However it is available as an option for customers who want to get that extra bit of acceleration and fuel mixture compensating ability for their GP8. Delivery delays do not constitute reason for order cancellation (all or partial) without charging a 20% restock fee of canceled items. We bring up all this information because we suspect there has been a whole lot of testing of aftermarket components that has been done on GP 800s that do not have production rpm peaks. When parts must come from the manufacture's warehouse, additional time for fulfillment may be required. Useful articles fast to read and guides easy to understand written by mechanics and car enthusiasts to turn your shopping experience with POWERSPORTSiD into a pleasure. Air Intakes & Filters; Exhaust Parts; Cooling Parts; Ignition System Parts; Foot Controls & Pegs . This problem is actually caused by a design defect in the hull. We sell superb quality Yamaha performance spark plugs. Reliability and durability: Keep in mind that these old 2-stroke PWCs typically require more attention compared to the 4-strokes. These scratches will also allow for much better surface holding in high-speed turns. But surprisingly, the Yamaha GP760 can reach the amazing 52-54 mph even with the smaller engine option! Micro-Start XP-1 by Antigravity Batteries, Passing Lamps with Integrated Turn Signals mount, Passing Lamps with Integrated Turn Signals. In spite of the lower displacement and the 2-cylinders, the Yamaha GP760 produces no less than 90HP. (92-octane compatible). (Sorry, we know that on mobile its quite huge. Need paint or powder coating removed from your engine components? Costs: Regarding costs, they are cheaper to buy, but more expensive to operate due to the repair costs and their high fuel consumption. These vintage GP WaveRunner were in production from 1997-2005. This thin, but super tough, bore diameter has a much lower friction coefficient than iron, thus allowing for much quicker piston acceleration. Order online and save 30% on Yamaha Parts, 25% on Yamaha Accessories. About Impellers & Pumps The impeller pitch of the stock GP800 prop is much too mild to be of any use on a modified machine. Additionally, their engines are worn out, and if you have to repair or even rebuild them, it could be a big hassle. The ideal bottom surface finish is a non-shine finish created by numerous full length front to rear scratches. NOTE: All valve jobs are CNC machined valve seat profiles for optimum performance! The stronger signal of this modification greatly improves the carburetors ability to self adjust the fuel mixture for changes in altitude and air temperature. This means that the GP800R offered 120HP and a top speed of around 55mph, just like its predecessor. If you own a Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner and are shopping for Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner OEM parts and accessories, then this is the site for you! This effect can be very distracting and annoying when trying to cover rough water at high speeds. All we care about is what is actual stock production rpms. We finally obtained a showroom production 99 GP 800 for our testing. GP Pro Pant Blends Camo Red / Black. If the impeller reconnects with the water at this reduced rpm moment, the boat experiences a landing with the brakes on kind of feeling. 4 interest-free installments of $37.25 by. OEM Parts Diagrams If you are considering buying a more powerful GP, you may find our GP1200 as well as our GP1300R review useful. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. We also do complete engine and pump assemblies for customers who want a finished unit ready for installation. Head Sealing During our testing we found the head gasket sealing surfaces of the GP8 to be somewhat sensitive. Beyond trim tabs, aftermarket intake grates, ride plates, and sponsons may also help to eliminate porpoising on the Yamaha GP800 and GP760. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Panier 0 Produit Produits (vide) It had the same hull and features as its brother, the GP1200. Make an offer! The main difference was that the GP760s engine is a 745cc, 2-cylider, 2-stoke power plant. However there does seem to be a huge (and unexplainable) difference in the peak operating rpms of these machines. As stated above, stock levels change weekly so check back or call us for questionable availability. To assure that the modified cylinders will have the correct compression ratio and squish clearances, we modify the cylinders and cylinder head as a matched set only. All rights reserved. The only down side of the plated bore is the inability to be bored-oversize after an engine failure. This is the ideal kit for the owner who is looking for an easy and quick way to bolt on a significant improvement in power and handling. Make me an offer. We consider the stock head gasket to be a very important part of maintaining a lasting compression and water jacket seal. AVAILABILITY. located in Tempe, AZ. We do not care to speculate on the cause (or reasons) for the broad variations in the peak rpms of these machines. It seems they are like fine wines! Official online store Yamaha Wave venture GP800 XL760 XL GP760 ignition coil pack 760 64X-85570-00-00 Fast Delivery to your doorstep Fashion flagship store, C $128.44 Find many great new & used options and get the best . About Stock GP 800 RPMs Establishing the stock performance data for the GP 800 has been more difficult than with any other machine we have worked with. Lets be honest, every PWC has its strengths and weaknesses, and GPs are no exception. Becasue of these issues, the GP series wasnt considered to be great family-WaveRunners. Increasing the compression of pwcs has always been an easy way to get a good overall performance increases. Just send us your specifications and/or a blueprint. $17.45. The cost difference$370. It is neither inferred nor implied that any item sold by is a product authorized by or in any way connected with any vehicle manufacturers displayed on this page. With this power source the performance of the Yamaha GP800 jumped up to 120HP, as its top speed also reached the 55mph. This seat is off a ski that was garaged it's whole life. USE. Repair your GP800 with best replacement parts available only here. The adjustable, racing-style sponsons also contributed to its stability. The GP760 offered a really fun ride and easy control due to its lightweight semi V-shaped hull. It had the same hull as the GP1200R, which was around 3 inches longer and an inch wider. On occasion, the online shipping calculator will not recognize the LARGE SIZE of large-lightweight-items such as plastics, fenders, runners, frames, etc. Open: Monday - Friday. This added vacuum loss creates a mid-range lean condition that cannot be adjusted or jetted away. During our testing for both of our GP8 kits, we found that the 800 engine does not react well to big increases in compression ratio (92 octane pump gas). Becasue with two adult riders they easily become unstable and tippy due to their small, flatter hulls. We are one of the country's largest power sports cylinder head re-manufacturers. Free Shipping on orders over $150 in the USA. The best way to accomplish this finish is with a piece of very coarse emery (40 60 grit is best). (see iii. The Yamaha GP760 prices start from $1,000 and go up to $2,500. Quick Shipping and a large inventory, this is where America goes for all its Yamaha OEM Parts. In contrast, GP800 prices range from $2,000-$3,500, while a GP800R costs around $2,500-$4,000. It got a slightly bigger, 784 cc, 2-cylinder engine. Where America goes for Yamaha OEM Parts and Accessories, 2000 Yamaha GP800 (GP800Y) Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts at Flemington Yamaha. This thin plating also makes for a much more conductive-friendly path for the heat of the piston to get to the water-jacket. We now have all of our standard services available for the Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000. While this preparation may not look attractive, these scratches will act as thousands of small rudders that will make the hull track a lot straighter in all water conditions. We confidently claim that Group K cylinder porting will yield a wider power band and longer piston life than any other porting modification available anywhere. We now have all of our standard services available for the Can-Am Commander 1000. The Yamaha GP800 and GP760 are among the most important Yamaha PWCs ever built. Check Out Our Pro-Series Steering Systems, Now In Stock! Used (normal wear), Front seat (only) from a '98 GP800 Limited Edition Seat is in excellent condition with no rips or punctures in fabric and very little wear. The GP1800R HO is powered with a non-supercharged, 180HP engine, while the GP1800R SVHO features a more powerful, 250HP supercharged power plant. That is, If you have the head modified for the Swift Kit, that head will have to be re-cut again if you later decide to upgrade to the Sleeper Kit. Buying Guide: Akebono Brake Pads; Buying Guide: NAPA Brake Kits; Changing a Battery; . Group K Ride Plate Modification for R&D Ride Plate, Impeller Re-Pitching Adjustment to your Solas K Prop, Pump Blueprinting (Send Vain Case and Impeller Housing), Yamaha GP 800 SLEEPER Engine ModificationIncludes: Cylinder Head Modification & Recreational Finish Cylinder Porting, Optional Novi Carb Signal Modification with Primer Kit, Impeller Re-Pitching Adjustment to your Solas Prop, Pump Blueprinting (send Vain Case & Impeller Housing), *prices subject to change based on manufactures pricing. About Handling One of the biggest differences between the 98 and 99 GP 800s is the hull change intended to reduce porposing. Yamaha GP1800 Performance Parts and Packages Performance Parts: Electronics, Fuel & Tuning Steering & Handling Seat Covers & Exterior Engine Parts Impellers & Jet Pump Parts Supercharger, Intake & Intercoolers Exhaust Systems Performance Kits: Stage 1 Kit 77 MPH @ 8,000 RPM Stage 1+ Kit 82 MPH @ 8,100 RPM Stage 2 Kit 86 MPH @ 8,600 RPM To return a product: Send an email to within 15 days of receiving your order. There is no disagreement about the peak speed of the production and pre-production GP 800severy one we ever saw radared in the high 57 to low 58 mph range. First things first, the GP760 and the GP800 were the very first GP models. In any powersports application, it is the quality of parts that makes the difference between a fun adventure and a disappointing experience. will be charged a large package fee in addition to the regular dimensional/weight shipping cost. When it comes to choosing quality parts and accessories for your Yamaha WaveRunner GP800R, you can rely on our expertise. The second tank yielded 7250 rpm, and the third tank attained our eventual sustained peak of 7320 rpm. There will be no cancellation charge, when an ordered part is coded UNAVAILABLE, NO ESD (Estimated Ship Date), or DISCONTINUED, by Yamaha. Search our OEM Parts fiche to buy OEM Yamaha WaveRunner GP800 parts, Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner OEM body parts and more! While this inlet signal itself cannot be recovered, it is possible to modify the stock carburetors in a way that allows them to be more sensitive to the remaining signal that exists in the inlet tract. The GP 800 also benefits from increased compressionwithin limits. OEM Yamaha parts and Accessories up to 40% off MSRP. This performance and the lightweight hull boils down to a 0.19 HP/pounds power-to-weight ratio. EXCEPT, when parts are returned to the seller in damaged packaging. . The Solas K pitch impeller proved to be the most versatile choice. LOYALTY MEMBERS receive 745 Points. below). If you are unsure of your choices, call our Parts Dept before submitting your order. This model was powered with GP800s 120HP engine, but shared the hull with the GP1200R. This underlines the importance to regularly inspect the bolts that secure the exhaust system to its mount points on the engine. The price strongly depends on their condition. The Yahama GPs success story started with these models, and still continues to this day. Our website is updated weekly through Yamaha. We hope you like it! Being realistic, the GPs were fine for one adult and a little child. This is because their small, flat hull becomes tipsy when it has a bigger load. However every other pre-production GP 800, that we gained access to, had a peak rpm between 7400 7450 rpm (but they all ran 57 58 mph). Pro-1 Racing Heads is the first custom machine shop in the motorcycle industry to offer this service to the public. Occasionally the site will display part status incorrectly or as Unavailable. Find it. Free shipping. 2000 Yamaha GP800 (GP800Y) OEM Parts 2000 Yamaha GP800 (GP800Y) Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts at Yamaha Sports Plaza Carburetor Control Cable Crankshaft Piston Cylinder Crankcase 1 Cylinder Crankcase 2 Electrical 1 Electrical 2 Engine Hatch 1 Engine Hatch 2 Exhaust 1 Exhaust 2 Fuel Fuel Tank Generator Graphic Tool Gunwale Mat Hull Deck OEM parts or accessories order! dont miss our GP1200 vs. GP1200R comparison post! The K prop is well suited to meet the needs of both the Swift Kit and Sleeper Kit (using different pitch specifications). We apologize that we cannot estimate this in advance but each item and final shipping destination can vary. Cycle Parts Nation sells new Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner OEM parts, accessories & apparel for your Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner. Here, in the next section we will go though the GP760 and GP800 specs and performance. The 92 octane compatible Sleeper Kit includes all the same bolt on parts as the Swift kit, along with Sleeper cylinder porting and cylinder-head modification (carburetors need not be removed). Our cylinder porting is available in two different finish modes. The new GP series was introduced in 2007. When you play hard, you need the right equipment that will work hard. Additionally, you can also find out where can you can still find these amazing vintage WaveRunners. Aide & Contact. For better hook-up, we recommend the R&D top loader scoop grate. All the sanding strokes should be front to back (continuous) for the full length of the hull. Another factor to consider is that many of these mods increase the PWCs fuel consumption as well. More load made them too unstable and uncomfortable. As a final word, our recommendation is that if you are a beginner, purchase a newer, 4-stroke, Rec-Lite or Recreation PWC. No returns on Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner electrical OEM parts. All rights reserved. GOLF CART PARTS COMPANY. Yamaha WaveRunner GP800 MAGNUM Jet Ski Performance Spark Plug SPECS - W. THEORY INSTALL / MANUAL HIGH NOTES / Tips TECH-TRAINING Product Details Thanks to the unique and patented 360-degree electrode design, higher engine power, impressive throttle sensitivity and wondrous acceleration are achieved through better fuel energy utilization. Please check back or call us, as the status may change with the next update. 2000 Yamaha GP800 (GP800Y) Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts at Yamaha Sports Plaza. 2001 YAMAHA GP800AZ-WAVE RUNNER GP800R Parts | OEM WATERCRAFT Parts Catalog Yamaha Waverunner 2001 GP800R - GP800AZ Select Component Need Help Finding Parts? Such a modification is performed by Novi Performance (makers of racing carbs). Something went wrong. Parts & Accessories; Yamaha Wave venture GP800 XL760 XL GP760 ignition coil pack 760 64X-85570-00-00. About Exhaust Systems As previously mentioned, this document will cover only engine platforms that utilize the stock GP 800 exhaust system. This modification is available through Group K or directly from Novi (east coat customers may choose to go direct to Novi to save freight costs). Wishlist; My Account . Instead of an aluminum cylinder with a thick iron sleeve, the aluminum cylinders of the GP8 have a thin layer of hard plating for the piston to reciprocate in. This carb modification, by itself, does not result in a genuine power increase. Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 10h 18h non-stop Nos Locaux. View cart for details. The very first GP model, the Yamaha GP760 was released in 1997. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Pro-1 Racing Heads is the first custom machine shop in the motorcycle industry to offer this service to the public. To eliminate this effect, owners can install a Riva cdi box that offers an ignition curve identical to the stock curve (ironically called Limited)but with an increased rpm limiter. Size: Qty. However, it has much higher fuel consumption as well. vs $450. But if you have mechanical skills and you like working on engines, fixing these vintage crafts can be part of the fun. 1720 W Elliot Road, Suite 101. The 150-lb. Some older parts displayed are no longer available. In any powersports application, it is the quality of parts that makes the difference between a fun adventure and a disappointing experience. Aside from the GP760, the other GP models also dont fail when it comes to performance. You can find a lot of useful info on these models, and sometimes some good deals! We are now rebuilding cylinder heads for vintage motorcycles. On-line fiche finders simplify finding the correct OEM Parts with on-line ordering which can be done directly from the Illustrated parts diagrams. Ecardeals America Inc. They shared the same hull with the GP1200, but had less powerful, 2-cylinder engines. The afore mentioned loss of the inlet tract vacuum is referred to as a loss of signal. Worldwide FREE . CANCELLED ORDERS. We know that you need reliable products that will stand up to the punishment of tough environments. Parts availability, delivery service providers, weather and other factors may affect your delivery. It also features a bigger, 15.9-gallon fuel tank, which is 2.5 gallons more compared to its predecessors. Because of this, many owners equipped their crafts with trim tabs, which usually made a huge difference. That is, very subtle surface irregularities could result in breeches of compression or water. Our solution is to custom pitch the impellers for our GP 800 kits. Chat Now Why Partzilla? ; Yamaha GP760 and GP800 Prices The Yamaha GP760 prices start from $1,000 and go up to $2,500. For additional background info about these carbs, please read our website document Racing Carburetors 1999. $149.00. The only difference was that the GP1200 had a more powerful engine, and was heavier of course. This grate does cause a loss of about mph, but the improvement in rough water hook-up and acceleration are well worth that small loss. Sadly, the greater weight and the same performance resulted in a worse power-to-weight ratio. 1998 - 2000, Yamaha GP800 Waverunner OEM Apparel & Gear, Yamaha GP800 WaveRunner Aftermarket Accessories