52. The country is ethnically homogeneous, with Egyptians comprising more than 99% of the population. Sometimes depicted as a baboon. Demand grew so high for it that it acquired the nickname White Gold. Source: BBC News, 21. It signifies the Cobra Goddess and the legend is that she protects the Pharaoh by spitting fire at enemies. In ancient Egypt, death was seen as just a stepping stone in a persons life. With a total estimate of about 92.1 million people, Egypt is the largest Arab country in the world. 9) Love playing board games with your pals? Egypt for Kids. Strong neighbours attacked and took over Egyptian territory in 31 B.C., Egypt fell under Roman control and centuries later, in A.D. 640, Muslim warriors took over Egypt. Egypt has the largest Arabic population in the world. 13 Remarkable Facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, 13 Fun Facts about the Atlas Mountains, 13 Sensational Facts about The Serengeti, #ThrowbackThursday: The River Ganges A Sacred Place for Spiritual Cleansing. Egypt is the 30th largest country in the world by area. These deserts cover a significant part of the country's land. Here are some fun facts about Ancient Egypt. The shape of the Egyptian pyramids is said to have been inspired by the sun rays. 32. - Gustave Flaubert, Flaubert in Egypt: A Sensibility on Tour. The afterlife was very important to Egyptians. We hope to inspire other independent travelers and provide them with the resources to do so. The Ancient Egyptians believed that animals were incarnations of the gods so it was popular to keep animals as pets. North ofCairo(Egypts capital city) is the sprawling, triangularNile River Delta. One of the best things to do in Egypt is enjoy a Nile River Cruise! 53. Egypt Facts55 Facts about Egypt. 04 Workers typically earned 5 sacks of grain in a single month. 43. 1. and took more than 20 years to build. There are more than 9.7 million denizens in the city, and that's just based on 2019 figures. 2. The Fertile Crescent covers a roughly crescent-shaped area of fertile land that includes parts of present-day Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Cyprus. Source: History Channel. Egypt's pyramids are the second largest on earth. Although a flooding river might sound like a living nightmare for most people, it was a welcome thing every year in September when the banks would overflow with the rich black soil needed for farming. At least 118 pyramids were built by the pharaohs as royal tombs. Source: Reuters, National Geographic, 9. This social network highly contributed and led to the success of the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Essential Facts Interesting Facts 01 Egypt dates back to the 3rd Millennium BC. There are so many places to visit in Egypt! Wears a red crown or has two crossed arrows and a shield on her head. Unsplash. If you book or buy something through these links, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest and most fascinating civilisations in human history. Use them during a quiz on trivia about Egypt, for your homework, or just to show off at parties ;). Source: National Geographic, 15. Usually has the head of a dog or jackal. Here are 10 interesting facts about Egypt. February 21, 2011. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilisation. They also invented clocks. Measuring 146.7 meters in height, it's one of the oldest historic sites that remain largely intact. The country has one of the longest histories of any other on the planet, dating back more than 5,000 years! They also conquered other lands. By 3000 B.C., a civilisation was established. Egypt is home to a wide variety of animals and plants, including jackals, gazelles, crocodiles, and cobras. Until 2005, there was never more than one presidential candidate to vote for. Wife of Osiris; guardian and magician. The sun played such an important role in everyday life that the shape of the pyramids was inspired by it. The most popular sport in Egypt is soccer but they also take part in tennis, squash, and swimming. This incredible structure weighs as much as 16 Empire State buildings! Landslides, Flash floods, and droughts are some of the natural disasters that affect the people of Egypt. 4. They believed in many gods. Currently known as New Administrative Capital, the new city is hoped to ease congestion in Cairo. The massive and modern capital city of Cairo is home to 10 million people but situated just beyond the bustling city streets are some of the ancient worlds most notable structures, The Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. It served a much different purpose in ancient times. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. You've probably seen images of some pyramids and the alphabet they used (hieroglyphs). 27. Yup, it's just another one of those cool things about Egypt. 1. The birth expectancy rate is about 2.97 kids per woman. Others claimed that the role should have gone to an actress of Greek descent, such as Jennifer Aniston. 15 Cool Facts About Titan Moon. View of Mohammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt. 62. A lot of work went into building the great pyramids. The game involved throwing sticks (in the same way we throw dice) to see how many squares to move your piece forward on the board. The ancient obelisk known as Cleopatras Needle has suffered more damage in the 125 years it has stood in. Millions of protesters took to the streets in Eqypt demonstrating against police brutality and Hosni Mubaraks presidency. Catherine, standing at 8625 ft high (2,629m). The Sahara is the worlds largest hot desert (excludes Arctic and Antarctic deserts) and covers 8.5 million square kilometres (3.3 million square miles). Fun Facts about Egypt for Kids. It is one of the worlds most heavily used and important shipping lanes. Source: Suez Canal Authority, 12. Over its long history, Egypt has been known by many different names. Egypt is in the process of relocating its capital city 45km (28 miles) away from Cairo to a brand new purpose-built city. The meats that people eat are rabbit, goat, beef and lamb. Interesting facts about Cleopatra For twenty years, one hundred thousand people worked on the Great Pyramids structure for three months of each year during the Niles annual flood when it was impossible to farm the land and most of the population was unemployed. 2. Egypt is part of an area known as the Fertile Crescent, also known as the Cradle of Civilization. The ancient Egyptian civilisation existed from 3150 BC - 30 BC. . 4. When Angelina Jolie was cast as Cleopatra in the 2011 movie, many erroneously argued that the role should have gone to an African American. The Pharaohs! The most famous fully intact surviving ancient Egyptian ship is the ' Khufu Ship ', found sealed in the Pyramid of Giza. However, Egypt has a lot of pyramids. 6. Uncover the meaning behind these ancient symbolsby checking out our awesome hieroglyphics feature. Cairo's been an important asset to many different empires. Did you know that we have a FREE downloadable Ancient Egypt primary resource? In ancient Egypt, people would shave their eyebrows as a sign of mourning when their cats passed away. Egypt. The country is ethnically homogeneous, with Egyptians comprising more than 99% of the population. It also looks like a keyfor ancient Egyptians, the key to eternal life. 47. Of course, we now know that the flooding is caused by heavy rains and melting snow. 91% of Egyptian women aged between 15 and 49 years have undergone female genital mutilation. The mummy - an eviscerated, dried and bandaged corpse - has become a defining Egyptian artefact. They traded with their neighbours and learned to sail boats. In ancient Egypt, concrete, high-heeled shoes, scallops, soap and even tooth powder were invented. British monarch, Charles the II (1630-1685) would rub mummy dust on his skin, believing Greatness would rub off. Here's some enlightening and fun facts about Egypt for you to discover 1. Following the construction of the Aswan high dam, the fertile silt settled in Lake Nasser. Africa and Asia are both present in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula. Until 2015, no Egyptian president had ever left office without dying or being arrested. Isis is the Greek name for the god of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic, and medicine. The last native dynasty fell to the Persians in 341 B.C. The Great Pyramid (one of three collectively called the Great Pyramids of Giza), built in 2584 BC and located just outside of modern-day Cairo on the west bank of the River Nile, is the largest pyramid in the world and stands at 147 meters (481.4 feet). Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country in Northeast corner of Africa. 67. Outdoor cafe in Cairo, Egypt: Jackmalipan, Dreamstime. There are a lot of interesting facts surrounding the pyramids. On 25th January 2011, Egypt erupted into what would come to be known as the Egyptian revolution, part of the wider Arab Spring regional movement. War goddess, Has the head of lioness or cat. Broomall, PA: Mason Crest Publishers, 2003. Cleopatra was not actually Egyptian. Egypts currency is the Egyptian pound. Read on to learn about the Egypt of today. By virtue of area, Egypt is the 30th biggest country in the world. The oldest surviving mathematical work in Egypt is titled The Entrance into the Knowledge of All Existing Things and All Obscure Secrets. Meet My Daughter Facebook: How One Egyptian Father Is Commemorating the Part the Social Network Played in Revolution. Daily Mail. Female Circumcision Focus of Ferocious Debate in Egypt. The New York Times. The museum is scheduled to open sometime in the 2nd half of 2018. Egypts population is growing rapidly. Source: Britannica, CIA World Fact Book, 7. Winter, which is from November to April, is mild but still fairly warm with cool evenings. The Nile divides the Egyptian desert plateau into two sections known as the Western Desert and the Eastern Desert. Source: National Geographic, Britannica, 16. Near Tuna el-Gebel on the edge of Egypts Western Desert, scientists have unearthed more than four million. Serious Facts is the most reliable source for interesting facts for over 4 years in a row. Cairo is the most populated city in Egypt and it's also the capital city. In 1882, the British invaded and occupied Egypt. Its also a very old language and one of the first to ever be used. is often considered the greatest pharaoh (great house) of the Egyptian empire. 12. Located at Giza, the Pyramid of Khufu is the largest Pyramid in Egypt. Southern Egypt has deserts and low mountains . Egypt is largely covered by a desert, receiving only 20mm of rain per year. Children are also expected to look after their parents in their old age. Ancient Egyptians mummified not only people but animals as well. ;). 50. She descended from a longline of Greek Macedonians. The magnificent Boat of Khufu, Solar Boat Museum, Giza, Egypt. Ancient Egyptians believed they were made from clay on a potters wheel by the river. Learn more with our balanced list of interesting Islam facts. Arabic and Egyptian Arabic are its official and national languages, respectively. Because hieroglyphs have no vowels, we will never know for sure how the ancients pronounced their words. The ancient Egyptians left paintings and carvings (which can still be seen today!) April 6, 2011. The sections are named this way because the Nile flows from south to north. We are looking to become the #1 facts source on the Internet and we are on our way. Egyptians once believed that the floods were caused by the tears of the goddess Isis when she mourned the death of her husband Osiris. You can imagine there are so many interesting facts about Egypt to know. Arabic is the official language, although English and French are understood by many Egyptians. 65. The colours represent oppression (black), bloody struggle (red) and a bright future (white). 66. The surviving pyramids of Giza in particular are the most spectacular manmade structures ever made. Flag of Egypt. The pyramids were erected with stones so heavy they weigh up to 10 tons each. Ancient Egyptian tomb builders had their own guarded villages. Probably the most recognised landmarks of ancient Egypt is the pyramid. Start with these 67 fun facts about Egypt. To get you started, here are some fascinating facts about Egypt. The last known hieroglyphic inscription was made in A.D. 394 in the temple of Isis in Philae. The country only gets about 20mm of rain each year. It is said that even female Pharaohs wore these fake beards! Theres no doubt about it, Egypt is one of the most fascinating places on earth! The museum is more than 100 years old so its had plenty of time to accumulate some of the worlds most amazing collections, housing artifacts of great importance including a room dedicated to the actual mummies of some of the great Pharaohs. The population was 102,334,404 in 2020. Yup, I have affiliate links on this blog and there may be some in this amazing and completely free content below. Bookmark them for later and watch this selection of 10 Egypt facts first: This post is part of a series of fun facts posts I'm doing for every country I have articles about here on the blog. General Editor. Angelina Jolie Goes Greek as Cleopatra but Some Dont Like It. Greek Reporter. The first signs of human activity date back to around 4,500 BCE. She loves to be outside, hiking in the mountains, playing in the snow on her snowboard, and biking. The Egyptian mummies were found to contain traces of cocaine and nicotine. They learned to grow crops and raise animals, and they began to build villages and towns. 8l Slackman, Michael. It was a wooden toe that was fitted for a woman who lived around 1000 BC. just saying there is lots of misspelling errors. Egypt is a country located in NorthAfricabordering Israel, Libya, Sudan and the Palestinian territory of Gaza. Source: Britannica, 2. Take a look below for 31 more fun and interesting facts about Egypt. Cairo, the city with the largest population in Egypt is also its capital. The official language is Modern Standard Arabic. She has been traveling for over 10 years, across 7 continents, experiencing unique cultures, new food, and meeting fantastic people. Youre leaving natgeokids.com to visit another website! In fact, more than 1000 gods and goddesses were worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians. Arabs introduced. They believed that by preserving a dead persons body which they did through the process of mummification their soul would live on in the afterlife forever. [3] The famous Great Pyramid at Giza was built as a burial place for King Khufu (2589-2566 B.C.) 12Remler, Pat. The Egyptian flag also features the eagle of Saladin, inspired by ancient Egyptian texts written all over temples to signify dignity and pride. 3. Egypt was ruled by a Macedonian dynasty until 31 BC and then by the ensuing Roman, Byzantine, Arab and Ottoman empires. Late actress Gloria Swanson slept with a miniature pyramid under her pillow because it made every cell in her body tingle., Egypts Health Ministry banned female circumcision (when a, The first mummy is, according to legend, Osiris who was murdered by Seth. The Sahara Desert at one time was lush grassland and savannah. The Giza pyramids are just some of the oldest pyramids in the world. Man pouring juice, Cairo, Egypt: Jackmalipan, Dreamstime. Accessed: April 18, 2011. Female circumcision is illegal in Egypt, except in cases of a medical emergency. Necropolis god, connected with mummification. The earliest forms of writing, religion, government and agriculture were started in Egypt. They might look like simply triangular-shaped structures but theyre much more complicated! The first pyramid built is considered to be the pyramid of Djoser, built about 2600 BC, while the most famous is the pyramid of Cheops (see interesting facts about the pyramid of Cheops). You're leaving our kids' pages to visit a page for grown-ups! For everyday use, Egyptians used a script called hieratic. In 700 B.C., a second script called demotic was used, of which a derivative is used by Coptic Christians today. 30. 40 Amazing Facts About Egypt. Each had different responsibilities and needed to be worshipped so that life could be kept in balance. Having so many people in such a small area causes overcrowding everywhere, from schools and hospitals to apartment buildings and public transport. One of the most interesting facts about Egypt! One of the largest statues ever found, it was actually first discovered in 1923 and then rehidden. The Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, as well as Israel, Libya, and Sudan, are all about Egypt. Travel through these interesting Ethiopia facts to learn more. 23. The pictorial symbols were called hieroglyphs, which comes from a Greek word meaning sacred carving and could be written vertically, horizontally, left to right or right to left. Source: BBC Bitesize, 20. Reaching more than a million people every month. A popular tourist destination, the site is noted for its temples and palaces at Karnak and Luxor, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Source: UNESCO, 27. Nearly 10 million people choose to live in Cairo! Source: UNESCO, 18. The sun was worshipped by ancient Egyptians the same way the gods were worshipped. It is the capital city of Egypt and the largest at that- however, Memphis was the capital city of Egypt during the Early Dynastic Period which fell between 3,100 and 2,686 BC. In 1882, Britain took control of Egypt after defeating the Egyptian army before making Egypt a British protectorate in 1914. However, Isis was also the name of one of the most worshipped Egyptian gods. Children are also expected to look after their parents in their old age. This fasting includes mainly vegan meals and excludes any meat, chicken, or dairy products, but this long period of fasting will lead to a very big and delicious meal . One of the top attractions in Hanoi is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Egypts first pyramid was a step pyramid built by famed Egyptian architect Imhotep for the pharaoh Djoser in 2600 B.C. 49. Egypt experiences natural dangers such as droughts, dust and sand storms, flash floods, earthquakes, landslides and windstorms (known as khamsin). Learn more about this beautiful Mediterranean country with this selection of Egypt facts. Creator god; the patron of all craftsmen, including architects, artists, and sculptures. 3. 46. If you were caught killing or injuring a cat in Ancient Egypt the penalties were high, usually resulting in death. This puts strain on Egypts resources, since most people live in a narrow strip of land along the Nile River. I admit, the latter is probably not one of the most surprising Egypt interesting facts. 100 Things You Should Know about Ancient Egypt. They Were One Of The First Civilizations To Read And Write Credit: Shutterstock image by matrioshka Along with the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians were one of the first civilizations to invent reading and writing. 24. Source: Jorge Lscar/Flickr. 42. Egypt only has two seasons, and they dont differ much. Other foods served on the meal include beans, couscous, rice, and fruits. The capital of Egypt is Cairo. Around 3100 B.C., the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt were unified under a powerful king, later called a pharaoh. Cairo is also the largest city in the Middle East and the Arab World. It comes immediately after Ramadan and the Egyptians bake special cookies and host parties. Overgrazing and/or. Trending 40 Interesting Michael Jackson . So if you are a snorkeling or diving fan make sure to bring a bathing suit when planning what to wear in Egypt! The three Giza pyramids are precisely aligned with the Constellation of Orion, which could have been the intention of the builders because the stars of Orion were associated with Osiris, the god of rebirth and afterlife, by the Ancient Egyptians. People in ancient Egypt believed in the afterlife. The Egyptian pound is the main currency in Egypt. Egypt is known for its oldest and longest history among the modern nations. It means great house because everyone believed the kings. 4) Both Egyptian men and women wore make-up. Has the head of a cow or cows horns, often with a sun disk on her head. The first person in Egypt identified by name (Mery) for tax evasion was sentenced to 100 blows for his crime. , which linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and greatly shortened the sailing trip from Asia to Europe. The rest of Egypt is largely covered by the Sahara Desert. 2. Ancient Egypt facts for kids. It is divided into 27 Governorates. The formal name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. According to estimates by the United Nations in 2019, Egypt was the 14th most populated country in the world. 2. 1. 11. The eye paint was usually green (made from copper) or black (made from lead).As well as offering protection from the sun, the Egyptians believed make-up had magical healing powers, too! But, many also understand English or French. Bread was invented in Egypt around 8,000 BC. Now, let's look at 9 thrilling facts about traveling to Egypt. These cookies help us record anonymous data about how people are using our website. The Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Egypt, Cairo, Egypt. In ancient Egypt, pigeon mail was widespread. Built across the Nile River, the dam is 328 feet tall and 2.1 miles long and was instrumental in preventing flooding and providing quality drinking water. The worlds oldest dress is from Egypt. Those beards they are often depicted in were fake and only worn for religious reasons. 03 The Ancient Egyptians used either grain or copper or silver as currency. 33. The truth is that Egypt is not as dangerous as people think it is. The English name Egypt comes from the ancient Greek name for the country Aigyptos while the Arabic name Misr comes from the Akkadian word misru meaning border or frontier. Source: CIA World Fact Book, 25. Trending 40 Interesting Air Pollution Facts . They believed she cried for her dead husband Osiris. Only about an 2.5cm of rain falls throughout Egypt each year. An Egyptian father named his newborn daughter Facebook to commemorate the role Facebook played in the 2011 Egyptian revolution. Fun Facts About Egypt 1. It was the first calendar known to have a year of 365 days, nearly equal to the solar year. Well, gang, so did the Ancient Egyptians! The three pyramids of Giza are guarded by a giant sphinx thought to be the representation of the son of Khufu, pharaoh Chephren (Khafre). In this country, the amount of income tax for individuals is 22.5%, and for companies 22.5% (2018). If you thought board games were a fairly new invention, think again! With a height of 2,629 metres, Mount Catherine is the tallest mountain in Egypt (8625 ft). Most Egyptian traditions and festivals trace their origin back to the time of pharaohs. Islam is the common religion with 90% of the population being Muslims. 21. Seth, the God of the Desert. Ancient Egyptians kept such good flood records on the Nile that scientists today use their data to better understand rainfall patterns. This fertile land is completely covered with farms. Archeologists discovered a 15-foot- (4.5-m-) long mummified crocodile. The population of Egypt was 94,798,827 according to a 2017 census. 61. Khan Al Khalili is a mesh of excitement, bright colours, beautiful textiles and one-of-kind souvenirs. 4. Many people love their cats but Egyptians took their love to another level! 18 Interesting Facts About Mushrooms. The toothpaste origins from Egypt Im told. All rights reserved. The first pharaoh of Egypt is considered to be King Menes, who united the Upper and Lower Kingdoms in 3150 B.C. 10. 26. The Greeks who sometimes left unwanted infants (most often girls) outdoors to die, were shocked to discover that the Egyptians did not. Youll need to use the international dialing code +20. This incredible structure weighs as much as 16 Empire State buildings! 2. 10) The Ancient Egyptians invented lots of things we still use today, such as paper, pens, locks and keys and believe it or not toothpaste! I hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Egypt. Though Egypt is 90% desert, approximately 30% of their workforce is in agriculture. Even the countrys geographical position is unique as it straddles the continents of Africa and Asia. , all of Egypt would be desert. The unemployment rate in 2018 is 9.9% . Some astonishing facts about the geography of Egypt are: Egypt is generally divided into two sections; Lower Egypt is the northern part, and Upper Egypt is the southern part. Cradles of Civilization: Egypt. 38. There are many interesting facts about Cleopatra. 01 At its height, Ancient Egypt covered an estimated 1 million km of territory in North Africa and the Middle East. The ancient Egyptians invented the calendar that we use today which has 365 days. These Arab forces ruled Egypt for several centuries and founded the modern capital, Cairo.In 1882, the British invaded and occupied Egypt. The majority of the population lives near the River Nile because this is the only arable land in the country. No need to comment three times :) Like it says: I moderate all comments to make sure no spam gets through so that means your comment wont always immediately be published. 6. Incredible ancient monuments, scorching deserts and bustling cities this ancient country is now a sprawling, modern landscape! The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes.
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