ZF EB15 Electronic Shift Solenoid (TROLL), ZF EB30/31 Electronic Shift Solenoid Coil, ZF ATF 63 A/IV 85 A/IV Electronic Troll Valve Coil, ZF Electronic Shift Solenoid Wire Plug/Cap, SMX Marine Transmission Drop in Screen Filter 45/63/68/80/85 A/IV Series ATF, Fleetguard LF701 Lube Filter for ZF Gears, Genuine ZF Marine Oil Filter Transmission (3213308019), ZF Marine 25A, 45A, 63A/IV, 80A/IV Input Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 63IV Inner (Small) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 63IV Outer (Large) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 80IV/85IV Inner (Small) Output Shaft Seal, ZF Marine 80IV/85IV Outer (Large) Output Shaft Seal, ZF 63A/IV 68A/IV 80A 85A SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 85IV SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 220A SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF 280A ZF 280-1 ZF 220PL SMX Marine Transmission Mounting Brackets, ZF Marine 220 / 220A Replacement Oil Pump, ZF Marine 286A / 286IV Replacement Oil Pump, Split Hub Propeller Shaft Coupling Kit (ZF 63/68 A/IV, Velvet Drive), Split Hub Propeller Shaft Coupling Kit (ZF 220 A/V/IV), Split Hub Propeller Shaft Coupling Kit (ZF 800 80 85 A/IV, ZF 220PL, 280A/IV, 286A/IV, 301, MG506 5061 507), Split Hub Propeller Shaft Coupling Kit (MG 509), Cummins Marine Engine Warranty Information, Marine 316L SS 4 inch Pipe (4.5 OD) 90 Degree Elbow, Cummins Marine Diesel Repower Specialists, Cummins 6bt wont get up to WOT after fuel line blockage. FREE shipping on orders of $100.00 and above. Wouldnt accommodations be the more relevant yardstick? His experience tells him a similar grounding with conventional shafts would have been much worse, perhaps even damaging rudder or strut supports badly enough to flood the boat. Like most everything, making the decision to go conventional or pod is a personal choice. Alas, the fact that electronics dont respond well to brute force may mean some service challenges, at least in the short term, which is why long-distance cruisers have, as a group, been wary of pods. Im all about new technology. 2875 Jupiter Park Drive Suite 1700, Jupiter, FL 33458, All the Benefits of a Garmin Yacht System, 5 Romantic Destinations for the perfect Valentines Day, A Buyers Guide to the Intellian v240MT Satellite Antenna, Extended Warranty for Your Marine Leisure Products, Follow These Best Practices for Safe Boating, Essential Navigation Equipment and Tech for Your New Yacht, Keep Your Yacht Secure with a State-of-the-Art Security System, 3 Pieces of Tech Every Yacht Owner Should Invest In. There support network is much better and to me is a better product. But its also highly dependent on the application of the vessel. I'll also add that I REALLY like pods for the fuel efficiency (25-40% better) and maneuverability in a twin engine application. Yes, you need to be concerned about steering and propulsion fluids (lower unit) but you are not dealing with shaft irregularities, cutlass bearing maintenance, and thruster maintenance. Most pod boats burn roughly the same per mile through a wide range of cruising speeds; conventional shaft boats typically have a narrow sweet spot. I love these things, they are super convenient to load, insert, and clean. A failed shaft seal lets water into the pod, with unfortunate and expensive results. That gives customers a stronger comfort level than an offshore service hotline.. Caterpillar also offers a pod configuration with its CAT Three60 Pod 650, which is essentially a pod-drive married to a C8.7 engine. Make sure theyre specifically trained, or at least have several years of experience, Siebert said. Robin Buckley captains a SeeVee 39 with IPS 600s, named Kimbuktu. Ariel Pared is the president of SeeVee, which has built about 20 Volvo Penta IPS-drive boats. By continuing to browse this website, you agree to the use of cookies. ZF also built far larger pods that could handle far more horsepower. Take the props off, grease the shafts, and check the seals, Fessenden said. Sounds like another good option to me. They have shafts, they have props, and they can get more if they need them. Will Pod-Drives Overtake Conventional Shafts and Struts? And if they dont want them, I cant talk them into it.. And if you have to ask about price, you really dont need one. Make sure to do this, and if buying a used boat, make certain the first owner did it, too. Having the ability to move sideways, spin and dock raises the comfort level, especially for an inexperienced boater who wants to weekend but doesnt want to train on an 18-foot vessel, Meissner says.
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