d. Mesh well with the more collectivistic orientations of people of color. d. All of the above. They generally take a long time to conduct. c. Right-brain activities. The women who switched their purses in the Candid Camera example were mostlikely deceiving interviewers when they claimed to be non-biased against Blackand Latino youth. The women who switched their purses in the Candid Camera example were most likely deceiving interviewers when they claimed to be non-biased against Black and Latino youth. Offered herself as the chief instrument of cure.d. Before proceeding to committee meetings, the House put in a full day on the floor, passing 19 measures including a host of education bills. Collaboration.d. In the Resistance and Immersion stage, the minority person tends to____________ minority-held views completely and to _________ the dominantvalues of society and culture. Of all the forms of microaggressions, microassaults are the most difficult to deal with. Which of the following has been described as the most dominant affective expression emphasized by collectivism: a. Internal Control (IC) refers to: a. U.S. society is characterized by which philosophy? Defer to Whites in authority.b. c. Perceive Whites as healthier than people of color. This is a question you may ask if youare attem, Which of the following is likely to be a perspective of a culturally competenthelping professional?a. e. None of the above. Communication styles are:a. b. d. All of the above. d. American Indians. An Indian belief. c. Are more likely to occur when people pretend not to notice differences. The counselor is a stranger to the client.d. Cling to outdated traditions.c. Confrontational.c. Resistance and Immersion Stage.b. b. Defensiveness. Measures the degree of responsibility of blame placed o. IC-IR.b. c. The gender deprived model. Drs. Traditional family therapy represents an ideal form of therapy for ethnic minorities because it focuses on the collective rather than the individual. b. c. They are unimportant to society. More often aspired to nontraditional occupations. Cultural competent practice. c. Negates the universal level of human existence and focuses primarily on the individual and group levels. Traditional counseling practice that emphasizes individualism and control. c. A culturally competent perspective. A situation-centered therapist working with an African American client is likely to consider the client's personality over and above racism as a reason for the client's termination from work. Extended, rare exchanges between White people and people of color. When greeting an Muslim client, it would be highly inappropriate to offer your left hand to shake. It is better for therapists to own up to committing a microaggression in sessionthan to pretend it never happened. Implement strategies that have only been validated by research.c. Latino families cannot make it in the U.S.d. Free from any preconceived notions or generalizations.b. b. Western therapy does not oppress people of color. Not known. c. Engaged in more civil rights activities. Of the biased nature of the services themselves.b. The goal is to have the person recognize and be grateful for what we receivefrom others.c. Nonlinear, holistic, harmonious, and intuitive thinking have been described as characterizing: a. d. Exhibited less innovative social action behavior. therapeutic alliance. c. He was ashamed of his body. Integrative Awareness Stage.b. b. Genuineness, openness, sincerity, passivity. During the Resistance and Immersion Stage, a person of color is most likely to exhibit which constellation of emotions? A culturally competent counselor would exhibit which of the following characteristics: a. In the United States, minority groups are unlikely to inherit biases anddiscriminatory beliefs toward other minority groups. They view Whites as agents of society who may use the information agains. Hispanic Americans.c. Now, I'm giving you the tools and support to shine in your . c. Feel uncomfortable. Attempts to overlook racial/cult, Which is an example of the historical manifestation of EthnocentricMonoculturalism?a. In Filipino culture, a mild, hesitant "yes" should be considered strongagreement.b. Microaggressions have a cumulative effect that can harm the vic, Which of the following is NOT a question that would help in understanding theeffects of microaggressions:a. What is problematic about the notions that stressing differences is potentially divisive? Before coming to the United States, his pa. Mrs. Thor was successful with Vang because she:a. d. African Americans tend to believe that ideas are to be tested in the crucible of argument. Make the discussion easy by asking what the client loves to do during his spare time, or try to learn about his general interests in life. Unavoidable and inevitabl, Which of the following represents a microinvalidation:a. An empirically supported treatment. a. Child abuse. d. All of the above., In order to be a culturally competent therapist, one should try to avoid their personal feelings and previous experiences . Which of the following is an approach often used in indigenous healing methods in Korea: a. Counselor-centered.d. Colorblindnessc. b. Ableism has received limited attention in the literature on modern forms of oppression. Navigating situations where I am privileged, marginalized and/or somewhere in between has also forced me to grapple with ambiguity and complex power dynamics. Self-worth.d. c. Selective trust and distrust according to the dominant group's demonstrated attitudes. c. Make clients feel they are not accepted unless they conform to others' standards. IC-IR.b. e. All of the above. None of the above. Focuses on differences on the level of genetics.c. analysis of the implication/significance/impact of the evidence finished off with a critical conclusion you have drawn from the evidence. In developing culturally appropriate systems interventions.b. Microaggressions: a. Limiting use of self-disclosure when working with an Asian American client is anexample of multicultural counseling competence. b. Values and beliefs that lie outside conscious awareness. Group.d. Hmong Sudden Death Syndrome.d. In Filipino culture, a mild, hesitant "yes" should be considered strong agreement. In regard to the meaning of facial expressions:a. The role of counselor should be broadened to include teaching, consulting, and advocacy. An emic perspective.b. A reflection of monocultural values is superordinate to multicu, Social justice:a. Developing multicultural competencies as core standards for our profession.c. a. ambiguity during a session may make the minority client Posted by By bandidos nz 2018 June 6, 2022 who is in charge of the drug enforcement administration While minority groups may discriminate, they do not have the systemic power to oppress on a large-scale basis. Discovery, he was previously the Global Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Impact at adidas and has a long and rich career in the diversity and inclusion space with senior executive roles at The Telegraph Media Group, EY Financial Services and the City of London Police. Maintain communication and development cadences virtually. He doesn't like the concept of time.c. b. An Afro-centric perspective.d. It is easier to integrate multicultural sensitivity with evidence-based practice thanwith empirically supported treatments. All of the above.f. According to the authors, cultural competence is subordinate to counselingcompetence. b. Sexism. b. Resistance and Immersion Stage.c. May betray a lack of comfort with talking about group differences.c. b. Reality consists of what can be observed and measured via the five senses. The term control ideology refers to:a. b. Which counselor characteristics work to buildtrust:a. b. Therapists of color are more qualified to understand clients' feelings of inferiorityand rejection because of their own experiences of racism and discrimination. c. Why do oppressed groups overreact to unintentional insults that denigrate their way of being? d. All of the above. d. Not known. An emotional bond between therapist and client. Cultural competent practice.c. All of the. d. None of the above. They generally take a long time to conduct.b. a. African Americans. Cognitive behavioral therapy, but not psychodynamic therapy, includes many components of White culture. Some Asians believe that smiling may suggest weakness.c. ambiguity during a session may make the minority client. b. In examining the status of ethnic minority groups in the Los Angeles County Mental Health System and the effects of ethnic and language match, our study had some unique features. Reliance on communal, group, and family networks to problem solve in agro, Studies suggest that which two pathologies are most frequently found withrefugees from Southeast Asia:a. Schizophrenia and Dependent Personality Disorderb. d. Introspection Stage. c. Self-worth. 2. : the smaller of two groups constituting a whole: as. Minority standard time" refers to the poor people's tendency to disregardpunctuality due to a conflict with their past-focused time orientation.v, Which of the following has been described as a challenge faced by counselors intreating culturally diverse populations:a. Linguistic barriers, because the U.S. is largely a monolingual society.b. Counselors have generally focused on individual or universal levels of identitywhile placing less importance on the group level because:a. U.S. society rose from the concept of "rugged individualism."b. A sign of maturity is being culturally competent.c. married jackie stiles husband 6 juin 2022. Ensure team alignment. Many members of marginalized groups feel that the reality of their oppressive experiences is ignored by those in power because of their own discomfort. b. Culture-bound values, language variables, and class-bound values. and clients result in less premature termination, increased par-ticipation (greater number of treatment sessions), and better client outcomes than do mismatches. d. Awareness. ambiguity definition: 1. Schizophrenia a, Which of the following is true regarding Western forms of healing:a. f. None of the above. d. Pani. a. Reality consists of distinct and separate units or objects. Asian psychologies focus on enlightenment and ideal mental health rather thanpsychopathology. Is open to viewing problems as stemming from survival mechanisms. c. As opposed to African Americans, Asian American clients prefer an insight approach to a directive approach. Difficulties in the ___________ _____________ may be a factor in the underutilization of mental health services and early termination of therapy seen with minority clients. By continuing well assume youre on board with our cookie policy. Culturally diverse clients who do not conceive of mental and physical health as separate entities may expect. For the past 20+ years, I've worked on screen and behind the camera to help a whole gamut of story makers, including scientists, savants, farmers, doctors, successful entrepreneurs, politicians, and Academy Award winners, share their unique message with the world. A Chinese American client may prefer to discuss personal and private matters indirectly. c. Gender. c. Introspection Stage. The more divergent the cultural attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors are betweenclient and counselor, the more conflict may exist in the therapeutic relationship. There is no braille next to the numbers in a elevator.d. c. Discipline. Includes a vision of society in which distribution of resources is equitable andall members are safe and secure.c. Feel uncomfortable.d. He does not own a watch. c. EC-IR. Microaggressions are:a. Mutual agreement on goals for treatment. d. EC-ER. Feel that they have the space to explore feelings. c. Knowledge. In which stage would an individual be if they stated, "I like that no one can detect my accentthose people who speak with an accent sound stupid"? a. IC-IR. a. IC-IR. All of the above. Which of the following is an empirically supported relationship variable:a. scientific empiricism. All the deans of a university are White males.c. d. Asian Americans. A culturally competent perspective.d. U.S. society is characterized by which philosophy?a. Dissonance Stage.d. The culturally deficient model.c. Introspection Stage.d. Conformity Stage.c. While minority groups may discriminate, they do not have the systemic power tooppress on a large-scale basis. Rather than labeling thoughts as rational or irrational, the terms "helpfulthoughts" and "unhelpful thoughts" are used.b. d. A world where spirits reside and impact people in the physical world. b. Undressing in publi. Defer to Whites in authority. How can the Racial Cultural Identity Development Model be helpful to counselors? Internal Control (IC) refers to: a. The author makes the following claim:a. Reference groups related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientati, A culturally competent counselor is one who believes:a. Nonverbal cues are important because they often reflect our conscious biases. Which of the following is not a guiding principle for effective multicultural counseling and therapy: a. Western philosophies. b. Undressing in public is a cultural taboo. EC-IR person.d. A Chinese American client may prefer to discuss personal and private mattersindirectly. c. An Afro-centric perspective. b. c. Dissonance Stage. Which stage is characterized by a disdain for the dominant culture anddevelopment of pride in one's own culture:a. Integrative Awareness Stage.b. Repressed, inhibited, shy, or passive. Counselors who believe that direct eye contact is a positive indicator of mental health may: a. a. Situation-centered. c. A reflection of monocultural values is superordinate to multicultural values. A and B. Strongly influenced by gender. b. b. 0. b. We know that sometimes it's hard to find inspiration, so we provide you with hundreds of related samples. A person can deliver a microaggression unintentionally. It appears to be culturally conditioned.d. Rather than labeling thoughts as rational or irrational, the terms "helpful thoughts" and "unhelpful thoughts" are used. 8. d. Alternative helping roles are emphasized. People's ability to shape their own fate. c. Extended, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to a source group such as Whites people, men and straights. d. He was being resistant and defiant because he wanted to gain a reputation in his school. All of the above.e. A RESOLUTION. Culturally adapted ESTs have been successfully used with Asian Americansexperiencing phobias. None of the above. A male coworker has pinups of nude women in his cubicle.b. There is limited tension and stereotyping between groups of color in the UnitedStates.
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